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2020-10-31 | 🔗

In what may be the largest protest movement in the nation’s history, millions of Americans have taken to the streets this year to protest racism and police brutality. In response, the federal government cracked down, filing charges against protesters in 31 states. We also learn how Austin, Texas, voted to slash its police budget.

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confident, knowing your wearing a product that doing right by your feet and the planet learn more about their sustainable practices and find your pair of wallpapers at all birds, dot com. Today, support comes from MSNBC, Action of our lifetimes is here with Americans on age and a nation. In the balance, will there be a blue wave? Will Donald Trump defy pulling on election? I join him. Ass in Beijing is Rachel Meadow Nicole Wallis, joy, Red Brian Williams, in their team of experts, analyze at all from every angle steep corps He will be the big ward breaking down the data state by state in county by county coverage. Tuesday at six p M Eastern stay with MSNBC until the last vote is counted. from the centre for investigative reporting in p ex this is reveal Malleson, where at the end of a political campaign season that took place
side what may be the largest protest movement in this country's history. Ten of millions of Americans have taken to the streets to oppose racism and police brutality. President tromp reacted in a way that was predictable. He made his views about policing clear back in nineteen. Eighty nine, when he took out a full page, add in for New York newspapers in reaction to the arrest of the central part. Five now known as the exonerated five, they were black latino teenagers who be charge, convicted, and eventually, exonerated for the rape of a jogger in central park? Trumps, add called for the death penalty, but more than that, it called for politicians to give police departments back their power to unshackled them from the constant chant of police brutality. Something trump repeated through.
Out his presidential campaign and twenty. Sixteen their powers been so take it away. Then I'm gonna lose their jobs are afraid they could even talk to people anymore can even talk to people after his election he told a crowd of police officers when they arrest people and throw them in the back of the van. Please don't be too nice like what, you guys put somebody in the car and you're protecting their head. You know that what you put the hand of like don't hit their head and they just killed somebody. Don't it dad. I said you take the hand away. Ok, but as president, it was more than just words. His department of Justice back off efforts to investigate, enforce change in local police departments and then on. May twenty fifth Minneapolis off Sir Deryck Shovin put his me of the neck of George Floyd for more than nine minutes until he was dead, reveals annually, comet
been looking into not only what Trump in the Department of Justice said, but also what they did in response to the protests that followed his annually. This summer they were protests and more than two thousand cities. One of them was eerie Pennsylvania, a town, the Trump one by two point, send twenty. Sixteen MEL, Kwan Barnett grew up there, I'm a regime like small twenty years. Eleven, I never seen the light is gone all on them. Seen it on tv and never seen in my neighborhood milk, one wasn't an activist before the protests he used to work as a forklift operator, but then he lost his job last year. Since then, he says, he's been coaching: the hurricanes, his sons, football team. His way, their jersey when we talk of a video conference Maxie got his name on the back of my shirt to out, can you turn around and show me see if you can see love dad that what it is
This is king there, as we call when we call a king but the smile he has when he talks about his family and his neighborhood. It disappears when I asked him about the city is a whole. What's it like, ever been to airy? So how can I explain without sound a rude, some people I call it a little racist town from as and when I seen growin up. It was a lot of police boot tat would be in being targeted, knock. One says he was stopped and asked to show idea so many times he knew officers by sight. So when he heard there was gonna, be a black lives matter, protest and airy the weekend after George Floyd step here I had to go through life man, I wanna be a party. I wanna be out their protests in creating J, so what twenty years come? Moccasins, MIKE is my grandchildren and so on. It was a party does not mean we don't stand
There were say anything whose issue was gonna happen next few years, these be real bad, real bad protest started at six p m on Saturday, made thirty with hundreds of people linking arms, enchanting, passing cars, mail, client, I have two round nine p m as a large crowd was gathered outside the police station tensions escalated quickly. He replaced say some protesters through fireworks at officers and they responded with tear gas and mace. What did it like to be out there. It was like the police, more fuel, so far squander carried out like the about to go to war? For one
keep pushes somebody eventually something's gonna happen. You know me just as this was happening on the other side of town Hannah Kirby was at home with her husband. She had grown up in winesburg the small rural town, three hours away and then move to eerie for college. For me, it's the court on called big city Three years ago she opened a small, independent coffee shop in the heart of downtown, it's cool amber and forge. I felt very disconnected, and so is really just looking for a way to engage directly with, city. What better way to engage with the community, then over coffee Hannah didn't go to the protests that night. What am I employees did go and she was like while it was so beautiful is really you know community coming together, really it it just felt really powerful. A few hours later. Hannah was falling in and out of sleep when the same employ called back
like I think something happened at the coffee shop. Someone who's following on social media, sent her a video. The video is shot by someone across the street and you can only see people's backs, but you see a woman approaching and kicking through the window of a coffee shop projects. and then a man approaches the broken window and suddenly a fireball appears inside. Oh, really are you could see his kind of go well? Certainly, in that moment like that was got wrenching, because in my brain you know, that's it right like the building is you know, gonna go up, three, not blind will bring interrupt onward, jeweller problem and to bring you
partial report. Is chaos is filling the streets of downtown? You re right now we have fireworks in the street bashing out every window, enabling national riders came in from out of town. There is no evidence that professional riders came in from out of town what did happen. People spray painted city hall, twenty one buildings had some windows, smashed for fires were lit and a few parking meters were damaged or stolen. This was that first major night of national protests, after George voids death B, overwhelming majority of them that weekend and throughout the summer were peaceful without any property destruction. But when President Tromp spoke from the rose garden on Monday June first, he focused on the actions of what he said. violent mobs. These are not acts of peaceful protests. These are acts of domestic care
I am all valises, all available federal resources, civilian and military to sign the rioting and looting to ended destruction and arson and to protect the rights of abiding Americans, including your second amendment rights the morning after the protest in eerie Hannah came into the coffee shop. She didn't know what to expect. We have. couple broken windows thing one, three broken windows, I looked round realise like ok. This is not that bad. She found the fire hadn't spread throughout the building. In fact, it hadn't even gone beyond the table where it was initially set. Really. The only thing we ended up having to fix was the table that had a sum burn marks on it.
and ended up having a gentleman that does woodworking in town offer to fix it, for free Hannah didn't have to pay for any of the damage. She says her landlords insurance cover the cost of the windows and she only closed the coffee shop for one day Monday and that's the day police announced they had assessment this individual, the twenty eight year old, male individuals, no one Barnett, we have an act of war. and can you say any more about what happened that night around the coffee shop Ok, so form by my were not to do the really be taught in all those things: Male Kwan, plaid not guilty, and his case is still pending. But here's what we do know the police say they took that video
showed the back of the man who lit the fire and claim they matched his clothes and hair with another video that they say shows Male Kwan. He says he found out when his mother, called him and told him the police were looking for him, so oh god, oh, my lord and let him know was gone on in that. I want to talk myself in and two days later? That's what he did. He was charged by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. With five felonies and a misdemeanor from arson to reckless endangerment, and then he was taken to the eerie county. Prison. Four hours later, everything changed I myself, I would say, tv on angle that was always been put upon a news I may add water or arson after Saturday Night riot in downtown areas taken into federal custody. Vanessa first seen in that the states will drop in a case and fears is picking up. The United States attorney's office was taking over the charge male Kwan with the federal
of arson decision taken like man is is this is this is gonna be better than I thought I was gonna, get darker and dark and ass? All I can think of you might give a federal prosecution is a major undertaking with rooms full of investigators, poring over pages of tax returns and bank statements, so how
Did they end up going after an alleged coffee shop, arsonist Hannah Kirby got a clue when she was cleaning up a couple days after the protests and FBI agent and a federal Orson investigator stop by and started asking questions about her coffee cups, which I thought was. Oh that's a strange question to be asking me. I don't know what this has to do with fire by ok, the cups of the emperor and forge logo on the side, which, ironically, is a tiny, geometric fire, but the f B. I was interested in them. For another reason: these plastic cups we import from Buckle import from Buffalo New York. She buys the cups from out of state and that's what makes you an interested business Europe, a plastic up, that plastic cup, along with online gift cards and social media pages, are central to the federal prosecutors case. That's what makes the arson a federal crime there, arguing that the fire
through opted interstate commerce. We are really as local as we can be and hurling we try to be, as that is. Our goal is to be as local as possible, and how can we possibly be an inner stay business so remote not just to those just a ruse. Jonathan Smith is a former federal prosecutor. Who now runs the Washington Lawyers Committee for civil rights is something in commerce crosses state borders than the federal government has an interest in the prosecution. So it's not very high bar. It's not a very high bar Jonathan, says. Federal prosecutors often use this technique. take cases federal, but rarely for this kind of crime. There you see arsons helping across the country time and unless they're hate crimes I see the Famagusta involved in and arson chart even more unusual. The number of cases like milk ones that are out there reveal has been tracking.
these prosecutions, since the end of May federal prosecutors in at least thirty one states have brought three hundred and forty cases against people at the protests. The majority relate to some form of property damage. The most common charge is arson. What's the maximum sentencing you could get believes twenty years when Hannah the Coffee shop owner heard Male Kwan could be facing a five to twenty year sentence. She was stunned. After a few weeks of agonizing, she wrote an open letter to the mare. She thought that local court should handle the case and that federal charges, we're out of hand in what world is a human life valued at less than a bit.
being a window. I mean in now cons case, we're gonna value, ten years of his life at less than at table top that got charge. You have an engineering background, there's a mass veto component and its these two things are not equal. I wanted to know why the Department of Justice was putting its resources into bringing this kind of punishment to protesters across the country. I started with: U S attorney for Western Pennsylvania, Scott Brady he's the federal prosecutor who took milk wants case and a dozen other protest relate cases he wouldn't do an interview, but he did talk to a local tv station about the protests. We are not going to let this get out of hand, and this is not what first, lawful assembly in protest is supposed to be. There is another reason: by Brady may be prosecuting milk wants case. His boss, wanted it the weekend? No Kwan went to the protests attend.
The general William BAR issued two statements claiming that the protests have been hijacked by violent, radical elements bar was sending a message to the public and to federal prosecutors. He said we will enforce these laws. in a call with governors that Monday, he described exactly what to look for a guy,
very soon. He was lying. Fires on the street and a rise in prices resident tromp was on that call to an here away from the cameras. He gave the clearest explanation yet of the reason for these prosecutions. He said he wanted to stop a movement of Europe. Get worse and worse. I got your boy Wall Street. There was, but one day, somebody hours after that call the National Guard and park police tear gas demonstrators in front of the White House, so the president could do a photo up in front of a church in the next two weeks, federal prosecutors from Brooklyn to San Diego had charged a hundred protesters and a month after that, call the president's and federal troops into Portland over the objections of local and state officials,
some of those federal agents, grabbed protesters off the streets in unmarked vans, Jonathan Psmith, again from the Washington Lawyers Committee and civil rights, is part of a sort of a coordinated, larger effort to stop people from being in the streets. Calling for change and policing If you look at the entire course conduct of the federal government, it is to stop people from demonstrating in that sends a chill throughout the EU. our foundation of our government Milk one was denied bill and spent three months in the eerie county prison before judge, agreed to let him out some rough stuff. Like outsail some people who wanted a vision of how jail is that sell em all its may go like yourself in a bath don't come out now he's at his mother's house waiting for his trial to start. living under a severe form of house arrest
My son, he just wants me to come in the back yard. ball around it's over mine even loud outside had kills me may now. Corn says his experience. This summer has changed how he feels about protests, which should have been a good story. My mouth is, is turns sour, so was like The protests in I don't wanna see approach as I want to be part of a process. leave me out of it. I mean, and this is how I feel that the beginning milk wants case won't go to trial this year, neither will most of the other three hundred plus cases. Instead, they move forward some time after the presidential inauguration, which may bring a change of the Department of Justice. Whether the election might have an impact on these prosecutions remains
open question: that's reveals annually comet she had help from stand airports. This use protests have already had consequences. That no crack down and no election can change in Colorado. The death of a black man named Elijah Maclean is being re investigated and in the process its exposing any Creasy common practice of injecting people with powerful drugs at the time of their arrest. That's next on reveal from the centre for investigative reporting. Mp are
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learn more about their sustainable practices and find your pair of wallpapers at all birds. Dot com today, like out, is the common talk, show with the motto nothing wrong of his funny is hosted by my husband, raw and my wife care. You can still new episodes five days a week Saturday through ways they re on spot by. From the centre for investigative reporting and p R. Ex this is reveal I'm Alison. We just heard how federal officials or prosecuting protestors in calling for an end to police brutality in or a colorado? Six people were arrested and accused of engaging in. For inciting arrived after. They took part in protest. Some Elijah Mclean was a twentieth
the Euro black man from war was a skinny guy, was friends described a shy, while walking home from a convenience store. Last year someone called my one one saying he quote: looked sketchy when the police arrived. They wrestled him to the ground and used to choke hold its now banned about fifteen minutes later paramedics injected him with a powerful sedative. KEDO me he went and a cardiac arrest on the way to the hospital and died a few days later. The largest story to National and in Colorado, reporters Do you wanna and re Solomon of K? You see public radio started investigating they want to know just how widespread are sedation like this during police stops. Michael begin but the story of another Elijah, a man,
and by the name of Elijah's midnight meat Elijah make night in the lobby of his apartment, building in Denver because of the corona virus. We elbows and then sit at opposite ends of a couch he's in his mid twenties tall and wearing a baseball, hadn t shirt. He's multiracial and identifies as black. We start talking about one a little over a year ago, so that work at this hour working barbershop, he cuts hair and after a shift one of his clients invited him to hang out new light was got a bar too. We have to get a couple or food buyers downtown. It was August twentieth, twenty nineteen and it turned to be an epic night of drinking the partying eventually wound down. But on the right home, Elijah's body pull over. I'm on the way home he was saying he didn't want to take me all the way up The way out,
I mean I'm never been fully reliant on other people, like my and our take her myself facade Stop the car. Let me out to the kind of any man like you can't. I gave up the street. Ok, stop the car get out. Looking back on it. He says it wasn't his best decision. He thought. Maybe he could the bus stumble to the bus, stop cuz. I didn't realize until I got off the car and I was like I got to sit down and actually he laid down on his backpack. I will go by the police. There was just here. Ok, I want you all. Over recent decades mention two deputies with the Rappahannock County Sheriff's office, help himself up there responding to a citizens, call to nine one one. This audio comes. Their body cases. Our foreign untroubled. I now may we also ok officers repeat
we ask him to sit down, but he doesn't do it again standing swing back and forth. His speech is slower Eliza mumbles. He asks the deputies to help him by car. dad. You sit down you an idea. He tells the deputies that there war itself for him. This is where things out of control and a warning that the next minute or so of the story can be disturbing to listen to Do I mean just about eight minutes in a deputy she's for Elijah's arm and ass. He does Why turns within seconds and just a few feet from where he started.
Eliza, is on the ground. On his back. Looking up at the deputy you're gonna get changed. Your stand are going to start now going to take but you're here behind your back now, communities report put your behind your back. Now, you wouldn t, do you understand I do not know about you. I will now move I normal deputies handcuff him, but they don't arrest him. They don't put him in the back of their cruiser. They don't take him to jail rescues. Your attack you're, going to cooperate with them
paramedics from South Metro fire rescue arrive and a few minutes after that, you can't see who's talking, but its clear. The sheriffs deputies ask the paramedics whether they can give Asia drugs. We need these hello, over lashes protests not to have anything put into his veins. Paramedic sedates him in this what my reporting partner, re Solomon and I want to focus on exactly I want to know how paramedics can give Eliza drugs even after he'd just told them not to we found out there Aromatic said, Eliza was suffering from something called excited: delirium, that's a man a condition where a person shows symptoms like extreme agitation, overheating, exceptional strength and combativeness there a rash
a frenzied, incoherent and impervious to pain. Patients can't stop resisting and are said to be completely out of control. There is also this doctors have told us that people can exercise as themselves to death. So if paramedics diagnose amendment except a delirium, they're allowed to sedate them and the drug of choice, ketamine but with accepted delirium. What was going on with the leisure we reached out to Self Metro fire rescue Europe, a whole county, sheriff's office. Neither were talk to us, so we turned to just a baker, a critical care paramedic in Minnesota. In August he filed a lawsuit against his former employer, the city of Woodbury, claiming he faced retaliation for refusing a police officers order, tested, Deet someone we ask Joseph to review the body camera footage with us. So I heard the please adjured asking that you give them something add asked
We can go to the hospital. My question is: what is their end goal? Just says it doesn't seem. The paramedics are independently assessing Eliza. He says. Stepping these are inserting their opinions, telling paramedics Eliza was showing unusual strength and that he wouldn't stop resisting awesome The video Eliza answers, paramedics, questions and he seems to be trying to get them to listen to him. The fact it he's trying to make eye contact someone who's delirious. as a key Germany. So doing that, I struggle with him. Situations where these people are articulating who they are where they are, what the situation is. How can you determined that this when is delirious, and even though Eliza yells and curses deputies and struggles as they restrain him on the ground, I'm not seeing excited delirium. He says it looks like Elijah is just drunk and difficult. Joseph bring some of his own experiences
table. There was more than one occasion where Dispatch updated as prior to our arrival, where they said it please. were asking to either get ketamine ready or police were saying that the pay we're going to need. Ketamine just says: police would sometimes pressure him to inject ketamine, even when he thought it wasn't medically necessary He says some officers have a mindset that Seditions Army, easy way to control people who are being difficult or disagreeable. Nearly situation were. Please on scene before us, and they were saying that you need a ketamine or they needed sedation, and we can develop a report. A running dialogue where he wasn't necessary. The situation could be de escalated. sedating person isn't something to take lightly. People have different reactions to the drug
Eliza make nights case. That reaction was bad. They also, although co so doctors told me they save my life of light. Pretty much did Paramedics gave a leisure to doses of ketamine to calculate those doses thing. It's a guess: Elijah's weight, bring to their own records? Paramedics got it wrong over us making his weight by more than one hundred pounds at the hospital Eliza was intimated and put on a ventilator the breathed for him. In my memory the intended lighter than Polina to Burma. Elijah's experience isn't unique, We looked at extended delirium cases throughout Colorado and we found that almost seventeen percent of the time patients developed complications before they even got to the hospital, and once people got the hospital, they were intubated. Twenty percent of the time
Hi complication rates makes some doctors worry about this information, we ve got is that is probably not a safe practice. Murray Dale Petersen is poor. Sitting of the american society of anesthesiologists. can remain is actually a general anesthetic. That's a powerful drug, depending on the dosage and has different properties on the brain. As that dosage ask, we will see more problems, problems like we're, seeing Colorado problems like hypoxia, where someone suffers from low oxygen levels, problems lake significant, he said, and blood pressure and most serious Can cause people to stop breathing with it at a delirium, Doktor Petersen, worries the paramedics may be sedating people for the wrong reasons. the meaner, any hazards rod should never be given for law enforcement purposes. We
Thank you and drugs. Your medications for medical reasons. We reached out to another doctor who raised even more questions, Paul Apple Bomb of the Americans, Gatwick Association helps right. The DSM, the diagnostic and statistical manual, mental disorders, basically the accepted dictionary of psychiatric diagnoses, as for excited delirium, it isn't in there to date. We have not. been aware that there exists a sufficient data to validate it as a diagnostic entity. In other words, psychiatry. It's like apple bomb. Doubt that excited delirium is even a real condition He says the symptoms and causes are all kind of vague part of my concern about turn like cited. Delirium is my sense that is being used as wastebasket term, which is to say everybody who you now said it creates problems and struggles with the police and ends up heard or die
add eyes thrown into this wastebasket as a medical condition, excited delirium has only been around for a little over a decade and one man played an outsider role in defining it. I'm mark Debar, I'm a medical doctor now officially retire ere it as an emergency physician, although I maintain my status as a professor emeritus of emergency medicine at the Ohio State University hearing, Columbus, Ohio after the barred says that back in the nineties, he was working in the emergency room and he saw people who were agitated, acting bizarre and physiologically stuck in fighter flight mode. Many were on stimulants, like cocaine or methamphetamine, and some people died essentially exerting themselves to death the early two, thousands it became obvious that we were seeing more and more cases of this, and I start sitting about them all over the country in custody of law enforcement, and
He amass dying before they get to the hospital, so doctored about spoke with peers around the country and formed a task force to invest. In two thousand and nine, they issued a white paper through the American College of Emergency physicians, formerly defining excited delirium syndrome and its treatment. You can't talk these people down you have to intervene medically, usually with sedative medications. It comes the entire body, interrupts this feedback loop, allowing their body to return to normal. They landed on ketamine because it worked quickly. It had a pretty solid safety record. Doktor debarred stands by his findings. Despite what other doctors say, I wouldn't expect psychiatrists or anesthesiologist to ever see a case. There's no stability. They would ever encounter a case. These cases occur out in the field and they occur in the emergency room, but in the end the only physician
is see. These cases are emergency physicians, You wanted to know how often medics around the country sedate people for supposed excited delirium. So we see in our own state Colorado. more than one hundred paramedic agencies are allowed to use. Ketamine like this. We learn that in the last two and a half years, paramedics injected the drug. Nine hundred in two times We thought those numbers sounded high excited delirium is supposed to be rare, so we ask that the barred, how many cases he would expect to see. I came with the number fifty seven as the number of expected cases, statistically speaking,. Four colorado in those two and a half years. We tell doktor debarred about nine hundred in two cases, Colorado actually had over that time period. That sounds like they had about fifteen
I am more uses of ketamine for excited delirium syndrome. Then I would have expected in Colorado. We know how often paramedics use ketamine to sedate people for excited delirium, because the state keeps track of that, but many states don't and we couldn't find any national data by phone we asked after them, Do you know how many Emma's providers across the country or using coming for excited delirium that right now, I doubt it does seem pretty widespread, that's just the emerging better. I would agree that it seems like that, but I have no doubt that yeah you know if there is a universal definition for excited delirium being used by the regime, as providers beyond that. Is there also universal tree nor are they all getting the same education, so I dont know the answer to Rwanda
so we started counting ourselves so far. We found that at least thirty four states across the country allow paramedics tissue, deep people for excited delirium, You know of at least one case where Ketamine sedation for excited delirium contributed to a man's death, but until he had now, national data on how often people are still needed for excited delirium, no way to say just how many are being harmed are. How often excited delirium is Miss diagnosed Another thing we wanted to know from doktor the barge in the civilized big night does the barred believe then a wiser was suffering from excited delirium, Doktor Debar degree to match the body campfires. Here you can guess. I can't, doktor devoured, watches as deputies have Eliza handcuffed and pinned to the ground, and a paramedic crouched down to talk to him
fire department. What's your name, I love him so much more time. Understanding in answering their questions somewhat rationally. We need depart, says no, he doesn't see anything even close to accept a delirium, analyzes body can tape so yeah, deal on this. Is they sound like they want to give him ketamine to control His behaviour, as opposed to treat excited delirium syndrome, So what about Elijah midnight, what was going on for him that night, what was he feeling freaked out for sir the guy tat, those so I can do in my life.
Isn't there has I'm thinking there like children, while the time devoted to be one of those victims. So I'm struggling Asia, is facing two felony assault charges, one for each deputy, along with two misdemeanours for obstruction prosecution documents point. Excited delirium. These. They medics attempt to ask Elijah questions, but he refused to give answers they office He was so strong that he kept lifting a deputy off the ground with his leg, Walter strained paramedics on the scene, gentlemen Ministration there. I feel false information thither Santa being wildly combative, can expand in it I did delirium they made something they like, oh Yerkes, lived in everybody above the ground is the incredible hulk alike. says he was drunk that night and he scared and agitated after being terrorised, but he doesn't believe, had excited delirium and if he did, wouldn't that
mean he was delirious and facing a medical emergency. If that's the case it If some wondering why prosecutors even charged him at all Michael D, O Anna and Re Solomon, or both reporters at K. U N C public radio in Colorado in August after release of their initial stories. The director of Colorado's Health Department announced it was lost Sing, an immediate and thorough review does he said it will now study, ketamine cetaceans, patient safety and oversight of its programme. The state has promised a public report that could come before the end of the year. After a year of calls to defend the police, one city actually does it. We can actually so the poison
We like everything's gonna, be fine. That's coming up on reveal. From the centre for investigative reporting, MP are ex. This is reveal I'm a is not a lot that Donald Trump and Joe Biden agree on, but there is one thing: as long as I'm president, we will never to fund the police. We will strongly defend our and I'm totally opposed to defending the police officers, but the fund, Think of your local law enforcement is up to the present. It's up to your mayor, your county supervisor, your city council, and all summer. Those other people that activists have been talking to this is a meeting their budget Finance Committee, the Society Council and since in it,
The Ohio budget meetings move to a convention centre. Hundreds of people turned up to speak their minds. I would like to add every single person in this room that any of these people who do not vote to defend the police? You vote them out given the please leave the poorly defined the police, the meeting would be three four or five hours in cities that are? red cities, blue cities and everything it across the country. Right, fuller Kennedy is rapporteur for Bloomberg. News is part of a team covering municipal finance, a how local government pays for things from our perspective. Bear these costs but already possible is something that he is doing is something that we're going to see happen at the end of the summer. Full as colleagues Sarah holder asked him to run, the numbers to see The fifty largest cities in the? U S did after these public meetings, a lot of the leg work was really is pulling
city body document scrolling through them defining the police allocation, finding the general fund budget allocation, adding interest, introspective and then calling the budget office or the finance director? Whoever we can call to then confirm the numbers. They got final budget numbers from thirty four cities and those thirty four together made for cleared national pitcher. There has not been any major move to define police with tax revenue taken hit because of the corona most big cities cut discretionary spending for the next year, but most of them actually increase the share of that money going to police and the handful that did make cuts were mostly around the edges. Cities like Boston Baltimore in Portland, made cuts of less than five percent. A member's arson where there are to almost if they foreign had the biggest cut of any the cities that we looked at
burn array and take a vote on item one to proven ordinance. Adopting the city's budget is amended. Their Adler, yes near Proclaim Garza guess I'm from ever alter? Yes, yes, yes, yes, in August the City Council in Austin, Texas, voted unanimously to he fund its police department slashing its budget by nearly a third cuts. The police seeing men more money for other priorities like public health and preventing homelessness. It's a massive redistribution city funds? Is that something is going to happen in one one budget session is likely to happen because people showed up the city council meetings for two or three weeks. This is something that was was years in the making
So how did ass to become the only major city in the? U S to be funded police department this year? Well, that move was years in the making and in some ways it's a story that begins nearly a hundred years ago. with something called the nineteen twenty eight master Plan City Council at the time literally came up with this policy to put people on he's right, values blackened Latinos unease, and then it was light. This chairs more he's thirty, two years old and the founder and executive director of the Austin This coalition, for a very long time, is all that was pop in right, like you was black movie data by businesses. Blank restaurants like everything, but lately Austin, has been one of the most rapidly gentrifying cities in the country. People of color had been pushed into a few neighborhoods, but now there being pushed out of the city altogether. So you know also like
pain itself as a liberal haven of the south, but very easy to be liberal, win like there's no black around people to be liberal forth from twenty thirteen to twenty nineteen asked and had the highest number of people per capita killed by police of any city in Texas and arson. Streets repeatedly filled with protest learn: Jackson was killed by police and twenty thirteen seventeen year old David Joseph between sixty in early this year. please Ross like nothing was really change because we were in the streets, but we was unlike in the seats.
Like a city council we was in the seeds, are like you know, the police contract negotiations chairs started the asked Injustice coalition to push for policy change. I decide these needs a pivot to the actual places would change could occur. one of the first things the chairs and other young leaders in the group wanted was better oversight of officers caught abusing people that meant changing the city's contract with the police union. We found out very quickly that the police car, for it had all the dews Indonesia, please oversight in their contract. Air was like that makes no sense like the police can't sailed the boys oversight person how to oversee them. We found out
very hard to hold offices accountable. So you know we engage in a fight. Alot of people didn't think we're gonna win out. Everything was no one, I think still to diseases like one of the first. In a few moments where activists, groups and advocates have fought against, please union, actually one chance says that win help convince elected officials in Austin The police reform was possible, the police on you were saying, you know. If you don't help us with this contract will make sure you don't get elected and elected officials took a chance and they all kept their job. And I think they were able to see how we can actually tell the police know like everything's gonna be fine. It was like a l. You foreign, like the fun fight that we just had a couple weeks ago by AL. You chairs, means that effective his head and push to renegotiate arsons least contract and twenty eighteen. They there wouldn't have been the momentum or the political capital to defend the city's policed
this year saw us we had this huge rally on June. Seventh, it was any from like five to fifty thousand people are there. It was this. It was a beautiful display of unity, you know, like the mere came out. We have city council people come out and for the answers people on a mass level coming to like this, this consciousness, to where you know it. Maybe These are not the answer to all the thing in the world right, maybe police in me the ass into mental health caused. Maybe please send me the answer to our domestic vows enjoys right. I think that really allowed us to come out and be bored with
the wishes and warns of of a hundred million dollars a more from different in the police. Now these kind of protests have taken place in thousands of communities across the country this year. So I asked chairs, Ah, he thinks Austin is the only major city to defend its police department. Ere, you know it. I have no idea, I to be honest issue. I think arsenic, just like these really weird place in in a narrow oversell. What we do because I know. For example, people have been fighting police contracts in Portland, but they have had to say it says that I consider Gimme your bullshit ass. If that's what you want me to do, no, no, not what I mean. I've been our record, calling arson the outline of wiping out, because it really is of your white in like hey. This is this is pop in here and ask them for you, but I think people ass. It also realises the very unsafe.
Is in terms of police if your black round are poor and they want to see that chains- and I think it's easy for us to get people in alarm in fight collectively and struggle to get the white men. I cannot tell you how bliss I've been too. have the staff and the volunteers like these people come in and they drink this I'm handed out in their juices filled with hope and crazy ideas that we can actually anti racist city. We can live in girl with black people are no longer to be killed. The Disney in black You live in a world where women are gonna, be paid the same amount of money for doing the same job. We can live in a world.
We may stop control and women's body, and the only reason we get this done is because it a people that have invested in bought into the idea that we can be better than we are acting chairs more. Thank you. So much for companies ought to mean that. Thank you. So much help me. It's been a pleasure jazz. More is the founder and executive director of the asked Injustice Coalition Now it's worth noting that not all of the hundred and fifty million dollars in cuts have been finalized. The sea. He is still working out its plans to reappear imagine how traffic enforcement or mental health emergencies could be handled outside the police department. This kind of re. Imagining is at the heart of what protesters across the country have been calling for and cities Politicians and police unions have been resistant to many
see any other way for policing to operate and that points the first barrier limited imagination. If we can't envision a system that serves everyone, we can put in the work to make it so and the alternative is we continue to do what we have always done and always always get the same, thanks to Patrick Michael Super, sad story along withstand awkward stand was also the Lee producer for today show bread, Myers edited the show, thanks to reveals executive editor, Esther Kaplan, for editorial help on the story about federal process. Issues of protesters Brian Larsen and Jackie high at K. U N C public radio in Greeley Colorado for partnering with us on the story about the and thanks to branding.
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