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American Rehab 1: A Desperate Call

2020-07-04 | 🔗

Penny Rawlings is relieved to finally get her brother into rehab at a place called Cenikor. She doesn’t realize that getting him out of treatment is going to be the bigger problem. 

This is the first chapter in Reveal’s American Rehab series, exposing how a treatment for drug addiction has turned tens of thousands of people into an unpaid shadow workforce.

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Goods which tackles race and identity. Frankly and without fear, its bycatch, remember, you're. That makes all of us part of the conversation because we're all a part of the story, fine codes which, where were you, get your bike, ass from the centre for investigative reporting in p r ex? This is reveal analogy back in March. We were about to bring you a project we ve been working on for years called american rehab. Are reporters had been investigating a dark corner of the rehab industry, but just before we were about to launch another public health emergency reshaped all of our lives. We shift gears to cover the corona virus outbreak. All the while we continue to reporting on the opium epidemic, which has gotten even worse during the pandemic, with dozens of states reporting a spike in overdoses. Today we bring you that stuff.
Which were gonna. Tell you over the next six weeks we start back in twenty. Nineteen. The woman in penny wrongs. She just had a long sleepless night. I cannot five o clock in the morning. Cried hasn't IDA. Call me down. Try to get me to go to bed. I spy finally fell asleep about five hundred and thirty, and I got up at eight and he was not sick with a book. She was sick because she just read a story that made her physically ill with a combination of fear and guilt, and she needed to contact the reporter I would like. I gotta get a hold of his lady. I gotta tell her that she is on the right track with this. Isn't right, people need to feel about them. The lady Fani was trying to reach. Was my colleague review reporter shown a world who we ll call show eventually, penny found show on twitter and they got on the
and it was your article. What am I mean? I I thought my knees, we're gonna buckle underneath me when I started written, that she'll story was about a drug rehabilitation. Sinner called cynical. Please penny has just sent her brother TIM Row, but you could you tell me like what happened? Ok, so I'm fifty wine, my brother's forty, six He is skilled trade. I had a good job on his own home cars, the boat motorcycle. You know penny and her brother to live. Indeed in Ohio, they grew up right out.
The city, if you watch the NEWS Dayton Ohio, is pretty much the math and Heroin capital right now. It's really bad here, too used to have a good job fixing of gigantic printing press and he used to live with his wife and three kids. Then in twenty ten he had surgery on his knee and his foot. His doctor prescribe pain pills afterwards, when those ran out, he turned a heroine. He overdose five times I found out to allow me and they running With- I am he died. They brought him back with. Nor can nor can the overdose reversal. Drug penny wanted to saved him. She tried to be therefore his kids in his wife. She found him an attorney she answered his late may cause, but she reached her limit. I had three might cut my brother out of my life three years ago and we are very close, and I quote him if you
clean, I'm not. I will not help you anymore. I'm done- and I said good night I come to my how unless you're gonna knock on the door and say I need help in the show tells us when TIM did come. Knocking penny was their penny and him both agree he should get out of date and go someplace where he didn't have so many connections to drugs. That's when penny ended up talking to send a core about its long term, impatient rehab programme It sent a core told her sounded really good like in this commercial. I was lost in my direction way for spending on control with residence strolling eighty grounds and swimming lapse and sparkling blue pool. I was gonna die. I was until I found was trademark tailored to me that really worked by the council and I need it,
send a core understands how hard and addiction is cynical or can help you right now we ve improve the lives of over one hundred thousand people with addiction issues like yours. We are afforded, we understand and were serious about your recovery. Let us help you get out of the pain and helplessness. They told me that Brother will beginning three group sessions a week. To one on one such as a week with counselor and I had to pay three them the knowledge for almost three thousand dollars. That's to send a letter, tiny hand it over her credit card number TIM got on a plane and made it to Baton Rouge where he planned to stay for the next eight months. They told us that it was eight months. He would be there eight months, which is a lie. Of course, program was actually two years
Well then, I found out he was not allowed to talk to We were not allowed to have any contact, not until had been there at least three months. No phone calls no visits and there was one more issue. A big one. Penny says: authentic or staff. Member had told her that, on the job, training was part of the programme I feel pretty thorough. I mean like I wanted to know what the programme was, what they did, I wanted to make sure he was getting counselling, You know what I'm saying and he's very concerned about this work thing and she's like oh. No, they only work twenty thirty hours a week, they working seven days a week, seven days a week without pay,
show has gone deep into the world of rehab. It function more like temp agencies than treatments imps years before the pandemic. She found we have the same people to work at assisted living facilities and a chicken plants. This applied k of Sea and Popeye's after show, and our former colleague Amy Julia Hairs first broke these stores in TWAIN. Seventeen they were file is for the Pulitzer Prize and the spring when states were lacking down, cynical was still sending people to work where they faced exposure to the growth of ours, and we often didn't get gloves or masks
at night they came home to sleep in dorms with other participants and again the people getting this so called treatment. They don't you pay the deeper showed dug the more people like penny would turn to her. Looking for answers, I've gotten dozens and dozens of calls like these from desperate family members and people stuck inside these rehab. So when I hung up with penny, I called him well from what I read. You know it was a tough programme. It's not like your traditional twelve Bree have or whatever. So I thought while try it it's something different whose death is definitely different. Tim says he was expecting a top notch facility. He saw the pool and send a course website
pact five pairs of swim trunks, but when he got to batten Rouge the facility was one wing and mostly abandoned former hospital. The pool water was a green swampy color and there is almost no time for counselling after orientation sent a course anti. Straight to work. They had him doing electrical work and money. Electrician have you got. In training on how to do that. No, they had a making thick steel cables for shipping guards. I was making those.
I would thank him over my shoulder and this big spool that is as big as a car. I had to it out two hundred feet. I would be so sore the next day. They sent him to call center where he sat in a cubicle alongside paid workers. On his first day there he heard a thump in the bathroom. He tried to get a supervisor to check it out, but in the end TIM says he was the one who pushed the door open and found a worker there, unconscious with a syringe the guy had overdosed. You know, I'm still a treatment facility eliminate they put me to work in a job people are on drugs. I was told that you would help me find a job. I was it Let me just thrown into a van and hauled off to some job and I and be told that I like it or not. I have to do it I'll tell it all they do is just
dog shit out of here and then any get paid, Seneca was keeping all of TIM's wages, and then there was the treatment TIM got. It seem to work for some of the people at sent a core, but to TIM it was like nothing. He'd ever seen, one very straightforward at all, like girl, like a small step based program or of faith based programme with a religion, the treatment was based on strange methods squeezed into the few waking. Hours he had left after work the shape my head was in there. If he said the wrong thing that non sport, privacy, the verbal chair, finance for if he broke one of the many many rules, the verbal chair where I would sit with me and on my knees and I'd, have staring straight ahead to staff and other participants with yell at him or make him talk to himself in the mirror. Those called me
earth there be? Tim, was learning a new sent, a core language. He had to stare at his reflection and repeat what he did wrong and how it fix it. I m are Have a consistent behaviour of talking in my have a consistent behaviour of being late to the floor. My positive solution is just nine talker. Now I solution is the set mile our eyes. Amro have a consistent. You just have to keep saying and over and over and over, for how long long may decide on. You have a question that I would be told that is part of the treaty. After just a few weeks of this TIM felt broken, he wondered what could possibly fix him. The answer from everyone, the staff, the other people in the programme, was always send a core. There was sometimes Rostov is going crazy
There is great beauty, I wasn't sure myself. I dont know how to act. I don't know how I didn't. I didn't. I was scared. The bank, Gaza everything I did was wrong when TIM Sister penny finally reached him, she says it seemed like Santa Corps was brainwashing him, so the two times that he did call here. He was only allowed to talk to us on speakers. Ok, as somebody was with him, so he was he was I go yards gray, you know it's really great the foods great on you know he kept saying the food the great and I'm like. I can t keep saying that TIM just didn't sound like himself, like you, I just check it out on sinecure, go check it out on why he was trying to tell us something was going on without them. Knowing you know what I mean
penny dated check it out online. She read my reporting By this time I call reported a story investigating sent a core showing dozens of people getting treatment. There had been hurt. The injured, had work, broken back spangled hands somebody had even died at a set of more jobs in the nineties. I'd really about the millions of dollars. Cynical was making off this programme by sending people to work a job sites for companies like Exxon and shall act. My stories. Came out. Shall email me that they didn't find evidence that sent a core participants had worked there, an x on denied it, but we confirmed that subcontractors for those companies did you send a core workers I tried to interview Senate Course E O back then he wouldn't talk to
some tape when penny learn, how sent a corps was sending its participants to work. She knew she had to get him out after that sleepless nights and throwing up she started calling cenikor at eight. A dot m couldn't get through couldn't get anybody to answer the phone till about one thousand one hundred and thirty, and I had to call the main cenikor place and go literally crazy to get them to get me transferred to Baton Rouge, to make somebody answer that phone honey also called the police and ask them to go check on TIM an officer, went to Santa Corp and told him. His sister could fly him home that day, but TIM was surrounded by son, a core people and he told the officer he was fine. He was too afraid to. If he ended up sneaking out when no one was looking he walked out.
In tibetan revision a place he'd never been with no money and no idea. One of the first open businesses, he found was a comfort in he convinced the woman at the front desk to let him call penny. She got him on a flight to his moms house in Florida. When I talked to him, he been out just a couple days. How does it feel to be out in their field? It feels good, I mean just sitting here looking up at the sky, is and have been able to talk about. Any of this Ok, you don't do that, and Senegal is you'll, get a kind of therapy, yet works therapy what are the hell that is works therapy
whatever the hell? That is that's my first question. I have more petty does too. We are now I'm really area that I really want. You guys tat an alert there has to be laws being here. People work like that. I mean that's slave labour. Are we the wild slavery I around wrap my head around there be the only person We are definitely not the only person who's been investigating this story for years to get answers to some pretty basic questions. How many programs, like Santa Claus out there, how many people end up in these parts,
rooms, and where did this idea even come from over the next six weeks track down the answers this his american Ray the best thing that I've ever shame for the right people last chance did you take advantage of this you never see, sunshine again for the rest of your life, teach episode, bring us closer to the truth, because it is cold like they had mass on my head bores. So and brush is like hang and from their necks. Story. We hear every document we uncover LISA the title in the mosaic. Look. I had forty five, my so I didn't care they told me to jump. Firemen who level in you know the book in a ship I was eating. Shit jumped Lucian. Five children
up with importers, Lord Chaskey, an eye trees, Condor, Roger and story. It takes time We could never have imagined through me the poor, and it my be your Now I was expecting you to tell the truth. We brainwashing, because a brave is good. Now has a positive connotation to you from a cult prison to the White House. I was glancing through your seneca button. I like the very first sentence. In all the years of Senegal has been in business, rehab updating lives. We have found that nothing. Works as well as work itself. We are, cover a shadow workforce Pinochet, my name's Chissano,
I'm a reporter with, reveal I'm calling up various low cost, rehab programmes, the workforce of tens of thousands of people working without pay or for paintings on the dollar, even as the pandemic wrapped up, then I support those orders thing they like they were making a better word for word. David having this is american rehab, the story of people desperate for treatment trapped in the years of a rehab machine This story is way too big for single episode of reveal, so that right we're doing something special over the next six weeks. We're gonna dedicate reveal to telling the story and exposing the truth: it's a wild ride and, believe me, you don't want
single episode. The first question we answer: where did all of this begin? That's coming up in chapter two miracle on the beach early power bow people. We think we have done that here? I did notice gonna turn into what the fuck did may go and have beaten up on people manage guns, rattlesnakes mailboxes, you can listen. That story right now in reveals podcast feed the American Rehab reporting to shine Walter lost our Chaskey and actually scandal Roger Red Myers is our editor Laura is our Lee producer and produce this episode. Amy Julia Harris helped us report the story from the beginning and launched a project
a J, we miss you so much seriously. We had a dish editorial support from not as Aquino Andy down a human Esther, Kaplan and production help W H. Why why, in Philadelphia fact checking by Rosemary HO and Victoria. Bear Nevsky. Is our general council production man There is one day in a host of production team in was the g remaining Catherine was Gorsky an amiable, staffer theme song. Lifeline is by my man, J Breezy, Mr Jim Briggs, F, Fernando my manual Aruba. They composed and perform all the muse. For american rehab. Our sea eel- is just sharper bats soon. As chief editor executive producers, caverns four reveals provided by the River and David Logan Foundation. The John Dene Catherine because foundation, the Jonathan Logan Family Foundation, the Ford Foundation, the hiding Simons Foundation, the democracy fund and the ethics
excellence in journalism foundation. Really is a co production at the centre of were investigated, reporting in p r ex analogy. I remember there is always to the story.
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