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2021-01-23 | 🔗

Rage, chaos and conspiracies defined Donald Trump’s last days as president. As the nation swears in Joe Biden, we look at the long shadow cast by the White supremacist and anti-immigrant forces that brought Trump to power.

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America's day. This is democracies day. There were flags instead of crowds and thousands of troops. On January, twenty, as Joe Biden became the forty six president of the United States on us how ground were just a few days ago violent sought to shake the capitals very foundation. We come together as one nation, under God, indivisible to carry out the peaceful transfer of power, as we have for more than two century. It was a his full transfer of power. It was also an historic day with common Harris becoming the first woman and the first Black South asian American to become vice president, that I will support and defend the constitution of the United States,
hence all enemies bar and the question now. Are we closing the chapter? on the violence of January six, the insurrection at the capital, or are we entering a new period with even more many reporters who covered the inauguration had that on their minds, including Christians. Login from the airline browser, Pennsylvania forth That's usually about a fifteen minute. Walk so far has taken us toy. Five minutes more about a third of the way there was weighed. Chris is a reporter. One hundred days and Appalachia and part of report for America journalists and body armor and helmets being told, I can't go through pretty cathartic. I spoke with Chris just hours after President Biden was sworn in.
Chris, you covered the insurrection on January six and you are back today. There were huge concerns about the potential for more vows. It must have been pretty surreal indefinitely, felt like the polar opposite city, then it was on January six, the more than most scribe, Washington DC today was empty. You really felt the massive military presence. As soon as you started, hitting the city limits close you got to the capital, the heart. Harder was to get around. You would have to go through five or six checkpoints just to get from one of them all through the? U S, capital building some the militias and extremist groups were talking about today like like it was an apocalypse. The fall of the republic and of Amerika and yet. All that on the line they seem to stay away from the capital, why? I think it ultimate It comes down to three main reasons. The first reason, Donald Trump is gone,
is no longer in Washington DC and he didn't give any of these groups any explicit. Or implicit guidance on what he wanted them to do on inauguration day. The second reason and certainly the most visible reason today was the massive military presence in Washington DC for the inauguration. The third reason is that a lot of these groups, the movement We saw really come together on January six, it's extremely disorganized. Some portions of these groups are looking their wounds, are trying to find some sort of sense of stability or purpose or a future for their movements. Other parts of these movements saw the inauguration day is a trap that they thought that this was part of some bigger plot to to attack them. So you may in West Virginia. You been covering right wing groups for a few years in the run up the inauguration- you are on the road talk into militias and protestors. What are you saying, what were you hearing at their one of the biggest thing
in the days of the inauguration across the far right is a real sense of confusion organization? A lot of these groups are trying to figure out what they're going to do next in the of what happened on January six, we ve, Seen in communities not just enough Lasher, but across the country we ve seen uptake in white supremacist, fly iris being placed around in West Virginia, they ve been found in target parking lots. We have also seen on line a lot of people discussing the idea that the threat is not gone, that these people are still on attack and that there is still a storm coming. You made it Richmond Virginia couple days ago, and some some did show up what was was outweighing. We came to rich on January eighteenth fur Lobby Day, which is a day that second amendment advocates protest for losing gun control. I ran into a guy's wearing red play.
Sure with body armor over the top of it, and he was carrying a grey and black gun, part of which she had actually built himself at the three printer I caught himself, Patrick which is not his real name, but one of the founding fathers from Virginia, and he really expressed a sense of disenfranchisement. That's grown over the course of this year. I feel, like our representatives, they'll, listen to us and I feel like the weather for right or wrong. When you get the right, I'm not. That was a way to express you don't think we'll do not listen. Listen to us! So now it's ok! We have to do this weather another person and I spoke with it- has been in the militia space a lot longer than this Patrick Henry Guy. When I met him, he was standing a few blocks from the capital wearing military style, camouflage and also wearing body armor, while he him, I believe that Trump actually lost the election. He.
Believes that there was interference both foreign and domestic, but that it wouldn't have ultimately affected the outcome. And while he was Critical of some of the extremist groups that were involved on the attack on the capital on January six, he also had a lot say about social media and what he predicts will happen over the next few years. With far right, extremism Do you believe that a lot of that is fed by echo chambers? You know, that's, that's one of the drawbacks of social media and every single community has its NGO Chamberlains within the next two years. I expect that particular relativism. Now, let's, let's be honest, you're, probably less so Europe is now out of the White House and ease off of social media gonna be their leader so that
sort of the million dollar question right now and that something that a lot of people who are really focused on the far right and fora. Extremism are really looking to answer ants in time. It's a question that the far right itself has really looking to answer most of the people who were there in January, six did go home and they are still in their communities. For a really seeing lots of activity in organizing and calls for more activism, this is definitely and to be something that we're looking for in communities across the country, not in major cities, or these flashpoints like here in Washington DC and it's something that it's gonna take sort the country paying attention to in our own backyard all over the place, not just where the news sort of points the attention Christians as Rapporteur with a hundred days and apple edges. Thanks for talking to us, the nice speaking with you ya, our story was produced by Michael Montgomery
everyone breathe a sigh of relief at the inauguration was peaceful, but people who live in DC are still living with the aftermath of the insurrection will have that story next throughout the show will list- it is a moment's from January twentieth. This is reveal this is you and is.
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Waiting for what could happen next and the people who call Washington DC home are worried about whether the violence will continue into the binding administration, because if they really do get as violent as they are saying, I'm goin to how does that not villains, our neighbourhood, whenever there right there, Oriana Evans is a twenty four year old army veteran who comes from a military family a few days before the inauguration she spoke to reveals unduly comment about her relationship to the city. When I spoke to Oriana, she made it clear that hurdy see is not the DC. Much of the country seized from a distance, it's more than just politics, cherry blossoms and Georgetown. Everybody knows that the real disease over the bridge east of the river and saw these northeast
you see where the black people live. That's the real BC. That's it is here that I love that I that I know that I remember, and she also remembers how she used to feel when she'd look up at all of the city's monuments that celebrate american history. I do remember going to them when I was younger and thinking that they were so beautiful and thinking like wow leg, driving, thirty c and saying oddest of annoying them. Both of my parents were finds it if in this country I did feel proud. I did, but then you now again, you find out all the things that you find out. Eric everything's gives so tardy so quickly in just the past eight months, Orianas relationship with her hometown has changed
and it all started with the killing of George Floyd last May and had his me. George boards are surrounding crossing response from you and I could not survive any longer with the anger that I was an end, not do anything about it, so I walked out. I'm thirty is for my first time in response to George Floyd and it changed my life and I've been outside the Ever since I am mobilizing all available federal resources, civilian and military, to stop the riot so do for us. I went down to laugh at square as we speak. I am dispatching vows and thousands of heavily armed here to see him in a frame losing flash bangs in front of them clear what has been an entirely peaceful protest. Not ninety. Ninety nine percent.
No one really understood in that moment what was happening. You saw these people in fatigues, irish, rubber bullets, people and tear gas can There is an you see, people getting hit me. I she's looking shine the face of her bullets like either shine the back. So as I was really like a horizontal issues, I was so angry and so a lot of the other protesters. Some of them even came together to sue the government, including President Donald Trump, and his attorney and we'll William BAR violating their first amendment rights, the gun, been filed, a motion to dismiss the case, but the law suit is still pending in court are you gonna immediately thought of what happened to her over the summer ass. She was.
Achieving a mob of insurrectionists storm the capital. Earlier this month, I was out on you street, and I saw the presidential motorcade go down towards Freedom Plaza, and I was I I wonder why you're about to go, do because you'll never take back Three with awake is, you have to show strength and you have to be strong. I know for a fact that the police officers- really they don't care when it's, why people, because they were waving them and they were letting them in they were like tourists in the cap- will be whether feet up on Nancy.
These desk and we're all lag. We would have been dead on the stairs. Beethoven sprang our blood up with the water hole if we ve made it into the Rotunda Moon and made it into either chamber, and I cannot help but think about you. First, I couldn't help. It think, whether time that we did protests of the capital without tick ass ever sprayed can help, but think about the time that I was leaving a protest and I got arrested by five police officers and I had done nothing wrong and they all need on my back and Bruce my ribs. But yet all of those white people left they went home. We don't get that luxury after really understanding that this country only really uses force against you win
fighting against white supremacy and not upholding it. That is when everything for me changed do black people. We need to be scared because we're going to be the first ones they get affected by their violence. If they decide to do things like that, and that's what really are missing. This is what happens when you constantly erase history is why, as you tell people that everything MRS Leather hundreds ever been is amazing and great and fantastic when you have nothing but blood on your hands. This is who we are five, you d C and of all these monuments completely change over the past eight months. They don't. I should tell the whole story what this country is or how this country came to be. I thought I spent my whole life marvelling at the beauty of the city of until as that are protesting in it. So my politics and everything completely changed of
past eight months, because I really saw what this country thinks of me before the protesters, some are you gonna saw herself one day working on Capital Hill. These days with all that's happened. She's now and activist with the racial justice grew freedom fighters DC that was reveals unduly comment. Her story was produced by energy than me, Bulgaria, Charles Alan, also lives in Washington DC, he represents ward, say saw the city council, that's part of the city. That's
onto the Eu S capital. We talked to him a few days before the inauguration, and he said the attack on the capital was also an attack on the neighbourhood that he and his constituents call home There's a tree over the Supreme Court that my daughter walks, Tudor rebook under these are parts of our community. Our neighbourhood and the violence and the assault that took place. Not just on democracy, but on what feels like our neighbourhood is deeply hurtful to all of us and it hurt in a very wrong real way for a lot of people, Can you imagine how hard it must be to try to manage the city right now? What's an exam that shows just how difficult this is that in the moment, if I go back to January six, I think that's the the inability for the district to be able to deploy the Dc National Guard we're, only place in the country that is treated like this, where our executive, our mayor, but the governor and a state is unable to deploy
national guard and what we saw happened was ours, and errors of delay from the federal authorities to let us be able to deploy and activate the National Guard to help save the capital and protect the city it it should people how important something like Deasey stated. It is it's not just a wouldn't it be nice. It is a necessity that we be treated as a state, and here is in real life example of how lives were at risk. Democracy was or was at risk. As a result, I'm curious. Seven hundred thousand people in the district what's the racial breakdown that oh, my gosh than what it one of the biggest reasons we don't have statehood is because we ve been a majority black city for so long and on the exact percentage. But I think we are around Forty eight percent black forty five percent white somewhere that ballpark we just ignore that the evil of thought that the district is too liberal or to democratic, but let us make no mistake. Call it what it is there. There is institutional and systemic racism. There's overt racism having the district be a state because there are,
members of the Senate Congress, who are afraid of what that would mean. Let us call it what it is, I think, did what gets lost alive in the conversation that were having now nationally about what happened with the insurrection is that you know the weeks leading up the insurrection, the prow boys, were roaming through DC. Having March and a lot of violence broke out. Then, can you talk a little bit about that in December? We, add a couple of the rallies: they try to wreak havoc and city and, in many cases, incited a lot of violence. Too many of our historic black churches and written down black lives matter, banners poor, gasolene on them lifted on fire and danced in the type. A hate that we saw on display in December was deeply troubling deeply.
It is what we have seen rooted. Any insurrection that took place as well as the movements that we ve seen as this white supremacist hatred. They get spouted from the top down from president's voice and megaphone all the way down in any emboldens and empower them is the exact same thing we saw from Charlottesville, and it has deadly consequences, and we saw that play out right here in DC. Yes, I will but say that I have friends in DC and the way that they Forget it there pretty bitter about The way the police Department Treves black and white, communities on a day to day basis then the way they treat say the proud boys when their marauding through the city and causing havoc it just seemed like to really different responses and that it's not as the federal government that has different response to these guys. It's also the local police department,
and ass the disparate reality that we have seen and in a data bank set up one of the things we ve done at the council. You know we ve pulled all the use of force data, for example, to be able to highlight disparity in, and what do we find? We look at it that the use of force incidents by our metropolitan police departments are almost exclusively against black residents. We look at marijuana arrests, while marrow it uses largely even across the city we'll get marijuana, arrests and we see a again a wildly disparate treatment, and so damn We watch images of proud voice being able to earn black lives matter. Banners rampage to the streets and assault people and have violence like I did in December, and yet, when there's peaceful protest over the summer, people are ended up in mass arrests and rioting charges. Those answers are, or with metropolitan police department. Doesn't
really hard to stomach. It is pretty clear: there's disparate treatment and many layer on top of that. What took place on the sixth, there is a bitterness there's a rawness over the way in which policing doesn't work for a lot of blackmail. Communities in our city. in normal times. Inauguration is great for the cities economy, but this year the mayor's asking people to stay away. So what's it like to have turn down all that revenue at a time when the city is suffering financially because of the corona bars. I would love to have the revenue that comes with hotel stays and restaurant purchases and everything else that goes with a typical inauguration. But this this is not a typical inauguration. I think we all recognise that in and we have to be able to put our community are city, are neighbours, safety front centre and make that be what drives our decision making
are we entering into a phase where the baseline has changed Let me now are we in a new normal now we're gonna have to see troops constantly stationed around the capital to trample down any kind of insurrection. As a country, we have not taken as seriously as we need to The domestic terror threat the far right and militia and extreme threat. I'm concerned about our state capitals all around the country we ve in, for example, and in Michigan the threats to the governor there in zone other flouting in an open, carry laws and thinking that it's a good idea to be marching your stay grounds with air fifteen's or your shoulder its it's scary, stuff, and I think that we are going to see that moving forward to plan appropriately for that. But I think we also from intelligence community have got to do a better job of recognising entreating seriously. The domestic terror threat that comes from
these white supremacist groups. These hate groups these militias. They are a real and present danger to our country and our building before the council Charles Alan, thank you so much for coming in to talk to me absolutely thanks. Perhaps they appreciated stay safe. Charles Ellen represents Ward six of Washington DC. Our story was produced. By reveals Elizabeth joke when Pro tromp supporters rallied as the capital on January six, many of them blade symbols of the far right and also the christian church. When we come back, why trumps? True believers, thank God, is on their side. Your listening to reveal
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in war, crusader like crosses on their chests that day, one of the loudest voices from the christian right, pastor. Nepal, a wide spoke to the crowd just an hour before who called on them to March on the capital so that every adversary against democracy, against freedom against life, against liberty, against justice, against peace against righteousness be overturned right now in the name of Jesus passed away, has been close, advise which tromp since before he was president drunk connected with her after coming across her shawl and cable tv evangelicals, have supported Trump, because of
Dan on abortion and for making good on his promise to put conservative justices on the Supreme Court, but many people wonder what else do evangelical Christians have in common with Trump well they're, both hostile to democracy and democratic values that Sarah Posner she's cover? The christian right for years Tromp campaigned for president running on a platform of antagonism towards democratic institutions and democratic values, and this is why the religious right likes about trust Syria's most recent book is titled unholy why white evangelicals worship at the altar of Donald Trump? I asked her what Paul
whites rise to trumps, inner circle says about where evangelicals are today. Will it says a few things? One is that event? Ethical isn't has been pervaded by this sort of magical thinking. Prosperity gospel, the idea that God wants you to be read the idea that God will make you rich. If you give money to a televangelist, if you so a seed that you'll get a supernatural return on your investment that you can receive direct revelations from God that gods people should be engaged in spiritual warfare against demonic enemies. This kind of idea that evangelicals need to be close to power in order, for God's will to be done, and even if it means aligning with a figure like Donald Trump, who has
many many many moral failings. It doesn't matter because they ve convinced themselves that God might use an unlikely figure like Trump to carry out his purposes, which, in their view, are restoring a white Christian America that has been lost to political correctness or other changes. Social changes that have taken place that they feel are an infringement on their rights or on their prominence in american public life. You said something that's really interesting, but it feel like we talk about enough allowed. You said White, Christian America. This is really wrapped up in race as well. Like fair view, it really is wrapped around the idea of White America's. Well, yes, evangelicals talk, often about the need to restore.
Christian America word that America was founded as a christian nation and that liberals have ruined that with their various policies that go against what they believe is God's intention for a Christian America. So they more frequently point to things like El Gb Tiki rights, which they claim infringe on their religious freedom or abortion, for which they believe is a sin for which, God will punish America. But when you look at the history of the modern world just write the founding of the moral majority in the late nineteenth Seventys, which is really the movement that we're talking about here. The linkage of White Evangelical ISM with the Republican Party
They were motivated not by their opposition to abortion, but rather by what school desegregation meant for their private christian schools. So there's a lot of racial grievance, that's wrapped up in the formation of the religious right in the late nineteenth seventies, early nineteen eighties and Donald Trump knew exactly how to tap into that. So I grew up in a very strict Baptists, home and I've been hearing the term spiritual warfare. My higher life when we were talking about spiritual warfare as a child, we were talking more on a personal level as in like you're wrestling with Syn on a personal level, but it feels like now spiritual warfare, towns, actually like war with other people that have a different spiritual philosophy, and you may once people believed it
We are fighting a spiritual war and their literally is a person that can embody that it seems like that The owl Jews going to stick around and also the temperature is gonna arise because of it. I agree. I would argue that this idea of spiritual warfare has actually mutated in a way in the age of conspiracy theories like human on, so that eventually calls who believe, in the queue and on conspiracy theory, believe that there are deep state, say: tannin, worshipping, pedophiles, who'd, drink the blood of children who are being sex, perfect if they are told that they need to be in spiritual warfare with not only there
enemies, but really America's enemies and America's enemies are within America's enemies, are in the government. How do you get people to let go of that when they ve been told for years that they should be engaging in that kind of speed? Your warfare what's gonna happen in the long term with evangelicals. Are these grievances that tromp has stirred up gonna fade away? I am afraid not because they ve been brainwashed with these false narratives about voter fraud. I fear that. Their only gonna become more angry and more aggrieved feeling, like the president that they believe was noise made by God to restore the christian nation Donald Trump had the elections stolen from him. So I fear that their grievance, This will become even more accentuated, sir bows
Thank you so much for coming in talking to us. Thank you so much for having me out how white Evangelical Christians act on their grievances. Depends a lot on the messages they receive from their spiritual leaders, evangelical preachers have a massive audience in the. U S: one of the most prominent is Robert Jeffreys Senior pastor of First Baptist a mega church in doubt Texas. He reaches millions of people every week on his radio and tv shows, plus appearances on Fox NEWS here an early supporter of former President Trump and a close adviser and talk to him two days before the inauguration passage efforts thanks. So much for join me. Thank you for having me, so I want to dive right into it,
Some of the people who storm the capital on January six have said that they were following president trumps instructions, a quote from the president's speech that day the we will stop the steel speech. He said we're gonna, walk to the capital, will fight like hell and if you don't fight like hell, you're not gonna have this country anymore, and he finished with. So, let's walked out Pennsylvania Avenue in saying those things did didn't trump inciting insurrection. Let me tell you what I said in my sermon yesterday I talked about those who are solved our capital, assaulted, police officers were killed, a police officer. I said what they did was absolutely despicable. Full stop those people, especially the one
who were carrying a banner that said Jesus saves. They are the most despicable people in the world. They were not doing the work of God, they were doing the work of Satan, but I believe it is wrong to blame President Trump for it. Look the president believes that the election was stolen. Somebody asked me: why does he keeps saying that is that he actually believes that he has a right to believe that his followers have a right to believe that what he or nobody has a right to do is to directly call people to commit acts of violence.
And my personal belief is. He did not do that. Pesa respectfully! Oh, oh! It's like when you're in the pulpit you're totally thinking about how your words are going to shape the people who are listening to, and I think the president has to have an even higher standard of thinking about how his words shape the people that are listening to it. It seems to me extremely irresponsible to use the type of language that he was using when you have p who you know specifically, are gonna, take whatever you say and use that is fuel decree violence and have, while I'm gonna practice. What I just preach and ad hoc wonder, respect your right to hold that belief and by think weaken respectfully. Maybe disagree on the president's level of responsibility for that when you're in the highest office in the nation- and you are saying that an election was stolen from you. You are corroding. The basic found
one of our democracy, that the vote is sacred, that the vote is how we figure out who we want to lead us in how we move forward. So when you that he has the right to think that way. Maybe does have the right to think that way, but it feels irresponsible to say it out loud if there is absolutely no proof of what he sang. While he would answer I think fit in his mind. There is proof and so forth and the fact is people were trying to get him to validate the election before the first vote was cast. He was asking debates, will you accept the results only set it bans and the Arctic that's logical response, if we have a fair election, our accepted, so I'm just saying, I know it's politically incorrect to say that the election was stolen or their words fraud in it. He has a right to believe that if he wants to believe it most presidential candidates
whether they are in office are out of office when asked, if there's gonna, be a peaceful transition of power, most of them without equivocation say, of course, because that's what our democracies is based on your very smart, very clever, they're out, because you changed it. The question was: are you going to accept the results of the election? That's different than rather same whether there's going to be a peaceful transfer of power? I think you would admit the difference. I think we're gonna have to have a difference of opinion that were because I think we're talking about the same thing. He is not not transferring power peacefully he's not calling for the troops is not changing himself to the resolute desk. I mean the power is going to be peacefully transferred, but he's. Never. I don't think I I don't think you'll ever concede that he lost here
action. I would disagree in the sense of what we saw on January. Six was not a peaceful transfer of power. He told this audience that they, to stand up and demand that they could unquote stop the steel is exact. That gives a violin eruption, it's not a peaceful transfer of power and he did say peacefully march to the capital. I think he has every right to say peacefully Marge. What do you say to fellow evangelicals who continue to insist without any credible evidence that binds election was result of widespread But is it enough to condemn the violence at the capital and not the lies fuelled? It won't work? I think what we have to talk about what we know about I never got it and all of that mania
voting machines, star affair in all of these conspiracy theories and so forth. I mean they sounded really far fetched to me, but I'm not going to make claims about things. I dont know that much about. Do you believe that the election stolen look? I first of all, I believe, there's fraud in every election was there are enough fraud in this election to swing it honestly, I don't know, but I do accept that Joe Biden is The president of the United States and I think we ought to pray for him and prayed for his next four years, so there's an overlap between you a non followers and evangelicals and there were
keep an eye out loud. What looked like I'd, let me start there's an overlap between two and on followers and those who eat breakfast, but as it necessarily make and saying that is true, I disagree that there is a huge overlap between two and followers in people we breakfast lunch or dinner. I agree with you there, but we were talking about this specifically tool. On followers were in the capital and they were praying to Jesus Christ there, were saying that this was basically ordained by God. You respectfully they weren't in their breakfasts right. Maybe maybe you re being someone might a broader sam?
but we don't know that, but they were specifically, you know, bringing up Jesus and talking about God. The same way evangelicals do, and I would call that blasphemy tell me that is the ultimate of taking God's name in vain. I cannot denounce them strongly enough. Those people are not Christians who committed that kind of assault, and especially assaulted other people and killed that police officer to said that he didn't know a whole lot about. You would not, but he hears a great people and so like there's a direct line from him, not disavowing them to them showing up into the capital during this insurrection, and so I think the two things are connected and related. I dont know much about you and on, but the part I do know and have read is very disturbing, and I
Don't think people who are Christians, oughta have any part in embracing lies in fantasy, and I think those who are Christians have a real responsibility to make sure anything there speaking anything but tweeting or posting is based in truth and not an fantasy. Have you been able to address this two year congregation, yet I have what have you said to them. I've said exactly what I just said to you: I've preach that from the pulpit in the last few weeks, and so you stuck with President Trump through many scandals and policies that to me seem unchristian,
I just want to go through a couple of these and eat your reaction to it exists. Gambier trip down memory lane a little bit. I feel that, in order for us to go forward, we have to reconcile the past is so you ve stuck with President Trump through many these scandals, one of them. I think the thing that that stands out the most like where we are right now is this disastrous handling of the pandemic, ignoring science at the cost of hundreds of thousands of american lives. I think it was announced today that we're looking at seeing over five hundred thousand,
some people dead because of the corona virus by March. So I'm wondering how that squares up with your perception of president Trump or like, I think I was unprecedented this pandemic. I do think it is real. I'd never thought it was a hoax. I've always been one who has supported the wearing of mask. We promote that in our church, Social distant saint, which is responsible leadership, but that's not what so from the President yeah. Well again, I think it's easy to look through the in the rearview mirror and see how it all unfolded. I do think he ought to be credited for pushing through the development of this back saying in record time, and I do think it was a good example of government private business partnership and I think he gave leadership to that is so you saying the fact that the vaccine has come out as fast as it did should be credited to President Trump
but in the same breath, are you saying that he should not be held responsible for the overwhelming amount of deaths that happened if he had taken the pandemic seriously you have him on. He can talk up. That's why he did what he did. I beg you will never come on because because I would ask- and these are requested- never say, never AL. You never knight where you can put a listen. If you put in a call to him and tell him to talk to me, I would love to, but I dont know if he has the intestinal fortitude like you to talk to people often ask how even
Local Christians can support Donald Trump when many of his actions seem at odds with christian values. I ass Pastor Jeffrey about that and specifically what he thinks of trumps policy that separated migrant children from their parents at the border. Up until the last four years, the democratic position has been to have a wall and protect the border. I mean that we want to protect our country. We need to protect our country from those who would enter illegally. I dont think Donald Trump is an evil person gets his kicks out of, watching children being separated from their parents. He is a human being. He has feelings. That is not his intention and I thank God, looks at the intention of art. I mean: do you think his intent and in the border policy is? He is true
to inflict as much pain as he can on children and parents. I can't speak to what his intent is. I can only speak to like what he's done and what he has done has inflicted a lot of pain on parents and on this country when he first ran to be the president of the United States. He came down their gold Ethical and the first thing that he talked about was some Mexicans crossing. The border were rapists, so I think that, like the language he uses and the policies that he put in place, I think that tells you a lot about what his thought processes. Well, I mean my personal observation. I do not believe he is a racist I've had to people. You know, Donald Trump, if you Why came he embraces you? If you oppose him, he hates you, regardless of your skin color. I mean that's just that that's the filter through which he sees things. Why,
or even telecles, loyal to drop? It's not! You done take rocket science to figure that out, I mean really does it. I mean when you look at his positions on the sanctity of life, what is done with Israel? What he's done with religious liberty? He called me last week and I said to my said: you will go down as the most pro wife pro religious president in history, and I believe that's true and that's why you Ben jealous attracted doing do they condone somebody asked me: do you and endorse everything in his life? I said I don't endorse everything in my lot? Could I do that? I mean we're all centres. We all need to save your, but our basis for supporting president Tromp was in his policies. Are you worried about the future, not at all nodded?
because, as I said in my sermon Sunday about how Christians should respond to President Biden, there are some things. Abiding presidency or a Trump presidency or whoever's president, cannot change gods, sovereignty hasn't changed and by the way, gods promise of Christ Return hasn't changed. The good news is, Christ is coming back again to make everything and that's our ultimate hope, not what happens or doesn't happen in Washington D C, but in the return of Jesus Christ. That's a robber Jeffreys of First Baptists in Dallas, Texas, thanks so much for coming on. To talk to me our right to be with you, thanks for having me one administration ends: another begins. Our job
stays the same to hold the powerful accountable to push to uncover when our leaders stray from their oath. Today we end the show, with some words of inspiration from youth poet, laureate, Amanda Gorman, who delivered her poem. The hill we climb at the inauguration skips are tells us to envision that everyone is shall sit under their own via. And a fig tree and no one saw make them afraid of words and live up to our own time than victory, wants lie in the blade, but in all the bridges we ve made. That is the promise to delayed the hill. We call I'm only we dare it's because being American is more than a pride. We inherit it's the past we step into and how we were parent. We seal of forests, that would shatter or nation rather than share, it would destroy outcome
three, if it meant delaying democracy and this efforts very, nearly succeeded, but while democracy can be put realistically delayed. It could never be permanently defeated in this truth. In this faith, we trust, for while we have our eyes on the future, history has its eyes on us. This is the era of just redemption. We feared, and at its inception we did not feel prepared to be the heirs of such a terrifying, our boat with in it. We found the power to authorise a new chapter to offer and laughter to ourselves. So while once we asked how could we possibly prevail over catastrophe now we assert how could catastrophe possibly prevail over
ass. We were not more to back to what was but move to what shall be a country that is bruised but whole benevolent, but bold beers and free. We will not be, around or interrupted by intimidation, because we know our inaction and an hour, so will be the inheritance next generation. Our blunders become their burdens, but one thing is certain: if we Words, mercy with might and might with right. Then love becomes our like a seed in change, our children's birthright. So let us leave behind a cut
but the one we were left with every breath from my bronze pounded chest? We will raise this wounded world into a wondrous one. We will lies in the gold limbed hills of the west. We will arise in the wind, swept North EAST, where our forefathers first realized revolution. We will rise from the lake events. Cities of the middle western states will advise and the Sun Big South level. We bill reconciled and recover, and every no nook of our nation in every corner called our country. Our people, diverse and beautiful, will emerge battered and beautiful They comes we step out of the shade of flame and I'm afraid, the new dawn balloons as we free it, for there was always light. If only were brave enough to see it. If only were brave enough to be it.
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