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The kids aren’t all right (rebroadcast)

2018-03-17 | 🔗

Federal law requires colleges and universities to track and disclose sexual assaults on campus. It’s different for kindergarten through 12th grade, where there are no similar requirements for cases involving assaults between students. In elementary, middle and high schools across the U.S., the Associated Press found a shocking level of sexual violence among students. The AP also uncovered a new dimension to the problem – on U.S. military bases.  

On this episode of Reveal, we delve into results from the AP’s continuing investigation.

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From the centre for investigative reporting in p r ex this is reveal a mallet, the mid coast of is full of pine force, sleepy harbours and craggy beaches for Charlie Wing. This part of the state is a place of easy. Summers and cold winters Charlie, stating on a beach looking out at an old peer and lifeguard station. The distance lobster boats are prowling the mouth of the Cannabich River trolley members, one blustery September afternoon. Henderson chairs drove here. There were storm an idea and it was called the nationals not exactly a nice day, but this place has always kind of call. Me seemed at the time like there was a storm inside chairs. I just wanted to try to talk
find out what was going on. It was two thousand and twelve Chaz was thirteen, just starting eighth grade and in crisis she was barely passing his classes. He was talking about suicide, the trolley new. The kids were pulling his son at school, but not a lot more than that. We started walking and just couldn't quite get. I didn't understand that death of what has been happening to him. I was like Molly, you understand. After all, we're I've been bullied and trying to give him the Father son. You know you did, gotta, be a man to stand up to them and nearly was Charlie and chairs only made their way up the beach. I didn't feel like get anywhere with him. After about a mile they turned around then Chaz stopped in the sea. He is standing there. Looking out of the water in the waves in the wind come anatomy Stephanie, he said
you mind if I go in the water I will the shower, I thought cuz, he threatened to commit suicide. Several times Chas world of his pants took off his shoes and socks and place them meet me on the beach. As father stayed after him wondering if you'd have to rescue his son, he walked kind of up to his knees, he sorry like yelling at the sky. Listen to me, listen to me, I didn't know what it meant he set four or five times. All I understood was. I think that really when a problem, that's larger than I really understand? at the time I just didn't know I just
at the time I didn't know there have been a sexual assault before we go any further. You should know that's what our show is about today: sexual assault, upon school, kids, it's an issue that is inappropriate for all listeners. Often when you hear about students, abuse it's cool. It involves adults, teachers, coaches or other staff, but our there's that the Associated Press spent more than a year investigating these cases and the uncovered something surprising. For every one. Child abuse by an adult at school, seven are abused by their peers and it's a problem extends to the. U S military, since we first air this investigation. Last year the AP found hundreds of cases of kids who said
Chile, assaulted by other kids at military bases, many were overlooked or ignored by the authorities, will get that later in the shop, but first story of Chaz Wing like many people here it is abuse in paying for a long time to talk about, but he opened up to associated I support a Robin Macao. She brings us historic from his first days. At Brunswick, junior high school Chaz remembers being bullied. He tells me boys would corner him at his locker taunt him in the halls. They'd bump him in class. They play jokes, I think picked on me because of my weight type, a music. I listen to my interests. The way I I acted anything there wasn't completely cookie cutter, a middle school boy attitude, Chaz is eighteen now, but he's always been a quirky kid. His dark brown, my hand.
His shoulders. He collects old records, cassettes, eight track tapes, Instead of sports and video games, he started an analog club at school age Seventy he's an interesting kid. This is his mother Amy Blonde Blue Eyed she's, a nurse whose passionate about her work and her two sons. She split up a Charlie when she was in the fifth grade. She says one: enter junior high. He was considered gifted and talented within a year, though his grade started, slipping and had come home feeling confused and upset. Why are there? Why are the kids me Why are they mean to me at first? I was like while it went off they have problems at home there, just picking on you to make themselves feel bad earth. If you ignore him, they'll stop Chasse tried to ignore the bullying, but it got a lot more personal, though, was the thing that they cause the gay tests. Can you tell me about it The test was when they lightly put their hands on your shoulder, and if you didn't notice,
and battered away in under ten seconds? They would declare that you're gay and you must have enjoyed it and that's why you didn't their hand away. It was very uncomfortable, I definitely had to watch over my shoulder quite a bit. I will happen inside and out of school, and I didn't feel like I had any privacy. Like a lot of schools around the country, Brunswick Junior High, had a policy against bullying, Chaz remembers aunt, bullying, assemblies and posters. If you see something say something so he did. He complained so many times some teachers labelled him a nuisance, the bowling guts
bad. His mom Amy said she marched into principal Walter. Wallace is office several times he told her. He'd speak to the boys and their parents at first, he seemed like he was interested I'd. I trusted that he would follow through and look into everything they kept saying that they were were handling at Amy says while as didn't live up to his promises, so beautiful and not just the solve their cousin above the sea ever since he was a kid darling liked coming here to palm beach. It's a half hour drive from Brunswick, I don't mind. Get a little bit were. Charlie wing looks like a biker with the grain shaggy beard. He works at a big retailer and dresses like a drummer in Iraq. Then that's what he does for fun on a blustery September day when he brought Chaz here Charlie says it felt like a
we're getting less in the face with a little bit of rain and him just yelling at the door, and you know yelling out at the furies about the powers of the. I suppose you know I'll. Never forget that just tat this is a big deal and I need to really start paying more attention, Chaz didn't tell us tat anything then, but he was about to open up its started after Amy met with a group of his teachers, Chaz was refusing to go to school. Teachers wanted to get him back into class. They told Amy the Chaz needed to meet with them, so she had at home and told him he said no. Of course, a chance. You have two. They want you to be at that meeting and he grabbed
pillow on the bed and started the holding and was rocking back and forth He said. No, I can't go and I said you have to know. I can't they're going to hurt me and I said Chaz you have to tell me what is going on and he just kept saying they're going to hurt me they hurt me. I can't go back and finally told him But if you don't tell me, I can't help you. We can't fix this. I need to know. What's going on, you have to tell me and then and that's when he told me he started telling me everything. Chaz told Amy something had happened to him at school back in the seventh grade he says some of the same boys had been bullying him sexually assaulted him later Chaz gave more details under oath.
He said some boys grabbed him in a school bathroom and raped him three different times. Chasse told me, you didn't talk about this with anyone for months, because he was ashamed, afraid they threatened to hurt me My family and pets they threatened to hurt me. They cut my arm, which I still have a scar from. They threatened to burn our house down. On the one hand, at all it all made sense. On the other hand, I didn't want to believe that I couldn't believe it. I had never in a million years thought school was. Where Amy reported to the school. What Chaz told her about the sexual assaults principle Alice Leaden Investigation but left the job of interviewing Chaz to his vice principle. The Brunswick police also investigated
the man in charge. He was also the school resource officer at Brunswick Junior High. If TAT was telling the truth, then the assaults happen on their watch the investigations wrapped up in about a month, the Brunswick Police Department and school district determine? There was no credible evidence to support chances allegations. Even though a state psychologist found strong evidence that Chaz was sexually abused. I dont mean people want to believe. It happens that sexual sought happens amongst children, Courtney B. Is someone Amy Wing turn to for help she's a staff attorney with pine tree, a nonprofit that offers free legal aid I just don't think people want to acknowledge it exists and the discarding part There is no way to track the numbers. Courtney says she believes Chaz was telling the truth.
Became more real to her when she walked through Brunswick Junior high with him ass. She looked into the case. You could see chances raw sense of. Emotion when he had to walk into the bathrooms or the assaults had occurred, and things are? Memories are coming back to him ass, he walked to the school and he was disclosing details that he had not reported previously. Because he was remembering them as we were there in two thousand fifteen the wings filed a lawsuit claiming the district had violated Chaz civil rights by not doing enough to stop the bullying and abuse the States Human Rights Commission join them. School officials wouldn't talk to us, but they had to talk to trousers lawyers. We obtained hours of video depositions that were part of the law morning. Again. Mister Waller. Could you spell name for the record. Walter
most of you. I d in one deposition, attorney David Weber, questions principle, Water Wallace. He says other kids did bulletin. From time to time and the school dealt with it, he also says he couldn't verify. A lot of work has to say or their allow reports about things that we could not substantiate. There was hyper sensitivity to any look any movement, any rushing in the hallway. He tells the court that sum of trousers problems with other students were his own fault, Chaz, very pinioning like what he likes I agree with him on things he gets irritated with you, some arrogance. Then they get into the sexual assault. Allegations. Wallis said he had trouble believing Chaz story, because he didn't think the attacks could have happened in the small bathroom stars,
and he believed what the other boys had to say, while stews reaction was The student didn't have no idea. What you're talking about no frame of reference for sex. He was bewildered. He was confused. The other students immediately were taken there had now that never happened. Do that why would I do that? Did you ever interview Chaz Wing about his allegations of sexual assault? I did not in hindsight, should you have spoken directly to chat way? I could have don't. I was confident in the nose I were taken The sensitive case we are trying to do this quickly and
sufficiently complete as possible. In his deposition, Chaz wears a black dress, shirt and great tie. He looks composed attorney, Melissa, Huey questions him for eight hours over two days. At one point she brings up the times other boys with gentle. Touch his shoulder the so called gatehouse? Why were you concerning the people? I think you're gay this year was taboo is frowned upon by the majority of. Students at the school there attorney corny beer attended many of the depositions. It certainly felt to me that he that the district sticking to somehow blame him for his involvement and for part of what happened Ms actuality was a topic of question, and that was something that the teachers had also asked him when he was in school as to whether or not he was gain if you wasn't than my what it really matter if he is being called gay.
Do you recall complain to bury it browser high school that two male students, you. I love you. Yes, Do you remember where they were offended? By was why would you be offended by that objection? The term voices really out of touch with reality. Objective tone. Oh yes, I can I can also declares s questions you know come on answers and the news just as contrary to the way the world works, and so it too, I don't know how you got a good faith basis for suggesting A middle school boys naturally be upset by the collar. Could you repeat the question why upset you that someone said. I love you because
I I did not think it was appropriate. Another male student to love me. I I didn't see any reason for them to say they loved me later. I asked Chaz if he thought the way. The attorney question him felt like another kind of gay test. Yes, yes, definitely I believe they are trying to solicit of a more aggressive, angry response from me. Trying to make me seem belligerent
This goes attorney spent hours taking Chaz through each alleged assault in graphic detail. He described how, on one occasion to boys, held him in the bathroom stall and raped him. Ok, then, what happened? I clean myself up. I lower back class, a two class. Did you tell anyone about this love and why not because I was afraid that would be in danger, as I did. After the depositions wrapped up chosen, his family felt a rash of emotions. It was painful for them to read. Of all the things TAT says he went through. They were angry pass as he also felt some relief that it was almost over within a few.
Weeks. The two sides move towards a settlement. The district agreed pay one hundred and twenty five thousand dollars after legal fees. Chaz got fifty thousand. The district also promised to improve the way it tracks. Allegations of bullying but which has won, and most of all, was an apology from the school district. There would be no I'm going to fall, down to the right is the backward. The best way to get to the goodwill one of my favorite places to go shopping. We pass that we can flea market where he saw some of the old electronics he collects back at home. Chaz leads me down into his basement. Its packed with stuff is collected, since he was little stuffy can't seem to let go. I got the selective vision, RCA Vcr here
Did he player? This is where everything is too good for the flea market stays everything. I want to keep my own collection it stays everything I want to keep my own collection. This is where everything is too good for the flea market stays everything. I want to keep my own collection, so that is I like preserving the history I like being able to access any tape, any disk that on my way be able to see. What's on it, not just be left wondering. Could this be footage of? My parents are grandparents, my way be able to see. What's on it not just be left wondering. Could this be footage of? My parents are grandparents stating their first steps,
two Chaz being able to tell a story that was trapped inside him is a bit like bringing these flickering images back to life. Now he just wants to move on. He says he might stand. Brunswick can find a job or college. Sometimes he just wants to happen- a bicycle and right all the way down to Florida, whereas grandparents of others who face bullying and sexual violence in school, he said he'd be willing to forgive the boys if they apologize to him. He doesn't feel that way about the Brunswick School officials. They are all adults, they lay new know full well what their actions mean.
All adults, they lay new, know full well what their actions mean and one of their jobs is protecting the students. They were accepting taxpayers money for something they weren't doing. I don't think that they should We reached out to the Brunswick School District. They will talk to us, but just before we wrapped the story, the attorney for school district, after the Brunswick School District. They wouldn't talk to us, but just before, the rapid the story. The attorney for school district was here Cynthia Associated Press statement in it. She
one district settled was to protect the boys, the chairs. From a public trial. She called them thrill Victims to the Associated Press is Robin Mcdowell. That story was produced by Michael Montgomery. When we come back, Look at sexual assault among kids, on military bases in The world's most powerful fighting force is unable defend them or their families you children to school and think they'll be safe and taking care of it. This is like my worst nightmare come true, unprecedented is a new podcast about everyday Americans who pushed the boundaries of the first amendment. Can you post threatening therefore investigative reporting in p r ex this is reveal a militant.
We're revisiting an investigation from last year that deals with child sexual assault, important topic, but one that is in for all listeners. Our partners at the Associated Press found seventeen thousand official reports of sexual assault by kids on other kids. At U S schools over a four year period like the story of Chairs wing, they uncovered widespread failure to deal with the abuse. Navvy AP didn't stop there. Just this week they published a new investigation. Looking at this problem on: U S military bases, those reporters go with me now, just in Pritchard in recently Cerise. This investigation is really hard to take em. You got two kids in school and are you in just in each have kids? I don't think I've thought about these type of assaults happening, at least not on the scale that you guys
put it on. I just know that many parents do new, certainly looking prior to this problem One thing you have to remember is: we were looking at cases that are happening on school campuses or under the school supervision, and we are also Who kids and I know you in just in each- have kids? I don't think I've and thought above these type of assaults happening we are not counting cases where its consensual. I among teens many parents, a little Your gardener, who, incidentally, touches a classmate. Then these are tough cases suggesting your new investigation, looks at the situation on military installations. You found reports of hundreds of sexual assaults. Its among children in teens many that will never prosecuted even windy, attacker confessed that how is that possible? military bases, teens
members on military bases are subject to military law. Their family members are subject to civilian law. What you have, though, is many. These bases are what's called federal jurisdiction, so the? U S, department of Justice, would take the lead on any prosecution and What we found is essentially they are not interested in these types of prosecutions. They want bigger cases perhaps something more like busting up a gang or public corruption, or something like this and the other thing have to remember is that the roughly six hundred cases we found that's just the tip of the iceberg. We with the ceiling is on this Rees. What are your stories focuses on like a half a dozen first great girls who were PETE assaulted by a boy in their class at a school on a military base, and yet the school and military didn't do much about it? That's right now, Certainly, I went to Colorado to visit the family of one of the girls. How are you
naming the families to protect the identities of their daughters, but when sit down with these parents. It was because I really wanted to get this story out stairs and the noise of safe here Father took care of their infant sign, while the mother and I sat on, ouch in the basement and He opened up about what they went through. You send your tongue. Went to school and think they'll be safe and taken care of in someone's looking out for them, and this is like my worst nightmare, come true The case goes back about three years to an army base. In Germany the father had been deployed there and the family was excited, go and then afternoon in late July. Fifteen the mother was watching a tv crew.
I'm drama out with her daughter play. In your by and someone on, the crime drama mentioned sex in the context of gender, yet the daughter stopping giggled, and that worried the mother that the daughter would even know what the word sexy met so she decided to try to figure out why the daughter had that reaction, and so she. Later on. Had anyone inappropriately touched you and the girl reacted as though she was having a panic attack. She seemed very came for first. She just said all this person touched me and for it took me a second to really proud. That's what she said and then I had to slowly dig out further details and see what this touch really was and how heinous it really was. It was pretty terrible. I can't even imagine what it must be like to be apparent in and have to have their car
station with your child? So we, you gonna, tell us what. But we should warn listeners either. This is pretty hard to hear the girl confided in her mother, that several Times a week during the school year, the boy head either force kisses honour, coaxed her to touch him Or even penetrated her with his finger under the clothes, and this was happening in class who is having on the playground and he told her she would get her. If she told anyone and the mother said she was completely terrified and The daughter also said that she wasn't the only girl there were other who are abused. So what the family do need later. That night, the mother decided contact some of the other families just to see what they knew and they didn't know anything either. So Oh, she had the awkward situation of breaking the news
those families the day after they decided to start work in their way through the military's vast support system, sexual abuse. HANS offices, criminal investigators to follow report, the school and the long and short is not a lot got dying, They didn't get a lot of help service. You write to the principal actually knew what was going on? Yes, the mother said she had made contact with yet another family and that family had told her to her surprise that the principal had action contacted the months earlier and report incidents between the boy in their daughter and after the second call that family pressing, daughter for more details and they discovered it was,
the same sort of severe contact and also that other girls were in that would have never like in a million years. What I think that my childs sexual assault wouldn't be taken seriously and that was all kids will be kids and just have door after door shut in our faces Precisely so, young being a six year old, being victimized in this way the boy at the centre of the allegations did not return to the girl school, but her family had remained in Germany until the following year, when the otherwise was reassigned to a base in Colorado. You know everyone is recovering day. They struggle with a lack of closure and and they have reminders of what happened- and in their lives that the door? It's starting to do better by cheap.
Cautious around other boys. Given what happened there. Families and tough position, because there's still a melody revamp early and their livelihoods depend on the military, and I asked the mom about that specifically has this change year, review. Schools or, in the view of the military, the view of the military a lot. I feel that they don't put families first, I'm as much as they like to say. So it's not there's not things in place, for families to be supported in situations like this
Just I wanted her back to you all these schools fall under the authority of the defence departments or what did the officials there tell you? The Pentagon spoke on behalf of school system and said that students, safety is a top priority, before publication. They did acknowledge some of the problems that that we uncovered and will to see whether they match the words with with any changes in action, in terms of the Pentagon more generally, in other words, parts of bases that are not the schools we ve had a hacker. Time trying to get answers from from the Pentagon on on these types of issues that the lack of prosecution, the lack of support they're. In some ways it it's been reminiscent of what the family say they face when these things happened to their children. I just think you shouldn't have to be an investigative reporter to get answers to what's happening when it comes to the safety and well being of children
just a rigid Reese recent winner of the Associated Press. They ve taken time taught me gas. Thank you factor, So how can you get a school system to pay attention to this kind of violence? We go to one in Oklahoma, where students made that have this review. From the centre for investigative reporting MP, are ex. From the centre for investigative reporting in p r ex, this is reveal a letter today
we're taking another look at a show. We first brought you last year we teamed up with the Associated Press on a really unsettling topic. Sexual assault among kids issue is not appropriate for all ministers. Now, when you hear these stories, you think what can we do or reveals? Catherine Miss Gasket visited one school in Oklahoma with students found a way to fight back it's Thursday afternoon at Norman, high school and students are rushing to class and plastered up against the locker at the crowd surged by the weekend's coming and students are making plans, Monday photos and videos passed around will fuel the weeks gossip. That's why way. What happens off campus can become the schools problem. I think there was a time
maybe thirty years ago, where you'd say well, you know that happen on Saturday, we're on the school was is not really our concern. Those days are gone. That's former district superintendent Josiana in two thousand fourteen something happened on campus after weaken party that changed this school. This next part is pretty disturbing, a male student. Didn't just rape, a girl. He shot video during the assault and circulated it, and then she received a lot of ridicule for that that's Daniel Brown, who was a sophomore at the time the school suspended the attacker for the rest of the academic year, but his friends were still it Norman and the video was still out there victim felt bullied after one student hassled her and she fought back the school suspended her. She ended up transferring to another school. The assault and its aftermath
disgusted Daniel. She is the same age as me, so I mean knowing that. I could open me or any of think anybody else. Daniel is hardly or classic activist I mean I am a very quiet person, a very introverted person, but she and her friends wanted to protest to support the victim. And demand their school. Do more for students, who'd been assaulted, Is the one that new that weep? I needed adults with us, I mean I was fifteen at the time it was a bunch of sophomores engineers. She got in touch with Stacy write her aunt, who lives blocks from Norman High Stacy's. First move to activate her feminist knitting circle group of women that get together and work on crafts and just about our lives and the ills of the world and support each other and Daniel. Often shows up at those meetings too, and I told her to invite the young woman and her mother donating circle and,
then you don't just common if they want to share their story and we will trigger up what do we? got together that night and I don't think that any of US reason really prepared for the horror of What this young woman had been true plans for the protest started to shape up the students, figured they go to school, then a few minutes into first our walk out. They came up with the hashtag, yes, all daughters, to represent the idea that assault could happen to many of them that turned out to be true. More girls from Norman High School came forward. Teens, who said the same student had attacked them to his name, was Tristan Kilmaine harden they had been. Isolated and bullied out. That's Daniel Brown! Again they haven't been going to school and they hadn't
I'm getting any support until the protests got going as soon as I saw the yes, our daughters, Marco thing and Facebook I couldn't hold and then a new more that's Harper, not her real name. She says Tristan assaulted, her to it happening restroom on campus. She remembers, they ve been eating, but they broke up after trysting got violent. He started spreading rumours about me. Sinning pictures all of me that I didn't even know we're taking of me. Then the bullying started. I ended up getting I I don't want to say I got jumped, but a girl pretty much beat me up because of all the rumors that we're going around I left school right after I didn't go back. I felt like I gotta go back, harbour felt isolated. Ostracised even hearing about the protest. Changed there's gonna, be those walk out, because this happened am I
That also happen to me, so maybe you should talk to somebody now. I get it's been awhile. Maybe I should talk. Somebody could I feel like I can talk to somebody on the day before the walk out. The school district was on high alert in a letter and the superintendent told parents he'd excuse ab. Since during first hour, but he added. We do not know who will be in charge of tomorrow's event that day Daniele told her English. Teach her that she was, and I told her like I'm one of the organizers for this movement and I'm walking out today, and then I just stood up and left, and a bunch of students were with me six hundred, Daniel Stacy,
sit outside watching students leave the building, so they walked out and it felt like that stream of students would never end they just kept coming and coming and coming out the door, and I was standing there with the victim's on and I cried it at this point, and one of them said I didn't think anybody cared. Sorry Harper, what's to as all those students walked toward her probably the best feeling of my eyes: dodges, Nemophila Guide, an even bigger groups, that protesters wave signs that said transfer is not the answer and education, not re victimization,.
One woman sign, read she's my daughter, the and went on for hours and quiet in averted Daniel there, she was yelling slogans into over with her mother and and she delivered. A list of demands to the principle of northern High later that day, Harper interest in other victims, bonded away from the crowds and the signs in the news cameras after the protests, I feel like everyone, Just kind of falling back, they could let it go for a minute. We all went to go, get our nails time together. In all of us, girls like to see and so it is sitting in the now sign, or else singing and the Ladys come on. Let's do it is so good the walk out even inspired one protest or to impose an anthem- hey
Honey. Hang. It was a time when we really wanted to say something to step out and say we are making a statement that Sophie about her twin sister grace wrote the song and they perform it together in their band Annie ugly. No me. Eventually, Tristan children harden went to prison for the rape that sparked the walk out three of his victim sued, the school district, claiming it displayed deliberate indifference to plaintiffs rights to a public education. They settled
In two thousand seventeen, I met district superintendent Josiana at his office just weeks before he'd retire. He says what appendant Norman High taught the district alot, most importantly than when sexual violence happens. Schools should always remember this. A student traumatize, regardless of all of the issues around it, and you have to do but the trauma first, the district created new time positions to do just that. The student advocacy coordinators, the more high schools and now and responded to our middle schools. The advocate make. Sure students who have been victims of sexual assault, trauma, harassment or bullying get the help they need. The students are using the advocates, high schools or poverty or busiest positions everyday their busy,
problem still happen, I don't know that any additional can be held accountable to make sure nothing ever happens. If you have to mitigate and minimize these things in twenty. Sixteen another case shook the school district to boys, reported that teammates sexually assaulted them on a wrestling team trip. The victims were sixteen and twelve at the time one of their parents suit the district. I think the things that we learned from the other situation played out actually the way they should in that the primary focus was the students who came forward and were victimized. And then we dealt with all the other pieces. After that I asked Harper. Has she felt when she heard about the wrestling team One of the whole situation was terrible. It kind of ease my mind a little bit to know like they're, going to be able to talk to someone and they're going to be able to find help, and this isn't something. That's
under the rug anymore. Like yes, all daughters made it easier for them to talk about what had happened to them, The peace was reported and produced by Catherine scarcity, and she joined Mean studio. Now together, I out in normal. There was a crisis, and the school district actually reacted too. That the question I had is. Do you think that the school district would have done anything if the kids hadn't done the protests? You know, I think, that's really impossible to say, but I think we can give the students alot of credit for putting this issue on the absolute top of the agenda, because they did this walk out. They show that this was really important too
hundreds of students and the administrators responded to that as good as it was. There was actually reactive. The right like the violence had to happen, and this is the aftermath in response to it, but you ve gone out and talk to some schools that are actually trying to get ahead of it. There are some school districts in Oregon that are trying to approach this really in a different way. Instead of being focused so much on the victim there actually trying to prevent the violence in the first place and the way they are attempting to do, that is by identifying kids, who have some kind of troubling sexual behaviour that their exhibiting school, and I went to Newport Oregon to try to find out more about these efforts and that of beachfront best,
but where I am there's no view of the waves in a windowless conference room with people who work with juvenile sex offenders from around the state they come for. Presentations on topics like sexual consent, a multi, dimensional approach. This talk is about pornography addiction. You know, I remember when I was like thirteen years old. My cousins and I felt a Playboy Wilson Kenny leads the session Oh, my god, this is amazing. You known relate. It was like a sacred document. We ass it from when you know this is a thing that, like I treasured for years and and it's so different now right. Because you can go on line and not just fine like a playboy but like you can find the wheel friends of father for and psychologists due for an expert in sexual misconduct. He's surprisingly optimistic,
So how much he has a disarming ability to talk without getting embarrassed about topics. Many of us would prefer not to think about here's the title of his book, sexual misconduct and children. Wilson. Think schools can do more to identify kids early on who have problems with their sexual behaviour. He's helps in school districts in Oregon. Do that most intimate create sexual behaviour that occurs like prior to each thirteen, mostly that is not going to be picked up by the criminal justice system and so what That means is that a lot of concerning sexual behaviors are just not being addressed by anyone anywhere at this point. You're, probably thinking elementary school come on little kids do inappropriate things because they don't know what's appropriate. Yet, let's say you ve gotta kindergartner, who is in a rubbing their genitals against a desk chair. That's a pretty common thing,
to an inn kindergartens. If a teacher tells the child, that's not okay and the kids stops doing it problem solved. But what, if you ve said, please knock it off and the behaviour continues. That's when you really have a problem. Wilson figures, a school district with forty thousand kids may face a hundred and fifty to two hundred cases a year like that, that require a more calculated response. That means more than disciplining the child. Postponing home Wilson's approach activate a whole team to try and figure out, what's going on the biggest fear that parents have when they come into those means is it's. Someone is gonna. Tell him their child. Is a pedophile file right this horror horrifying to think about that right and in that doesn't occurring those meetings in that's, not the purpose of those meetings. The purpose he says is to better understand the behaviour and think
about how to keep it from happening again. That might mean more supervision for the students on the playground in the hallways in the bathroom. Ideally, this would protect other students from future harassment or abuse the school district from life her pass, he says, is to better understand the behaviour and figure out how to keep it from happening again. That might mean more supervision for the students on the playground in the hallways in the bathroom. Ideally, this would protect other students from future harassment or abuse the school district from liability and the kid in trouble from being labelled and offender. The forest Grove School District outside Portland started using Wilson's approach in two thousand and seventeen administrators, is that, right now to shield the privacy of the students involve the can. It wouldn't let us sit in on most of this meeting, but in
interview. One former member told us how it's going. I think it's change The way that we use administrators view sexual behaviour? Tammy Syrian help start the programme it for its bureau when she was an assistant principle there I feel like its had taken the bird. Of investigating and thoroughly processing those situations. Often just one individual administrators say they're, happy to share that burden, There is no denying it can be tough to talk with parents about this stuff, especially if their child has done something to another child. The you can have a conversation and a very carrying way with parents to say this is really an opportunity for us to provide support for your son or daughter. It's not just about protecting the victim is really about providing support for the student. The offender Tammy, says figuring out. What the right supports are means asking a lot of uncomfortable questions. We ask
parents to say this is really an opportunity for us to provide support for your son or daughter. It's not just about protecting the victor they ever witnessed or been sexually abused. Domestic violence in the home well ask about if they ve ever seen in their child Sk origin to get what they want, then the team tailors a plan to fit the offence. That may be as simple as making sure a teacher keeps an eye on the students screen This is a pretty common one students. You were in a perfectly accessing pornography you have to have teachers, always in view of what astuteness as viewing or the We can be more elaborate, like making sure of victim gender or not in the same classes, enforced.
Grove. It's too early to know. If the new approaches working honestly, the public may never know people of every age under report, sexual harassment and assault. A school districts closely guard information about sexual, Miss behaviour because minors and the districts rapid Sk Grove. It's too early to know. If the new approach is working properly, the public may never know people of every age under report, sexual harassment and assault plus school districts closely guarded do right, because you can't evaluate the disaster that you thwarted there's no waiting that right. It's like, I think me the best you can do. As you know, by figuring out, you know how many lives are able to touch. That's are there. Many school districts have been willing to do to remind people that this is nothing new. Most adults can probably remember incidents from their own childhoods that everyone does tried to pretend weren't happening
during our. You know how many lives Europe to touch. That's more than many school districts have been willing to do. I have tried to remind people that this is problems of their sexual behaviour that no one did anything about. So this isn't a problem. Heads everyone does tied to pretend weren't happening. Think back to your elementary school and middle school days. We can remember the weird thing that happened at school. We know this is a tough job again, it's hard to hear these kinds of stories. So thank you for listening and if you look wondering what you can do. We ve got to appease list of suggestions and more stories from this investigation. All on our website reveal loose Michael Montgomery was Lee producing this week with producers aim waters and Catherine was Cowskin subdued. And if you left wondering what you can do, we ve got to appease list of suggestions and more stories from this investigation.
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