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When Lighting the Voids

2019-12-21 | 🔗

An audio drama inspired by Reveal’s investigation into a deadly explosion at a Mississippi shipyard, produced by our partners at StoryWorks, a documentary theater company.

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Hey? It is your favorite host in all of pod custom. Now for the rest of the year, I'm gonna be asking you to join us by becoming a member of reveal reveal is all about going deep, pulling on threads telling stories that matter for more than three years now reveal has been fighting a lawsuit. That's been jeopardizing our very existence of restore. We about an organization called planet aid. Our story raises serious questions about whether international aid was actually reaching the people. It was intended to help and what's more, our story was truthful and we stand by it. We believe it's our duty to fight attacks like this, but fighting a lawsuit comes at a huge costs, are legal fees alone totalled more than seven million dollars? Luckily we have pro bono legal support to help our in house counsel, but it still takes significant resources, resources that should be used to do more public service journalists. This kind of investigative
It takes time and it cost money. If you believe in the work we do. The absolute best way to support us is by becoming a member of reveal to do it just text. The word reveal two hundred and forty seven, four thousand seven hundred and forty seven standard data rates apply and you can text stop or cancel at any time also, all new members who donate at least five dollars a month, we get our facts, t shirt again just text. The word reveal two hundred and forty seven, four thousand seven hundred and forty seven doll, you who already support our work. I want to offer a deep, sincere thanks. We can't do this work without you were looking forward to twenty slash. Twenty. We have big things planned. So let's go. Do some good work together. Ready to less well. Thank you that Burma round I
really Graham hang on is when lighting the voice, especially intention of reveal from the centre for investigative reporting, MP or X? Amount of Today we bring you and audio drama that deconstruct the mystery around a deadly two thousand and nine explosion at amiss be shipyard its by one of our investigations and produced by our partners. A story works a documentary, theatre company. This dramatists and is based on real accounts, real events and real people. People like Clyde, pay attention.
She's OSHA director, who investigates the tragic joy, petty shipyard painter, risked his life to save people trapped on board the burning ship and is now in therapy Brim AIDS, a young shipyard workers who was caught in the explosion, our story, opens in hospital burn. You it we're brain is lying in. Bed is in a coma slipping in and out of a dream state is the Middle EAST. And brands motherless sitting room watching over it Bronco with white top Mattel ranchero grey. Beta. If one fifty two make downloads Mcdonald's monster truck with
go on a referendum, overtime, tyres that was your favorite from wow. I can't believe you don't remember they'll, remember when Nicky check your car them into the Calvary, I know you do Nicky was mad at you, so he's energy Raw we whose every which way you worse starve, but use the eight out in the core grass All day in day, on your hands needs sigh. He didn't give up and you didn't stop until you found each and every one of these animals
eight, even in that we're gonna have to change brands bandages when the next shift starts. When that any minute now figured is met, can I walk here now? I've saved MRS Eights, whether outsiders frightful, when he D been So that is snow, Santa Home here early, take this wrong, but it ain't even things given was given, I guess, your chimneys hearted begging your pardon Senate.
If I ever get out of here, I don't take care that problems. Heard you were laid up. Freeze, my ass off The winner, you feel the church from the burns guess, I'm pretty messed up. Anna You got some tough gone ahead, you're a little more complicated in those tv specials make you too big for kids, who try to keep it simple, amen. You ve been good this here. Thank you, sir. I brought you something you didn't have to ask what I do. merry Christmas ran home.
Oh. Looking around the office counselor, why didn't you go forward, Mr Perry, I knew the work. Ok I need to see my family. You could have gone too far, be while you were working. Is that what you're doing now you use your shrink. They run you. Straight away for thinking fair, be after an accident on their job site which they offered you question Joey, I can't fire you for that. Ok, your daily it give our you presume, psychiatry! Psychology, they came, why are you ve seen a psychologist breaking fiery, the Buddha Airborne back in their own locker air horn? The cone attitude
for ventilation. Also, you can brie S man, but what I'm getting at is. It could be anything forgetting to clean out your blasting gone are shown up two minutes late. For I see he goes a shrink, your need liability in their eyes, so to speak, so no one took the therapy. Ah here he asked. I took it. They were was sent back to the house real, quick over stupid stuff Are you saying they got fired, not asked back. So that's why you didn't take the therapy after Workin the shipyard for a while. You learn, to show any signs of weakness. But now I'm gonna tell anyone I needed therapy and besides, I didn't think I need help at the time. You are here now, Mr Petty, why now here I am more than a year later. I can still see them guys, bodies,
like it was yesterday, secondly, the brain coming about their fire streak in having smoke, Charlie bloodstream and from his fingertips, like spider man, so Our desire to get some help all my own out, my own pocket, because it messes with your mind. And that's why I asked you if you have worked with anyone in the industry before I have. But more importantly, I have worked a lot. With trauma victim even more important. I need to know that you ain't working with any of these yards. They got every lawyer within a hundred miles on retainer by law everything that discuss here is completely confidential. The law is one thing I need you
were on that before God. I've got a wife for kids to count on me I'm counting on you. You have my word, God, as your witness God My word and the law too. point police. Any emergency crews converged at the escort tap a shipyard after a mass of explosion, rock the tugboat achievement Viti to Marie C O Beale Skinner spoke with reporters and MOSS point. We have an identified. An exact cause. Shipyards can be dangerous, but all our workers are trained to uphold certain safety
We go through safety orientation and have a dedicated saved the officer on staff who is working tirelessly to get to the bottom of this word deeply concerned about, families, and our sympathy goes out to them that this time the reconfirmed victims were taken to singing river hospital and another was airlifted to the USA Burn unit Immobile Alabama Volker. They'll Skinner get too many nine when one causa, let's just go to it, a church and the sea poverty, alter Marina, Mississippi and we just had a very large explode, an overt or risk atop. The yarn news, any guess at least two guiding empty, is ancyra. Well, I'm sorry to hear that.
And ass to be insensitive or anything, but that you know that I'm based in its Lana. We need strong legal representation. I heard you the guy when it comes to defending the smaller yards like ours, correct nonunion. We get a small staff, nothing Ngos are hostile understand, but I dont come cheap, hoping to get what I pay for, where you will. Let's talk in the name or free at OSHA will be here first thing in the morning whose him than the case Clyde Pain, he's the area director and Jackson. Hey what bill you book me a flight. Yes, sir, before you do, though one question were you: will you on the site when the explosion took place about your safe Jeff's? Please tell me that you have safety officer understand I do, but she wasn't there either Business class window seat no go anywhere. I get some dirt
cuz you're to need to get in a row before tomorrow morning, I'll test you showing you said that it feels like the explosion happened yesterday, not exactly when I closed my eyes. The whole series of events Over and over again, I guess Stepan CD, never goes away, those are symptoms of trauma, possibly pity come off it. Now, it's not just something soldiers go through. I didn't get burn, no concussion You were in a horrific situation that you couldn't processing the moment. Now that you, got some distance Your mind is trying to make sense of what you had to bury. The problem is
who have not been allowing that process to happen. You work you stay busy, but when ever you slow down, it is right there waiting for you and it always will be until Give your mind the chance to heal. Your are met, I won't turn into a vegetable. Every one is different. Some people's shut down get depressed and I the late others, get anxiety, become hyper vigilant. Anger even violent pretty stream differences. I'm not. When the recommend anything until we ve talked about your situation, exactly what I don't want to do its counter intuitive, because in the beginning, talking about we'll be more painful. The part of the mind that stores emotional memories is called the amygdala and the confusing thing about. Primitive region of our minds is that it has no sense of time. It doesn't
whether this explosion happened last year when you were a child or yesterday by reach counting it over and over again we're going to share, that memory with the higher order parts of your brain sounds like feeding the beast, as they say actually the more times you recount the explosion, the more distance it will give you it will help you come desensitize to the experience and control your emotional responses. How many times you talk about all take it's different with everyone, but most see an improvement in about three months. Three He should be shouldn't. We Joey, you are a hard working guy you wouldn't be in those shipyards. If you weren't tough, perhaps you can look at this as a job it's going to take some time? We can't skip steps
what do they say measure once got Twa measure twice once, but I can't you mean it Don't draw those bandages away, you open non brown or not you're on the map and have a look. These are my legs. Well sure they are. These are hauled legs, use them or lose Abram. What happened to my They still work Daddy Santa, They ain't mine. Yes, they are, but you got skin, on account of the birds. Look at your hands took skin off your back sad knew some pigskin too, What about my face? Burn, dark thanks. You block the flames with your hands They look like waffles or something don't think about that now
to start walkin has seen the light It's not your time, Brown now rest up, son goodbye, don't look at that light. They your time. Hang on a second showing help? I understand the purpose of these empty compartments ships carry different types of fluids, indifferent, tanks, fuel all these alone. Gas or freshwater Atwater you dont want to making together under any conditions, so that these tax there called voids which are basically empty
parliament's between larger space, ship, some column, coffer dams, probably because Its second really is about size of a coffin. Why would need to work inside of what before should give launch the boy you d blasted above cleans, yield painted everything we do to the rest of a ship working and avoids this small address myself, because it's a crank space, big fella, can't even fit explosion happened in the port side. Lower bottom boys with bought on week. We had the finnish lower bottoms on the starboard side, so the boat didn't blow up in the explosion. Now, who is that? working on that boat. We gather what everyone Everyone who survived really is An ocean was still investigating the accident it took six months, but the show must go on net. I gotta be, will really miss me up was bars, flashbacks go. It was nothing Madame guys while I was working.
When put down him. Son of a love, we still had the finnish lower bottoms on the starboard side for the boat didn't blow up in the explosion, who's that working on that boat. We gather what everyone everywhere afternoon cloud pain, occupational safety and Health Administration Idee, please, a close down today, on account of the act. Ego see their law on the right just part there they on their way Thank you. Claude. Aim OSHA area director they'll Skinner see and build blood. This is Ed Folk, Macleod Mornin. Ed you'll know each other course good see again
everybody knows, should knows Ed. Had a vote under George W now realize you were working with BT, halter retired. As to your name over at Fisher, Philips in Atlanta. Ok, rod oh God about a large degree. Didn't you You learn to move over to the private sector. You know, Obama, looking good and a man does have to make a living. That's what those young men were thinking when they should have to work on Friday. We're all here to make sure that that does not happen again. I'm gonna hold you to that. You home into it, we're gonna get a lot more accomplished. If we work together, that's good to hear so now that I have you full cooperation. Let's get down to a few. Here today today, yes, today, whenever have they fatality or in this case fatalities. Plural. We dedicate all resources and manpower, a few general questions: where
The explosion take place in the, engine, remove the achievement, tugboat correct Did you witness? The answer did not directly now Were you on side at the time? No, sir. Ok, then anecdotally, speed can you tell me what happened. We believe it was a gas fire huge, but it burn itself out quick, You got your main propulsion engine right there switches between diesel and heavy fuel, which luckily didn't catch. Otherwise we wouldn't standing here did the fire cause that damage us on the port side. Oh no, sir, Finally, the emergency crews had to cut out that section of the whole in order to remove do Monroe, one of the deceased they had to cut into the hall why's that the body was forgot to get as I am sure you know, the access opened into the void is very small.
Did you have guys in here? Yes, sir? They were Previn avoids and the engine room to be spread, sprayed how many guys restructuring. Determine who was working here, the exact moment of the explosion, I'm going need that list of names asap cut out Access the voids from engine room. Yes, Sir There's only one entry point on the port side, which is right here, they see it did you get down there? I can help you, oh I don't. I don't think that's gonna be necessary, in here yes, sir, they were prevalent, avoids and the engine room to be spread, sprayed painting. How many guys we're still trying to determine who was a port side, and it runs for would always of the bow, which is where they had to cut out the deceased Mr Manuel. Yes, doesn't
like you'd, even be able to stand up. No sir, it's just to crawl space back to three feet. A class chip If you need to get down there, I can help you. Why? Don't I don't think? That's gonna, be nurses joy is tardy in here is I believe this is where it happened. Please, outside I've seen in a long time well I know you know have flash fires. Are they burn up? Those vapours real quick, what says? bound, I'm here blowers to blowers and one dusk see they ve been random, blowers all night to clear out any smoke and residual fuel. Same blow. Was you using yesterday for ventilation? As far as I know, may have moved, won over from another vessel after the explosion to make sure everything was, Lately, safe Mona, Mona, Dixon she's, our safety. What's your side at the time of the explosion, no sir, who was
supervising your yard. Yesterday, Mr Skinner Danica God is one of our most knowledgeable. Guys he's been working, these yards along time was. He engine- no, but he was one of the first to respond after the incident easy around. We gave Our guys today are off. Of course, now work, Need time degree than VD harder is offered to provide the employees with council in his well Wendy expect card. We back sounds like here: one of our first interviews coarse and these blow The ones gone right now you say A few of these will go in at the time of the explosion. Saucy, jag and cheese. Bitter too,
copy of a big lodged by a band of banter copy, three sugars, Diego SAM. I cried you got that this is all that working on it. I need it today By five p m and your inbox stone tomorrow, I need you on this whole decays with me full time. Well, ok, they got it folk retainer director of Ocean George W you before the impossible task of cotton, ocean positions and low income. Now it is at the same time, son a bitch is reckoned another one, but the dust is a partner affirmative, a mind. Greater, I'm guessing knows the entire oh sure, Playbook, always one step ahead of hired, we know something's have something is most definitely. Just finish. The sovereign will pay this up at nine a m tomorrow.
we'll be back with more when lighting the voice? Just a minute this is reveal, from the centre for investigative reporting in p r ex this is reveal a mallet today would bringing you an audio drama when lighting the voice from our partners at story works? inspired by investigation into an explosion at a Mississippi shipyard, belief to people dead and others seriously injured story picks up with a flash back to the day of the incident
a group of yard workers are gathered round Danny Cobb, as he passes out job assignments for the day. In boys busy day ahead AIDS is getting the achievement breakfast brain, the bulk of you Nettles bramin! Your max calls that old engines fort aft top to bottom owner to call on you to one of them. Electric panels, gonna be tape. Doth, nice and clean Dwight, Juan Alex you're gonna, be in the port side, voids making sure ready for paying a need you to book. I them world seems lack of all that rust and make sure everything's cleaned out spotless with Emmi K when it's done. I'm gonna have petty spray it this afternoon. After that, I won't go to come and get me, so I can check it bill. Skinner just pulled up
for your beyond your best. Well, all right, let's get to it. Morning, Mr Skinner Mornin everything. Ok, you tell me come hurricanes. That is back a few days but we made up some time yesterday on that Crowley whole about the achievement. Prob ly guys in the engine room right now, plus a few in the voice, should be ready for spraying by noon. I haven't looked at your budget. What's the latest, we had to pay out some overtime this week. We're coming in under budget on give sand paint, etc. This tug Imma be in the water on time about the camp out in the wheel. Big in my language, I'm speaking the truth next year. This time will you for the only serves their work their way and go gonna get that contract. You got more faith
Uncle SAM than I do, but we got a shot. No doubt our eye, that does it. For me, gotta run Please metals and AIDS ya got a rap, those electrical pebbles and west. The wires and take off the bow. Yes, yes, stress, cuz. I thought I was gonna, be late to work. Send you back to the house, man entire right over here. She said things. You should never say. I'm sure you said a few things of euro. How dear but You just don't say certain things, no matter how bad it gets like what She was day. That's the nice thing. She said Dan as coal, hey! Do you smell something smells like true
and it's always something with you do seriously manner. Without calling it off Norman. Kids just like they was mine, but that's not what I'm getting better and acetone. You don't smell that He delights. He's got the Skype. What's up Paul was raised him, Gaza, Camorra, clean it. They understand the Nasser I'd say to get, but not thirty. Thirty yes thing is, I think I know bowlers fans diner. Ok go get a lower vat in the locker forward down. I can't do it, how you mean which I could, but I cant open up that too
I ain't goin down there with no find asking you to get over that period. Got you on that point. Tell you what I'm done with all the craft. Italy so put on your fancy mask and get it done. I sprain without no ventilation go undrawn find yourself some faint delusional. I can't get enough to room without you, like I said you can go in something, but I mean you down there spraying when them guys are done. Rumour has it that should be about thirty minutes. yeah Cobb, wouldn't let you into the tool locker said he good, no it for you
to look for one and another job site, same yard, different side you weren't supposed to be there. I was not supposed to be their dark, so wait. What some air horn again look a comb which you attach to host and then that holds the debt to american Compressor is not good. You should have been union, but an errand was the can do messed up thing. There were brain new masks and air wounds running away, I don't know I was drawing stab and somebody else's an ear, There might be worn in Overdrawn, Crawley Hall on the south side of the yard figured borrowed widespread boy, was anyone down there. No one running back on it.
The hair stand up. On the back of my neck, I was walking on the ceiling of an upside down ship in the pitch darkness. You follow All these exposed nails sticking up before site gives you a pretty Krueger movies from back in the day. I can't believe you to work that I'd just to find a mask ordinary. Believe was not in doubt. My chest crawling cross a ceiling on a better names that would have first ask further aft scan and desired by headline. Finally, founded by the holy GRAIL. Hang you
six inch nail at the I was Kherson, my fate overturned, chronicle, but door. Looking after mean that day Yeah you don't smell bad smell, will accept them, stay gas boxes yet from you more like those such as we have like a monstrous how these here brass back in New Walmart throughout. Seriously minutes indicate when I can smell a thing, but then again, got no smell. I tell you what, though they got the moonlight. How do you mean I just got them regular, both whose down why Alex
and you didn't say nothing. I don't fuck with other people. Shit, not me. I've loved! Looking with other people. Shit you only fresh air Johnny, fresh just because I guess you're right. That's all they did. My mom, like the bomb listens to make, thereby by their visit to IRAN. Florina bless you No, why Bless you anyway, I am on my mama, says to me with a few years ago, all for your job. Your mom Must I go that's all five times,
I don't think you know that finally said. That is, What message you that's all was done. Just then the almost no thereby may go by by another one anywhere just goes to show. Seriously mad? It's me sick to my stomach. I can smell a strip of bacon if you stuck in my nose, but I tell you one thing that brought the wrong people You got the wrong. Oh yeah man, don't listen to him. You need some pressure gone. Behind you? You got it
right behind you I can hear me Suddenly the way I did you sleep I better go around. What Can you see my hand guy? Listen to yourself man. I told you that was too strong rather explosion prove Bob's anyway, back later lamp down over Don't turn often might spark your wife certainly hey,
I gotta, go by anyone TAT day. Was there every day day? I believe- and this is due to shed I've- got guys in the boy. Ok, I thought I would warn the nettle you'll be bigger. Now. Are you some of the air?
I don't know just move you legs Van Gogh, I'm gonna go way: robe, that'll, Facebook. Now go down and thereby they operate always to take away before you give him a brother, then be careful might explode again. I know May I guess I mean I heard you are you all right? Do you hear me man, better? You SAM? I mean
we'll get you out of here, not out of opportunism air. I'll bet you breathe, I gotta be anybody has done well. Good. We further forward. Bigoted apart. Very very thoughtfully. I did Robin they know about a buckle burnt, do with what the man better user is alive. How about getting down here Why? Now, God damn it all?
We don't get about all. I I'm gonna die much workshop around. Reach doubted the gravel, but there are others which are governed by the top of the sort that joint all shot. We think a bag above Grammy by heads of government are right, get somebody like from your head. Where Bonamy became. I know, the net of gravity. I gotta my data eating up. We go up, we go out. Martha gave it a day
you listening to win lighting the boys. We be back more in a minute. from the centre for investigate, reporting, MP or Ex this is reveal I'm lesson and now Finally, I too were audio drama when lighting the voice from our partners. It story works where the Viti Halter shipyard on the golf course of Mississippi the sight of a deadly.
Closure oceans on the scene investigating enjoy petty, is back on the job, his painting, the same ship. There was in flames just one week earlier, you're his boss, Danica walks up so I just yes, Mr Cobb, what's up with that bulkhead almost done sprain five minutes done more like sitting? Would you can get back this tomorrow they need you over at the MOSS Point Yard a set. I can't wait like fifteen minutes. They gonna need a final vote on the popular confidante before inspection tomorrow is going to take the rest the day, but it has had an inspection didn't pass. They got another one tomorrow, you sure this ain't got nothing to do with them, OSHA, guys, older and better. Exposure them guys. I noted your concern, but they get in the duties.
Can you better leave us to believe you got nothingness unless they ask- and I asked me Shit Movin MOSS Point, but sooner or later they will, but you stick to the questions and keep your opinions to Gazelle. Got no oh opinion, good. His facts, Mazurka plenty of facts ajar and a paycheck two facts, best keep in mind SAM scientists decried gotta pan out my computer Let's do the numbers we go. Tell you clean and eight times the permissible exposure limit? tony fourteen times the p eel and ethanol at six, hundred times, a t e and that's based on conservative care. Fire didn't kill them the fumes. Would it not have mercy
gonna handle this matter. Recommendation to the Ocean Board may call to purchase tracking half way and all three sides and put that under purview of the tool room specifically that each time what must be loud with an idea number and that quote painted shall not check out lights unless they're explosion through all those ask him blowers! the damn unless they make it out of the locker amen to that mandatory means and combines based. For all employees? Working one point: three million. Sounds like a lot, but Juno AIR trotted downgrade. He knows the trail be lucky if a million dollars over my dead body I'm flying DC,
good morning. Ladies gentlemen, name is pain. I'm based in Jackson, Mississippi well, serve as the airy director. Occupational safety, occupational Safety and Health Administration now appreciate this, opportunity to travel to Washington and speedy speak to you directly. About one of the most agree. Just cases are investing. It is in my twenty three a career in my report. I die, demanded. Seventeen wilful and serious violations dvd all tat was where of the hazards and knowingly Wilfully sent those boys into a confined space within it
bloated and highly toxic atmosphere they fail to test or prevent entry into that can find space with a concentration of flammable, papers exceeded, prescribed limits Hundreds of times over there. Committed workers to use lights. They were not explosion, proof which is one of the most basic, cautions imaginable. The result in fire killed, Alice, Carbo Euro and Dwight Monroe and seriously injured to others Ladys in June. Men of OSHA, I would you to move forward with all the funds out before you. Every single one uphold the requested penalty of one point: three million dollars. Instead, a clear message to the entire industry Loss of life cannot
be conceded. A natural cost building ships, workers and fair. Please across the Gulf Coast, account non on us to lay down the law. Roma Zoos, gonna go my boy, I got something for you, there's mammal Ryan, where yet kimono mama, I break my leg on these stairs. They all fixed this. How are you boy
more about river, got you see rock in even if my room but gets done. Let's grab this why you bring in your toaster list on the water come up. They stole my appliances, Jesus. How did they get in when the waters boat in at night and brigands gaps his stuff Is that her name's angel- and you don't know what I say it's just for the month- heard that before she's pay in the power bill? Ok, I thought you'd be here How about that? I am things better than your ex man. What's up with the toy, she got a kid or somethin wilder than a fool Ace word not sure you know about the water. Probably Color Braille, she no phone, you gotta. Let him know that she had left the harbor. If he's
they? So, let's roll Mama waters comin up fast, oh some, never interviewed. You eventually do not give a damn owes you showed up? I was needed when the other yards right away or cannot. Gentlemen, have sounds like you're, pretty angry at OSHA. Best. We got it come to safety. I dont mean it's perfect. We ask me so I'm guys are take bribes down blatant violations. Some limit destruction, then what kind of budgetary reasons given the ridge of salary, hot dogs, maybe, but I gotta work is consulted. Lawyers they are no grudges against them by even Dana Gown You don't wanna wrongdoing to a lot of people already
here's some other knowingly? Possibly some older lag. He's dead, but I had a good book said: though friend now neighbour, an enemy. I don't hold that against a zombie de halter. Well, that's a pretty. Generous outlook conjuring going around. But how about the guys that died Nothing came around for them. You got me there. Did the families of the deceased ever get any kind of settlement or anything? I've read that you can't even see the shipyard you can see the shipyard would not have you worked for spring messed up the boys in their works. Got this bill. But then you Morgan, Renault shipyard, again your mark man, so to speak.
That's all I remember I was hollering at them that give me them lights and to get out, but they gave me a lot. Alright, fire come out that hole. Put my hands down a bathroom. Like to show my face, but want to come up. I was locked in one position for what that like five minutes it, wouldn't it long nose the explosion through me back about ten foot. I reported every day. The tangerine light, but And down to shield my face turning my head away from the fireball all day, every day never stops and it never goes away. I am that you and I'm gonna go senna. Ok, but you call me back: it's been too long. You talk into no one. You were talking to someone problem. You are. I just heard you talking his I was leaving voicemail course you,
No one's gonna pick up the phone at this hour. Couldn't sleep last night then go in bedroom and closes shades. I'm go here. You ain't good son, your stuff. By every day, stops and it never goes away. I know you don't know, I don't like you know it, but I can't tell you how many times you have no fucking idea tat. It is a year under maverick. If I am not criticising, I'm just saying gotta get up and try jobs not gonna come find. You know shit, I say and take it easy, therefore, I'm trying to do. Take it easy. What about that security? John turned in an application. He's been awake. Macao. Will you do Everyone else wonder why. Fourteen years I'll tell him about my injury. They say they call me and then they dont for the roof in in the shipping Jobs, I get it, you been blackball, but this is security work at our com. Pre yard. It's all the same folks,
word gets around son. I know you through things that I will never understand. But attitude is everything God don't give us challenges. We and overcome God saved me, but he dared me at the same time. Sometimes Maybe I killed them gas. If Ireland the change of lights about it just finished up going on about them. Business or We, those fumes, would have built up even more or mine. Why would a dad, along with you and everyone I met, injured, move your tensions were pure. You can't down yourself in that way can be helped it you're feeling guilty because you survive. When others died, but no one blames you Cept yourself, you might have lost that suit with halter, but does because their protected by a bad long. This burden nine years to bear
son. You got to say someone. You got to talk to a psychologist or that's not my thing, and you should know that by now people change people Have to change in your laughed more change unless change away you been living, you have to adapt. After I got my workers comp money, I thought I'd be able to move on. I got the camp, but there were no first start he got a fresh start, but a start is just the beginning. It was a much money, but it was enough to get on your feet. You got your life got family any. You can come back from all burns? You can do anything. You put your man too I'll. Call him ok Tiger.
But talking to no shrink You quit quit what happened Something happens. What makes you say that it just feels sudden, I'm not judge your decision but honestly I'm shocked, are we talked money, I'm shocked, he I'm not surprised that you wanted to quit. Just that you'd. That's all I meant when I said that something must have happened is true. Some did add two decades I get the senior citizens I'm done. Morganium shipyard Sound really clear about it, but what about your family is your wife working here.
Can be up our business look there, but I haven't in a big boy, oh you're, investing in crypto currency been making more in one week that I made in a month working in their shipyards. I don't know. About investing, but when I hear about Bitcoin I can't help but think of it. Sounds too good to be true. Then it probably is for my money I get through it all. I just any one thing. Didn't interview with border from California to instil interview. You been investigating explosion. How did it go counted. Did that story so many times I can with a dark and no flashed back or anything spoon sailor. What's the story, about exactly shipyards through another accidents at halter leadership adieu.
I am glad to help other killed on the job and doesn't will know the guy get crushed by cream tipped over Navy. Don't care ordered them. A huge contract one month after the exposure, you know how to pay eight hundred thousand dollars and bad done is that the price of life and also seniors. Did you tell the journalist she knew spoke Gregor, so you feel ok about this article. I told her that a lot of people around you won't take kindly to the media attention Alma shipyard thing. I see it as a threat to their livelihood, but It remains livelihood worth more than his did you say that? Did you take your life? into your hands. When you Gimme yards, I want
the people out of work. I don't want to see the yard, sit down. I don't want to see the government regulate every single Brett that a man takes, but we gotta keep folks say Eve I'm not sure how to do that to Burma pay agree. I tell you what, though the Navy should be giving contracts two yards, who look after their people, I got your message, Brown, which one the one you said Go again spoken in riddles, I get a lot of messages each one. Important I get a lot of messages to they're all the same. It's good to see you seasons, Did you even listen to my message? Is, though, me a while, but I listened to him all well. What do you think I thank you.
Through a lot this year, understand why you ve done what you ve done. Do you last myself on more, on occasion here you, but you you got steady, work, a good woman, reindeer elves and shit like that. You have a family, your own camp, bull, dog and a truck. Then are you came here for things. I should be happy about the isn't all your but for highly cheerful nonsense. Is that all you ve got excuses things you expect Maybe I do for you. I don't expect no one to do nothing for me. I'm just for something I lost, you ve gone through hell folks, have done you wrong and you didn't get what you deserved but I've seen a lot of guys and you're tougher and most of them. One time, maybe when you get Like me, you gotta be tough,
new ways which makes it even tougher riddles. No one built me a workshop in the middle of the North pole and I'm just expected to keep it going counted on year after year, meanwhile property is Melton, mostly on account of the parents of all the kids that I'd love, There is a dilemma for you to ponder. Don't get easier. No, I don't you'll find a way. What, if I don't, there are no guarantees. Time will tell. I guess it's not your time, brown Luxuriant.
The night before brown dad, I dreamt, I saw him in a grey coffin, same color the gulf itself. God gives us clues to prepare whereas for what lies ahead, however, these flying monitoring. It came out of the blue, I got a call from a nurse over it. Singin River hospital brain had gone in a courtier arrest and he was in a coma. Kantos, Kan brave, hatches last thought they had the wrong kid. He hung on for a day and a one point, his heart rate, Winna Witch doctors who was a good sign, but ours letter pages, crashed five times,
they d rather resuscitating. But after that I told them stop just stop. How else these flying Monterrey, it came out of the blue. I got a call from a nurse over it singing river. Don't make no easier come brave, hatches last thought they Heather thanks to our partners story works for bringing us today show hiding the voyage was created by John Bernstein, engender Welsh John also wrote, scored and designed to show general the producer and director. You learn.
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