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Despite revelations of clergy sex abuse and promises of transparency, a prominent Jesuit university does little to punish priests who cross the line. 

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We're bring you the latest chapter in a story. We started telling you about a year and a half ago about Jesuit priests who, for decades abuse young people in the last can made of villages and on indian reservations in the Pacific. Northwest the Jesuits are an order, the catholic Church and in our regional story we told you about a survivor, Elsie Boutros. She was one of the First Alaska native women to speak publicly about her abuse. Nearly twenty years ago, we were like the sheep and there the shepherd and they're not responding to their flock in a responsible way. I became like a liability to them and we learned about she's abuser, a Jesuit priests named James Pool, whose deposed as part of a lawsuit in two thousand and five. I thought I was bringing love until the life of a person engaging in sexual acts with them.
By being intimate your definition of intimacy in short of intercourse, James Pool was one of about a hundred abusive Jesuits we found, but none wherever prosecuted. Instead, genuine leadership moved them around to isolated native communities before sending some of them to retire on the campus a genuine university gonzalvo and spoke in Washington join me now is reporter Emily Swing and Emily how two agora respond. The original story. Well, guns. Agnes. President Famer Calo said in a statement that it was Jesuit order and not the university that made decisions about who lived in the retirement home. It's unclear from that statement when he learned the priests were there and then
from two thousand nineteen President Mccullough announced the formation of a commission to identify, discuss and make recommendations for formal actions on behalf of guns, egg. In response to the clergy abuse crisis the commission done, it's really hard to say out. Over the past year, I've called and emailed several times to find out more, but I ve never gotten a clear answer: so I started digging through a long list of Accuse Jesuits. We compiled with help from a website called Bishop accountability and keeps track of credibly accuse priests. I wanted to find out if there were priests who were connected to gone Zaga who had not simply retired there, I notice them all twenty seven Jesuit universities in the nation gone Zaga- has the highest number of predatory priests who worked as staff and faculty there. Do you have to stores force about priests who work directly for the university? We should say
that which are reporting may not be suitable for young or sensitive listeners. That's right, and the first story is about a Jesuit who is accused by at least four young and sexual abuse back in the nineteen nineties. His name is vital Brad Reynolds Bishop Account, ability has unmolested as a priest. Who's been credibly accused of sexual misconduct, but his name is missing a Jesuit orders. Only list of accuse priests, the universities Administration has
directly answered questions about what they know about predatory priests who have worked on campus, but Father Reynolds lived and worked there, often on from two thousand six until the spring of two thousand nineteen and two years ago he gave the commencement blessing and guns egg. There are some things you need to leave behind the States Betrayals Father Reynolds first came to gone dagger as an artist in residence about thirteen years ago, then in two thousand twelve, he was assigned by the Jesuits to work there as a spiritual adviser to students in front of you are some of the same thing.
Mistakes, stakes, more betrayals, more wounds were said: words unsaid, but there's all soul, amazing things in front of you: miracles, conversions, Father Reynolds is also a writer in a series of mystery novels, published in the eight nineteen nineties, the main character as a catholic priest in one the characters, relationship to a young boy is questioned after the boys body is found badly, bruised and violated. Father Reynolds is also an amateur photographer National Geographic published some of his photos in ninety ninety. He spent years photographing daily life. In Alaska, remote native villages, even though he was never assigned by the Jesuits to work there,
last January, I visited one of those villages way out West on the Bering Sea Coast nestled on a treeless hillside that overlooks some ice covered by other houses are really colorful. Different shades of blue per ball rad or and yellow brick green, different shades of green. And then the eternally little kind of green sheds by in the summer. A little sweat lodges early. Little saunas aware look at this Back of pictures you, my first stop is with Maggie John one of the elders, a matter kitchen table and she's brought out a stack of photos to show me Father Reynolds.
And how did you come to have them? I followed for hours, We could then this one is just a little kids. Playing with airplane ends must clear Maggie. Does the book keeping at the catholic Church here she's tiny, but sharp her face a serious, but she is a good sense of humour. There's a tv on in the background cartoons. For her granddaughter- and you just found these young man- that's a beautiful look at that little girls hair, just playing in the wind. All of these photos were taken by Father, Reynolds Young people and you pick regalia doing your book, the traditional you pick dance little kids playing in the snow full of men out on the ocean hunting for seals, Maggie New Father, Reynolds Spud says she
haven't seen him in more than a decade she can't come here. Are we can't come back here? He can't come back here according to who, after those law, soldiers, ok, you can come back here any more in two thousand, eight to Alaska native boys from here filed a civil law suit against Father Reynolds, the Jesuit order and gone Zaga University. They allege. He's sexually abused them back around nineteen. Ninety nine, when they were nine and eleven years old. The details in the complaint are graphic. Among other things, it alleges that Father Reynolds masturbated one of the boys a year Through the suit was filed, the Jesuit order in the northwest, declared bankruptcy, and the case came to a halt for years before that,
lawsuit was filed, Maggie trying to sound the alarm about Father Reynolds Troubling behaviour. She did what she thought she was supposed to. She told a parish priest, Father, Dave Anderson, what she heard and he wrote a letter to Jesuit leadership back in Portland Oregon. The letter said: Father Reynolds took two young men from the village to Anchorage he gave them alcohol. I read the letter to Maggie. He then asked one of them to take off their close, any photographed one or both of them when they were naked, This latter also says Father Reynolds photographed, Jesuit student. While he was naked and there's a third allegation about a group of little boys, who would come running in and out of the parish office wearing only swimming trunks last year were Brad allowed three to four boys to take off their clothes and compete in doing pull ups. He owes head I their young boys hours in there,
somewhere along the trunks and before that I was told, I think by she- stood Cathy or somebody that their young kid you're supposed to be in here without their parents. I did tell him that he never never. He never listened. She says there are no police in this village and she didn't know what else to do beyond talking to the parish priest, their people here also tell me: kids always visited Father Reynolds when he was in town. He had a game on his computer. They like to play dear hunter people, say Father Reynolds would play the game with two kids at a time in a tiny room with the door locked according to the court documents, Father rentals offered, the kids Khomeini, oatmeal cookies
one of the young man who alleges he was photographed naked is in his fifties now, but he still lives here. So I go to meet him one morning at his office when I walk in there's a heat or next to the door. It's twenty degrees below zero outside and there are other people in the office where you get a minute to speak to you privately, We aren't naming this naming this man or even the village were in to protect his privacy. I explain I am here any says, he'll think about an interview. Over the weekend. On Sunday I go to church
The first Catholic Mass was offered here in nineteen sixty four for the next forty years at least sinks credibly, accused priests came and went. Even the building they lived in is named, fern accuse priest and when those priests got to old, at least two of them retired, two guns Agora universe. There is no priest in a village when I visit so on this particular. Sunday, a local deacon says Mass in the native language. You ve tune Joe S. Luck is also an elder here and after church. I catch up with them
oh, I thought you were the one who got irish one go to jail, prefers to speak to me and you ve turned so his cousin, the village tribal court administrator, Charlie, Moses translates tomorrow? Who could offer note? We were raised to these people benefit so where those priests way they were concerned, we saw them ass, good people, they served ass. The widows post serves the legacy of the cap. Church and many alaskan native villages is complicated and our original reporting,
Victims advocates described villages linked this as dumping grounds for predatory priests, but people here also credit the church with providing opportunities like education, which they may never have received otherwise or de Gaulle with we didn't know, was within behind closed doors. Nobody else was work, something people turn out to be with you in to build what you ask them to be despite decades of news stories about the clergy, sex abuse scandal and hundreds of lawsuits found by Alaska native american indian survivors, it doesnt seem could be common knowledge in this village. I ask Charlie what he thinks do you think they can, and this is something that I should know more about today's world. They should know
the more you know about stuff like this, the more that it's gonna be harder still gonna happen. I bet you still gonna happen, but it's not gonna be is easy for them to do it. The manner gone to visit before church agreed to talk to me over the phone we spoke for over an hour and he confirms the events and that two thousand for letter he told me, I know You should have gone on that trip. He says Father Reynolds did photograph him naked and that the experience ruined his life. He became an alcoholic, and over the years it's been hard for us to talk about this. Even with his wife. I won. Pointy puts her on the phone with me, so I can the blame. What I know I made sure he knew I wasn't recording the interview because he wants to keep his
Kennedy Anonymous keeps saying my name Emily, but he tells me no one can know his this man as one of hundreds of Alaska natives, who filed lawsuits against the Jesuit order in the northwest and the early two thousands there. So many law suits them by two thousand nine. The order filed for bankruptcy too years later, the order paid out one hundred sixty six million dollars. It was the fourth largest bankruptcy settled. And in catholic Church history and Father Reynolds and two thousand twice He took a job as Gonzalez Assistant, director of Mission and ministry, worry, offered spiritual guidance to students and took them on retreats skies, Some of the settlement money, the Jesuits paid out is going to the men who alleged abuse by Father Reynolds that include some
who spent most of the last year in prison in Anchorage this man now Thirty one years old had a difficult childhood. He boats from home to home and spent time in juvenile detained. I wrote a letter to ask if I could visit- and he said yes, we're- protecting his identity because he's an alleged victims of sexual abuse March forward, nor should be comparable to talk about it. I don't wanna talk about an old Do you mind? If I ask you questions and if you're like hammer, then you can just tell me bread run on Sunday
He took it all. He tells me Brad Reynolds took away my childhood. Maybe you personally want one. He made me a person. I didn't want to be a violent person. He says talk about the prospects, but she doesn't want to collaborate, the garden room. Surveillance cameras on the ceiling make him uneasy days later. This man is released on bail, but his criminal history involves a lot of domestic violence,
so travel leadership back in the village. Won't let him go home so Emily. How did the Jesuits respond to these allegations against Father Reynolds? Okay, so after Maggie John first reported father ran on to her parish, priest in two thousand for the Jesuits sent him for psychological evaluation report. Concludes that Father Reynolds did you some bad judgment, but none of them The stakes constitute abuse the psychologist recommended short term counselling. Then, when that law suit was filed against him in two thousand eight, the Jesuit spokeswoman tells me he was removed from public ministry and investigated. She says he was placed on a safety plan during that time, but the Jesuits have never provided any details about those plans and it s about those settlement. Payments for the men say: Father riddles, abuse them yeah. I did ask about that
I'm a Jesuit spokeswoman, said that just because the payments were made, that doesn't mean any abuse occurred in an email said no matter whether a valid defence existed, every claimant receive something. So what they're saying is that The four men are getting money, even though they didn't prove their case. Yes, but plaintiffs attorneys who worked on these civil lawsuits strongly disagree may say each and every claim was carefully reviewed and I also say that it's a federal crime to make a false claim and a bankruptcy case. I've asked Jesuits, to tell me what the Review Board concluded when they looked into the allegations against Father Reynolds, but they also have responded to that so where's father Reynolds
well, we actually don't know for sure. Until last may he was still living and working at gone. Zaga he's not there any more. In the Jesuits told me he's been caring for a sick relative and that he's talking to leadership about his next assignment. They ve also told me he's in good standing in free to travel anywhere. That includes the village, where the abuse is alleged to have happened. We requested interviews, but both representatives from the Jesuit order, an father Reynolds, used to sit down and talk with us. So what about Zaga? Will I learned that the lawsuit filed against Father Reynolds isn't the We want that names gone Zaga. The university has been named in at least for other lawsuits since two thousand, for they all allege sexual abuse or Miss conduct by Jesuit priests in an email I got from university President Fame Calo. He send their pain
we are aware that some accuse priests have had connections to guns, anger, and he said Father Reynolds no longer works at the university thanks Emily When we come back, we take a look at another allegation of sexual misconduct and how it could have caused gonzalvo of fortune. That's next on reveal support should reveal comes from Stanford Children's Health Stanford Children's health is proud to be one of just
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Slash reveal that's true. Botanical dotcom, slash reveal from a centre for investigating reporting M p r exe virus is reveal analogy. We ve been talking about predatory priest who worked at a prestigious Jesuit University in the North West Gonzalvo and spoke in Washington, we just heard about one priest was accused of abusing for Alaska native men in an extremely remote village, their priests later moved on to a prestigious job at Gonzaga. Now we're headed straight to canvass to hear from a woman with complaints about an hour professor who has connections to deep pockets and a wide audience reporter.
We swing picks up the story not long after we are done original investigation. Back in December, two thousand eighteen, I gonna tip from a woman named LISA Hauser. Somebody has to be willing to say something Oh guns, egg. I view it is guns. Agar has benefited tremendously from my silence. LISA graduated from Gaza and ninety ninety two and she's, not your typical zag. She doesn't followed the schools famed men's basketball team. When I visited her in the MID West, I expected to see at least one trademarked, bulldog, Mass God or something emblazoned with guns. Egg is red and blue colors, but there's nothing like that. You're in her living room, there is one notable painting above her mantel piece. I recognize
is the dome church and its red tiled roofs, Florin, then Splore and it was painted in nineteen sixty six by Georgia or ok. And she was actually a classmate of my mother's at the guns again Its programme in nineteen sixty six, oh wow vigour, moment to Florence, to she did go to Florence, yeah guns, against study abroad programme in Florence, ITALY is well known, Ninety ninety LISA, like her mother twenty five years before attended after LISA, shows me your family photos and artwork. We had to a little park near her home. She likes to sit above the waterfall here to clear her hand, so give me a sense of what the guns I got in Florence Programme was like, so they really promoted travel the first semester. My parents encouraged me to stay in ITALY and Bruno one of his jobs was
we'd be tours for students who wanted to tour in ITALY. Lisa's talking about Father Bruno Salgado, he's not a jesuit he's a diagnosis and catholic priest. Between nineteen eighty two and two thousand nine. He was on the faculty for the guns. Egg. In Florence Study abroad Programme LISA She was overwhelmed in ITALY, so she sought guidance from him. So I did. I went to go council at the end you get to like, guy. He wouldn't you. What does you talk with him about just about what I was going through? How hard things were he asked about my family? I told him so you know he got a lot of personal information. Lisa grew up in a very catholic family and they often shared meals with a local Jesuit priest. So this kind of relationship seemed normal you're used to your trained and brought up to confess to priest to be open and honest because right, that's where you go for reconciliation,
that's what you're taught to do. You are literally programmed to do that. So one weekend we so signed up with one other student for a trip to correira a small amount. And city about sixty miles north West of Florence, its famous for its wide and bluish green, herbal and LISA couldn't wait till high through the quarries which are in the ebony mountains, and it was a fairly long hike up to. I guess it was a hostile or something that we state ass. I was really tired and I got a terrible crime, My language Bruno offered to massage he'd already been ordering wine he's already offered me a glass. I already had some Bruno just kept pouring wine and pouring wine and pouring wine we had dinner,
And it went on and on and we kept drinking and at one point I moved from sitting next to the students to sitting next. To Bruno add the next thing I know at some point.
He had put me down into his laugh now. I know I didn't just lie down and I remember a couple times sitting back up, but eventually end up back with my head in his lap and you felt like he was forcing you to weigh down with your head, and I was so wrong. There wasn't any forcing I just Tipp right over there wasn't anything I can do- and I remember thinking- oh my god, something's not right and I could feel Brunos hand coming up on my shirt and I thought women. That's that's not right. That's out what it was like being tickled or like ants crawling on you and his hands are going up enough. They went where they shouldn't will and he
laughing and giggling, and he thinks it's funny. I'm panicky I just can't get away. I tried sitting up several times. He had his hand by then on my forehead, endless stroking, my hair, and I couldn't get up. I couldn't get away. I was too drunk to get away so have you ever come in physical contact with a priest other than Brunos regatta? Never, in the weeks after LISA says Father Bruno groped, her LISA also says he relentlessly harassed her oh you're, so beautiful. But when he started in the stuff, like you know, I could teach you everything you needed to know. You could make your husband happy, then you could really be a wonderful. Why any time you need to know you know I can teach you what you need to know their certain things. You know blah blah blah. At the end of the school year, LISA Return home to spoke hand for the summer and then in the fall of nine,
ninety one, she started her senior year at Gonzalvo. You say that students, even sort of there, were rumours about your relationship with Bruno right. Yes, I learned about those whom we got back and eyes is devastated. What were the rumours that I was sitting with them and having sex with him both within and work, where you hold absolutely What do the salted me? No, we haven't been able to independently confirm exactly what happened in Florence, but we do Oh, how the university responded to leases allegations after a roommate encourage Turkey to report Father Bruno. LISA says she wrote a letter to the universities, president, a Jesuit name, Bernard Coughlan. He had a second
Harry, set up a meeting LISA I come in and he's tapping my letter with his finger. He said you are just emotive motive. I looked in my said what what word me, what that would mean that you are taking a past experience and posing it upon
Current circumstances, current situation, I looked into my foot- I am not emotive and telling me that he'd have sex with you. One aspect would be: is not emotive, sexually harassed me poor, Bruno LISA, says Father Coglan told her anti accused her of drinking too much. Then she says he threatened to expose of volatile family secret that she confided in him. Lisa was worried that if it came out it could tear her family apart. She says: Father Coughlan told her that if she said anything about her allegations, he'd make that secret public. Yes about what happened with one of my relatives and my child, and I just looked at him. I couldn't believe it. He said:
When will believe you. If I said a word, he was going to tell everybody about what happened. Lisa wasn't just any student, the president of the university had a special interest in her great aunt, a very wealthy Spokane Business woman named Myrtle Wilson, These also leases godmother and my aunt She was wonderful and she was horrible. Lots of people have people like that in their family that their these two issues dreams and lamb, and my aunt certainly was one of those people. Aunt Myrtle was extent. Strange. She was often at odds with their neighbours. She even once drank the city of spoken into a neighborhood disagreement. Over some trees. She wanted to cut down her elaborate flower.
Heads were well known and aunt model would dress up to get down in the dirt she'd, where a fine dress and coordinated jewels, rubies and sapphire and die and ring on occasion, she'd also impart a life lesson and she told me lease. She would always say it like that leaves you have to remember money. Is your friend I think I'm like ten eleven years, all that I'm thinking I use my friend and then the next time I saw her. I go running over and I said ah Merle, she goes yes. I said, and I gave her a huge hug and I said I'd that money can't do that gave me a big smile and she gave me the only hug cheek ever give me and my life according to LISA and other members of her family, Father Coglan spent years courting
and model for her money and dirt those same years LISA tried over and over to report Father Bruno literally, I feel forced that I have had to come out and tell everybody this and its brutal, to have to say publicly known people are gonna, call me a liar or that it didn't happen. A bit Bruno assaulted me because it does not appear as though gone Zaga ever will, as LISA continued to complain, Bruno continued to poor wine alumni cried the legendary parties he threw in Florence. One student wrote or senior thesis about it in two thousand five. It says Bruno warranty shared with the word guru emblazoned across the front and that cheating binge drinking promiscuity were expected and encouraged behaviors. She said Father Bruno's presents created a bit
very dangerous, dynamic, giving religious sanction to morally questionable activities. A church official in the northwest, says the way Father Bruno random. Prince programme was inappropriate and imprudent for a catholic priest. He said Father Brunos behave. It goes against the Dallas Charter, as a document catholic bishops created in two thousand to to protect children and young people, the official declined to go on tape, but he D Grimed, an effort to remove Bruno from Florence members of Zog is administration, went to ITALY in two thousand three, they fired Father Bruno, but they were met with fierce backlash. From students and alumni and days later they agreed to keep em on. He stayed for at least another five years, When LISA heard there was still trouble in the Florence Programme, she find
another complaint at Agora, university and at about the same time, she went to Father Bruno's home base. The Catholic Diocese embassy, IDA she and her mother travelled there together. Lisa was interviewed the to say a woman from the diocese two pages. Notes, but it would be another fifteen years before LISA heard from them again and she says she didn't hear much from gone either. Nearly three decades after LISA says she first trying to launch her complaint. She tried one more time and finally, in September two thousand
teen, she got an email from the chancellor of the voice. You guys who is also the director of child youth and adult protection mark rapers email says: the Bishop in Boise had received leases complaint about Father Bruno Bruno would be listed on their website. As retired he told LISA. An announcement would be made from the pulpit and Bruno was not to participate in ministry at any of the parishes in the voice. You guys ease or anywhere else LISA says she fell relief. It had taken twenty seven years, but someone had finally taken her complaint seriously, but men two and a half months after LISA receive that e mail. I discovered Father Bruno presided over a catholic Funeral service in Boise.
I just can't believe that I just can't. I guess part of me still wants to believe that when people give their word they're good for it, so maybe something happened. I don't know. I just can't believe that through really Four and in April, Father Bruno offered a virtual Easter Sunday, Mass in place of a public gathering due to covet nineteenth. Ah who, like you know, come and before
and shut down travel. Father Bruno was back in Europe. Partying fury here is father, Brunos been leading art and wine infused tours across Europe and there's very oh Adam online, often holding a full glass of wine and a table full of joy for people there's also Father Bruno in a town square from two thousand ten standing next to a bronze female statue, coupling the statues, breast father. Burners behaviour might have raised eyebrows of catholic leadership in the past, but there is no question that he's both revered and somewhat famous. For years there has been a scholarship funded in his name. It was worth nearly one hundred twenty thousand dollars in two thousand.
Nineteen organs again in Florence ALARM named a series of wines from his vineyard after the priest and Father Bruno has also presided over several prestigious catholic ceremonies, including the wedding of Nancy Corinthe Pelosi, the daughter of U S, house, speaker, Nancy Pelosi. Can you hear me, however, I there Last summer, the boy she Diocese moved Father Bruno more than a hundred miles north to recall a small lake resort town in Central Idaho. Where he now overseas, three small churches, that's where he was when I call them this year. Ok, I'm so! I'm calling as I'm a reporter. I work for a public radio show and Pon cast called reveal. I ask him about leases allegations. It was dealt with by the diocese a long time ago. Father Bruno tells me, then he hangs up the phone
a month after LISA that email from Boise that said, Father Bruno would not be saying mass anywhere any more. She also one from a member of guns, egg is administration? Would you shared? berry concerning and we want to assure you. We are working to garner a full understanding. It came days after phone conversation than also included guns. Egg is general council and the schools title nine director by now LISA and members of her family have tried half a dozen times to lodge formal complaints. With guns, Asia and the catholic church. Well, do you has received its largest gift in school history and that fifty five million dollar donation from a spoken resident and lifeline philanthropist will go towards skull? ships and a new performing arts centre. So I was very than big Five million dollars- that's aunt, myrdals money, the left it to gonzalvo when she died in two thousand fourteen.
Thirty million dollars of Myrtle Wold. Since donation funded the construction of a new performing arts center, they were building at two years ago, when I first visited guns Agatha to report on the dozens of accuse, Jesuit priests. We found in a retirement home on campus. The performing arts centre stands just behind that home and there's a theatre inside named for Father Bernard Conklin, university president who LISA bursts, broader allegations to and the same man who leases family believes courted Aunt Myrtle for her fortune. I dont think she would have. Things the way she did it if even known she was gonna impact. We use. Emily. What have you heard from Danziger and the Boise Diocese about all of this? So I've made dozens of requests for interviews to both the diocese and guns agar. But
I only want to communicate via email in one the spokesman of the boys you daisies, told me that there was a brief period when they were discussing retirement for Father Bruno Bruno made a very compelling case as to why he should not be retired. This citizen explain why they told LISA he would be listed as retired and couldn't take part in ministry anywhere and guns. Egg is current. President thing Mccullough has also been in touch. He so that Father Bruno hasn't work there for many years, but of course he also work there for more than twenty five years, so it smells like Father Bruno worked for the university for just as long as least has been trying to get someone to listen to her concerns. Yeah it's been nearly three decades and LISA says: she's filed complaints with the catholic Diocese and boys. He an guns egg, a university six times She's been interviewed and exchanged. Many emails and phone calls with both organisations over the years, but she's never seen them.
Take action to respond directly to or alleged complaints. So, after all these years, what is it at least once honestly out, all she's ever asked is that guns send a letter to Florence alumni that says they received an allegation of sexual assault and harassment against Father Bruno things, Emily thanks We ve been investigating the story for two years and we, like your help on it. Another investigation we have in the works. We want to hear from some a business owners on whether the government helped you get alone to make it through the pandemic. And if you work for small business, have you been furloughed or laid off, or are you still being paid? You can get in touch by texting. The word loans to for seventy four thousand, seven hundred and forty seven that's loans at four, seventy, four thousand, seven hundred and forty seven. You can text stop at any time, and standard rates apply
In a moment we go back to India and meet a man who came up with a clever solution to save the social. Event of the year. Despite the covert crisis, Many people during this time round our diamond cell, so many people get by during his heart tat you listening to reveal
from the centre for investigative reporting and p r eggs? This is reveal a mallet. It's been more than four months since the first known, Deaf uncovered nineteen in the United States and as of June sixteenth, the virus has claimed more than a hundred and fifteen thousand lives here. Native Americans have been especially hard. The health care system is struggling to keep up. Many native american hospitals are not equipped for multiple severe ventilator cases. For now page our air lifted to facilities in Phoenix and Flagstaff? In May? The Navajo nation had the highest infection rate and the country surpassing New York ensures which all people to wash their hands.
But a study showed thirty percent of the homes or Navajo nation. Don't have running water, so how are they gonna do that that community responded with some of the strictest lockdown measures in the country's social distancing is forcing tribes across the nation to cancel the thing that everybody looks forward to all year. Powwows, I am dance diamonds and from the machine, tat can be quite sure. I was born in Connecticut, where my tribe still exists, and I live in the Montana, with my wife, whose crow and my two children, I think a lot of people no the term pow but Probably a lot of our listeners have never actually been torn, including myself, like I've seen some in video, but I've never actually been to one. Can you describe what happens at? How and why it is so important to the native american community, as a kind of contemporary no gathering swear tribes come together, sharing their dances music.
In our we welcome everyone to powers all around the country is probably a power somewhere near you where you live, has again there's natives all over the country, because we are all on. Indian land how'd. You feel when you realise it wasn't gonna happen. This year was sitting in my couch one night, realizing there's not much for indigenous people on the scale of what powers you really are and happen. I thought that we need. A place to showcase kind of a power online, indifferent and most minorities in this country, indigenous people. We are marginalized and erased, so we created a platform which is social distance. A world where we can be heard. Your virtual snags drab here Joel lemonade goes here Buffalo me we're kind of taking our own media and creating our own EU social distance POW lives on Facebook, then created it with a couple friends. Basically, moving
powwows online and industry you're out of all because right now we're all in aren't you in just like at an impasse in parallel, there's singing and dancing contests with prize money, jewelry and art for sale. Even in M C, who introduces various here. We go and friends and relatives coming up here. Tribal want dancers, drummers, artists to that live button from the group and its share. You don't share what they have the gifts they have to share in their new videos from all over the Eu S in Canada. Going up all the time hey, what's are minimised, Eileen and from North Dakota. Just showcasing. My trip nah medicines and fusion.
My handmade solves? This has shown that there is a need for a platform like this in the sense of just showcasing indigenous talent. There's folks, I can't get to powers whether it be just distance mother, be someone's health displayed Three, the latter folks, their elderly folks are currently travels. Well in right now you guys are pushing closer two hundred, thousand members. That's that's amazing. I mean we didn't expect this to their hundreds of videos now posted on the group. It is incredible when we check some of them out her we're watching.
A young woman, dance and mostly blue, dress she's got pink ribbon around certain parts of the dress. What is that its hanging from the ribbon cones, but this is a jungle, dress answer that were watching and jingle dress originates from the Great Lakes area give way and its known as a healing gets southern boundary here when the jungle
answers dancing there. They are known for dealing killing our peoples and, what's amazing, what this video watching is theirs bison, it's behind the dancer, candies bison are watching this dancer dance for just a power that, behind his dress itself, is pretty amazing in this. Video is shot by a friend of mine, I'm Adam thinks of temper and he's an artist his work and are focused on indigenous and colonized basis, because all this land, but never on, was once indigenous space, and so his work cannot takes these colonies, spaces and indigenous and once again, the basin the barbed wire problem. Just that idea, space, barbed wire and land and separation is just beautiful. With this video and the caption above videos,
I'm dancing far those worried and affected by the corona virus pandemic, so game at the hearing, the ailing dress, revealing dams, and you even got young kids making videos. Now, let's talk about the one from Zack Hoofs, whose just six years old this one's been shared more than thirty thousand times he is so cute. I like this that just totally made my day that feeling you just felt it it's been felt so much across the country. That's what I'm happy with so much with this page. Is that it's love. What did people during this time you just described as for our listeners, there's a little boy, his six years old and he's in traditional dress and he's doing a traditional dance, and I'm here
good he's, hitting the be right on time. He looks great damage. Styles, noise at grass stamps on a plane. They have the tall grasses, so these dancers will be out there. Clearing grass get a clear the way so that their money can happy. That's kind of the movement is doing is clearing the grass, I think different, then the powers that are actually in person like but people go somewhere and gather the people, a part of your group, their film in this, wherever they are like in their houses outside their front yard, just wherever right bright yet and it's pretty cool because you get inside of their spaces and you see how indigenous people live and where they live and again the also often that's that's not shown in the world. So you know this has been great just to educate people worldwide, you feel like is bringing native american people together, who normally wouldn't be able to come out. There definitely a minute's connected people, it son, nothing again but positively for people, and
the people. During this time I mean early on. There was a gentleman that reached out saying that you know what he was thinking about killing himself and our age kept him wanting to live so to have that effect. On someone it just makes me want to cry. You don't like it's just that that powered it thankful that our page get them here, but many people during this time Raven our time, and this is help so many people get by doing this Dan, Simons, a business owner and jewelry maker and Bozeman Montana. Thank you so much for talking to me that they give thanks for listening you might have heard me
Given that we are about to launch our first cereal american Rehab, it's a deep dive into a type of drug. We have that, since people in need of treatment to work without pay one of my biggest questions, where does this work, Three have come from reveals: she'll Shanna Walter has spent years investigating and, as I have learned from talking to hundreds and hundreds of people have gone through these types of programmes I kept hearing. It was Just about work Shoshone learned that many of these rehab facilities also rely on strange rules, therapies and punishments. Their seventeen different types of punishing it about all seventeen of some of the punishments seemed like they were designed to be humiliating the first They did was the shaved. My head, this tribute down come take away. Everything you think defines you and I
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