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In this hour of Reveal, we’re going to revisit an Oscar-winning movie about The Boston Globe’s investigative team that exposed the Catholic Church sex abuse scandal: “Spotlight.” We’ll take you behind the scenes of that investigation, look at the legacy of the groundbreaking story and see how other journalists went on to expose more crimes by Catholic priests around the world.

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Hey it is your favorite host in all of pod custom. Now for the rest of the year, I'm gonna be asking you to join us by becoming a member of reveal reveal is all about going deep, pulling on threads telling stories that matter for more than three years now reveal has been fighting a lawsuit. That's been jeopardizing our very existence of restore we about an organization called planet aid. Our story raises serious questions about whether international aid was actually reaching the people. It was intended to help and what's more, our story was truthful and we stand by it. We believe it is our duty to fight attacks like this, but fighting a lawsuit comes at a huge costs, are legal fees alone totalled more than seven million dollars? Luckily, we have pro bono legal support to help our in house counsel, but it still takes significant resources, resources that should be used to do more public service journalists. This kind of investigative,
it takes time and it cost money. If you believe in the work, we do, the absolute best way to support us is by becoming a member of reveal to do it just text. The word reveal two hundred and forty seven, four thousand seven hundred and forty seven standard data rates apply and you can text stop or cancel at any time also all new members who donate at least five dollars a month. We get our facts, t shirt again just text. The word reveal two hundred and forty seven, four thousand seven hundred and forty seven and all you who already support our work. I would offer a deep sincere thanks. We can't do this work without being willing afforded twenty twenty. We have big things plan, so let's go to some good work together from the centre for investigative reporting in p r, exe, this is reveal a malleson. Today we want to look back at the movie. They got. Journalists excited this past year, spotlight it's a blockbuster movie about the Catholic Church, sex abuse, skin,
any one, the Academy award for best pitcher, the movie focuses on the Boston, globes investigative team that exposed a massive cover up today. We're gonna, take you behind the scenes of that investigation and look at the legacy of the Boston, globes first groundbreaking story and how other journalists would expose crimes by catholic priests around the world before we get started. There are few things we should let you know when we first ran this peace earlier this year it had some pretty graphic content. So if you get trigger by this type of material or have young children. You should probably too now. Now the film begins in two thousand, and one baron has just taken over as the editor of the Boston glow and issued a challenge to the papers. Investigative teen notice, spotlight, Leah Schreiber plays bear in mind. We need focus on the institution, not the individual priests practice and policy
show me the church manipulate the systems that these guys would have to face charges. These guys are catholic priests, actually abuse children. The paper wanted to find out whether top church leaders were involved in a cover up. Show me they put those same priests back in the past time and time again show me this was systemic. It came from the top down sounds I would want law law is no Bernard law, the head of the boss large daisies. In the report is did find evidence tat. It came from the top down that the church had paid hush money to quietly settled child molestation claims against priests, whose actor mark ruffled as bossing Globe reporter MIKE what is indeed, we got log. This is it this is law covering from one priest as another. Ninety out there, the rapporteur, wants to the press, but his editor played by Michael Keaton, tells them to keep digging. Why why we hesitating,
Baron told us to get Lord George to get the system. We need the full scope. The only thing that will put an end to this. Then things keep pretty heeded we're. These scumbags shall be able that nobody can get away with this, not upraised carnal about bringing tab. At the end of the film January, two thousand to the boy Some globe has just published a front page story revealing the scandal story, focuses on former priest, John GIG sexually abused over a hundred and thirty children, The report is on spotlight team come into the newsroom, their phones are ring. Off the hook as new leaves come pouring in from around the city and the greatest role, but that's just the beginning, now we're going to tell you what happened next and how, over the next several months, the globes reporting would shake up the leadership of the catholic church. The real I've editor the spotlight team Walter
Robbie Robinson picks up with movie ends. We had two churches records which show definitively the cardinal law and his lieutenants and prior cardinals now who explicitly what gig and had done and had transferred him from Paris to perish. Often without telling the new receiving pastor about his past history, abusing children spotlight reporters tried the cardinal law to answer questions about gagging, but he refused. In fact, spokeswoman for law, told reporters that they weren't even interested in knowing what the questions would be, but after the Mitchell stories were publish people involved in and around the country put pressure on the church. Cardinal law could no longer stay silent. Please pray for all those who have been victimized as minors by clergy, as well as for their families
of my memory of that press conference. It's the first time that the Cardinal spoke prayed that those responsible may come to conversion of heart and self awareness. Before God we are trying to do the best. We can the cardinal was quite defensive: pray for the hundreds of faithful priests of this archdiocese who bear with me the burden. A few with all my heart, I wish to apologise once again for the harm done to victims of sexual abuse by priests. Cardinal apologized but in a way that it wasn't an apology. How much is an explanation judgments were made,
regarding the assignment of John GIG and which, in retrospect or tragically incorrect, these judgments were, however, made in good faith and in reliance upon psychiatric assessments and murder, opinions that such assignments for safe and reasonable and within two or three days, oh, we reply. The story that the two doctors he was referring to one was the family general practitioner regain the other was a psychiatrist at a catholic Hospital whose specialty was not child abuse and who himself had been accused of sexually abusing women. Patients.
Colonel law went from being one of the most powerful and reviewed religious figures in the country to being the focus of protesters. Gathered outside the church headquarters, clutching signs and shouting He should be in jail the second major wave to crash on shore was a story in late January in which were reported to the archdiocese, had made secret settlements to keep accusations quiet about seventy seven, zero priests over the prior decade or to within a year later we found out it was close to two hundred and fifty total priest who had been credibly accused of Boston children.
And, as the information came out, so to calls for law to step down as a prince of the church, he answered to the Pope and only the Pope could accept his resignation and I think that it would not serve that cause of protecting children. If I were at this point To submit my resignation, cardinal law had he been ahead of any other institution, probably would not have lasted a month, but because he was a prince of the church and the most senior american cardinal he managed to survive. For months and months. Another global border, Kevin culling to ensue I liked him after the first stories broke, he says a scandal started affecting the churches. Bottom line. Donations to the church has good works, just went through the floor, a lot of people, Oh, I know people in my family stop giving money they work and get money to the churches. Good works,
as long as law remain there, people began to distance themselves from the cardinal and calls for his resignation, intensify spotlight, editor, Robbie Robinson, says Cardinal Laws power in it. Floods in Boston began to disappear. Like us, while block of ice on a hot July day,. It went away so quickly. The church in Boston lost its political clout all entirely and almost mediately losses were filed by victims. Agreed Joy was convened and fell. More documents from church files were made public one thing: we saw in the files we received from the church is that consistently the church was more sympathetic for accuse priests than for victims. Such a fiber played by reach them again in the film one of the four original, spotlight reporters who broke the story. We would see these letters I would say, oh dear Jack, which is what they call John GIG and Father John gave
dear Jack were very sorry you're having to go through this hard time was in their own words. It wasn't what the globe said is what cardinal law and everybody else in the archdiocese said we would just printing what they said, and it was damn. You know when we first got ready to publish were concerned that there may be. Demonstrators are protesters are picketers outside the globe when they saw for story, and we were done that there was none of that. In fact, there was so much anger instead directed at the church. It was a sea change. It just change the way people looked at their church, particularly at the cardinal on their archbishop. It just changed everything. So maybe, four months after we published our four stories many other newspapers and media outlets round the country were doing their own investigations and finding the same thing in their communities,
instantly anytime. Another media outlets has taken a close look at a major guises. The sound the same approach of covering up cases of abuse, shuffling abusive priests from Paris to perish so this became a national story and then an international story. We now who did the same thing occurred in Europe and South America and other parts of the world in boy in the pressure on Cardinal Loggerhead mounting the Cardinals APOLLO He's continued in time passed. They came with fewer explanations, fewer justice patients, ten months after the first story broke, lost more motion when he addressed his own congregation and said I stand before you wouldn't our deeper awareness of this terrible evil It I remember most about the cardinal. Is that there was he an air of resignation in his voice when he spoke publicly about this after not very much time into
beaten down by this group of priests from Boston TAT, the unheard of step of calling for his resignation. After all those stories and all the attention he had to go, it finally became obvious. I've eunuch, you're, gonna, get away it finally became obvious I'd be like that you're gonna get away in the Vatican to admit that the Boston glow drove the cardinal out of Boston, but that's generally. How most people first spotlight story two thousand to eleven months after the first light story, Red Cardinal Bernard LAW, flute Rome and handed his resignation to Pope John Paul, the second soon after a boss, insured spokesperson, announced the cardinal is profoundly grateful to the Holy Father or, having accepted his request, tourists I know, archbishop. I think cardinal laws. Resignation was clearly a result of the globes reporting. On the other hand, he was true
for to Rome where he was given a new job that many people consider almost a promotion in May of two thousand and four. The pope a law to one of the most prestigious churches in Rome Saint Mary, major Basilica were law, went onto officiate at church ceremonies amid ornate trappings, And Cardinal well went on to live the life there and Cardinal while went on to live the life very much Keitel life of a prince of the church in Rome. He had a cook had a fabulous residents and we pointed he added ten thousand Euro a month allowance. It really frosted me to see that he
it's basically rewarded when he got back to Rome and it it's not like he was being. You know, cast out it's just the opposite. He was welcomed almost as a company guy that did the right thing yeah. I don't think it's any surprise that he ended up in in Vatican city at the end of all this in case, anybody else, bring it back the poem for other cases, while a cover up extended all the way to in including the Vatican, every archbishop and cardinal that we knew of the week. Found out about both in the United States and elsewhere had done the same thing to story,
you're a lesser degrees in their own archdiocese. Like every story in history, it's not the crime. It's the cover up, I'm sorry! If, if the most hire people in the Barrack, including the Pope, didn't know about this or or or could sit there with a straight face and say they didn't know how bad this was, then you know they they have. I don't think they changed at that level at all. I still think that this quite a bit of deny there. I think the fact that very few top church officials have ever had to face any kind of criminal charge is of course disappointing to victims, but also maybe telling of how the church views this I mean. Certainly we hear publicly the church say that this is incredibly wrong and I've doable
that many church specials believe that, but at some level there still hasn't been accountability. That was such a five four Kevin Cullen and Walter Robby Robinson of the Boston Globe. Spotlight investigative reporting, team, the Boston Globe, It was a surprise for the reporting on the scandal in the catholic Church and the film spotlight one to Academy awards this year for best picture and best original screenplay in the spirit of full disclosure. One of the produce spotlight is on the board of the centre for investigative reporting and a footnote. The church has paid victims hundreds of millions of dollars and financial settlements leading twelve. Major Archdiocese: U S declared bankruptcy. Recent one was in Minnesota in that We're going next to the twin cities whistleblower exposed how the church was hiding clergy sex abuse from the public from the centre.
Investigated reporting, Pierre rights. This is reveal from the centre for investigative reporting and p r ex this is reveal a mallet today, we're talking about what happened after the Boston glue broke the story of sexual abuse of children by catholic priests in two thousand to as a reminder today show is not appropriate for young listeners. The globes reporting puts mendous pressure and catholic bishops throughout the United States, Archbishop Harry Flynn of say Paul, led the churches response scandal. He addressed his fellow bishops at a conference in doubt that summer, is a defining moment for us this morning as bishops a moment for us sitting
where our resolve once and for all, to put a plan in place and to commit ourselves to that land so as to root out cancer in our church. Archbishop Flynn headed a committee that drafted a national policy on clergy. Sexual abuse called the charter for the protection of children and young people. Promise zero tolerance of abusive priest, the media hailed as a historic document. After much horsfall debate, a new plan to read the church users, the bottom line for even a single act of sexual abuse of a minor past present or future you're, the offending priest or deacon will not remain in ministry, but after the conference ended, the cover ups continued, so, did the reporting by news organisations around the country and in two thousand thirteen more than a decade after the Boston, globes original investigation Minnesota. Public radio expose another scandal report
Madeline Baron spent two years looking into the archdiocese of Saint Paul in Minneapolis and uncovered how the church was secretly making payments to abuse. It. And continuing to conceal clergy. Sexual abuse from the public. All the while claiming to be national leaders in protecting children or the catholic Church is everywhere. You turn in the twin cities. The cathedral of Saint Paul dominates the Skyline Street that leads to the state capital is named after the archbishop, who built the church here essential like many Catholics, when we're at mass my mind, still defaults towards the pardon the eucharistic pair. We pay for our bishop, drawn our vision and all those who hold into the truth. That's Jennifer, hassle, burger. She grew up going to Mass at Saint Cashmeres Parish on Saint Paul S side. I still here the priest to my childhood thing, John, our Roach, our bishop, you can probably
already tell that Jennifer's a devout Catholic when I meet her for an interview, she's wearing a matching, blazer and skirt high heels, shoulder links, blonde hair, very professional, looking she's precise about what she wears and what she says and the other thing about her. She loves rules and wants to make sure people follow them. She went to school to become a cannon lawyer, an expert on Catholic Church law. I took a job in the church because I wanted to do good and live up my faith in two thousand eight. She took a job as a top adviser to John nine Stead, who was archbishop at the time she was also in charge of the records department. The archdiocese had already dealt with priests, who'd been accused of sexually abusing kids and they kept files on all of them. When I started the priest files
we're just there just an absolute mess so cute have a Manila. Folder and you'd have everything kind of stuffed in there from your grass papers from way back to you, no copies of letters to memos, it's just all in this kind of mad jumble, no order whatsoever. So you know it's almost there herculean task to find out anything in any of these files, the files work just disorganized. They were incomplete, Jennifer and her staff scoured the archdiocese headquarters. Looking for the missing files, they discovered that some one had stored them away stacks of bankers boxes in the basement. So when I learned that that had happened, I had the staff attempt to locate
collect all of that information and bring it back up into the light of day. If you will Jennifer set up a color coded system for the files she had, her staff create green binders for the regular personnel files kept on every priest and red binders for the documents related to allegations of sexual abuse and other misconduct was always a sad thing. For me, to ask my staff to do that, because, when you're getting into the road files there just a lot of
Mason about a lot of really sad circumstances on bad behaviour and a lot of ways of the church had failed to adequately respond to it, and so you know, as always, with a good deal of sadness that add hafta can have asked people there to work through that when Jennifer took the job she knew she'd have to confront some pretty upsetting details about sex crimes in the church, but she wasn't expecting what she found. A single priest accused of sexually assaulted children had been too frocks, the archdiocese had it asked the Vatican to kick out a single one. I was absolutely shocked as long as these men remain priests. The archdiocese remains liable for them, So when you are given an opportunity and there's no such clear evidence of guilt of such horrific crimes, I'm too knots
Take the opportunity of getting this resolved to me. That was just mind boggling. She was even more surprised to find that some priests who admitted to sexually assaulted children were still working in parishes or in other jobs that gave them contact with children. That was, in violation of the churches. Very public plan zero tolerance? She kept telling Archbishop nine stead and his top advisers what she was finding. She urged them to either make sure the abuse of priests were kept far away from here. Turn or ask the Vatican to kick them out and what I so frustrating about it is that I would have these conversations and I would tell people that you know we had to be concerned and not get any traction month by month. Jennifer's frustrations grew. She spent a lot of time
arguing with nine steads top Deputy Father Peter Laird, and I remember in a one night in particular being after hours than me going too Father Leopards office with a file regarding a priest and him turn around and actually looking at me cuz. He had been working on his computer in his fact turn to me initially and saying: do you think we have priests in ministry? Now that have sexually abused children- and you know thought about that long and hard, as that. Actually, my assessment- and I said yes and he just turned around and went back to typing and ask him Finally, in early two thousand thirteen Jennifer decided to resign, and a few months later, she called Minnesota public Radio. She wanted to go public cause. I still having to look people in the face.
Is, who I knew tat. I had information that they needed, or they would want to have, in effect, that I have this and they didn't and no one was going to be telling them. I was really difficult in our first come. The station. I remember thinking if what she says is true. This is a huge and important story. No one at such a high level, any diocese and the catholic Church in the United States had ever come forward to reveal an ongoing cover up of clergy. Sex abuse started, meaning up with Jennifer at our house, and we spent hours talking she too me that she found some new disturbing information about a notorious parish priest named Robert Capone. He was also an entertainer who went by the nickname,
Padre, got lots component singing on his album all time, poker grates the meat it would rename poker Padre the poker predator in the late he's an early nineties. Young men came forward to see him and the archdiocese for sexual abuse. They say they suffered children, one of them Del Scheffler testified that when he was thirty Can the priest had taken him on an overnight trip to his Lakeside Home Dale, said the priest rubbed up against him in the wake while they were swimming and that night deal recalled. He woke up in pain and realized. The priest was trying
the rape him Capone admitted to abusing some boys, but not del shuffler, outside the courtroom. Dale begged Van Archbishop Harry Flynn to take Capone and other abusive priests out of ministry? I come here today to ask you to please remove him. How can you living annoy that are doing this. Please I'm asking you to remove these people to remove all these priest that donors to these kids are getting hard. Later. That day, archbishop friend removed Capone for Perish the jury awarded Del Scheffler, a million dollar verdict, but a higher court ruled the statute of limitations had run out. So Dale got nothing as for Capone
He went on to lead a quiet life in retirement until Jennifer Hassle, burger came across his name during an audit of the archdiocese finances. Some of these cases were just egregious. I mean in the case of Father Robert Capone Jennifer found the archdiocese wasn't just giving Capone stand. Monthly pension was also giving him secret extra payments of nine hundred and fifty seven dollars a month. Those extra payments from ninety ninety eight to two thousand and twelve up to more than a hundred and sixty thousand dollars so they are providing took. Poland was in excess of what we are providing to those many priests. Who have done nothing but well by the the faithfulness Archdiocese and at least five other priests accused of sexual misconduct had also received extra money. I was so angry
up until that plants. I had been someone who had contributed to the assassin appeal and to see my money, as well as everybody else's put to such dishonourable use, was very difficult. Jennifer also came across a memo written by a tap church, Deputy Archbishop Harry Flynn, the Bishop who led the catholic churches response to the earlier scandal in Boston. The official described what he called Capone's cunningly beautiful home, but he had inherited from his parents. He listed off the number of rooms in their sizes, it six hundred feet of water front, and he wrote. I mention this in order to assure you that Robert Capone is exceptionally well provided for in regard to his daily living situation,
was supposed to be monitored, but the memo revealed that no one started monitoring him until eight years after his trial. You know it's kind of Britain. In my brain as many of these things are because Capone is supposed to be living a life of permanent penance ends. I can't I couldn't, and I still cannot reconcile how a man who is supposed to be doing penance for the agreed just since that he committed To mention the crimes, but just the egregious sense is vacationing in Venice Florida and living in a beautiful lake home the actual site of all of these of many of these acts of abuse still lives on the same secluded, lakefront property where he abused young boys. I went there to talk to him and found them taking care of some hard work.
He jumped off the lawnmower when he saw me, he was it I am seventy four years old, with a full head of white hair wearing dark sunglasses because of its history of abuse. He was supposed to be carefully monitored by the archdiocese, asked him about that. Do you have any contact with Archdiocese still once a month So it is someone come visit. You are. How does that work boy Billy we just get together different times size it. So I thought I just just meet with priest that I want to appear. Wherever is monitoring, not ok, says to someone you meet with Sir just discussed news and happenings in the world, and so on, so I components say
is that no one is making sure he staying away from kids at his trial. Capone testified about what he described as a thirteen year struggle with sexual compulsion toward young boys. He claimed to have been cured by God. Capone now says the allegations he abused, boys were exaggerated This is a difficult thing to explain. You know I just don't care to get internet, that's all past, but if someone were to say that you did it would you say- and I sat here- some of Us Capone Wooden- explain what he meant by that. So, despite his admission that he did abuse some boys, he still a priest, but he's not to serve in the parish. He says he was alone and no longer as contact with children. Any regret
all about your time as the priests know better than I thought I was told by Europe, and I believe I said tomorrow you think about that. Those days very often, I don't know no very, very happy in the closet The arrest and try to go to lunch in town comeback, pray still receives suspension, but Jennifer the whistle blower made you're his extra payments of nearly a thousand dollars a month were cut off. She says she's, angry and sad about the cover up, but her faith hasn't been shaken. Still, she feels relieved to no longer be a part of the church hierarchy. Mainly I just had the sense that I can finally look people,
the the shame of having been a part of that for so long. I could set that aside. Jennifer hoped a grand jury would be convened to consider criminal charges against individual church officials. She believed only the threat of prison would convince church leaders to stop covering up abuse. Regardless of whether that happens, Jennifer says church leaders will eventually have to face what they ve done as Catholics, even if it doesn't happen in this life- oil on the next they'll be reckoning.
But that reckoning Jennifer's looking for hasn't happened. It has been more than two years since Minnesota. Public radio first reported this story and not one church official has been charged in the cover of not want. In June, two thousand fifteen criminal charges were filed against the archdiocese for failing to protect children. This summer, the charges were dropped after the archdiocese admitted wrongdoing and agree to regular reviews of its child protection protocols as Jennifer's all boss, Archbishop Ninths did. He did have to answer questions under oath as part of a lawsuit drop by victim
turning asked about the list, the one the archdiocese kept of caprice accused of sexually abusing children from two thousand eight. Until two thousand and thirteen, you made the choice to keep that less secret. Did you know it already had been kept secret and I didn't see any reason to disclose. Hundreds of other victims have come forward, threatening losses. The archdiocese of Saint Paul and Minneapolis responded by filing for bank.
Last year, a few months later, Archbishop NICE did reside. We wanna thank meddle in Bahrain and her team in Minnesota, public radio. For the story, they received a prestigious Peabody Ward for their reporting on the catholic church scandal and by the way they just wrapped up in new podcast, called in the dark that investigates how police handled infamous child abduction case in the eighties should definitely check it out, but coming up. Next, we here have a church is sending priest to remote areas of South America after they have been accused of abusing children here and there still working with children. This is reveal Xenophon investigative, appalling and pr exe. From the centre for investigative reporting in p r eggs. This is reveal an hour later this week were revisiting stories that show what happened after the Boston Globe first broke the story of catholic priests.
Using children now earlier, we learned how accuse priests were routinely move from Paris to perish in the? U S, but now it finding. They ve also been moved to parishes in poor remote corners of the developing world, and it still happen a global post reporting to invest. Created these fugitive fathers. One I remind you that today show include some explicit descriptions of abuse, something to consider a few with sensitive listeners. We start with the story of Father Francisco Montera, a native of Ecuador in two thousand to he took a position at the incarnation Catholic Church in Minneapolis, quick talker, with an easy smile, Father, Freddy, as he became known, charmed, the local, his banning population, but five years later, Father Freddy was around did and accused of abusing a four year old girl, David Jaws is girls, girl's father. I couldn't imagine that a catholic priest in Aachen couldn't do some
like that can be interested in a child. And I had a hard time rapid, my head around it. It took me a while to get angry, because I was just it was I gotta know where the forensic psychologists, which protective services interview the girl and concluded that she was a victim of sexual assault, its heart here with the girls dad says, happened. I know one time she told me that he rubbed his Weiner on me and what it? What do you say, is a father to your kid when she, you know something like that to you, but sex crimes aren't just hard to prove the hard to prosecute officials didn't have enough evidence on Father, Fred so they let him go and almost immediately father, Freddy left Minnesota for good. He flew back to his home country, Ecuador, and his old diocese welcomed him back. They even let him work with children, something David jewels. Just
fathom, makes me really angry and I think it's pathetic in own. I think that what happened was so unimportant: the Archdiocese, they don't even bother defrauding the guy meaning he was still allowed to work as a priest, global post, corresponding Will careless spend months investigating similar cases of priests accused of abuse. Percent Latin America will picks up the story force in the mountain passes of Ecuador, Father, Freddy, was hiding in plain sight, because what was finding each time we tried quantities, priest down as that there really out there. They ve already isolated themselves, mean we're in the middle of the Ecuadorean mountains right now, though, self. Service very little internet. We
are we going down this one road that leads to last night Essen? We get to this bridge, which is only wide enough for one car to come across at a time coming towards us? Is this truck now I've had this grainy black and white posted stem photo of father, Freddy, and as this truck comes towards us, I catch a glimpse of the driver, and I turned to my caravan. I say I think, that's father, Freddy attempt I just certain can demonstrate he's driving this red pickup truck stuffed with these teenagers, boys and girls. Returning from this, the soccer tournament run up to him. I thought of Furthermore, there are high and I met you. Performance aims will cause I'm a journalist with the global posed. Amazing, we live in an interview with you about so yet, even
after months of planning and research in going through the various different things can happen in these interviews. Actually confronting these guys face to face is never easy. Well about we're doing a story about term about people who about priests who abuse or accused of abusing children in the United States. Here again in South America and father. Freddy understandably, didn't want to talk to me, but he agrees to give us a few minutes So we walk a little way away from the teenagers and we start talk. He enters its nose acquisitions, the accusations, true or not enough. There was an accusation, but no proof as let us address what did you do it? No, no! No! No!
every accusation is true, and whatever there are many people who are accused and sometimes convicted of that were falsely, accused this invasion of income with you. We know that the Archdiocese in Minneapolis was worried enough about Freddy Montera that they sent this report detailing his accusations to both the Vatican and the diocese in Ecuador, where here that resettling. So we called the bishop who is in charge when Montera arrived he sent stepped down, but he said that he considered Montera to be innocent since no actual charges, wherever father gave him. So I am Father Freddy. How is it possible? He could still be working as oppressed, ok, devious ways. So after returning you re entered the priesthood, this wasn't the impulse after some time we talk and determine, I would assume a role in a particular place. So Father Freddy told me, the local church leadership had led him work.
In a series of remote parishes in Ecuador, since it arrived back in two thousand and seven and he added recently decided to stop working as a priest, but no because of pressure from his superiors, but because he had political ambitions. He wanted to run for mayor of last novice. Now, as for the church, take action against Matera said he was never investigating nor by anyone either in Ecuador or by the Vatican, and no one is contact touch on your neck. Now, no one has contacted so that the former priests and accuse charter visa hunk by and drove off with his truck fully. Kids, to hear that it continues to be the free men and around kids, makes me sick and makes me skin
So back in the? U S. Now, that's Jeff Anderson he's a lawyer in Minneapolis who represents child victims of priests, including the little girl who Father Freddy Allegedly abused in the: U S: a law enforcement going just what jurisdiction, but once again I say to you ass, a really hard to prosecute to expose and action diet and offender or anybody this complicit in those offences, and so that is the ultimate geographical solution. International movement of offenders incomplete secrecy complete secrecy and the judge wasn't just moving priests from the United States either. We also found this belgian priest who transfer to Brazil two decades ago, while facing child sexual abuse accusations at home. So that's where we went next to go, find father, Yan Van Dial,
Dutch Investigative NEWS programme, browned, point interview, people who said The Van doll had molested them as young boys. As far back as the nineteen eighties, he always grab my pants he was always with his hands in my friends. He comes into your life. Getting I there and closer father says he's never molested anyone, but, according to brazilian prosecutors, he's been under investigate by belgian and brazilian law enforcement for years, there has never been formally charged with a crime. In Brazil. We found out that he's facing new accusations of abuse, so we tracked down vandam celebrating mess small, sunny church in Calcutta, an impoverished coastal city up in North EAST in Brazil,
Two. Seventy six year old priest dressed in white Robed walks past crowded pews. He stops to hug something and then this young boy, maybe twelve, takes father vandals hand at the front of the church. Is he addresses right after the sermon we follow and out into the streets to this oh nearby, Slum he's distributing soup to the poor, something he does pretty much every week, So in the slum there's, this kid he's probably get about eleven or twelve. And as he's leaning over the Philip Hizbollah Soup, Father Yon grabs a lock of the boys shoulder length hat and, as the kid tries to wriggle away Father young doesn't let go for a few steps. He follows the boy holding his hat and almost LISA, and then he turned to me and says the boy remind him of another boy who was in his orphanage house back in Rio De Janeiro rooster.
Look at his hair, but her school. He reminds me of a boy was in my house in Rio de Janeiro, who were investor cover for more than two decades. Father Yan ran an orphanage here in two thousand: eight, the local head of child protective services in Calcutta received a complaint of child molestation against Father Yacht and then to form of volunteers at the orphanage also accused the priest of sexually abusing some of the orphans. I spoke with the head of child protection services and he said that they were able to follow up on the complaint because of a lack of resources. So back at his church, I sat down with Father young myself when I
asked him about all these allegations that the bees, so in your life, you have you ever been sexually attracted to children. Have you ever abused children in anyway, so here, and all the accusations against him a lies, the drummed out by an abusive parent, envious competitors or naive college students, and when we asked him literally, what does it mean to be a pitiful? He gave us this bizarre answer the litter meant well, literally, pedophilia comes from the greens to Sri who Peters meaning child and finally, meaning friendship with children feel her me who, but people have translated. This word is p actual belong to say using real sense, whatever
Yes, in the real sense of the word, I'm a petty feel in this. The third, but not a penny sexual on also be to six. Well, since investing it came out this past, full father, yawns no longer allowed to celebrate mass at all. So far, we ve heard all about priests being sent to South America after they were accused but not convicted of abusing children, despite the evidence against him, but then across the continent in Peru. We tracked down this case him an admitted child molesters who still a priest still working with kids this how you money, Well, how the I'm a reporter with the global back in the day,
in seventeen, for the poor man was accused of repeatedly molesting and raping a thirteen year old boy, while there on a mission trip together out of Jackson, Mississippi he was soon twice by the victim and in ninety ninety four, the diocese agreed to pay the family fifty thousand dollars a maiden signed this letter of apology to the victim's parents. The letter said I've been plagued with remorse and guilt for my molestation of your son. There is no excuse for my actions and I assume responsibility for them. As a humble penitent, but here in the small fishing village appointed to what may a few hours north of Lemme Peru Father issues was still performing against when we caught up with him know about he's a you a man originally from Ireland. He was wearing this crisp white robe with gold trim, so
my first question to you would be your congregation here. Inquired till one of my very aware of the allegations that were made against you back. You know they don't know about it. Do you think they should? I don't think so, since this case has been dismissed and under this directive, Well! The case was die understand the second law suit was dismissed by the first law. Suit was was settled and I believe the diocese paid something like fifty thousand dollars, and I also understand: There was a letter that you he wrote to the family actually admitting, maybe happened and everything else. I didn't like that letter the lawyers for the dice. Ok, so I mean the important thing is whether happened. Don't write something happened, I was strong and I had never. Before in my life first time ever and I woke up, it was a nice and when
so in a year or so, I spent tracking down these precept run through every possible scenario for how these confrontations could go in all scenarios that I ran through. I never expected one of them to actually confess That is something that you regret. What they say, with that, we try to interview the Bishop of Maidens Diocese. He wouldn't or to us, but his second in Command VIC, a general one. Roha Rodriguez did dead, savvy, Jackie, I'm no poor, Madame was accused of admitted to sexual abuse in the United States, and a thousand dollars now not now it's a surprise to your sorry. You didn't know, but in this ok it's a surprise to some. It may seem hard, even painful, for a bishop too have to investigate a priest, but it must be done is here because there is a greater good
which is truth and shall we say the innocence of a minor Marlena says whether or not Rodriguez follow through with his promise of an investigation is nicely clear. He stopped taking my course So after hearing their peace, I just wonder process it a bit. So we got will on the line to kind of talk it through. Well how you doin? I had a good man. So after listening to peace and also watching the documentary you made on on the same subject the question I had is, you know, he's a man, the kids, Why is there even a question of what to do with these perpetrators bright amateurs?
the father of two kids see now. I did Stephanie a kind of her. I have a previous our reaction and now a lot of my friend, firstly asked me: you know how control yourself. You know what it, how do you not just unleash yourself at the men of Messina Work where professionals and we spend a lot of time- you know considering how we can do it and planning things out and where we keep cool but yeah. This is certainly a part of you that that is very mad at these people. When you re going into these situations, so we ve heard about the zero tolerance policy throughout the show. It is the fact that they need the policy is crazy, but are they actually doing wanna see? What's even crazier is that it's never been defined? Actually what that means. So so, Pope Francis has gone out to every bishop in the world. Who said we want you to have this zero tolerance. I see it sounds very good guess, lotta headlines, but then he's never. She substantiated what that means he's, never issued actual
or guidelines about what bishops are supposed to do when they confronted with a situation like this, and so you get the situation that we have today where these men are. Loud to move around the world with impunity and carry on working as priests. Carry on working with children day in day out. So with Pope France's come in, there were high hopes it. He was gonna, be a big reformer and changed things. But specifically, with this subject. Is he getting serious about these priest that are abusing children? Madame in that's, that's the million dollar question You know I'm in here. He set up this commission supposed to be advising him on on how to proceed and what policies to chain but the bottom line is: if you talk to people who work in this world- and you talk to them- and you say what does this Pope need to? Do? They say it's simple. What it needs to do is to go out tomorrow with one swipe of his pen. It needs to make all the records public and it is to make very clear what is zero tolerance policy means and he could fix this very quick,
with minimal effort Gimme the long view here I mean this is something that has been going on for a really long time in the church. Can we go now now that we have all this information about? What's happened, you know what's next well, I think it's impossible to look forwards without looking backwards and the work done by in the spotlight team in Boston by all these journalists across a decades. This does no doubt the will look into the catholic church. That's this in a very different place now than it was before. So we ve already had huge strides forward. I think, what we need to see next to see whether this pope is going to Frankie, put his money where his mouth is and stop making some actual changes that will really tan to be help. People moving for it. That's correspondent, Will Carlos of the global post. Since the story first aired earlier this year. There's an important update, all of the priests that will profile have been dismissed from their positions. You can find a link to the Sprint pcs and the documentary. Where
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