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The smuggler (rebroadcast)

2017-07-08 | 🔗

In 2015 French radio reporter Raphael Krafft was covering the refugee crisis. Then one day, one refugee asked for his help. Raphael followed his moral compass… which led him on the journey of a lifetime.

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From the centre for investigative reporting and p r eggs. This is reveal a mallet rough aircraft. Is a french radio report back in there are. Fifteen use was covering the refugee crisis in France these Ngos, and although this is omit Felicia been voted, this region will be small. Hundreds of thousands of people we're running away from wars in places like Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Sudan, in coming to Europe, It was not the most welcoming country its. I have to get asylum there and they recently closed their border, but still refugees, made their way to Paris in the thousands by the summer. The crisis had right too rough feels doorstep. I live, a neighborhood in Paris where all refugees come, and I a makeshift camps of three to four hundred people have been.
Settled three hundred metres from my home and for the this time. In my life there was a global problem at the corner of my street. Reveals neighbourhood is typical Paris, sidewalk cafes little shops nearest. It's an elevated subway line and under these elevated subway there is like some space where actually refugees found shelter and people. First set up mattresses on the ground. Sometimes tense and they lived there, you have families that includes children without water without toilets and they they just leave outside and they have been living for almost a year. In this situation the camp was illegal though
in early June, two thousand fifteen, the police cleared it out. So refugees set up another camp near by few days later, the police on that You have the police charging on refugees that they have been surrounding in a very violent way with sticks and tear gas and stuff like this. That's what we're here now most of the people. Surrounded are refugees, but they are helped with activists were yelling at the police What are these protests? is actually say they scream the mantra of France, which is liable to get it. If I tell tee that that is liberty, equality and brotherhood, but is it this is right at the end of your street. What did you do? Well, I took my recorder
And I went to report this eviction is how refugees are sometimes treated in France. The border police try to keep everyone out and then the people who do get in our entreated well, as I was watching this I tried to make a border between the citizen I was, and the journalist I was, but for a while. You know that the border is so is melting. seeing all these people fleeing for their lives, made it hard stand by and simply document what was happening. Rough was supposed to be a neutral journalists, but acting like a cop out these people needed help. Ruffian lives, thousands of miles away from us, but he story car.
Tension earlier this year because it reminded us of what's happening here with the battle over immigration policy. We first aid the story weeks after didn't trumped, took office and announced he wanted to ban travellers from several largely muslim countries that lead to legal, challenges in the Supreme Court recently announced it would allow part of the ban to take effect until it reviews trumps. Plant Americans are really split.
Innovation is, and so, as it turns out, are the French. So let's pick up the story couple months later, in October, two thousand fifteen, when ruffian takes a reporting trip to ITALY just across the border from France, lots of refugees reach ITALY by boat. People from the Middle EAST in african countries like Sudan in Eritrea, but they don't want to stay in ITALY is a work in conditions are bad refugees, so many of them go to this. One train station invent Amelia ITALY to try and sneak across into France. I was Ventimiglia,
train station, the translation of this border town in ITALY, where all refugees gather trying to go to France, and they all gather at the train station because most of them tried to go to France by taking the train. Raphia sees hundreds of refugees weight on some of them sleep here. The translation on pieces of car boy, surrounded by the belongs Raphael, seen a lot as rapporteur. He spent twenty years as war correspondent covered the WAR, the arab Spring, the Balkans. He served in the french Foreign Legion in Afghanistan, but at that translation it needs a kurdish family from my rack and desperation gets to actively. However, this family was some. There was the father, the mother, to children, one in two years old,
Daughters, Leah was so the two year old daughter they had been sleeping outside the train station for few days. The one year old daughter was having a diarrhea Their aim was to go to England until I think there's a french lawyer there at the train station volunteering to help refugees through an interpreter. She tells the kurdish father. Linz border is clubs as compatible with your time is up. There are thirty, five hundred or four thousand people waiting to cross and they cannot cross right now, it's impossible, especially with children, develop she's, trying to convince the father to forget about England and ask for asylum in France instead
I didn't really visit. You must be. Our main enemy was good. You have other refugees listening to us to the conversation and after hours and I'm not joking hours. Kurdish father actually accept that. He would request Asylum in France, uneasily argue about Algeria border Due North Idaho. So we ask the lawyer, then take me to niece the french town
and take me to ask for asylum there and because the border is closed to refugees. The lawyer answers sorry, I cannot take you there, it's illegal swear. Usually did he come ass, a bad so just to be clear. It's it's like a kid trying to its legal to ask for asylum in France, but illegal to cross the border into France. Exactly the kurdish father didn't understand that situation. This at twenty two situation so, and he had seen me arriving at the train station with my car, an old. Why mosquitos and he looked at me and said you have a car and I said yeah, so why don't you take us to France, where we can ask for asylum and
My heart's darted beating a bit faster and, and- and I told him- oh no- I'm a journalist- I it's illegal- to cross the border with refugees inside and I thought to myself what what's this This man is is a father. You know he has kids there, one in two years old, one of them is sick. His wife is exhausted. How can I say no. So what did I do. I call the friend you bet is at the head of an organization in the southeast of France that deals with the homeless people. So when the refugee crisis started There was an influx of people and he couldn't host everywhere, so I started to the refugees at his home and it has become a habit. Some
You have five of them: ten, twenty five to thirty refugees, and I what about- and I told him there is this kurdish family and Belgium, Ok, I will call some friends will call some friends who will Well, some friends and we will make them pass. Violence someone drove them through the border and the ended up in your best place. So they made it who bears place in France thanks to your phone call that sounds like really good thing for that family, but by arranging all that mean, you were kind, acting like a smuggler. Well, I wouldn't say that now I'd rather say I acted as intermediaries. A smuggler was really what I became next raphaelites journalists becomes Raphia The smuggler. That's ahead,
reveal from the centre for investigative reporting, it p r ex this is reveal analysis. Hearing. The story of french radio reporter Roughy Craft went up crossing the line while covering the refugee crisis in France, when he got fed up seeing his country's border police, turned back families and desperate people who decide to get involved when we left off Raphia heads This helped occurred, is family cross into France by making a phone call to an act of his friend we pick up a story at the same train station invent Amelia ITALY, where refugees gather to cross into France well, I've spent. The whole day with sing the conversation between the lawyer and the kurdish family.
And after a while there is this guy that came next to us and he sat on it and he seemed to understand speaking in English and I saw he was listening to us. I to him. I went to see him and I had spent the The whole day, you know, recording listening to tough stories. And I thought Chalet interview him or do I have enough sound? I am I Ireland, I am emotionally affix affected by all that. What I've listened to And finally I I took my my again and I know switch on record. Can you introduce yourself? I remember him, I'm from within with a state and therefore its colleagues, Argentina City,
and I guess you about two weeks ago in ITALY, hearing Ventimiglia, where when did you write onto media. I arrived five days ago, so I spent the whole five days here. Abraham comes from western doc, Jim has created militia, Scald Janjaweed Ibrahim was requested to fight with them and he refused and because he refused the gates to university jobs. Public work was close to him, so the only solution for him was to actually flee and leave the country. So the only solution for him was to actually flee and leave the country because we being sky from TAT Day on, we are seeking peace. This is the main issue we came for.
So for me, my destination is France. To live there I want to stay, there are seeking life and education that we are not seeking anything more? That's all we seek. I was surprised he wanted to go to. France goes over many refugees we're seeing. France is not a very welcome in country, but this guy had a dream to go to France. He had learned. The french revolution when he was in school. He was certain that France was the country of light from the agency, three, so his dream was to go to France and I was some of its
maybe a chauvinist, a reaction that I have words. I was quite happy to see that, guy that war wow this guy wants to go in my country. How many times you tried to good from time to time yet twice I try to go too far. They call me and they sent me back, so we will ask how exactly had he tried to cross the border before on the train? Oh that's how most people try but Ibrahim, but a strategy
having shower dress nicely. You know, put some perfume, you know we try our best to be like citizens, ok and we trying to mix with white people. Actually, in fact yes or the can feel that we are just one of them, was something which I to sit in the middle of them. Ok, the problem for refugees is that all trains are searched by french police and getting every time this year, refugee, the resting they expelling. To ITALY, I think it's clear. If I am a french police man, I will catch them its clear, because you know our I mean our skin. It's like you know, we look, we look tired because our journey is As you know, we ve been through Hell,
the sun on the Mediterranean Sea, its very, very hot. Being in the middle of the sea three or four days so our skin? I guess it's burning its. It. Clearly it's. Obviously everybody, Cairo goodnight us! That's why? But the men who already here for a long time their skin its look like soft or something so that's it. I guess that's it! That's! The idea came out with So I think that's it. Will you try to walk through the mountains? Maybe no because this land is filled with mountains, afraid I'm afraid to get lost Among those mountains, I will be die because of thirsty.
Hunger or gold, as as as we are african people we can. We can handle hardness, but we cannot handle courts called the very difficult for us. So for me it's it's crazy. It's really crazy to try to Bob I feed. So on one hand, the Skype Ibrahim sounds totally stuck, On the other hand, he sounds weirdly, optimistic. What were you thinking standing there? I felt like if I didn't do anything. I would regret it all my life and I would feel I would feel like a coward. You know annexed Actually you know you know I'll have been. You know. I've been witnessing horrors. I've been listening to victims,
the all around the world in the Gaza Strip in Iraq anywhere, but but but it's not my country there, you know In that situation it was about my country, it was about fraud, and I felt that be for being a journalist. I was a french citizen, so I had to do something, and then I saw this sudanese guy and this sudanese guy, who had been trying to go to France to twice who had been expelled. Who was in love with wants. Then I said: ok,
I'm gonna help, but Raphia does it see anything right? It says goodbye leaves the translation, Ngos to friends house we stay, I didn't want to go to sleep and wake up in the morning and say: oh no, it's going to be complicated to organize it's going to be dangerous. It's going to change my life. He tells his friend exactly what he's going to do in part, so he can't talk himself out of it. The next morning he gets up cuz back to the train station in ibrahim and we met, and I told him he looks if you accept it, I'm going to take you to France for free, and he just looked at me like what he couldn't believe that for free I was going to take them to prom.
He asked me why, and I told him I think what french police is doing. You is not right, so you want to go France- and I will take you to lunch, and then he did to me as if to test. If I was serious- and he said you know- I've been traveling with a friend since Khartoum since Libya will you take him with us? That's it, of course, and his friend was okay. So now it's two guys that you're gonna smuggle crossed the border with the risks you are taking like. If you got caught taking these guys over into France. What would happen to you well on the paper?
the law says: aiding the entrance or illegal stay of non citizens. In France, the penalty is five years of prison and thirty thousand euros, a fine that is thirty, five thousand dollars, but actually there and give a lighter sentence and you don't even go to jail. So I was not to work it actually up. I didn't really care, you know I'll, because I thought that's what I was doing was righteous But little- and let me ask you this, I'm thinking that it from like a journalist perspective and again I guess the things that I keep coming back. Please, like you, know your ear, journalising you're supposed to be objective in you clearly cross the line there. Oh, I didn't do that as a journalist. I did that as a citizen, and but but but the occupation that you have is as journalists me here in the United States. If one of us did that- and we probably get a whole lot of work as a journalist. Again,
you know all. You say that a few months after Donald Trump took office- and you don't know Nobody knows what's gonna happen in the following months and maybe you're gonna find yourself in that situation may be, you're gonna have to hide. Some Latinos, maybe you're gonna, have to hide some Muslims in your house, and I think that when you will face the situation, this deed, The issue of journalism and objectivity will come. Second, you know helping these. Fiji's became more important than any worries. Raphia had about the effects on his own life. He wasn't gonna do that just any old way. He was gonna, help them sneak in our train. He wasn't gonna I'd them in the trunk of his car. He was gonna, do something much more grand that would show them the most the full version of France. He was gonna guide them over the Alps. That's right over the Alps,
since that is high the rockies on foot in October, I knew that some, if we were hiking in the mountain, the chance to meet, french Mountain police was Sir, was very small, and it was, was also an introduction. You know we were going to walk, we were going to talk, we were going to become friends and we were going to see wonderful landscapes and I don't know it's like a pilgrimage so what did you do? Next? I called a friend of mine who lives in northern out. He had been a shepherd and he is a force of nature, can I say that as a force of nature or who I called him the Sunday and I call them told him Thomas, that's his name. I need you. I need to go through a pass. Was
some guys and you have to come with some shoes, and I gave him the side of the shoes and he said I'm coming and he came Thomas. The shepherd knows these mountains. Well he's going to be there. Guy Raphael tells Ibrahim and a mod to take the train up to a town for the north. The Italian out to meet them. This is my friend Thomas was issued. Time meeting it was the first How much is small- then Ibrahim. He has very very short. Hair smiling all the time and for me it was difficult to communicate with our money, because I dont speak arabic and hammered, doesn't speak English, nor french catalogue, and then we need Carlo Catalogue ceasing to say a final.
The current, who is a former member of the Communist Party and Carlo as an activist, was very happy to actually large host to smugglers and two sudanese refugees. Mcgann She met him and yet are not met, and so we spend the night that Carlos House, in the suburbs of this little italian town,. And thomas- and I am we prepare the bags and- We send Ibrahim him another man in bed, and in the morning Thomas and I- wake up at around five o clock in the morning. Everybody still sleeping. We prepare the breakfast, the coffee. I grew up in a brain ass, much room. And it's actually the first time there are welcome in the European House and maybe the
First time they sleep in a comfortable bed and I had to force them to go inside the blankets. You know they wanted to stay above the bed they didn't want to destroy. They didn't want to so I knock at the door it's time to go too far. So we left Carlos House around five and I hope I am it was night time Carlo took us by car to the start of the chair that was about an hour drive and I claim to the car- and I started talking with Abraham adventures me: do we having no one right now in me? I like adventures,
but this is the biggest one like you know. It seems like it's gonna, be there the various one is going to be in the best of my of my adventure list. I am sure. I'm sure that I have lived much more difficult ventures before that big, but that was it wasn't like Keno adventures, because things you do all. I can say that by force yeah, you live situation, risky situation and you put your life on the line so that one do you know wasn't on my own hands its rescuing a risky, therefore, and in Libya. In Libya we saw things we will never forget. Libya is the gateway to Europe, the sequel
Is there is a war there? The situation is not stable, so it's very good for mafias and smugglers, so refugees, especially from Eritrea, Ethiopia and Sudan. They go to Libya to actually take makeshift boats that are gonna, take them to ITALY, big before they put us in a box, then I see you know they feed people, and the foods very bad and the place very bad to you, paying your money and after that date will treat you very bad habit yeah. What does it mean slave? this is this? Is this word? You always hear it and Libya every black, every black body or person, Libya. He going to hear this word a lot
back there in Libya that was really damage very bad action. So what we're gonna do today, for you is fun! Sorry, come again, I told him. This must seem like compared to Libya. That's what I'm telling you that's what I'm saying. I told you it's not it's not that through this key all it's not that bad. You see and we drove round about two roundabouts until the road got smaller and smaller and higher and higher in the winding road, so on the mountain, and he took us to until where he couldn't dr anymore.
Such already be here, and I do not like Libya here. It's not likely. They definitely like sense club simply about we're gonna smoke. A cigarette first says so. We leave Carlo behind. Thank you so much and we start working six hours through the first and then another three hours to go down the careful here it's early in the morning, so we're in the shadow at the beginning of the track can only the top of the mountains is sir in the sun,
and it's beautiful, because the sun reflecting the granite- and it is a stunning the Sun Lamotta rising. Finally, if others know, will melt already when we reach there. That's very nice, really very nice. When you work for such a long time, you have time to talk Finally, why we walked? I started to know some more about, but I must come to the vote. I would say something now a big to Ibrahim. A brain would tell meaningless, and I will translate that into French for Thomas I'm nuts. I can't trust cease for rights. He has such a new threat either. Geographically,
Lemme see her had ass, powerful ass, though the poor got some says this week. What gives This is a right right when when when we started the track, Thomas was very happy to take people in his beloved mountains. You know he was really happy. He was trying to make sure that he was happy and in hee hee hee hee cut. He took his knife. Thomas took his knife and cutter a wooden stick
give him to two of mud, and it was really looking like a shepherd from Palestine and the Christ time. You know he was like, like a profit, you know when you gave you gave up the stick. Thomas gave me. I don't like the way he gave him that the sick. Mind you of his house in, therefore by their if it used to be alone, but you told me, These guys are reminding me of my life back there, because it the same biomed just now missing their cows have, but we will try to see some cows Gallagher? You ever do it again, never mind that how many cows did you have.
The global demand. Margaux. It's not belong to them. It would do that for the others, people its fuel leader, but he's taking care of them. And after six months six months, salary is one cow. Ok, one cow to take care of that of their cows. You said that you will buy some cause. I can't do this place as an Almighty in Europe. Can you believe That money has, you know big imagination really for me. No stay on the city. I've met Damas will help you else would rise,
Especially Ibrahim had a very how would I say optimistic view of France. He had great expectations Abrams dream was to go to university. Equally, please happen immediately. He could just cross over the border and I was happy they wanted to the two problems and I would Do everything for them? So France? the Us Sweden soft as possible with them. But I knew that's what they were expecting was too much
even our aim you see between the two mountains here yeah. This is the girl dishonest, definitive. This is when we across that place. Who would be in the Iceland is that's nice, three nice to hear so we are almost out of ITALY is when we have crossed the line. You should congratulate and it was a tough hike. It was tough for Ibrahim Enough- not because they were not used to to walk in the mountaineers landscapes that were not used to work in the mountain to climb the mountain. It was tough for Thomas and I
because we were carrying more than twenty kilos each of a food of extra suits of tents of blankets. You know emergency blankets because we didn't want to take any risk for them when we were just about to cross the border with France. Like I don't know, fifteen feet away and suddenly Thomas called me back and says: look there look, there's a black here alone will down her lonely varying it's important, Lawson Thummim account. What is I discovered this black
and when I read convinced me of workers that what we did was right are very beautiful, sent and actually runs through this pass. In September, nineteen. Forty three hundreds of Jews from all over Europe reassurance. Try to look for I've been in vain to save themselves, anti semitic persecution. You cross freely remember this, each time you tolerate that someone else doesn't enjoy the same rights as you have rights as you. So I think that if the cops arrest us we'll safer
You will say we ve been through this very man you have remained have finally weaker. Thank you. Thank you. My best friend was you're happy, so I guess so we can make congratulation cigarettes as much just a few steps. Over the border. I started teaching them. The first french word leave F, thereby leaving the media freedom.
Why, here, what happened to eat and Ahmad once they climbed down the mountain into France, when we come back next on reveal from the centre for investigative reporting and p r ex this is reveal a mallet liberty, freedom. That's the first word report around feel craft teaches his sudanese friends, Ibrahim and Ahmad right after they cross the border into France. He just smuggled them over the APS up. This is back in October, two thousand fifteen. At this moment. He turns this tape recorder off as they started walking down They see an alpine link below them beyond. That is a french village down in the valley. They are exhausted, really exhausted because they had never walked through the mountains. Like this,
they walked down for a few hours until they get to a main road. They get a right to a free. The rough yells where they spend the next few days, then Raphia drives Ibrahim in mind all the way to Paris and we we reach our home, my home. Actually, And and we're happy and the US a sphere in the house, is great for the kids it's great because they see people coming from very far away Ibrahim in Ahmad stay with rough yell and his wife and kids in the apartment for couple months remember. This is in two thousand fifteen, the height of the refugee crisis, a million people crossed over into Europe that year and the backlash against those newcomers is building. While Ebro in a modern Paris with Raphael, the terrorist attacks of November two thousand fifteen Happen: shootings suicide bombings that kill a hundred and thirty people in wound. Hundreds more ISIS takes credit,
So, are you worried about your your neighbors tell the police on you. After the terrorist attack yeah, I was worried because the atmosphere in Paris and in France in General changed Emphatically, the police force was everywhere, the untie muslim sentiment was growing so with muslim refugees at home. You feel different and- and Ibrahim and not enough mad, had a look on their face. That was you could see fear and a different fear from our fears, that is to say that they have fled, islands and terror and and realise that it existed also in from so they they were. They were afraid they give you the time them locally stops
no neighbour, snitching on reveals family for sheltering to muslim refugees. Then, It sends a mild and even to stay with a friend in the city called not words easier and faster to give asylum claims process than in Paris. So they put in their asylum paperwork? They tell their stories with. They fled Sudan and they wait. Everything is very slow to and it is so slow that sometimes you're waiting for a letter for weeks and this time of expectation you can do anything. You just have to wait. And wait and wait, and it puts you in a very fragile situation.
While they way for decision on their asylum cases, though they are also waiting for government housing to come through. They find a temporary situation and abandoned church building. That's been turned into a squat full of refugees is jammed pact. Fifteen people to a room. Meanwhile, back in Paris, Raphael decides to just leave. Door open to as many refugees as he can help. We are regularly not every weeks, but every two weeks we have family coming. We have sometimes one man coming. Sometimes we have somebody who stays for two weeks, sometimes who have somebody who states for one night. I have a bureau in office, and so they sleep in my office when there are children.
My son, who is five years old, is taking the children in charge. So we takes them too to his room so that he can introduce them with his sir. His places games, but very often like most of the time These people have suffered so much. They have been on the road for such a long time. They just want a rest, you know, and so this sometimes the whole day In the room, but how do these people find? You mean what's the network? Well, there is a guy, this guy Cedric. Who often caused me. I don't know who he is, and he doesn't want me to know who he is so it comes to my place. He has a drink and dumb. He leave some last time,
came with the two Eritreans, women and their children, a five. Then he leaves and comes back five days later to take them again. So yeah it's so it's it's an informal network that works. Let's get back to Ibrahim and Ahmad they waited for about a year for their asylum claims to be processed this winter. They got word that there, this is had been decided. They can officially stay in France, so how they don't. Let's start well today doesn't want to talk on tape anymore. He's too angry
about his situation and about the refugee situation in Europe and in France in particular. Abraham is very disappointed. France, it's not what he was expecting. He thought that once arrived in France, he would go to to the university and he would study because his dream is to study and instead he has been living in poor conditions. He he is not going to university. He still doesn't speak French because some because, as a very good english speaker, he didn t he speaks English with french people. We still has no job and saw his his kind of depressed. It seems like you in ever. Him were cause your buddies on on that track. What about now now we're still friends but term
just that is in a very difficult situation and brass he's very far away from his family and that something very important that we must not forget that these people flee they are in exile. They have left, what the cherished the most. So they do not all react. The same and forty brain meets its quite difficult, but I am quite confident that that he will that he will prevail. What about a mud? Yes, I'm just a little while ago right! Well, I have not seen but for a months- and I went to you to actually visit him How are you got it So when I met
then LEO translation. My wife had told me whenever you see how mad call me, because I wanna hear his voice, Surely if any stupor skulker many of you we heavier play. We see come on soft five year. It was amazing, too, to see this guy, who could barely communicate with me on the track, having a conversation in French with my wife as it turns out, Raphia, learn that a mud has a wife back in Sudan, a wife he hasn't seen in years. He wants to bring her to
ants, but his life there so far has been unstable and tough Ahmad had been living in that abandoned, church building and not to, but the refugees were evicted in November. Two thousand. Sixteen the police stormed the place and gave every body two minutes to get the stuff and get out. Maud ended up going to the city of Leon. Now is living in a former school. That's been turned into Refugee centre yeah, but the living conditions. There is a very difficult. It's called dirty, there's one kitchen for eighty five people and the only has four hours of french lessons a week. What were you expecting from last journey and what did you find finally find ways I knew I had read: F unhelpful in here on my goal was to make it to France. I had no idea about asylum, but I wanted to make it to a safe place
have a better life than the one I had back home with all the problems of murder theft and threat. Suddenly Werner have what I did. What common did Combash? Do you feel you are strong enough to succeed? You still have strength to succeed. I must, of course up: I have been through the worst. What's coming could be worse because since I was a child and as far as I can remember, my life has been full of difficulty. Are you optimistic? Do you want to go back to Sudan? But do you want how motion man must have told him? I had it in no line. I do not regret live in Sudan lacking. I haven't reach that level yet, but I am searching for a better life. I have ambitions larger than this. How do we get there? That's the problem lacking give us
I didn't kill a man is one of the thirty six thousand refugees who received either temporary. A permanent asylum in France last year. Eighty five thousand people applied as for rough yell. The refugee crisis is now a major part of his work in September. Two thousand sixteen. He went public with this whole story in a french radio documentary, then he published a book called smuggler, both the who can end? The documentary have been welcome positively by the public right wing. Newspaper Le Figaro wrote a story that was quite positive This experience, and so I have. I have received no threats, of course, extremely
between trolls on the internet are having great pleasure to insult me, but they're just rolls you know. So: it's okay, it's career, hasn't suffered. The police haven't charged him for smuggling Ibrahim in Ahmad, and his door is still open to refugees coming through Paris, even though France is still trying to keep them out of the country. French police arrested and expelled people at the border three thousand times in two thousand. Sixteen was I'm talking to you. A people awaiting invent a million to actually go through the border, so what France is doing is just like all european countries. They are trying to build. And as of myself, I will keep hosting people whether they are legal or illegal.
since we first air this story. Last winter there was a presidential election in France for awhile and looked as though Auntie EM, candidate, Marine Le Pen at a real chance, but in the end, centrist and a manual mccrone. What so far references very little is change for refugees trying to get into the three three ibrahim in a things are looking up. Ibrahim got a permit to stay in the country for ten years. He's attending university in sharing an apartment with two other refugees, Ahmad finished his french classes and is looking for a job thanks, the Rapporteur Raphael Craft. For bringing this story to us Russia is also a photographer. You can see some of the incredible pictures of his track with Ibrahim in a mud on our website reveal news, dot, org
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