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Al Letson Reveals: Jerome Corsi

2018-12-03 | 🔗

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From the centre for investigate, reporting and p r ex. This is alleged. Reveals Robert Mothers Investigation, russian Interference in U S elections, maybe on the verge of more indictments. Yesterday I spoke to a man who says he could be next. His name is drawn coursing he's a seventy two year old, far right Republican. He and Donald Trump have known each other for decades and they bought it over the birth of movement. That's the completely false claim that Barack Obama was born in the. U S course is accused of being the middle man between trumps presidential campaign and Wikileaks, which release those russian hack emails before the twenty sixteen presidential election. But that's not what course he's in trouble for in the Justice Department documents he shared with us special Councils Office says he lied during the investigation throne
thanks for joy. Me outrage to be with you. Thank you. So at the heart of all this is the Wikileaks release of emails belonging to Clayton campaign to jump Fidessa in October of twenty sixteen right before the presidential election crackdowns right. Ok, so now, according to a draft plea agreement that you share with us in other media, the Justice Department says that, in July of twenty, sixteen Roger Stone who's been an adviser to the Trump campaign, and you know as a political provocateur. He email you and ask you to get to Wikileaks. Founder Julian Assange has been living in the ECB Dorian Embassy in London for years soap, stone ass, you to get the pending Wikileaks emails. You say that you pass Everquest onto somebody else, TED Malik! Yes, that's correct! So all that's correct when he has all correct so then, eight days later you email, Roger Stone and RE word is friend an embassy plans to more dumps.
Indicating that more emails males would be released into batches one coming soon, the other in October. We should note that produces emails were released October. Seventh, twenty sixteen crack, so you you agree that that's exactly what happened now right, even though I said word is. I did not have another source, it was when I figured out on my own. Your knowledge is trying to make it look like I had another source of made. It sounds more credible, but I did not have another so I mean I'm telling Roger in that a mail which is when I was ITALY. Twenty for the wedding anniversary, my wife and family. Are they had come to the conclusion that, during a sound, had possesses the males- and I was living Roger and others know that through that mail, ok, here's a question a halfway
you are in ITALY with your family and you send this email. That sounds really specific. Word is, as in, like somebody told you something that you heard something for the grapevine. It seems like a little bit of a stretch of the imagination to believe that you use that language and you just making something up. Well, that's what happened! I've come over my life, yellowed ozone, investigate reports, Kendrick real eyes that when I come to one of these kinds of conclusions, I figure something out nobody's gonna. Believe me, and so I took, will come Shit on word is. If I had talked to Julian Assange, I would have said Julian Assange told me, but that goes right up against, like you said, as a investigative reporter. That goes right up against the idea of being an investigative reporter. You know everything that you take your reputation on his investigative reporter is it. You know your believable that you're telling the truth when I was a private email,
Roger and job you couldn't you know you could cast it anyway. You want, but I'm telling you in fact what I did. I've come over my life too, and I believe that to know when I come to one of these nobody's going to believe me, and I was pretty convinced, I was right and I wanted Rodger to believe me, so I said where it is, but the Justice Department take issue with this he made and they don't believe you, your ip or special prosecutor. The FBI made a clear. They did not believe that I did not have a source. It just happens to be the truth, so, based on those males, the Justice Department believes it. You are the conduit between the trunk campaign and wiki weeks. Were you helping Trump collude with Wiki leaks out with the release of these democratic emails. No, I mean I've. I've never spoken of Julian Assange. I dont know Julian Assange. I've never communicated with ah by email or any other means- and I did
have and do not have any intermediary. The connection made a Julian Assange. So that's what made the I think the justice, violence or angry at me. If you are able to get to join in the science, would you have connect these two things together? I was willing to contact. Sancho is going to put somebody else in contact with the soggy, because a wooden perfectly fine for me to contact Sondra send somebody to contact Assange now. It did not happen, so no contact was ever made. I want to zoom out a little bit and just ask a big general question, which is that the CIA has determined that Russia has the emails to help trump when the election. How do you feel about Russians undermining our democracy? I think the CIA is political assessment. Is wrong. It was politically driven and I dont believe it. You told us that you plan to sue the Especial councils office on what grounds. Well the complaint
is written and I will be filed tomorrow and the basic impact as I'm alleging that Tom there is bay, essentially a criminal prosecutors misconduct. Your stance is that when they first asked you about this, you didn't remember the emails, then you clarified and said hey. This is actually what happened. I made a mistake in your sand that the investigation is telling you that. Well, that's a lie and you're gonna go to jail for it. Unless you do, this pleaded were in fact the first count the only count they wanted me to plead to reflected my first days testimony and did not reflect the amendment that they allow, for me to make, and I consider that to be fraudulent, the whole thing was fraudulent, and I would not lie before a federal judge, nor I accept a fraudulent plea deal because throng I'll spend the rest of my life in prison. If that's what I have to do so he started
The funding for your legal battle against mothers team and it seems to be going, of a think it. It's gonna gained some speed to help you pay off all these legal bills that amount nabon. Well, it has been building and will. Would you see how big it gets? I dont get help hoping to have a cover. My legal bills- and I dont know entirely yet, while my legal bills will be, it depends. If I who get indicted, though there is a trials, probably get a couple million dollars, but we don't have to cross that bridge yet and we do I'll I'll have to figure it out at that point. Other building- and I hope they continue to build- is this worth risking spinning the rest of your life in jail. He made his my integrity. Look about weird doc. I did Adam
is she who harbour and I do believe in Jesus cries out on whether you do or not I'm not gonna cited. They can sign language, throw the way a key on me for the rest, while I said or prison, that's what I have thus we're. Just as America's come do I'll go. But I I didn't ask for the plea all right: well, Jerome Courses, thank you so much for talking to me today- my pleasure I'll be happy to do it again. I tell you: ask Jerome: pussy is a conservative off we have copies of the Justice Department documents he shared with us, as well as his lawyers response you can read. Those reveal news at, or today's Pike Ass was produced by me. Walter's can edited by executive producer. Kevin solvent reveal is a production of Jennifer, investigate, reporting and p r x amount lesson and remember. There is always more to the story,
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