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The Robert Mueller of Latin America

2020-09-05 | 🔗

Crusading prosecutor Iván Velásquez has been called the Robert Mueller of Latin America. He’s known for jailing presidents and paramilitaries.

But Velásquez met his match when he went after Jimmy Morales, a television comedian who was elected president of Guatemala. Morales found an ally in Donald Trump. Don’t miss out on the next big story. Get the Weekly Reveal newsletter today.

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From the centre for investigative reporting and p r ex this is reveal a mallet. Man Rhesus, we're outside, but tiny. From school house in a remote village in the mountains of Guatemala. On this late summer day, children play in the dirt grass outside the blue stucco building some addressed in sweatshirts others wearing indigenous clothing, red and white. Shirts with embroidered comes veteran rapporteur, Maria Martens he everywhere. You look in this village. Is the american flags painted on the sides of houses and flying in front of cinder black homes. Those houses are built with money sent home from abroad. This has been going on for generations.
What diversity of the family is, as how many of you have family in the EU, Maria asks, spring. I asked them if they also wanted to go north to the? U S, mostly, instead of this status, enables was most of them said yes, and I was struck by the reasons for wanting to go for gay. It wasn t, live a better life or to eat Mcdonald's or five. The American dream up. I got it was they said to pay their families, debts, debt. These a year olds are worried about their families. Debt, its
or a Maria heard, often in her reporting in Guatemala. This small village in the municipality of Davos, Santos, whereby the mangle is really poor in this, mostly indigenous province, the poverty rate silver. Seventy percent people here have no opportunity to get ahead unless they have relatives in the states who can send the money and because of the star your situation, migration has become almost the tradition, a right of passage. Maria has been coming to these communities for decades living in Guatemala more than fifteen years. I've always felt call to cover Central America, because it seems that, except when there are worse or earthquakes, there's little interest in what Amala or the central american region. But when Trump was elected, I knew that migration would become a big political story and that, despite its hard line,
migration policies. People would continue to come north and I wanted to know how that would play out in a place like this community of Togo, Santos I wouldn't lab when it is to day the thought much. That's where I met sore electoral more she's around face my a woman who looks a little beaten down by life, and understandably so. I followed her family for the past two years. I've travel to a village where she lives in a small house made of wood, metal, sheeting and dirt floors. It sits on top of a hill site with no road access and no running water. Her husband, he had better, though, whose here to make six dollars a day when he can get work, but the work is sporadic. She feels completely abandoned by the government. The way at the wheel looks you gotta say that's just a poet,
Mister Thornton, who even now the only future that soya and her family c is in the EU, Yesterday the thought much no gets soilers. Beaks in my mom language through a translator. She tells me about a dark day back and twenty eight in her husband. He better, though, had left the village to Journey north to the? U s he took their eight year old Son Franklin, Justice, trumps, family separation policy was added The peak aspidiums said Europe, where I stood facing say: where's does raise the she tells me that what they got to the? U S she found out that Franklin have been separated from his father s and four months. They had no idea
what happened to him so Maria. When we hear about these people fleeing to the? U S, the question that often gets ask is why why do they leave their countries? And why? Should it be the responsibility of the? U S to take them in what the answer to that question is rooted in a history that goes back to the nineteen fifties in nineteen. Fifty four: the CIA under President Eisenhower ousted. What a mother's first democratically elected president I've, been doing what the mother of a young woman it is recommended sooner than we knew. What am I gonna do about technical than other public. This was during the cold war. The? U S claim that supporting military dictatorships prevented the spread of communism. These were regimes that the? U S government help put in power and funded with taxes,
money and that committed massacres of genocide and were responsible for the disappearance of an entire generation of what the Mullins over two hundred thousand people. According to the? U win the majority indigenous Maya It wasn't until nineteen, eighty nine after what I was a peace that President Bill Clinton travelled to the country and apologized I will reaffirm America's commitment to shared dark events of the past.
They are never the. U S had apologized, but the legacy of those violent conflict remained in the wake of those wars. Corrupt politicians not to different from military dictators, took power. They perpetuated a system where a handful of leads got much richer and day what the melons we're stuck in a cycle of poverty. There was a moment in Guatemala when people experience real hope and so possibility for change. That's right! It was a more and when the United Nations, the U S and what a mullah all came together in an effort to root out corruption and establish the rule of law in the country, they pray
Is that everyone, no matter how richer powerful, would face justice so that eventually people could live securely in a society where they could support their families? This effort was really unprecedented, but that dream was short lived how their dream fell apart and who's responsible. That's what today shows about reveals Annie on Cd Cortez has spent the past year working with Maria, to convey Those dots, it's a story that shows how families like Soilers inner sick with some of the world's most powerful players, Joe Biden, Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump and it all revolves around an alleged quid pro quo between Trump and of President, of Guatemala He begins the story and South America. I fly took over that Colombia. Tell me
a man, they call the robber mother of Latin America. His name is evangelize gets and he brought down some of the most powerful people in Guatemala and I'm here to talk to him we needed a best western in the heart of one of the fanciest neighborhoods in the city when he sets out of his taxi. He stands out, being sunglasses, pressure, good taste and shoes ass. We go. The elevator and settle down for a long conversation I mean mass. So let me back up a little bit in twenty thirteen. The last scares was put in charge of this special United Nations body, called the International Commission against impunity better.
By Spanish. Acronym see seek the, U N and the guatemalan government with backing from the: U S set up the commission to root out corruption in Guatemala. This was after decades. The civil war in military rule there, as head of the sea, seek Velasquez could investigate anyone. Even the president, I ask him in Japan, suckers if he had any idea what he was getting into when he took this job and valleys John. Nor shall we hear less efficient and complete to respect our. He tells me he had no idea how complex this situation, be, even though he done similar working Colombia where he'd investigated hundred and thirty nine members of Congress and brought on the president for his links to paramilitary groups,
So when the u and asked him to head the sea sick, he thought he was released, but his endeavours and it could be an interesting experience, zero zero interferes views are more intelligent and he says without a doubt it was a very interesting experience, not long after Velasquez started in twenty fourteen. What Mamma was at the centre of an international migration crisis? Fish Thousand unaccompanied children arrived at the: U S, Mexico Border and most of them came from Central America. So President Obama Dispatch, Joe Biden to watermark City or Biden, announced the. U S was throwing a ton of money at sea feet. It was something I ve talked about, that
some here's. The deal does a lot more. We can and should do in the United States to do the root causes of this problem. Root causes like violence and poverty. The? U S believed it see, seek help prevent those by going after corruption, but ask as its first big target went all the way to the top. He authorize wire tat the letter, bribery and fraud charges against. Then president other bidders Molina who still in prison today, with better Molly now behind bars. What demand a hat hold new elections Inter pillar on New Comer Jimmy morality, paralysis, best known for this weekly comedy, shall meet the Levant under your paper. Brenda, not good that so. Crass yourself, elaborate baggage negative, go my Linda that in almost every
episode. He appears as a clown, but in black face and the show opens with morality on a flying carpet in the space of one minute. He makes fun of black people. This line. People here the crew joke about the female and that if this direct bigoted appeal its would help to get him elected were able to communicate with more food authority Gus lemme simplicity of the business meeting. What mother created Jimmy more alleys they paid for him to play their part, morale This- is a lot like Donald Trump they're, both very famous right wing populists with no experiencing government. Like Trump morale, has promised to drain the swan. In fact, his campaign slogan was nickel router knee lather on neither corrupt nor a thief jumped on coffee. I also believed that he could have good intentions, but Biddle free from getting to know I too
was food. One morality takes office, he has the support of the United States at his inauguration and twenty. Sixteen vice President Joe Biden flies to water mala again bided walks down the stairs of air force to withdraw his sunglasses in waves. Crowd President Morales there waiting to greet him on the tarmac later, the two world. Peters meet at the Intercontinental hotel the heart. A little hard to hear but biting his joking that he spend so much time in Central America. Maybe Run for office in Guatemala. Biden in rather sit in heavy arm chairs a few feet. Apart talking as oppressed cameras, flash want fighting, doesn't just congratulate moralities. He announced
seven hundred and fifty million dollars in. U S, aid to what my life as Salvador and Hunter, that money will go to the military, to economic development and to seek to fight corruption. Just don't we before Obama and died and left office. Velasquez is photographed holding an oversized check from the. U S: embassy first, seven point: five million dollars when you could investigate just becomes achievable citizens develop a civil conscience; they become aware of and respect the long term be. Did they more intolerance of corrupt sitting? Fear amongst the corrupt? It was a dream team. Alaska is you in office President Jimmy Morality and the Watermelon Supreme Court pulling together with? U S backing Velasquez told me that for the first time
item. People were sing, the powerful being held accountable, and then John John Trump do so fun, ways that I will faithfully Donald Trump takes office. By then things have begun to unravel between Velasquez and it starts with breakfast five hundred breakfasts. Actually, The last case was investigating a case of fraud. Someone had charge of the government, eleven thousand dollars for breakfast that we're never served so the last guy reaches out to morality and they told the president. Did you hear about this investigation of bodies? You son's name appeared. It seems he has participated in the fraud. They were the opposing topsy so evil I think you son should go before a judge. Several members of matter since family were implicated. It wasn't.
A lot of money but Velasquez says that's not the point emerge Bishop most conall she'll simple base. Would we no and seen always this country is that justice does not reach the powerful look into this and are there was serious. Now you stop is nobody's above the law and ask as urgent allow us to go on national television and condemn corruption in his own family, and rather does is also your response. Of bloom, I mean there were throwing who, with his wife by his side, morality tells the country that they support their family and that he also believes justice should run its course. Repels elephant people feel members, both farmers, but behold me fear worthwhile, but that speech it's not enough of a last chance. He wants the president's family members to stand before a judge and the breakfast while they were part of a much larger investigation,
In fact, the last case was looking to impeach morality for a campaign finance violations. Morality was not ok with that point more than what the mother, or more generally, Monte, Cristo Sohmer, Alice passivity on whether that ends up on national television, where he denounces Velasquez. She declared People will no longer at the window, He also demands that it we ve got a mother effective immediately, but the last gasp refuses to leave the country and won't dishpan seek your group. I think that in this situation, so that Europe must The masks came off two gentlemen did a good way to everyone was who they really were. The people of Guatemala take to the streets to disappoint my last chance, but then the watermelon com, This gets inbound lawmakers declare. Morale is immune from prosecution. C c is allowed to keep going
with its other anti corruption work, but morality is off limits. Summer, Allison Velasquez there Let us stalemate, but there is another campaign happening outside of water. Mama, wonder woman Benchley bring down the last gasp after the break. Analyses takes us three thousand miles from Guatemala to a coffee shop in San Francisco there She meets a foreign agent who wants to topple Velasquez. We wanted to see seek out and we had back to the hills. Of rural Guatemala, with families like soilers still dream of a better life in the states. This is revealed from the centre for investigative reporting and p r exe,
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He are ex. This is reveal a mallet this week. Was spending the hour talking about Guatemala and how what happens? There is connected decisions made here in the: U S, we left off with crusading prosecutor even for last case standing his ground refusing to leave Guatemala despite pressure from the President former TV committee. Jimmy moralities reveals audience ideas, Cortez picks up the story from here tracking down. One of the last case is most relentless opponents in the unlikely us of places where in a coffee shop in San Francisco to meet a man whose part of this campaign to bring down Velasquez it's just a few days before the pandemic closes everything and the places crowded since we're in the Bay area. We start these
are California son kids with vague in cooking right? If you like it, we do. This is David Landau and before we get to those, the? Let me tell you how we ended up here. While we were reporting the story, we kept hearing about this international lobbying organisation called the association for the rule of law in Central America we have no idea who is behind this group. We have just one click. This document we uncovered filed under the foreign agents Registration ACT. Scrupled at the bottom is the name of the american representative, David Landau, and this is where the world get smaller. It turns out that my added around the Story- Erin Clarence, he knows David. Yet you show me this document and I saw his name and I
David Landau with an address on the west side of San Francisco. I know David Landau. I work with him at a radio station twenty years ago, so Errand arranges press to meet David in this coffee shop. I decided to make it easy. Because I knew I know you, I ve learned I've known era for a long time, Davidson independently wealthy white guy, he dresses like a beatnik and still takes pride in being the editor of the Harvard Crimson back in their early nineteenth seventies. He doesn't seem to have to do anything for money, so he spent his time on his hobby writing about Latin America. So we ask him. What is role is in this got a moment
being group, I agreed to become you know the American, whatever it was, what it was. I am I a director, my the president, I don't I don't even remember what I am actually he's listed as the director on the document we mentioned. We wanted the cc out. The activity was an effort at political persuasion between the government of Guatemala and find a way of reaching the president. In other words, they won T get Donald Trump and seek as for who his associates are. That was tough and take it out of him. Who are you helping? Who are the people I was helping? I am
I am helping the funders of this activity and then the people who carry out, but it wouldn't really be responsible for me to say who they were so he's not gonna tell us who is providing the money and he doesn't have to. Because in America, if you're lobbying on behalf of a foreign interest, you have to tell the government that you're doing it, but you don't have to say where the money is coming from us like the unfavourable way to look at. This is money laundering right, because there are actors who are hiring lobbyists, and you are not those actors, but you are putting your name in it, obscures the actual actors from the public view. No, it doesn't I mean the the fact is.
That I happened to be the one with an american Address Post Office box. Whatever it was, I don't understand why David and independently wealthy eating his so invested in Guatemala and, what's more, where does this grudge against cc come from? We when two hours talking to David and he weaves this complicated story which essentially boils down to this early. Velasquez in and his gang even now in the twenty first century, David still sees communist everywhere. It goes back to this old idea they buy.
After the rich and powerful in water, Mala see Seegars following a marxist agenda to redistribute the wealth. You sometimes hear the same sort of thing from conservative politicians in the: U S who consider tax reform that helps the poor socialism, but David claims outside it. He says Alaska is a marxist because he acts like a dictator heaving. Lumps will ask as in with what as the children of Fidel Castro. David says cc showed its true colours, and twenty eighteen c c began to work the Russians. It began to work with Putin and you're saying this with a straight face. You realize hook to U S audio yeah, but this was proven. This was demonstrated. I should say, there's no evidence that the last has worked with Putin are ever took money from him and Putin isn't even a marxist. They family called the big coms who had so
basically fled from the USSR. Not be sorry. It's me in that century, Russia? Ok, they will. They fled from and the c c took on the case of the big car family, the pickets family of russian millionaires, blue and white after them for embezzle meant, so they fled to water, Mala embark, fake passports to get watermelon citizenship. The last gasp had charges brought against them and the bid cops were thrown in prison. This is where David is trying to try that Putin burlesque as connection in sounds like a fringy conspiracy theory, but David's ideas soon make their way into the mainstream. First, the Wall Street Journal publishes a series of column supporting the id cards and before you know it, that is why were this hearing this lawmakers
talking about it in the halls of Congress. In April twenty eighteen republican congressmen Chris Psmith question why Velasquez prosecuted the bit coughs these sentences? far harsher than those given. They want a mile and officials who perpetrated the sale of passports, their harsher sentences, give it a rapist, enter murderers, lawmakers often think chested Pelasgians was working with This is the same thing. David Landau told us Velasquez turned down an invitation to testify this here. When we were in Colombia. We asked him if he had any connections to Russia, are you? A russian agent was thirty seconds that have led me to put the me she keeluk Windows, goodwill shoe. He tells me he's never been to Russia loathing. Gunnar relation, dinning, gonna, throw LISA gone, mean good,
He has no relationship with anyone from Russia and C C has never received a single cent from anyone in Russia No one has provided any evidence to the contrary. Velasquez as the reason they wanted him out has nothing to do with Russia or Marxism it has to do with. Who has power watermelon and keep it bears come on. Another develops had gathered in Lebanon and I gave a three year. I tell the last, as it all seems, like a cold war novel she d like a roughly yes, he said but discreditable lives yoga. But one written by Gabriele, Garcia, Mark Velasquez was experiencing the solitude of his office he was losing his political allies in the White House. Jimmy Miraculous, was becoming closer to President Trump. They even attended the national prayer breakfast in washing together with President Jimmy Morelli, steals prison in trouble. I understand
but you're going through it all to comprehend the euro in particular by rubber Mueller States. I am being persecuted by about bill asking what the my love, I know how much you ve suffered through all this vile. Ask us what, trouble his old ally, Joe Biden was gone. I win Nicky Hayley trumps ambassador to the union nations paid what Imala visit. She told her ask as to tone it down. Stop bragging that you're more popular than the government and get rid of those. I love see, seek bumper stickers though limber, how order when Nicky Hayley visits. What is an explicit show of support from rallies, She has a series of complaints for me. Stop doing Prescott, This is that is what is expected. Way roulette Seasick within days of returning to Washington. The Hayley was talking about what they I again
mainly Healy speaking at the APEC convention, the largest, Pro Israel lobby Trump had recently announced that the U S was moving its embassy to Jerusalem, a city both Palestinians and Israelis, claim as their cabin. Guatemala? They even join moving there. You know who else both their Jimmy morale ass. He got a standing ovation when our salaries, Oh you zoom. We start to see a budding budding between Trump and miraculous Velasquez, believes the lobbyists. How bring them together by telling miraculous, move the embassy and trample help you out And what did morale one in exchange? What moral is really one cannot do? None of us was when seasick and if that was
possible. He wanted to make sure that at least I was no longer running so what's going on here, we started with David Landau. He and his lobbyists group wanted see, seek out. He had a theory that the last as was working with ladder, mere Putin, a Wall Street Journal columnist and members of Congress, piled on the last gasp on the out. What the? U S while morality is getting cozier would trunk about six months after malice pledge to move the embassy to Jerusalem. Velasquez turns on the tv, whereas women with their mother There's the president's surrounding humor. Fifty military officers begging him up ass. He announced get us his ignore. What could be more money ceasing will not continue. Jeeps with mountain artillery or summoned to the capital the parking further decision,
the machine guns man and pointed out. It is just that media that he's help a threat, with the military, the? U S military had provided the chiefs to fight drug trafficking. It's a tense situation. Velasquez picks up the John. I then I'll look only behold a thousand the, U S ambassador, but the United States won't help and of this shook watermelon society to the bone. It was a dark reminder of the civil war and military they rule what the malaysian buys casual, free or particularly gloomy litter. You know reparation in me said he got it What I'm all is a country that for decades suffered merciless repression by military dictatorship,
our generation of intellectuals killed. There was a genocide or can receive you, but that on me, listen dna data body. Seals thought to those control. Election there is, though he was really daddy's. Thousands of indigenous people murdered, disappeared, tortured all commanded by a government rules by the military. Your soul the term presents literally behind the president. It was a reminder specially for those over forty years old to sell things used to be Velasquez, tries to stick it out, but when he leaves the country for you and meetings in New York a few days later, morality issues, another public statement, then they declare that I will not be allowed back into her mother, can know me one I had enough. I will not be living in spite of this. He boards is plain to what the man, a city and he's
Supported my personal belongings, stating what am I left my level, but were leadership to me- tablet that Colombia, his home country, where we met earlier this year, Last gets says. Morality also did something else for president trunk. In July, nineteen trump announces the so called safe, country, agreement with Morocco, S, side, agreement, with Guatemala that have been tremendous in terms of really both countries, but our country, with respect to illegals coming into our country under this deal, migrants from other central american countries like under so now Salvador cannot apply for asylum in the U S. Instead, they have to ask for asylum in water, Mama, water, Malta's been terrific one
Before this deal was announced, the Trump Administration took care of one moralities biggest headaches cut off you S, funding to see see. I asked Velasquez if it was a quid pro quo she yoga. Yes, yes, it said transsexual were both forty six doing something which do a balloon run. The voters there's that better sexual, she on carriers, epilepsy Control You help us by ending this persecution unleashed by the Seasick, and we will help you We should tell she seek by cutting the funds years of waving a little pollutant, and that is exactly what happened. The last gas doesn't have documentation to back up his claim. We did talk to a senior state department official, who told us he doesn't have evidence of a direct quid pro quo either, but he said see see was a bargaining,
and both sides got what they wanted. Morale his wonted cc gone and the Trump Administration wanted Central Americans to stay in Central America. The Trump administration would respond to our questions, but Trump has said he cut funding to see see because it hadn't done anything for the. U S. We also tried to reach Jimmy miraculous. I got cell phone numbers for his son and his brother. You know the breakfast people summer. I gave them a car I'll put an american senor, someone more or less. My government morality, his brother Sammy, picked up. We talked for twenty minutes, but he didn't agreed to be interviewed on air. He told me that c c was correct and that the last, as was only interested in publicity, he sent a Swat team to my home. He made a scandal over eleven thousand dollars. Semi told me after Velasquez was kicked out of Guatemala. Sammy was acquitted
The last has tried to run c c from Colombia at the end of it. If money made that impossible the morale is say Guatemala safe. But if it's safe, why and fell people fleeing every year We come back, we had to the hill of Guatemala and investigate that's coming up on reveal from the outset of the investigative reporting and p r eggs. This is reveal analysis today You ve been investigating the larger political forces represented trumps, immigration policy before the break heard how the guatemalan president, Jimmy Morales, sent tanks
to surround the headquarters of Seasick, the! U N, back anti corruption. Commission legendary Maria Martin, was there in September twenty nineteen few days before Seasick finally closed its doors for good to get to the sea six headquarters. I have to walk past a concrete wall and through a metal gate with guards. The mood is somber ass. If somebody had died, I e is unless he showed no lumber, lackeys, Seasick, spokesman of the sports. It points out the cheer, we're even been less gets used to sit. So did dummies tapping the furniture ass if to bring.
Back the past bonds. That tells me about the one hundred and twenty corruption cases that were investigated and this exact table souci it simply because it is important that an interval centrally sorted them. If we continue our conversation in English, some people say At this decision to get rid of the sea seek by them this government, will take what the money back decades of effort decades decades of effort. Because we were able to show to the people that the law is important to make a better country independently of
Your economic and political power. All of society should respect the law on Sis I see. Six building is expected to be demolished and just like that, the union Anti corruption force that took onto precedents, represented a beacon of hope for an entire generation of what the violence is no more without its responses, many watermelons are afraid. That brings us back to soya and her family HU we met earlier in the show I've made so many times, disorder, small village, it's in a mountainous problem near what a mother's border with Mexico that since more people to the United States and anywhere, in Central America during this
war in the ninety natives, though, the Santos was a centre of bloodshed for generations. These indigenous communities have been marginalized. Systemic discrimination has denied them access to education and health care, while investment has passed them by and even today there is little evidence of watermelon government support here or of that. U S: aid money, that Joe Biden was talking about the main economy. Here, isn't factories or coffee its money sent home from abroad from family members who have gone north everywhere. You look there a spacious, multi story, american style, suburban homes, but for those who don't half relatives abroad, there's little for them here.
Dr Passport or Santos and towards sore less a village we climb up higher into mountains and a narrow, winding road in some parts of this region- people re sheep, but here it's quiet. The houses get smaller and the roads to dirt. When we heard from soya earlier she telling us the story of how her husband, he'd battle and their son Franklin had been separated by the. U S: border patrols. He'd metaphor tells me what have but you next you mean Threeg economic, it ass, you may you, but I'm not floated Addison thing after they were separated. He'd bet. If those taken too jail in Florence errors sewn up. She didn't know what happened to Franklin. You don't stop drunk. Let me hold on this thought no stated on this done this tat. Frankly, this was his bed
second trip to the: U S Lockheed also come north in the early two thousands. He worked in construction building suburban track homes outside San Diego, but he was deported after a traffic. Stop. This time sitting in the detention Centre in Arizona he's, given a choice, incarceration or deportation see ya. Mayor memory like us, but these days you persecuting metal, does in his cold, so he couldn't take the sadness he thought he was gonna die and he had no idea where Franklin was so high that don't made a difficult decision. He's scientists, deportation papers have been married.
Leaving Franklin in the United States tonight I'll wait across the country. I agree that we need to take care of those children we. This was at the height of precedent, trumps, family separation policy, his ministration with separating thousands of children from their parents at the border and incarcerating them in Jim's, warehouses and even cage is lacking. As for soil, almost she tells me, through a mom to spanish translator about those dark days, said: twenty eighteen Kashmir, question didn't know what had happened to her husband or to her summing up these enough any odd. I can't land and meaning of whether Banana Congress at, throughout my add new innovation, Fatima Board, let that is there. Someone Frankie
sick, either commando northernmost BS visa we're coming in soil said it was so hard when Franklin was gone, that she started to get physically ill. I thought he was dead and I was sick from the sadness my whole body ache. She tells me sign up, fell apart, outraged that her husband had gone to the U S and returned without her son. She thought she would mean, first see Franklin again sent where's, so he left fell into a deep depression most is she didn't even get out of bed? She knew she needed help, but couldn't afford to go to the doktor and ass, for he bent. Don't he had travelled
two thousand miles twice. He wanted to be able to send money home so that one day he could build one of those glorious, suburban style homes for his wife and children, but he'd been deported twice and now his family was accusing him of abandoning Franklin,
Finally, you'd better finds a lawyer in town and with his help, their able to track Franklin down Don T stir up frankly, frankly, is then: will you where's Franklin? He was in New York, imprisoned in a federal detention centre for children's separated from their parents when they finally reach him on the phone. Its heart, wrenching, andand local new fund, was established to run. You pull committee has boosted donors dummy, but why did you leave me here? Franklin asked, I didn't know where you were. When am I going to go back misuse the Trieste one? The worry is sadly, he didn't have, though, didn't know what to answer him from his small village, even making a phone call
was difficult, but finally, with lawyers help six months after they were separated heeded better. To get some good news, he's told to go to water Mala City, the Franklin will be waiting for him there Frankly, it was sweet United parents and October twenty eight. Twenty eighteen The same time, the head of sea sieg, even Velasquez, was kicked out of the country. Franklin was still struggling to readjust to life in the village. I visited them the file September was the sea was closing them stores for good for clean and I sit together. Opening bodies have coped right at the bottom of the hill not far from their house, his mother's soil.
Set a meal of boiled, eggs and black beings. I try to make conversation with Franklin about what the shelter, was like in the U S, but he's withdrawn the first I saw him he shrank against the wall, his father. He better says that Franklin came back a different little boy. He used to be and even now, a year after he came back home when ask him about his time in detention. It's hard to say more than a simple sir. No, the only time he lights up is to say he like the food he got there. Call me ass, a complete authorities. I, like the Cornflakes said the sheltering says The family is happy to been back together.
But at the same time, so that- and he bears, though, don't have enough money to feed their three children one meal a day every day. So for all the heartache, he'd backdoor says he didn't see any other choice when he took Franklin to the U S book and pour over air say but a month in it up, I mean why did I go? He says border Barbarossa because of poverty. He was making a decision to support his family and, in these western highlands of what the mullah he had better story is one shared by many of the other.
Don t you spend on wine boy, I'm telling you the only job key, better confined speaking potato, sir gathering would hit back, don't make six dollars a day, but often can only find work. Two or three days a week thing driver who see say he's a man, Hubert process. Even though the family is back together, they are poorer than before. A Mcchrystal Garcia drank dummy. To get to the states he's better borrowed close to six thousand dollars from a bank to hire a courtyard there to get them across the border. He still owes the bank. That
money. You're there will be narrowed. It is a problem, not nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing and don't say no stuff. I delete the cooler therewith. He wants to pay off the debt, but he only make six dollars a day, so he can't even paid the interest on his loans. Today, the U S, border with mexico- is closed and with corona virus in what a mile up people are also sheltering in place. Meanwhile, deportation light, sending migrants back from the. U S continue hundreds of them since March, in late April, The watermelon government said that twenty percent of all covered cases in what the mullah were coming from people deported by the. U S, one you as congresswoman accused Trump of exporting death
I know I've been the king in a solemn, he'd battle and Franklin since then a lot law com cannot long Franklin, gangways task. When I called this month, Franklin had come out of the show. To tell me that, with the lock down they aren't allowed to leave their village and because of the corona virus. There is even less work than before Why Are they not all? There is no money, he tells me there's no food and there's no firewood.
Give yourself we there. Ok, I hear at the oars good bye tanker, Franklin's, Father he'd, Bethel still fantasize about going back north, but there's no way he could secure another loan for a third trip to the: U S, one frankly, Catalina settled Travis when the authorities with the issue of John. He tells me that he's waiting for Franklin whose now ten to reach is a team work day where no ascended musket on me, MRS looking, you see. Then his son Franklin can try his luck going north alone, since Seasick was kicked out of the country we ve seen, returned to the way things used to be what a marvellous new president
howdy hundreds. You might take his deep ties to drug mafias, former military officials he's too over? the prison system and Seasick, after him for illegally killing prisms. Since you took office, twelve human rights defenders have been killed in Guatemala and others have had to flee the country. Thanks to a poor Maria Martens, her book crossing borders, building bridges Journalists, hard in Latin America is out this month early producer, this because any ideas quarters Erin Glance edited the show withheld executive producer Kevin solve thanks to Professor Joam, a rebirth of George Mason University. Felix parade Mendoza Louis Solano, Maria Martine Mendoza, humane of a grand Henry being Monica Campbell Kate Doyle, Hose Carlos Immoral, and reveal nor morale, and we leave a guard provided voiceover force thanks to the fund for investigative journalist.
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