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Working Through the Pain at Tesla

2018-11-03 | 🔗

After being called out for hiding worker injuries at its factory, Tesla decides to double down. Plus, a report card on diversity in Silicon Valley.

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Hey it is your favorite host in all of pod custom. Now for the rest of the year, I'm gonna be asking you to join us by becoming a member of reveal reveal is all about going deep, pulling on threads telling stories that matter for more than three years now reveal has been fighting a lawsuit. That's been jeopardizing our very existence of restoring we about an organization called planet aid. Our story raises serious questions about whether international aid was actually reaching the people. It was intended to help and what's more, our story was truthful and we stand by it. We believe it is our duty to fight attacks like this, but fighting a lawsuit comes at a huge costs, are legal fees alone totalled more than seven million dollars? Luckily, we have pro bono legal support to help our in house counsel, but it still takes significant resources, resources that should be used to do more public service journalists. This kind of investigative
it takes time and it cost money. If you believe in the work we do the absolute best way to support us is by becoming a member of reveal to do it just text. The word reveal two hundred and forty seven, four thousand seven hundred and forty seven standard data rates apply and you can text stop or cancel at any time, also all new members who donate at least five dollars a month. We get our facts, t shirt again just text. The word reveal two hundred and forty seven, four thousand seven hundred and forty seven. Doll you who already support our work. I want to offer a deep sincere thanks. We can't do this work without you were looking forward to twenty slash. Twenty. We have big things planned, so let's go. Do some good work together. From the centre for investigative reporting in p or ex, this is reveal a method that today we are talking about the future. What it takes to be
as a worker in Silicon Valley take Tesla the carmakers working towards a future of electric vehicles. The drive themselves, while we can relax and tweet it's been a crucial year for the fifteen year old company teslas, trying to prove that it can mass produce electric cars and turn a profit with its new, more affordable model. Three. This is the task, the model three, the car, that over four hundred thousand people have been waiting for for the first time Two years the company turned a profit. This pass quarter, but there have been some stumbled along the way and September Fit sued, seal Elon Musk for misleading tweet about taking his company private Muscat stepped down. As chair of Teslas Board of directors, must send out some tweeds about us too. He called the store but we did about unsafe working conditions at Tesla, bs and propaganda. Then he started attack the news media in general. I guess so
it's his ranten ramble here on these tweets is not dissimilar from something we have from the present quite often that he feel that not only Victor. Fake news must even called we'll just some rich kids in Berkeley, took their political science professor too seriously, but egg twitter burns can't stop us backed our rapporteur Will Evans has continued reporting on safety problems here, and we ve got a brand new investigation. Today, here's will at the end of August this email it's from someone named Anna Watson, she said, she's been working at the health clinic at Teslas Factory, Fremont, California he's a physician assistant, that's a medical, professional hoop. Bides care under the supervision of a doctor The email says she was fired that day. She writes I. Tell you exactly what they are doing and how their risking the safety of patients and increasing the risk of accidents. So I jump on it
drive down to the southern part of Silicon Valley to meet with her at a Starbucks. She's. Never done this before so she's nervous a little shaking my head. I just don't know in question. I don't know just nervous energy focus. What do you want to know? I want to know it all the forty nine year old, mother three she sounds earnest like she just ass. To get this off my chest hopes. Everything will work out. Ok, she'd! Only worked at the clinic for a few weeks, but right from the beginning, she saw problems first, you see something in your line of pay, the simple rule Bab I'm in and try to work with them, and I still was trying to do what I felt I could for people and has nearly twenty years experience as a physician assistant exam patients, diagnosing ailments and prescribing medications, she's treated patients at his steel plant, petroleum refinery, emergency rooms, even a trauma centre? She tells me
Tussle workers are not getting the care they need and that she was a part of it. She says I wanted to bring down the number of injuries that had to be recorded on company logs. I just I can't just keep like looking the other way like they haven't, Parliament is committed to discharging every single patient really without providing any kind of treatment or intervention that would make it a report like the little stuff that I was trying to let go. I did all of this was taking place after we reported in April but the electric carmaker had a serious problem with employee safety Anna reached out to because she saw her story before we go on. Let me tell you a little bit about our original investigation that we co reported with cake you public radio in San Francisco. It stop with a bunch of nine one. One calls from Tesla very ravenous as it were, the cut on a threat
they will not be rewarded. The garbage offenders airfoil we need a common approach on medical. They want to get to the heart of a good here today that Islamic Desolate had been under fire for having a higher injury rate than the industry average. It said it brother number down, but we discovered that test. Wasn't counting all of its injuries as required by law and forward. So a safety professionals told us their concerns were ignored. We took a tour, the factory some dangerous spot. On the factory floor, weren't marked with yellow the standard color for safety, because Elon Musk didn't like the collar. Where are you? Are you he wanted the plant to be specific, colors, say anything we re a grey area, gray, we talked with tussle about what we found in the company denied it all right,
after our story, California's Workplace Safety Agency tell OSHA open an investigation. All of this comes just a couple of days after reveal published in investigate of peace, saying that test was in fact under reporting, workplace injury. So guys. This is yet another headline headache for Tesla. It turns out Collages ability to enforce the law and counting injuries was pretty weak. They Chauncey only how about six months from the date of an injury define a company and these and the violations usually take time to catch after we reported that California lawmakers past bill, giving Carlos more time to investigate Elon Musk still talking about what we found. Denying it just as we. Wrapping up this story and pushing tussle for answers must go on the offensive during a call.
With investors and analysts where'd. You get these like quite unfair accusations programme It was like that will under a boarding, injuries and lorry Shelby tussles, vice president for safety, brag about the factories health centre, After our first story, they hired a new company to run it. So when injury do occur, we get the absolute best care for far associate. I'm really super happy the care they're, giving an employee Southwell Anna who sent me the email about poor treatment for injured workers, join that new clinic in August, but she said She found the company was still more concerned with making its safety record. Look good, then, with treating workers. After all, On the first day we met, and I went to Chile's for lunch, and she told me about some of them. Things that are happening on the factory floor on substantive you're, drunk
She didn't tell me his name but later on, I was able to get a copy of tassels official injury list and started contacting injured workers. I got a guy, Stefan Nelson on the phone and he's Tell me about how trunk fell on his back. I realize this must a guy. Anna was talking about so I go to see him. What do you got there? These are my documents from when I had to go to the hell sinner, we're sitting in link chairs outside his girlfriends house in Oakland or dogs, cars and trains, or passing by he's a big athletic guy. Thirty years old, he used to play semi pro football but since getting hurt at Tesla, he gets up slowly and walks a little hunched over to one side. On August thirteen, He was workin. The late shift, putting some cock on the inside of a Tesla trunk on the production line, and before I knew at is felt. Heavy object is hit. My bag, the hatch back
swung down. I stood up straight for like Second, everybody was asking if I was all right in my whole back just like that, I could walk. Sit down, I could even stand straight. He says the pain. Unbearable. He had deep red bruises across his back and ask, the supervisors to call an ambulance. They were saying that they couldn't recurs ill caused tests, a lot of money, so they did to wait to see what their Tesla Doktor said and the first time we ass. It is. Doktor David CASA employees because they saw how most pain I was it. He said no Anna said even she as a trained medical professional, wasn't allowed to call nine one one. It had to be approved by a d doctor who rarely located and there something else and told me that surprised me. There was a strong
not to send any money in an ambulance, to the extent that they would even call a patient a lift to have been transferred to the hospital that way sending patients to the e r in a lift. That means no emergency medical care on the way to the hospital. It's a judgment call by the doctor, but it struck a lot of people the factory as inhumane, windows, security guard car deducted three times to see if they could call ablaze, because he was worried about my pay and the doktor here, take a call with see me to the hospital. Unlike what is the point of a live like I can't sit out, she can't walk or do anything. What did you Think of them and what were you thinking when they said What kind of company in my work here for That is fair heartbroken because it seem like what they were telling us and orientation. Dag Tesla is a country
that cares about their employees, safety. It did seem like it was just a whole reversal. Stefan ends calling his girlfriend and take him to the emergency room, but is supervised we're tells him. He asked a short for work the next day or also get written up. He needs the job, so he tries I could even get out. Car to even get to my department child led to supervise and nobody is light the only cared about one day and try to make their goal, which is trying to make sure that all the cars get down complete. He eventually shuffles in pain over to his department. He obviously do the job, so they senator Health Centre and Here's where it gets really bizarre. Normally work for whose two injured to do the regular job will be given an easier one, so they don't make the injury worse. They get work. Restrictions like dont left more than twenty pounds.
But Anna says that wasn't aloud and we were always required to bring the patient back just to their full duty. John, why? What's the point of that? Because it keeps the patient off of their record that keeps the pace How often are bugs so one hundred percent the goal in the clinic was to keep as many patients off of the books as possible, so the health center- let's Stefan, go home for the day, but they tell him he has to come back to work. The next a full duty. This happened over and over until Anna finally sent. Therefore, to an outside clinic it, by the same company that manages the clinic at the factory there. At least providers are allowed to give work restrictions, but it can take long time to get an appointment stiff, I was diagnosed with a crushing injury with bruises, intractable pain, eight he's after his injury? He was fine
they given work restrictions, dont bend squad stairs or lift more than ten pounds. Indian Steavens injury had to go on tussles books and annexes. That's another reason system doesn't make sense, workers whose injuries are so serious that eventually have to be counted, are still denied appropriate care. When the hurting the most can you can like a run down of just the kinds of things that people would be sent back to their jobs with. It was anything it was ever thing cuts laceration? burns. Splain ankles back pain, back strain The shoulder injuries, elbow injuries, rest injuries from torrent. Then, if you could walk out, it didn't matter. She says there were other strategies to keep the injury rates down like the clinic would decide that, I'm injuries were not work related even before patients were fully evaluated. There was a coup
Sure she says of just blowing off patients. Some temporary workers who were hurt in the factory were simply turned away from the clinic. I talked to a couple of them they couldn't get help and their names. Didn't show up on tassels official list of injuries. I showed of the injury list for the time period. She was there is that an underground by fire. By fire. It was more than twice that many people daily that should have been considered. Serious, Andrea elements based I also standards and are just not on the list, Now there are none the less those people when it make it to the west, because. We never gave them treatment they deserved. Anna tells me that tussle with so concerned about keeping its injury rate down that one time
Company officials, told clinic staff to stop prescribing exercises to injured workers, so they wouldn't be counted by late August. Anna reached her breaking point, Edith and participate in a system like that. That is not, I consider treating the patient and doing what's appropriate for the patient She got into an argument with the clinic owner and he fired her for not deferring to doctors. That's when she content, did me. I just see the workers that Tesla as having like in no voice. I do so I extra responsible to try to speak up for what's going on there at the same time, an assent, a complete, to collage the Workplace Safety Agency, she wasn't x Seeing the response she got collusion center, a letter saying they folded her complaint into the investigation They started right after a first story ran
they didn't mention? They had already closed that investigation, two weeks before Anna's complaint and only find TAT four hundred dollars for us no violation. Anna got on the phone to insist that they investigate and she says they told her It wasn't there responsibility that she should try county in other agencies. I don't see how cow sir is now responsible for that, Carlos Chief Julian, some wouldn't do an interview, but as Anna CAP pushing and we started asking questions Carlos spokeswoman said Anna complaint now is being investigated. We wanted to talk to Tesla too but they turned down or interview requests. Anna wasn't the only one who said Tesla pressured the clinic to dismiss injuries. I talked to another
former clinic employee, who said a Tesla official would routinely contact the head doktor about specific workers and Lee on the clinic to downplay and disregard the injuries the floor our employee, requested anonymity for fear of being Black Walden industry. So I ask that had doktor about it, so it's actually quite the opposite. What caused the pressures off on is accurate, backing doktor Basil bash, owns access army care which Tesla hired to run, its onsite health centre, he'd submitted a propose Although he could help lower that companies. Injury numbers Tesla set up the call with him and listened in. He says, Tesla does ask doctors for more clarity on specific cases, because they their injury log to be as accurate as possible. They are not in the business of making clinical determinations out. We make those clinical determinations only based on the
I ask him about sending injured workers back to the assembly line without any work restrictions. There's always gonna, be somebody who says not. I shouldn't be working, but if you look objective with the Taliban medical examination, that's not not always the case. I ask him about Stefan who had a car trunk fall on his back and was sent back work when he could barely walk. The doctor says he can't comment on any specific patient without no k from that person, but he does. Hey that a physician must have determine that there wasn't. A safety issue show culturally. There were folks in the past. You expecting that any time they come to the clinic work and when we told them now, we really want to do its best for you. It took its taking some time to get. I have been told that the on CALL Doc
are often says not to call nine one one and instead recommends patients go to the hospital in a lift while you're you're talking to all got so that would be correct. We right size occur it gives an example of a tussle worker who had the top of his finger cut off. He said the guy He did to go to the hospital, but in an ambulance, but you do sent me both to the emergency room and in a lift. We send people to the emergency room by transport if they dont, you demand that collect, ok, patient August, I always make sure you're article well Doktor best said not all patients who go to the emergency room are taken by ambulance I called up a couple of the medical assistance who work the night shift at the clinic, sometimes alone they saw lot of the same things. Anna was telling me. They said they fell over
armed with patience and really uncomfortable with the doktor. The orders to call a lift, including for worker, whose fingers broken and mangled and another worker who is light. And dizzy, but the doktor take Does she with a lot of things? This former employees say hi as MRS Anna as a short timer who got fired for working outside her scope. He says the whole thing Not prescribing exercises was only for workers who weren't actually injured, and as for the temporary you weren't treated at the clinic. He says that Just an administrative problem. Straightening out over all the doktor said: Tessa provides its workers top notch care retreat. The test monthly just the same way, we should have the personal stuff curry twisted being on the Thursday night game advising the m. I scanned on Friday morning then you're coming back. I called up Anna to tell her what are former boss said. She called it a ridiculous statement.
Anna has a new job now at an urgent care clinic he's still worries about the tussle workers who could for long term damage from not getting the care. They need the tasks lying. You think it's gonna, be this innovative great wonderful place to be like this kind of futurists it company- and I guess it's just kind of disappointing that that's the our future, basically, where the war, crystal doesn't matter. Our story was produced by reveals, Will Evans and Catherine was gasket by the way on the day Stefan Nelson was talking to Will Stefan, new job offer, I feel extent something tells me light today was there's gonna, be a good day now again, actually quit working Tesla. What are you gonna quit today It's not just workers safety.
Companies in Silicon Valley or under Firefox. It's the hiring practices. When we come back, we'll have a poor card on who gets the jobs in who holds the power attacked you listening to reveal from the centre for investigative reporting and p r Eggs from the centre for investigating reporting, p r ex? This is reveal a reality today. We're talking about Silicon Valley and the things tat. Companies don't want you to know about their workplace protests left its worker injuries. Further companies it to actually get to work, their army, their names but their gender and rigs. We have a lot of data to help. Tell the story, but the numbers are really hard to talk about on the radio, so we decided to get some help
from acquire we're where the first unitarian church of Opening, which is not far from a lot of these companies, a beautiful building the sun is sitting outside and you can see like the last glimmer of. I come in through the stained glass windows here and yes, we're here to sing about the data The choir is made up of church members and reveal fans and the number put together by our colleagues and do your rag origin, whose data reporter at reveal we're here to tell the story of diversity in Silicon Valley, We did this with some du jour earlier this year when she came up with her initial findings. She's kept on digging and today we're going deeper.
So here's how it's going to work with the choir. We divided the singers up and have them seeing different parts representing whose working in big tech companies more singers. You hear the larger that group is so basically grew people of according to what their numbers would be in Silicon Valley. Yes, what an average percentages in their company would be yet this my company is this: your company yeah, you gotta, be the ceo No black sea is not our job you're right about that. So the first thing we looked at was executives. Ok, so subdued first will start off with the black executive, which, since this is my tech company, this would be where I would sing at correct. Yes right, so, let's hear black executive. How did I get such a good voice, then a burning
hispanic latino executives, ok, those are just two voices and then asian executives. Mars is a big difference there yet and then what about the number one group wow that many white executives. Then then black executives, the percentage. Yes, yes, Gimme, the numbers. It's like seventy two percent wait executives. Twenty percent on average asian executives. Three percent on average latino executives, One point: three: nine percent black executives, while every week we knew that there was disparity, but I didn't realize it was there TAT S step, especially the eggs a wrong. It is that bad and executives make all the best.
Which means they decide what gets made and how it's gonna work. These companies are making products that define our lives, for example, companies like slack and square. These are products that we use every day, and they didn't have any black or hispanic executives in two thousand. Sixteen it's been really hard to get companies to release this data, and most of them want to keep it quiet. So how did you get your hands on some people, companies like slack and square. These are products that we use every day and they didn't have any black or hispanic executives and two thousand sixteen it's been really hard to get companies too. Companies to give it to us and we even suit the Department of Labour and that still ongoing, and as we have been reporting about this, we have been able to you get your hands on, so my corner will Evans and I did a lot of things we file public records require so. What else will you will learn from it like about women
Alleged professor has been studying, hightech workplaces. We asked the companies to give it to us. And there are six companies, They have no female executives. We don't know which ones, because we got this data from the professor and he couldn't share the names and among the female executives, white women dominate and there are six companies that have no female executives. We don't know which ones, because we got this. Skidmore diverse as you go down the ladder, but the numbers are still troubling there some companies, the home, no black women at all ten companies. Again, we know who they are, I can tell you about this one company that I do know bloom energy, a green tech company that recently went public, they had eaten.
In forty two people working there, two thousand sixteen, only two of them were black women and they were in making the big bucks. Oh gates, and did you now I'm totally depress? Well, it's not all bad news. What's really surprised me is that some companies were doing better than others and so more diversity is not the unattainable goal to achieve. Ok, gimme. Some hope here tell me what is so. Does the scum thousand sixteen. Only two of them were black women and they were in making the big bucks o gates, and do you know of the world have something to learn from them? Spinning ranks number one and professional women and number one out of three hundred and seventy seven of the largest deck companies. What are you they don't write, we went to duck see you animal Sesar at his office and Alameda to find out. I salute any size. You, madam he told us that if you want to be a diverse, funny. You really have to be one from the very beginning, our first employer first engineer
is it was a woman and she was well on and respected in the field that may have helped attract otherwise, And you know a majority of Silicon Valley. Companies were founded by men and they tend to hire people. They know mostly other men but some companies say that they can hire women because there aren't enough qualified women candidates in the chapel. Yes, I have also heard that a lot but peers were Adam had to say we just not found that to be true, and that may be in part, because we already have such a diverse workforce that it's an appeal place for people to apply or gave a diversity isn't just about who you hire right. Yeah. It's about building a culture where people also want to stay. Give us an example of how that's working at penumbra. We also, regardless of one's gender, try to really give credit to a person who is actually doing the work, sometimes twenty three years old,
out of school is getting sort of acknowledged in public credit for it, it really empowers Everybody and we ve had a number of those examples where those people were women, and I think that has helped yet doesn't happen that off enemy, that's a pretty big deal. So what? If I said he other Silicon Valley companies like that, unless a google let him I don't- want to be at all presumptuous to tell other companies have on their business. I dont think you will be successful if you're trying to create a more diverse workforce for the goal of saying you created with diverse workforce. It has to be something deeper than that it s to just be what you do. I am a hundred percent convinced is added.
Greatly to our success and Adams, just one c, o speaking out of his experience, but all of the academic literature also points to the same thing that a more diverse workforce is actually better for business Is it I sell so simple, but so many companies struggle with this evening. Aware for years they go to and it was dont, be evil is a struggle for them. In fact, this your Google released a report. The report acknowledges that it is having trouble retaining its black employees thanks individual solutions, a garage in is a data reporter at we were just talking about Google end for Kelly Ellis Lending, a job. There was a very big deal, it was two thousand and she was twenty five and she worked hard to get there. She had the degree of cows minor in computer science,
and she had the experience for years as a software engineer like every new higher, she was given this colorful baseball cap with a propeller on called a noogler had then she was whisked or station- I was excited. It was like a lot of information it was ought to take in, but I was like this is gonna be green, as would have was twenty thousand or so employees at the time, Kelly drove into the work. But it was a long before she started. Noticing things it didn't sit well with her little hints about salaries, Google, it seemed like, male colleagues would making more money. I remember TAT into other women engineers about their similar breast nations. I think I do didn't want believe that global could be even when it comes down to it really isn't a google anymore and when she left her plan was to put the experience behind her and move on with her career and that's just what she did until other people. In
The federal government started, seeing the same red flags and now Kelly finds herself in a high profile, against one of the largest companies in the world. She suing Google for discrimination, The first area is the story in spring when we teamed up with a descriptive podcast from Bloomberg. News we wanted to understand why Kelly women who work to Google believe the company didn't pay them fairly. Bloomberg Ellen Hewett and Aki Veto investigate Kelly is on her second jobs and she left Google. She works out of Oakland for attack start up, and we re but we caught up over lunch. The airline vineyard. Once before I haven't either I've been, following Kelly on Twitter for years way before this lawsuit started, because she's been so vocal about her expire As a woman and tat she has a tiny go.
Ceptin ring in her nose and where's classes that she nudges with the back of her hand, I was surprised is to buy how approachable she is in person because she's, pretty salty online IKEA, and I first met Kelly at her lawyers office and she talk to us about her time. A Google she's as that she started seeing the warning signs almost immediately when she learned she'd be working with, what's called front end code, and that was really really surprising to me, because it was filling different from what I have been doing before. I was there A lot of people in the software world looked at front and engineering as something that, like you didn't needed degree to do. This is unimportant Sanctions in software engineering front encoding, which Kelly was assigned to focuses on what the consumer
mercies in their browser back encoding interacts with the plumbing like servers and databases, and that's what Kelly had done before she came to Google, and I very quick- notice, that that was where all of my women were working was in front and engineering. So I was like that's kind of annoying, but at the same time I am, I would still like, while I'm in Google, though now at Google Everyone has a level starting level, one for interns and hourly workers up to level ten or higher for top executives. The higher you are, the more you tend to get paid and Kelly started to suspect that she was hired at the wrong level. I had had another software engineer and join my same team. The week after I did,
And he- and I both graduated in the same year, but he was level for when I was little three. On top of that, there is a whole group of new grads straight out of college who join a couple months after Ellie. They were all starting at the same level that I was at, and that was what I was like. This feels wrong. But when I would ask people about it, they would say while you know we sometimes down slot people and then we'll just correct it, come promotion, hang Kelly, applied fur, promote She says the committee reviewing her application agreed. She was doing the work of a level for, but they didn't promote because she had been a Google long enough to show an upward trajectory that was. When I realized like that, I was always gonna be playing catch up because, like the time that I was going for promotion from forty five. Like the people
before were already a level five. Or air was frustrated, but I was still like. Well, it's still do you now. I dont think I concern quitting Do you talk about that with them? measure or maybe like an age Europe not with and each hour up, but with matters and again I was just sort of told I trust the system like it didn't seem like there was any remedy. Kelly later did get promoted twice and was able move into a back and engineering team, but after four years she quit to go work for smaller company, where she felt she'd have more opportunities to grow. She tried to put her experiences at good. Behind her. I kind of always felt like. Yes, that's probably has and you have my gender by I like, fell through the cracks. Somehow
now, in my case, isn't typical three years later in twenty seven, team Kelly was browsing. The news online when she saw an article about a government investigation into Google in a court. Here lawyer with the Department of Labour said that these found evidence of systemic compensation disparities at the company. As I have a vague, ok, I like them now. This is getting real and I read the article and others like yeah yeah, yeah learning about the governments, investigation made Kelly see her experience in a different light. Around the same time. San Francisco lawyer, name Jim Limburg, read about the same investigation, Enzo lawyer at the firm out Schuller birds on any Specializes in workplace discrimination cases, he remained
here's how struck he was by the statistical claims cited by the Department of Labour of the alleged difference in what Google paid women and what it paid men. The government found a gap is so significant that it was incredibly unlikely for it to have happened by chance. Basically about one in one hundred million Jim compares to appoint us so far for a coin, there's a woman to chance than be heads. If I flipper coin a thousand times- and it's only heads once out of a thousand times well- that's a lot more suspicious, then it its once out of two times Jim discuss the government's findings with a couple other lawyers, and they decided to ask former and current Google employees to get in touch. If they are interested in talking
put a post on the internet and then necessarily think we'll get much a response, but we got com about eighty two hundred women who said yeah, it's terrible. Women are paid less than men for the same work. Kelly was one of the women who saw gems post, she filled out an online form and then met Jim and his colleagues to tell her story in person and she heard the other women stories to. I felt that I I was finally realising that this was a well intended accident and I'm not saying that they set out to discriminate against women, but I fully believe that they know about the problem and decided not to accept Kelly agreed to be a name plaintiff along with Two other women represent, by Jim the three way,
and filed the lawsuit in September. Twenty seventeen in the complaint. They said that Google pays women less than men for equal or similar work They also said that the company puts women on career paths with lower pay ceilings. The lawsuit made international news about Alphabet There's just one is shaking off concerns over the gender discrimination lawsuit filed against Google. Yesterday, according to clear fashion, we all suitor huge a pay discrimination against women. Three women who used to work for Google file the suit yesterday they claim the Tec giant as Google declined our request for an interview but the company has denied the allegations detailed in the lawsuit the company published a blog post in the spring that addressed pay, equity and the results are, very different from the governments, findings that we told you about earlier. Google said it would You had the salaries of eighty nine percent of its workforce. It excluded the jobs that it had weren't held by enough worker
for the company to run or reliable analysis for the job cattle is it examined. Google says it found a pig among a tiny group of workers, the company says it has since closed that gap, yeah I know, and how are you guys superb report? In March, a hearing for Kelly's lawsuit took place in San Francisco. I met up with Jim the lawyer outside the courthouse fiasco. Gin has big plans for the lawsuit he wanted to be a class action case. Today's hearing is to discuss the number of jobs that the proposed class action would cover. These genes team argues that thirty. Different jobs should be included Google's lawyers argue for a smaller number. The judge Mary with rule in favour of Kelly and other plaintiffs. I catch up with
afterward was again the girl to you personally gun, I mean it. It just feels kind of like another step in the journey in others. There is more to go on it, so it's not like it feels like a victor Are you really bad was the result of hoping for an idea worth yeah I get back to work pursuing this case hasn't come without its costs because of how vocal She's been on gender issues Kelly's face, a lot of online harassment over the years and the lawsuit, elevated her the file even more. What are the kind of things that the online troll city you? I mean it's
thing from the wage. Isn't real get back in the kitchen making a sandwich to like you deserve to be raped. To teach you a lesson about Anna going after TAT. Company is because you can cut it as an engineer earlier this year, one of the men who, through in her own mind, got a hold of her phone number and started calling her when she told him to stop. He told Kelly that he was in her neighbourhood the mention a restaurant on her block. She fell the research meaning order against him. But despite all of that. She says she still doesn't regret. Speaking up, I'm so like lucky to have had all the opportunities that land and me in this career a lot of that comes from my privilege, and I really want other people have the opportunity, because I do think that likes technology is feature in the economy
and I want it to be available to everyone for everyone to have the chance to succeed. And if you know entire groups people are being compensated Unfairly are not given the same opportunities because of factors that they can't help. Then so? The kind of industry I want to be in for now Kelly strained alive her life, as normally as possible, going to work hanging out with friends as she waits for the suit to move forward Jim expects to file a motion on her behalf early next year to get the case certified as a class action. Soon, if approved, that would owe Made up to thousands of women who worked at Google
our story was reported by Ellen Hewett, an acute ito in partnership with decrypting apart guess we're Bloomberg NEWS. You can find decrypting wherever you get your pockets and in the interest of full disclosure. I've followed Kelly twitter for awhile January before, even though we do in the story she treated this being harassed, issues raising money to stay in a hotel. I contributed fifty bucks when we come back women of color who worked for Google and other big tech companies talk about how they get ahead? Silicon Valley, that's next, reveal from the centre for investigative reporting. Mp are ex
from the centre for investigative reporting, p r ex this is revealed. I'm Allison we ve been talking a lot today about diversity in Silicon Valley, works, there do does it and we have already heard how hard it is for women, especially women of color, but there's some women of color making it in Silicon Valley, and we want to hear from them. I'm gonna do it. I'm gonna say my name where I'm refugee, these crossing the king Henry. It was so do your rag. Origin got eight of them together on a Thursday night after work in January, and you have to have a son that being theme song that you want to play every time you walk into a room every time I working, I think it's gonna be being yeah. I think I like that. I don't know that
These women have come straight from work to meet in a wood, paneled room on the top floor, the San Francisco public Library, over Quiche, and my song Pallaby Taylor Swift, shake it off all these women are successful. Professionals brought it managers, engineers, entrepreneurs, the only thing that's popped into my head right now is lucky star from it on us. I'm just gonna go without on and they had so much to say about their experiences that they eventually got kicked out of the library because it was closing. Unjustly is a consultancy, tech companies shinny eleven is a product major whose work is Ebay and Google. They both dealt with feeling out of place of the office. His uncle. In the start up environments that I've been in that culture is dominated by TAT, rose, tat rose playing Video games and calling their bro endued, and it's almost like.
Forced to channel your own Intertek pro in order to even like pretend like you're, really eating and after a while it becomes exhausting because you're living just like double consciousness. I make it a point to showcase how Miller. I am because I already know walking in that. I look different. I educate myself on what happened. Colonel, and so, when someone else Bitcoin out in the middle of the office or theory M is dropping like Iraq, I am able to say: oh that's, crazy love what kinda like oh and their surprise, and then then the reassurance that I also fit in with this team screw throw Pretoria? senior engineering manager sales force, doubts about how someone engineers lack confidence when had man and a woman report to me. I have to do a lot more, the woman who was equally or sometimes more competent to take on a new
opportunity just because she's a little because it and about how she thinks she will do so before even trying. There's this doubt factor that comes in there's a challenge: asking for the things that you want and being very vocal about the things that you want and that you need and I've done, that those Jennifer won an engineer at envoy. But it's a double edged sword because then become that vocal annoying person have actually heard in the past that one of my previous manager's called me a pain in the ass witches super, because I thought he was an amazing manager and he definitely I did what I needed to move up within the company, but also he thought was a pain in the ass. So right, that's literally the trade off we have to make every day. Do I wanna be liked, or do I want the things, So what if you mean into it and actually find the mother. Women start a thing where the whole point is we're. Gonna, be pain in the ass hashtag, be a pain in the ass whatever like,
literally start a movement so that you are taking the critique and your flipping it. Big tech companies to have organised, oversee efforts put participating in them can come with a car. Usually eleven again I was on a diversity committee. I google we put together a proposal, can we put together ideas, and there are so many ideas, as so many things that you could do, but we also had jobs gray and you have to take time off work and it to get all of those people in a room weekly to make sure that your tackling the issues and making sure that you're doing everything that you're supposed to do legally as well, a lot of other different hurdles that you have to jump through. Did you ever get paid to do any of this work is that sounds like a ton of work now
Oh yeah, that's my point is so often we we like, if we're the only black person in a group than we had token eyes and and asked to do all of this work without being compensated offers share, and so how do you feel about I've just come to the realisation that Gonna, be one other people responsible for women of color intact. But how do you feel about the fact that all of this time and effort that your pouring into helping the company get more diverse is literally taking away from your time in working on your career. I don't think about it for the company right. If I kid how women of color get into a different company. It's about them, as opposed to which company they go to work for the company should be lucky to have them. It's also about our coasts. Getting better products and their hands. So for me, yes, there is a lot of time in it. That takes, but I'm
to do it, because, if I don't who will- an end. I will argue that the company is fully aware, then let them are getting that from you absolutely yet they are not compensating for it. They are at best easy and compensating even recognising you in the way you should be, and at worst like wilfully, just letting you do it expensive your career, to be candid, I've been in the tech industry for twenty years on. We spent a lot of time so much I am talking about the challenges diversity and, like women getting promoted and diversity pipeline now is, I want to see so changed from the top down. Shyly Simmons is an ex google or an entrepreneur. I want to see that there are more women on boards of directors in passing, I join the board of directors were one point. Four billion dollar business I feel that it is important for me as a woman, a color to sit at this.
Company help represent that's what I'm proud of I'm trying to do something. Extra action towards why think effort is needed. wearing? I show this week with the anthem of women's empowerment speck respects. All the would participate in a round table include. Silent, Simmons gently. She may eleven Jennifer want disapprove of Bulgaria. Olive producers Sweet show is Heller, Catherine was gasping and talk. You telling me this edit show People here reveal helped out this week, including senior editors, Zebra, brands, debtor and Michael Court special thanks to Eric cigar. Christina Kim professor down to mask of each tv, and the team at the center for employment, equity and from Bloomberg NEWS, they get currently Smith Magnus conviction, friend, Jessica Levy and Christie westward,
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