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No country for sanctuary seekers

2017-08-05 | 🔗

President Donald Trump has promised to withdraw federal money from jurisdictions that do not help immigration agents find and deport people living illegally in this country. This week, we look into places that offer sanctuary to those immigrants – and what the conflict between federal and local policies means for them.

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It's three thirty in the morning, in manner to work with constant small city, the western shore of Lake Michigan men, strategies driving to work at a local dairy farm. The streets are almost empty. Just a few, dairy workers and a police patrol Manuel. Is wary of the copse? That's because he came here ill Golly from Mexico is a teen when they feel for comment to make one of them. If Amelia, he says it was the first time It was ever away from his family. He is he's of wood. Trouble with the police and built a life here he married local women and started his own family. He takes her eleven dollars and fifty cents in our control mechanism. What was going on Libya, but most The work here is better than in other places, but now he and his friends worried that all of this is about
age, Donald Guitar, humble something a common policy. He says everyone who works with his undocumented and a lot of people are afraid the farm sits on rolling green hills. Just a few miles from the lake the or to what you walk. Paulinia, heed them with a linear, fondly Hussein, mocking us in large barn men, well, coaxes a line of cows into milking stalls and connects black holes, to their utters, then powerful compressor pumps, the milk into a huge cooler. This morning, Manuel and another worker will milk four hundred cows. The work is ignored. I think, especially now when was that he's been working non stop for a month. Sometimes six hours at a time because the fire has been down a man other far our short on workers to that worries, ab
Driscoll, her family has only this farm. Four hundred fifty years, usually within a day, I would have someone here on the farm that was ready and went to work starting pretty much that day. Then it got to be a couple days and then a couple weeks, and now this last time it was a month and a half before we found someone over Here's the Driscoll and other dairy owners came to rely on workers like Manuel. We have put out ads, for you, know legal citizens, and we don't have anyone else that comes here to do the job that they do. Jobs like early morning, milkshakes, keep in mind. Dairy is one of whose contents biggest industries at the same time. This is the state that push Donald Trump to victory last November, bringing his
immigration agenda into the White House. Thank you very much. It's great to be here today to adjust this past week. President Trump endorsed a new bill that he says would cut legal immigration by half. This legislation demonstrates our compassion for struggling american families who deserve an immigration system that puts their needs first and that puts America first, the bill tar its unskilled immigrants and favours those who speak English and have an education, but even short of new laws. Resident trump is having an impact. Workers here illegally have fled the state or the country, others. Simply stop looking for work. That's farmers like Abbe in the lurch. I can only imagine in the next few years, issues can continue to get worse.
She knows manuel- is in the country illegally, so do the local police- they ve pulled him over before and they know he doesn't have a driver's license. They ve left him alone for now, but if President Trump and other Republican succeed in cracking down on illegal immigration, things could get alot riskier for folks, like men well and for the people and places offering them sanctuary reveals Andrew Becker picks up Manuel Estrada, storing during a protest at the Scots and State Capitol thanks out thing is devised gradually general get in trouble here, man Our strategy is talking before a crowd of about two hundred people in the rain. Slickin steps of the treaty and state house
Manuel is surrounded by a few dozen people carrying banners and signs he's wearing Wait teacher at that place off a popular marketing mean it reads: got mill not without immigrants he's here with wife, Jenny whose translating for him my Manuel Estralla, and I have thirteen years here in this country and of those Thirteen years working on a farm, the work is thirty. Its long, but if necessary there for me to take care. My family and necessary for the state. They call us the dairy state grassy if at all because the areas they put a safety, the history of the immigrant, structures wrote a bus for two and a half hours from manner to walk to Madison with a group of other activists. They have come to fight a bill that would event local officials from offering sanctuary to immigrants here illegally. There were the law which arrived dairy workers like men well out of the country you more
as he knows about Gmos, is thereby is over Billy does indeed, but always put, is thirty, has a slight build and where it is closely craft in the sides longer. On top with a whisper. O t he's thirty seven and you can hear her native Wisconsin acts income through when she talks given for a little more than a year and have a three year old son there also raising for children from Jenny's previous marriage that ended, there authorities deported her, then husband to Mexico. What I mean. At the rally, Jenny comes across as the more outgoing of the two men my way these few words but his messages, forceful, picking apples. Only though the money go up rules and principles, you pull the knowledge in putting this double mandatory is one of the top dairy producing counties in the country. Meanwhile mentions recent studies that found ninety percent of the dairy workers in the county are undocumented. He urges the You stand strong and fight president trumps immigration policies,
I sanctuary laws is a see stipulating. Yes, we can inside the capital building state lawmaker. Bob Ganem seems unmoved by the pro I have nothing against immigrants. I just wonder legal immigrants, Gettin cosponsor, to build that men well in his group are fighting, would outlaws sanctuary policies threw out the state, the fighters, for something called detained or requests That's when immigration in customs enforcement or ice asks local jailers, to detain immigrants already behind bars on other charges past. There are scattered realistic that gives federal agents time to decide whether they want to deport the person cannons
as locos need to work with FED on this, for having some municipalities that are, in effect, condoning criminal behaviour or not, forcing the laws is written. You can do now have the lawful right to just arbitrary locally, that you're gonna ignore certain laws, but me it counties in cities disagree and have pushed back against the federal government's attempt to make them honour, detain her requests and several fit courts have ruled in their favour just last month. The mess choose its Supreme Court ruled that points in that state can't hold people only an ice dictators. Again. Is it alone in trying to do away with sanctuary policies his attorney General Jeff sessions strongly urge our nation states and citizens counties to conserve occur. Fourthly, the harm they are doing to their citizens. By refusing enforcing immigration laws and to rethink these policies
when sessions made make their cities in states less safe. When sessions made this speech in March, the White House was already threatening to cut federal funding to places that won't work with ice after San Francisco sued. A federal blocked the Trump administration and then, in April the justice provide proof that threats and demanded that nine places, including the Walkie County, provide proof their cooperating with ice agents. Gannon says tire country needs to work together. I am in agreement with President Trump that if you break the law in the United States, we should expect to get a one way ticket out again and says if an immigration crackdown disrupts the world economy and dairy industry, so be it if it takes illegal immigrants to make their business model operate. I think they're model is book,
at the railway day. Some of the people protesting work for dairy farmers who voted for Trump Jenny says her husband raise concerns right after the election in actually the day after Trump One last night in the bar say that a couple months down the road when you're making all these cowardly, that's right. Boss, sprinkle, turns voted for Donald Trump. The Madison Sprinkle turns to reign the protesters, pushing the capital building to press their point with lawmakers. Theirs satisfied that they ve been heard domain Listen to. Manuel Jenny join the others as they board a school bus back toward Manitoba
for a window into how askance became so divided. Let's go to an event held last February in Washington, DC conservative political action conference or see pack. It an annual gathering the together. Top conservative voices and key names of the right wing. Now Sheriff David Clark is a cowboy hat wearing tough talking staple a fox news. He got a heroes, welcome from hundreds of How boy hat wearing tough talking stable a fox news? He got heroes. Welcome from hundreds of conservatives who had shown up to hear people like Kelly and Conway Betsy Divorce might and besides our president, I have to say, I think, he's the most authentic and influential voice in
concerning our politics and she ate sanctuary cities. Cork has led a core to praise for Anti sanctuary bills like the ones Scots in Texas in Congress, Its worry cities provide cover for criminal illegal aliens to continue to prey on not only law, abiding people but also- illegal immigrants in the countries of Europe Clark is a polarizing figure in a bit of a paradox. He rails against liberals, but he's a Register Democrat he's an african American who slams the black lives matter movement. He cheers for the Dallas Cowboys his uncle ones played for the team. He lives in Pakistan were rooting for Green Bay. Is a kind of religion. Cork want the federal government to cut funding from sanctuary cities in counties, including the walkie while nor any law enforcement, official or public official, a mayor governor I can sit back with a straight face and say our communities are stronger because
illegal immigration Sheriff Clark. Is it with his own county Board of Supervisors five years ago the we passed a measure limiting how county officials respond to detain, requests from ice agents. They wanted to shield people involved in minor violations by traffic stops from possible deportation instead court as he'll keep anyone locked up for ice. It some he brags about our national tv and when eyes, has given me a detail for the last eight years. I know about our honour Obama. I have honored the trainer. This is how a local food became a national story. It turns out that all the places being targeted by the Justice Department, including Milwaukee, do hold immigrants for ice if they have committed serious crimes, but that kind of policy isn't good enough for the fair. They say local should hold everyone. I once knew a Walkie county attorney. Margaret Doin says: there's stump by the attention they're getting since their share of it
hang their orders in doing whatever I want it. My near fifteen years of practice. I would say this is definitely in the top three of unusualness again, both in the stakes at issue. The wax of guidance and sort of the change ability of the legal landscape on a near daily basis and there's another thing, one of the reasons the county supervisors pass, the measure was financial Peggy Rama West is the first latina to be elected to the Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors. She holding immigrants for ice is expensive, entwined twelve we passed, that specific ice detain. Her resolution actually had caused the counties. Seventy thousand dollars to detain people for immigration. Because they weren't paying us per day what it was that we were standing So why should I citizens of a lucky county eat that cost over the there's the dollar figure has grown.
The official say it now costs the sheriff's office. Nearly one million dollars to hold roughly three thousand inmates a year for ice with no reimbursement sheriff court declined multiple interview requests in an email. He spokeswoman wrote that if we want to talk about how issues like immigration divide this country, we should speak with former President Barack Obama instead We turn to someone who is no card for years running me now. Onstage needs no interruption: Walkie Ganny, Sheriff David A junior conservative talk, video host, Charlie Sykes helped cork boost his national profile by making. A regular guest on his statewide, show you all of you I asked you about this because you actually have brought a stun gun here. This was not his was not intended for me. I am assuming
Ok, you never know churlish Oh aired for nearly twenty five years before he stepped down in December. He said: that illegal immigration was now a big issue for him, and it wasn't for this. If either until corks profile started to rise in here right. If then, the national stage is that political rockstar, now Charlie regrets giving Clark platform norm. I'm willing to accept responsibility over freedom is by Frankenstein monster. I can't claim that I was not warned that here's a guy who's whose rhetoric did not match up with his performance, but sheriff gave a clerk. Yeah, there's some significant regrets. There was a trump when the presidency, but people here didn't necessarily vote for him because it was immigration, policies, particular in Derry Land that something they didn't
don't on Charlie. Until another talk, radio host told him about a recent show. You said you had this remarkable show yesterday, where somebody said you know we didn't have illegal immigrants, we couldn't run our dairy farms and he said I didn't believe him. So I brought my phone and I got an hour and a half of callers, calling in saying that actually true, this is not economy that is being damaged by Illegal immigrants, wearily keeping kept afloat by So what do these changes and immigration policy mean for dairy farmers who voted for Trump? Recently we visited Abbe Driscoll Farm. For me, estrato works? we found. Abbe shovelling hay for the cows. They move at her hungry to be fed, walk, in the barn. She talks price the about our girls, the cows on right, then I can. She's gonna be going to the county, fair she's, pretty spoiled every
employing Manuel from living illegally in the country she says, he'll. Do whatever we can to help and protect him he's trying to get legal status through his wife, but with her other employees Abby takes kind of it. Don't ask don't tell approach when it to their immigration status. We definitely realise that, yet we are maybe turning a blind eye to it that some of these workers are in this. Three illegally under the law, Abbe must get proof from her employer. Said they are authorized to work in the country is she can show some documentation. She takes them at their word. Still, I asked Ebby why she voted for Trump. I was expecting something is to happen when I voted for Trump as far as all of his immigration policies, but I guess I wasn't expecting it to go as far It did already Neither did other farmers who also depend on immigrant Labour Abbe. Still, thanks. Immigration reform is needed, but not the
Donald Trump unsure of Carker talking about. I think that they should make the process easier. For them to become legal for peace like men, well, who want to do that I think- and they want to be here- and they want the citizen just like everyone else at their home being separated by sonar the Estrada say their fighting back against Trump and the proposed laws, because they're afraid their family being separated West. The president was not there will be. Other book was to eat scary and separation of families. Sir, the one thing that I fight the hardest for watching people's family gets separated, assist its heartbreaking, an end. I am fearful, I think, I'm more fearful than him.
That story from reveals Andrew Becker, others are fearful to so afraid that they're leaving the country they better do. Sultan though they better do something. You see a greater threat pack enough. Does that mean that Donald Trump immigration policies are working? from the centre for investigative reporting and p r ex. This is reveal Michael Montgomery sitting in four outlets in the state of war.
From the centre for investigative reporting and p r ex this is reveal MIKE you sheriff David Clark. He says immigrants and the country illegally should at out no matter what, on the other, you have farmers, they say a day. You have people like Milwaukee Sheriff David Clark. He says immigrants in the country illegally should get out no matter what, on the other, you have farmers days a day without undocumented immigrants would slammed the brakes on was Constance. Forty three billion dollar dairy industry caught in the middle are the workers, the folk ten feet and milk more than a million cows and some of them are waiting. In Western was concept, but there's a farm house with a pickup truck parked outside in the driveway the mid afternoon. Lingers and five men are using a drill, a hammer and nails to
in western Wisconsin, there's a farm house with a pickup truck parked outside in the driveway afternoon light lingers and five men are using a drill, a hammer and nails to build what looks like a plywood fence around the sides of the truck bed. Maybe while they work a young, her woman surnames Louisa to pull a hurry side of the house, carrying something a cardboard of a suitcase full of clothes or children's toys, She insists that her husband Miguel Hernandez, take it his is to figure out how to fit all of this. Every item his family owned onto the back of this truck and that's hard you ve lived here as long as they have done, which is a man and woman in their late fifties, weight and watch from about a hundred feet away, Doug Connection, wife, Tony OWN, this farm. We can note the goals more by ourselves,
What does concern me as far as who's gonna Filler shoes then mare. Just don't want put the hours in this matter. From Mexico he's thought of Doug, Antonia or saying more than once. The six videos like I'm working on a farm I never see, are american to stop and asked for job for miracles. Miguel, any other workers have kept farms going here in Amerika Stairway land. If you ask me They'll tell you stories of how they walked through the desert for days to cross the border into the? U S, how they eventually got here too Wisconsin and they found jobs on farms eager for the help we have come to work, but some people tanker we're taking jobs Valley of people. Farmers who hire men like Miguel, don't ask too many questions about whether their social security numbers or documents are real. They have an understanding for DEC,
It's it's worked out for mexican immigrants in Wisconsin to hold steady jobs. They ve enjoyed a certain level of security. Some of them say that's not enough to keep them here, not anymore. inside their spacious house, Louisa cooks for Miguel and their two sons. She can the door to the milking parlor through the kitchen window. Aren't they. Now before you felt comfortable you not to go out to buy food or to the kids appointments or whichever place but not anymore. Louisa was sixteen when she travelled to the: U S from text: what Khan and Central Mexico Four years later she met Miguel, whose ten years her senior they start our family in this country and shared a house with other workers on the farm. She says
it's been a while, since she's felt comfortable going into town, but already Bergamo can look into the income of this day. It's like people feel more free to be offensive or to do things that aren't ok, stumbling. Louisa remembers and uncomfortable and counter Miguel told her about right after the election last November. When we met common talk, if where he said he went to a gas station to put guessing car and there were some Americans dressed in hunting gear, I went to the gas station she's talking about it. It's twenty minutes more or less from where they live about a week. After the election male stopped by here with a work buddy. The guests Fishing Convenience store is pretty compact. It sells beer, bags of ice cigarettes and chewing tobacco there's also
of water that hold live bait around it cash register. There's beef jerky energy shots and lighters that day, Miguel in his friend had just finished pain. When two men and camouflage came in they did. One said something to the other: he didn't get Miguel, but it was loud enough for him to here. Nobody there Rico with the exchange. But Miguel says he remembers, the man use profanity and then he said executions, they shouldn't be here, then he added something like they are well they should go back to Mexico. The the other person there who could here was the cashier Miguel says she looks serious, but she didn't say anything. Would the guy said really bothered Miguel, but he stayed quiet at the store and when he got home he told the we saw what had happened with some for love of what he said. Was equally and we're not worth repeating, obviously, wasn't going to get into it with them, because there
Always win because their american and we're not sure Miguel in the weeks ahead, always plan to return to Mexico. Some day they realized, maybe that some day was today now I dig it with her the president and then new politics. They think it its many people trying to go back. They decided that, after their oldest son, finnish preschool Miguel would drive the families truck and belonging to the border. A few days after Louisa would fly from Chicago with the kids, families in Mexico. They when they watched the news and TB. They see their rights in many states in they worry bout that the fear of those raids escalated when rumour spread about immigration officers visiting the town nearest the farm Miguel, ass when he told his boss, as he plans to go there,
for him more money and his own house if he would stay, turned down their offer. For other workers decided to head back home to One reason Miguel says was the new president because turn key West campaign, and then he promised he is port, older people Boston, legal, the country and stuff, like versus always Torres. Don't worry because he's not gonna do anything bad in some states its carbon in There are other reasons to return to Mexico. Miguel his parents are getting older and his father's sick.
Because they entered this country illegally, Mcgowan Louise, I haven't been able to visit their parents and get back to Wisconsin without risking trouble at the border pains, Rewarder ruling context summary. The truck bet enclosure is finished, its taken off afternoon for the men to load it with furniture boxes of clothes and kitchen appliances they ve title the piles to make sure nothing falls out on the thirty seven hour drive to their hometown Miguel. Brother Domicile says he and the others watched the news in Spanish and it's no secret how Wisconsin voted until Last November, the state hadn't gone for a Republican since Ronald Reagan in nineteen. Eighty four Felicity and Mr Stella They decide in this state right and this is where they need us, the most where the labour Levin it's weird, it's difficult. The truth is,
all of the spanish people here, knew the Americans hearing Wisconsin were supporting Donald Trump Ethiopians. I think they are. A mistake, because a lot of people fleeing precise for that reason, or can which hinders summoned the poorest. Farm, Doug canopy has six hundred and fifty cows to milk every single day he wondered who's going to do that now, when these guys leave, I don't know whether the industry would be right now with oil. We are relying on that. Lawmakers could have made it easier for his employees to stay on the good working visa. They'll do a for a ballplayer they'll, do it. Migrant worker which a seasonal dairy farmers, not seasonal. So that frustrates me
But if I can have a working visa don't be a win win more than anything. He want somebody Congress, the president. Anyone who has the power to fix this problem, they better do salt; no, they better do some because their leave em. You see it right here for packing. After the truck is loaded, Doug walks smiling toward Miguel, the farm, his head and shoulders taller than the herdsman. He calls his right hand Doug slaps Miguel back as he gives them one last hug. Goodbye, It is time to change your mind
and here in the rear view, mere that story from Alexander Hall of Wisconsin Public Radio and was constant centre for investigative journalism. Miguel and other families made the difficult decision to return to Mexico on their own terms. For those who do remain in this part of the Scots Jim Smith and his wife, Jean Roush have a plan, it has its own it. Miguel and other families made the difficult decision to return to Mexico on own terms to do remain in this part of Wisconsin, Jim Smith and his wife, Jean Roush, have a plan It's only score round
there's lots of both our area german Jean, are showing us around their home. It looks out over dairy first homestead more than a hundred seventy years ago. This is where there quietly, for bring a small sanctuary. We are activists that is attached to our home its inefficiency. Apartment right now is no one is here, but we never know when you'll come back their retired school teachers and lifelong activists, Jean Joint Approach, test in Madison we heard about earlier in the show, through their church, the cup and what we offer Jimmy Jean, people that we note from there are aware that this is available workers and together immigrants, driver card and other issues. Immigrant issues over the years rapid trust we are in and what we offer Jimmy in belong to a network of about two dozen people who to
in Derry Workers and other immigrants, if federal if I end up in jail for reason, response team to help workers get away from the farms and reunite with their families Somebody comes here and they need a ride to wherever I will take them there. End up in jail. For some reason I will spend, A time writing Jean says people know how to activate their safe haven plan. If immigration agent show up Jim has his Dory ready. Somebody comes here, their guest, our guest, and I would we treat them that way. So, if somebody comes looking for me, they can find me if they go. This apartment than I would expect so kind of bay legal document requiring that I hope
the door. Otherwise, I will not allow somebody in this apartment for now the apartments it's empty for images who intend to stay there door remains open. Other people are providing sanctuary not for immigrants who want to stay in the? U S, but those looking for a safe passage north, it's not the Hilton. But it certainly be having somebody break down your door and detain you in your family. We take a look at the last, stop on the twenty first century version of the underground rail road. When we come back, This is reveal from the centre for investigative reporting and pr exe.
From the centre for investigative reporting and p r ex this is reveal. Michael Montgomery. In for our lesson, What are your names comedy? Almost I wanted produce you to a family and transition, I'm not only on the same Jose in a Myra are married couple from Valencia, the third largest city in Venezuela. He a train of meat markets she's a doktor. They have three young kids over the last few years. Life got a lot harder. For them. We went along well the problems that have spread across the country, which everyone knows about. Last year, the price of consumer goods spiked. Eight hundred percent, the food shortages, so. Intense poor nutrition cause the average Venezuelan to lose twenty pounds. The murder shut up and riots broke out. I entirely means I see without food, medicines, no supply
for hospitals, all of these kinds of problems which were all over the country and more than we think the political problem, political, economic, social, anyway, political posts, has been government, ordered him to sell meet below cost when he didn't officials threatened to Berlin in jail business owners were in the same situation the family he did a way out. Well meant that we do not really have a definite blog, but I see anything precise, but we intend to see what there was in. The USA Jose came first to Miami tourist Visa, and their kids arrived a few months later. They one to get asylum in the Eu S. It was a long shot. Then dongle try when the presidency, generic I'm in love with citizens, once he won the presidency, there was some march. There was actually against immigrants- and this made us
again, because then there wouldn't be opportunities for immigrants, analyse the family met immigration attorneys to see if they could stay the lawyer Doubted they'd have much success under the new administration, so low, a growing number of asylum seekers. They looked no four sanctuary. They got me the site. We wouldn't state that we have come to Canada. A friend about a place that could help Fiji, shelter called Vive LA this nonprofit a few miles from the canadian border and it was whose any Myers Lascaux Review I trees, Condor Roger, follows Jose any Myra along what some call a new underground rail road to Canada. He starts better a brick school building in a low rent area of Buffalo New York Middle ages. You could bang church door in call out for sanctuary in twenty seventeen because more like this
that's the first thing the receptionist ask you: when you walk into feed, they are used to go to Canada today yeah pretty much it's pretty much, no matter who through the legal office as Canada, questioning in Vienna, his Maria Walker, helps new arrivals prepare their asylum documents to enter Canada. There are ways: new arrivals. We had a few before not sure exactly how many of us are. We had to be throughout the night, how many, we're here right now. I think just shy of a hundred this shelter, tries to deliver on the statue of liberty promise. It accepts tired, poor, huddled masses of asylum seekers. They come from dozens of countries, Colombia, Pakistan, Iraq, Haiti, deed
feels like Alice Island inside a catholic school, the old wooden floorboards creek. Under our feet. Next to every electrical out. What we pass, someone somewhere in the world? Is charging a cell phone? It's a waiting room with amenities lessons in English as a second language, we, teach and orientation class two days a week which Is basically preparing people from what's going to happen the canadian border Buffalo. Has a long history of helping people on their way to Canada in the tenth century Harriet Tubman helped escapes Labour crosses suspension bridge over the Niagara River, not far from here during the Nineteen eighties franciscan, none, The buffalo area, took up that task in response to an influx of rare. Jeez. From war ravaged, El Salvador at first nuns, we're just housing salvadorans in their convents and that eventually turned into Ebay
people find out about Jesus you're, all different ways: ITALY for family members. They find out through the all completely word of Mouth Sisera from the local health care. Nonprofit manages the shelter now nomes continue to run it along with volunteers and paid staff like Mariah their reputation. Distressed. Displaced people has only grown, so she anywhere II was when we really started getting hit. Pretty hard our numbers almost doubled, Maria says the staff feel did more than a thousand calls a day. The threat of travel ban and increased immigration rates, also spooked people, even those who lived in the. U S without documents. For years supporters of the President may see this is a sign. Is immigration policies are working? People are self deporting, but
there is a difference between the president's tough talk on sanctuaries and federal agencies actually do using and urban development money help these hundred year old, brick school house, one of them and still that homeland Security has dropped people off your when agents didn't know what else to do so far. Immigration and customs enforcement is entered the building to round up immigrants for detention, by the time Jose Andy Myra. The venezuelan couple arrived at be in March the place was packed nearly three hundred people double its capacity, showed up that month. The shelter and overflow space in, like minded local churches, Jose family headed the Pilgrim Saint Luke's.
A hundred and forty year, old, United Church of Christ, congregation founded by german immigrants who stole Gonzales, is the pastor here it: it's not the Hilton it certainly be having somebody breakdown your door and detain you in your family or living with that fear of that happening whose does congregation recently declared itself a sanctuary church. It's one of aid, religious institutions in the? U S, to do so. That's twice, as there were before the November elections so far, Pilgrim Saint Luke's, his sheltered about fifty people without immigration status, We receive people from Maryland, Georgia, Texas, California, New Jersey, pure New York City, who fled.
Over the. U S, long term, residents without documents in those passing through decided to, oh north. After the presidential election exit and full of other sanctuary churches and act how undocumented people shielding from removal in a phone call with the head of another sanctuary church who still realised by his is different. I was actually and when a pastor in california- oh my god, you have an exit strategy. One day Come me they are House arrest in a church basement and can't leave what we do have an exit strategy. This church less than a mile away from the peace bridge. That's the international highway, our king over the charging Niagara River, just an eight minute drive away. Look left! You see that right there. That's ended as a sanctuary activists who stole his dog the pretty high profile he schools throughout
on an chose me all. The recent calls and text messages he's gone from people asking for his help. He's also attracted unwelcome attention: you're a scumbag you're, a fucking piece of shit her housing falcon on documented illegal aliens, refugees and you I don't live there, you're a fucking scammer. I hate you HU, I hate your church you're, not it's. This kind of talk that convinced Jose family, along with thousands of others, that they might be better off in Canada after waiting about three weeks in Buffalo, it was their turn early one morning a cab picked up Jose and his family and drove them to the peace bridge over them. River, to the canadian border services Agency Buffalo on one side, Toronto and the other. This is the busiest land bridge between the Nations
Its building looks out on many lanes of toll booth like check points between the: U S and Canada inside Jose and family waited its technically no man s hand we're not really in Canada, we're not really in the United States, where I live on the space. That is Tal border and ass. I call a lullaby at the author purgatory it's where Martha Mason runs the Peace Bridge newcomer centre. It's a very lady in waiting room, there's a Red We believe on the flag and a picture of queen it's a bit on the wall there daytime movie on the tv and a small stack of little Caesar's Peters. This is we're Jose any Myra dropped off their luggage and left her three kids. Under supervision of the centre staff, while it their asylum interviews, and they
The building where I can't take you can a border services. That's the side where the interviews happen The first questions they ask Jose committed to either by What was your life? Like ain't, your home country, music, a deeper? What kind of person I jus? What do you live? how long have you been married to you? Why, honestly, it's a difficult momentum into genuinely fighting this high stakes process? Can take a couple of hours or a full day, you have to prove you. Are, who you say you are and that you have a close family member on the other side, those the terms of a treaty between Canada and the EU. S called the safe third country agreements, asylum seekers. Who can't prove they have what authorities called an anchor relative can get sent back to the? U S, potentially return to their home countries. So
for persons who are out of status in the United States are undocumented rate, being return to United States, pretty high risk for them. Because she says, if the? U S does send them to their home countries. They could end up a political prisoner or dead. Two hundred canadian law professors have called for a moratorium on the? U S, Canada, agreement and theirs law suit, trying to stop it? Martha says: that's why people who don't meet the criteria sometimes take desperate measures, and I have heard stories if, if they know that they don't, if not then be able to meet the agreement, that they're gonna go find another place to enter Canada where they don't after meet the safe third country agreement, the we'll Canadian mounted police has noted an increase in what it calls irregular crossings. Earlier this year, some crosses braved winter in northern Minnesota to sneak into Manitoba.
Guinea in woman died of frostbite too, for countrymen. Last night all their fingers a thousand asylum seekers, were refused entry into Canada, because the treaty, including a small group here at the peace bridge, once denied asylum seekers are then sent back across the bridge. We're? U border patrol agents, decide their fate Some agents send asylum seekers to detention, while others decided. Give them a second chance back in the United States. But just as the border agency, don't tell her, who gets in and who get sent back. But She has her own way of learning. What happens in this room is used for luggage. It's a room in the back of the centre, with fluorescent lights, linoleum floors in shelves for suitcases
Some of the luggage is made of sturdy plastic and other bags resemble Ici sofa cushions with leather s. And it's really are only indicator to help as no, whether a purse they found eligible, are not at the end, of each asylum seekers interview. If the border agent carries out the luggage, it means the person didn't make it applicant walks out with a suitcase he or she is free to move on So when the refugee claim in at the end of the day, it's finished and they go outlet store there in Canada what about Jose in his family, they made it through that door I met them outside our Salvation Army, temporary shelter in Toronto. Supper, introduces meters, three kids,
may I am I am I want to think of me number, I wholly on thing going. The way they angles. Me I'm a guy tangle glad drawing up there with others children in the yard outside the shelter the sun is setting, but it still warm out there mom. You asks what they think of it, country aim. We bear We brought me back. They say it's beautiful and clean Jose Andy Myra, ask some parent from the shelter to watch the kids as we talk it in nearby TIM Hortense, the Canadian can donuts their assimilating already, I ask what's been hardest and they start laughing, Toil lamented WA n T where no man really everything for me, the hardest thing separated from my chin.
I was sorry for the five months without them enough course my wife load and get the women see everything. Will every time in Venezuela and you can see, are well everything we can. Have to leave behind it. It's been really difficult recommended what's clear, that is why they laughed and what they want for there kids, they buy an unequal lay he'll, but gave their need, but if it, though, so that they can go to high school, because education is the foundation for everything somewhere that located in a place where they can study their hearing deep with the refuge. She tribunals the independent canadian council that Determines asylum cases is scheduled for later this month the middle a day we ve been waiting for us. We knew this would happen, then it would come and well. I really hope that that's God's will
wherever they judge decides. I will accept it level until that decision
she and her husband maintain their faith and continue to learn about this new northern home Gothic up, let's have less Jose any Myra, have a pretty good shot and staying in Canada. Last year authorities there gave asylum to nearly two out of every three people who ask for it. If you're wondering Canada's rate of granting asylum is about fifty percent higher than the U S today, show was produced by trees. Condor Roger Andrew Factor in Alexandria Hall are show was edited by Cheryl devolve thanks to reveal Zita brands, debtor and Patrick Michael's, and two was constant public radio and it was constant centre for investigative journalism. Jim Cricky provided production help special thanks to Sylvia Torres. Fernando Alvarez model, he men as David Rica's and a manual Martinez, are sound design. Team is Jim Breaks and Clare Molin with help from Catherine Raimondo, our head of Studios Christa sharpened birth, any pile as our editor in Chief Suzanne River is our executive editor and our executive producer is Kevin Sullivan. Merci, music is by camaraderie lightning. Support for reveal is provided by the Raven David Logan Foundation, the Ford Foundation that John D and Catherine T Macarthur Foundation, the John S and James he'll Night foundation, the hiding Simons Foundation and the ethics and excellence in journalism foundation reveal is a co production of the centre for investigative reporting and pr X. I Michael Montgomery outlets and we'll be back next week.
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