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Captain Boycott

2019-04-04 | 🔗

Before there were boycotts, there was Captain Boycott. Meet the man who gave name to a new kind of protest.

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From the centre for investigative, aborting and or ex this is reveal analysis. This is the sound of wrapper. Fifty cent lighting a gucci t shirt on fire. This was, after Gucci, put out a black sweater with big red lips that look a lot like blackberries fifty cent, another celebrities like repartee I've were calling for boycott we'd, all after all, still like us? But what we do have the new stuff, Spain and other remaining. Would people who go continue to give you re ass? The case? It's been a big year for boycotts from Gucci to Starbucks Nike to the Superbowl, and he got his thinking. Where does the word boycott come from anyway, so we started looking into it turns out. It goes back to one man, Charles Cunning,
M boycott a k, a captain boycott use an Englishman living in Ireland in the late eighteen, hundreds when all of Ireland was ruled by England and the irish countryside was divided in a way that was almost mediaeval. Yet poor peasant who lived off the land, and then you can reach landlords who owned the land. Captain boycott was right in the Middle review reporter stand out. Corn has his story. Captain boycott was barely a captain, his parents bottom a spot in the british Army and he quit after just two years at age. Twenty spent the rest of his life farming tracing and doing the job that would make him famous collecting rent as the agent for a Lamb board. Won't two thousand acres on Ireland's West post. I wanted to see that land still the houses and boggy fields for myself, but my boss wouldn't pay for the plane ticket? So, instead I started calling up people who live there
I found a lot of them know the story of Captain boycott as part of their family history high its Elaine faded away. Nocturnes ancestors were farmers who paid rent boycott my grandmother, you, don't say they were hard times, but nobody knew any better because it everything was very equal back. Then, if you were running short of milk one day you knew you could go to the neighbour and you'll be given milk and in exchange you'd give back eggs the following day. Everybody want is the same thing for everybody else. They just want is a fair rent but what seemed fair to farmers depended on the harvest and in eighteen. Seventy nine that potato crop was the worst in the decade there were reports of starvation and a fear that the great famine that had killed one out of every ten people in Ireland just a generation earlier, was about to repeat itself. So captain boycotts tenants got together and sent me
said to his mansion, lock mask house asking him to lower the rent by twenty five percent. We said no and he had the local process server. That's basically the official court mess start serving them with eviction papers. He went house to house with an armed guard of eighteen police officers. What seem to have kicked it offers when they try to deliver innovation are, did it delivered eviction noses to and a widow according to the local paper, the widow told them. You will not serve my house as long as I have life in my body. The story goes that she had a red flag once she raised the red flag on the way, and children came out from behind the bushes and basically just started Paulsen, Both the server with stones and the kind of drove A way back to Mask house the next day, a crowd of
to be a hundred men, women and children. Swarmed a hill near Boycotts House, it looked like things were about to get violent, yeah and from my understanding, I think Father John Molly kept control on us. If anyone can control the crowd It was father, John, oh Molly, the parish priest, whose influence you can see in the rough, limestone church he built where today, father, petty Gilligan has taken its place on the wall next to the altar. There's a small bronze plaque fur, your genome? Very simple? You will be forever remembered: the faithful priest and defender of his people's right and very hard and trying times- and I say this- that was certainly the mood of the people you know. Can you compare the role that that heap
I had in the community at that time, with the role that you play now review. To contrast, rather than compare, I think, while Father Gilligan speaks gently about building Community Father, o Maui, gave fiery speeches, warning landlords wanted to annihilate the irish people. He was their local, leader of a political movement sweeping the irish countryside called the land leak that saw the fight for the rights of irish farmers as the first battle in a war for irish independence, but he didn't want it to be an towards war around that time there were quite a number of incidents where the agents of landlords who are trying to collect Rynch were actually mergers. So he tried to persuade them to make their protests were to make peacefully, and he had a specific protests. Tactic in my
and one that had just been laid out in a speech by the president of the Land League Charles Stuart per now. His speech was reenacted. In that one thousand nine hundred and forty seven movie captain boycott at the speech has climaxed Parnell asked the crowd if a landlord evicts a farmer? What should you do if another farmer helps the Lamb, by taking over the evicted man's leaves, I think I heard someone say showed him. That is a very much better way, more christian and charitable way you much sun on the roadside. When you meet him in the streets of a town in the shop on the fair, green and in the marketplace, and even in the hearts of working by isolating him from his kind as if you were a level of all you do. Is you made it? the bondage. There will be, no man, so we're lost the same as to dare to
the cold, accusing finger of public. Scorn and shunning these the weapons of the land League and Father O Maui helped to convince his parish to use them on captain boycott, apparently he'd be walking down the street and he'd be shown a lane knocked and again no one spoke to him. The postman refused to deliver his pulse. Every single person participates agenda like he was completely left on his own down there. The blacksmith wouldn't shoot Horses, the baker wouldn't make him bread. Not only did the farmers refused to pay him rent for their land, they wouldn't do any work on captain boycotts far which left him with acres of potatoes and turnips that were about to rot in the ground until in a plot twist in the movie version. That also really happened. What,
wrote a letter to the Times of London. Where found a more sympathetic, english audience extra. Bring clinical boy got out in the West of Ireland. There aren't any help: We still see his neighbors and let, as boycott story, spread fifty british loyal from Northern Ireland volunteered to come help of the harvest and the british government then with an armed guard of hundreds of british soldiers. Didn't I tell you that large will fight to the last drop of the other pillar. Sweat reporters came from all across Europe to watch them dig up. Captain boycotts tubers the so called boycott relief expedition worked but was expensive. It made no sense. Like its reports at half past five thousand thanks
five hundred euros worth of crop boycott couldn't afford another harvest like that. So when the army laughed so did he the shining it worked? It was quite simple: effective, as captain boycott fled. The word boycott was just getting started credit for coining. It typically goes to two men, Father John, oh Molly, and pertains Redpath, an american journalist according to local lore, it happened, a short muddy, walk from Father, a malaise church in a house, Now a stone ruin covered in like it in an ivy, when the commission, Joe Greeny, was born in this house, as was his mother and his grandmother, and his great gray mother now we're gonna do what used to be the kitchen, and he believes great aunt of his
a room to Father. Oh Molly, right sitting here in this room inside that windows, for where further amount would sleep that was the bedroom. When I was a child where my grandfather and grandmother would sleep and left her. That was a little country. We called us, We left a bag of flour and all wet courts and the dogs leapt into such a centre. And if you look, there's one stone: they are has an angle was a lovely little torn on us. That is more so the stolen there were sickness the day the father and money used the word, in Jos, telling father, oh Molly, was talking to the journalist about another landlord, a man named Brown. Let's get brown, let's do what they did to boycott. Let's do a boycott job on this brown. That's what we're gonna do we're gonna brown. That's the storm that were most likely sitting as executive. That fireplace in their boycott was catchy
and father. Oh Molly saw that by putting it in the newspaper, James Redpath, the journalist could help it catch on all across the country. Like a nineteenth century, Ash tag. He saw him is the modern day twitter order. Then Facebook, where I can get our message from this little village to the world a year later, there had been more than a thousand recorded cases of boycotting in Ireland, but tenant farmers winning millions of pounds and lower rents the year after that, the word boycott was in dictionary in the U S and it was being used in France than airlines, Germany and Russia in the place. The word was born. People are proud of this history, but not everyone asked local produce. Her dear me, Macintyre to knock on the door of captain boycotts Old mansion low. There I'd wait,
American radio station, the current occupant is the grandson of the man who moved in after captain Boycott left his name's John Daily he's nearly ninety and he has a dissenting view on boycott. The say is good for the jolly well, I have to say it you're, the first person I've ever mesh, whose that seems to be the nice guy, because this story, you know that you want to make sure we do not want to school and the first thing. The changes by culture is a bad men want the money from the tenants. He was. This lose nothing when he was. It was an air of its current, the teacher you know, but I couldn't see that's it. I like.
Could have no one to do to John Daily Captain Boycott was just doing his job working for the landlord. Was it fair? What happened when I wouldn t give fair but whose, if you like to cite the tires, that's the way it was and we are taken over the mob mob love. You like this view that boycotts are a threat to the rule of law. Was there from the beginning Britain's Prime Minister at the time? called boycotting intimidation for the purposes of destroying the private liberty of choice by fear of ruin and starvation, and it wasn't just the English. The first digital opinion in the? U S. To use the word boycott. Eighteen. Eighty seven upheld the charge of criminal conspiracy for passing out leaflets for a boycott against a publishing company, a judge.
The boycott power outside of law and said that, like the taste of human blood by tigers, it creates an unimpeachable appetite for more part of why the original irish boycott authors are mostly seen as rose today and not what thirsty tigers. Is it mob. Law eventually became actual law a few decades later, Ireland, one its independence and the new Irish, restate took farmland away from absentee landlords and gave it to their old tenants. Few acres of the old boycott they went to a lane Nocturnes family, so my mother family would allow some of us and then
Are you the land and around? It is alarmed by neighbours. Alene is proud of our ancestors, but she's never taken part in a boycott herself haven't had meteors just what do you think it would take to to make you join in a boycott? What would it take what it I suppose it was comment to a point where I was losing. My home people around me. We're losing their homes, then certainly yeah yeah, you can imagine start in some There were a revolutionary boycott or whatever I just don't think. He'd know where to start today, people are losing their homes. Today, it's just that it's often some international bank, doing the Alexa and what do they care if one small town shuns them stops paying rent
but then again small town shining. That's not what most boycotts are today and said that they're people all over the world making individual gestures of solidarity that they hope add up to something greater the words the same, but the boycott like the world has changed, those are reels sand, Alcor, withheld from producer dear MID Mcintyre in Ireland, special thanks to Brand Casey. The peace was edited by Genji in our production, manages and achieve a meaning or sound design team is the dynamic dual J breezy. Jim Briggs, Fernando my man, YO a router that help this week from Catherine Raimondo in Caitlin Bans are CEO, Christa Sharper Metoxen Thompson is our editor in chief executive producers, Kevin Solvent a theme is, is by coming,
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