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In Oregon, the concussion protocols that were supposed to keep high school athletes safe end up falling short for a star quarterback.

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reason and you're getting a physical football can more than a hundred million people tuned into the Superbowl last week, but not far below the birds and the height questions about concussions System, the Unifil has changed rules to try and reduce head injuries and had settled a lawsuit with players who claim permanent brain damage from concussions. That's like to close the league over a billion dollars. The most football isn't played on sundays by professions it played on Friday night by Highschool athletes across the country with the danger of repeated hits. The head is. Justice, ten years before the NFL law suit was even filed, an ambulance. A small Oregon town raised to get to a hospital fifty miles away inside is a high school MAX Conrad. He's unconscious after taking a hid in a Friday night game
following behind the ambulance, is his dad Ralph the whole way he remembers, pleading with God, told you I'd. I will never watch another boxing match. I will never watch another Highschool football game There's any way. Take me not max. I mean I was bargaining bargaining MAX play quarterback for the world poured fighting Irish and that night he been tackled hard in the first half the hit me confused and punched him after the play he wandered into the wrong huddle. Teammate pulled him into the right. One MAX hadn't slept the night before, because a heading from a concussion in the last game kept him up. Then at half time as he was walking off the field MAX collapsed MAX died.
Who got. I should say that the mass we knew left us at eight p m October, nineteen, two thousand and one there is a different max now MAX, woke up after months in a coma but his brain. Never fully recovered doctors determined that MAX suffered woods called second impact syndrome. When a person is brain, hasn't recover from one concussion and their hit again. The second hit puts enormous pressure on the brain. We max, dead. Ralph learned would happen to his son. He was determined to do something. The first was to raise away by convincing the media to do stories about MAX. Then he team
with brain injury advocates to work on legislation in two thousand, and nine Oregon, along with Washington, became the first states in the country to pass concussion laws. Organs was called MAX's law designed to protect Highschool athletes as soon as he or she appears to have been concussed he's required to come off the field and you don't go back in period. You have to be checked out by a doctor. It's now been almost ten years since MAX's law was passed in every state has a youth concussion law on the books, most say players suspected of having a concussion can't play or practice until they give school clearance from a medical professionals. We want to know if these laws are really preventing injuries like MAX's it to see. If all the records schools have on concussions can teach us anything new about protecting kids
Leave Mandeville let a year long investigation for our partners investigate west in organs, pamphlet, media group. We recognise it potentially were sitting on a gold mine of data that nobody was really looking at. So what did you do exactly? Well, we asked for two years of these records from all the publication Those in Oregon. That's two hundred and thirty five schools, and we looked at which sports had a lot of concussions at which schools where they had happened in big districts, are small ones, also just wanted to see who was following the law. Dulled states enforce it. Actually no there's no enforcement mechanism, so at minimum we thought this could be a really good audit to people. Do this. If nobody checks LISA lake in the project is Sergio almost he want to follow a football player who played the game after MAX's law was passed. That's right
I wanted to see if there were any consequences of law there weren't easy to see seen the data. So I looked for someone like MAX someone who plateful born high. Got him they had more than once, and that's when I found I've been bowling. Jonathan grew up in a working class. Neighbourhood called bar gross. It's on the outer edges, Portland near the airport, not a part of town, the tour but a lot of time and is a little more poverty here than the rest, the county and allow more diversity, most kids, joggins, high school or students of color. Athens, family home is a small square. Nineteen fifties house with a tall evergreen tree out front and a big backyard I'm in the living room. Looking at family photos with his parents, is our oldest jeremiads. Jonathan Angels strengthens Father were Jimbo attitude. He likes to jog around wanna, hear funny to Jimmy was born in July. Jeremiah was born in June and Jonathan was born in January girl,
comes along. Mrs it all up March, I pointed out, were Renee Jonathan mother thinks Jim jokes around too much. There are different in other ways too generous tall and white. Renee is short and african American. He drives trucks for living, she's, an educational sis. In fifth grade Jonathan turns to his mother. When he wants to do something dad won't allow. I found a team and take him there. It was erecting flag football. He practice with them that evening and began to cry on our way home, and I said to you like egos yeah. I do but death agony you play. I go out. Just take you without that. Normally Jim didn't want, is kids getting hurt playing football, so Jonathan in his mother kept it there. Secret. Until finally, he had a game and I encourage dad come watch him and when he came out to watch him he saw how did he was
Jonathan was good at football from an early age, but his neighborhood high park rose was not very good in Johnson's lifetime. They made the play us once the Euro, certain high school, so they are on the rise and I came along at just the right time. Johnson or a medium jersey and a thin mustache. He was short for football. You still growing, but he was towns enough to play. Varsity is freshman year, the next year he took over quarterback software was when I started to think plan. Quarterback seriously say that I'm going to camps, get my own personal quarterback, cod. Weighs heavy in court of adverse every day when Jonathan was injured just quarterback sophomore year park, roses average score per game doubled compared to the games. He had to sit out and the team kept getting better jobs involving has led really a resurgence of Bronco Football team and Jack just office
reports Etas lansdown until they reach the playoffs way. Jonathan employs the sky. Renew remembers one amazingly Jonathan pulled off the first play. They hide the bogged down, he went straight down the middle. Escorted ties down: guinea look at anybody. He just got the boy interval running ninety seven you're, scaring where he could do but he did the Macedonian the boss accorded. Did you get Hitler everywhere? Everything the tumor Bob scoring or for my running at about the afghan it remember. The first discussion is MAX often rear concussion number one Jonathan is tackled, knew the sideline to him. Concussions feel like this
Just a slogan, is the fog there she Starlight stores, but I'm not a stomach Take it easy throw up after incursion Stomacher Centres for Disease Control and prevention list, those as classic concussion symptoms. So what exactly happened to the brain? Here's, how CDC expert explains it for power? some players on their website. A concussion is a change in how the brain functions so It's not a structural injury. It's a functional injury when the body or the head is struck brain or slush around inside the head and it chain how the brain works. Concussions can affect people's memory and make it hard to think clearly the CDC says they can trigger mood, behaviour or personality changes. Concussions EU sources because you're talking about potential threat to the
development of that youngsters brain when ya think its first concussion sophomore year, it's three years into MAX's law. He was pulled out of the game as the law requires he went to a county medical clinic at Parkrose High School ten days after getting hit, no show he was given a cognitive test and he had symptoms of a concussion, but the test itself is not in the files and there's no record of a follow up test. And a half weeks later, Jonathan turns in a doctor's, no clearing him to play. It looks like the law It was generally followed here, but the paper trail is incomplete and in our review across estate Colleagues, we found that a lot of schools keeps lobby records when we're gonna hold the request. The condition of the records was, in some cases, just really rough, like hand, written note and really inconsistent record keeping and, of course, good records. That's not required, but it certainly best practice.
At the end? It was really hard to be confident and how well the laws were being followed. Ashley. That's your service, shaming, who we have this potential. Great opportunity to learn more about concussions and soon athletes and our state and were not really learning anything from it and we looked at Jonathan School Parker. Specifically these days park rose is among the best organise we found, but that's under a new principle from Jonathan time. The school says it's He has no records other than what was at that kind of clinic. They don't know what happened in schools Athletic Barton records on concussions for all the years, Jonathan with their. So after that, first concussion Jonathan mom Bernay started to see changes in her son Pietro focusing on his homework at school. He would go to the nurse. Office when he needed a break. He the allowed to it down brass as much as he needed to because of the concussion that was an informal arrangement. Unlike some states, Oregon doesn't require schools to Heaven
academic plan to help athletes who had a concussion returned a class gradually its junior year and Jonathan is back on the field This team as a realistic shot and making stay play us it's Friday, night and late October. The plays a quarter. Bactra Jonathan runs up the middle to line backers, make to tackle on them and come down on his head. Renascence stands and season go down. He didn't get up when I got there is home, was off he just kind. The paramedics were taught let me try to open up his eyes and he couldn t. He said It was too much and in The last thing he said was: I ran coat Oh, you told me to run. I ran you know he was apologizing, now that he's injured, he's apologizing concussion number this time
dont and went straight to the hospital. He stayed overnight. Jonathan watches tee from the sidelines, the rest of his junior year, hospital records oh, a doctor when, when play or even work out for four months when that time was up, Jonathan went straight back into the gym. Training with the former park rose, assisting coach, teepee Brown, who had become a mentor and friend coach and says that it was still going with the headaches. You really can do too much running the pounding so you run a little bit walk. He might lived a little bit, never doin mobility works or was it rigorous as soon all of us, normal trade. Regiment was Jonathan pushed through headaches to rebuild this. You wanted to be a hundred per cent for senior year and not just for the sake of playing football. He wanted to be. The first chemist family to graduate from college. Any hope that football would pays way Four Jonathan that men doing anything to get a scholarship, including dumplings, concussions,
Neither college goes being around him. They don't want an athlete. Injuries. You express you concussion you know how many you can get to retire when Jonathan returns quarterback senior year. The organ the local newspaper call them as good as new parkers coach, Maurice France, Northcotes MO told the paper Johnson was back to his old self. Johnston's mom saw something else going on down. There was taken forty five, I replied or at least before every game, and when I found it out, then I was telling us more about it. I go, I don't think that's healthy. I don't think you should be doing that because wherever you take her a big way to panda- and it makes him play better yeah but four to five ibuprofen- that's not good coach MO told us. He thinks he would have sent Jonathan to the school athletic trainer
if Renee raise that concern. He doesn't remember the specific conversation its halfway through the seasonal Jonathan takes another hit. This element is knocked off. He said a bit, but then he returned to the field. My more Marseille was this idea by your trip in. The EU has Mr Byrne, his friend martian talks of the coach and John think. It's pulled out of a game park. Roses athletic trainer goes up into the stands and tells Johnson's Father Jim, that his son, have a concussion concussion number three, but things fall apart from their Jim forgets. Rene and Jonathan doesn't tell anybody. In fact, Jonathan tells the school trainer he went to the doktor and was okay. The school double check should renew she's going to a meeting, and that's when she realizes John, and has been lying she's furious. I go there's only one thing to do: you're, not plain in the play off your
right when I said that the athletic do Ector and the nurse who works in they held sinner, say, wait a minute wait a minute, Let us run the test on him to see how he's gonna be in two or three weeks or whenever the play off a start, I said no, because if he's not, Gonna tell me the truth and if I'm not gonna find out he's done so she goes like S run a task rename I say so. Why am I here? Jonathan stirred concussion brings up a weak link in MAX's law. It relies on students to tell the truth. Parents and schools have to follow up and everybody to put health a buffer. I was frustrated because this is my opinion. They want it.
A corner back. They wanted a football team JANET. They wanted a reputation all of it played it gather. The former assistant poacher park, rose teepee brown thanks, that's just the way it was back. Then, amid the concussion protocols were just come into play and there was not, as must stigma around concussions as it is today, and so a lot of stuff wasn't being taken as seriously as it should have. But at this point MAX is law had been effect, five, four years and coaches we're supposed to get concussion management training every year. As for Jonathan, he don't want to think about concussions. He wanted to think about its performance on the field because he knew the college's were watching what this ash this that this ash lack lack of scope, scowled at Portland, State University, football coach, Bruce Barnum roaming, the silent at a game he's a big man built like an offensive linemen. He thought Jonathan might be worth a scholarship
so it goes to watch. The park rose Homecoming game Jonathan senior year that night it was raining just a gully washer. He was a core back. It was a star. The night is obvious everybody every time we did something, the crowd, cheered and I wanna, see early hurry, interacted not a one sole graph. I ain't sandy bad about Johnson born. I saw retreat is mom. You know that night area, Umbrella for is in his uniform sweat and he gave a flower he was everybody's all american. That night Jonathan concussions didn't worry. The Portland stay coach because when bring them in two hours spent or their trainer, don't judge any of that. They do all that. I just get a report. Yes, he's fine, weeks after Homecoming Barnum in assisting coach knock on the door of the bull and house. They walk in and right away,
then hugs, the coach linking the first ever hug ever heard me. This is me, you heard me like a already knows that I have the feeling that moment just like this dirty black little kid on Christmas in LAS Vegas cuz. I know it's about the my dreams about the control you know so Sergio. It looks like the risk Jonathan takes by continuing to play. Actually, pays off he's going to Portland State University, and I want to back in your colleague, Ms Van De Roo, for the big picture so Lee you led the investor. Issue into organs. Concussion law Jonathan got three concussions playing football. How to policies, we don't really know the law doesn't say anything about tracking, repeat concussions and school records. Don't show that a kid can get to concur: since at one school and moved to another, with a clean slate, but
and tell you. While I was surprised at the number of concussions in soccer, for example, the head heads football remain it's by far the big one? Our data showed something like six hundred concussions or suspected concussions over two years at schools that give us enough good day to use six hundred knocked his. Is that a lot if you break it out it's roughly fifty concussions per thousand athletes, so totally as the person who enters those in a spreadsheet one by one. I can tell you that sometimes I really looks like a lot five per game for per game. Through. It looks in a car crash more than a football game, but I mean overall organ numbers. Compare pretty closely the only state the does any kind of comprehensive reporting on student concussion and that's Michigan. Most states are like organ and they don't you data collection, so you're, the first ones to put all this data together. When you looked at it, where there's some schools, it reported more concussions and others. Yes, we found that if a school has an athletic trainer than the rate of concussions,
poured out. That's cool is about twice as high as out of school. Without a trainer remember, there was Jonathan School. He went up to the stands to talk to Jonathan STAT after that third concussion. These are people of some medical training. In there job is to look out for school athletes. Now there could be other factors and play their like. Maybe the size of the school, but experts in other parts of the country also say that they ve noticed Athletic in order to make a big difference in noticing and reporting more concussions in Sergio. Do you think MAX's law made a difference of mean? Did it prevent Jonathan from getting her like MAX getting hurt like max yes in a couple of ways, one of whom was education. Max's law requires high school coach. To get concussion training every year and, as we talked about, schools today have to pull kids would suspect, concussions, atta games or practice until they get medical cleared. So you could argue that MAX's are protected Jonathan from that kind
century second impact the kind the direct MAX's life, but we found that MAX's is all has a blind side that still leaves fleets like Jonathan Vulnerable and that's. Where will pick up the story unmoved Sergio only thanks so much? Thank you thanks when we come back Jonathan concussions catch up with him in a way it nobody sees coming, the end of the world You can recover from this. It will from this you're. Listening to reveal from the centre for investigative, affording, p r eggs from this Therefore, investigative reporting in p r ex this is reveal a malady today, we're talking about concussions and the laws that are supposed to protect student athletes in Oregon, belonging to work for Jonathan Bowling, his young african american quarterback, who had three concussions in high school,
was given time to recover from each and then went on to win a football scholarship to Portland State University. When he got there, Jonathan didn't play right away. He read: shouted his freshman year. The official way to sit out of season so we'd be bigger, stronger and better trained when he started a sophomore Johnson's. First, he was fun. He got to know a lot of his teammates had a girlfriend de la socializing, but there were also times keyed retreat from parties to a dim quiet room to rest for study place reporter Sergio almost of our partners investigate West and pamphlet media group picks up Jonathan during the August before his sophomore my year, its two weeks until the first came, the season and Jonathan is excited. He practices knowing his finally get up,
in a college game. He plays receiver running drills against the first ring. Defence Jotham goes up to catch a pass and false idyllic fade I'm back, I'm fine! I fell back into my head cousin in line. Not again, you know me Concussion number for Jonathan doesn't say anything, but his head is hurting the soonest practices over. He goes home to the house. He shares with teammates just off campus Johnson's rooms in the basement in a night, there's like this will being lives and my basement and my life for our, I'm walking down the stairs smack my head on that account triggered. Where did earlier and I'm would you feel definite address?
blurriness, you know my stomach start hurting couldn't go to sleep, couldn't go to sleep at all the next day he tells the team trainers what happened and they put them on the university's concussion protocol. Rest then light exercise return to play when he's ready. Jonathan expects to bounce back, but almost a month later record show that he can only run ten yards before the headache start. It takes Jonathan thirty. Nine days to pass a standard cognitive test, the team sends Jonathan to a doctor who clears him to go back to full in fact, but Jonathan still doesn't feel right. He goes to see his own family physician, then his couch one out of course, bottom another term scare. First time my research. I was scared or coach. First, Others scared for were Bruce Barnum. Is the coach recruited Jonathan the guy Jonathan hugged when he got the scholarship this meeting? Is She knows well. I remember.
Cheers in my office when he couldn't play more meal, because other concur, situation? He needs to walk away from the game. Coach Barnum decided to keep Jonathan on sky ship and made him an assistant, but he was off the team Barnum. Who's. Gonna, be tough for Jonathan leave. The game he'd seen it before its disconnect is hard to explain you ve done it for so long and now our sun ban taken from you. I got a few days after June. Then decided to retire from football. The clerk at among pop convenience store calls nine one one. It's near Jonathan House, the place where regularly by snacks and drinks.
He said the open, the door. I gave me the money and, although your black guy, that for the next morning another call from a different convenience store this time, Newport Ruth, I was just rob by gunpoint right, blackish, Annex Asia, blown apart, you down here, people ran out a third night. It happens again on the other guy. You get away like more than about forty bodily morning. Police circulate photos from surveillance, tapes. One shows
A muscular young black men in appalling state, tanked up a police officer who sees it happens to fall college football. So, three weeks after the robberies officer show up to Poland stay for practice and take Jonathan headquarters for questioning we were able to get the police video. So you probably wondering why Jonathan looks nervous. He sitting in a small interrogation, room cross from detective Daring, Posey, there's a table with a boxer tissue between them. What do you think Any ideas. Yeah, maybe They do a little. Oh yeah. You are absolutely right. That's that's what it is. Just doesnt, have a lawyer with him for the questioning you never asked for one even after the detective tells him
that he has a right to have won their job and answers everything. Describing how he acted as the look out for his friend who had the gun, then Detective Posey asked Jonathan about football important stuff about you. What happened with the other conditions? unable to play. He tells Jonathan he want. To understand his frame of mind, the disappointment no obviously, is your back about it. I can tell that Jonathan doesn't tell detective Posey much about walking away from football. Besides that he was pretty down about it He says he was drinking and doing the drugs annex during the hold ups, but he said
that he doesn't want to use that as an excuse for the crimes. The police asked Jonathan if they can searches locker, and he agrees as an officer heads out to do that. Jonathan asked Directive Posey. What's ahead, So what's gonna happen, you're gonna get bored Jonathan put his head in his hands and start The crisis is not the end of the world. You can recover from this. Recover from this and and and weaken mitigate this okay have you ever been arrested before for anything? I don't think you that, as far as I can tell detective, posies right Jonathan has never been in trouble with the law before his arrest makes headlines the organ.
When he publishes his workshop coach bar, read the article I was in three people arrested I'm store game like bowling for what I knew totally out of character. Jonathan mother Renee reacts the same way totally different verse down in our child. You know less people I haven't found by the police report says annex Molly's, don't you know what that stuff is heavy drinking marijuana, all that kind of stuff sight wow. This do went up deep in It's like what people are saying in some a players, erratic behaviour in substance, abuse, difficulty thinking and even suicide. These are symptoms. Linked to a brain disease known a city believed to be caused by multiple hits to the head players who see the NFL into there's an eleven said. The leak suppress information
About city and other brain diseases linked to playing football, hard heading today in a new study about football and head trauma. Ninety nine percent of the brains of former NFL player state aid were damaged out of one hundred for high school athletes. You might think that concussion laws in Oregon and the rest of the country would protect kids from the effects of multiple concussions, but they don't. The laws were written to protect its from getting a second concussion before they have even recovered from the first they're, not designed to raise red flags about symptoms that build overtime. Not sure we can legislate that here's David Cracky a lawyer and brain injury expert who help right MAX's law in Oregon. Some people have terrible effects after two concussion, some people have terrible effects after five concussions in and to be clear
The medical literature demonstrates that somewhere around eighty, eight percent of people who suffer one concussion will recover fully from neck and fashion. So it seems the law prevents another max, but not another. Jonathan born. As far as preventing the effects of multiple concussions overtime- yes, I think you're right. news of Jonathan Arrest, spreads friends called offer the family support local sportswriter gives Renee the number for a criminal defence turning black call them, and the guy said you know before I can. Even here are start talking to you sixty thousand dollars. I need a friend I almost, but vain it I would. That was crazy. She talks a few more lawyers but they're all too expensive. So Jonathan is left with a public defence,
Rene immediately brings up concussions the first day. I took him down there. I say I hope they're gonna look at Jonathan had just had concussion we're poorly state, don't dismissed the fact that he's already had three the public defender orders, a neural psychological exam, the doktor, who evaluates Jonathan, writes that concussions had affected his ability to think rationally and that he was depressed from losing football and he was vulnerable to substance, use and negative peer influence. The doktor wrote, the Jonathan symptoms were likely made worse by multiple, had injuries researchers starting to look at the possible links between concussions and crime? There's pretty consistent evidence indicating that brain Three is a significant risk factor for delinquent behaviour. Just shorts is criminologists at the universe, did you Nebraska Omar, he's dead changes and self control oh and behaviour in young people, six months after they got a head injury forcing their brain injury resulting in
temporarily at least lower levels of self control, which in turn is resulting in increased levels of delinquency. His study track the impact of one day. Injury at a time. I tell him about Jonathan for concussions those injuries. Definitely accumulate over that pure It is time we can see that they are much better than the sum of their parts and association between concussions in crime. Certainly has sceptics in part because it's difficult to measure these symptoms, experts, The court's rarely consider any brain injury as a full defence, something they would like criminals off the hook, but had injuries have been used to argue for lower senses just a few months before Jonathan case, another Portance state football player, assaulted to police officers and brought it is concussions in court. Jonathan was trying to the same. That was my main argument, my concussions, if I did not stop wherefore, I wouldn't be here.
Because I would be at a football game and therefore practice I'd be Doin, somethin else other than rhyming convenience stores economy, thereby creating a week after the arrest. Jonathan appears for is indictment here. He's wearing a blue jump, sue and joined by video conference from the county jail wire Johnson is charged with first degree. Armed robbery in Oregon. That means mandatory time for three robberies: a minimum of twenty two and a half years His lawyer worry about how a jury trial might play out, so they negotiate with prosecutors for a plea deal, Renee set it on the top, and ass first thing were we're. Bringing in the head, concussion, that's what the district attorney ITALY, not one eyebrows, We need to make an ETA issue here, Michael researcher you're different,
What did he say to that is alive? tat when they says of light there. He just count look them. I would like he was surprised. You know you I look like a fool. He just said that in that was it. The prosecutor's office told us that they did take the concussions into account in the Inn, Jonathan plead guilty to charges, secures asked the judge for the lowest possible sense is more already pursued at sensing judge, Michael dwindling, Ass Jonathan, how the concussions affect him, we can see clearly lies entirely headaches, everyday I'm alive call and dad. You know how I feel pretty strongly that
everything I know about you and I also brought you into that doing. Crime I feel like you're, efficiently I understand and with that he sentence Jonathan seven and a half years in prison with no chance at early pearl. That's them! and a tory minimum for first degree robbery in Oregon it's just not going to be in her. This should be that letter should my gosh I'm frustrated now like at home. Far grows. John mom Renee sorts through paperwork from his case. He's been imprisoned ten months at this point, Renee can,
I wonder what might have been different if they could have paid a private attorney. She still hopes this somehow find a way to reduce the sentence. Despite the mandatory minimum, my go again is to prove to the course dad Jonathan caution is the foundation. Last spring she asked his old high school park rose video of Jonathan Games and any other records they have. She got this email back, they say Renee. We are here to support young one hundred percent. But in order for us to release any information, we need A letter stating that park rose is harmless of anything that happened to Jonathan. In other words, she has to agree not to sue them. Renee was offended
but she agreed. We show that a modal cup of lawyers who call the request outrageous and probably a breach of law. The superintendent who asked Renee for that promise has left the district and refused speak with us Rene Caesar son regularly visiting organ state penitentiary, but she still struggles to understand how this all happen. She knew their arrest playing football, but she did Imagine sometimes she wondered, if she and her husband could have done something differently along the way. I did in some ways not a hundred percent. In some ways we fail Jonathan, to say what else do you love to do your mom more than a football player, I think we were also on the pattern. Go and say about giant them because of his talent, his skill to a week we
think about images, Colonel one overhead visitors are I'd, have contact with the inmates, except when this is including the purpose of the visit. I visited Jonathan, an organ state penitentiary last year stepped back and tell him tell me your name, Sir John, from a guard station, I'm taken into the conference room upstairs from cell blocks John John, then seems a little nervous, but excited the talk. Is gained over thirty pounds since playing football lifting weights in prison and he says he spent a lot of time and by will study is well. I ask him about what plans he asked when he gets out. He says he's thinking about coaching for teaching the lessons that he's learnt. I'm a deafening
preach about encouraging them. Indefinite preacher blogging. Her death impression are speaking out. Everything's going out to account one, you know me, I grant now glad I'm doing this like this is I wish everybody in the world could do you know, go to jail? I really do cuz. When you know we have everything from you. I can't even your family it's like a lot of things for granted they Sergio almost for bringing this Jonathan story thanks to leave? And and our partners and investigate West pamphlet media there concussions project is called rattled. You can I did reveal lose dot. Org, along with the map, compare concussion laws around the country with risk from concussion, so high more people are asking is Highschool football even worse it when we come back a visit to a community
It says yes, really great game This is revealed through the centre for investigative affording. Mp are ex. From the centre for investigative affording MP are ex. This is reveal a lesson we ve been talking today about kids and concussions and whether footballs worth the risk, the number of high school students suiting up for football, has dropped almost every year over the a decade even is more students play sports, oh rob, but I recently travelled to a place where football is much more than a game. Is young sound steel down her brows? There now
Do you think you can write as on the grounds that the relevant authorities Sound Ohio is about halfway between Pittsburgh Steelers, including over the browns young. Sound, has its own team to the EAST High school golden airs our relief or worse, it's freezing Thursday night December and about a hundred people gathered in the church, Banquet Hall for the season award ceremony, and later this year Although these I voted when he was a kid Dumay went to another high school that was a rival of the golden beers. We are addressing this closed years ago, along with new
steel, mills and a lot of other businesses in Youngstown as a kids are called to the front. They walk past round tables with blue tablecloths and gold. Napkins balloon and flower centerpieces are done up in team. Colors to tonight is a big night for Youngstown because of football team made the state playoffs for the first time since one thousand nine hundred and ninety seven, but it's bigger than Football Rick Shepas is the chief of athletics for the school district back to revive the sit through east, sizeable through the golden bears and as we continue the success here, we want to do the same thing across town and bring back the same kind of pride tradition there. So that's a lot of hope to pin on high school football and weather. The golden bears and are giving their hometown. The spark it's been waiting for there is something joyful about watching fit happy men, proud of themselves and their team. Still
want to know how concussions fit into this pitcher sat down at the table with a bunch players are you guys? All on football team has had an amazing year? Belgium. Have any of you guys like taking a heavy. We gotta gave a lotta, gave one opposition any offensive play is that you take a lot AIDS man, that's running back TIM Davis, his mom Brunei Davis's at the next How does it feel when you see I'm going through it and didn't hit hardest by hard starts being? like all my guys in getting in her I've been through a game where some avoid ended up unconsciousness on Saturday game. So it's always scary, but not scary enough to pull her own son. It's what he left I can't think way where he lives, so your mom somebody, you gotta concussion. We use their tea, but you decided to keep playing. Tell me that their. Why why?
just like my whole life for real. Like I really like the football, it was just like a passages. I wanted to keep playing and keep doing it and I feel, like I just can't stop by cuz sports. My whole life for nothing. It's all I want to do for for TIM's dad doing. Mccullough concussions brought out his sons to termination. Is, is Kevin Ewing dedicated? You know, and I love that about him. You know not give up. Most kids give up on Dwayne played when he was a kid and tells me football kept him out. Seven Camry, Roundway, Morty's guy, doesn't mistreat. You know, and you know my mom was always on me and I just I don't want to be a party to see these when it ain't so enough from these areas. A lot of trouble to be have the young black men, a young sir. You don't hear, but the killings, that's my mind, Viola Sheeler. There was a triple homicide. Shortly before we got to town. The victims were closed with some of them,
school athletes I mean. The only way out in his life is either you get an education from Cyprus boards, in writing that somebody take you up, undertake wing, and then you get a scholarship and be able to get rich. I mean what else you got another choice: either you dare. Are you in prison for the rest of your life, for the risk of concussion and this will I let him get athletes either. You we ran radio, be Sancho, bear little way. Laval, tonight's feature speaker is food law approved. Might Florence also say, he's from here. He played for ease high school in the nineteen eighties then went on,
a defensive in in the inner fell. His speech goes down memory lane back to his high school boy days. We grab him after and ask him about injuries, and I want to say this because you might read this but actually spend thirty days in a brain injury facility, because it focuses on ice. Change a thing because football brought things out of me that I didn't know. So warriors gave it its. You know, which when you get into it. The next morning I gotta visit professor just allows she was the masters programme for athletic trainers, a youngster state university. She was at the bank with two I'd love to be around these kids, because sport made them feel good. Football made them feel good about themselves, Jessica, did or training in Detroit an incident.
Their helpful concussions in respect of her. She was working with high school team and after one game, some players got beat up. They ve been waiting for the city bus to go home. Concussion sport is like nothing compared to the kid was in the hospital from didn't beat up waitin to go home. Risa research connects multiple head injuries to long term. Brain disease like dimension, but Jessica, argues that the health benefits of staying active outweigh the risk of football concussions. There's a lot obesity? There's a lot of heart disease, there's a lot of diabetes and is due to inactivity, and if we take activities away that kids like to do that, they feel proud. Doing. It's gonna led to a lot of bigger health, related problems, more problems, harmlessly
and the risk of getting a concussion. I was listen to professor and he was basically saying that if your child has taken like two or three big heads, you should not let them play in these words anymore. Would you say to that? I wouldn't have to have to disagree just because knowing what we know about concussion like the big hit, you know some of the biomechanics it it is different per person. Just like you know, somebody could break a bone. They can still play sport because the body has enough time to heal same thing with the brain. That's not always the case. It depends on a lot of things like your health. How hard you were hit? Was it a severe or mild concussion the treatment that all of those things play? A factor Jessica tells me that in high school it's important
f, letting trainer who can pull kids from play when they get hit and make sure they have enough time to heal them lines up with what we heard earlier in the show, Even in this heartland of football. Some people want to replace tackle with flag football. At least four little kids, the towns flag, Football League went to the nationals last month and brought back a championship trophy s desk allows the professor at young sound university. What she says to people who think tackle football should end people who don't I don't stand culture stuff they just can that you are sacrificing your children to this year. I understand that perspective, but I I guess sometimes you just have to take a step back, because our science has come pretty far with concussion, so I mean are our definition. Our care or treatment are follow ups, and so I think that parents
other people should know that besides the big has set their sea and on the game, there's a lot of really good things going on socially and helpful why's It should also start to consider, rather than they all your sacrificing our kids, islands while you're sacrificing them to a lot of other, really good things too. When asked about all the players, the cheerleaders and the band will stand back of the awards. Banquet Gary Frost focuses on good things. He was a golden bear back in the day and is a pastor. Father. Thank you. The greatest game play Is the game has the strange You never know how it's going to bounce, but you have to adjust the valves of the ball life in football and young Stout Ohio
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