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Across the Desert and the Sea

2018-05-19 | 🔗

African migrants fleeing persecution or seeking opportunity often end up in Libya, where they are tortured and trafficked. Many try to escape to Europe, only to be intercepted at sea and returned to Libya. On this episode of Reveal, we bring you one reporter’s dispatch from a treacherous migrant rescue operation and explore how Europe’s immigration policy is helping Libyan warlords.

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huge red ship called the equerries. Almost length of a football field slows its engines about twenty five of miles off the coast of Libya. This is a rescue shit staff by doctors without borders and another group. Called as always Mediterranean? On this day, french reporter and reveal contributor raphia craft is on board. Ref you're on the deck of the ship in the Mediterranean Sea. Looking through a pair binocular, small rub a right. That is the case, This is a chinese rubber boat. That is not very reliable. Meant to to have not more than ten to fifteen people on board and its backed field. With more than two hundred people with the binoculars. You can t We see that people are scared. You can see the faces of the people. Who were screaming.
The water is getting into the boat and they are trying to get the water out some with their hands because they don't have tools to actually get. The water out of the boat, I've been seeing things like this for the past few years on the news. Thousands of migrants from Syria, Iraq from all of Rafka they've, died, trying to make this three hundred mile crossing from Libya to Europe. So today, you're going to take us through their journey of close, and I should say to our audience that this journey includes some descriptions of violence and torture. Yeah you here, it's even more dangerous than it was before As I am looking in the binoculars there is this speedboat coming and do you care we cannot approach the boat that is sinking because on this speedboats there are two and with machine guns. Circling around the rubber boats that is about to sink
is the libyan coastguard, savvy accommodation. These guys are not very happy about that. If you can just go in his business, Muslim minorities coastguard might sound official, but this guy's off from Libya, where there is no functioning government and we have to go inside the boat because we gotta go, away from from them and their machine guns? So all crowding around the portal window, trying to see what's going on- and next to me- is the midwife of doctors without borders, singing is going in the water and then muddling heavy gets up and makes an announcement to the whole crew she's, the boss of S.
This murder I may on the equerries ship. Currently, twenty six miles north of the coast of Libya behind me can see small rubber, but that, according to the italian Navy, helicopter has more than two hundred people on board. The libyan Coast Guard have assume control of this operation and they are now there with one of their fast spade buds. There's no way that that fast paid by can take passed two hundred people on board. Clearly, you can see that those two libyan guys do not know what they can do their only two. They have their weapons with them: collection the Gulf weapons. One of them, is waving it in the air and we are very concerned about what might happen to the people on board this, rather by way of nine in the past that there have been terrible interfaces between the Libyan Coast Guard and people fleeing Libya. Our concern is that people may jump into the water bay they
find themselves in a more dangerous situation than that already in, which is why we are standing by maintaining a respectful distance and we're always ready to help. Do we have to be careful with the libyan coastguards? Yes, why The libyan coastguard is not what one might consider and extremely organised border force control, and they may operate in an erratic manner being incidents between Ngos and even coastguards. They have an and some of them have resulted in a gun fire when the libyan coastguard is handling a rescue, they don't have much consideration for the people. The rescue.
When they put them on their boats. They do not hesitate to beat them. They even left migrants to drown This stand off is a crucial moment. What is about to happen will decide which short these migrants land on if they are rescued by the coastguard. There will end up in Libya if they are rescued by the Aquarius. They will arrive safely in Europe, so what Do the Europeans think of this. In such a stand of the EU, the European Union is on the side of the libyan coastguard. The Eu S help train them to take charge of more rescue. That is how much
do not want migrants to arrive in Europe. This is how Europe is protecting its borders. Mozilla crazed, corny nature for doctors without borders on the Aquarius, and she told me what was happening to migrants when there were brought back to Libya, Libya, which is a country, that's very violent, lawless, actors with a lot of extortion, maltreatment, torture, sexual violence We can even say slavery and people being taken by people in and made to work without pay taken into captivity, arbitrarily without knowing when they're gonna get out? if you imagine coming from that kind of situation, Imagine how desperate you must be to them into a small rubber boat, which is completely overcrowded,
and setting sail at night in the dark going into that black hole. That's the sea at night and spend hours and hours cramped together and finally, daylight comes and there is the libyan coastguard: a boat with low in people on board with the libyan flag and they're going to take you back to that hell, you ve just escaped that hell is we're all those people on that sinking, rubber boat, just came from so what's it like, I mean for the query suggests, sit there and watch well on the equerries. Ship is just like
But when are we going to be allowed to operate the rescue I mean time is passing. How long do these people have? It can take hours? I talked to MAX Avis. Max Avis is the the guy in charge of the rescue? Is the bus is the kind of guy that you would although to the other side of the earth with a blind eye. You know you trust him. And he told me that people, drowning and water feeling about that is about to sing, is more complicated than it sounds. Basically, people who die because of being crushed by each other the boat sink and as they start to sink, the fuel costs it large, maybe eighty gallon barrels and they tip then you get us environment, whether so
and the fuel mixing starts work US effects, as it makes you little high. You breathing in letters, unleashes hundreds of leaders of fuel you know after the first hour, it starts to each and then after, a few hours. It starts to burn and then, after a few more How is it starts to peel your skin off your legs and your your Baxter but in your arms and whatever part of using contact with that said, the way and they just mixing with this intoxicating burning liquid, four hours and hours and hours and hours, and it goes on and on and on, and because they are also high. At this point, they start to panic very easily and eventually Find them in their been there. And this dead people between their legs foot. Around and rescue people have bite marks on their legs.
Because they are fighting for their lives. People's like I grabbed a body and their skins like that, and it is horrifying this is a form of hell. I think, does the Aquarius find some kind of way to rescue these people? Well, the libyan coastguard actually started waving at the Equerries crew and apparently saying come. We cannot do it? Well So I you never boats are going there is. Kind of scramble on the Aquarius. All the crew on the ship knows what to do in that situation. We do the field hospital the little hospital
by doctors without borders on the ship is getting ready to to welcome people These are of emergency. They put two subjects in the sea. What is is an inflate both speedboat and I managed to find a place on one of these inflatable speedboats to perform the rescue after about five minutes, we arrived next to the boat that was sinking. Bobby,
I thank them. I was told to sit in the back in a guy sat next to me. He looked very young fourteen or fifteen years old this guy one hour before was either gonna die, drowning or either send back to Libya and put in jail, and he was sitting next to me and I asked him some of which means you feel ok the seller lobbyists above you and then he started talking and talking at sea makes people who make a buckle. Thank you. Thank you. So much dilemma. We are so glad save my life. We are or suffered too much. We have suffered too much too much
we weren't you, I don't know what to say about what I don't have the words we are so happy sometime are going down These people is sitting back and forth, bring people to the Aquarius as fast as possible without RAF, you were on deck when they came on board. So what did you see? Women are crying he's a crying and what happens is that they almost all on the deck when they arrive on the aquarium. Send the job of the crew is to actually hold them.
Because if they fall down, that means the people behind them can board and the whole rescue slows down. Meanwhile, behind them out in the sea, the rubble distill sinking- You know you have these women, they have. In four hours and hours and hours at sea they are dehydrated, their children are de dehydrated, the Ghost was one month old, you know, and so these people are immediately taken in charge and the doctors are doctors without borders are trying to assess what is the situation who should go? Where it's like war medicine. You know you have to make choices very fast in and any eventually other people can arrive and arrive and arrived,
How you? Why do you think for whose people are from Molly Guinea, Nigeria, sometimes even Loads of Libyans fleeing their own country have been rescued. Fine. Thank you. Months. No endless vision. Must twenty on the back, you have. Hundreds of men were mostly young people who, the day before we're in Libya, some of them have the shirts torn. Some of them are almost naked. All of them have
traces of petrol on the body, saltwater drying on their body, and you cannot refrain from thing What happened to them when they were in Libya, because you can see scars on their backs on their shoulders It is known and documented that these people are tortured, another one. Once the rescue is over, there is a need. You know to break the pressure Aquarius crew has drums that they give to calm down people, in fact, and to work.
To lead them explode enjoyed specially this time, because no one had died during the rescue. Everybody was dancing, there was a lead dancer and the lead singer and the guy at the drum and every now and then somebody would enter the. The circle you know the central circle to make a short ten fifteen seconds and then would be replaced by another one. After that it's a three days journey to ITALY and The joy is overflowing from this people who have survived than on their way to Europe
these people are hidden to Europe, the lucky ones. When we come back, we're gonna hear what can happen to people aren't so lucky. The ones who get picked up by the libyan coastguard and sent back to Libya. Only that coastguard, like other institutions there can't be trusted. Every group is with good and bad everybody has some extracurricular activities on the side, including
fuel smuggling, drug trafficking and you in Spotify still Europe continues to give them support, will pick up that story. When we come back, we have a few beautiful but also heartbreaking. Photos Rafael took this rescue to see them just text rescue to two or to eight seven three, a three to five again, that's are as see you too old to eight seven, three, eight three to five. You could take stop or help at any time, instead of taxing raids, apply here, listening to reveal from the centre for investigative reporting. Mp are eggs from the centre for investigative reporting and p r eggs vis is revealed
I'm and we ve been tracing the journey of migrants crossing through Libya on their way to Europe and increasing dangerously along the way some of these people are refugees fleeing conflict in places like Sudan, Syria, from countries like Eritrea are escaping dictatorships and political persecution. French, reporter raphia craft, into the Mediterranean Sea last year to witness the rescue of rubber boat that was about to sink of the migrants on the spoke, mostly west african people escaped from Libya and extremely dangerous place, they were rescued by an NGO ship called the Aquarius and taking the Europe rough earlier. It look like the Libyan Coast Guard might do this rescue instead of the Aquarius. Would happen all these people then. Well. I can tell you what one of these guys told me, because it happened to him on an earlier attempt to escape Libya. This is a guy
Cameroon in Central Africa. His name is: leave em cliff just like the actor It knows it is, alas, it is It is also a premium for community consular by Sweden Map. He said that the first time you ten to reach. Italy went on these boats and he was launched, as he says, in his words and stir a few miles. He was stopped by the libyan Coastguards who took them and they brought them back to the shore and send them to prison in prison. Living coastguard brought it to a prison appraisal some why, because there are considered illegal immigrants and this prisons are mostly run by malicious, because Libya does not have a functioning state. So if a migrant wants to get out, he has to pay salaries or sit there.
It's a network leave enclave, told me of people making money off of migrants repayable The year of the city was it's like an infernal circle picked up, sent to prison, paid to be freed back to smuggler, picked up by living, coastguard back to prison, again, these these migrants have become. Comfortable saints, but but they ve become commodity to to in cell mean the whole thing is: reminiscent of the United States doing slavery times. But how is that possible in a country in two thousand and eighteen? Well, Libya is not a country, I mean it's a country, but there's no state its anarchy rough. I should say that anarchy is the effect.
Of the United States and its allies toppling dictator, more market daffy in twenty eleven, and so seven years. Libya has been a mess, and this is the country that migrants are crossing through to get to Europe yeah, and you have to understand that, because the roots going through Europe, a closing one after the other, they can hardly comes for Turkey. They can hardly comes from Morocco, because EU were struck, deals and paid billions of dollars to build a border security in those countries. So today, the only way for migrants is to go through Libya and it's the most dangerous route if Libya is there. Interests and is the main migration rout House, European law in that Europe wants the migrants to stain Libya. So what does Europe? Do? Europe finances libyan coastguards, train them to make them arrest more.
More people and stop them from crossing the Mediterranean Sea and its working last year they picked up to a thousand migrants, but controlling what the libyan coastguard does is not that simple. That's according to Jelly, allow shall we political scientists to studies, Libya, the University of Paris, every group is both good and bad. Everybody has some extracurricular activities in the side, including, fuel smuggling, drugs trafficking and human smuggling harsher. Says in Libya a badge and uniform does not mean someone can be trusted and in ITALY knows it every time ITALY funds and bolsters the guard they will do whatever they need to do in the side and hope here: The percentage of the activity is kind of decent, They do just twenty percent of the bad things and eighty percent of the useful things ITALY.
It is itself very happy rough. I know you ve interviewed and official from the European. Vision and reported in ITALY about these policies and we're gonna get to the Europe side in a minute, but I will deeper on Libya now. Why do people keep falling into this trap mean haven't they her by now what's happening in Libya? Will you have a lot of young people from West Africa Sub Saharan Africa, who do not have a job opportunities in their country? Who do not have the opportunity to daddy and they want to do something with their life and doing something with your life is sometimes travelling. It's almost like a Jack Kerouac story. You know one of them told me I want to catch life. I want to
That's my life. I want to find my life so they're, leaving with a sense of hope exactly and I actually met a guy like this in Catania, ITALY. He was picked up by a different rescue ship back in two thousand. Sixteen, first of all, like you to introduce yourself, emphasise s Monday from Nigeria. I was as ease in its twenties, his from Eu States from Ben in city. Nazis, Adela Music, I produce so you were a producer music produced yeah I was produce on was also a singer. Living with was any good money from my attainments industrious. I did some seven videos like that of black, Ozma Disease
seems to me very optimistic. He has a deep Luke. You can not guess. What's the story behind this guy, He told me part of the reason he left Nigeria was that he was threatened overland dispute, so much has happened to him. He wants to write a book. I know one day front. I do. I will write a no go about I believe, by Dint of Ubuntu. You look teddy footstool by day now be able to thirty four story Did you know but you were gonna, live in Libya before leaving no, no, no, no I never knew what was if I never knew where I was going to do when you left Nigeria. Did you know about
kidnapping and torture in Libya. No! No! No! Before I left Nigeria, my friend who talked me into the John, you know she told me pleasant things. You know get me. Good news here this friend told him that life in Europe would be all about hotels hours to do. You are going to be slipping from potato tale. Girls on going to be seen defined ghosts of different kind. You know you are going to be its indifference kind of food. Nine stories. Ok explain to me his browed? How does he get from Nigeria to Europe? Well, the model,
lady of people who are leaving west. Africa are going to get this in Niger to cross the Sahara Desert, and that was the case of ozone in agate. Is smugglers have first storefront, you know with the price? Is the quality of service? It's not hidden at all So when I was a arising as he does like all migrants there is that he's asking several smugglers. What is the best way to get to southern Libya, and very often because migrants don't have much money Quality of service is very low and they end up thirty people on it.
We'll drive or a hundred people on a truck that is taking days to cross the desert, and whenever somebody falls from the truck the truck doesn't stop saw you have a lot of people dying. This way, a lot of people dying, also of thirst hunger and that's almost what happened to us as he Sunday well Finally, let me books on little story done oh my god doesn't systems that are listening. Why we are in the dogs. I'd went to so many things. No food know what I know you see about our dying. You see us yesterday. No, you have to have a drink. You in that. If not yours, you have to buy your you drink, urine yourself very well. Very well, did you witnessed some people die a lot, a lot
die of hunger, phone died or lack of water, and the danger is not only about thirst and sun and geography. It's also about kidnapping. Just like what was ass. He told me near a town called supper in south western Libya, the truck he was riding stop by criminals, and he was taken to what he called a hole in the ground full of tiny rooms. Hundreds of people were there for a very full there. When I got to do with a pushed me done to do
I intend to do. I slept very where dark night. What happened to him is what is happening to many migrants, not to say the majority of migrants so Deblock off it. I was worked with an electric shock. He was tortured by an electric shock when I say tortured. I'm talking about beatings, electrocution, I'm sorry too too. To ask you. If you don't want to answer. I do understand, because it must be painful. But what part of the body I tell it. I don't put plus the wire or the electric, your body, they sprinkle. What I said you room, you know, puts the electric into water.
Thought you being decided long, your body being inside you, you know do most, you must be shocked and after a few days he was asked the phone number of his family. So we could call them to ask them for money to release him. Then he called my dad. Their spoke with my dad and give told my daddy was only was to bring the matter to them. To give me for, and I used language our traditional language demigod not stood, I mean anything for that. What was the language to deem Daddy Elihu NEA nice Adieu, dollar two language, so I took my god: let's give them any ransom, so they tortured those as a and then he causes dad and those as a tells him not to pay it's a matter of pride
No I'll Jose, left Nigeria without the permission of his family, so he wanted to solve the problem alone. The problem is that's. The kidnappers in Libya are willing to make money at whatever cost Twenty. Can they really make from families of people who may be desperate refugees, probably paid all the money they had to a smuggler maybe only able to get a few hundred dollars from each person, but if they get that much from hundreds of thousands of people Well, you can make a lot of money after we see the electric shock the money and indeed need before I sleep, I started but three days I receive that. Does tat in my chest ass part of my aunt. What Duggar stagger stop? What is that? Ninety nine yards? I never thought. That's what you showed me. That's what I said,
Do you, then you can see on his chest. You can see many parts of his body, the dagger stabs that he received They look like long deep cuts. The pain was Tomasz after TAT. My dad, please you after
It also looks on give them what they request that for us, as is that paid his way out five hundred and fifty dollars and then, when he's out here, to pay another smuggler to take him to Tripoli and track when he gets to Tripoli. Three days later, that's when he sees that Libya is a war zone to bully. I remember the debts of lot of people do that died there in Tripoli hears gunshots all the time. You don't sleep without having got shot. He cannot sustain this place where civil war is raging. Five, no choice have to turn to the society. No look for a way of getting down to Europe possesses a need. Some money, too
Shelly across the sea, to go to Europe so he's trying to work. He thinks he has found a construction job, but then he ends of getting kidnapped again and threatened with torture a second time and along the way one man actually sold him to another. So, instead of being pay for his work, he is threatened with torture and sold me. Does anyone actually get have Libya? Many do not al doctors without borders told me that they estimate one in ten migrants who enter Libya will die there. One in ten. Dying. Libya me nets. That is a huge number. Right now, there are anywhere between four hundred thousand seven hundred thousand migrants in Libya. Many of them will stay in work and make their lives there. As has always been the case, then there are people like us ass. He who are trapped and desperate to leave. He has no money to pay smuggler. He has no idea. How is good
to escape, but then one night he hears a commotion on the beach nearby. Where he's staying that fitful nights I slept people running into. Do they seek one entity c mon into the sea. I said these people going to let me go on. You know, also see what is making. We put to learn what is getting these people ass. I did so when I got there as I bought while it was at that for them that our new is the way to Europe. These are people go to Europe and, a week later, those ass he saw another rubber boat was loading. He ran over mixed in with the crowd of people and snuck aboard, and finally he could see a bit of light at the end of the tunnel, so you manage to get on the boat without paying without nothing as actually
is actually for the good of good for the good of go. Besides, I was packed into this cheap rubber boat with so many people who can barely move the smugglers luncheon out into the Mediterranean, pointed towards ITALY. The pick up or so, say story? A minute in here would have since when migrants like him, hit the streets of Europe, Gee. That's a head reveal from this therefore investigated reporting, p r ex this is reveal a mallet we're picking Our story, as a young Nigeria, music produce Zaza Sunday, has just snuck on board.
Small rather boat on the coast of Libya is a part of a steady flow of migrants from mostly african countries trying to flee Libya to get to Europe. The flimsy boat is crammed with people close together, it's hard to move the smugglers and charge choose a few passengers to get a compass there. Now the guides, another one is told to steer the smugglers, tell them your drive and his boat. Italy at this point possess a all the passengers are, on their own behalf, to leave your fit to God to decide cause this model. As there are no doubt you, everybody and put our passage out. Will you I told you what I When you look at your rights, you don't see any dialogue overseer single tree. Look at you. Last December. The background to this empty. You have to stop Rynch GO
out in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. Bizarre these boats starts taking on more just like the rubber boat you heard about at the beginning of story, Jose tries to bail out, but all he has our heads and he has life jack. The waves are so strong. He feels like they're tearing the Bonaparte french Rapporteur, Raphia craft brought us poses a story and he's here with me right what happens next? Well. Finally, a rescue boat shows up, but it was Zizi as well as the others on the boat fears. It's a living coastguard coming to take everyone Libya. Everyone on the sinking boat is looking to see what flag the rescue ship is flying. We finally saudi flag that it was italian rescue. This rescue who brought us ass to the italian island of Cecily he was brought to menial camp. This is the largest migrant camp in the country.
It's in the middle of nowhere surrounded by barbed wire. This place is over crowded with thousands of people there. In a food and there's even an investigation into the Italian Matthews skimming money and working with human traffickers. There was, as you say, like many migrants at the camp. He was promised seventy five euros a week, but he never got it. I receive cigarettes every three days I was given a packet of cigarettes. As I believe that Mineo Camp for about a year and then he was asked to leave so he had nowhere to go. He went to the nearest city, the Catania in Sicily he had applied for asylum, He claimed he had been threatened in Nigeria over land dispute. The authorities rejected this claim so now he's living in Europe illegally, which means is not allowed to work. I'm not supposed to be in ITALY. By now, there's no walk, there's no job in
What do you do to make a living where these you sleep? Well, I do bags and bags. You know just two of my daily bread. You know that's last Sunday, to put in my time and our societies leap. Why did they get back? I look for any corner, look blankets and cover myself the slip by roadside corners. At the moment you sleeping under on these very touched on this type of discharge. As wisely at a moment he's been sleeping four months and make a bit of money and he washes windshields, but you can only make seven or eight dollars a day the good day he would get two thousand two hundred and twenty five, so those are they producer survives the Sahara Desert and torture in Libya and a rubber boat crossing. The Mediterranean now
sleeping outside of a church in ITALY Anyhow- They found a way to settle their. So what are you gonna? Do I asked him his plans for the future. Al well actually met love, well, plenty to leave its highly dismount or next modes. That special grace of good, I'm dying to floods, to look quite good job on leave a better life that I've always did. The desire to leave no start up something good for myself, and
for generations to come because begging is not Macaulay begging, us never been Macaulay Seraph. Jose mentioned wanting to go to France. Is yours Aren't you gonna be any more welcoming Noel ITALY, is on the front lines. Migrants land their first, but France doesn't want them either. No country in Europe really does that's why the you was funded ITALY support of the libyan coastguard and the strategy actually goes beyond that that trying to stop. The smugglers in Libya from launching the boats in the first place.
Last summer, ITALY convinced at least one warlord in the libyan city of Sir Brother to stop is smuggling business. This was widely reported and writers got the story. First. Negotiated through the interim government in Tripoli, which is partly funded by ITALY, but they cannot, by influence, with every warlord in the country Actually I mean you wouldn't when you decide this to go around and distribute the money, it implies automatically that you're going to go and pay a finite number of malicious and we're talking about a country that has thousands of them That's jailer! Shall we again Libya expert from the University of Paris, he say so
Sporting one militia to stop it from smuggling makes other militias jealous. Italy denies paying militias in cash, of course, but that militia soubrettes. I told the Times of London that ITALY promised boats the he calls and government salaries for its members. That alone create shocks. Ict creates appointments, create clashes. That's right! I was interesting in the sense that triggered a battle, a serious battle. Genoa shall we say that what This is a deliberate policy, so I went to Brussels to ask. I met Christian Leffler, a deputy secretary general of the European Commission. Making things worse and the European Union is backing ITALY,
want to know what the EU has to say about the consequences of the Libya policy? So I went to Brussels to ask. I met Christian Leffler, deputy secretary general at the European Commission. That's the office that actually implements EU policy some time. Coastguard units are run by malicious corruption is high. Can you explain how this money goes to the libyan Coastguards and how this programme works. There is no money that goes to the Libyan could cut. There has been a train and there is an ongoing training programme improve. While this is money, no not money? This is training that is being done by european coastguard organizations, principally, but not exclusively in ITALY, in a number of other member states as well. So there is a mean, apart from paying for
ed and food. For those who are part of the training, there is no money involved and none of them Money goes to the libyan Coastguards goes to those who offer the training. Leffler did not mention that its. IE is already given, at least for new boats to the libyan coastguard and the European Union has invested almost fifty million euros in this project. Now president a new plan to give the libyan coastguard even more boats and new equipment by two thousand and twenty. Meanwhile, Every single global human rights group you can think of is crying out for Europe to stop him bring the libyan coastguard to bring migrants and refugees back to Libya. The number of migrant lending in ITALY have gone down in the second half of two thousand and seventeen is considered by the EU as a success. I don't know whether in the form of success, I would point to it
the radical drop in the number of people dying. Weather is number of people dying in the Mediterranean or the estimated drop in the number of people die, and that is the biggest success we may be considered a soft touch, but we don't, like people die unnecessarily. Leffler pointed out that the EU policies of also help people trapped in Libya. More than fifteen thousand people from inside libyan detention Centres have been freed and return to their home countries, but four of his advisers were in the room during our interview, and I could feel some kind of embarrassment not only from Leffler himself but also from his staff. They all know. What's happening in Libya, So does Madeline Habibi. Remember she was the bus on the Aquarius that we heard at the beginning of the show. I call her on Skype to know what she's so had to
since the rescue mission I went on nine months ago. She told me that the libyan coastguard present said, only become more dangerous and intimidating for endure rescue ships. More and more. The NGO vessels are not being permitted to conduct rescues, begging. With a rescue and then being told that not only being coastguard is now going to conduct that rescue in that they are not allowed to be involved. Meanwhile, italian prosecutors are actually brought criminal cases against and your rescue crew members. The claim is that these rescue crews have been helping smugglers, bring people to you In March, the spanish end use rescue ship was impounded by ITALY and thereby has since been released, but this planet there on the engineer. Vessels is making much more difficult to operate. There is less of a sense.
Cooperation with the european authorities, and it's almost as if they're, trying to squeeze NGO vessels out of operation, almost all the and GEO vessels, except the Aquarius and a few ships run by an end you could see. Watch have stopped operating and conditions in life. Deteriorating, which means. Things are even more dangerous for migrants who get picked up by the libyan coastguard and for Libyans themselves. Since last year we had noticed in quite a few Libyans who are making this journey, that's an indication of just how unstable, The conditions I only the unwanted dangerous country is that people would consider attempt to completely hazardous see journey across the medicine so would ever have to us. As a Sunday, I tried to talk to him again.
He had a cell phone going like a mobile document. I tried calling him many times. It was as if this is rough aircraft, the french journalists. You met in Catania I was wondering if you were still in Sicily or a few had reached France. As you told me, he never answered anyway. If you before, I left ITALY, I back to find him after our interview, but only found his two friends, Godwin enriching Apple. Now from Nigeria to, and they too were begging at the same place as it did asking to wash windshields stop life what we are in the centre of Catania and they wait until the stoplight is read. They go to the cars knock at the windows of the drivers
when the window is open to have a little conversation with Italians and most of the drivers on nice to them as well they had not seen nosey Sunday. That day was Alzheimer's That's so many people doing his journey. Good people, bad people Oh he's encounters were ephemeral, including mine. I never heard from him again thanks to reporter rough, your prayer for that story.
So far this year, rabbits, ITALY are still way down compared to the height of a major crisis, but the summer the busiest time for crossings is just beginning and smugglers are coming up with new routes. Too early to tell what twenty eighteen will bring me where tens of thousands of migrants are stuck in official and unofficial detention centres in Libya, you can see a photo essay from Raphia craft on website, with some really moving photos from the equerries rescued see just go to reveal. Whose dot org slash rescue. That's reveal whose dot org slash rescue closer Chaskey was only produce show was edited by attacking. Tell me this special thanks to France, television and w H. Why? Why
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These are last few shows of the year, and let me tell you in twenty twenty we are bringing the fire launching some of our most ambitious projects we ve ever done. I can wait for you to hear them reveal, is all about going deep, pulling on threads, telling stories that matter and this kind of investigative journalism? Well, it takes time and it costs money. These are the final weeks. For end of the year membership campaign, we depend on listeners like you to help make this work possible to support us just text. The word reveal two hundred and forty seven, four thousand seven hundred and forty seven state of data rates apply and you can take stop or cancel at any time again just text the word I'll do for seven, four, seven, four. Seven, let's go! Do some good work together.
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