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A Divided Road

2017-11-01 | 🔗

Shortly after President Donald Trump’s election, two friends, Lauren and Martina, decided to provide free legal aid to people living in the country without permission. They left their home in New York and traveled across the country by van to meet people in need of help. Lauren is an immigration lawyer and Martina is an immigrant from Mexico. In just a few months, they traveled to 12 states and estimated they advised nearly 200 immigrants on a shoestring budget.

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When Mexico sends its people, then I'm sending their best.
they're bringing drugs they bring in crime there rapists we won't download divide as well as greater them. Secondly, the bigotry chaos confusion at anger growing. In the wake of present trumps immigration ban felt safe in years. I voted on chum, mostly because an immigration it is here that criminal islands in the document, forgers, say to overthrow lawful system of immigration. We will not turn away a weekend of protest over President trumps immigration clamped down, but this group who voted for President tromp all agree on this he's trying to keep a day
I think the divide is causing a lot more fear and hatred and really ugly things, but it's also involving all of us to step in our activism, to step into our rules to make a more country for everybody, I'm originally from like scum, I can to the U S where now Seven years old I've always avoided immigration. Because of my background, what I've gone. But now I come to realize that to do something about it. Our lesson, the situation. I am an immigration where so, why not go across the country and how? or we could
This is the emigration nation van. This is where the magic happens. immigration nation is an on demand, mobile legal connect for immigrants and their communities in the wake of the two thousand. Sixteen you as president. election that sounds Latvians here than it is, it's actually mean Martina driving around the country and a van helping helping us This is like that. an area we keep a lot of different things and So we have our libraries. reading on the road is super import and we have books about. Documents it and then just interesting books that around
we ve been to areas where there is one lawyer for seventeen counties, and people have never spoken to a lawyer before he met with people that just arrived to the United States months ago, and people have been here literally since the eighties- and you know the unifying piece of it all is- are unfair immigration system. If you end up in deportation, proceeding you, can ask the judge for something called cancellation of removal, fears that very little both of you step whenever you like. Kennedy, I look ass, a young man, cancellation or remove cancellation. Removal is for people who have been in the United States for ten years desolation part of our rights workshops are really like. How do you advocate for yourself what our resources that you need?
You know you really do see how there are like these Royer deserts and how their areas where people are trying to figure things out themselves by the laws are so complicated. So it's scary time now and we we know what we would do is bad things happened, Nobody can take away the fact that she is your mother and there is no law that can ever be passed by anybody that can take that away.
Thank you for making this images Martina, Argentina and I met in two thousand ten. She actually was one of my first ever clients and our relationship is really evolved. Over the years I was trying to fix my immigration studies and, we better a consultation. Were she just asked me A few personal questions. I was the big I hate crime And being boy rascal because of my access, the web jazz this girl. I just kept on making racial comments at me and telling me then, who's gonna hit me that she was pointing
make sure that our send back to guy her and her France just started hitting me. To the point that I was, I was as unconscious. and that's the first time I've ever fallen consular enough, but someone that's not. From my community
the sunrise pretty. I got I've really gotta get to bed earlier If you do find out that somebody's undocumented, you are going to keep that information confidential So that means that if you are a doctor now this amazing you're not going to eyes and report them. We do allies, things realised that there was a lot of misinformation. I was out there about immigration, even for the most well meaning allies, and so wanting to not only educate people about what was going on to give them facts if they could use to hopefully persuade other people.
Will I get into the nitty gritty of we have? We are part of this nation that has unfortunately been made really unsafe for immigrants right now and it's a really scheme, replace. So how do we combat? How do I be a better ally for those communities, so guess what its IFOR, by centre, mention train who wants to learn what to do? If you see a hate crime happening, bring people other than get button. Since the election, intimidation and harassment is grown dramatically, nationwide, their harassing what Muslims more than four hundred incidents reported in the last week, how the country can overcome our racial divisions, media. I see this kind of like a blessing in disguise.
Because I'm hoping that this is gonna, uniting Archimedes being an abandoned driving across Amerika and trying to create this change has been really inspiring. I continue to just have hope in this country's ability to continue to fight, for what I think is right and so saying the country and reclaiming those roads, and that way has been really great.
I can tell that your way. Can you tell the way to New Zealand, like thinking than can through an awareness of the fact that I got around ready.
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