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The Storm After the Storm

2018-10-27 | 🔗

Doctors in Puerto Rico are outraged at the government’s unexpected decision to declare the Zika crisis over in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria. Plus, communities in Houston and North Carolina struggle to put their homes and lives back together.

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From the centre for investigative reporting in p r ex this is revealed a mallet. It's been several weeks since Hurricane Michael tore through floors, panhandle instil the images, are hard to forget. Panama, attacked down time when, for Michael hurting Florence to dozens of lives and destroyed homes, roads and power lines, and several states, including North Carolina. Some of those evacuees are coming back home. Only to find parts of their community are still devastated later in the show we'll talk about the cleanup efforts there, but first we want to go to put Rico.
Last year, Hurricane Array a killed, nearly three thousand people and devastated the island. It was very often- and in our going through the things that I got to every single day on a daily basis. Catastrophe like that was very difficult. That's Valerie Rodriguez! She lives environment the island? Second biggest city even before the storm had life was already a struggle for her young family values, sons defined eighteen months old There's a lot of health problems he can't rolled over or swallow softens. He will never walk or talk and he's on seven medications, he hates the Swami, has international panel that I have to He He said in his mouth and he does swallow it things that I do not noticed that it takes Valerie about two hours.
Gives to find his medicine and feed him a routine. She goes through each morning and then again at night, and I have to strain everything so that there are no lumps and he doesn't choke pretty much around the clock because he was infected with the Zika virus when he was in his mom's womb. Zika was big news a couple years back and for those of you who don't remember, the virus is spread by mosquitoes and through sex. Zika he put a regal hard and also found its way to some parts of the mainland. U even Stefan as microcephaly, the worst case scenario for babies with secret. It stops the brain from growing when you look at to find you can see that, while her chubby cheeks look a lot like a baby issued his skull, small, then it should be.
Even before Hurricane Maria Seeker had faded headlines, but It was still a problem in Puerto Rico. According to the government, more than fifteen hundred It women caught the virus and twenty seventeen just before the storm, but then some strange happened since the store, the government, has reported zero new cases. Zero import. Are we declared. The crisis was over. How could a we can make the zeal virus disappear. That's will report, Beth Murphy, wanted to find out she's with Well, truth, project basis, W Gb Age in Boston, Beth started following bazooka crisis when it started two years ago and after Hurricane Maria she began investigating what happened to all the Zeke gazes. Here's Beth. If your
during this eager crisis. In Puerto Rico, one of the first people you have to meet is doctor carbons area. She asked me to call her Carmen. I first interviewed her back in two thousand sixteen, when the Zika epidemic exploding, she's an we'll be. Do I am at university hospital in the capital of San Juan Bundle? her white lab coat Carmen is all business except for her bright, pink lipstick. How many who have been diagnosed with seeker, are you carrying for right now. Last week I saw groups of women we seek. I saw thirty two patients- and I said, ok, Listen to me. You seek infection, you're pregnant, these vital I'm leaving their blessing that you we don't know what they impact on your baby east before the babies born and afterwards she wants. Me to meet some of her patience and takes me down the hall to support group she set up for them. Nine women are here taking turns getting ultrasound.
And looking nervous as they come back from behind the pink curtain to sit in a circle one of their rules here is that whatever we say here, Stacy ears like invest vague, as whatever happens elaborate as they see it. That's when I see the real Carmen the Karmann who lights up when she's helping other women. I never had his sister and I think I, We need to review. I am looking for my sisters and or every vision is my sister zika the comments? First experience dealing with a deadly virus that can be passed on from moms to their babies. She was so they are for the HIV Aids epidemic in the eighties. I leave this same. Experiences are pushing for testing and pushing for screening, in bringing to see me goes, I believe, that's important, I'm I'm doing the same. Exact thing was seeker. Test test again then test
again that became carbons mantra test pregnant women early and often She believes women deserve options. My responsibility as a provider is to have the conversation. You know you can continue or interrupt your pregnancy. It is your job. You don't need a diagnosis to have that decision, because our chinese leaguer would you I don't want you to come six months from now, and tell me that you never had an option because nobody told you about it. Most people who get Sega, don't have any symptoms, so the old Wait, I know which babies are exposed is to test each double action, the triple job. I am also concerned about public health, so he's public house indeed either health Future the country in terms of the infants during our first meeting,
We talked a lot about how bad the economy was and how many die there's relieving the island to practice on the mainland. Still Porter Ego ahead of many places when it came to tracking Zika all pregnant men were tested and for babies who were born with the virus. The government set up a system to track them for three years and all this was free. By two thousand. Seventeen Porter Rico was tracking four thousand babies would seeker. Then in September, came Hurricane Maria, sustained wins a hundred and sixty Five and now the National Hurricane Centre does believe storm of indirect populated eastern part of Puerto Rico Governor issuing dire warnings saying this is gonna, be a catastrophic storm. I tried reaching Carmen on the phone when the storm hit. It took me two weeks. She told me it was like the island had been hit by a nuclear bomb, and she
exhausted from working around the clock. Now we are in a much worse situation. Only six percent of people have power right now. Sixteen days after the European where, where a survivor mon, even though hospital was barely functioning. It was one of the few open and Herman was delivering more babies than ever. Thirty percent more than usual they healthcare system collapsed, as well as their power system as a communications and were only deal with emergencies, so anything that routine, like all their babies, born from women infected with a girl, these babies and need evaluations that stopped and it will not be until maybe weeks from now that these services was surely star renewing and being implemented weeks? That's how long Carmen thought it would
for the island to recover enough to start thinking about, Zita again after that, first call I with Carmen at least once a month and on each calls He told me the same thing was no word from the government about restarting Zeke attesting for pregnant women, so the spring of two thousand eighteen. Six months after the hurricane, I went back to Porter Rico, find out what was going on. There was no. She got this thing ever done since September. Two thousand and seventeen Europe it. So we have no way of knowing. If we steel, having transmission or not, doctors could still draw blood detested Rosita, but there wasn't much point to it. That's because they were being told the government health lab that performs the asked, was closed for business. Not only that this is wonderful shows announced that the crisis was over
but there were no new cases of Zika on the island. It was like Zika had been swept away by. The hurricane website Superman, which, by the way is no longer there. I checked gesture, they do perceived by many. Website to see whether they had any Sega statistics. Nothing. They have nothing there. Now, it's only. They all reports Carmen couldn't believe it the government was saying there were no new cases of Zita after the hurricane, but fifteen hundred pregnant women had been dying. Earlier that same year, Doktor she works with, couldn't believe it either Doktor Cynthia Garcia Coal is a clinical psychologist, whose seventeen years teaching child development at Brown University. I mean, if you don't test for Sega. How are you gonna know how many people I've been in but before the storm Cynthia spent a year travelling to government health centres around the island gathering data on
go babies after they were born the ones the gutter it is following. For three years, The minutes of silence you, oh boy, who is a good one, this point. The programme that I was part of monitoring the development of children born to She got expose pregnancies within the Department of Health. We have been stopped. Cynthia tells me the government fired her and took off. The data sheet collected she says they give her a reason for letting her bow and Health Department when Alice either after Cynthia stopped working for the government. She teamed up with doktor carbons area and their money during children on their own? How allowing Cynthia spoke sing on babies, who were exposed as eager but born looking completely normal
babies like Kimberly Banana, ok, you're, emphasising the hypothetical what we are doing here is the baby scales of infant development, Kimberly seven months old and because today is actually her seven month birthday, her grandmother doll they're up in a fancy, dress and ahead band with one giant Bowe, that seems to say I dont have hair, but I am a girl you stay with Cynthia, looked like a kid herself. Agitating, her expressions and practically climbing onto the table. It looks like in Cambodia are playing, but everything Kimberly does how she reaches for the rattle, how she, Holds it the way she tries to squirm off the table. It's all a test trying to answer one question: is she able to do it? expected of a seven months old better now for the most part. Yes, I'm doing that, but but I notice that you know it's there is fragility here in terms of self regulation sweat, I just noticed
as you have in mind during the Gatt yeah, there's a very wide range. Some kids are doing really well, and some kids are very compromise. I'm noticing a lot of small motor delays moving Her hands delay seating belay walking these kind exams- are crucial because, if doktor notices that a baby's motor skills arc developing the way they should. They can start therapies to help the baby. Studies like this also help researchers understand. How's eagle works. Yes, it and caused massive problems like microcephaly, but it can also more subtle, neurological issues trouble swallowing. Why looking seeing remember that hasn't been that many studies on this kids and the south,
well. Right now think that I've seen publish our thirty kids. You know forty kids ten and we have two hundred. We have over two hundred. So that's why we think this data is really important to publish, but it's not. Clear of this study will ever see the light of day the health department need. To authorize publication and so far its refused to do so. I told them. Us that we had. I said I can't believe, you're being completely on ethical sewed. Who were you talking to me? the officials from the Department of Health that were in charge of the Sega monitoring system. Now I ve never seen politics getting involve on research. The way that this like I've wanted,
to understand the politics behinds eager ever since I started following two years ago, and I did everything I could think of to talk to someone from the health department at first. I called coming when I didn't work. I showed up at their offices again again. We have the problem is I've been to this office many times now in person and also called Finally, I tracked down the assistant secretary of Health Doktor Concepcion known as Longo we meet the hallway of a convention centre where she speaking at a press conference about a new lunch programme and, just like the doktor said she quick to give me the government's official line on Zika that the crisis is over. So far we are not detecting Neil cases of
our state epidemiologist. Don't should expect to have cases right. I asked her why the health department had stopped testing pregnant women for Zika. This is what every doctor I spoke. She told me she says: that's not true, that the health department is performing the tests and has been since, just a few weeks after the hurricane asked their mighty, we tried to make sure samples collect that all over the island, where brought to our central level authority in the departmental, fell. Someone put both equal and these samples, where sent to the CDC laboratories in the states, because our about thirty import. The vehicle was damaged. I checked with the CDC, and they told me that never happened. The health department
never since eco samples to Atlanta for analysis, but doktor can notice is adamant that the testing is back on where now testing their population in get only pregnant females, followed on the couple things first, that the testing of pregnant women, the obituary ends that I was talking with, they didn't seem to think they had a clear mandate health department should be testing or that there was a way to get those test results back. Their mandate exists. Gee blames the doctors for dropping the ball, their privatisation in private offices. We don't have that close contact with them to make sure they do detested. They should Doktor can known, as also tells me that women can ask to be tested, but I find out later. Testing is no longer free. Women now to pay one hundred dollars.
Everything is last year the government said the crisis was over, so why would a woman even ask for the test? I ask you something else: when will all that data on developmental delays and seek a baby's be released. I think there will be some formation released this The kind of answer I get from doktor can known as on almost everything we talk about she's hard to pin down and by the end of the conversation, she tells me that she needs to get permission from her boss, but help secretary before she can share, many more details. It's not that I can talk to anybody openly without being authorized because we want to have the correct message: after we part ways, I am left standing in that convention centre hallway, and what starts to become clear to me is that the health department doesn't want to talk about Zika
with me or even their own topsecret doctors. Several docks told me they our hearing from the health department altogether in that silence. Doctors like carbons area and Cynthia Garcia started wondering why I was so important for the government to make Zika go away. Cynthia says they think it comes down to money. There is no question that the thing They make the notion of having secured by name and care affect that all of us in terms of tourism, tourism, It's the life blood of the island. I reach out to the Porter because Tourism Association and talk to the organisations president and see Yo Clarissa Havanas about how much Zika affected the island was a huge is a remembers when the CDC first issued warnings about Zika importer Rico into thousands sixteen the norm.
They were giving were really really high and scary, and we had lots of cancellations Nuno. There was the perception that you would, the here, and you would get a virus. I mean, because that was what was portrayed. You know those huge percentages of the population getting them iris tourists stayed away. Island lost one hundred million dollars and that she says shouldn't have happened Let me say, however- and I say this is the reality You said a lot of time was created after hurricane. Maria, the government wanted to build back the tourism economy as quickly as possible and doctors. I talked with believe that meant getting rid of Zika. Doktor, carbons area knows that seek. It is still a threat so
he's found a way to restart testing of pregnant women for Zika, and I feel this is so important to be able to identify, because most their patients will have seek. I do not have any symptoms idea. Brain they have seek. I they might be agrees. Forebears dealings Carmen did and run around Porter Regos Health Department. She team, with the CDC to provide free, Zeke attesting for pregnant women. It's the only problem like it on the island salt militia, we're starting this. He got this thing today on your pregnant on the first day, back spring eight women had their blood drawn, including walesa, is always very concerned. I've seen people say, would signal. Did you know when the hurricane started that you're right now like I, was strolling with their. Why now done? Colleagues, baby Maria Colonies, they re more than that.
That name will be eliminated from their birth registry, see now, while here a new testing continued through the summer and it still going today doctor say the first results are in and even though its small sample their alarming Nine percent of women are testing positive. That's almost with the rate was at the height of the epidemic. I mistake this I'm a researcher, I'm not running for any position, therefore I can actually As you see where the evidence tells me to say, and the evidence is telling Carmen Zita, is a very real danger today for pregnant women in babies in Porter Rig around twenty six thousand women will give birth this year. So far fewer than three hundred have tested for Zika I've been out. We should, for once,
sixty years I've been less or being present, for the birth of so many babies, and I can tell you that The first thing a woman ask has my baby, I think, is its ethic. I they say said we need to do it. We need Did the right thing? That's Doyle's from Beth Murphy. The ground truth project she's, the direct films there and also has a short film coming out and about the story. We check the CDC about Zeke importer Ego, one of their epidemiologists told us that the rich getting Zika. Now is less than doing the outbreak couple years ago, but the virus will always be there. People need to protect themselves from mosquitoes sexual
his mission to avoid getting infected. In a moment we had back to the mainland, Houston Texas, where year after Hurricane Harvey people who are using a government programme to pay for housing, are getting the door shut in their faces. You listening to reveal from the centre for investigative reporting in pr eggs. from the centre for investigative reporting in p r. Ex this is revealed an elegant. Much like her came, rear and put a Rico. Houston has also faded from here lies. In August last year, Hurricane Harvey inundated the city damaging eight hundred thousand homes in Houston and leaving
since without a police live wouldn't happen. Homes were rental yields, many for Houston's pours residence and even before the storm, the city was dealing with an affordable housing crunch now official say it's gotten. Even worse means a teacher and ECHO Walter's. Reformers with our partners at the Texas Tribune, having covering the aftermath of hot, and they recently spend time with a woman whose found herself at the centre of that housing crisis working with some of uses vulnerable residence. Here's need four months after the her Can I've been seeing this one name on real estate listings for low income apartments, PAMELA banks so in April I went to see her and the sprawling suburban office complex about a half hour north of downtown Houston office has assign above it that says, banks and banks, financial services. There is also a sign that says: l all in word of deliverance, she's, a pastor and real estate agent.
When I walk inside hems. Taking a phone call from a client in more detail may help you her desk is covered in paper and folders and posted note Walk clients are constantly coming in and out she gets off the phone just rings again. Good morning to spare me happy as the client talks on the phone PAM scribbles on a yellow legal, Pat. Ok, when can you come here to do navigation? Ninety, you you're here until nine p m, I'm off his heart, these people displaced, and certainly no because it did not turn by using more than anymore, I mean still going on. M has been hearing from a lot of flood victims and besides wanting a place that won't flood again pretty much everyone who calls or drops in has one request, No I'm trying to be in a better area for myself for my cases
There I haven't our good labour hurry like you might be able to be here. One of those clients is a woman named Denise Taylor, she's from Chicago, and she start a PAM online. Just a couple months before the hurricane, when she was thinking about leaving Denise did not feel safe in her old neighborhood and she wanted her daughter Christina to go to a better school to meet kids from all kinds of backgrounds on them. Side of Chicago is just African Americans in Suspense Bessie, and I shall explain that is not known. This not normal, but where can I take her to really see it like most of pants clients Denise had something that's supposed to help her get what she's looking for? It's called a halt choice, voucher, also known as a section eight voucher, a government benefit. Helps low income. People pay ran about thousand families in Houston area. Use these bouchers the protein
was designed to be this ticket to a better neighbourhood, maybe a better life, its federal money. Do you, he's the voucher anywhere in the country. On the last day of July, in twenty seventeen, these and Christina, got into therefore focus hatch back and drove from Chicago to Houston. They hold you anyone there except PAM? So won't you come down. You can stay with me why you thought of The roads don't do it. I know have nobody, she could win a killer, but again you don't say a little more in my house. I don't think I've gotten you can have is calls, but he was a blogger with clothes. She left me a key. My first day out, she was gone. I woke up teaches us here, and it was a key They are home. It didn't take long for the need to find a job at a pharmaceutical plant packing and shipping, but just a few weeks after she moved in with PAM hard and then he says housing search suddenly got way tougher.
Be damaged more than forty percent of Houston's houses and apartment buildings? There was a lot more competition for what was left and without you expire in as little as two months. If you don't find a place and time so she had the funds by name if any family home a reference to your apartment. You have for rare Denise, Archer would let her ran a two bedroom apartment costing up to fourteen hundred dollars a month with the government paying maybe half of that she found plenty of apartments within that price range and neighbourhoods she liked at. My next question is: do you guys take the housing choice about her, so you do or you done it all. Ok, that's! Ok! Thank you. Denise made dozens of calls like this. Everyone said no. A month after Harvey hit than two months, Denise was still staying with. Pam an apartment yours, we're still telling her? No in some parts,
The? U S, it's illegal, to reject a rental just because they have about her. It's considered discrimination. That's not true in Texas, though, which all explained more later is is the grating and if you're, not morally, if you're not built up, morally eco really puts you. Wanna know depress Caliph state, like am I in making put yourself in a category three. Ninety one out of every four families in Houston that receives a voucher, never gets to use it. That's, according to the Houston Housing Authority, Denise was worried. She'd have to give her back. Why don't you take section? It was wrong. Extradite Denise thinks this isn't about her voucher. She thinks it's because she's black like most valuable, we ran the numbers and found that almost ninety percent of families in the Houston area without trees are african. American. Most of them live in areas with the city's highest poverty rates The weight- and he sees it she's alive
really being steered towards the poorest and most racially segregated, neighborhoods local. How The officials recognise that this is a problem and that usin is act one of the most segregated cities in the country a few years ago. The Houston Housing Authority try to take a small step to address the issue it didn't go well officials had this idea to build a mixed income apartment building in a wealthier part of town called the Galleria, its known for this giant glitzy, All with an ice skating ring some of these it's in the building would have to accept vouchers, giving poorer families access to better schools, but Hundreds of angry historians revolted here, project back in twenty. Sixteen, you showed up in force to a public meeting at the neighbourhood elementary school
standing room only lasted for hours. Almost all the people in the crowd were white. They plain that the building was too expensive, but overcrowd schools lower property values, you, I boys Frazier great How come we very much two, people sent written comments to what person complained about what they called pollution of upscale neighborhoods with the poor. Only a few people spoke up in favour of proposal, including a woman named crucial play.
These Willoughby beer criminals, black and she works for housing, advocacy group. She told the audience people who want to live here are your janitors. Your worries, your weight staff, but good Yeah when this whole debate was going on. Pamela banks was watching it unfold and thinking about her clients. These apartments could have helped them if they could move for that neighbourhood with voucher. They could get a leg up, but the project was killed, not long after that public hearing I called him recently and player some of the tape. The part where the guy talks about compassion for people who need affordable housing, but also about poison grapes, him told me
it made her think about how, after the hurricane people set of animal shelters on that side of town, you dog in the gallery, you shouted out there. You turn thing, but we can't be out there, but they don't want you. Do you think you're doing a thing? you really don't want us in your neighborhood there's a reason. Pam is saying we and us here for her. It's personal in relate twenty after she and her husband, separated ham landed in here, as a single mom. She applied for a section about her waited for seven years to get one when she found We got her about her back and ninety ninety seven PAM spent months searching for a place that would take it. One day she came across this listing a brick house with a fine replacing the suburbs in an area known for better schools, so she drove out. To meet the landlord it was raining, there was a young.
The lady was in a Bmw. She got out, but we do want toward the house. Pam knew her odds, had just gone down and was Tom the term back, but she decided away for the woman with a fancy car to leave. She went to the or an introduced herself to the landlord sit on paper, but in a have house, in a no. You may or may not know that housing and the US to your type image, but take this whole affair about it. Let me know little work with me. The guy said: okay, you can rent this house and five years after PAM and the kids moved in she bought her own house. This is why pan does this work today and why she's trying so hard for Denise what county Illinois were Denise as from rejecting someone just because they have a sexually Culture is considered discrimination and its illegal.
It's also illegal and a handful of states, including Massachusetts, Oregon and New Jersey. A few years ago, Austin Texas, pass an ordinance this, but a few months later the state legislature overturned it and lawmakers went even further. They banned any other city in Texas. From doing the same thing, basically, Texas Landlords are allowed to discriminate against people with section eight vouchers and they can be punished for it. Texas was one of the first it's in the country to pass a law like this, and twenty fifteen Indiana did the same year They need to know about the law when she moved here. Your daughter did she understand that some people don't hate vouchers and some people who take out her till she get that what she she gazed at to a certain extent, but I don't know how to understand the discrimination. No part of it, I don't know how to feel stereotypes.
Because a voucher Denise, was really hoping to use her voucher in one of two suburban, zip codes. With majority white, very low poverty, better schools, but out of this, seventeen thousand families that get bouchers from Houston Housing Authority. We found that only thirty six, we're living in those oppose, so what's going on here, Why are so many landlords unwilling to take vouchers and Texas The utilization of section eight is a discriminatory tool in all this Stacy Hunt he's on the board of the Houston apart so, and he supports that Texas LAW that less landlord saying. No to section eight after past housing advocacy group sued, they This is racial discrimination in disguise. My colleague EDGAR Walters, interviewed Stacy on earlier this year and brought this up. I ve been all these lawsuits kind of alleging that discrimination against vows
holders. What do you say to that disagree with it, and I think that there without your users in many situations they choose to live where their support group is where their family is, where there's transportation, whether job, We spoke to more than a dozen voucher holders and none of them told us that EDGAR told Stacy hung about Denise. She just heard from dozens and dozens of land. You know like sorry, we just no one except section. Eight is discrimination, nurse or stereotyping at least part of what it is. You learn of tickets, reflected because everyone has to deal with very stringent, fair housing requirements all across his country, Stacy, anger. There are plenty, legitimate reasons. Texas landlords don't take vouchers, the section eight programmes run by government agencies that don't have enough staff and their known to cut checks. Late Stacy says this can hurt landlords bottom line and they shouldn't be forced to do
with it, but he did have a suggestion for Denise Review. For this lady version. The call of the people in this quest nest quest We'd heard that name a lot during our reporting. The bureaucracy of sex it is so bad usin officials, Creed, an entirely new nonprofit last year to help deal with it. Wanted to see if of networks, could really help people like Denise. So all let him take it from here. Here's how low cost works? They find landlords in areas with high raided schools who don't take vouchers. Then they make a pitch. What this family, with a voucher, live here and will deal with the government, for you aren't her mental payments? Does our item We also secure all utilities for the unit. The does not have to do anything. This is Isabel Lopez, executive director of nest, quest and also guaranteed at the quaint woman. Renders insurance in the union and their upon move out. We
we are willing to foot the bill for any damages when Isabel took this job nest quest had a one point. Two million dollar grant to spend the goal help three hundred and fifty families with children moved neighborhoods with top rated schools. I three more optimistic, easy like I don't see anybody saying no to this and the first time we actually had his heart talking to landlords. It was honestly it was really discouraging. Does the fact that, under the most close, the words of very little financial risk, and yet there is still so ashes of the parameters that suggests that this that there is still a lot of discrimination going on that's exactly what that's a gas and I hate to say that, but I mean it. Is the reality of what it is right now they have this guarantee that everything will work like that. Everything's gonna take getting care of it
still that hesitation that Dont want to work with someone who is on section III. As of MID October, Only seventeen families without vouchers are running places. Nest us help. Five of them are staying in properties, managed the company. Stacy Hunt works for that's out of thirty eight thousand. That's his company manages in the Houston area, five out of thirty eight thousand. I talked to Stacy about this It has simply cold comfort to somebody like Denise, where it sits, exact Roman built. In a day I mean we're, we're try the industry's try. In July. Three months after we first met Denise. She was still looking for a place and are voucher was about to expire, the deadline came and went, but I couldn't get in touch with her panel. Me and he was really stressed out and needed some space. Then
Two weeks later I get a facebook. Invite from him holding this women's empowerment conference around the anniversary of the hurricane. It's called, I survived it Indonesia is going to be there sooner. September, I drive down to Houston to this little church, not far from hams office. Immediate, I walk inside and I see PAM at the front of the sanctuary gripping a microphone and piecing back and forth. There's about a dozen people sitting in the pews, dressed in theirs, they best despite the Houston humidity hams got the crowd going. What they think about after four sermon, I care
up with pastor pan. Can you just tell me a little bit? What is this weekend about? Survivors is the anniversary of the Harvey another one you're after Harvey people still displaced people still going through things, bring the survivors together and share their story. The morning is packed with prayer and personal testimonies. Denise gets up and talks about her struggle to find housing in a new city. When we break for brunch, I finally got a chance to ask her if she found an apartment. She says and how do you like it just lay as it is, is the Sultan my here I now while complying with the diplomatic where period. Applying is my Denise was not able to find the diverse mixed income neighbourhood. She was looking for when she left Chicago more than twenty percent our new neighbours live below the poverty line and almost all of them are black or hispanic, and
further? The apartments? They really almost neglect the project, because it ain't nothing, but a group of people on a fake. They can live in HOLLAND. In one area, gaiety the high school, her daughter goes to now got a d reading this year last year it got an ef, I believe in Texas, now what am I gonna? Be a net schools are probably not. I don't believe so. You're aiming higher most definitely, I'm aim. In the next year. You probably become coming to my home opening, because that's my next go to be home owner PAM, told me, in spite of it all. She still sees Denise as a success story a year after her Harvey she's got a roof over her head. She recently got a of work. Besides her This is up in just a few months and she's. Already too, I did not to renew it. She wants a new place and pans.
Already thinking about how to find her a better one that story from nemesis Teach and EDGAR Walter's with our partners at distribute like in Houston, low income residence North Carolina are having to put their lives back together after Hurricane floor struck last month, many or on their own? I am picking up. I am making arrangements for delivery. I am trying to figure out walking cooked I am unloading. Trailer. That's next on reveal from the centre for investigative reporting and p r eggs Two
from the centre for investigative reporting in p R. Ex. This is reveal a lesson. Oh, how you do I'm home good her. You buy me a power for tee. I restart Kim Gore few days ago on our crackly, so for my minute area that they were set her body right now, but I have moved to a good boy. Am I here to start Where Kim is from pinned accounting, North Carolina with Wilmington scenarios, Do recovering from Hurricane Florence the stone dump more than thirty inches of rain on parts of state. And cause thirteen billion dollars and damage. Pender county is off the beaten path known for its blueberry farms. Small towns, beaches, Tell me a little bit about tender county with. What's it like that, I get the biggest
now would be basically everybody's connected. I like to call it connective tissue, in my case, in this area, I'm sitting right now, which is white stock, and I went to school with everyone here, so we're all connected by virtue of being I'll, be on its african American and having the girdle church or family friends, and just together more than a month after the storm, people there are still in the middle of clean up came, was away in Texas when the storm hit visiting family. It was two weeks before she could even get to her house because all the rules were flooded. She didn't know what to expect when she got home, but she was lucky her house. It's on a hill by power has been outlined day. There were followed your food, but Jimmy Tall, young, nothing, major
I believe that my, what about you, immediate neighbours, devastation two tenths of a mile from my home just to ten for helping to border to how we were completely covered. And again I can stand on my yard and I could see those neighbours feel it is your weird. I felt extremely bless my dinner. I didn't question why I was glad when I give it that pointed like. Ok now, it's time for me to do what I need to do to help others, I'm looking at their devastation. What can I do to help you am? I charge was actually okay, so the thing they cloth of my mind. Ok, we need to use our church as distribution, because people after me from active because there are two or three hour drive you get anything
so little see and right now. What were you at right now? What do you say? Well, right now, with directly in front of the church they had set up. Quotable shower poured a resident here, so we ve got a couple of male and female showered hot water set up in that came a foul three days ago. So what your average daylight now that you're out here, trying to you term, spread the blessing round was, would set everyday like a cat.
Last weekend, from Friday morning, the Saturday either I'd were born to any form of global local mile four hundred and twenty four in my car will, I am picking up. I am making arrangements for delivery. I am trying to figure out who can cook food. I am having the fool. People draw up a location, I am unmoving Trevor. I am trying to get more travers. An ado. Heaven knows a streak. I was prevailing that area for damages That way, I know, was in the neighborhood that have any one of the biggest needs right now is getting rid of all the debris. That's piled up front lawns and streets from homes at people now need to rebuild, mainly olive. It's a sheep MA am they should have refrigerators, Fridge Willie.
Stay in it now, if they can't get back into their homes, where give us a pitcher their staying with well until they are staying lodging I'll, be totally honest. I have been bought TAT city people are living in part, but if you went campaign in what his famous reaction been two floors, because it sounds to me like what you're describing is is of a flood of you know for lack of better term a flood of biblical proportions, rightly, this was really bad. So what have we seen from the federal government? From your point of view, we do have FEMA coming air, and I want to share some of the comments that I have received from red. What in western then the county that there we ve seen FEMA what so they have a debt but prostration
should it be seeing my here all the time I feel a Porsche should be down here. It we guiding and directing my neck tat. We took a FEMA and they set their job, is mostly the hindu reimbursements and help homeowners with losses their insurance doesn't cover. The famous spokesmen told us the agency's done over five thousand home inspections and printer county distributed millions of dollars of aid. They said it's up to the state in county to do much of the underground clean up, accounting rub told us, that's happening, it's just slow going! That's why people like him are so important to them every and so have you ever done anything like this before I talk a little bit my whoa, I had a position that was a nuclear service director Anna
We do have one situation at one point where we had a team of employees that was in Japan and the Tsunami kit and twenty eleven, and it was total chaos on a nuclear side. So that can I got me thinking this situation is very somewhere is not the same issues water and in his home phone. You approach these things like, ok, water. You still want to add three. How do you get em How do you get donations? How'd? You get feedback. How do you get response? I mean the community all the time, so just having me not really hurt that they feel a little build me, but on the points that I would have a boy, oh, if ambulance uneatable, if someone else if working- and I cannot see that approach is personally like as they
my regular therapy, I would say that you are not a regular citizen who knew no extraordinary citizen. Will things for you. Work out Kim Galore, is one of the leaders of the effort to clean up indicating North Carolina. Soon after we spoke, have we learnt that FEMA opened up a disaster recovery office in her town, thanks to Casey Minor, for producing that story. Lee producer for this week show is Demas teach talk you telling me this edited the show thanks. Mitch Hanley Nation, Teasdale, Rachel, Roar, Troll, Senate and Marissa mileage from the ground truth project and Dave Harmon from the Texas Tribune Caitlin bans.
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