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#86 Man of the People


This week — a new technology falls into the wrong hands.

Pope Brock's book, Charlatan

Penny Lane's documentary, Nuts!

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This episode is brought to you by better for him a new podcast from eighty people. In each episode Francesca Ramsay talks to visionaries in business leaders about mistakes. They ve made how they work their way through them and came out better for it, listen on sport fi or wherever you get your podcast Thomas and Kevin have been married for years when they first met. They fell in love over this very strange quince, since the orange juice, each other party they got to talking and they realized both them had spent time in Del Rio, Texas, kids as little kids, both of them had gotten rid really interested in this run down mansion in town. Weirder still did both been obsessed with the widow who lived in the mansion and we're still. They had both struck up friendships with her as children. Thomas's started when he just tried called
one day. You can just call the Brinkley mansion and she would answer the phone and she would talk to anybody and she was very warm and- and I just said in my grandfather- was around the corner and guide them busy, and it too. I dig this that I love to write a paper on your school. As he was delighted, and so I went to bed We mention opened the giant gates that said, Doktor Brinkley across the men walked on the sidewalk and watching the house. So Tom ass we go visit, came out, challenges, Brinkley and then separately. On days when Thomas wasn't, there Kevin was doing the exact same thing going to the Brinkley mansion talking you, MRS Brinkley, woman in her sixties, who always wore modest cotton dresses and thick horn and glasses. There was fascinated by AIR Mrs Brinkley. She had a head skin cancer removed, and so she had to have part of her nose cut away that nostril on on the right side and then answered
new. You afford the reconstructive surgery, so she just put a cotton ball there. Well, you can and as a little boy, you're fascinating. I got involved so one side. It was on one side. It was like out of a very scary movie, but she was such a warm personal issues. Tiredly entertaining and captivating. On one hand, she seemed like the wealthiest person in the world. She lived in this house that felt more like a palace. There were was filled with exotic treasures from all over the world. On the other hand, MRS Briefly couldn't afford to turn on the heat in the house the winter she slept on. Her bed piled underneath a bunch of old fur coats, and so she still had one cadillac that ran, and it was this just seemed like a block long car,
She had to last servants that basically aren't getting paid me morbid how to replace to live, and so this show fir wood driver principally to the liquor store on a daily basis to pick up alcohol and alert later from the owner of the store that actually should come a personal to kind of guilt him into giving them liquor on credit that they couldn't afford. It's probably just as well that Covenant Hamas had no idea who they were talking to this We'd old woman, MRS Brinkley she'd, been an accomplice to one of the largest deadliest scams in american history. The masterminds, the scam, was none other than her husband. He taking control of an experimental new piece of technology and then used it in this way that nobody else saw coming this week, the story of the terror Fine doktor, John Romulus Brinkley
from gimlet was the reply. All I'm Peter of industry. Nobody here. It takes place in nineteen seventeen, but almost everything that happens in it. It feels like it could have happened this week. Basically, it starts with this. Doktor John Brinkley. He just married the love of his life. Many and they decide to go, find a place where they can just settle down. He's gonna be a town. After and then they set out for Kansas because they see an advertisement and sets Milford Kansas pop nation, three thousand, when you doctor and there like. Ok, we'll go West, so they travel way they get to know furred and three thousand type bow and in fact it was population. Three hundred years
It is like the middle of nowhere does like nobody there. This is penny lean, she's a filmmaker. She made a documentary about John Brinkley, so Brinkley moved Milford and they set up shop. This elderly farmer named built. It's worth comes into the office and you know after much hemming in hiding kind of managers, spit out his problem, which is that he's a flat tire again, get it. You know, and finally, the Brinkley, like, oh you're, impotent, ok gotcha, I'm so sorry. We have nothing for that. Like modern medical science has not solve that problem, I'm very sorry according Brinkley. What happens next that he and the former? Given the small talk me Sartori about goats Integra? How goads never seem to be impotent? There always bureau and the farmer Sesame Brinkley that will change his wife. He says
gosh it's too bad. I dont have billygoat nuts and then Brinkley kind of laughs and then after hours of we say no, I didn't learn that medical school, that's not how we do things my now work could be dangerous. The farmer in view fuses to leave and Brinkley agrees to try to fix, as evidenced by giving him go testicles. That is the strange Eureka moment. So then, of course he tries it and it works words according to Brinkley, Brinkley tells the world that he has created the goat Gland Europe, meaning he will take, go testicles pill put them into your skirt, em and you'll be healed and not just of impotence either. He says old. Watch allowance emphysema, stomach cancer, he's gotta version for women, which says will cure female infertility. I talked to this right of Pope Brok, who wrote a book about Brinkley called Charlatan
He said that when patients came to break free of the surgery it was set up so that the since we know that they were getting exactly what they paid for right. So patient was it was local Amis static so that he could be assured that it was actually getting the doubt and- many Brinkley, usually Brinkley wife, would do the snipping on the gout. They would bring the goat balls over open the guy up toss them in so him up and send him so just to be clear. This surgery is bogus utterly bogus and privately Brinkley knows this, but how extremely good commencing the public that he believes in what he saw. The goat glances. We really works. It helps that he looks extremely professional he's gotta. Three p suit is around glasses, neat blonde goat.
He's everybody's idea of what a smart doctoral looks like, and so they start showing up at the clinic these nervous guys ready for the surgery, their own goats, in tow like bring the goat, the huge content, this actually just clutched in your arms pounding on doing he soon he he got his own heard out back ass. It was with a volume business by that point that the patient would come out browse the herd and pick one they have the goat with which he felt the most her connection with, but whenever goatee felt sick patio, that's the goat, he he chose like a lobster at rest. Exactly exactly exactly so. Businesses booming Brinkley has found a great scheme because what happens is there are men who are impotent? Who get the surgery and
because their evidence is psychological, the placebo effect save them and they thank Doktor Brinkley and for the men that it doesn't work on their generally to ashamed to say anything about it. So, no matter what he wins, and maybe it would just continue like that. Maybe you would have just been a moderately successful scanner, but then fate, hands, Doktor Brinkley, the biggest pompous opportunity imaginable. Okay, so November. Second, nineteen, twenty Pittsburgh pray, pray, pray, wiping out the electric car manufacturing company. We appreciate it if anyone a hearing their progress would create a great one, we are very anxious to know how bother brought in reading and how it is being really. What you hearing is the birth of commercial radio. For the first time in
in history. One person can now talk directly to a huge infinite crowd of strangers across vast distances There's a person behind every great technological breakthroughs, a visionary inventor with lofty ideas about how what they ve made is going to change the world. John Brinkley is not back. John brings the other guy. The game shows up right after the visionary inventor guy looks at this wondrous new piece of knowledge and thinks this area just invented a weapon, and he has no idea. On Brinkley, write a letter to the government as pay cover radio licence. It I'm sure he is set up to broadcast and laid it down again. Listening to the boys, frankly, are the brink, their hospitals. We have two lovely hospitals and we have patience. Many patients in both he starts his station chaos cavy out of Milford CARE
us and Brinkley from the beginning is a natural. He knows how to talk on the radio before anybody else can figure it out. I gotta tell you the truth in every state nothing misleading and anyway, he's not yelling squawking in some weird nineteen thirties radio announcer voice. Instead he's conversational his gentle. He talks directly to you. You know your prostate and disease. And you know that unless some relief comes to you, that you're gonna be an undertaker honour on the old college, lab being embalm, forgetting his trade, Mark was to sound, like your best friend across the table, Brinkley understanding about authenticity about how to fake authenticity that gonna, take his new radio audience you years to figure out at once to the brink of hospitals voyage everlastingly, too late
Brinkley entire radio station is dedicated to one thing: committing more people to put goat testicles into their bodies, adverse his range of influences, napping picture, broadcast area broadcast the size of a small town, pretty soon. He upgrades five thousand watch shot out across the great. Please don't you would just improvise for what about your health and send Victorian descriptions of his childhood people would lie awake night and listen to this sort of towards rolling their ears every day. Every night Brinkley is on air, but there's a problem, which is that he can only talk so much and he wants to make sure that whenever people turn radio, they are getting go testicles advertise them, so he needs other people to fill in for him and he just start grabbing people. He hears about a cowboy who accidentally blinded himself chopping. Would he have Zack? I shall he knows that His listeners really live country. Music, Ngos,
other radio stations won't play country music, and so he puts country musicians and, as a station gets more popular Brinkley lie about his goat, Tesco surgery. His lie: keep spreading like a virus, every day trains or Ivan Milford carrying hopeful men were ready to pay up, seen amounts of money to be healed into Brinkley group in poverty as an orphan Brinkley. The adult is now getting very wretch to the point where in Milford Kansas, it's almost like Brinkley is God he pays for the sidewalks, the sewers, the electric lights. Price, the town, a new hospital, the literally team, two thousand and new uniforms, and so Brinkley buys them. They remain themselves the Brinkley goats. They could little goat on the form, besides the town, it's avenue, and so it goes any buys a bear to start a zoo the baron noisome by growing night. He shoots the bear, no zoo. He tells the town issued in your church. After me, it should be the Brinkley Methodist, church and added.
Gingerly carefully explained to their new patron that actually hats really aloud and its Brinkley its bigger and bigger. His message reaches more and more people and its not treating Central patience is also now reached the ears of the man who will be Brinkley. Lifelong nemesis, Doktor Morris fish, pine fish pine is the opposite of Brinkley. He's is short, rumpled bald guy. He doesn't really care about people liking him. He just cares about telling people. The truth is, I know it all and he despises hucksters and scammers. The Brinkley other world drive him crazy fish pine was completely lifelong driven to stamp out quackery, and he thought he could fish. Mine is a phase of this tiny upstart doctors organisation called the American Medical Association and fish by employees in the power of rules and regulations. He was like we have this association. We are
spectable doctors, people should trust us and not these like randalls, who, like pretend to have medical degrees. Don't who like make stuff up in my people should believe us like weird experts, and we have degrees, and you can tell us, we were suits fish mindsets sites on Brinkley and Brinkley. A juicy target because Brinkley breaks so many rules. For instance, he has a sketch diploma from a diploma, Milon, California, a fake school, that's again thralls and so the state of health, for new issues, an indictment against Brinkley. It seems like an open and shut thing, but when the authorities shovel Kansas to extradite Brinkley The governor intervenes. He tells them quote. We people in Kansas get fat on his medicine. We're gonna, keep him here so long as he lives. The governor has made a terrible mistake:
he looked at Brinkley. He seen his greed and he's missed everything else. He does not realise the extent of what Brinkley is capable of Brinkley goes on the radio and he crows about how fish pine and all the other losers. The air may they can't stop him. He claims that they ve sent a hundred fifty thousand dollars, trying to destroy him and for nothing and then Brinkley up the ante humans and new radio show He had a show called medical question marks where you Pga haven't illness and you in a letter to him and he reads it on the air and he prescribes Edison to you over the radio. But it's like his Ino propriety medicine, so he'll say let go the pharmacy and ass for Brinkley number, thirty five o and then you and everyone else that here is letter that girls, like maybe they have that problem, goes to the pharmacy and ass for Brinkley number thirty five. That was an incredibly popular show. I love that shall all across the state
and in neighbouring states. People are going to their local pharmacies and buying Brinkley drugs. Some of what he's prescribing over the radio is basically harmless saga heard anybody, but if I can help them either, but now then heartily recommend medicines to people that they act you shouldn't be taking in those cases he's giving people poison poisoning can be potentially deadly in nineteen. Eddie FISH minus is finally able to get the Kansas Medical Board to review Brinkley Licence and he actually tamely court at the trial. Brinkley defiant. He insists that no, he has been harmed by surgery. He was denying that there were had ever been Any problems in his clinic and the representatives of the EU Arkansas Medical Association brought out forty two death certificates that he had signed on patients who had died at his clinic, some who had been perfectly healthy going in you know it was still kind of documentation. So that's forty, two
people right there beyond that, you can only imagine and extrapolate the forty two desperate have yet the only represent people who died in Brinkley Clinic who Brinkley capped paperwork for that doesn't include people, when two Brinkley clinic went home and then died the day after it does include people on the radio who either took poison because frankly told them to or who just didn't, get medical treatment they needed because they trusted the radio doktor instead, but becomes clear in the trial is that Brinkley has probably killed hundreds of people. This point he has become one of the most successful killers in american history and he's done it in public view for everybody. What is nights is that, according to Brok, even though everybody new. This Brinkley actually could not be tried in criminal court. At that point, the medical laws, if you kill,
people, while you were practicing medicine, it wasn't illegal, but what Kansas can do if it can take Brinkley medical licence away and they do Brinkley loses the is, he cannot do surgery in Kansas anymore and to top it off the federal government drips Brinkley of his radio licence. He sold he's gonna be off you're completely in just a few months. Fish buying is awaited, his one But what he doesn't know is that Brinkley has come up with one last way to uses radio station to try to not only destroy the Kansas Medical Board but take over the end. Higher state of Kansas? And if you more months before your time is all he needs to do so. Three days after losing his medical licence, he envied The new scheme September. You know in the elections november- and he just decides- he's gonna,
for governor fears that no time for him to put together a campaign? What's this platform, nobody knows so he uses radio station to run for governor. None of the real candidates have a radio station. None of the real candidates have a private plane which he has right now. The real candidates are super tight with a bunch of like really popular country, musicians and preachers which he has cause. They are on a station, so he just travel around by private plain putting on like super cool concerts anyhow and being like vote for me and when he first announced they think it was too they take it seriously. Now no one took seriously what do they think cause? How pleased has no the experience he's a con man. He has no, whereas in reality right everybody. They now probably sees it that absolutely yeah. Another reason people don't take Brinkley seriously is because he's acting like a lunatic in his speeches on the radio he's going on and on
how he's as big a martyr who's been persecuted by the elites who are afraid of his medical miracles. He fears his medical board hearing to the garden of get seventy. He compares himself repeatedly to Jesus Christ and what did he say he was gonna was it platform. Whatever rang his leg, you try to kneel down his like political idea who cheat and it's really confusing he's really against empty are in the new deal on the one hand, and you like this is all bad. You know people should work what they have, but on the literally in the same speech, Say in I'm, gonna give everyone free healthcare and I'm going to put a lake in every county in Kansas. We that's good for rainfall. A lake as they are, having a drought, and so they said, if you had a lake in every- neither be better rainfall and be better for the farmers. Can you do that? I don't know, but he said he would write to Brinkley opponents, his ideas,
obviously really silly, but it doesn't matter because Brinkley has the ability to reach thousands and thousands of people directly there's a crowd of twenty thousand people. Nobody's ever really seen anything like that before in Kansas politics. In the final piece of the election, it becomes clear that Brinkley has become the front. Runner enter the Kansas out of twenty thousand people, nobody's ever really seen anything like that before in Kansas politics. In the final weeks of the election, it becomes clear that Brinkley has become the front runner and to the Kansas attorney general comes up with a plan to stop him. The attorney general of Kansas decrees in some way that
the only ballots that will be counted for Brinkley, are the ones that have his name spelled exactly correct. The thinking being his he's. A radio person with under educated constituents reward those I'm right. Yes, okay. This is the law heap Ass, the decree he made ten days before the election awhile and then fifty six thousand votes for Brinkley were thrown out for misspellings, and if those fifty six thousand votes had been counted, he would have one really does not get to be governor of the State of Kansas, which is fine because of course he areas coming up after the break. Brinkley decides to really get him
Yes, this episode is. Are you buy better for it, a new podcast from ATP posted, hosted by Francesca Ramsay. We all make mistakes better, for it looks at how Stakes- have shaped the lives and careers of visionaries and business leaders and helps them think differently about what their working for you'll hear from an entrepreneur who ventured out on his, and so I went out. I took seven hundred dollars. I had in the bank, but my own pickup truck took some flyers business cards and later I had a business and in aid. Our role breaker, whose learned why we all care about work in the first place that you wanted to try the word
do you want to be able to tell your friends about it? You want to be able to feel like you're, making a different you'll hear how they work their way through their mistakes and came out better for him, the non Spotify or wherever you get your pockets. Welcome back to the Russia, its nineteen, thirty one where an Del Rio, Texas,. It's a sleepy little West, Texas town, nothing ever happens there until the day the new guy shows up. He says it either. After but nobody's ever really mad doktor like this. They I built this huge mansion with a pipe organ and a two story paper in an he wires speakers all around the outside this house and at night he ass organ music into the town. The new guy is in love with his own name. He writes it on the wheels of a cadillac on each of his three.
In neon lights in the sky, a night Brinkley Tommy they even beginning in the story. Houston visit the mansions, a kid he said he heard this story from a woman in town who went to a party at the Brinkley Mansion ones when she was a girl She went to the Brinkley measure of her party and she says you our bathing suit. She was going across the grounds and there's a giant towards that. She said: looked like the size of a veto. You bug to her As she said when it began to move, she was terrified, shows a statue and she said it began walking ass. He just screamed. No one had ever seen anything like that and was taxes. The people of Del Rio are pumped that this rich guys decided to set up shop in their town, but is not clear why? What is guy like this one in a place like Del Rio, Brinkley the answer he can see the answer when he looks outside his bedroom window,
His housing Del Rio is four miles from the mexican border, which means that he can set up a radio station in Mexico outside Eu Us law, and you can use that station to broadcast into America. He had this whole. Really high tech set up with a remote control line from his phone line so that he didn't have to leave his mansion and Texas to be able to broadcast his lectures. The station, which was like over the border in Mexico, because you want to sit in his house now. He can reach everybody and laid it down again. Listen dear break break the hospital he has had to deal with the. U S, government laws about how powerful his station can get broadcasting from Mexico. Brinkley can basically save what Are you want on the air? He can now hawk his new goat, serum, no surgery required, but he also rents outer space to others, games with other Scamp nowadays to get rid of grey
people, selling crazy water crystals. Thank many. Both ties are traffickers of Jesus all these scams. They are now reaching so many more people than Brinkley ever could in Kansas in Kansas. There's a limit on how strong his transmitter could be it only broadcast of five thousand watts, but in Mexico is able to do it. Times that witching those new station is reaching the entire United States course. It drove fish, violent demerit, establishment, didn't happen that you're just absolutely crazy, because it like running up short on the other side during their heritage programme, one legged. Yet what are we going to do about this fish by an is? rambling to try to figure out some way to stop Brinkley, but he can't and in the meantime
Business station just gets bigger and bigger, it hits a million was and the musicians the musicians that Brinkley it's hard fighting Kansas just to fill time there now playing for the biggest audiences that have ever existed, and so they become a huge. These are people like the Carter fell down in IRAN, Jane Archery, Hank Williams Red falling John Brinkley just by accident, is turning country music from this fringe thing into american partners, his transmitter, powerful now. Because in Del Rio report that, when its power on their bed springs a hum, the headlights of their cars will turn a minimally and these broadcast their now so strong that they leave the United States like the rest of the World is hearing John Brinkley shows I have seen physical mail from like the Philippines and stuff directed to the radio station, saying
like I loved your segment on astrology or whatever it really did reach, or on the rub, John, Kelly is now an international celebrity, so ass, his wife, many has earned, show I'd like to know, and I am happy with knife and I don't go mere soucis kid. I listen. Honey, daddy would always have a true, never lie on any fish. Vine is Harry his hair out, the? U S, State Department tries to negotiate with nice, gotta, take Brinkley off the air and Brinkley just gets the vice president and the vice president. I'd say it's to tell the State Department to knock it off. Brinkley cannot be contained by lot, Brinkley, so famous that he goes to the gone with the wind and in a room with Clark Gable. Reporters resting Brinkley questions
Now that Brinkley, that is most influential with the biggest following he's ever had his interest in politics. It takes a dark. And he was anti semitic already. That was fuel as much as anything else by hatred of fish by, but then it takes a vacation to Europe goes to Germany and he saw Hitler's Germany. These are those lags Nord marching in it caught his fancy. He starts getting over his airwaves to other prominent Americans who either sympathise with the Nazis hate. Jewish people are just pro fascism; one of them is really fail. This guy Father, Coglan who's, trying huge crowds, these rally
junior waters. We believe and cries of all love your neighbor hours, you're south. With that principle. I challenge we do in this major do tell me that he does not believe Brinkley has started to go nuts. He thinks he's some sort of Superman. He asserts asking his psychic if you should run president, I dont know if any of us can actually live inside mind like that. Just become swollen like a ticket assert.
Point. You know it's just completely on completely out of touch with the who he really is what the rational boundaries really are. Fish buying has tried to use the rules to stop Brinkley a million different ways and it's never work. I want when the federal government passes a law, that everybody calls the Brinkley ACT and all it does is criminalize having a telephone line from your taxes to your station in Mexico and using it to broadcast programmes. The United States the Brinkley ACT they pass. It brings us ok, whatever he started, running tapes over the border, which completely circumvents the whole law. It's always like this fish, fine, finally reach
is the no rule. No law, no regulation is gonna. Stop this guy he rose. Is that the only thing in this world that can stop John Romulus Brinkley is John Romulus Brinkley until fish mindset to trap here is an article called modern medical charlatans, and this article is just one long slap in the face of John Brinkley he insults his wife. He talks about how much money he's God, what a liar he is and when Brinkley sees it Brinkley excited because its libel and a fisherman his rival him. It means that finally, the tables and turn Brinkley decides to sooth explained for a Porsche. This is his opportunity to shut fish, went up ever even better the trial will take place in Del Rio. The town it love, sprinkled it is home field trial starts on March twenty second, nineteen, thirty nine to Monday freely shows up in his custom built.
Cadillac returned by MRS Brinkley Spire engine red with his name inscribed on it in thirteen different places, he's feeling confident he went in believing that I don't know whose but say God was on his side, a mature that was it. I didn't have to be honest because he was so filled with his own sense of power just by walking into the quorum Brinkley made himself very vulnerable because fish minds: entire defence is that, according to him, everything he said is true. Brinkley is a phoney. He is a fraud which means that the court is not going to debate, not fish by reputation, but Brinkley.
Reputation now bring these lawyers know that this is gonna, be part of it, and so this doesn't rattled them. Yet they have a plant. They have packed the court room with briefly supporters were people who love him with people who ve gotten the surgery who say it worked, and so they bring up one of these happy customers and they start to ask questions and then Fishbones lawyer jumps up with an objection. He says the judge there not experts their patients, they can't say whether Brinkley that quackery and the judge agrees all the happy customers that brings these lawyers applying on using to defend him are kicked out. So all of us, Brinkley is far more vulnerable and isolated than here that he thought he would be since patients, testify because they're, not medical experts, will then who can testify medical experts, so they get up one by one.
And very specifically, and thoroughly on debunk varies practices that Brinkley was sir with performing they destroy him. They prove that his surgeries is nonsense of the medicine he's all over the radio, just colored water, but the most damning moment comes in Fishbones lawyer, Ass Brinkley, this offhand question: it's got his process for putting together his famous electors. He says you when you are preparing this formula, did you measure by weight or did you met her by volume? Simple, wait: a volume Brinkley Ass this and he goes completely quiet. He turns away from the lawyer and just stares at the window. Finally, he answers he says quote. I wouldn't rightly know that I don't try to know all the details what's in the star
Two nobody's surprise: the court find more fish by not guilty of libel and John Brinkley. Now everybody knows it. John Brinkley is a crack. When you look at his story. What do you feel like? Why are we ve won reporter? This Why is America as country? What is it about a liar like him that we have a hard time dealing with. Don't you want to be rescued? I know I do you know when somebody stands up and said. You know what bring me your anguish, bring the your problems and I will fix them. I will make get all right, you're that puts Brinkley and in a line of demagogues going back to the dawn of time. Right up through today
What I don't understand is why we don't get better at it like why. The there's almost play back, you know You tell big lies, he never admit defeat and you try not to have too many statements that are fact checkable like. Why aren't we better at stopping this link? There is no we to learn. Not as though the people, the Brinkley scammed, we're all of life. Today they ok, God. I remember now backing of fairies. I fell for that. Think I'm not goin for Trump. Now because I learnt you know it's a whole bunch of people, people people are scams and they die new people come in with those those needs, those fears and it starts all over again and once its learned its too late in November, I went down to Texas to see what's laughter, Brinkley Empire Cavern Thomas Games,
toward area and we start to see signs of Brinkley before we even reach the mansion. We pass the lumberyard that he built because used means the locals or cheating on would prices. We passed his church and then suddenly were in front of the house. So hurt it. Oh my god so, if it still stands out, it's like an enormous pink house started by palm trees with a found in front the gate, and so, of course, with line up at night to see this home all lit and they would park here with picnic baskets and have dinner in March. The light shone so I'd heard about this before, but when I'd pictured, it hadn't realise how close Brinkley had let everybody get two dimensions right: Thereupon right next, the road people could stand across the street and they could just look into his window and see him standing there waving back them. He would have seemed so close, so approachable in the yard. The founders still there, but they dont fire enormous debts. Water
More I'd. Try to find the swimming pool. The Brinkley had piled with tiny swastikas after stripped Germany, but has long since been felt in Thomas and care she lived in the house for a the nineties. They bought it renovated it sought to somebody else, their friends. The couple that lives there now this procedure, vote hey nice to me. So we into the house and inside the house. Brinkley seems less like a man of the people and more like a man who is very, very scared of the people The walls are heard in these giant expensive. Looking would panels there really beautiful, but what I don't realize. The first is that a lot of these panels hide secret, passageways places for Brinkley to hide himself or his stuff. If people ever came for. Yes, so do you want here, yeah, ok,
is that one there, and that is the one about the to the top and what happens when you press them? It's called a fur drop it was. If you had your jewels and furs, this bottom right and it spring loaded, suppress it, and that was where you could drop your fur quickly. And then there was this one here: the bottom right had a safe in it and you could put your jewels there, your further to hide them that they stole the fur Yours and jewels are long gone within two. Supposing the Fishbone trial briefly was bankrupt. He died of a heart attack a year after that, fifty six years old, everything he built as disappeared. The clinic shuddered raves station torn down his name's been taken off the gates of his own mansion, the whole time. Those trying to understand Brinkley I'd have this weird feeling they try to push down, which is that he didn't feel real. He felt like a man
or from a fairy tale. I never value they get a glimpse of him as a person and even in his own house walking in his bedroom, it still fellow, he was alluding, and then we walked into the room where Brinkley used to record his radio shows all the equipment gone, but the organ is still there. The organ that accompanied all of Brinkley eyes, its huge it takes up the entire wall. It's one thousand, sixty three pipes and its name opus for four four August far far far so this would often open Brinkley shows when you listen to this. It sounds kind of like a celestial, very delicate, sound, like a music box. I said that we should try to play. It the backrooms humming is coming, which is making me optimistic that it might work
And so on, through healing this Thomas, only one last story about Brinkley. He met a guy who grabbing Kansas in the sixties and lay one night his dad cameras, bedroom question. You want to know how they taught you about doctor. Nuclear ministry class begins it now. I dont know why that is being asked us dad who was his father just said nobody and walked out of the room,
If you want to know more about John Brinkley, there is so much more craziness to his story that we can include. If you curious, you should actually go pick up. Pope rocks book about Brinkley charlatan great, it's amazing, I'm Kenny Lanes documentary about Brinkley is also great. It's called appropriately nuts revilers hosted by me, Pga vote and our government beer produced by shrewdly contaminating the abandoned play, procedures and Damietta Marconi were edited by TIM Howard. Jorge just prejudices since this week from them they and indeed arise here makes by requiring special thanks to Sweden. Cardan, John Williams, John, and on a western Thomas, Makin, ear and Thomas Nigh Men and Kevin Parliament. The best hosting taxes Matt Labour- is a cure for what ails you you might. More emphasis to the show I tunes that complex reply are, or wherever get your PA gas. Lately I've been checking out the NPR up app pretty our website
is repealed out. So I thank you for listening in two weeks. I know you're a resolution is to resume my job as choir director now now how them now
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