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2020-03-19 | 🔗

Al Letson with a programming note on Reveal's upcoming episodes

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Hey folks in here with an important note about our upcoming shows, so we plan to release our first cereal project american rehab. Next week it's about drug, we have put people to work, Their pay we ve been working on for more than a year and I've been listening to it and it's really good SIRI, some of the best radio we ve ever made, but the timing- Justice-
so we're gonna delay the launch of our series to focus on reporting on the corona vires. There right now are. Reporters are busy covering the outbreak. Our leaders are responding, how its affecting people's health, education, housing jobs, we're gonna, bring stories that you won't hear anywhere else in typical reveal style. Deeply reported in holding people accountable, be sure to check back here, salary for brand new reporting on the corona virus in the meantime take care of yourselves and each other. The only way we're gonna get through. This is, if we do it together,.
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