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To reach a port, we must set sail.

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Oh, this is absurd- has significantly worse language than usual. And now in bad language. This bad behaviour, through bad judgment, does very bad decisions and all sorts of this picture a guiding greater told me about it. Can you described the photo me? It deftly looks like a child on film. It definitely looks like a teenagers. Bedroom may be like a college. Kids dorm room in the center of the frame. There is like an unmade twin bad and there is, a dude sitting on it and he's got like baggy genes and black. Skateboard shoes, the dealers like a pudgy metal, had long hair, goatee classes. He's, clutching a Miller light he's on the left side of the bed on the right. All the way on the right. Are these two really clean cut girls, wondering gap
like they might as well be in a completely different room in the house, because they're not looking at him at all, and he has just kind of like up keep it together. Be. It is not at all what happened to me, but we'll get to that. The photo first showed up on the internet in two thousand and six on a message board for music nerds called I'll acts. Somebody stumbled across it randomly enables they just great. I was really funny a picture of an awkward silence, but there's something else in this photo the boy in the photo look so lonely so out of place. If there is an entire nation dedicate all would happen to me, but we'll get to that. The photo first showed up on the internet in two thousand six on a message board music nerds called I'll acts somebody stumbled across randomly and they postage escalate. I was really funny a picture of an awkward silence, but there's something else in this photo the boy in a photo. Look so lonely, so out of place
The entire nation dedicated to teenage longing they'd, put his face on the hundred dollar bill This usernames Roxy was the first one, the posted and she included a captain. That, I think, are the hints at this. So not gonna happen. I'm not gonna happen, meaning meaning this poor guy is with hasty women and maybe the that it is a date or will have some kind of Roma the outcome, but as observers in the further weakened neither is unlikely. This brings me- and I guess within minutes, at a thing being posted kid on islands are tripping over each other to make jobs just picture pages and pages of by tax on a white background, everybody, I out to each other, and lots of people are just imagining the dialogue between the boy and the girls on the bad. You know, look just ass, the weeds. So we can leave aha another one dollar. My skin condition fool you, ladies.
But frequently used to wonder at like really wonder. What's going on in this picture, something would like what are they doing on his bed? How did this boy and up- with these girls and assesses like, but if the bedrooms, one of the girls bedrooms and unlike Roxy posts like for well known, brings a person to their own room It's a pretty obvious. It's not a girl's room, there's a lot of theorizing, but but it all comes under basely. One question: who is the sky and of course, there's no way to know this is two thousand sex facebooks. Barely a thing does no reverse and research. If you want to start something online, sexually, really hard so surprising over the next yours. How much these I message. Workers are actually able to figure out just by looking really closely the photo. Here's another guy from the board. John one of the detail offered details,
seized upon was the window a sea unit and ended. There is like duct tape and said you know. Well, there's probably isn't a dorm room, but it probably isn't moms house because she would have central. I see it's probably someone's college apartment derivative carbon data, by using Photoshop to zoom in on a stray stack dvd boxes piled on the dresser? There is a copy of arm anchor manner old school or something like that. Ok, this isn't the nineties, because those movies came out in the early on, and then they pinned down the boys location he's wearing a Hooters teacher, but the teachers as Hooters king of Prussia. It's a suburb of fully actually grub fifteen minutes away from their famous for them all
anyway. They ve got his location and so now thoroughly paleontologist beholding the entire fossil of some new dinosaur and light paleontologists. They name there find we are called that Guy Wayne. Why Wayne? I think he just looked like Wayne like, I think at some point, some sort call him oil and they like now he's not a bill, he's a lane over the course of that First Eden, they over analyze every possible detail around weighing the angle of and hand on his knee the allegedly fake coach person the floor, the textbook with a paper bag cover a weirdly com,
rural smudge. That turns out to be a speaker wire until finally take there's nothing left his human on and its then at nine p M that Roxy the person who first posted the photo and started the man s she shows up and she tells them of cracked. It Roxy has found where the picture of regionally came from it somebody's personal web page and on that webpage, not only is there the actual original picture. There are tons of other photos taken from the same night that the boy in the photo picture was taken. I just I've never gasping like I met my jaw dropping and gasping.
That was just like the best shocking plot twist, so as amended words zooms out and sees the entire party that happened around Wayne, their feelings about wanes or to change their sing. All these pictures that Wayne isn't in and whether seeing those pictures is that all these other kids, some of you on the message we call them jocks, some of them column, rednecks whatever they are they're all the same and wanes different acquainted. Look like he was friends these I think there was like another photograph of him like Wayne was holding two cans of beer and someone called him, the two beer queer and like the caption- and I was like it was that an affectionate, Nicht informers like this. I really like the guy who just like, like hung out famine like he really was, kicked around all the time. It was he friends these guys, somebody else Lord sums it up much more concisely, his friend of seem like cuts. So up until this point
Everything the message board has done is actually by today's standards, almost normal, like they're, just early adopters of a kind of judges stocking the ten years. Sure of him sitting on the bad. They want to draw a map of everybody. Who knows that kid and everybody that those people now and so them we remember is only a few hours old. It ramps up so picture. A cop show the same way hop shows they will map out the criminal organization to try and do this is just like a random group of teenagers centre. The bulletin board is the boy in the photo that picture of him sitting on the bed. There, draw map of everybody who knows that kid and everybody that those people now and so the message word started this guy named Ryan Ryan DE around Deal Ryan is a soldier food deployed to Iraq. The party was actually his party. The website it out with other photos also going to that really opened it if this picture Ryan, where he's out of six back and he's jumping off a diving, Lord, the
when the about Ryan is he's popular either, not people that I would be friends so when they go to a myspace, then get all this other formation about all these other people at the party. There's a Skype Tansy their sky Turnbull and they ve all got my spaces and they can look at all these guises pictures just building there Ass. He ground drain detail. We can see their messages to one another. They get the names, the two girls on bad Megan and, moreover, messaging all these people and another person. Rags about calling laurels mom to get more information about her daughter as invasive as their willing to get as far Is there willing to go? They never actually get closer to the person. They really wanted to know about the boy sitting on the bad. They learn just one more thing about him. They find it in some throw away comment under a photo from an refer to him as that shade ball. Commie Loftus Tommy Loftus, the boy in the fund has a name which means that this boy
who somehow accidently somehow personified all of human longing for one moment at some House Party, he actually exists, but that is the one and only thing that they can find out about him. The thread doesn't died out for the next nine years. The message we keeps an eye on all Tommy's friends through Facebook, through Google searches they watch everybody grow up. I saw a couple split people get pregnant people go bald. Some people move away. The board watches is all these things happen to all these minor characters, but Tommy, so he walked out of that party and disappeared. Greece has they never stopped looking for scraps of them, even if just it was like one of his friends that had like oh more loose privacy. Sections on their facebook like had posted a picture of like
only thirteen Tommy Loftus. That would have been like a big big day on Alex. That would be like huge, you know, but he really did Kunak fade out until January two thousand and fifteen The other side makes contact somebody signs up for I'll acts with the username wanes crew. Six one out wanes critics when our rights, a message messrs, has basically oil the whole time you're watching us. We were watching you. We knew about the thread. Inserted. Tawny are Ip Wayne Service as freely Like selling says holy shit and someone says: high winds, crew, six, one, zero, summonses, wow, some opposed to information points, I am the first one to say: wait a minute. Are Ip Wayne wanes crew six? When our postal photo it's a new picture of wine?
like the first new picture of wine that we seem like an years and years and years and its him at the beach. The voter looks like it's taken away in his last speech days, you still from early September, wintering sunglasses in a backwards baseball had yokes happy. He smiling at whoever saying the fairer and above it it says one thousand two hundred and thirty one hundred and eighty five, two hundred and three one thousand two hundred and fourteen there's a quote from FDR to reach, for we must set sail hey, I'm not tired and anchor sale, not drift. And at the bottom of his Tommy Loftus forever in our hearts, dockers, finest it's a memorial photo and, along with that wins through six posts. These screenshots from a long grew message through between all the guys. The boy had been stocking front, his ears and they're? Saying hey, remember that thread about Us Wayne and that's when the on the boar arise. How real all of this is
If you bought for their condolences and then he says you guys are right laughter. The great dude and ass, his friends, are a bunch of Kuntz. He was there dude. That would do anything for anyone and love to make people laugh often at his own expense. He is obsessed with this threat, and recall us up when there was rather amusing comment or picture left on here. We're sure he was just happy to be a source of entertainment for so many people, his talents and carrying ends where all lucky to call ourselves his friend and how? What did you think of that? Now, as I can. I might have. I might if you ve, started tearing up when I read that it was a kind of the best possible thing, but you know I mean after finding out the he had died this guy, that we had
if a necessarily obsessed overlooked, but like that post. Those like probably the best thing that you could did you get here that we right that the sky was limit differ from his friends, but his friends loved him. Do you ever able to find out how he died? No, did you wonder about that? Yeah chemicals are easy prey. Young use. What twenty nine, so I heard about the story was interesting and working for a few weeks when a new producer start Europhile truth eliminating this back in February twenty fifteen and I sent her the thread and choose like hey. Have you really looked at this memorial
since the fight the picture for dared like I really like Dude Capital DE he's like what would you call that like hand position is making with his hands he's like here, and he has like sunglasses and a backwards baseball have. Basically, it was way to spring break to be a real memorial image of someone. Should these had just it's gotta be fake air? Go he didn't really die there go his friends made this up arrowed. This was a hoax we'd found a death hoax like this was exciting, and so I emailed a bunch of Tommy's friends said one and talk to them about Tommy and what had happened to him. One of them Tansy writes me back, and he just says: Tommy's dead, there's not enough for you,
I felt so bad and I would have thought maybe but surely was like none and then another. He he's to get your head he's messing with you, because she's been doing research and she can't find in a bitch worry. More importantly, she's comments. Tim argued he is now fully Tommy truth and him as a plan he's like well. We know that their friend bill wine and is a bar tender at this pub in Upper Darby called colleagues. Why we just drive down a pencil Dania. We stay your mom's house. Was they go to the bar and ask him about this in person so go okay, so we leave New York Cross. Finally, Jersey, presided, Pennsylvania TIM was in a great mood. He was really say, hi and and and and taken a picture, but I just kept thinking what if were wrong and he is dead.
Like a bad thing, the wrong, I feel so uncomfortable. Tell me where we are we're actually in the suburbs that I grew up in refining. And away from the pub Where a bill widens works, I started: shooting tumblr, Oh yes, and our driving through was three. This is the road to road. Westchester Pike on the left. It looks very, very Pennsylvania. Yet this is every street sharks angler theirs something lube. Family wash day.
Eagle National Bank Bus, these buses taverns Christmas pizza, All these irish pub and restaurant colleagues was the first floor, brick building nondescript irish pod, with a neon thrilling clever in the window. I wanted to vomit his biker gang there's no gang is thereby hurricane. There's your game, like stopping an intersection out of anxiety every I think my you could go back so tanks. We promised Ruthie that no matter what happened in the bar, we tell her first and then I say we called her Helen
hello, the hey. I I've been distracted all day like yeah I like my brain, is totally in an upper Darby. Ok, so awkward even start, I guess we drove we do have done from New York to Upper Darby and we went straight to colleagues. We we, Seven and the hostess asked us These issues are goons. However, you on and my eyes to handle, the table and timid like Peter. Actually, you know we were reduced here too, as bill. Working the night, by journalists and she's. Ok, so she walked into the back. We were sitting There- and I was just like staring at him, so scared to look anywhere else,
Hey man. Bill came out of the kitchen guide, yeah, and you say hey. How can I help you, I said, I'm pj vote technology, journalist and where the story about Tommy, DES, and is there any way we could talk about it and he, like yeah yeah. We can talk about it. Can you come back in a couple hours worse. Oh no, sir. Ok, we won aid, something we came back at eight twenty five and we get there and he heel. He like. So can we just a minute and then comes? I kitchen uneasy? I call it called like a bunch of other guys, Erlich invoke. In all this there's over at the other end of the bar.
My god. They were all there. They were all there. I mean not all of them. Many of them were there like. There are a lot of faces than a recognised. We scared and all were you like. They're gonna beat the shit out of me. Now it we we their word it. It went up and down, but definitely I thought that we were just getting our asses. Kate was yeah here, from my head we get over there in the corner and there a table and everybody this kind of smoking and watching the hockey game its above the table, and four guys, you could totally recognize him from the website. They're more like extras in the photos, but We knew their names at this point. There is John Tansy Bill. Wine ends is a guy who I really do want to see his name. But what will come Rupert and did one of them admit
to being Wayne Screws extent on their all wins: crucifix town. They share the law and there everybody just cut hanging around in a very awkward and but then like a kind of like the first engagements communist, sorted defensive like what the housing yeah splaining like, listen, we're not from the message board and then like this guy John, who is actually one of the first people, told Pga to fuck off over email, he He dies me another beer and then he gets, which I was like. I don't want to be game and be with sweet. You know is like nice, you buy me a beer. Did you buy you a beer bamiyan whisky by Peter with and then he comes with their drinks. Plus five shots of whiskey
We all we all have around with this. Is that during the first five minutes right so I was like we are in for a long time, but that also guide rakers, like they're gonna, try but wake I mean go: go like a few steps backward Pherson like snow, written question, Irene Tommy is your life. We walked in? I was completely garments. He was alive and then we started talking to them and like the real needs of everything kind of sudden lake, oh shit, ok, let anyone talk about Tommy. For the first that Tommy was the elephant in the room for half an hour yeah, and and Only this are they talk about it, but we can record so bill was like even Clive around my time and then you just like. I understand what it is about that picture he's like you know. And who is not had the party where your parents go away.
The weekend of the shore and there's like you, get to use the house and there's like one room and where everyone's drinking and there's one rumor of a smoking like a guys upstairs on a bed with some girls like our stand, why these people are so fast and any even like a little piss, wise saying he's not like I send he's like. What's the big deal about that, fuckin picture is like what like, who hasn't seen a picture like that yeah like what are you Looking at me, what did you I say when he said that Rupert was like well iconic like it's, not that it's weird, it's that it's like a thing that everyone's experience, so it feels like wretchedly like you put yourself into it. They said, like those guys all these predictions about Us Rupert said like they. You know they predicted that I was gonna go to jail. I just got out of jail, oh shit, and they and they were like in a pretty good deal, was going to be the guy who got out of here in like deal got out of here and all the stuff, and then I think that like is best we start high Monterrey,
so they said Tommy, better Tommy the kind of guy like you know, be at a party and he'd like chug, a whole bottle and maple syrup till make people laugh, and they said Lake thereof of him that he was like a loser was totally wrong. Like the reason he had the hair It was like a bat like it was like a bad to see who eminence other kid like Cooper grow their hair. The long like he was like a goofball but like he was a goofball were like the joke, was not on him And then finally TIM, sadly, do you mind if I ask you what happened right and then Rupert, yeah Rupert, not look any looking up at the hockey gay many smoking a cigarette and he's beacon vote in a very slow heavy manner. He says like yeah, like Tommy got into bad stuff. He basically, he was like we're. Gonna wanna get too much into it, but he had substance abuse
shoes and his dad died and things hours after that, and he said he found out that Tommy died while he was in jail and he was like that was not a call that I enjoyed getting shot. You're kidding no m after researching how out of him now. Obviously like a dung, that's The whole thing feel so much more intrusive and disrespectful and like wrong, but so he he he dies. What the hell mix some think of posting to the message board lengthy. So they did they ve gone back a while after and just surprise, there was still there and they thought like because they had in the end gotten a kick out of the message board. It was lake. We should tell these
boy how the story and basically like we should tell these people about the person that they were always curious about. It's like the one place he kind of had celebrity almost yeah. So then, like yeah, we went home. We woke up today and we felt like. Just like the frustration of feeling like we thought we were going to know more and we did like. We thought we were going to get closer to this person, whether he was alive or he was dead, and so we just decided like we went to the cemetery like his family plot, Picard Linda, grin angle: he's not buried there. Tourism buried, I don't think he's buried at all white shut. The fuck up. I think they're completely line ass. Now I tell you some things that in retrospect
Do not tell me that that is our towns. It all is our God. I feel totally like went on coming up after the break to report we must set sail, should be re here, greater Riley Loftus. Yeah, there's straight up, nothing buoyant photo is not in ground boy. Walks among us is my theory. This episode is brought by better for it, a new podcast from HTTP hosted by Francesca Ramsay. We all make mistakes
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very rosy day by journalists, but the moment bilking. The kitchen we started seeing these clues, the pointed to another version of what might have happened, atomic our eye, Taiwan or other click. Ok. So, first of all, when we first got to the bar- and we talked to bill, and we asked them. I said I was like stammering and, whatever and then I said, Tommy Loftus and he looked to his left leg to his right and any smirk at us, and then he said he I can talk to any third and that's Mark ways is quit. It was a quick little thing that lake like therein gone like a summer day and like when we came act to the bar. He was totally Withdrawn, unlike somber, face and whatever near and then. Fuckin mastermind TIM Howard at the end of the TIM goes. I was like
the immemorial card had I quote on. It did. I didn't recognize and Lake to set sail you have. You can't die anchor whatever and Rupert is like oh yeah. After he says oh yeah, yeah Sdr wide I'd never heard that quo. Why that quote any those Tommy was a staunch Republican yeah. Why ha and what is exactly right because we're both a little drunk, but we both immediately, are like F, P r was now. The storage of her hand, yeah when we asked at one somehow we ass. When did he die and it was like a lot of dates got said very quickly: and none of them were right timidly
a couple years ago and someone's or a half agree with them, and then somebody else was like a third. In months ago and unto me said yeah last may the card says March March, twenty four to no one forgets when their friend died last year, particularly off by a season, so we got off the phone with IE and then to be a hundred percent sure that we have this right there's one other thing we raised. We could check the guise of the bar had said that before Tommy died, historic, this local painting company and turns out that company had a very robust youtube presence, and so we gotta my mom's computer and we watch this recruitment. Video that they'd published. After that date, the Tommy had supposedly dive. Somebody friendly was satisfied. My said higher nice train. We reform through
my service depressing all the people that work for employees. That's an you clearly see Tommy, that's all him! That's totally Tommy was alive. I can wait, start him. So many Who are you? What do you think about this already? Who think? Are you anything like that? Given the photo my mom was watching me and him go crazy about a painting, Youtube video in her living room and she was like wait if he doesn't want to talk to you. Why are you trying to talk to him and everybody in my family for this way, including my dad, who almost never
is my mom got anything, and so they got my head and went back to New York, and just like for three months I wanted to do was avoid the story. I just suggest other stories that we could do and image through be like what's gonna with point the photo and finally they won immune truth. He went back to fully taking right here. He is here. Thirty three, that's it. When we first started researching em, we turned up a lot of possible dresses for Thomas Office, but there is one right around the corner from the painting company that seem like it had to be his home and tell us here. There is a three story
Torreon on a quiet street shrewdly, went and check out the neighbourhood. While I went to the house, I signed the carve out just staring at it, I was pda vote. You tell me honestly, I managed harrowed, hey Tommy, Hey Terry, I'm speeding up and try and have therefore very air in the dark, in the driveway assign they Sudan and a pickup truck and a little girls bicycle tipped over on it side by the banks that I walked up the ports to the front door and then
side right next to do. I was not here, and there is another door peering through it. I could see a mailbox for an upstairs apartment. The letters were kind scratch off, but I thought I could make out Loftus so Tommy lived upstairs, which meant the girls by the nice car there, probably landlords I stepped back off the porch into the yard and I looked up every window on the second floor was closed. Every vine was pulled down. I just felt this sense of foreboding the whole time they've been chasing Tommy. I've been telling myself that my story needs an ending and it was going to be Tommy who got to tell it
But now I finally understood whatever had happened in Tommy's life. He didn't want to share it. He'd already told me what he wanted to say. There is the same thing. He told the message: Workpeople nothing could potentially have actually then don't the here more come on? We had an ending treaty, says, listen here, so we're going do we're go around the corner. Bringing other ping company reiterated Catch Tommy's. He gets off work. So may later, were there were at the pink company, my heart's, my throat we're getting out of car and there's these two women science, I too making a singer. We ask him: Hey- is Tommy around in there like Tommy Loftus. Actually he doesn't work here anymore, but your phone number
back in the car on a random residential blocks. Take on my phone pungent number for the boy and the phone I on my hands are shaking ocean message, hide Tommy. I guess I hate this is Pga vote on, I'm that reporters we're gonna story about the insane frank that you put on the message board: maims Pga vote, I'm our poor road. I talk to your friends a few months ago. I'm working on a story about them insane hilarious message: board, prank I'll watch,
What what what I'm trying to check what the pike watch the thing where they were being decks? And then you, like you, I said that you had died, I can remember we. Are you messing with me I own, I dont, really we'll call it. What what are you talking about? What's going on, can try to explain aids? It's like. I, don't think it's like a funny story. Now I got bad story. Do have as yet. Ok. So literally two years ago I calmed down, and I try to give him the shortest version of a very long story. How it went out with a message board, had a message board venerable him
we ended up back at the beginning. I try to see if I could jog his memory about the photo itself. So do you know about this picture that those memory I think I may which like girl, yes sitting on like I'm mattress like you are just normal kid wearing jeans and a Hooters shirt you're sitting at the edge of a bed, and then there's these two girls who look like normal girls with blond hair sitting. Next to you, and you're, only a beer in their hiding behind the picture yeah. While Ok, you remember even like this is high school. It has to be age either or year. Two at the high school. Got it in German. Remember like them. Party or wherever that was back in the old
so Tommy's that other parties caterpillar together but, as I said, a tumbler, the message word oh yeah. I think my friends actually show me that, like show me all of its technical nature, we call now gets regarding, completely. Did you feel anything about it now, whatever people on the internet. You met, but you did you know that they were this obsessed? wow. I was floored. It turned out three There is no trace of Tommy on the internet; it wasn't easy was hiding,
It was because get this he didn't care about. The no and his friends then date is death. Is a desperate rescue attempt to save him from cyber bullying they dont get. It was funny the only showed him the fig memorial furthering cooked up afterwards. What they show me get extra work. Oh you, girls. What what're you going to get such a kind of like a kind of trying tried humor, so I got a guy like
I think that we could probably thought on would be me on uniting care. So whenever men do every one like anybody else would be like. What are you doing telling stranger them down. I got a kind of funny. I wonder why his friends had at least just told him that mean timid visit the bar, but Tommy's had actually they texted em around them. He just forgetting about them. I still want to know who Tommy had been back when the photo was taken at this point I really had gone- was what his friends had said that the impression I have talking to the guys, and they were also saying that you die- none of this is true or not, but they were like. They kind described yours like almost Chris Farley Table. The right out he's the kind I he would like drink a jug of maple syrup to make a girl ass. Basically, I want true did you drink jirga, maple syrup
if I were a jug up up up up up for some reason. I kept party here with saying chief. That's who I can always too is like you get a laugh, but then you can have a stomach ache, sometimes about the laugh. You like, I know, from people's Robin. Like the kind of questions you to ask, an old friend you just run into. I think it's just so relieved the things it turned out. I write for him. Did he seem like such a good dude. Even though, is a total stranger, we ended up talking on the phone for an hour. It was a rainy day and his brace locked up his car slid into a bus. The doktor said if Tommy or any taller he would have decapitated. Did you ever think of
I know I say what you like. Did you ever think about that moment did serve a dumb question for me. I guess what I meant was lake. Did your life feel differently afterwards? I did you think, liar yeah and fighting it that picture on the last few years that another thing I got try to get back. He shaped, gets well I'll. Look like a guy all like yeah. I mean I obviously got everything else about me very much change here. Yet priory my power, your state. Now I got, I got my party you now my coining without Tommy's picture a final snapshot of this person he used to be. He's got back on his drinking. He doesn't really see the guy's a with nice hold out much either he's too busy trying there's a painting company. I found myself asking too
the questions that were like the kind of questions you'd ass, an old friend you just run into bingo just so relieved the things it turned out. I write for him. Did he seem like such a good dude? Even further? total stranger? We ended up talking on the phone for an hour that item. By way how does into weird but a present for you yeah. I think I I got your router shirt from king pressure. I like it that's exactly were better. Today, I call really guide, you're alive, so why, I have given you a check. The message was one last time
This week and the thread still going, nobody there, no Sammy's alive wainscot sexual now actually still shows up from time to time. Ways promising Maureen photos never delivering the board so waiting, requires us to buy me. A vote and households are
Bruce this week by should even in any fear banning Cooper, seen us dummy remark. Hetty Catherine Wells and Chris nearing our executive preachers, TIM Howard. We were headed by Peter County protectionist assent from thing. They were mixed by. Require special thanks, a sweet to surrender on and when Kennedy marks its and Jorge just extra special thanks to break master cylinder who composed original scoring, proves absurd and Nancy Warren who provided free lodging for our reporters, now, however, is a perfect Halloween costume Arthur song, is by the serious break, Mr Cylinder and our add museums by bill buildings. Thanks reasoning was seen actually You know I mean I can keep buying,
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