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2020-04-11 | 🔗

Social distancing, hand-washing and self-isolation are supposed to keep us safe from the coronavirus. But if you’re locked up in an immigrant detention center, it’s impossible to follow those rules. 

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Before we get started today. I just want to acknowledge what its the time this is for so many people and let you know that, all of us here reveal are doing everything possible right now. Bring you shows the feel vital in current in response to the corona Vires reveal is part of a nonprofit news organization, we depend on support from our members who are listeners just like you recently I had the chance to call up one of reveals, youngest members, whose names Ellie he started. Listening to show with his mom on the way home from swim practice, and eventually he asked her if he could use money from his allowance to help support what we do. Our hello Elliot, yeah hi. This is a lesson from the centre for investigating reporting in p.
Ex how you doing. Then. I heard that you are a member of reveal that you donate to his every month why I just want to call unsafe. Thank you. I think it is so amazing trees. Do that here? How old are you yet? years old. That's amazing do do you have a favorite episode, though, on the high, a smile, oh yeah, about Amazon right You are a very handsome young man and you just totally made my data totty. Thank you. Can you just say there is always more to the story. They always like sky Bam Elliot. You are excellent. I really appreciate you thank you for being a member. So much I I Hey how much it means to me very welcome buddy. You have a good day
about Elliott, like all of our reveal members, helps make this show possible if you are a member yet and have the means to help. Please show us your support to become a member just text. The word reveal two hundred and forty seven, four thousand seven hundred and forty seven again text reveal two hundred and forty seven, four thousand seven hundred and forty seven. Thank you and remember. The only way forward is together. From the centre for investigative reporting in p r ex. This is reveal time allocated the other week, reveal reporter lore morale did something a lot of us are doing these days. She made a video call. But you didn't you zoom or face time or house party. She was using
a video visitation app to connect to a group of men at the Pine Prairie creation Detention Centre in Louisiana, the APS name is getting out, which is almost too fitting Not only is it one of the few windows to the outside world for many immigrant detainees today they were using it to hold a kind of protests. Press conference in getting out is exact What they were demanding on this and were men in White tee shirts, with gray sweaters, packed into a tiny dorm lined with bunk beds, and they were holding up these white blankets because they dont have access to paper. To put together in a like, regular signs, you'd see at a protest he's got the blinkered signs were washed out by the bright fluorescent lights, so they took turns reading them to the screen.
What if I were you I know so almost all man, please help us were human beings. They said someone help us someone here s your body or a global vision. Well and there we don't the die locked up of covert nineteen. There are more than two million people and prisons jails in detention centres across the United States. While the government tells those of us on the outside stay away from each other to avoid spreading the corona vires people who are locked up a force to be together and the first outbreaks and the first steps already happening the men who have been video chatting with Laura from the detention centre. They came to. The United States request silent. They ended up in danger because they were looking for safety. One of those men is men well Rodriguez, Luis Manuel
is very like, despite the situation that he's in right now he was. Are you smiling like he always greeted me very kindly. He came from Cuba and back home. He used to be a bar tender, so he picked up some English while serving hello where you from My name is one. When you sit there and the last couple of years he was facing increased harassment
government authorities on the islands, because Manuel was pretty work all pretty girl about his opposition to the Communist party. He told me that he had been harassed and assaulted a couple times which forced him to make the decision to to leave Cuba and come to the United States, while the United States in particular, because he has a girlfriend here. The first my mind I say he's a smile and his eyes: yeah he's a space. For me, her name is media and they met. While she was on vacation in Cuba. Manuel leaves Cuba. He travels all the way to the: U S border, where he asked for asylum and once he's in custody, he calls his girlfriend meta. Ah, he call me down. Save me, I'm here, United States. Do you remember the first phone call when he was detained
yes, I remember, but at this moment I dont have of fear- I mean it says that she wasn't scared. She thought that Manuel would be released right away and and we re think manuel- would be released right away, because that's how was so it you. To be that asylum seekers would arrive at the border and after a few days they would be released with the court date and even if they did, and up and ice detention, they could be released under something called parole. But under the Trump Administration, that's not really happening any more, so in the region where men all is being held, the southern Poverty LAW centre is suing because the percentage of people being released dropped to Here's zero and the number has slightly improved in the last few months since the Us Plc got involved with this loss
but the number is still and the load doubled digits. These then increase but it would suit pricing change. One of the lawyers and the case is victoria- Miss I Strada when we know that ten years ago, ninety four the individuals were being granted for all we are still, way behind wired. The number should be so there's been a huge drop in how many people are getting paroled out of immigration detention, where does that leave men? Well, in his girlfriend, Mary Manuel has actually apply at four per all multiple times and he's been denied each time the lighter give power or you may ice ice, doesn't like to give pearl. Now. Manuel is in Louisiana, and media
in Florida and how they have right now is phone calls, and video chat is very, very hard situation, and now, on top of that, you ve got the corona foreigners yeah. This has been incredibly stress for further, both of them when a rifle united stay there could honour light is the first case I think, oh, my god, imagine all big persons inside with back condition with but cleaning,
Seventy person, eighty percent together, if not good and their worries, are actually becoming sort of a reality. Now, because we found out recently that one person tested positive inside the detention centre where Manuel is being held, he hasn't heard much from officers inside an so he's just doing his best to wash his hands and make sure that he covers his mouth with his teacher whenever he has to step outside of his room. Ah my heard from another detainees: works in the kitchen that he has to wipe down the tables in the cafeteria area and he's not provided with disinfectant he's literally using a cloth that he what's with water, and that's it that's all they have.
We are hearing the same reports and other detention centres around the country, so lawyers around the country are trying to get people out of ice detention and among them is Victoria. They filed an emergency motion to try to get the release of asylum seekers across Louisiana and a few other states, because one of the criteria daddy's. I then fire on the eyes sparkled directive from two thousand and nine is that individuals should be re. Lease on their part. All it is in the public interest of this country and certainly a stop in the corona virus, spread ace in the public interest of the United States, so were asking they George to proactively or their eyes too, but their job? And what's ices response to all of this, then what
I've been doing to deal with the growth of ours outbreak, so in the last few weeks, eyes has taken some actions. They cancelled social visits at detention, centres, Dave scaled down on arrests, and we also learned that there are starting to release detainees who would be vulnerable to the virus and, as of the end of March, Dave released a hundred and sixty people. But you also have to keep in mind that there is more than thirty five. I was in people in ice custody and a lot of the immigrant rights advocates and human rights organizations. I spoke to said that ice could be releasing a lot more people. I also spoke to a former head of ICE John Sand Wegg, and he agrees with them or know from experience at least more than half the people in ice detention have not, amid a serious crime and there's no other evidence depots. Public safety. Let's go ahead, those people out of custody reduce the threat to the ice off an agents, make it easier for our demands of attention.
Population is also combat the crisis, even if you, immigration hawk nothing. I am saying, should frightened you, so what is it and where does that, leave men well in meeting, so I called my all the day after ice announced that someone had tested positive and pine prairie, which is where Manuel is being held. And he told me to come all this in this house- that he was really stressed out- that this case confirms his fears that the virus is inside, this facility and he's even more worried now. So Manuel is waiting and he's gonna keep waiting until either ice makes a decision, or maybe this court case decides what his future is. Gonna look like, and there are thousands of other people just like Manuel who are
waiting in these facilities around the country. Waiting to see what's gonna happen to them. Next, There was more morale. Immigration the Porter S, reveal as of a belief. Thirty, two detainees and eleven staff members, an ice detention centres had confirmed cases of covert nineteen. During this pandemic, migrant children in custody are facing some of the same dangers as adults. The federal government keeps kids and shelters as they wait to be reunited with relative or other adult was answer them. The government's Office of Refugee resettlement decides, if and when they give released, reveals out of a ghetto has learned about a unique case involving a sixteen year old boy originally from Guatemala. So out what's happening with him now he's a victim of labour trafficking and we have agreed not to name him to protect
privacy he's been in the? U S for a year. Moving from sheltered a shelter now with the pandemic, he's stuck in a shelter cod, be Cfcs, Fairfield in California, despite having a sponsor one who's, not related to the child, but a family who wants to take him in. I spoke with his attorney regards though they and their she's out all for a special visa abandoned in traffic child. But she's out of detention through contacts in the face Community than they found a family in Minnesota that wants to sponsor the boy they have to adopt children. Already the boys birth parents have signed off. He really wants it to, but the sponsorship was denied by the refugee agency. The email we obtained about this makes clear that the refugee agency didn't even consider the application. So now the child remains an indefinite attend
just Araby is under constant watch every little thing. Maybe it does every temperature and trembled it may throw ends up being a major event for sixteen year old. It's just depressing. It's very rare agency releases, a child to sponsor that's, not related in that they haven't. But it has happened so now the child is suing the federal government for his release. This lawsuit is really time sensitive right, yes, the period for which will be eligible. For a special immigrant juvenile visa, which is a pathway to citizenship, runs out in about a year when he turns eighteen, wise. The agency will likely turned him over to ice detention, but of course it's also sensitive now because of the pandemic loads, almost impossible to speak with kids who were in the shelters, but you got to talk to
recently? That's the it was actually through his lawyer. We did a three way call, and I got to talk to him for about thirty minutes, which is a lot more Then I had hoped to get ok powder. Ana Gomes does, I feel, like it's. You know, like any conversation, that an adult is gonna how, with this exceed your home for the first time you know, whatever It was time, even if it was yes or no or very short answers. It's helpful just to get an idea of what things are like inside. Get there who had on football location on if we're, ok, but he opened up a lot more than I thought that he would he's indigenous his mom originally what the Mila he groped near the border with Mexico he's smart kid. He speaks
indigenous language MA. Am he speak Spanish He speaks some English with we kind of like did a little bit of English back and forth to do I want that our winning this. How are you today? Where are you from? Yes, what they're gonna hit? He like recited the abc to me every day and opaque, and this is another thing that we know about: prolong the pensioners, others usually omega three months cycle for learning, and so he's probably just learned the same things over and over again and his men for a year. This thing that is really sticks with me. He said something like any others good days in theirs bad days, and so I asked him what
good day was he's like a good days is going out. The world is like having ice cream. We went somewhere where, where there were stores and just out in the world. Galina DNA Much later asked them like all. What's a bad day go, this is a highly, but I was we're going its in life. We can't cloud counterparts when it rains and no effort for a kid, and federal custody and is like stuck in this shelter. He could have an
that so many ways, but I think it's something. That's like such a simple pleasure that all of us are deprived from right. Now he is able to go outside and play football player. Like soccer rate, this facility can hold eighteen kids, but there's only three kids there. Now I cannot think kids playing soccer seems like a tough game like how do you do that and he's a goal? You know there were other staffers that played with us and so he described six people who are playing soccer and they played a fifteen minute long game. A vast, be Cfcs, Fairfield, shelter, I've, I've, asked headquarters, switches and Texas and have asked are the federal refugee agency about why
it is. The kids are still playing contacts words during the pandemic and no one's gone back to me about it. He did say like. Oh, I wash my hands twice during that game. He knows he supposed to wash his hands off then he's saying that you know they watch tv every nine they try to be six feet apart. You mentioned a couple of case managers. He mentioned two cooks that come in and out. He has a teacher he a school every day. He comes into contact with more than a dozen people, each and every single day. People who aren't worrying mass who aren't wearing gloves, and so those are a dozen people who then are interacting with the whole bunch of other people in Fairfield, California, thereby wig exponentially increasing the risk in it just doesn't have to be that way, and at an for him in particular, like he has a willing.
Sponsor. My name is Bryce Tache Eyelid in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Bryce and husband already adopted two kids. They definitely seem to want him and he definitely seems to want to be there, our first video chat he was able to meet my husband. My boy is our dog's kind of gave him a tour of the house in the neighborhood. We had snow out at the time. I don't think he'd ever seen snow before and letting you know you he play soccer, there's soccer fields that are just the block from our house. I'm just trying to help him to you know, get some sense of what that might look like the kids, birth parents wherein, whether my lad, if they didn't raise him, but they signed off on this family sponsoring him. You know we're not naive. We know that in a given the tree maybe he's, experienced and is continuing to experience it? There's gonna be a difficult transition period.
We do know he would be safe, he'd be able to have regular contact with his family in Guatemala. My hope is that any judge would see that all makes sense right that that's my hope Any reporters continue that it's really difficult to speak with children who are inside of these shelters. I asked him is tying him about the radio show a nose like you know, just a lot of people in the United It's in general. All I want to know what's going on with kids like you, and what would you wanna tell them and he's a clue? I just want people
know that I want to be out in the United States, and I want to go to school, and I want to study- and that was another thing that is really stuck with me because he's in the United States, but you stuck in the system, where do things stand now? What's gonna happen with a sixteen year old boy, the child's attorney is asking the court to compel the refugee agency to consider the sponsors application. It could move fairly quickly and its possible that he's released in in the near future. But for now he does the same thing he's been doing for a year. He waits
those out of a god. Oh thank you. Thank you. How, while the corona Vires, continues to throw people and systems into crisis mode all over the world? There are other massive global issues like climate change and haven't gone away up. Next, we go to a village in Alaska, TAT could be underwater and just five years, you're listening to reveal From the centre for investigating, reporting and p r ex this is reveal a mallet for years the federal government has been planning for pandemic. Like the Koran.
Buyers even running elaborate drills for scenario just like the one we are now still federal officials were caught flat footed when this pandemic actually hit national stockpiles of medical supplies like masks and ventilators were inadequate, not to mention communication breakdown between states in various federal agencies, and all of this has me thinking about another looming crisis and how prepared we are to deal with it, whether it's more intense wildfires, increasingly dangerous hurricanes food, Insecurity, climate change poses one of the greatest challenges we face, which brings us to a story. We first aired. Last spring we went to a tiny coastal village in Western Alaska. Above the arctic circle, a village that could be underwater in less than a decade. It's called carefully
Kids are the first thing you notice in Cuba, Lena they play outside. They ride all over on snowmobiles in four wheelers. They seem to be everywhere. What are they doing here? That's reporter Emily Swing, you're playing one plain higher than vampires in humans are their vampires in Kivu, Billina, no displaying you're just saying: ok, the village sits on a sliver of sand and gravel it's a barrier. I will just eight hundred feet wide and about half a mile long with water. On each side. Lagoons is to the east and then a vast stretch of trees, tundra, enrolling, snowy hills to the west. Is the chuck Cheesy the winter, the deep blue black waters covered a nice and extends to the horizon? Has a microphone riot
now, don't you look you blow my you? If you do that, you I'm listening, so it hurts my ears had alone. Would tell me your name. I mean this the ice acts like a buffer. It protects the village from storms, but in a warm and climate there's not much ices. They used to be reformed later in the fall and melt earlier in the spring, allowing giant waves, the pommel the ILO. So bit by bit. Flooding and erosion or swallowing give Lena and the lives of a few hundred people live here, including these kids are in danger The last point I dont know: let's find you a thing for me: I do. I not me. I know it is a good sign. My last point- Did you hanging out were there
The surest way to keep people safe, just move them permanently to relocate. The village in fact resident here, have been asking the federal government for help with that, since at least the nineteen sixties, Emily is in Kiev Alina to find out why, more than fifty years later, that still hasn't happened? I bump, along in the back of a four wheeler behind Kelly Holly. Thirty years old and a mother of five. She has been ground, cheeks, jewish, think overalls, and she drives pretty just about a quarter, El, from the centre of the village. We stop. So Kelly can show me where her aka is buried hence grandmother and a new black. The indigenous language people speak here, busy quiet woman hours there
is to be cut in cariboo teaming up. I have lots of stories, but I dont know what to tell on this side of the landing strip. Rows of wooden crosses spoke out of the snow they cast shadows in the springtime son. Oh there she is. Llewelyn highly CO, Uk I was born in nineteen twenty four year and her daughter, is our here, my dad sister Eel stock. I guess this is to say your whole family here Nearly everyone in Kivu, Billina is alaskan native a new back. They ve lived in this region, the land for more than ten thousand years huntings a way of life, The main source of meat seals caribou all kinds of fish I may does that make you said to think that in a hundred years may be all these sites may be gone. It could have ways sooner: the? U S, army
revenge and estimates that by twenty twenty five all of Kivu Lena could the entirely underwater and a big storm Kelly's ancestors didn't choose to live here, at least not per currently the incipient used spend summers intense along Carolinas Beach. They go fishing and take boats across the lagoon to pick bear Greece and when winter said in they'd move Inland Todd Caribou for food, in other words, they were semi nomadic, but in One thousand nine hundred and five the federal government build a school on the island, and parents were threatened with jail time or losing their kids altogether if they didn't send them to school ever since people have lived, This tiny spit of sand and gravel We take Kelly's break
read for Wheeler a few hundred feet around the active runway to wear the chuck GC meets the island. Last fall storm brought gale force, wins Kelly, says giant waves, wrote it an enormous piece of the beach bout, twenty feet: high and fifteen feet of land going out or s. Ok, She raises her arms above her head to emphasize how big the waves got the piece of land that one away was about as long as a pickup truck and as wide the city boss. It came really close to the runway, move like five feet off the runway, so we're like great. There was scary, it was scarier. It wasn't too, where Have you, though, there is no evacuation plan that could quickly get people to higher ground nuts. Because the only way off the island is by boat or plain, which may not be possible during a big storm.
Kelly and I talk. The second airplane of the day- arrives with a mail delivery and food to keep the women your star, some of them Passengers are coming home from doctors, appointments in Anchorage, it's gonna. We are to be standing right here on the its march thing is buried under a thick crust of wind buffet snow. So I can't see the sand. Or the gravel that washed away, but there are hints at what happened. Cost giant sandbags, half the size of a small car peak out of the snow local volunteers used heavy machinery to pile them here years ago. In an effort to protect the runway You didn't like Kelly, have mixed feelings about what to do. I keep thinking like carbon double thoughts to move out of carefully now, but then my family here, so I never left.
I I'm not thinking to leave now, but I was thinking in the future. Maybe I should leaving as complicated imaginative entire community had to move How would you in your neighbors handle it? How would you do died where to rebuild everything. Schools, houses, local businesses, and how would you pay for it way up here? Construction costs of fortune People in Kiev Alina have been grappling with these issues for decades and working with state and federal agencies to come up with a plan find a place where people are safe. That also allows for to preserve their unique culture, but the price says is mired in red tape and bureaucracy, and the clock is ticking. I'm here to visit with your grandmother, Cecil Hokey loose
the items lives in a small gray house that overlooks the Chuck GC she's one of Kivu arenas few remaining elders outside the door, pulse, hangs in the wind next to that a rabbit pout and the Reddish Brown first, his skin cut from the lower legs of a caribou, the rest of Caribou is surely tucked away in a giant chest: freezer outside the door, Lucy said that our kitchen table in front of a sewing machine, slowly piecing, either a new lining for fur coat a party. She calls it She was born in nineteen, thirty, three, the coffee mug. The table says so aged to perfection. Do you think you have a good place now? feel safe. Living here on the island. I can understand you outta talk too fast
Lucy looks at me sideways, scratches up her nose and shakes her head. Her first language was not wash it was a new back. I was asking if you think that this the island is a good place to live or not Dave anymore. It's eroding it's getting small, it's not safe to live here. We always displayed. Be safe until there's a plan and government money to help relocate. The village Lucy is stuck stuck here where it no longer feel safe, but also stuck in limbo. It would be good to have a wide range of going back and forth to this wider to cook whilst this is given Lena has never had running water and since the village needs to be, located regional instead
leaders won't help install it on the island. This is the case with lots of infrastructure needs. Why beef up the sea build a new school or put in pipes for water system? If it's all going to Yeah you see and a lot of other people I talk with Catalina, are really frustrated. They have to keep going without without running water. Without enough housing without a school. That's big enough for all the kids who live here. By far, though the thing people are most frustrated about is that there are still here, living on this island where their lives are in danger. Milly Holly is Culino tribal administrator, our people have fought and fought and fought. Our parents and grandparents have thought and thought and discuss and discussing have meetings over time and again millions
this is straight. Her mood is dark. She seems exhausted for decades, she's been fighting to make relocation, happen day in and day out what the federal government's with local governments with the state. And Tom hey. We need help here when you guys caused us to know dear by calling our people to attend school here in the early two? Thousands she thought maybe give Alina was getting close to finding a way off the island, the whole village for at least a decade to agree on a new location. They finally came to a consensus on where They wanted to move, but the two thousand six report from the: U S,
the core of engineers called the site infeasible. You should have seen and heard carefully about than when they thought that document it was like. We had a funeral for at least seven years. We grew. There was no hope there was no, ah no more fight. Ah, I was dismal. The army core report describes the villages site as GEO Tat. Equally inappropriate and strategically problematic. In other words, the ground was unstable, mostly gravel, and, on top of that climate change into a road the land there too, but the report says the do nothing approach, wouldn't work either and says village, definitely needed to move and more than it get a girl that cost was estimated at two hundred seventy five million dollars. Republicans
early summer, Caskey of Alaska, says it's never been clear as where all that money might come from I plan may be identified, be practical fiscal a reality of how we implement that plan becomes a much greater challenge the money to move to Billina could be pulled from a tangle of state and federal agencies likely more than a dozen I've interviewed people from those agencies for this sorry. But I didn't get any clear answers about how kindliness relocation might happen. One agency. Fema even has emergency management in its title, but because of the way Congress allocates disaster response money, the agency doesn't seem fully equipped to respond to a slow moving design. Esther caused by thinning ice and sea level rise in the age of climate. And Senator Mc Caskey says things need to be streamlined in my
view. There is no at one agency that is in charge that makes this in larger problem when it's not coordinated. Residents of Kivu Billina could become some of America's first climate change refugees, but I won't be the last of the. U S. Government can't help keep these four hundred people above water. How will it respond as the climate crisis groves. What about when rising, sees threatened? Much larger cities like Miami Charm, Stan and New York. I just wanted to ask you if you think the federal government is ready and prepared. If something were to happen today to deal with, you know so called climate change refugees, I would say no direct answer is we are not, as a government prepared
I think most people would say no late in the afternoon, as the wind picks up in the snow begins to blow around. I find myself weigh up on a giant hill on the mainland across the lagoon from Kiev Alina Millie Holly and I drove about seven miles to get here from up here when they We came here on a brand new evaluation rode after years of fighting religious. Finally, getting one is still under destruction, but it could help solve another problem when its complete the road, to the site of a new school right where we're standing, mainly as it could be opened. My twenty twenty one place to think about Tom One day merely wants to see the entire village move up here, where it safe from the sea
Not everyone likes this location and there still no funding to make that happen in a week. Out of ways relocating give Alina is still just a dream, but millions feeling hopeful the first time in a long while You seem so excited, I, oh, my goodness. Because the One wonders: construction has been halted on Cuba, Lena's, evacuation, road, its anyone's guess when work might pick back up again reporter Emily swing. For that story, For next story, we board icebreaker to an article Nobody has been where we are now for her now. Go What no person has gone before in the name of climate science? That's next on reveal.
Yeah from the centre for investigative, aborting, MP or Ex this is reveal a mallet today show looks at some of our greatest challenges from the corona virus pandemic to melting threats posed by climate change. For last story, we travel to the bottom of a glowing.
And this is penguins nearby fleets. Glacier fleets is a huge glacier. More than half a mile thick and the size of great Britain and is no surprise, is melting. Many scientists are predicting. The fleets may be doomed to crumble into the ocean. If that happens, global sea levels could rise up to two feet just from this one glacier, but that's not even the baddies, because this glacier is holding back another colossal. She of ice kind of like a cork in a wine bottle. If all of its slips into the ocean sea levels could rise by eleven feet. Few people had ever stepped on phthalates, glacier and
one had ever traveled by seal on the glaciers front. Until recently, about a year ago, a group of scientists spent two months aboard a research vessel to study thwaites up close reporter Carolyn Beeler from the public radio show the world join them in this first of its kind. Expedition. My dear starts on a windy day at the end of January, at a port near the southern Tipp of Chile, I walk across the gangplank toward an icebreaker the length The football with nearly sixty scientists, staff and crew just walked on the ship when you home over eight weeks in port, the Nathaniel be polymer feels solid and stable, like a floating college. Storm with the cafeteria. And bright green flooring, but, as we sail south from
and threw open ocean twenty foot, swells posset around, like it's Little dinghy in this same ocean is responsible for melting waits. Glacier winds are now pushing warm ocean waters of underneath heard of the glacier that extends out into the sea. If that breaks off the entire glacier would be vulnerable really into our journey. I talked to Rob Larder bishops, chief scientists about research, suggesting the collapse of tweets is inevitable. The suggestion was, the voiceless should already passed the point of no return. Whatever you do now. The retreat is really inevitable. Rob works for the British Antarctic survey. These travelled to Antarctica nearly two dozen times if they are right, question than becomes. How fast is it going to retreat? How fast we going to lose that ice is to its collapses. It would push up the levels around the world? Entire neighborhoods in Boston, where
I live, could be underwater from Miami too much by cities across the globe, would mean to plan for that sea level rise, but Rob says I don't think everybody is convinced that it is unnecessary and of its full at the moment. Are you convinced that its inevitable of keeping an open mind I hope it's not as bad as some of US favorites is because I've got teenage children like them to live in a world where it's not a disaster scenario. Sale south the spectre of this glacier over me. This research is sobering, but actually doing it is also exciting no one's ever been in front of the main part of weights glacier where we plan to go. Basically, we have. No idea what the ocean that further Peter she and works at the unit. Give EAST Anglia in the UK has never been to Antarctica before once we get to tweets hobby
showing how much warm water is reaching it for the very first time so dies that is really exciting. Those kind of lot harking back to the ancient age of untold dick exploration, if we're going somewhere that no one's ever been before no one's ever then there before, because the sea in front of much of weights is usually covered in ice, we break through some of that eyes en route to the glacier the ship slow it's heavy no is on thick slabs of ice to crack them. Then sales through the black gash open water, the is nearly ice free as we get closer to the glacier. The morning we set to work. Wait, I set my alarm for four a m and get out of my body to walk up for flights of stairs to the bridge.
And there it is a clear of ice six or seven stories tall. The captain and cheese made up silently navigating along its face. It still dark and Oghee, and they use a spotlight to look for a stray icebergs snowing and The theme of the spotlight on top of the ship is lighting up. I'm a thrilling snow Peter, is working. The night shift and comes to look out the window with me. The long wall of White ICE in front of us almost glow. In the darkness to expect we get sequestered its huge looks like lots of the icebergs, and we ve seen this just keeps going. Maybe light, colored mystical, I kind of blue
tinge. Everything. I'm whispering, and I don't know why Can google image everything these days? So idiotic, the picture, and I share of twenty four hours ago. This is what I would have thought it would have looked like there's something about seeing it in person the reference that you know. Springing you don't know why whispers in front of Google images. Nobody has been where we are now known. As the sun rises, the ship wakes up and people stream up here to the bridge, the moon shifts from reverential to celebrate Ory almost like a pardon six decks up. We can't quite see over the top,
sure I watch the ice go by for a while and with Rob it's fantastic. This is a critical bowed dream in the world today. This is where a rapid changes really happening and where we are actually started. Looking at the village, rapidly changing as the day progresses mood sheets, to something more somber, because we start to actually see those rapid changes. I shelves usually look like vertical Swift's walls of ice, solid and several stories tall with flat tops like a butcher block table, but as we travel along, the glacier face, waits looks anything but solid and standard sloping toward the sea. Almost like a sand dune curving down rushing rolling off the actual cliffs, not very high us all so Doesn't look like eyes shows I've seen before like rob liars,
from the University of Saint Andrews and Scotland spend the next few days puzzling over the shape of the ice sheet. He struck by the parts of the glacier that look jacket and bumpy like piles of giant raw, covered in blankets, snow. This one looks like big eyes and eyes cubes just frozen together. It looks quality and did not surprise you. Absolutely I'm not surprised me, but even the experts weren't expecting this The glacier would so obviously look like its falling apart, while we're standing up on the bridge. Sonar equipment attack. To the bottom of the ship is mapping the sea floor below us for the first time test run too late in the afternoon as fog cocoons, the ship, Joey Patterson Trust to bounce her voice off the lumpy glacier face in front of Us
You can buy your voice, o joy would later tell me this was a weird moment for her, both thrilling and sad, because this jumble the glacier in front of us it's almost like staring climate change. The base for Peter, seeing the jumbled up face of the glacier made climate change, feel less academic, the knowing Paul husband, James stay. No. I know that we need to proceed good position bars and changed, but maybe fails a bit more real. Now, a few.
Later the map of the sea floor right in front of the glacier is filled in Peter Another oceanographer have measured the temperature of the water in front of waits for the very first time. All of this will feed into models that will predict how soon tweets might collapse and how much it will add to global sea levels when it does, but the cat, that large boomer asks is when we're gonna do something about it. We have to change policies. The question is: how long will
Take because the longer we wait the worse these impacts, we'll be back at the beginning of this tramp achieve scientist, Rob Larder told me he was keeping an open mind about whether the collapse of tweets was inevitable at the end of our crews. I ask him that same question. Again, there have been studies published, suggesting that tweets is passed, its tipping point and its collapse is inevitable. Do you think that is the case through? I forgets the case. I think that's more likely than north and does he think the tire, Mexico, sized piece of ice around waits will also collapse. I guess if you're asking which projects hundreds of years into the future, unless this. Amazing change where we women to remove greenhouse gases from the atmosphere than nothing yet. The western toxic ice sheet is ultimately doom down
very roughly, that would mean the storm searches that flooded lower Manhattan during Hurricane Sandy would become permanent. The new baseline sea level for rob. The bigger question now is how fast that'll happen, kill dealer is rapporteur for the public radio show the world you can find more for stories from an article at the world. Dot Org, slash and Arctic are show. This week was produced by stand our core Chris Chameleon gave him his gouty. It was it by bread, Myers talking tell it needs and Genji and with help from Anti Donoghue thanks to Peter Thompson Andrea crossing at the public, radio, EL the world forward with some story from an article and to the international fleets, glacier collaboration and everyone aboard the leaf and be Palmer research vessel thanks also to review,
those out of a ghetto and Patrick Michael's for their work on the story about ice detention centres, toy. Baronets gives our general council imagine one day in a host score sound designed by the dynamic dual J reason. Mr Jim Briggs Finance. Oh my man, your router they held this week. Gee Romanian amiable, stuff or see illustrates sharper bed Thompson is our learn chief executive producer is Kevin. Solvent theme is because by Colorado, lightning supporters, Is provided by the Raven David Logan Foundation, the John D and Catherine Team, other foundation, the Jonathan Logan Family Foundation, the Ford Foundation using Simons Foundation, the democracy fund and the ethics and excellence in journalism foundation reveal his co production at the center for investigative, aborting and p r x, amount lesson and remember the only way through this is together.
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