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#87 Storming the Castle


This week: Alex meets his hero, the thorn in the side of Dick Dale, GG Allin, and Alex Trebek.

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This episode is brought to you by better for him a new podcast from eighty people in each so print Ramsay talks to visionaries in business leaders about mistakes. They ve made how they work their way through them and came out better for it. Listen unspent. Fi or wherever you get your pot from gimlet does require and he gave up- and I Haldeman out. What are we doing here today, So, a couple days ago I got to interview approach HU. I consider like my into doing wait well, I guess you could say like it somewhat. I've always wanted to interview and actually put a considerable effort and and trying to get interview his name's on pushing castle just hearing that I'm sure you know how it says: diameters guy. Yes, I do
I tell you, as long as I know you ve been like I'm gonna get in touch alarm potion gas yeah and getting to talk to him was like a total dream, come true to me, for anybody who does not know who Lama potion Castle is. He is this view. Mysterious guy, who has been making. Lastly, super super weird prank phone calls for like thirty years and. Basically all that I know about him he's a musician he's really too heavy metal and lives in Colorado, so he makes all his calls. True. I do guys out. Even another and, like I discovered him at this time when, we're tons of file sharing programmes in everybody's, using like lime, wire and stuff, and not only could you search for albums that you were looking for once you found it. You could then go through that persons tire, music library and just take whatever you wanted. It was like having a or older brother or something, but there are a cooler, older sister, but there's a billion of them right and and so
one day I was looking at some random persons list of music, and I found a bunch along my albums. And I started listening to them and I just immediately fell in love her and the that I loved so much about long on pushing castle is that it sounded really different than any a popular praying phone calls I'd heard before, like it sounds nothing like the Jerky boys, yeah doesn't feel mean to me and break housing filming totally and there's a couple Does that make Mama pushing castle calls so special one of them is that he uses all these weird effects on his voice. Legal speed up and slow down just sounds crazy, but he also as is very strange relationship to language list dilemma. Pushing castle is kind of like listening to it, person from another planet who knows every word in the english language, but as just learned how to speak today. So let me play you a couple of things: so like a good example of a sense of humor is like he calls this record store.
And he's like right again, you do super. I was looking for that. That aren't be single. The aren't basing its like trick triple check, kick double check. Trooper chick check, triple double check trip to double you dont know at its triple double check, chick triple double double check: turbojet double doubled troubled jumble chip, whichever jumbo jet of a triple double double check: elbowed doubled from its like that. Ok, how that Otis King. I think every thickets Biota King King yeah, ok, if I triple double flip, a cupboard, double chip, double chip, double tribute chip achieved like it's like tripled, double flip, a cupboard, double chip, double check, double trip, temperature butchery.
Double flip, a cupboard report, so I was wondering how they are open to improvement, to take what how yet, how later, how they are opened up and up and or earth, or he calls up like an outdoor apparelled store, Bethia ammonium Schneider, where Guess I wanted to get out further like swamp donkey, something of that nature. I dont know what a swamp delegated. What's the swamp donkey Guiana held down. Well, you know, I'm a shepherd, that's something countered many times over the years, and I heard her. Ok, I'm usually the want of leading the charge. Yeah yeah, I'm looking for something greater protection. Are you look fairly
rain jacket or a shower. You actually prefer a gospel, I'm looking for a house yeah, so whenever I am really bum doubt pudding Aloha pushing castle album is sort of like the quickest way to turn my mood around For a long time I ve been trying to get in touch with him to do an interview and about a year, A half ago I sent an email and he responded and said he was agreeable to the idea of an interview, but that he'd heard his foot and in order to do it, he wanted some painkillers, and I was like oh No, our high there's no rule of like journalistic or does human history. You couldn't get somewhere for russian big, I was just like. I was let what I say what I basically, how I felt was. I am shocked that he responded and even slightly more shocked that he responded.
Way I was joking, not joking or either. I know idea it's possible to tell syro back and said you know. I can't do that, but I d like to talk to you and he said nothing. So I probably sent him fifty emails over the course of, however many years I know about two months and then leave twenty. Sixteen I send my by monthly YE along on asking for an interview and he agreed to talk to me. Wow yeah. Hello this is Alex, who may speaking with Did you. Do
How are you shoot? I suppose Like the true I've had rob. Had we not go there, I'm good right now, Thank you. How are you doing good? I'm really excited to be talking to you think so much for doing this. I really appreciate it. So let me ask you how many print because if you done this week ah. Ah, Do you know it maybe a fractional number, if he random, rounded up around it offers
and that our current it up erect a bad so someone what we're? What was the first, what was the first praying phone call? You did well, as Ireland like, we were caught people new and junior high, the people I was with promptly walked away from it, but it's dark with me. I never stop that.
What? What is it that that made you sicker stick with it. I speak to people in a certain way and people around would say what has met this guy people. I know what they owe that just his way that give way what they say. I've got my way. Is it ok? So I just took that on the phone you don't know what the fuck you want proper like that. Canada, however, describing the catering on Africa, border library or their workers to are you still there?
Hey man I'll ask you there for a second, really, how it's ok so easy, or is it usually fun right now, I'm haven't so much Bernat. Barbara Matera have been time where there is a law. What does that feel like this ever gonna get down the gardener known just uncertainty and then maybe you're talking to people who really wanna hurt you're feeling? Take it a little too personally in this really try to try. You can't you down on really far and stuff Ike's usually shake it off, sometimes like yeah, it's going anywhere now those those sorts of bias, in those times, have you ever thought about giving it up
there was. There was a period when the ninety five, I was sure I was never going to deal with any more. What was making you want to quit personal problem. As my dad dad used to say, I felt like a personal problem son. We require Gallagher, so you know, one of the things about your cause that I like so much is that in like thirty cents Answer a minute: you managed to cry it like a world that so disorienting four people were just nothing makes sense. You know you call
the Gomes Residence and then when they share the game, is up. And then he say when the gun, like I'd, like a pile of police report, well call a harbor division or did you home yeah. You him you jack off Son of a bitch, wow That's harsh? How do you thought about? That's? Ok, how do you deal with people talking you like that? Am I a diesel truck a ballroom hop out there like kicker the boots little bear much night. So what about when you pay? Celebrities like Dick Dale Gigi Alan vanished her back like how get these numbers, and why are these the guys you wanna call they all? Their own particular you know stories, but to correlate with them back any
but getting person words? How did you get in touch with Judy Alan I wrote you ermine, I won't wait that he would you want to put it like that, with my noise barriers that I had at the time with a sort of a harsh noise they out like a suburban arts, night air, he Gary's Denisov live recording of him getting at why would the audience member has been pretty wild and then I got twenty dollars together. They sent it to approve videotape untied ever heard from them. After that, those like after a mother I'm a letter like any one up and there I thought you twenty dollars and all the third I didn't hear from the anymore. I go away, never got it and are right so that that lose what triggered that decide to calm the middle of the night bugger because it took twenty dollars
so here you said you have certain way about you. How much I like how much is long on pushing castle, and which is where you are outside your calls, or are they just? a guy, I heard I have, as you know, the requisite a matter as well as the Moonlight Blackbird that Mobile Serpent warning you. Break out of the mundane. You know not shake off all the commonplace. Everywhere. I turn what the turkish question repetition quantity. So you know one of the reasons I wanted to talk to you. So bad is that when I was in college I just had. I had this really sort. If I just covered long out when I was in college, which would have been about two thousand and one two thousand two and a half
I had a like a lot of sort of personal setbacks. I was depressed is like self harming. I got hospitalized for depression. For a while, but I I got out. I was flower delivery driver- and I just burn ere long, my tracks, on to cds and driving around listening to them, and I Remember I remember finding Long Mont City at that time? Like I remember, driving the car the van around and, like laughing so hard that I had to pull over and like compose myself because I was losing my mind I am glad that you came back from the depths there and that I could play a part in that. That is a problem and, like
every time I feel like every time I mean my kind of a dark place, I'll I'll come back to your albums because, like how do I I feel like the world, when you're depressed really does, make much sense, but it makes It makes sense in a way that sort of foreboding in shitty and confusing and right, and then I can listen to your albums and, like I hear nuns, I hear a world that doesn't make sense, but it doesn't make sense in a way that safe enjoy full and feels really good. I refer to a great way of putting it. I really do there's really always but much you can buy about it in turn with descriptor something to experience our nordic period, but in terms of descriptive about among the both I've heard. So thank you. Thank you.
Do you have a favorite at what might imply my last question for you? Do you have a favor, album or or period or section track, and this would like to know there are. Like there's like a series of amazing calls on volume for there's like the one where you call a coffee shop and ask me if you can have Bruce shoddy guy so confused by you, oh shoddy Yeah rationality remained. Area yeah like you and then the one where you call twisting shout and you ask them for the triple double flips on twitter, so hate me.
I bet I banished from their store. I really like in person your banish. Do they know you by saying How did you feel artery TAT S, how great it felt like getting to hang out with firm? How know how many therapists you seen in your life, but so few are very effective, yes and dumb. He sort of like the perfect therapists for me. So am I getting tat getting too it was like two hours ago
Ruby talking to this guy, you start for two hours. We had a lot of gibberish to work through and also I asked him if he would decent bring phone calls me and he was totally game to do it. So, trying to call celebrities. First, we tried J, J, Abrams J J baby. I would not have right now. Please leave nothing ever call back. Thank you returned. Jeremy pivot. We tried tony dancer. No one picked up so Instead, we called my dad. I've got a pancake make up like Burma clown. You got the wrong person, man there you go
one right. Can I put this make up on you a little later. She how it looks my dad hung up pretty much right away. So last we call my friend Dave. I favour I've. Gotta I've got a submarine, and what's that supposed to bring you sing. I will get. I gave it to me and it comes with a frisbee and a few other neat things. It's kind of neat kind of fun. You're trying to give me a submarine sandwich. Yeah I'd be together with your Lobo get together, it was perfect, everything I wanted from a conversation with this guy. Do you like now. Does it feel weary? Does it feel differently seem to his stuff? No, his his thirteen thousand just came out and thou? What's your favorite track? Well, he really was into this track called Neighbourly MILAN, which automatically
just say two hits reinforcing its there's. Weird sounds in there, but he he said he was saying like so I've got this track on my new album where's. Just like everything I said matched up perfectly with this person's life like he was saying jibbering, but to them it made perfect sense of funny. So he was like listen here's what you need to do. I need I'm hearing tonnes a noise from your house partner. I need you to I need you did, shut up your cats, keeper dogs, quiet. I need you to turn the fischler. I need you to stop the fish for making all the noise, and I need you to quit. Play in the kettle drops up up up up up up and the images like. Listen dog he's like sick. He can't even bark my cats, make. Any noise fish can't make an and we
older, Kettledrums, six months up up up up up up up, it's like really wonderful battery of all, the half an hour long, it's a half an hour on. Why not try yeah it better There is no bigger fan of his staff in you, I'd like to think so you can pick up the latest long, pushing castle, album and all his other islands at long on pushing cancelled outcome and there guys working on a documentary about him cold, where the hell is lavender house keep an eye out for it.
It's been a strange week after the break will be. Could we be contaminated. This episode is brought few by better for it, a new podcast from eighty peed hosted by Francesca Ramsay. We all make mistakes,
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And I'm a reporter on this show, but I have this rule in my family that on the weekends, I will not check twitter this weekend. That rule was thrown out the window on Friday. President Trump and an executive order that basically band citizens from seven different countries, whether they had even people who had visas to come to the United States. He said that people from IRAN, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen would not be allowed into the country. He also banned indefinitely refugees from Syria, and I was just Glued to my phone screen, Friday Saturday Sunday watching the entire follow it was particularly dying for me because I've been in this country,
for several years, but I'm not citizen, I have a green card and for the first time I was very confused as to what that meant, because a card is it's called permanent residents card and suddenly things didn't feel so permanent anymore and why I could see twitter. I noticed a colleague of mine from Gimlet really rafsanjani. I nerve see that whatever was happening around the family. Is it really touched a nerve in her, and I remembered that her fan we. Actually. She came from IRAN when she was a young child, you know in iran- is one of the countries on that list of temporarily ban Cunt yes, and I also remember that there is, as other show it, gimlet called twice removed. Who had done this entire. Like long
story that was centred around Nazarene and her family, and I listened and the whole thing just felt so rally and to everything that is happening, and I wanted to talk to, asking about it. But first let me just play you a short clip from that episode. Here means mom her sister talking about living in IRAN in the year nineteen. Seventy nine the year that I got pregnant not sunny was a year that day forbidden everything. Alcohol and western movie, and they put their heads up in a woman's. Had my leave favorite part, which I absolutely hate it worse the thing they they call the matinee, which is like a like craw, almost fabric, that cover your hair. I hated that lay just didn't understand why the boy didn't have to wear that and I did and I would get in trouble. Everything was
tighter and tighter and harder to breed for women? It was horrible horrible. They take your identity, they take. Everything who you are what you think it's feel like you try you're in a. We owe that to you. Just keep just keep screaming And nobody here you and on top of all, that there's a war happening between IRAN and Iraq, and so now means neighborhood in that on, was getting regularly bombed and so finally parents side to leave. I had all these questions were not Janine like. How is this different from this? free refugees who are trying to leave Syria. So I asked her
like I dont, even know anything about what it means to apply TAT as a refugee become a refugee. I only know that the like you know, student visa each one tv it like that whole track. Yes, totally different yeah yeah totally. That is a completely different track than the way my family came here, which is that they applied for asylum, which is also a different track than getting here as a refugee. A refugee is somebody who they are outside the country and from outside the country there making the case that they need beat somewhere else from where they are and because their life is in such grave danger, and- and so that's what the Syrian Fiji are facing now my family completely like we locked out and we we got. We ought visas so out. We left IRAN like a trout like a tourist visa tourist region.
We had a tourist visa and we lefty round. She must have been hot leg, was it harder but very hard, or that there was no can embassy in Iraq. At that time there still is no american embassy in IRAN. So We went to Turkey, we applied for tourist visas and we got them and we D was just in it was literally just I mean I was just luck. Dumb luck! Sorry, yours truly totally blowing my mind are now just like in the nineties Eighty sir, I was a kid in India. Just remember like if you drove by the. U S, the sea finches. Three hook, you see these lines of people who had spent. You know people who slept there, but even to tourist visa. You have to show you had, a lot of money in your bank account the good reason yeah to stay in the country that you're coming from yeah and so ok suit? You arrive in this danger and how do you Asylum status
so you need a lawyer which we have, which my parents were able find a lawyer in Minnesota who decided to help us and to get asylum you have to be. You have to be considered by the? U S, government, as being part of some persecuted class, and these causes are very there, like very defined and so on. Families lawyer defined my mom as a part of a persecuted class, which was iranian women who were opposed, to the regime and so we went through that process and it wasn't until I was so we moved around six. It wasn't until I was sixteen that I got my american citizenship and was whole story from IRAN seeking asylum. Was it a thing that day today. You are always aware of or or thinking about no, it definitely wasn't something I thought
on a daily basis, you now ever ordered by growing, not burden it. I only. I only ever felt like everyone else here and until all honestly, until now like really until now from last Friday, like I mean it's like four days, that's that's that's what I mean. So I actually wanted to ask you about this. One tweet of yours. That, for me, was like totally a punch in the was on you have this picture of the syrian man. I think are tat was a syrian refugee holding a boy. Of course. It's like we see these pictures all the time, but erode like doesn't I feel great again. It's just a lack of imagination that separates you and your children from these people, yeah that I think that picture it's just like for me. It goes back to like. I relate to them in that I know:
I know now the dead. Desperation my parents had of like leaving the country that they loved and wanted to stand and only left because they felt like. Had no other option, someone responded to that tweet like so you what you're saying is, like everyone has a right to be it being a? U S, and as a human right yeah and I was trying to say was that it's actually the opposite? It's not actually anyone's right. It's it's just like dumb luck, and I think that that's I think That's all. I was trying to say: is that, like it's, my dumb luck that I gotta move here and it's Your damn luck that you were born here and Neither of us really did anything to deserve it:
And so, and so like saying that some people don't deserve it and others do is, is just makes no sense to me and like, like you, it's like my most, I think like that kind of like, patriotism, I guess is the right word for it about the United States is like it's really like my most earnest feeling like it's always been my most earnest feeling, like I embarrassed feeling a little embarrassed about it like it's. Not it's never been cynical like. I really have always felt like ya, like it's, the Haines hide your lucky. You live here like an awesome to live here and like an and it's it's like. Just
by virtue of being here you're like one of the luckiest people on earth. I really feel that way, yeah and its ah, and I think that that felt and feels like threatened, and that's why I think I was reacting that way. You can follow not and even on Twitter, add gnaws raw an icy are f and also definitely check out. I removed episode that features her and her family. It's incredible moving and the ending just wait for the ending yeah.
reply was hosted by he J vote and me, Alex Goldman were produced by we ve been in any Viennan, Coy Pacino send domino marketing. We're by TIM Howard and Jorge just production assistance this week. From Saint Peter rise M our theme, long as by the mysterious break, master cylinder and our add music is by build buildings. We were mixed by Rick Kwan. Special thanks this week to surrender on Tom Cody and also to have back thank attached and David Hall who are working on the law on pushing castle documentary matters, there is a world that doesn't make sense in a way that is safe and joyful feels really good you can find more episodes of the show at Itunes, TAT, complex reply all or wherever you get your podcast. Our website is reply. All that soy thanks for listening, we'll see next week.
Did you know that cars are basically just raw machines on wheels A thing.
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