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2020-03-28 | 🔗

Quarantines are supposed to contain the new coronavirus, but are the right people going into isolation, and are federal guidelines strong enough? Plus, why California abandoned medical stockpiles that could help doctors treat COVID-19. 

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Before we get started today. I just want to acknowledge what its time. This is for so many people and let you know that all of us here reveal are doing everything possible right now bring you shows the feel vital in current in response to the corona Vires reveal is part of a nonprofit news organization. We depend on support from our members who are listeners just like you recently I had the chance to call up one of reveals: youngest members, whose names Ellie he started listening to show with his mom on the way home from swim practice, and eventually he asked her if he could use. Money from his allowance to help support what we do. Our hello Elliot, yeah hi. This is a lesson from the centre for investigating reporting in p
ex how you doing, then. I heard that you are a member of reveal that you donate to his every month. Why I just want to call unsafe. Thank you. I think it is so Amazing trees do that here. How old are you yet years old, that's amazing! They do. You have a favorite episode, I on the high, a smile, oh yeah, about Amazon right you are a very handsome young man and you just totally made my data totty. Thank you. Can you just say there is always more to the story. They always like sky Bam Elliot. You are excellent. I really appreciate you thank you for being a member so much I I hey how much it means to me very welcome buddy. You have a good day,
about, Elliott, like all of our reveal members, helps make this show possible if you are a member yet and have the means to help. Please show us your support to become a member just text. The word reveal two hundred and forty seven, four thousand seven hundred and forty seven again text reveal two hundred and forty seven, four thousand seven hundred and forty seven. Thank you and remember. The only way forward is together from the centre for investigative reporting in p r ex this is reveal a mallet. It started here in California. Cisco in the Bay area ordering people to shelter in place in it? Verona virus spread state after state has ordered nonsense.
To businesses to close people to stay at home. New York's governor calls it putting the state or pause in the Anna's says, he's asking Hoosier to hunger down. As a march, twenty fifth, more than a hundred million Americans, were ordered to stay at home. Today, we're looking at people in the most extreme form of isolation, quarantine and whether the current recommendation fourteen days is enough to stop the virus from spreading. Alexandra Shrinketh lives on long island in New York for her alarms went off a month ago, long before America. Cities started going, it's locked him, so my son is a junior and amorous college and he was spending semester abroad and Graham in Rome, her sons named Zack and he was having a great time in ITALY, but all around him the country was increased.
This every shop in business in this country shut down included in each day. The news was getting worse so essentially was a kind of budgets. It was taken by the end of the first week of March. We really wanted him to come home at that point in here. He wasn't sure, because his programme kept saying it's fine, we're gonna keep the programme. Will then I we nor was so. Finally, we but we all agree that the EU and beyond the playing on on Sunday March nine, I think it was and is relieved as Alexander was exact, would soon be home. She wondered. Could he have the fires? Could he be bringing back with him her husband's a doctor, and she works here too? So, at a time when most Americans were mostly going about their lives as usual, she made an extreme decision and broke the news to her son, just as he came, the plane. So when I met him, I had I tell him attacking actually go into quarantine.
Did you hurt someone when I first came up, because I imagined like when my kids go away and I haven't seen him forbid? The first thing we do. Is we Now we deny the fairy. I had a mask on an gloves and I, first thing I did was hand him a mask and gloves, and we not her with Canada, smiled and hard, not to give a mug. So after the drive home from the airport, Zack moved into the basement, which is mom had set up as his quarantine, peace. I tried to envision and twenty you want with a twenty year old college kin. He just got pulled out but his dream place want so I cleaned the basement and I filled up you now. The fridge reader with cuts in hot, saw some bread and pop tarts double stuffed. Orioles, so is, is he still in the basement right now? He is actually
can you get him to join us? I'm sure, ok, so Gonna be logging in from the basement, because just coffee in the same room is Alexandra. How, then I have to ask gal, I guess I can tell Zackie there yeah. I'm here came in Hawaii Mugger, so you leave ITALY, take along flight home get off the plane. What was your first reaction when your mom said, you're gonna be in quarantine when you get to the house I get off the plane, and I see my mom waiting for me in a mask and gloves and at first I thought it was kind of funny like cuz. I wasn't. I had no symptoms, so I was like I was a bit confused so Alexandra. The original plan was for Zack to stay isolated for fourteen days, and things would
back to normal, but then what happened to you say alarm after he sent back up in the basement I'm gonna call that I had been exposed to someone who turned out to be cool with positive, and I sat pretty closely to the person in a meeting and that I was being put on quarantine. Well, where were you quoted yourself I quarantine myself in the main part of the house where I have been so the other thing about my porn, I've, been walking around with my seventeenyearold, my husband fur three, is already having been exposed, so we just decided that the three of us with corn in the upstairs and that would stay down stairs so how you will feel is, do you have any symptoms? has anything popped up in the house now
I've been yeah. I've been measuring my temperature every single day. I've been here and it's hovered below ninety eight, the whole time you'll meet. You might mean, checking my fever and have an answer. I'm really grateful. You didn't have to do any of this, though right I mean this is something that you all decided to do for yourselves. Why I mean I had to his eye required to buy my work by yet no knowing required act itself. He specifically, we just felt like it was a really good idea and we could be good global Citys These are not spread, anything that we might have to our neighbours and friends yeah. It's how you fill up your time. What do you do it? I'm boring
literally working from seven in the morning in town, ten o clock at night Jack. What about you yeah? Interestingly enough? I still have my classes from the school and ITALY slope it hard to focus on italian class when you're, not new anymore, but slaughtered, watching that books like doing for ups, not too bad after being in ITALY and seeing how serious it is. I'm curious what you said.
You know a lot of young people, your age feel like their invincible and they're, not gonna, get it they're gonna be fine. What would you say to them? Yeah now. I definitely agree that some young people aren't taking serious enough like I've, seen social media people in Spring Break in Florida and while it may not threaten young people as much young people who can still spread it and make it the situation even worse, Zack, as as a father to a twenty year old, I will tell you that the best listen you can learn from this is always listen to you. I agree with those Alexander drink off and her son sack their courting for fourteen days, which pretty much. The only number you hear about when it comes to how long should isolate yourself but
research, suggests. Fourteen days for people who may have come in contact with corona virus is not long enough to slow the pandemic reveals I supported Elizabeth Chauvelin. Looked into that. The recommendation for fourteen day quarantines comes from two pretty reliable sources, the World Health Organisation and the sea see, policymakers all around the world are making decisions based on it were literally. Banning international travel and restricting people's movements based on this fourteen day number. So it is actually one of the most impact for members. Eric cycle doing is an epidemiologist. He works for Harvard University and the federation. Of american scientists. He says getting the length of the quarantine bright is crucial to slow down this run away epidemic? The fourteen days,
is based on scientists early estimates of how long it takes for people to get sick after being exposed to the corona virus. That's called incubation period, but the problem, without is people actually have a longer incubation time. Then what the quarantine fourteen day limit is and if those people leave quarantine after just fourteen days but could spread the disease to more of us The World Health organization in the CDC didn't how much to go on when they set the fourteen day. Quarantine covered Eighteen was knew there were hardly any studies of patients who got it, but on March fifteenth chinese and canadian scientists released a study of more than two thousand people who got the virus in China. It found that more Then ten percent of them didn't get symptoms. Until after fourteen days, let's say all those people had been in his to a quarantine
You have more than two hundred people released to the streets potentially infecting others in whose cases the quarantine hasn't done its job, says having a quarantine. That's too short is especially risky in countries like ours, where there is very little testing, because quarantine is like a quarter like a perimeter. Around as someone who would you suspect, may or may not have this virus but if you dont have a good testing system around it do for someone. It escapes us, according detection Then you better have really comprehensive longer quarantine, so according to this new research a fourteen day court, team is not long enough for people who may have come into contact with the corona virus. They could potentially infect others after there Quarantines are up
but what are we doing when it comes to isolating people who actually get sick and come down with coded nineteen How long are they being told to quarantine? My name's Catherine pile and I live in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania I am seventy four years old and I'm a filmmaker a couple weeks ago, Catherine was feeling really lousy. I just crashed with rules severe fatigue of a killer headache, but I also had a dry cough kind of mild chills. After a few days it ass she went to the e r doctors told her. They could not tester, because they were only testing people who travelled to countries with known outbreaks or been in close contact with covered nineteen patients. Still they couldn't rule covered. Nineteen. They told her to go home and quarantine herself, so I've been self quarantine since then, really
are confined to my house, and a couple friends have done grocery shopping for me, which has been great, spend careful not to interact with them. Catherine pulled out her turquoise appointment book and started calling people she tracked down. Friends and colleagues she'd seen recently to warn them she might have covered to the uncertainty has really been the most difficult part emotionally for sure, because I didn't want to alarm people that I had been worth, but I also felt responsible that I should tell them that there was this possibility so that they could be alert for symptoms. As for how long Catherine should remain isolated, there isn't clear guidance on that either. Based on her doctors recommendation, she decided to stay quarantine for fourteen days from the initial symptoms. The World Health Organisation has me
stricter guidelines. They say someone with covered. Nineteen should stay isolated for fourteen days after their symptoms go away The CDC, on the other hand, says after your fever breaks three days of isolation is enough Erik the epidemiologists says, even if you feel fine coming out of isolation too soon is potentially dangerous because early research shows people still have the corona virus in their bodies for days or weeks after their symptoms disappear? Even off your cover, you could still have virus shutting from your body shedding meaning you could be. Fact in other people. That's something that worried Texas, Governor Gregg, abbot after the CDC prematurely released a woman from quarantine nor the city see beard is completely unacceptable. I think they understand the magnitude of the error they made.
The woman had visited whew on China and tested positive for covered nineteen. She was put in guaranteeing in San Antonio weeks later. She tested again after two negative tests the CDC released her she went shopping and aid in a food court. But then result came back from a third test. It was positive, potentially did we endanger the people San Antonio, because we do not quarantine on someone long enough Eric says until we know a lot more about the corona virus. We need to play it safe, go with a w h chose recommendation for a longer isolation. Fourteen days after symptoms disappear back in Philadelphia, Katharine's quarantine is about to
and but she plans to keep to Herself- I probably I'm not gonna, feel comfortable having transactions with people. You know buying things in store for probably another five days, just just to be cautious and being in court He has given Catherine a lot of time for reflection. The title of a book, read a long time ago. Kind of drifted into my mind, love in the time of cholera by Gabriele, Garcia. Marquez I start thing about love in the time of corona and started collecting these just kind of random reports. That friends would send me about what was happening in their lives that we're just really helpful. Things or fun things or beautiful things. May we don't have italian singing out? There are balconies cause, that's not really how our cities are set up, but
a lot of other things going on that that are just in a really worth focusing on. That story was from reveals Elizabeth showed experts fear we could be on the verge of an explosion of covert nineteenth millions of Americans getting sick are only for slowing down. Maybe to follow Catherine in Barracks, lead and take born seriously, whether we feel sick or not, some people don't get to decide whether they're quarantined or not. When we come back will hear from people inside a prison. And we follow the story of an only seven year old woman whose put in government wanting, I feel like the people in the entire country should know.
Why do we have to do what they can expect you terrible emerging gear, their home area? You listening to reveal. From the centre for investigative reporting and p r ex this is reveal a mallet quarantines social dismissing self ice. Nation are always people are trying to keep themselves and others safe, but for the roughly two million incarcerated people in the: U S, it's a different story: they don't have a choice, about living in close quarters and their concerns about how quickly the virus could spread behind bars and then made at a map.
Jason's treatment centre in Bridgewater has tested positive for corona virus. One inmate me Rogers Island. Tractor the corona virus, and now families are worried about the safety of their loved ones, and worries are growing about the viral outbreaks spreading through jails in prisons in Illinois. So how are people who are incarcerated? Dealing with the corona workers? We partnered with San Francisco public radio station K, L W and their podcast uncooked find out. The show is made by radio producers inside California. Prisoners were Solano state prison. This is on cuff, and I am Brian terms be after Along with my uncovered buddies, taming cook, Spoon Jackson, the night Realness Steve, Drown, Ryan mother might Douglas man We understand that people probably want to know our perspective as prisoners of this whole corona virus thing I think,
is more dangerous in here, simply because, when a closed environment is insufficient a barrel, this was gone on, so in Here we can move around if I'm on the streets, I can go to my house and lock myself self quarantine myself. I don't have to move around, but- and here I am forced to be in there with the means of one infestation comes from one source outside source. Everyone is doomed to get it because I'm I live in a community environment. I live in a door. Two hundred and fifty men in the dorm, the one guy gets it everybody's, going to get it because they're going to shut the door and now I'm forced to have to breathe all the air in there clearly depends on your housing, I'm in the cell, I'm not in the dorm. So, in that sense, I feel like on one hand I feel safer, but once it's in the prison, You know that would cause doorman stage. You know, I'm that's das, worse Harry, because you don't know at what point it comes in and at what point you touch what it could be. Some of this
all this thing that you never thought nothing of only you you find out a week Eddie you got that the cooties argued a prison, some credit for having a building where they take We are dealing with one of them. A viruses. Currency opened one team. And put them over there. So they do have that in general. Does that fear into how the and is preparing for the corrective arm. Loader, not bavarian, and you don't know what to prepare, who know what we're can you prepare for? It is bringing other than No, have you know it's gonna be here going to come in here people going to get sick and it's there's nothing that anybody could do anything about wash your hands. If you're going to get sick you're going to get sick, the same continent legionnaires kicked in, and when that happened, everything shed now entirely entire prison shed down, including. The meals saw a new one, and always beer is is when they It is no movement at all and then One comes in going off. Officers. You start saying what is is, and then
become in what has suits and they come out. Can you bring you out of yourself ten at a time, and it takes all day just to shower you from trucks that they drove into the prison? That's happened before absolutely. It happened. I lived it. I wasn't aware of that. I lived it. Major concern being in this type of environment. I would be concern about people who work within the presence, whether it's free staff external offices or otherwise coming through. Who and dehumanizing us. You know that happens sometimes anyway, but that would be my only concern as the whole thought of being expendable we were easier to cut off in and get rid of them than the average citizen, and in that light, I was a year ago when the hill was on fire appear when that fire came through
from why Matt Alzheimer Window, we will see that and first day in their way with staff, they suddenly gone. Nuclear people start to break out about it. Then when the smoke started coming in and outside the window, you can do that, the income and down the hill, and then now you got some guy in the door yellin man down for twenty minutes in his freak now, and there is no one to be seen in all. That's the sultan they at the end of the day is in the back of my report. I remember if the power went out and all the air in the building was gone and then the building started to fill up with smoke and they left us in there locked inside that lock the side that bill. So ass, a different type of feeling in our can imagine if we were on the street because of you somebody has the power to cut the power off so modest programme. The door unlocked the door behind him. That's different feeling than you yourself in and soldiers
having that in your mind, you can help with me while we're expendable. Even though we didn't do anything to bring this virus into. If you were susceptible a whole bunch of other things that people are. Ass, I weren't susceptible to faced with a story from the pie CAS uncovered made by producing incarcerated in California presence. This conversation came from Solano State prison uncovered is supported by California, arts, council and the Department of Corrections and rehabilitation or content is approved by prison. Information officer. Special thanks to induce tells her Eli WAR chapter and K eel double nine days The stories recorded California, prison authorities announced the first cases of covert nineteen stay wide one in made and five correctional staff. California prisons are operating at over a hundred and thirty percent capacity.
Time seems to be moving differently in this age of corona buyers. A day feel like a week week like a month six weeks ago, feels like another lifetime, that's February, the twenty first, the corona virus spreading around the globe, but surely it is in the pandemic in tens of thousands of people have tested positive in the? U S known as died yet, and there are only about three dozen cases Janis Tiller is in San Francisco about aboard the grand princess cruise ship, for why can I taken several coup ye and revise enjoy them?
First is Genesis husband flourish just like being thirsty. Jesus is ninety seven years old thirst younger is eighty two, but it's spry. He has had major argued gag travel back surgery, die bed It is for you to ensure their generous thirsted know this, but the corona viruses on board to an invisible deadly, still mingling, with the three and a half thousand passengers and crew. No one knows exactly when the virus came on board, but we do know this. The California men who got off the ship the day, JANUS and thirst got on later died from covert nineteen dozens of people who travel with that man was still on board when the news broke. You know like on my god. This is the ship that my mother is on. Sharing Taylor is one of genesis for children,
he's a long time, journalists sexually, we let our organization for several years and she reported for frontline, including on epidemics, heavy reported q on fire. You know a kind of new. You know what the trajectory would be and also what the risks were jealous seen a lot in her ninety seven years, but nothing like this, the federal government. Since all? U S, passengers into mandatory quarantine, even though it may be too late for passengers who are already infected the response to this single outbreak with flex the government's attempt to manage the pandemic. It's a story of shortages, changing rules, broken promises and helping hands reveals Emily Harris follows along at a healthy distance.
The day after the man from the previous voyage died, you S, officials, order all grand princess passengers to quarantine in their rooms. Janice and thirst sit in their sweets and they wait and the captain would come on maybe three times a day and he was your paw joys, because these people from the government they kept change. What they want to do. The coastguard flies out. Assets and twenty one people on the grand princess come up positive for the krona virus, but Nobody knows how many are really infected, because fewer than fifty people are tested only if they have symptoms, or were on an earlier crews on the same ship. Vice president, my pants promises, the testing will expand, all passengers and crew will be tested for the corona virus. That's the promise, but here's what happens. The ship, Doc
in Oakland. California, and passengers are sent to military bases for two weeks of quarantine, Janis and thirst get put on a bus for Travis AIR Force Base its only fifty miles away, but Janis says the process takes hours we set and we set, and we said and we were lovers on the thought we got to travel by air base level by the time we were able to go to bed with ten minutes. One Sharon only knows her. Mom is off the ship. There was no wielding. You shouldn't nobody said anything about checking their temperature or take or testing anything of that sort. You know, assign them rooms and up. They went It makes morning the sun comes out. Everything seems better. Really. A very lovely just so here I am a Bay Johnson.
There are still in a nice third floor room of the West wind in tell well rated by AIR Force base. Visitors breakfast is served downstairs off the lobby. Janice wants coffee, I went they are not could not believe it. People would lie back from that. The law, the area back to the hall, pushing in trying to carry him to try to get the coffee in food, and I saw regretted, decided the lifeboat Jake a picture that total chaos in chaos. Won't contain the corona virus, so the quarantine rules get changed their down. There would be no more to serve down. There do choose a k off at them. We will have all meal third to our rooms. Good Janis thanks no fighting for with people who might have a deadly disease, but room service has problems too.
Janis almost every day Holly how're, you day, I'm pretty good Are you Venus and she always tells what food arrives and when the day was one of the earliest large they came, is about to twenty do we know what can they serve didn't last night? What time eight thirty June torn, of nine if genocide like a great, the old lady. Remember this thirst takes. Insulin for his diabetes four times a day with something to eat. If he does Take it on time. He can get really sick because of this area, meal delivery, JANET starts skipping her lunch in case thirst needs the food later. This works to appoint, not lies, the night before and actually it was the core clock in the morning
He had to walk. We both Germany, diabetic downer thirst, wakes up out of whack, and then you must occur south, because when I woke up you Joe me, he has been called tall and takes out her hearing AIDS when she goes to bed, so she hasn't heard him. She has a phone. Number for medical emergencies that was handed out by the U Department of Health and human services. If the agency in charge here, but nobody answers that phone, so Janis calls nine one one. I couldn't give him up. I can't get it up and though he tried to help me y know and so avoid they'll Barboza disease on his back and got under the carpet in Djibouti hands upon the bed at night. Sir, you doctor jars
there's no help. There was no, I didn't have any apple juice, apple juice, that's her magic medicine for thirsts diabetes at home. She all This has some on hand here in quarantine. Ass, who show up after her nine one one call dont have any. As far as China is concerned, They don't have anything. I feel like the people in the entire country should know what really happened in what they can expect. This terrible emerging occurs their home area outside the base. A national emergency is unfolding, colleges are shutting down march, madness is cancelled, people are war, to avoid large gatherings on the base. Jana still hasn't been tested for corona virus, and she feels that ad hoc quarantine management is making a tough situation terrible.
She does find some bright spots. Cdc staff person hears about thirsts diabetes and goes eyes own to buy them some apple juice. A british couple helps them hall, their heavy suitcases upstairs and the lieutenant colonel at the front desk digs up a shower stool. All these little things make quarantine a little better just unbelievable kindness. You know that's incredible positive, but I do have to say there is no argument It seems to me that nobody in charge other passengers Quarantined at other basis, are saying the same thing I now its day, nine of Genesis, quarantine, I'm wondering if she's been tested, like Vice President Pence promised all passengers would be here you
right here. Everyone will have the opportunity to be tested and you are not required to be cast the results from the testing I anticipated do take several days. If the results of your chest or ending than is possible, it may lay your departure growing. You read that what'd. You think. My son, I didn't wanna, be suggested. I don't want to be worn junior longer. Everyone here gets their temperature taken twice a day they're all issued masks which they're supposed to when they answer the door or go outside their rooms, genus and thirst, dont show any symptoms have corona virus and they never get tested. Janis doesn't know how many people do, but one night, the british couple who helped with the luggage around
for a walk, there's only a small area because the hotel has been fenced in four quarantine guards or even posted outside presumably to make sure no one sneaks out any. I soon spots a man who looks kind of official. He was on the other side of the fence and we asked him various question he knew just how many of us were here. And how many people are tested positive and he didn't tell us not to take the tests, but all his answers made us feel that he wasn't particularly recommended H, H, US officials say that more than a thousand passengers eventually choose to take the test of the eight hundred or so initial results. Almost thirteen percent comeback, positive Ganis knows nothing of this. She perks up over the next few days. Her kids are sitting package's. One has lysol and little tat lets this morning and paws relief, because I tabled with clean sailor guy everything even the brunt of it.
Another is stuffed with candy that she loves between Might gloomy buried him. My job with kisses, I'm euro doing really great But when I call on day eleven something different, hey Jim is its Emily Harris Satan. Ah, I guess. Ok, I'm sure. Let me sit down first session. Genus has three days ago, in a fourteen day, quarantine you sit down, I sit down here. I can quite easily what happened here. All of the sudden, all the meal genus tries to stick to our usual conversation about logistics, about food but she's,
and brings up what's really honour, mind it's her husband, I dont mind occasion here this. I have noticed very definitely the mental rescues under this morning. Just briefly explain that is ITALY or owing to me a very Jamie says something Can I get it?
We are I jump on anymore, it's very hard for me. I m all right now I feel I deserve. It said. The first thing I do and I get up in the morning and go over- make each coffee gauges doing when meals come I'm going over here is the desk treasure open up here cancelled: ask where you want to drink. I tried to explain to him that weird together? I know you're, always you cry you be trying to one another, and so I am all it's not a good day for me. I'm sorry, I'm high! Well, I know what I mean you all know. The truth was happening. The people here, I'm positive, I'm not
Only one in having mental, real mental stress I mean this is good. Normal situations or any of it. The next day I ask Janice if thirst would like to talk a little bit embedded around the mass thank on where you live just coming for example, a minute tell em all years coming over globally. I first high done about it either during the year, and only this a little bit about about your experience. If you, if you don't mind so much to say about it, is frustrating you d days on the ship before days becoming aware for fourteen books. I need a little bit, but you can try to laugh about it.
The only thing you're worried about is getting home and paying the bills. So you know I'm falling behind in the bills generous and thirst leave Travis AIR Force base. Fourteen days after they arrived CDC, nurses take their toll cheers one last time and they get a certificate proclaiming officially out of quarantine, Janis doesn't know this, but agent just later tells me that passengers who are still waiting for their corona virus test results get to leave to on the bus, off the base. Jana sees that seats are taped off, so passengers won't sit next to each other, but the helpful in front of us we had no mass, no love. I did not get my mask or my view of until I was in my house here. I call Janice again after they
she's, paying bills and trying to fill proscriptions. What death? I have bad news to share with her. I feel actually very awkward about being the one to tell you this, but to people who were on the ship have now died. Of current of one was taken from the ship to the hospital and the other was on Travis AIR Force Base for a while, and I wondered if you'd heard that and have to join me. It turns out. Janis had asked the CDC staff member just before leaving the base whether anyone had been taken away with symptoms of covered nineteen. Just yes, that was the end of the conversation She thinks back on our time in quarantine and realizes. There were signs that some people had been getting sick.
Now. She wonders how safe she is in this changed world. We say goodbye, it's been says, it was your dog and do you lie? You saw them when the inventor of butter computer, By again that story from reveals Emily airs across the country, hospitals, scrambling for medical supplies up next, we look at what I've been in California, with a state once had a huge stockpiled to deal with the health crisis. This is wrong. From the centre for investigative reporting. Mp are ex,
from the centre for investigative reporting in p r. Ex this is reveal a letter. Today we ve been talking about how the country is responding to the corona vires. One thing: that's a huge challenge is just having enough medical supplies on hand. Its people get really sick. Hospitals are seeking more ventilators health, critically ill patients, brief in New York City, one of the hardest hit areas, the city's public hospitals or already desperate. If we don't get ventilators this week, we're gonna start losing lives or go to save. I can't be blunder than that. That's new city mayor build the Plaza speaking on CNN. I will take any help from anywhere, because what have the shortage of ventilators has become so dire. The General Motors, Ford and Tesla are talking about retooling, their factories to start making ventilators, but we ve learned about stockpile built for exactly this kind of situation. Stock by that May California here will were based one
most prepared states in the? U S! I want you to know that California is prepared as our swords speaking on his way. Radio address back when he was governor of California. In fact, no stages the birds to handle this type of emergency. In California we had been prepared the food crisis for very time. Give all the essential building blocks in place to protect the public view concerns but we also confident, but since then California lead that stockpile slip away, thought to how it back was there for all. I am may an emergency physician who also has a degree in public health, and then state government experience in disaster, medicine doktor backer worked for twenty five years in emergency worms before becoming a top health official overseeing disaster preparedness and planning for a pandemic
terrorism. Fears started after nine eleven until we began doing various kinds of diseases you're planning around infectious agents, first smallpox and then anthrax and then aunt em again for wonder, but it was in two thousand and six, the California got really serious about disaster planning, the main pandemics. At that. Time was eighty five and one better known as the Bird Flu California decided to invest in stockpiling medical supplies. It was pretty, investment, if I remember, was close to her native, billion dollars at the time it was ultimately more than two. Million dollars, whether they got for that money or exactly the kind of supplies that hospitals across the country or scrambling for now because of corona virus. We invested in in ninety five respirators, which I think
one knows what those are now. Those are the masks that are now in such short supply that some hospitals are rationing or reusing them. The state bought. More than fifty million and ninety five, and then there were these hospitals in a box that came with all the equipment. There were three of them with two hundred bids each and they could be set up and just seventy two hours, the called mobile field, hospitals, These are complex enough that they would have an operating room in intensive care unit and emergency department and war.
The state also amassed enough supplies to sit up twenty one thousand beds for patients in places like gymnasiums or community centres, and then there were the ventilators. We had two thousand four hundred ventilators covered. Nineteen attacks, the respiratory system for the worst cases, ventilators, can be lifesaving boon supplies run out. Doctors can be forced into making life and death decisions by deciding which patients get one in which patients don't authority happening in ITALY. All these supplies
fine you had gathered, would be clutch right now. There are exactly what you see needed right now for a covert nineteen and ninety five respirators ventilators, so California build up a big stockpile to prepare for a crisis like corona virus, but then the state ran headlong into another crisis. The two thousand eight recession the housing bus crash, the state's economy and put California billions of dollars in the Red hi. I'm going Jerry Brown when I took office last year, California, faced a staggering deficit over twenty six billion and readying. As far as the I could see in keeping up these emergency supplies, it wasn't a priority, need, were large amounts of equipment and required temperature controlled.
Out in the field of Warehouse Bay, the stated invested two hundred and fourteen million dollars for the supplies, but the store I maintain that stockpile. They were annual costs that work comparatively pretty small total about six billion dollars per year. Doktor backer fought to keep the stockpile going with pandemics. We know they come around, but we can predict exactly when, and so we know it's just a matter of time, but we couldn't give anyone reassurances that over this is going to happen in the next four years. It could have been another twenty years times was so tough. The California was cutting deep, slashing things. People using right, then from state parks to healthcare. Responding to some future pandemic didn't make the cut that tobacco with outside the government, hoping to find a partner to keep the stockpile afloat,
We went to large corporations, we went to the health care systems, we went to found dacians and we went to non profit if they would want to partner with us, but he didn't find many takers. Company said: why should we pay for this? It's the state's responsibility? Well, there wasn't much we could say, since we represented this day, her, who will all we could say was well. This it has always been very difficult budgetary situation right now and in the whole, stockpile concept. Just fell apart Kelly when you're doled out ventilators the hospitals throughout the state, hoping they pay for the upkeep, so the ventilators would be ready in a crisis. I have idea how many of those are our viable at this time or even if the hospital
know where they were stored in the California Department of Public Health told us it still has nine hundred the leaders on here, but when we asked whether they were in working order, they didn't respond. They also refused our interview requests. As for the rest of the stockpile, Masks somewhat use during emergencies like telephones, wildfires and they won't replaced. The state is now bidding twenty one million masks, but there's a catch. Their expired. The state warns against using those with covered nineteen patients in those twenty one. Some beds. Now we're gonna be set up in community centres and jobs. State
if some of them away and even looked into trashing them, but those fancy mobile field hospitals didn't go without a fight. I appreciate the fact that we are here today to talk about an issue that, if God forbid, but if and when it does, he The public is going to expect and demand that we are as ready as is humanly possible, that State Senator Hannibal Jackson, speaking at a twenty fifteen hearing on emergency management. By this time the state budget was healthier nearly balanced, but the state had already given up on keeping to other mobile hospitals at the red and they were about to defend a third. Frankly, it seems to me like an incredible waste of resources to hear these things sitting inactive and usable- I I won't say ludicrous, but it's kind of bordering on what the heck are we doing so. Could you tell us what efforts are being made to try to
reinstate these facilities. You know we never know one that next disasters going to occur, but if these things have been mothballed, you're gonna be a lot of questions asked certainly use me. Thank you very much Your question senator Jackson. We have never stopped pursuing all avenues to maintain a hospital programme by twenty. Sixteen, the state revamped, the mobile field, hospitals, opening them up to be used more often, but with out the sophisticated medical equipment. Today those hospitals in a box or now more like tents it. What we had to do was downgrade them from acute care level two more of a shelter, low, acuity level Now California is one of the? U S: hot spots for corona buyers and desperate for medical supplies like masks
so much so that the Union national Nurses, United, is publishing visit testimonials from California nurses were running LAO gowns, we're running LAO, I'm masts relief. Ray its causing a lot of anxiety. We have a very limited I regularly article nine women They are being hidden or locked out by management, others being more so long ass, the Becker he retired leadership is for him to sit on the sidelines, watching how the crisis he planned for is unfolding in his state? He says he feels pretty evident.
This is a point in and by strengthening, and you back and you say: ok how how? How could this happen that we had these resources and let them go squandering an advantage that could be helping this fight the career the virus right now. Our story was supported by feels Will Evans. Will careless and Lance Williams was produced by Catherine S? Gasket this week show was a huge group effort with reporting and producing from Elizabeth Chauvelin Jennifer Garland. Emily Harris will Evans Carlos Lance Williams, Catherine, whiskey and g of meaning. The show was edited by. Talk you told me to spread Myers ingestion. We add additional editorial support from Esther. Kaplan Victoria. Bear Nevsky is our general council Our production managers, moody, universal score and sound I am by the dynamic dual J Breezy, Mr Jim Briggs Finance
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