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American Rehab Chapter 3: A Venomous Snake

2020-07-11 | 🔗

After amassing a small fortune, Synanon’s megalomaniac leader turns the revolutionary rehab into a violent cult, with mass sterilization, a paramilitary group and a rattlesnake in a mailbox.

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Goods which tackles race and identity. Frankly and without fear, its bycatch, remember, you're. That makes all of us part of the conversation because we're all a part of the story, fine codes which, where were you get your bike ass from the centre for investigative reporting in p r ex fish, is reveal analysis. This is chapter three of american rehab venomous snake. Last time we started telling you about the first National recognised drug rehab. It was called cinema and founded by charismatic gardening. Charles Dietrich people,
we ve done here by the late sixties. Similar was widely respected, with national presents a celebrated treatment programmes. It had intake centres in cities all over the country and commune style requires they improve the lives of many people, including Chancellor, I was grateful. I still am shaven life manner. I wouldn't be. Why am after claiming to have found a cure for drug addiction synod I got more ambitious. Could it tackle other problem? side. We are an experiment. I dont this is going to come out. I really doubt if I knew gonna come up. I won't do it. This was the an error of expert tools aside what the rest of us might call. Colts seminar started recruiting people who weren't addicted to join.
Rings. It promised a new life for recruits full of all work and no pay for those at the top like Chuck Cinema delivered a lush lifestyle the asshole, that's doing all the work of cars. Given that way. It is all over the world work go get them for it. And I am the world is full of such assholes at least more for me, consumer rights, chunk stumbled onto a lucrative model if you don't pay wages or taxes. Make a lot of money. Why should anyone help plan- and I were the most probably fell through the web? Is Burma civil life? After all?
since I have been founded to save the lives of people addicted to drugs, but as a career towards madness Synod on might take a life. Our team led by shouted Walter lost, our Chaskey. An actual contracts have been investigating work base, rehab and its connection to sit around for more than a year. I guess the rest of the cinema story. SOAP, Johnson alone, the guy who left the narcotic Farm and Lexington Kentucky Land. That's enough. Starting offers them milk sniffer. He made a life it's in and out. Married to a woman. He met there had a kid all while staying sober and he got promoted to a new job, and then it just came up with a solution. He said. Cinema is grown, Topsy turvy, so we're gonna have to start work.
A new common to balmy Johns new job was to head up the new Comer Department at Synod on each Q in Santa Monica, because there are so many people at this point, thousands thousands of John told me that some of sin and on department of hustlers that's what they called. The people who had scrounge up donated food were now basically full time. Recruiters there are going round the country. To any city with the serious drug problem to get the word out synod onwards. Why you for free to one of our facilities to treat your addiction at this point, the rehab on the beach had expanded way beyond the beach and how many properties other demolish the ranch and walk a Greek. Does it all up in Marine Marine County, just north of San Francisco, then San Diego Santa Monica Detroit Oakland savages go New York or Rico.
And it was a lot of facilities, so many facilities that there was even room for an entire new class of people enter extended up. I, oh please come in their name. Is land commanded stairs I'll go get here, maybe measure. Lynn and fill are now white haired grandparents living in Seattle supper in the sixties. There Living in the San Francisco Bay Area, where they were going to I did the same parties, but really it couldn't have been more different I was not going to end up. Well, can I was promised It was that I was a is asleep with anything that walked, and I do not enjoy any of it well fill was, let's say shy. I was one of the few we will manage to make it all the way through you see Berkeley in the in the sixties,
and was still a virgin it aged twenty three. So in the late sixties, Lynne was a public school teacher in Oakland and fill the sea f O Ballot coming company, they started going to sit on game clubs for squares Carter But I was still a square self identifies It is still crazies help us, so squares were a unified bison score hurts neither of them were addicted to drugs, hence the square status. Still there were disenchanted with the direction of their lives and the direction that the country is a pretty crazy time any had. It says you know civil right struggle, Vietnam, war getting up, and here was something that was more positive, then knighted states policy at the time as the posters that hung on the walls of sin and on promised today is the first day
but the rest of your life. The big job was the game, and I think that that was the buzz set. This coming. Turn some time all the way across the street. Bad about the language used in the game that we told you about. In the last chapter started office, revolutionary drug therapy. It was designed to tear down defences and expose truths about addiction, and your own perceptions of yourself but now It was evolving into this cultural phenomenon, synonymous hosting game clubs big cities, as awaited drawn squares like Lynn, middle class professionals, who were now playing the game, partly as a form of group therapy and partly as a parlor gang Lawford, ass separately. I tremendous humor genius language
which under pressure and attack, does nothing like it, but I should say not all the new players founded use tat. It was fun. I read very go. Lynn. The game offered an emotional release, but for others like filled, it gave him an emotional black eye. I looked, aim is the price you paid to get everything else. I guess the maid. Draw for me at the time was that We were doing almost everything in life differently. We did sex differently, we did eating differently. We did education differently, we did Edison differently. He was a phenomenally interesting place. So
like synonym leader, Chuck Dietrich, said experimental society, one thing about communal living. It means lots intimate aspects of life are known by and influenced by the community and since Phil brought up relationships. Let's talk about it, when limit met filled for the first time. It, was already going steady with another square inside Senate on, but she caught fills. I they started talking they had a leisurely meal in a synonym, dining room. They sat at the bar without any booze in Lynn, certain get the feeling that she was India, the but before she could tell her boyfriend that you wanted to see someone else. She stepped into a game one where other players
it already seen her have this flirtatious meal with Phil, so they laid into her. It was the most gossipy parts of life institutionalized furnish the square just stop playing the game and gone home. Then the squares wanted to move we're. Candy Ladson in others. Long term residents like him saw the group. They had helped build change before their very eyes. Tree addiction had brought synod on fame and now chuck with capitalizing on it. It meaning squares, brought in new resources and new expertise. Remember when milk They were real assets, Milt was Milk Cooper, square who'd moved into a Senate and the House in San Diego melted, banning the advertising.
And promotions business and, as the story goes Chuck challenged, melt in a game about his commitment to send it on and left out of, the group went to the Lincoln and his blood compartment came back with some and turned over the company, the cinema, Milt business. You turned over to send Anon used a hot stamping machine to press a company's name on pens and pencils before this work at synonym was mostly about subsistence cooking cleaning for cure rotten food. But now synonym was entering a real business, but businesses providing companies promotional items bearing their corporate symbols. Making. Money has always been a goal of citizens. Reclusive founder check, Dietrich
one way is an american moneymaking concern. We greens you goin, somebody of family showed fail and you could get a pencil labour law, which a name and company indicted and they went one SAM the new overlooked, and ended up being the largest customer of the Schaefer and Parker PEN companies invest salespeople where a firmer attics, because they were you, Living by their wits- and they were high verbal and You had a great compelling story to tell and were quite a quite persuasive, and it was a real art. They were very successful, telling their dope fiend stories
and describing how, without cinema they might be outside breaking into the business owners car by subtle, threatened, more artful say. The novelty business was humming, bringing in serious revenue, unrestrained by taxes or wages, by the MID seventies, synonym, was doing over five million dollars a year in sales. That's like twenty four million dollars a year today, meanwhile, donations kept rolling in. We were in a war we supplied by big donate. Of all kinds of different stuff dutch boy company national, led dumping, gave us an entire city block in San Francisco that they got a tax deduction for John Stallone says the Department of hustlers kept wrangling, bigger and better donations than we had a crew would hush, Lodge,
And these guys will go like Oklahoma, Kansas taxes and also beef on. And then hustle slaughterhouses. In the same town, and read hustle refrigerated three guys and send one car San Francisco now the corner away. Now again, like top like food, we'll good shut the door movement of hustlers was so productive. They started distributing their surplus donations to other nonprofits nearby food to the black pearl. There's a new balance sneakers to Jim Jones and its peoples temple bringing us. I am really sorry,
we're gonna run a billion dollars where the stuff, through our bugs in five years in one here in our way, we're gonna, make the community chest and good will. All together was quite a little Sunday school garage sale, something it's it's gonna, be a credible. Did you ever wonder like when you add one? the Senate on properties like how does the money, or were you not getting paid? minimum wage fifty dollars a month due north is is that legal That's a good question. Eventually, The IRS would want to know more about synod on finances, can alone have assets
three million dollars in its main lodge, is it stock centre worker for calves are kept on investments; it is its tax free status and its business success that has produced some of the criticisms through TAT supports all school. The way I want to be supported. Not very many people know how to live like I do they don't even takes longer. NFL, that money start coming in a set of nine and that's what ruined sending on, because when the squares move in shuck, you suggest me for what I would call dope fiend decisions, and we understood it, but now the world that we was trying to get away from was now answer and the thinking and ask
we'll let the squares and the world that we live. We will live in the war we created at seven in the fall of nineteen. Sixty seven candy decided to leave the world that they had created. He packed up his bag left seminars, and I will not name is Asia would know when the world government involvement as each of our window and nowhere could juggler the master. I need to say three words and I start crying and I wouldn't go. No fucking way, I was not going to see him cuz. I want to go damn you late in New York in October. Twenty six job here, a meeting. Last friend the candy got an opportunity. To help build up a new rehab in New York based on Synod out and was it.
Similar to send a nun, in a non, had come a long way since it was the best known drug rehab in the country it inspired in entire second wave of rehab, based on its ideas and more work. So to remain relevant. That work Zation double down. On their new mission, solving intractable problems of human existence through social experiments, but this new direction produced new problems and then that alphabet, along the Shannon and our only with drugs, and it only real problems but people who didn't want cinema, shutters and our neighbourhood, but now its wealth and its radical social experimentation have produced much new criticism criticism. There would only intensify after the break since another rehab turn
It's a cinema, the religion this is reveal hey hey hey out here and a quick heads up that will be dropping and extra episode of the pod cast this week, will be releasing chapter six american Rehab on Wednesday, we should check your party s feet and now back to the show, from the centre for investigative reporting in p r eggs. This is reveal a mallet. We continue with chapter three. Of American. We had a venomous snake. Another five hours to talk about sitting on
the sooner do it was a hold Do you have the whole concept of genuine sin alone was founded to help guys, like just alone, beat their addictions and gradually to life outside the programme, but it wasn't work in its first decade. Only sixty five people graduated from sin, sixty five, that's a graduation rate of less than one percent, others, we will stay off drugs to, but only by staying inside cinema, so eventually founder, Chuck, Dietrich decided. That was ok issue. You read, you can't graduate the lifetime view sittin on gas cocky. To be more than just the most prominent drug we had in the nation in the world
things that happen next could fill in entire Netflix series reveals actually gone to Roger tells us what happened as Synod unreached from rehab to social movement. The goalposts moved with it, you don't graduate from a movement, and that was fined for John. He loved synod. Not he was staying off. Drugs had a family, a job and his life had improved so much from those days muse robbing drug stores and hiding out from the cops in Brooklyn that is until Chuck implemented. Another rule that John just couldn't stomach they head came to the decision that don't freeze were a ban. The influence on their children. So what we're going to do is eventually all the children from the air or going to be taken up to Tomales Bay, and you would be able to go visit him a couple times a year.
Our worst problem might very well be. That is yeah. The worst thing that can have a child is that it has to have a parent. So there were visiting. When I look at my get your merit, I went up. I told my wife is a jury. I said I was in a gay man. Like you know, I'm not gonna do that in nineteen. Seventy two John decided it was time for his family to leaves and alone the guy, I was disillusion lots of other. People wear dissolution to in nineteen seventy two sitting on with at its apex with one thousand seven hundred current residents, but no one knew how far it was about to fall and how far Chuck was willing to push his vision of utopia. I didn't know that it was going to turn into a fuck anyhow. I did
I was gonna turn into what the fuck did are dumb parents, while children along our spontaneous turned back their job there. My It wasn't an open society more. It was a closed society, some of the people with addictions, we're getting squeezed out but dedicated squares like Linux, Greater decided to stay in all was it was articulated that were done with the dolphin business. We have had so many other innovations copy there Amazon Cinema on that there is no need for us to be in a business anymore. We have a new business to be in
which is trying new social in experiments sequestering children from their parents made John want to leave, but many of the social experiments were both benign and authoritarian, like when Chuck decided, he couldn't smoke anymore, synonym band cigarettes for everybody. Now is the time to quit smoking. They lost a lot of people over that rule and when chucks wife got diabetes. Now is the time to quit using sugar? You know like it be it. The first time I go went off. When we were told that we were not getting, have shut anywhere in this, community anymore. In fact, we were not supposed to eat anything with sugar in and outside the community, like no more going out to get ice cream. It's almost like Dietrich was saying like a wonderful gopher. This bullshit
you can watch y know, that's the whole problem. That's the whole bramble! You can't know it shook with comfortable losing people who didn't want to live by his rules and the ones who stayed where the most devoted Lois. You ve been a synonym for fifteen years. Where do you placed this head? Shaving in importance had shaving was once a sign of penitence like when John alone confess to being high, and they shaped his head. Now it was becoming a sign of devotion. This is at the second most important thing that has happened in Senate on our founder check data. We accept it was, and I just have to trust because
Man is such an amazing person. He sought when it happened. We were ready, for it was more like an egg in a pot of boiling water. It happened gradually we just kind of violated yourself. What came next could also be seen as a profound act of devotion or, if you're Cinema management, a clever tax dodge in nineteen. Seventy four, as the IRS was starting to look into the charitable nature of the organization, similar declared itself a religion. There was nothing particularly religious about any of the customs Actresses that I was aware of after we had filed the papers in recent years go, it was kind of ha ha. We get to do this to deal with the IRS, but we're gonna. Consider the game are religious ritual. So the game was elevated to sacrament some residence
were true believers, but the tops and on lawyers they were more clear. Eyed about the manoeuvre remain. What I am happy to have normal survival. The people come along and say you can keep your seven around and rules on each other mother You say: that's my religion! Oh oh, oh ok, I understand. Even if I were one of them nuns lawyers and I had to lay out my plan to avoid taxes. I'd try to turn off the tape recorder. First One of we were pushing this thing right now is because We may want from inspection. How many people you know why That would make it more difficult for the Irish to impose taxes
we may be able to set up a wall around on retirement from backwards. This is when the rehab entered its third and final chapter, the church of sin and on which ascended, founder and ceo to God, while many people and as God he sought control life itself. This meant the end of children being born at Senate on, they were planning on doing just factories that, following weakened, on a lot of kids, who were just a d which brings us to some of the weirdest tape. I've ever heard this recording from financed closed circuit radio broadcasts called the wire.
Forty five or look for gaming in love factory that promote the sector. Me stew, this cheering Dr Time radio host would broadcast excerpt of a perpetual running known as the stew we're in this case the committed extolled. The virtues of getting the sector means. Hence the respect me stew, Bellew, burglars more enthusiastic about about Boggley deserved one before the old timer delayed per year. They play re caps, arguments between old timers and newcomers fighting over who we'd get to have their vast sector me first
We are with file and grave. Let Andrei get on the list before him. The outcome and these broadcast would get piped into each and every synod non residents across the country and I'll have the feel of communist style propaganda. Would you don't hear on the wire was the extreme pressure and intimidation? turned it over those who resist it. You know in the game. I took the position that number one. I wasn't gonna do it in number. Do I thought that? I was wrong to make people do and what did Charles Dietrich say never talk to him about it, Because I had a hunch there. He would probably be persuasive enough to give me to change my position. He was that compelling could be
we seem to be clarified, as a people has never been terrified by any thing that is strain. Why does it feel was revolted by what has happened of Woodson alone, was turning into so he stepped off the compound when around chucks back and sought help from local law enforcement thinking, they would be able to help stop this madness. The sheriffs let me get this right. You want me to stop Cinema. Friend performing volume Terry vasectomy is on people moreover, eighteen years old who I have the aberrations Want me to do right and he cannot native joke out of it and when I,
there, the sheriff called soon alone Sir. I have one year resident here who is telling me this story? Is it true. And they confirm that it was true and told the sheriff tell me that I was not welcome. We go back on that day, day's events, nine hundred among testimonials of the benefits of having the sector and news of people leaving in droves. This call from the marine counties, Sawfish was actually mentioned over this in an unwise in a news briefing and went out that thing I reported and then a few minutes later he grows who form the governor was on the phone, so called from the Moon County Civic Centre in forming a theory was going to seek an injunction for he thought bobbing alone from putting people, lateral bind be club or belief in the end. Fills plea for
help failed and the operations when honest plant during all were alone. In two days they had seven, actors all doing their sector, one every fifteen minutes, eventually over two hundred men stepped out of vasectomy stews in into makeshift we're rooms, the thing that I feel the worst about inside IRAN in in six years was there were a number of people who are already pregnant expecting to have their babies in cinema. And one of them was almost at fault. And was told that she needed to abort or not be living there anymore, and she and her husband had an induce
Gilbert had a basically had a nine month, abortion, it's really hard to imagine the kind of pressure that would lead people to make that decision. But I guess you have to picture living in a totally encompassing place where you dont have a life outside in cinema. Scepticism had been removed and compliance over. The remaining was total. Some man could have could have been a great place and it did. I think that we leave flunked many moral tests. Some were just. Listen it and others were actively enabling the madness of Chuck Dietrich. Are you friends with some of these people? Still I do too
much to either the lawyers or the doctors, because I think that the doctors probably should a lost their licences. And that the lawyer should have been disbar. Cinnamon was taking a much darker, menacing tone a time magazine, article labelled them a cookie cult in that's an insult shock did not take lightly. Afterwards, in a television interview, he looked straight at his interview are invoked. His loyal following against the magazine Cinema has many many thousands of fans been helped by cinema. Friends and relatives have been helped by a cinema, and I dont know what those people might
do you know every spots for bombs could be thrown into places? That's too bad! That's too bad! I would certainly not institute anything like that, but I have no way of preventing it. Is it what happened the paper time rifle, and I consider that a thinly veiled threat agents and consider a and may veiled threat. That's their problem. I think those kind of decent me do wrong in this Increasingly paranoid violent atmosphere, It left the sin and I'm house with nothing. He wasn't the return, no suit case. No good buys he's just out On the other hand, state even spoke out in a game in support of effectiveness. When Phil was excommunicated,
still ok with having young daughter raised there, but he wanted, to be able to visit her more well how grosch we were in the middle of a custody battle, and I had to guess cut it. Out of my mind. During this period of my life, there was a lot of talk in cinema about filled in a split tee and dangerous, and I am Our daughter. Miriam was three. This a little messy to understand, but Lynn gave full custody of their child to fill and she changed her mind. I'm gonNa Linz visitation days. She picked up their daughter from preschool, as was the plan and without permission without warning. She took her back to summon up this quasi kidnapping, spooked synonyms leaders
and their solution was to get limb and her daughter a plane ticket to a sin and unsafe house in New York. I see myself put my life into pencil sharpened I was a shred of my life and I said you could do better than this. Almost anybody can do better than this, but for sin, and on the days of doing better, had come to an end by nineteen, seventy six synonym had amassed a large stockpile of weapons and ammunition and trained paramilitary group that it called the Imperial Marines there already attack neighbours living near sin, announcement compound in Marine County California. Now Anyone who oppose in an iron was a potential target, including former members, the so called societies, and my very last David Fit in a real sense of fear. An offence in the atmosphere was so volatile
That had somebody given the order to a bunch of of fanatics to use violence on me or any other kind of dissidents. There I was afraid I just had those spooky violent vines, spooky violent vibes turned to more violence. That's after the break. You listened chapter three of american rehab from reveal. From the centre for investigative reporting MP, are ex. This is reveal a mallet when Limiter, took her daughter across the country to that sector on safe house in New York. It forced a confrontation between her husband fill and the group he had just been thrown out of fear went to port and threatened to subpoenas in a non leader, Chuck Dietrich. He wanted shocked to answer questions under
about synonyms role in helping to hide his daughter as revealed make sure he's. Kinda Rodger tells us sitting on didn't like that idea. I know there's a painful thing to her comfort in as much detail as you're comfortable. Could you describe what happens on September 21st? Ninety Seventy a very short description. I drove into my driveway afterwork, had a bag groceries my aunt got about ten steps from my car to the front door. To guys came, running toward me with stocking mass on. So I could, mechanism. They both had clubs of some sort and they beat on me for around till You know the neighbourhood me screaming in Vienna
random off. They beat Phil enough to fractured skull and break his leg in a couple places after a few days in the hospital meningitis entered his brain and fill went unconscious. In the meantime, Lynne was still hiding out at that safe house in New York, where issues within Europe I've seen announce closed circuit, radio programme, the wire and she said linen waiter. Wherever you are your husbands and beat up and is in the hospital- and I just fell apart, it wasn't my final salary can never my daughter, saying too bad you that led up and almost I fill with. Meningitis induced Coma for about two weeks, Pulitzer Prize Winning author Dave Mitchell of the point raised light
wrote. There were many moments that brought about the end of sin and on, but quote, in my opinion, the pivotal one was the near fatal beating of ex member of sin and fill redder and wanted to know if you I agree with that. Body was one of the pivotal events just a few weeks later sin and on would strike again this time against a loss jealous lawyer, who recently suits in not for holding people against their will say year. Your name for the record, all Morass Palmer ants
had a medical condition. That makes them a little hard to hear. I met him at his home in the Pacific, Palisades Neighbourhood, a valet. His house is a sin and on museum. The walls are covered with framed magazine articles, newspaper clippings, an old pictures of sin and on stacks of legal boxes, line the walls and are filled with depositions transcripts in case files and where many of the sin and on recordings you ve heard, came from and all of this life's work battling. Cults started with one call from a concerned husband who feared that his wife was being held captive at synonym Paul hell get that woman out in one a three hundred thousand dollar judgment for the family. From then on, he had a reputation or, as a lawyer, bomber ass, all Harry you out so now able our
To my door, Paul became the go to guy for Cinema Split tease. He was known as a tough lawyer who took each case against him. Almost personally of coral. That sat were on eyes, arrogance that they believe dad anybody you live enacting, maybe that cheered by us mosses So, therefore, I was ass. A fire was a key Anyone in there by any means for their own, though Paul suspected and ulterior where you go, the workforce labour force all this may Paul fast enemies inside sin and on all the way to the top of the organization. Chuck Dietrich one in Paul dealt with cannot hear news. First reported the existing can t direct injection in an interview with a former member about his lawyer, name upon the ranch. Any books you saying
somebody should fix him quite willing to make some buyers break. Your wife lay your kids son of a bitch. Your lawyer began to put this militant posture and content the year was one thousand nine hundred and seventy eight, and that was a very bad year for colts and the people in them. It was the most macob site any of the doctors, soldiers and reporters had ever seen. Another group, also with headquarters in the San Francisco Bay Area, would become the symbol of cult madness, Reverend Jim Jones, the founder of the People's Temple was another paranoid. Authoritarian ruler, who promised
doing to its members, but caused a massive loss of life. The Jonestown massacre left nearly a thousand people dead in a refill murder suicide. In rural Guyana, it was the largest loss of American Seville life until nine eleven and it was so massive that it eclipsed synonyms final, dramatic turn towards violence. You can kill me we're going to react. Aggression corridor a month before Jonestown Paul, had been on highly looking over his shoulder and checking hundreds car for bombs, but one day he led his guard
Georgia is a rubber, wine judges from forget about us about the shot by my dad was a man. Why retreat back towards measure and regime now blocks in the mouth. And then snakes head came may I dropped for a rattlesnake have long. Someone heads through the male slap on this house,
reached inside it sunk, its things into the flash of his left wrist worn out today, kitchen doors pay me my neighbour is a Demi ice. Online. One one synonym pioneer drug treatment in this country, inspiring hundreds of spin offs rebuilt itself into an empire, but this would be the moment that it would be most remembered for and then at the hospital. They said to me: are you sure it's and then all of a sudden I thought it was no battles
and then made me ever moment, doubt They call me their brows and then removes what do you mean the rattles have been cut off to my house, so I wouldn't hear it like screwing, silencer onto a pistol, these cartoonish sleep, diabolical assassins it of venomous snake. You didn't take long to track down the would be killers. Remember the of synonym for controversial a group of an arrest, the cinema and was once an organization that tried to help people appears to have changed changed greatly. They did a sworn ever David, which you described exactly who,
ordered my beating, who ordered Palmer answers. Rattlesnake attack on sulphur wins, Rigour with kicked out a synonym for trying to stop mass for sector means he still believe in this communal alternative lifestyle, so much so that he drove up and down California. Looking for another commune to join but the seventies decade of experimental communities had come to an end. I miss the timing. If I in, like four or five years earlier, there were a bunch of intentional communities, but by the time I got
they're looking, they had all shadow in the chaotic aftermath of cinnamon, miraculously limb and fill found each other again and reconciled. They had weathered in excommunication a near vasectomy, a kidnapping and even near fatal attack and found a new way to connect. We fell into the most wonderful, our group of people in the world. We started going to quit making greater meeting, is silent, worship, but could be different in the Senate game where you're killing one another verbally and here you are with ease faintly Y hear Quakers just trying to make your connection to your higher power Phil Lynn have now been married. Forty eight years they live close to their daughter and grandchildren. Ridiculous sublime three hours, the meditation worship session was only allowed Palmer ants. Never quite Rico
from his battle with some not he says, is engagement to the love of his life, couldn't whether the intensity of the threats on his life or his obsession with these cases after the snake attack, Chuck Dietrich, was put on five years probation in order to stop running cinema. Paul tells me that some members hope this would be their chance to make a new future for the group battling every chance to find it out, because I decided destroyed a chance for cinema to be reborn without Chuck Dietrich, liar, why destroy thing?
Paul shows me a letter. He wrote to the IRS investigators and already looked in the groups. Questionable finances, including Dietrich, paying himself a five hundred thousand dollar early retirement bonus and to cover their tracks. Synonym, destroyed lots of tape, recordings and records, referencing violence. Pulse letter argued that destruction of evidence was enough to kill. Sin announced nonprofit status, the IRS agreed they are also the foundation is not tax exempt and should not be offering. Deductions. Nine high level members are under a twenty one. Count federal indictment for conspiracy to commit perjury to obstruct justice and to defraud the United States in a case linked to their efforts to retain tax exempt status, not unlike Al Capone. It was the accountants who brought down this empire the loss
of the group's tax exempt status meant sending could no longer offer write offs in exchange for charitable donations. They also owed back taxes on those donations and for all those beautiful scenic properties. Toto fifty five point: six million dollars, and even though Paul bears the emotional scars of his battle with Senegal and helped end its rain. He has off for what it is So it was. Utopia came close Ceuta we're a perhaps anything ever before. It was utopia, but only Those at the top was reincarnation early Early roman days, that was the same thing with ways of slaves.
And son was accomplished so slightly ever same is is the american dream we have to disperse goods, and So if we find a method to build a better mousetrap, better drug rehab, what's wrong with that, isn't there. Consistent with the values of America. We get rich lie getting everyone. One ass, well, cinnamon popularized the model of turning people with addictions into an unpaid work force, but when synonym died, the model didn't die with it. It lived on and what Paul calls the clones everything that happened is happening and what are the clones? The goes who
are using this on methodology which to increase so wealth. For the Sami reasons, I said everything that happens. It is going to happen, in other words, for the same Missis Reed sin and on was this singular giant born in a word were giants. Don't exist a miracle. It touch the lives of thousands of people addicted to drugs and gave hope to more, but it grew too big to violent and its own. Corruption killed it, but it wasn't alone it had children, direct descendants spread to all corners of the country, and they were just-
coming into their own. A seminar at its last breath were eleven. Sixty seven Seven were three month: candy latin took witty learned at cinnamon and spread the gospel along with other ex members. He help build a new Synod uninspired, drug rehab in New York, this new rehab, like so many other took the cinema model of treatment and tried to lead the snakes at the door, but people believe in God, job the Phoenix House. There now no skills there are no degrees, but the latter working programme. Phoenix House is still around today has ninety seven drug rehab programmes across ten states. Then there was a place called see. Do that c D University, incidentally,
C d happened to be the initials of Charles Dietrich. That's where John Stallone went after he left cinema. They went the work programme, Do the guy highs meeting. I show you what your work here. He was like an old game play it, but he started a programme himself that wasn't the only spin off John worked for, don't forget the other place. I played a game of they really play was Amity Amity in Arizona, Amity, Phoenix House, the Land Sea Day top the list of former sittin on members who went on to start work at similar inspired rehab is long and reaches across the country, and that's not even counting the entire other universe of teens scared, straight programmes that sin and I'm also inspired by one researchers count in the seventies. There were five hundred rehab in the United States that descended from synonym. Now the national Institutes of health.
Does it spread more than sixty five different countries around the world, and so many of them help people in need and save lives, but some also have the original sin of cinema In their dna is an american money making concern business. The business of turning rehab participants into an unpaid work force was too tempting for some spin offs, and that includes one place. There was founded by a guy that candy Ladson actually met. We back in the early sixties. I asked candy. If there is any chance, he might remember, I named Luke. I got something to share with you know how does happen I would get
better go to bed at night, and it was like something that had been repressed in me: fraud, up from my country of mind to my conscious man. What it was it was about. Luke Luke was an inmate in Nevada. State prison were candy, Ladson had been coming to teach the cinema method. He taught Luke how to play the game. In return, Luke, Whitson, candy, old, cowboy songs sat on the website. They woke up mobiles and rest black boy and com, like a boy and lack of war You wouldn't work when involving both worlds
No word, but it was only about one looked resigning Luke asked in the tall Red headed Cowboy would eventually move on from the sin and on programme and start his own programme based on this in a non method, it grew into one of the biggest work based rehab in the country, there may well be that boy knew and I could see him cowboy Mouton Jean Gittha and HEAT greater, something in me, I had so many more questions about this game playing cowboy, but I never got to ask candy this winter. Before we were supposed to talk again candy passed away. Candy in so many ways, embodied the best spirit of sin and eternal Life around their became one
the most amazing story, tellers, I've ever heard funny and bra and no subject was off limits. His life also reminds me of the shortcomings of synonym. After years, living and teachings and announced methods he relapsed hard and for years, was homeless and allay. Eventually, it was John Stallone who helped get candy back into rehab programme. After that. Candy started going to meetings a and ate and helped other guy's going through the same thing. He kept that up until he passed away, kitty, was eighty three years old for much of his life. He taught seminars methods to others, including the cowboy name Luke Ass, the punishments, the game
the work without pay, they all live on today they live on. At a rehab that Luke founded the region. Have the we're investigating cynical. I was told that you would help me find a job. I was told it I'm just thrown into a van and hauled off to some job, and I and be told that I like it or not. I have to do it next time when American Rehab, the secret origin story of Seneca and the con man. Who could did I stay it's for eleven years. Eleven years there under a dictator and a look Aston, that's coming next American rehab is reported and produce by Shanna Walter lost our Chaskey in ituri scandal, Roger Bread, Myers editor. This chapter was reported and produced by Laura is our lead producer. Now, if you
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