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An Adolescence, Seized

2020-10-17 | 🔗

A 10-year-old Honduran girl came to the United States seeking asylum. Instead, she was detained – away from her family – for nearly seven years. Reporter Aura Bogado follows her story. After a lawsuit against the U.S. government, we discover that tens of thousands of children have been held in custody for months, instead of days. And nearly 1,000 have spent more than a year in shelters. 

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this is foolish judge, Ricky Presiding, put an organ on sixteen January. Twenty. Twenty is the start of the year before the pandemic, should everything down and reveal reporter out of a god? Oh isn't. immigration, Corpora yeah. So I was therefore this hearing in a big federal building in the middle of downtown Portland. There's a department of justice Seal on the wall behind the judge and would paneling on the walls about a dozen kids are listening the fate of these kids could be decided today outer has been following the case of one of them for months assent, ten year old girl from Honduras, I reckon the girl right away ass, soon ass. She walks in she has black pants and this really pretty cream. Colored top whistling flared sleeves on the arms per hairs pulled back in a ponytail, and she has a whole bunch of pink barrette sign, which I don't know if it was like heart, Sir bears or something in some respects.
she's a typical teenager, but she's facing a life altering situation. She seems nervous, she's, constantly fidgeting and looking around we're, not gonna use her name because she's, a minor and she's experienced an incredible amount of trauma outer flew to Portland at the last minute to attend the hearing. She'd been trying to track down this girl. After meeting her family, they told her that she'd been separated from them for more than six years, starting when she was just ten years old. She migrated to the euro with her younger brother, a cousin in an ant? They were seeking asylum here. after fleeing violence and undue, thus where one of their family members was murdered, the siblings were initially placed with a foster family, but then they were torn apart and have had a very different experience. The brother is living with a foster family, but today we're going to focus on the girl, because her case is astounding. She spent more
time in custody and federally contracted shelters than any other child. I've ever heard about so out of doing well, she's been doing all that time. So when she first arrived, she was placed in transitional, foster programme in Oregon. That was in twenty thirteen. The family thought they'd be getting. city of her within a few months, but that never happened and since then she's been shuttled as the country to a new foster family, a Massachusetts residential. men centre in Florida than to Shiloh Residential Treatment Centre in Texas Wait. You mean child the two reported on before the facility that have been forcibly rubbing children yeah that one she turned for team they're the same year, Donald Trump was elected president. Then she was sent to shelter in New York than back to Shiloh and then finally, to another shelter back in Oregon, where she was staying before this court hearing sue mention that this girl has been in
see for a really long time, but how long's government, typically holding kids in these kind of facilities in the landmark nineteen. Eighty, seven flora settlement, the? U S, governed, agreed to release minors quote without unnecessary delay, so children are meant to be released as soon as possible. Jonathan haze now the former head of the Office of Refugee resettlement echoed that when he testified before Congress and twenty nineteen, I believe, a child should not remain in our care any longer than the time needed to find an appropriate sponsor, as at the end of all so this year the average length of time that a child stays in ages. Custody is approximately fifty days, which is a dramatic decrease over forty percent from late November, twenty eighteen, when the average length of care was ninety days. Fifty days ninety days, but but disclosed in shelters. For six or seven years I mean that's nearly half her life. It replaced by years of her childhood
but to read my head around it at first, because her case is thrown into question for just how much or how little the government is really doing to try and reunify these children with their families, also I'm doing a little mad here, and that means that she was separated from her family during the Obama. administration right, so we usually is us. It family separation with the Trump administration, but we do that it happened and Euro Burma. I just didn't know exactly with that man until I heard about this girl. So let's get back to the hearing. Ok, room recruitment. Excuse the girls steps to the front of the court room. You can hear the court interpreter in the background the response present. It was through a train once current swearing, she takes her seat. Next to her attorney. I wouldn't Just because some is unknown,
vanished ass, an thinking something that I mean. Yes, okay, so this girl has been here the age of ten and she's seventeen now in she still needs an interpreter. Clearly she can say some words in English, but she's most comforter communicating in Spanish. So the thing on corruption? or is it she's been in the? U S, four years doing The time has she had consists in access to education, the Edges Asian these kids get depends on the shelter we asked office of you d resettlement about this, and they said that each facility basis, education programme on the average length of stay. Since kids are expected, stay that long. There's some motive of revolving programme, which means the girl I have been given the same lessons over and over again, but alone do we know how these kids progress academically now, because we don't have
access to that information, but we do know that this group, It has a very limited ability to read or write and shelter I'll have the meals were prepared for her, so she didn't even learn some basic life skills like cooking, which is essential if she sat back to undo it s just before cosmic mention that reply will be requesting bought her departure in his men and has so what's happening. Well, the girl has requested voluntary departure. In other words, she has asked to leave the country now, keep in mind. She still waiting for a decision on her asylum case which so so I say she filed back and twenty eighteen. The girl has an advocate who's in charge of doing what's best for her that address
It wrote a letter in support of the voluntary departure and then her attorney filed the request. I believe respondents interest is in moving forward the voluntary departures who as possible. So if a and at this moment little did. I know that she had family here in the? U S sword desperately trying to connect with her, but now it's up to the judge essentially, I have to inform and even granted the prevailing her departure less indeed that you're here its founding earlier. outer did it seem to you like she understood what was happening in these proceedings penal she. Did seem to have a clear understanding of what was happening. She wanted to have a voluntary departure. She seemed pleased with the outcome, and so I don't want it
Take this agency away from her that she's exercising in this moment, but she also didn't know the full story. So were you able to talk to the girl, the court here her family, have given me a message to pass to her along with their phone number in, and I printed out some photos that ahead of them to give to her, so I just It had to stand in the elevator lobby, where I thought I'd probably have the best chance of being able to hand them over to her. I was allowed to record in the building. But right afterwards, I recorded what happened when I got back to my hotel room. I hear I hear them coming out. And. I say her name telling my name. I tell her I'm a reporter and I tell her since your family. I know your family have been in touch with them right away, the minder it to hurry you, basically To ignore me, and
I am telling her take this. Take this. She takes it and her expression, GIS, completely lights, up, And she says to the woman she's like this is then this is them with justice, just elated joy, remember I'm giving her this message just moments. after she asked too the country thinking that her family has abandoned her sooner. sure they they walked around a corner in and they laughed you for tell us about this girl and her family back in February at that time. We were left with two main questions questions you now have Just the first one, how many kids are spirit? something similar being here. Holding immigration custody for months or even years. Yet
I've been trying to get that information for a long time now. I first wild afore request last air for the information when the government didn't a meaningful response in the time allotted by law are amazing. Attorney turning Vicki keep on involved, we filed suit and we finally got what we ve been asking for. So what was it like when you finally got the information who I was in disbelief? I was in disbelief that we got this information. There were lots of stops and starts in the government gave us versions of what we wanted, but when we finally got it, it was so much The file was so big that my laptop couldn't even open it. So I said working with data reporter Melissa, Louis and we began to make sense of it and then it's like well, let's see, let's see if the suspicion we have about how long kids are kept in custody. Let's see if that actually Such is the record okay. So
did you find out how they gave us records for more than two hundred sixty five thousand kids, held in immigration custody from October twenty fourteen through July, twenty twenty and what we found out is shocking. More than twenty Five thousand children have spent longer than one hundred days in government contracted shelters and nearly one thousand migrant children have spent more than a year in this kind of custody. We found out from other records that, since twenty thirteen at least three kids have help longer than five years. Well, so earlier. We heard from a chump official who said migrant kids when custody somewhere on the average around fifty days. Well, that's the nice thing about it. Average rate it doesnt tell you about the outliers we examined the data we found yeah. Most kids spent fuel more, a hundred days, a custody, but that
still leaves ten percent of the kids more than twenty five thousand of them in shelters longer than a hundred days we asked or are about these numbers? They said each case is unique. And sometimes sponsorships, while through and sometimes children or are going through court proceedings that can link than their stay, but I know from I reporting that sponsorships can also fall through because our artisan approve them. The consequences can be dire. Like an entire adolescence spent in the system, which is happen to the girl you ve been following. Now there question we had from the last time you told us about this. Girl was what happened to our efforts the immigration hearing. Here I have an answer about that too now know says he back or that they meet After months of searching, I finally tracked the girl down and I reached her by phone. John they're gonna see
in luck all day in a NATO that were thus get jovian echoing enough. What at first she said, It was her most recent lawyer, Karen Crossway Girl, get a stomach informed me that border get genocide in love, or rather they lacquered thing, but then explain that I was the woman Joseph Level help get their choice of barbaric it than you I thought the day the one who over those papers and photos outside the immigration court, and she just sounds so surprised and repeats. I I'm sorry. I thought you were that other woman. I thought you were Karen.
and now you telling me you're the one who showed up at the court and brought me those papers and photos of my brother or in a photo of my grandmother. Who knew Amelia. I'm talking to reveals out of a ghetto about the case of a seventeen year old girl from Honduras, whose holding you S, custody for nearly seven years when we come back, will hear from the girls family who searching for this is he'll from the centre for investigative reporting. Mp are ex support for reveal comes from Albert's. All birds is on a mission to leave the planet in better shape and they found it their products, arches, comfy and purposefully designed
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from the centre for investigative reporting in p r eggs. This is reveal eyelids were following immigration, reporter out of a ghetto and the case of a girl separated from her family and held federal immigration custody for nearly seven years before the break. The girl had successfully filed for voluntary deportation to be sent back to Home country of Honduras but just moments after that out a was able to deliver a message. Tour. The chair family in the? U S who won to come, live with them out. I can you take a step, again remind us how we got here. You'll. Remember that when I first heard about this girl's case, all I had to go off of was her full name, the first name of in an end they were from on due to us.
After many searches across social media and many dead end phone lines, I was finally able to get in touch with the aunt in early December. She was right here, the United States. So this end grace the girl in under us, along with Thou wilt thou with with the grandmother and it came to find out that the air is the person whose named on government records as the girls sponsor, which means that he's the one that the? U S? Government was supposed to give the girl to after they separated her from her family at the border, and I should say If that were not naming many people in this story because their worried about retaliation either here in the U S or anecdote us so organ just be using the first name of the girls grandmother, Bonilla Amaya. She lives the girls and in North Carolina. I went to visit them.
Eleven the countryside where agricultural fields dominate the landscape. They have. A very small home three little A peace lope around still learning how to run in the grandmother has a big brood of chickens that she feeds kitchen scraps way. That's funny! I'm every time I meet her. She wears really bright clothing with her hair gender kerchief and she wears these big freely. prince and the wrinkles on her face in her hands are deep and at night four years old, they give us a preview of how much life she seems
from her and from other family members. I've learned the back story of how some of the family came to the? U S in twenty twelve Sonia Maya's grandson was brutally murdered, he was shot and the vehicle that he was driving was set a blaze melting of whole parts of his body, his death of Mars one of roughly seven thousand homicides in Non showed that here then who wishes a Honduras is a pretty small. Our country, yes or seven thousand, is a big number. He adds about the size of Louisiana and the family made arrangements for his funeral. They also mapped out their escape they'd, sometimes received threats, is their lives and well being which they previously pushed aside, but now those rats no longer for hollow. Lonely Amelia and the family made away? First to the capital and unload us, then North too
Mexico and then finally to the it states they wanted to be here. first, so that they could set up for the others who are still on their way. A few weeks later the girl, her brother, another aunt and a cousin arrived at the border and the girl and her brother separated from that an and cousin much right away. This is I'm common. In fact, its standard practice to separate any child from an adult who isn't their birth, mother or their birth father did emerge officials keep the kids together, though, at first yes, Two kids were shuffled around together, first to foster care and or again, and then to foster care and Massachusetts, girl had a really tough time being away from her family and kept getting first the longer she was in the brother in this. I would call on you, I might have from time to time and tell them how they were doing EL anemia seas.
Bulgaria, yes, all ethical dollar raw materials, little baloney ammonia here hear she was telling me the girl bia. She hid herself. She cut herself with knives by This is not a lunar body, ashen steadier, they kept putting her in the hospital. She told me a lot of times, not just once lots of times, and so I asked her. what kind of hospital and she's who knows beauty, a bewildered. What will happen? a little bit and will be less. She hid herself. She hit her son, with something sharp. She told me like one of those, so she was pointing at the wall and asteroid D. The wall and she said yes, like the wall and from there we never You anything else about her, nothing, nothing at all does the family know why she was hurting herself They told me that she had never harmed herself before coming to the United States.
One family member says that the girl got the idea that if she hurt herself she'd get attention and they'd release her back to her family. So up to this point, the brother and sister or together, and U S palace these two release, minors to their family members or a suitable sponsor. Do we know why they would never released to their family and that's clear out. There's theory that, because the girl is in blood related to the only Amelia and my aunt government, if it I didn't want to turn her over, but her brother is blood related and so that theory sort of flies out the window, it could be that the government thought the family wasn't fit for some reason. The family says they don't know that they didn't hear any explanation from the government. and I haven't been able to get an answer either to the family- have any documentation of this.
Absolutely they had a lot of documentation that they tried their best to move to the government that they were indeed the family of these two children and that they were fit and that they one of the child. Back so. There is no doubt that the government a this family as the sponsoring family, the girl, was Should the family, through the beginning of twenty fifteen, but then the phone calls stopped the family dinner, hear from them or anything about them for five years arrangement that I wrote, Sonia money again telling me they buried her. The government buried her Line has really stuck with me. She same at the government buried. Child. The family says kept, calling the phone numbers that they had for the case manager and the case work her. That they'd had previously been in touch with, but nothing no one answered
weeks went by and those turned into months and at some point, the phone number that they had was disconnected I recently tried calling to phone numbers that I found on documents associated with the caseworker at the time. One was out of order and the other belong to any user. So the. family is no longer hearing from the kids. They can't get anyone from the governmental respond. So what was it like for this? Family for this family out. This was found separation for them these children. disappeared. Serbia is a measure of human Merida that Europe is is that only the almost around the meal alternatives can hear Let me end then It was I want them, but hundreds beer we didn't know where they were at the thing I was dying from tears. I'd ask: are they dead, How are they like guide such children being suffering of naked hungry.
and the family was so petrified of the government itself, not just of gum. When officials, but also of contractors associated with the whole shelter system so attorneys and advocates, and ACE workers and in case managers four Loney Amelia. She called on the one authority. She's always placed her faith in God, no you're well, is it This is the only your mother. You were too shows bullet. Also, does your mother be used by this I call on my colleagues. I called on him Jehovah your powerful, you are wonderful, father, really give me from this line, has your mother's. It does military blizzard Embayment Michael, whereas the world Jesus, truly terrible. In the end, there is really no equal comparison, it's as if they were damn as if they were dead. We knew nothing nothing
so having all this backstory helps us understand why she into the. U S. In the first place she your family were worried about their safety, Honduras and its also clear When she asked for voluntary departure, she didn't realize her family in the. U S was trying to find her end during the whole time she had a number of people representing her in immigration court. I dont know the total number of attorneys that she had. But that's one of the challenge It's that comes with prolonged. Attention this initiative, have steady legal representation at her. his came and went and the girl stayed. This is the master counter preceding needs. Its immigration, robust in Massachusetts, revenue cutter presiding today is April. Fourteen two thousand fifteen, please April twenty six, two thousand. Sixteen today is March twenty one. Seventeen, the government representative, I was able to piece together what happened to her through court proceedings during
The time she has been in custody nearly seven years and there These moments, where I am struck by just how many people had eyes on this girl's case there This one hearing from twenty fifteen in Boston when the girl was just twelve other found a damp herself, but the record see Anderson and fully who egg a problem on behalf and the girl had an even met this attorney because she wasn't in Massachusetts anymore? Yes, I understand things that she's currently receiving medical treatment edifice. The in Florida. The goal, of course, to have her turned to the western area. Is she can be ok? First of all, I don't know if it's my hope it yeah, I think so Yes later in the hearing, the judges trying to figure out how to handle both the girls case and her brother, you're, so young, I'm gonna give you plenty of time to figure out
what's necessary or with the rapid, a beloved farmer, with a reputable a social services agencies. I'm not concerned that their case to slip through the cracks and you'll do whatever you need to do for them. If you need to come in sooner, after we reported part of his story. Back in February of this year, I got the attention of politicians in Washington calmed order. thank you. Secretary days are for being here. It's turned out to be a more eventful day and weak than we might event Spain. We listened systemic hearing on February twenty Fifth just a few days, before the? U S reported its first death from covered Democrat Jeff murkily of Oregon, asked health, inhuman services secretary, Alex Aser about the girls case is theirs department. Ultimately responsible for what happens to migrant kids held in custody. Many things This bother me, but one is that six years
detention is an incredible impact on a on a child just a whole childhood disrupted or destroyed. The second is that ISA, By not informing her that her family wanted her, it was some extraordinary misleading. But I am Can you outside of this hearing, to put this case on the top of your son? because it's just every now and then a situation arises it so horrific were someone's, fell between the cracks. And been treated such a manner that none of us would want this for anyone we know or any child anywhere at any time to absolutely. In fact, thank you. I'm glad you. I had not seen the media report until you hear you and your staff raise this to us about this, and I, of course, can I'll, do anything in the media report, but I have asked the team I wanted dig in on this. One final is our goes on to say that the less time a child spends in custody, the better we want. Kids,
thus, for the short a time as humanly possible consistent with their safety, so I will dig it on. I will dig it on that personally to fight, I want to make sure she's treated fairly or families treated fairly. dean of a did what he said followed up on the girls case, as spokesperson said that see played no role in the girls immigration proceeding, but that's not what I asked. What I wanted to know was: did aids are really prioritize. This case, like he testified that he would be agents You didn't answer that question. Meanwhile, As the deadline for the girls deportation crept. Closer federal officials were looking to reunite her with her birth mother, who have been in contact with her daughters and the girl left a note. As eight years ago I was able to reach the mother on scratchy phone line. In writing
The birth mom told me that the girl said she didn't want to go back to elude us. After all that she wanted the stone with her aunt and with her grandmother your pneumonia are the ones who raised her. She told me and since they decided to try and give this girl of future, I dont want to see, twisted around. That's what she told me. She said that the growth should be with her family and her family and stony. I'm. Why, so the birth mom is saying that the girl should stay with her grandmother in the U S, but it's too late right,
and originally she was supposed to be deported and may. But the judge extends the timeframe. Adding of two hundred and fifty days and remember this is happening against the backdrop of a global pandemic around the world. The number of confirmed, corona virus cases stands three minutes breaking news. Death toll right isn't getting worse the deadliest twenty four hours in America. Yes, final in early June, the girl was deported. And when people were barely leaving their homes, both here and in undue, does the girl was put on a plane and sent back more than six and a half years Does she first arrived in the? U S. we talked about the reasons why she left handers our family fled as the violence they face so do you know what's happened to her since she got there,
really worried about that, and it took me weeks to track down and out on the show you the first thing. I found that made it clear to me that the girl is not safe and on dude us when Her family members sent me a couple of greeny cellphone videos, so I'm watching now What also is this her this is this is the girl. Is a growing been talking about for all this time, applause. something wrong with her leg. Well, She doesn't have any shoes on she's, getting something out her face he can tell her faces bloody. She might be spinning outline
What happened to someone close to her Peter up pretty. badly and there's some people standing around her and then a bit you'll be able to see some more people they're just neighbours this this community in this very, very rural area. Right and they're, just really worried for her and they're kind of describing what in that that she's been beaten and she's she's, homeless, she's on the street. You know so this the little girl gets taken into? U S custody when she's. Ten years old, thus her around throughout the country to different temporary shelters, including one dead, drugged children without the proper
of their guardians or parents, and then we send her back to Honduras places she hasn't been, since she was ten years old and hands, are being homeless and beaten in the rural areas of honduras- and I guess we want what responses lady: does the United States government have to this young lady and wet responsible he does society have to this girl. Absolutely we, as reporters Senator Marquis, Secretary it Jonathan Hayes Shelter she's been in every one: has so many parts and all of this, and yet she till in horrible situation, so
I know that's not the question that you asked, but it's when I keep thinking about is like this the idea of lake slipping through the courts. no matter how much people are trying to hold up their little parts. You can still wind up with this kind of situation and its also, now the situation. If the life this is she's tell her child. You know I got a bunch of numbers to try and reach the girl, and one day, someone certain number I'd cod men times before a woman Certain she told me that she knew the girl and that she would go and get her for me, They go back. You cheesy Mona Sclerosis saloon and is good, Ok, my bed
that phone number, those called I've tried to well. That number many times must have called. hundred tat. I don't know many times and she just picked up. she said that I should call back in about twenty or thirty minutes. She is gonna go and get the girl am bring her over so that I can talk to her so we're just can be really anxious for the half hour
the girl ass. How I am we're not just say the emperor s day by day. The broken by that point was condemning Kemal get gap, a shadow and they tell her, I've been really worried about her because I heard things were going pretty badly for her with her mom bid on, not simply so that they might be in, but I don't know, maybe things were going really well, and she says yeah. Some things have happened here. When we come back, we'll find out more about what life has been like in Honduras for the girl, this is reveal from the sun. four investigative reporting and p r exe
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from the centre for investigative reporting of key are ex? This is reveal a mallet trump administration. Officials have said that migrant children who end up in immigration custody should be released, was sponsor as quickly as possible. The reporter out at Bergamo that data from the Office of Refugee resettlement that shows that, over the last six years, more than twenty five thousand kids have been held longer than a hundred dates and about a thousand has been more than a year in this kind of custody. Today, outer has been telling us about one of those children, a girl kept in immigration, custody for almost half her life and then deported to Honduras, and out of it, You ve seen some troubling size at the girl is not safe there. What happened when you finally spoke to her on the phone
I already knew some of the information that she shared with me, but hearing it straight from her is just a totally different experience. I recorded myself collecting on our conversation right after an going through the highlights they feel like the girl, has incredibly lucid moments and a really sharp memory furs. Some of what happened and other moments where I'd just doll now that we're really on the same page about even what we're talking about. We talked in English a little bit her English is. You know I had a very positive starting level, the blue the Bunyan she says she does,
read a little bit and she can. You know she's like trying to write. yeah. Why what are your still sitting here with leak There are so many people there's her family. Here in North Carolina and her brother in Massachusetts, and her family and unload ass, and then all of the caretakers that have You know, come in contact with her Don't worry, I'm iberian, She was eventually told that she wasn't gonna be able to be reunited with her family in the Carolina because they had too many kids there.
Ga I mean I am yeah, I'm not gonna. Let me call me running on which to make that more than that. I value the required before and then she said, she just started having outbursts and having to go to the hospital when she was in Massachusetts. Goodbye I feel it I've been seeing with the story for about a year almost a year, the. I've heard little versions of that, but her families memory of what happened. When is not always the sharpest- and this is also a family that was fleeing violence. Read this brutal death of a family members put on
earn his leave, they ve been through so much trauma and undo this and in Mexico and in the United States and so and so to hear it from her is just. It's hard, it's hard to hear it. on one hand. After talking to her, I know her some answers, but it also raised other questions like Why would she be told that her family North Carolina couldn't take her when I know the other kids were released to the same house, old, where the only am I an app lived. You mentioned earlier that She had spent time in the Shiloh Treatment Centre, a government checked herself refused in the houses, immigrant kids, you reporting show
the facility forcibly drug kids without consent from their families. Did she say anything about her time, their yeah my ass, you're about Shiloh. Therefore, that's gone this palace and Shiloh and they have- and I was pretty shot when she told me she really liked it there, may I she says she was good they're, not the people helped her stop cutting herself, which is a big deal. It's definitely the first time. I've heard a child have anything nice to say about this facility, but I think the context here is a lot of her memories are in places like this. This girl has been through but both in the? U S and in Honduras, were you able to learn anything about her mental health? While I was able to obtain a site, logical evaluation. It's it's a pretty thorough document and I learned that the girl is disabled and she is at risk for beef.
manipulated or exploited by others. The value action measured her ability to function and communicate in daily life and she score extremely low and a psycho just noted that her scores were likely inflated because of the data they structure she had in the shelter programme? I rejected girls name and shared the evaluation with a developmental psychologist whose specializes and let the next teens and how a child's environment impacts their achievement. Her name is doctor days. become much Thomson. The first thing take away is that this is a person with disabilities. They her living skills and she's, able to do that very well, and so this is a person who is Risk for not being able to take care of herself completely doktor, Camacho Thompson. Put it this way, even in the best of circumstances, the girl would still need some
Dan shall support to be able to really set the foundational skills that help people. Now forget the world how to solve a problem How to communicate with adults have expressed her feelings: how to have close relationships with other people like how to Frankie all, relationships. It doesn't sound like in these centres. You have the ability to do those things and there's not much. Space four negotiation thinking critically, solving problem, because there aren't really problems for you to solve sue. It sounds like what she saying is the girl never got a chance to develop really basic life skills. She was in immigration custody for so long yeah, that's the thing she met all of these micro moments. That's what Doktor Camacho Thomson called them. She was never able to be a teenager outside.
Of an institution, so she missed all those little moments. You have during your adolescence that ultimately determine how you learn, how to be a human being in the world. So if you do game that skill it's going to be very difficult, for you yet it later Doktor, Camacho Thompson, says the self harm the outburst There are understandable responses to trauma in all of the circumstances, that she's dealing with it all feels adaptive that she reacted in this over way where she had to be institutionalized, because every moved her from the problem, so now that the girls back and endorse what has a future look like,
When I reached her the aftermath that you saw in that grainy cellphone video she's been staying with different people ever since she is essentially homeless, she's suffered violence and which she made clear throughout our conversation is that she needs help. you're gonna about that. I'm not gonna die see and those I've always as it does so, no let alone a gala day community comment, but a command than ever OPA. I'm asking her the basics. She needs a place to stay food to eat the shining I she says she has no clothes he's been getting close from another house because she has nothing who yeah go hungry earlier? Oh
she's, as someone from the church saw. Are all dirty eating food from the trash from ST she's shoe, listen and abused, but Dennis she's retelling this this really hard moment she has the sort of joking exam great a tone she's like see I was dirty, and it's one of these more. And since our conversation as were waiting through all this really tough stuff that she was able to just be light and full of teen energy. When I asked her a locked in a sort of law, not lead sociology personal Facebook Goya see if she had social media accounts. This is no she's not on Facebook or on any social media. So I asked ass. He said
My computer loader have you ever used a computer, and she says yes, this way, that's like how low out, of course, I've used a computer, but then she said that happened dude us and never in the? U S and you know, he's been through a lot, but she still so charming and funny. She has Games and ideas about the future she told me He's thinking about moving to Mexico or meeting her aunt and living by a beach- and she says turn over there to the? U S, I go to the: U S again, yeah You can't leave me alone.
but she says look on do this is pretty much home. I have my people, my friends, people who care about We say goodbye and she wishes me well, and I tell her to take care of herself a white man. They agree that they agree that there and to please not then yes not hurt her the European Union's. These stories are so hard We want to know what happens, but we find out its is really devastating yeah, I've been working on this story for about a year, you always think someone gonna do something about these kids secretary These are an immigration judge of Congressperson, a government worker. All of these people touch this girl's case
She still spent her childhood cut off from her family and an immigration custody and ultimately deported to danger would haunts me is all of the other kids in these records, the more than two hundred and sixty five thousand children who have been held by the refugee agency since October. Twenty fourteen- especially the nearly one thousand migrant kids more than a year and shelters thanks for bringing us their story, think so. That reveals Rebecca five days on the story, girl reveal news dot org.
Thanks reveals Melissa, Louis for analysing the data on how long migrant kids are kept in immigration custody and a huge shut out to our Council Victoria, Bear Nevsky who found the lawsuit to obtain those records with the help of our former First Amendment fellow Rachel Brook today, so was produced by Jenny Causes and Wilson Sayer. Our executive power Sir Kevin Sullivan edited the show thanks managing editor, Andy Donoghue Data, editor Sue, oh and executive editor, Esther Kaplan. We had a deal production help from Brett Simpson. Energy will mean who's been filling in as our production manager for the past few months, Amy Mostar, four joins us this week as our full time production manager we're going to do. Bob Amy score and sound designed by the dynamic dual J Breezy Pester, Jim Briggs, Fernando my man, YO, Aruba, R, C eels Crystal sharper met subsidies are editor in chief and our free music, by Colorado lightning support
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