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A Message from the Staff of Reply All


An update on the future of The Test Kitchen series and PJ Vogt and Sruthi Pinnamaneni's departure.

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Hi this is Alex Goldman, I'm one of the house of the show, and I'm talking to you today, to give you an apology and an update for me in the entire staff of reply. All in the last weeks, reply has been airing a series of episodes called the test kitchen which were reported by shrewdly Bynum in any about, structural racism and toxic work environment. Food magazine banality last week days after the publication of the second episode in what was supposed to be a four part series. Former colleagues of ours, a gimlet, publicly described multiple instances of troubling behavior from both Shruthi and my long time I was speaking about these accounts, prompted a reckoning on our team about the work culture reply all and they left us asking whether we could continue airing this story without interrogating ourselves. And what is it. hold it again. What we now understand that we should never have publish the series, as reported in the factory we did.
Was a systemic editorial failure. We are now going to be continuing. The series and Tj Aunt Ruthie have both decided to leave the reply. All team. I and the entire team know that making reply all getting to tell people stories for living is a huge privilege We also know that we ve let alot of people down and made a lot of mistakes, We're very sorry for many failings, we're so your our colleagues and our former colleagues that we heard were. Are listeners and, of course, we're sorry to that. For who spoke to us for the test kitchen, who shared their extremely personal stories with us. It is worth saying that we're going to keep the already published episodes honour feed for any one to listen to We had a lot of debate about it, but ultimately we don't want a barrier failure. So adding a similar disclaimer to this one to the episodes themselves. We plan to find a way to get to the bottom of what went wrong here, both with the series and with our show And once we fully understand it ourselves, we also
When I tell you as best we can what happened as we contend with everything were placed in the show on pause, you'll hear more from us in the meantime, take care of yourselves and thank you for listening.
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