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Coming Soon: When They Took My Son

2018-09-27 | 🔗

At 7 years old, Wilson was taken from his mother as part of the Trump administration’s policy of family separation this summer. Our next show tells you what happened to him.

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Hey this zealots- and I want to tell you about a special episode- reveal that will releasing. On Saturday this summer we ve covered how president trumps immigration policy was separating children from their parents. We ve been investigating it ever since and found that ice officials weren't the only ones separating family, so was a private company and they broke the rules by sometimes holding children, not shelters, but in office buildings. That's what happened to seven year old Wilson they asked well send to do was to draw me pictures of where he was kept. So let me show you a few of those says Wilson's first trying for me, and this is where he describes as where he slept in our fist. Very abstract children's are, but you can sort of sea, I get it. These are like the sleeping bags or or the bugs there were and yeah. Those are. The mad serve me mattresses that they had on the floor. There are eight of them this one.
Him and a friend this is a drawing that Wilson says, is him and someone else who was in this office building with him washing their hair in the sink allows? I say he says that the office where he slept with the same place where he washed his hair in in the sink and he pushes around the sink because there wasn't a shower there to help rosy in this office. So he was my office for two days and on the third day he got move to a shelter. He drew me picture of what it was like when he pray for his mommy told me. They aim to pray for his mom all the time and the way he did it is. He would
himself into bed in place himself under a blanket and then under the blanket pray for his doesn't let them live around here. The rest Wilson story this Saturday on reveal to make sure you don't miss an episode. Click subscribe, one apple, podcast, sticker or anywhere. You listen apart. Gas.
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