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Trial and terror

2017-06-24 | 🔗

President Donald Trump has used the threat of foreign-born terrorists to justify his travel ban – but since 9/11, nearly every terrorist attack in the United States has come from within. On this episode of Reveal, we investigate which domestic terror episodes get tracked and why.

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Hey it is your favorite host in all of pod custom. Now for the rest of the year, I'm gonna be asking you to join us by becoming a member of reveal reveal is all about going deep, pulling on threads telling stories that matter for more than three years now reveal has been fighting a lawsuit. That's been jeopardizing our very existence of restore we about an organization called planet aid. Our story raises serious questions about whether international aid was actually reaching the people. It was intended to help and what's more, our story was truthful and we stand by it. We believe it is our duty to fight attacks like this, but fighting a lawsuit comes at a huge costs. Are legal fees alone totalled more than seven million dollars? Luckily we have pro bono legal support to help our in house counsel, but it still takes significant resources, resources that should be used to do more public service journalists. This kind of investigative,
it takes time and it cost money. If you believe in the work, we do the absolute best way to support us is by becoming a member of reveal to do it just text. The word reveal two hundred and forty seven, four thousand seven hundred and forty seven standard data rates apply and you can text stop or cancel at any time also all new members who donate at least five dollars a month. We get our facts, t shirt again just text. The word reveal two hundred and forty seven, four thousand seven hundred and forty seven. And all you who already support our work, I would offer a deep sincere thanks. We can't do this work without being willing afforded twenty twenty. We have big things plan, so, let's go to some good work together. From the interval for investigative reporting in p r ex, this is reveal a malady. Remember this thing from Donald Trumps campaign, Radical Islam,
terrorism. As president, it's also is justification. Many people from six majority muslim countries. To data provided by the Department of Justice, the vast majority of individuals convicted of tears and tears and related offence. Since nine eleven came here from outside of our country, there's one per with that statement just Jawdropping Lee, astonishingly wrong. That's David northward, reporter at the nun, had news organization, the investigative funded the vast majority of two there some cases committed in the United States goodbye. It considers it like. Oh Mamma team, shooting up into a late night club in the name of ICE Dylan Roof killing, a church goers South Carolina to start a race for Jimmy Chris,
stabbing good Samaritan on a Portland Light rail train last month, but also many many more than just gone totally ignored, since that eleven, virtually every terrorist attacks in the United States has been cooked up in the United States. Since two thousand and eight David and his team at the investigative fund have been keeping track of these domestic tear incidents. There were sixty three pieces were terrorists claim they acted in the name of Islam in the same period. We have new A hundred and twenty cases of right wing extremists, terrorism. We should note, though, right wing terrorism has killed slightly fewer people over and here's how many acts of terrorism were committed by people born in the country's president. Trop wants to ban three. That's three out of two hundred and one
The Trump administration points to one of those three to make a case for the travel ban. It involved the somali refugees who came here when he was three years old reveals stand. Our court has been looking into that incident from two thousand and ten and joins me. Now stand I'll so Therefore you what happened well in downtown Portland Oregon a few stops from last month, train stabbing, there's this plaza in front of the court house and every year, the day after Thanksgiving
close this holiday celebration? That was me that same Adams, Orleans mayor back in twenty ten he was on stage, is the M C Anders music and the crowd is shoulder to shoulder and its party atmosphere. Santa Claus comes out and babes counting down to the moment when they're gonna foot this oversight switch and turn on the lights. On the seventy five foot Christmas tree, then, and then the tree lights up, everybody. Start singing white Christmas by half.
That. Sam Adams gets into his car and he gets a text from his police chief. It said call me right away urgent and I called him he said I need you to come in for a briefing right away. He drives straight to police headquarters where officials brief him on. What's about to be national NEWS now to a terror plot started its tracks. Fbi agent say Somali born. U S. Citizen was arrested Friday night after attempting to blow up a bomb in Portland Oregon During the city's Christmas tree lighting ceremony, investigators fear that this had been months, even perhaps years in making that team telling police that he chose Portland, his intended target because quote its org. And no one really thinks about it. It sounds like a really close call yeah at first. It really did, but then more of the facts came out
here, SAM Adams, again there is a lot of soda clouds around this particular case. Well- and I guess I wonder, as a person who is responsible for the city of Portland, do you think that this case made that people of Portland safer? I am not entirely certain. Why would he say that I mean the have to stop stopped a terrorist blood before it happened? So I mean it sounds like the definition of making people safer, if there really stopping a terrorist plot. But what, if the fbi- was creating the plot and the terrorist. Creating them how well so, if you go back to a year before the Christmas tree Lighting, the teenage they arrested was a freshman at Organ State University, his name's Mohammed Mohammed. I talk to one of his friends there, Mozilla separating her, and I was roommates with Mohammed eyeing College for about a year and a half
This says freshman year that room was supposed to be for three people, but this overlapping group of best friends and boyfriends and girlfriends met their off six yeah, so we had two Indians asian, I want to say he was korean and someone from El Salvador who is catholic, myself, white Christian and then Mohammed Mohammed was a tall skinny kid who Alyssa says was the life of the party at frat parties, football games. We just had a blast together and even go to each other's classes, sometimes through that close wake. Just for you just sit through a math class just absolutely yet Nothing was mostly english cuz. Those are a little bit easier, but yeah. We would in all this, be, I was seeing. Two agents were videotaping him in the cafeteria. They were reading as emails and his text messages
wait what why were they do? And all that I mean he just sounds like a typical cars. Essentially it's because of what he did on the internet in high school. What happened was when I was fifteen Mohammed went through it Dad called an identity crisis. His parents were splitting up and he started going too. More conservative mosque and got into what you might call the jihadi internet, that's where he met the guy. Who started this magazine called Jihad. Recollections actually have a copy of it, and if you flip to, I want to say it's like page twenty two, I think you'll find his his arm. Cause- I don't you want to. I read the title of an area getting in shape without weights, and it has a pitcher of three guys looks like their practicing karate or something building your legs is the most important part of your body to prepare. Jihad, it almost seems like something you'd reading the onion, I mean really does like its work out for terrorists have been thing.
Think of it as a for jihadi gal. I get is polite for jihadis. I should though Mohammed wrote more serious articles to, for he wrote about why Europe some more deserving target for attacks than the United States. Now, by the time he got the college, he stopped heading four jihad recollections, but the governments These articles were one of the main reasons he was targeted, their worried. It more than just words that he was waiting to take action and this is really the question at the heart of this case. How do you distinguished someone who's all talk from one whose waiting to act solely one clue you some enforcement, turn hutch. There was understanding that it's very easy to get weapons in this country. That's my german he's
former FBI agent, who investigated and infiltrated domestic terrorist groups- and he says there are hundreds of thousands of people who are talking about doing horrible things. If you want to find them, you can just visit and internet message board, but if you want to stop a bomb plot, he says you need to look for people who are trying to build bombs. It's very easy to obtain firearms. It's very easy, In fact, Europe, small explosives. These aren't activities that involve a lot of training or a lot of resources, so this person can be very dangerous if they ve never actually attempted to obtain weapons on their own or engaging applaud on their own in Mohammed's case Not only did the F B, I find no evidence of him trying to buy weapons or engage in a terrorist plot in emails and trial. Testimony said Mohammed seem to have left behind his radical thinking. They saw
manipulable conflicted kid, but they still decided detest him first with ease from a fictional Muslim guy in Idaho, asking how to help rid the occupiers from Palestine, and then, when Mohammed didn't take that made the f B. I did something more drastic They intervened in his real life. When did you notice? Something change in him it was probably towards the end of our freshman year. That's Alyssa again her boyfriend, the catholic Salvadoran roommate was Mohammed's best friend and heat arranged for Mohammed to come with him to Alaska for the summer to work. In a cannery her on a fishing boat, he was poor, so he was really excited to be able to Nazi. Oh so much! But then he got to the airport. He was all packed and my understanding he just couldn't go. Mohammed had been placed on the no fly list, so
instead of making money in Alaska with his best friend, he was left behind in Portland, where the FBI would contact him again. Said a mighty Goma by them a hamburger uses user is an FBI agent, posing as an all tied a recruiter. I'd like to eat up with you for your honor, no quick conversation that first conversation. Not recorded FBI agents claim they ran out of batteries, but the F B, I says, Useth ask Mohammed what he wanted to do and when he didn't answer gave him some choices. He could pay a study, send money overseas, martyr himself or become operational. Mama chose operational and when use, if asked what that meant. Mohammed said he was interested in a car moaning. So all of this is alleged by the FBI, because we have noted
the corroborate, what they're saying that's right, they didn't recorded and not only that the agent who wrote the report about it destroyed his notes, but we do have greeny video recordings of the next meeting you said: the are sitting on the floor of a hotel room. Opening bags of take out food camera seem to be on the desk. The other side of the room, so that audio, not great she's. Here s, your yourself, yes, we must set up of this meeting. Is that uses and Mohammed need to convince the third guy in the room whose also an undercover agents to give them explosives by your dream, ass Mohammed describes a dreamy had where he was leading eleven thousand fighters to conquer Jerusalem, last June,
rooms making fun of me crazy about you Fifteen minutes in the conversation turns from dreams to reality. So what are you all Mohammed asks for a truck with explosives after that the FBI takes over. They give Mohammed Homeward Yes to rent a storage shed by some doubly batteries and a possible switch radio shack, but FBI agents who get the van and to build a fake bomb in it out of plywood and plastic barrels. Its agents who drive and park that Van near the Christmas tree lighting with Mohammed in the passenger Seat tell Mohammed the phone number to dial one, that's supposed to detonate the bomb darlin. Just before he's arrested
but in the meetings leading up to that day, over and over the undercover agents give Mohammed what they called out. The government said these were opportunities for Mohammed to back out that show him choosing violence. Instead, Mohammed's attorneys said these were phony choices that show in trying to live up to expectations and his adolescent dreams. One of the most dramatic out happens in that first meeting after Mohammed casually suggests he could low himself up in the Van Mohammed is still sitting on the floor and he keeps looking down at his food while he talks, while Youssef towers over him gesturing with his hands yeah? Well, you guys are even the others, look really just out of thin scissors.
How do I order something for this video played a critical role at Muhammad's trial. I talked with juror Alicia Thompson and she was on the fence until she re watched it that's what made me finally decide to say he was guilty and what was it about? That clip that help to make that decision, because he said he was thinking about it, He was fifteen he's been thinking about it. He acted on it and what do you think that it is take? Kill, Americans
After thirteen day trial, they found him guilty of attempted use a weapon of mass destruction in less than seven hours. The question I still have is an alarming. Did all of this make people safer. That depends on what you think Mohammed would have done without the FBI leading him along, but it It depends on what you think those FBI agents could have done that something former agent MIKE German pointed out to me. That's the flip side of this that these under cover operations are very high resource investigations. So this means you're not doing something else there's plenty of crime out there. The government shouldn't be in the position of inventing it
and how often does it happen like? How often do we put resources into Taking somebody who is susceptible but not actually doing anything and put them away well, a lot more often if your Muslim in our domestic terrorism database, nearly half of those cases, involve stings compared to twelve percent of right wing cases, also prosecutors charge Mohammed with attempted use of a weapon of mass destruction, the terrorism charge and they added to that terrorism, sentencing enhancement, terrorism, charges bring with them substantially higher penalties, longer senses, yeah, harsher terms. That's rapporteur, David Nyjord, again, and for good reason. You know they cause greater harm than your ordinary underline crimes. Mohammed got thirty years in prison, followed by a lifetime of supervised release when he gets out of prison.
I'll have to ask a probation officer before uses a computer was causes, charges and sentences in and prosecutions very common among Islamists, whereas with lower a mainstream is sir there's a lot. I think there's a lot of in a risk slapping that goes on, in fact, prick terms for a right wing. Terrorists are less than half as long as sentences for tat. To say their acting in the name of Islam case in point, something that happened then, it after Mohammed Arrest and breaking news, though, even following this morning, fire crews responded to an arson fire at a mosque and core values around two fifteen. This morning it happened at the Salmon Alpha reason: what seem to be retaliation for the Christmas tree bomb plot. Someone had broken a window and started a fire in the core values mosque whereby Mohammed sometimes pray
ok. So what happened with the Christmas tree bomb plot was just that it was a plot that never actually turned into a terrorist attack. But what happened here this mosque? That's a terrorist attack right, absolutely its ideological violence to intimidate group by the FBI's definition, that's terrorism, but it wasn't treated like terrorism, was treated that part of the story when we come back. This is wrong. From the centre for investigative reporting in p r eggs. From the centre for investigative reporting in p r makes this is reveal analysis before the break we heard about back to back terrorist incidents in organ FBI, sting operation at nineteen Somalia, American, Nay Mohammed Bosman. More mood got thirty years in prison for trying to set off effect by the night after
Bob lie. There was an arsenal. Mohammed Mass reveals stand. Our court has been looking into the arsonists story a higher, so who did what happened to well? He was a white christian. Twenty four year olds named Cody South Crawford. It took six years, but he finally pleaded no contest. Last year, David Network, The investigative fund was in the court room for the sentencing and it was really strikingly different from what you use ie and untypical terrorism case. He says even though Cody system. He was innocent and didn't show any remorse. The judge, smiling at him ass. She imposed her verdict, five years probation, no prison time. So Mohammed gets prison time for fake bomb, but Cody God, no prison term for real fire
as it happens, it fits with a larger pattern. We know from that domestic terrorism database we put together with the investigative fund prison terms for terrorists to target Muslims, tend to be about half as long as for terrorist targeting the general public. In this arson case, I called the a secure and he told me Cody got off so lightly because at the time of the sentencing he was in Oregon State Hospital, the mental hospital where one flew over the cuckoos nest was found. What happened was after the arson Coty had a series of episodes involving the hall and what a psychiatrist diagnosed as brief reactive psychosis, one fundamental ass station ranting at the customers that he was a christian warrior and telling a police officer you are going to burn in hell like the other Muslims. The one that land him in the mental hospital started? It is moms house, here he videotaped himself holding up a giant ranch in front of a little upright piano
and then smashing it now in a video he shot later that night, he delivered Monologue and his moms back yard, with shards of the piano burning in bonfire behind the Berlin loves, but I did not very stupid. Fucking islamic Centre You know those Islamic Cinema, the fuckers thing go burn in hell for I care because I do do shit to them, while the piano burned his mom called the police officer. Casey Gibson was the first on the scene. You got to the door and was able to just lock the door as I was grabbing the door handle and he yelled from inside the house that he had a gun. He was going to shoot me so Casey pulled out his gun and at this point officer, Todd Fink show
and I see Cody leaning out the window and he's got a flashlight, one hand any bring his other hand up in what looked to me like I'm like a shooting position, so I dropped my knees behind the engine block of my police car and at that point I realize you didn't, have a gun in San he's, gotta slingshot, both officer said: Cody came very close to being shot that night coding. Ultimately charged with unlawful use of a weapon, a felony and found guilty, except for insanity witches how you and that in the mental hospital you been there nearly two years. He was finally sentenced for the mosque, arson
ok, so I'm driving over to the prevailing Mars criminal mean with MOSS afar warmly. I wanted to talk to Mozart because the prosecution memo about the lenient sentence named one other factor in addition to Cadiz mental illness. It said they pick the verdict with great deference to the leaders of the mosque, most Safaris, one of those leaders. So I wonder what rule he had in that sense Most of our comes out of the mosque wearing a catchy fast with too many pockets he's got a trim, white beard and little round glasses. You act like a grandfather, the knight of the fire he showed up at three I am while it was still burning yeah. I saw them It's a black and fire inside and that we do this window twice brought here. Most afar said the prosecution kept. The mosque leaders informed. But as far as consulting them about the sentence telling them we're not gonna seek to put him in
Is there no normal? They didn't. He did it. But has one of the things I said from that summer said: do whatever you want, you feel that's right, we'll accepted. We are with you, but I will said the people they will. They would feel that's not fair between what's happened with Mohammed murmured and what's happened with him, then I told most of our something he didn't know. A few months after Coty was sentenced for the mosque arson medical panel at the Mental Hospital decided he didn't have bipolar disorder. After all, they diagnosed him with personality disorder and substance, abuse, disorder and They interpret the law, they couldn't hold them for that, so they released him even though they concluded there was evidence. He was substantially dangerous and
They said that he is dangerous, and yet I don't think they did a good job. If he's it damages and let him free. I don't think that's right I drove straight from talking to those afar at the mosque to Meeting Cody. Outside of Walmart he's wiring with a green red beard and a tight. I sweatshirt from the moment I meet him. He's talking nonstop about video this is made visiting his mom and hospital, me all about the homemade Mikey Road here on repacked, thirty six. Both legislative elections all the components chinese It takes more than a day before I can sit down in a quiet place and ask me about the things I want to talk about the mosque, arson, which he said
the nice starting despite dna evidence and what he said about Muslim stirring his psychotic. Let's make what you saying watch out for your red, as that's how you know you're standing front of so like I said, one flew over previous nest. Are you saying that this aim at a crazy I wanted a middle ground where I got convicted. I didn't have to do a lot of years in prison and then have to pay any money where I didn't have to side. Did it. I consider what happened in my case a total victory. For me I mean it does seem like youth, I wrote you like the federal government's ass in court either way you look at it with what I started with whether I it or not. But later I press him on the details: the police, OECD, talk to your sister and she had said that
your sister, your mother, why you always say like that? Just admit that I actually I'm a fucking nut case and I go back on social security and be a leech on society. Order. Pick myself by the bootstraps. Tell everybody allied through my teeth, look cool by James Nicholson. Maybe people think I'm guilty anyway. It's much more employable to be thought of as a crook, a liar then, as a bipolar, crazy guy. Lose you take on my take is that it's really hard to tell what Cody actually believes verses what he wants you to think he believes you know, because one minute I'd be talking to amend it. A Muslims, are amazing people I have friends at are Muslims and then the next minute he'd say something like this is now the religion that just calls for your death. Under so many different circumstances? Is you aren't on their side since he was
the mental hospital he hasn't done. Anything like the mosque arson, but he did drunkenly, I have over a mail box and offence and then flee the police and he just pleaded guilty to a new crime of driving with a suspended licence after wrecking as mom's car, he could put in jail for violating the terms of his probation for the mosque arson, but so far that hasn't happened he's getting a lot of second chances me while for the Christmas tree Blob Mohammed more is in a medium security, federal prison, yeah and Coty is very conscious of how they are. Two cases are intertwined at first. He said he didn't think Mohammed. Should ever get out of prison, but then he also said this: there is never mental health stuff mixed in the on case. I know they're there has to be there because they can be that angry upset. I, like everybody, unless they're deeply
they disturbed. If anything, there should have been a role reversal. Muhammad probably should have go to the hospital and gotten help Mohammed is projected to get out of prison in twenty thirty seven. When he'll be, forty five years old those was stand up for the difference in how the government treats cases like Kutuzov Conference. Four hundred Esben was a is deeper than just prison sentences dozens of FBI agents work to set up a hamlet in their fate bombing clock but by so many resources into sting operations like that. What is law enforcement missing the threat from right wing extremists, Even when it's right in front of their arms erect me aren't you wherever you have started people that story next on reveal
investigative, putting people. This is reviewed, alleged this our we're. Looking at domestic terrorism with the nonprofit newsroom, the investigative fuck they found, the federal government is focusing almost all of its resources on those who claim that fighting in the name of Islam and most of those plants have been foiled. But when it comes to right wing tears, authorities haven't been a successful. Most of those blots have been cut. Redoubt, not matter. I bought at the white male about thirty. Why female that's about the day made there at the gate
I am the suspects- are married. Couple husband had habit of proclaiming his views. Any chance he got online or even on tv reveals. Catherine was scarcely joins. Me now hire a gather. Ok, so We deal with you start with her husband, his name's Jared Miller, and he spent a lot of time recording himself ass. Well ass, my video that's how we're getting gets unknown. It is through a second interception in the first half of the super about super bow. Super vow, dear, was, is the kind of guy like to chill out get high talks MAC about football yeah than in a lot of these online videos he's mouthing off about guns, drug laws. The police state see Jared was this thirty something high school dropout and he dealt pot and in the summer of twenty thirteen,
He was living with his wife Amanda in Lafayette, Indiana by then he had a pretty long wrapped she'd arrested. Every sticking there from Iowa fulfils. Has drugs because software king himself? He shot this in his low ran apartment under the spinning ceiling fan. He was on house arrest, and I give you: are these fashionable ankle bracelets Very uncomfortable thing: are you see of men in dental? My foot Jared saw himself as the victim of an illegitimate system. Here's what he saw when he looked outside here's my front window here. That is the core house. You have to go down to the big monument to tyranny and suddenly crawling grovelling on his hands and knees? Oh give me permission to do this. Give me permission to do that. Sounds a little.
Maxie, Germany, me or maybe communist Russia eventually Jared fail. That house arrest Lord evicted him in Amanda for not paying their rent, so he had to serve out the rest of his term in jail. He told his wife how he felt about that in another video, her husband, I love you so much weaker. This thought of a Jew. Jeremy felony convictions made it hard for him to find a job, and legal for him to own a firearm, he didn't believe in these laws online. He found kindred spirits in something called the sovereign citizen movement, our partners. The nonprofit newsroom. The investigative fund have reported on its followers. Here's journey
was David network people who declare themselves serving citizens, don't belong to an organisation. They belong to a belief system. David says they tend to see the police this way as oppressive force of the conspiratorial new world order, which is trying to enslave all of mankind, and There are very revolutionary in their Alack David found that sovereign citizens pose a big threat to launch or snap. In the last nine years, they ve killed nine police officers and injured another twelve a movement appealed to the Miller's back in Indiana, where things Aren't going very well after house arrest the eviction and Jerry Stint in jail? they were looking forward ago, and here is the sky out and Vera who was running for governor touting the same ideology that they were. His name was David, lower Evander meet a lot of.
People are going and law enforcement, as they did Nazi Germany because it validates their worth. Traits as scientists, right now to fight to the death for your freedom. I'm ready, now to go to jail for the rest of my life. I for your freedom. What are you willing to do for your own freedom, Americans, the title This video is, if Obama sends police to take your guns execute them. There was in fact that video that inspired shortly after that moved out to better to begin, working on his campaign. Here's Erin Amanda high tailing it out of India, Kentucky. That's one of the few recordings we have with a voice in it too, but her social media suggests that she was on board with jeered view.
The Miller had barely made it into a batter when Jared gotten trouble again, almost five hundred and twenty five dollar cricket forgotten under part This bone call he complained to the Indian, a bureau of motor vehicles. Do you know that the whole month ran? I can't get a job as as as a personal view. We can you tell me how many laws or on the books concerning drivers Unfortunately, no I can't tell you like an exact number right here is where Jerry goes from cranky citizen, hassling government employee, to something else. I will monitor court ground here and Rooted cricket they come to arrest me burn on Y, a joint around people word of that call reach the LAS Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. Detective paid the Miller's a visit and
klute it. The couple didn't pose a threat. David says: it's not uncommon for police to react this way, because they seem, like sordid, hopeless losers, sort of men of others threat that they pose. Sometimes the Miller's posed in costumes along the Strip for Tebbs Amanda, worked at hobby lobby like she had back home in Indiana and the candidate who drew them to Vegas David Vander, big. He introduced them to another politician. They crashed my companions, that's Gordon Martinez, He was campaigning for sheriff on the idea that the vaguest police department was corrupt. He'd been a detective in that department. It didn't take him along to feel nervous about the Miller's Jared started out by same jeez. I wanna help. I want to be part of your campaign for sheriff, and then he, began, blaming his criminal record in
opinion really didn't mount to a whole lot. He declined Jared offer of help ages, wasn't getting it and now, if just had to say you can't be, anywhere near me, and I can't be anywhere near you, but the Miller's didn't fade quietly away. Gordon kept spotting them at political hence around town there they are there. They are in, and I was I was always kind of expecting some type of acting out, there's just a low voice. In the back of my mind, said: keep your eye on this guide, because he he's a weirdo, another point its jeered and Amanda turned up. The funding ran where they would find an even bigger stage for their radical views. Vow to attend, stand off between a vat or rapture, and our supporters on one side and the federal government on the other. This isn't April twenty fourteen when ranch
Clive in Burundi escalated a decades long dispute with the federal government over his refusal to pay fees for grazing his cattle on public lands. His arms supporters gathered at the ranch outside LAS Vegas on social media. They called it a range war with each passing day. More and more protesters arrived to support the Bundy's one of them carrying in eighteen, forty, seven, the Miller's where, among them, Jerry gave interviews to news crews for this one with Al Jazeera America jeered tricked out for armed resistance against the new world order, full camouflage and a black tactical vest packing a rifle and a handgun afraid of death, I'm afraid of being slave, I'm afraid of living undertone,
the Jared said to a tv news crew while heavily armed that he was willing to die for his beliefs. The Miller's believe that they were oppressed by a tyrannical police state, but the law still wasn't watching them after he threatened violence in a phone call, detectives gave them a pass and his sovereign citizen beliefs didn't raise eyebrows at the Bundy Ranch. Remember it was illegal for him, a former felony. Can possess the weapon. That would have been reason enough to arrest him in another interview at the ranch with NBC Affiliate CARE. Envy Jared said, I feel sorry for any thoroughly Instead, I want to come in here and try to push us around or anything like that. I really don't want violence towards them, but if they're gonna come bring violence to us, well, if that's language they want to speak, will learn. It sounds kind of like it the thing statement. I have to tell you, but it wasn't violence that ended their stay at the Bundy ranch. David nitrate says it was the button
they realise that he was in trouble and asked him to leave block What was at the ranch? Amanda lost her job at hobby lobby, the Miller's we're broke and can pay their run. A neighbor they'd befriended took them in. Until some day to aid to thousand fourteen. That's the day. Vegas emergency dispatchers field, a blizzard phone calls eleven twenty two and forty seconds you have a fully restored, regarded as a negative one shot boy, you better. Minor outside and inside, in return for the need to learn Yeah. That's for the suspects on Foot Jared Amanda, but the white male.
About twenty, five or thirty. Why female that's about the same age? There arm officers converge on the pizza place, a stranger yours firing. Go on one more unit inside there's a horrific, easy now busy. Now here's what happened. Officers Alan back in eager soda, were eating lunch at sea these pizza, Amanda and jeered, shocked them point blank. The ambush lasted less than a minute, shared in Amanda make off with the officers, weapons and ammunition. They leave a don't tread on the flag with a rattlesnake on it, along with the swastika pin, and no They aren't done yet and fell down on now Fourthly, onward jeered walks into
your by Walmart with Amanda Foundation. Josh orders are in our heritage and, as guy came and yelling that there's a revolution coming to get out of Walmart that the police are coming and said that they will shoot out. Then he started shooting We ran out the back door on one call. A guy who fled Walmart says other man with a handgun is still inside trying to stop the shooters. You run out of doors that man Joseph Wilcox following Jared and aims at him Amandas nearby? She fires her gun and kills Joseph with one shot inside the store some customers take cover with them. Weeks Amanda and jeered exchange gunfire with officers nor is there barn yard covering all direct Indians. Amanda takes around rice, a police officer
Pull it kills chair, it suggested. David Nigh words, his chair and in Amanda died. Trying to kill more police officers came to believe that the only proper response to police repression was gunfire em. They hack it on following the believes that the sovereign citizen Movement, the Miller's, headed to the shopping centre, that day hell then, on resistance, they left the apartment. They were living at earlier that morning, having told their room, but they were leaving that day with the express purpose of murdering police officers. That's research analyse Zoe Thorwaldsen. There A mate didn't tell anyone by the way, because she didn't think they were serious. Zoe studied the attack for a report that the Justice Department commissioned focusing on the police's tactical response. Security. Camera footage shows the Miller's loitering near the site of their attack
almost two and a half hours before they fired the first shot. So there is evidence that the Miller's were essentially way around that area for the opportunity to strike out against police. There is in any evidence that the Miller specifically targeted officers beckoned solo in this incident. The officers died simply because they were in uniform, but what we found was that the two officers that were ambush there's nothing in the decisions that they made. That could have been changed to prevent this incident, I must have had at least eight ten phone calls immediately. That's Gordon Martinez the candidate for LAS Vegas Sheriff. So what is your reaction when you first found out The killers were that it was Jared in Amanda like why couldn't I have just listened to little voice, and may We warned somebody as news reports identified the attackers. There was a reason: Gordon's phone rang off the hook, in an interview at the Bundy Ranch Jarrett had worn a certain t shirt wide campaign. Too short,
a Gordon Martinez for sheriff. Now people linked his campaign to two cop killers. He told his volunteers to stop wearing. Shirt, I mean the Miller's laugh kind of a lot of bread crumbs before they did these horrible acts all I know No idea that did it would go this this far, usually which how's somebody like that just all mouth usually, but let's try a thought experiment, what, if dared and Amanda, had been Muslim. Here's David again. Clearly If they had been muslim and talking about jihad, I think the approach to them would have been substantially different. The couple is able to. Area, a murderous plot, because no one really believed them. The feds sure didn't that's. Despite the fact that the overwhelming majority of attacks against police are by right wing extremists, not terrorist, claiming to act in the name of Islam. The investigative fun database makes that clear,
so. Why do you think the danger that someone like the moors posed is treated so differently, the why complex hateful rhetoric on the far right, has become so commonplace. Many people ignore it David says: there's a reason: ISIS related Threats- Grandma tension, a lot of it as a result of institutionalized steam racism, because there they were the kids from Indiana who we were just talking about shooting police. Nobody took a very seriously. Todd is treasurer of the local police union. He used to patrol the area where the shooting took place with officer soda. Do you have a feeling like that could have been you? Don't absolute daddy de? She sees Peter that they were eating. It am. I had gone their several times, Zack same scenario
he used to patrol the area where the shooting took place with officer solo, do you have a feeling like that could have been? You don't have absolute daddy DE ceases Peter that they were eating at him. I had done their several times. Zack same scenario. We want the clock back. Malta to definite could have been him and either Tyler's late colleague left behind his wife and an infant son. This brewing Gaia had policing who is in Google, for he passed, it is but knew what he was doing and actually teach another guy new things could he was always always looking always learning and he's he's missed. That's why it aches for him to consider what everyone nest about the mill where's hedge frustrating, and been painful to know how this transpired in. But if you sit learning about us, you're not gonna help anyway.
So why is it would be done to stop right wing terrorist? Like the Miller's Deal Johnson used to run in office the track those threats in the Department of Homeland Security? In two thousand nine? He wrote a report. It sounded the alarm about the resurgence of right wing extremist soon after he was pushed out of the agency. They'll joins me to talk about what's changed and what has hit out thanks for being here. You're welcome. Does that office that you worked in domestic terrorism, is existed, a it does not. There is about, I want to say two thousand two hundred and twenty five analyst looking at muslim extremist, conducting vine on the tax here in the United States, and there was just my team of five so that hoe
and was dissolved. In fact they did a massive reorganization of the whole office, so they have yet to look at this subject to reconstitute the unit that I once led and that's been what eight years now, and so what have you been seeing now now that you ve been out of the government for awhile and we're kind of in a new era. So we're in a very interesting time. I've been looking at this topic since the early eighties and typically during Republic and Administration We see kind of the far right, dialing back on its activities in the group counts decreasing just the opposite. Is happening this time around, and this is the first time hate crimes are up against muslim communities in two thousand. Sixteen we ve had a number of the far right attacks so far,
this year we had, of course, the Portland Stabbing, so we had a black soldier that was stabbed and killed at the University of Maryland College Park. We all sat a white supremacist from Baltimore that travel up to New York City and stab the first black person. He saw hoping to incite a race war, and that was another fatal stabbing. So these are just a few of the things that have happened so far in twenty seventeen, it's been a very active year, any indication from the current administration that they're gonna go after domestic terrorism in any kind of serious way. Absolutely no. If they on anything they actually dialed back again in their rhetoric that you're gonna be looking at muslim extremists at the expense of other types of threats? I think those who were not much Efforts by lately countering muslim extremism. All that does is by changing that brand, as you ve basically acknowledge that you're gonna be look
muslim extremists at the expense of other types of threats. I think Those who are not muslim extremists, kind of applaud that and get embolden may feel like they can go. Out and have a permissive environment where they can conduct attacks. Is this the continuation of the Obama era policy, or is it something new? This is something new elite? Obama recognise the thread, even though I think many of his cabinet members looked at muslim terrorism as the only threat Here you does have an outright rejection and failure to even acknowledged that there is a threat Darrell. Thank you. So much come in, and today we really appreciate you. Thank you yet, but in present trumps budget proposal he did slash its funding. We reached out to whom they security. As a senior analysed at the Department of Homeland Security to two thousand ten, by the way, the tendering Alan Extremism program that dare mention has now
been renamed yet, but in present trumps budget proposal he did slash its funding we reached out so who lay security, the FBI and the just partly for comment on our story. None of them would it We need to intervene with us, but calmly security did send a statement in it. They reject the criticism that they are overly just on any particular group or element in the fight against terrorism, they say they concentrate on all threats to their homeland and work closely with state local in federal law enforcement. Today she was produced by chasms, Gaussian led producer states outlaw showed laws are editor thanks to our partners at the investigative fun, including editor Esther, Glenn Rapporteur David Network and researcher dare in Ankara you can
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