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Two seasons after its investigation of the decline of McDonalds french fries, Revisionist History returns to fast-food’s high-tech test kitchens. This time the subject is cultural appropriation. The case study is Taco Bell. Oh, and Pat Boone is involved.

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These final three episode of this season of revision. Is history are going to be brought to you by eighteen tat, business what to do something unusual, which, instead of reading and add I'm gonna, have a conversation with eighteen teeth. Business president Sheaf marketing officer Mo Cat about who also happens to be an expert on five June. And what we're gonna do is talk about this new technology and how it's going to take us one big step beyond the found. A great example that I like to think about is your toothbrush right today, you're toothbrushes not connect tomorrow, Malcolm it will tell you when you have a cold and
I can already see you arguing with your tooth person. I don't have that letter and they will tell you don't lie to me to threaten Zagreb death agony, but it's the connectivity of all things I'll be back later in a show with more from low carbon. Now, ladies and gentlemen, episode, eight of revision is history. This episode contains explicit language. You listening to this smooth starlings, Patrick Charles Eugene Pact POP Star of the nineteen fifties host of the Ooh Chevy Show room, maybe the widest squarest rock position of all time. In nineteen, ninety seven Pat boon put out an album covering, among others, Judas priest, Metallica Ozzy Osborne led Zepplin, indeed,
Well, we all came down on the front of the album, Pat Boone. Looks up maniacal or at least as monopoly as you can, wearing only a black leather fast, you can find the whole thing on Youtube. In a metal mood. No more! Mr nice guy I mean all great song say: I'm chosen pack harpoon performed an active cultural appropriation, outrageous cultural appropriation. A square white guy. A middle aged kroner, walked in an shamelessly appropriated the heavy metal. Can here's my question: what should we make it up?
How should we feel about in a metal so I asked my friend Dave Davis, a metal, aficionados, legged tourist for Valley Lodge and which taint maybe the most metal ban, name ever If you read around the internet, you can find some videos we ve done. At her over the years, which have literally hundreds of likes. We got the same coffee shop, say today, while the devil's interval is on is the beginning of metal. Basically, it the flatfish I assigned day
in a metal mood has homework, listen to it, break it down. Report back to me: that's how this whole thing began at the time he puts his out. He sixty three he's been kroner he's an event. Christian he's been acount over forty years, he's best known for sporting, like these sweaters and khakis and top satyrs yeah or not even top satyrs, though shoes, those those White Box, yeah, that's what he does. I like a nice I knew you couldn't have imagined a less metal pedigree. Can pepper now he's pretty not manner, but it depends how you define metal. I mean. Musically now, but very met on many other ways:
We what you mean by just like it as far as like committing to being a Gruner pretty metal, I thought I did you catch that path pretty metal. My name is Malcolm Gladwell. Your list to revision is history, my podcast about things overlooked and masonry This episode is the official launch a by campaign to get Pat going into the rock and roll call a thing. We're climate aboard the pad boon train. Why? Because if there is ever a cultural, who has been misunderstood and overlooked, who fits the literal, definition of the revision is history mandate. It is patent
You think I'm joking, I'm so not choke. What follows is an argument in two parts one had been no longer. Mr nice guy part to talk It's very secure that way for rambling topsy roads that top secret taco bill is so important to my defence of pepoon that I travelled clearer. As the country to Irvine California, to the international headquarters of taco. Bell talk my way into their inner sanctum through double sets of security. Wars, all sorts of scanning of ideas
like I'm initiate Retinal Scandinavia tackling they sit me down. They ply me with one delicious bit of fast food after another, including most memorably. One of talk about top selling concoctions The naked chicken kaluza who found another. I have not, nobody was asking for this, because it wasn't even people even comprehend this idea. But I really don't know what a jacket one of those things never set with consumers and they would say you know what I was I'd like to make me this ray. We're too, do we know what so we know the idea for this from a means to bananas they deserve? I heard and which was that banana idea came from talk about oh and it was good hold. That thought were coming back to talk
but First Dave Helen. I have some work to do I skipped right ahead to holy diver by deal, and I was really impressive cause the that song the original version there's a minute and twenty seconds just kind of ominous like middle earth sounds holy Diver might be. The quintessential meddlesome gave EL considers it Ronnie James Dios masterpiece,
so yeah, but but even just the the pure, balls to be like under make your own way to men twenty seconds before, even smack you around with the greatest metal songs of all time and then I was like, while Pat Boon, doesn't have the balls to commit to that but sure enough eke he did. He did so right. Their huge fan
Track number eight on a metal mood after pack goons cover of intercepting metallic? only die. If you go down too long in the midnight lets, you can see a spikes. Did you know Rees? Don't you know what I'm gonna get away at? It simply guns.
I back with my cat about president chief marketing officer of eighteen to business, we're talking about five jeez, what it is, what it will mean and what it may be capable of, especially in terms of peaks bs. Just quit background in a one g. Voice to g texting. Three g was the introduction of social media. Europe, minor, music streaming lp created the mobile economy. As we know it weighs air. And be the gig economy, etc. That's what your usually are now with your found three or four J. Five g is the next step. When you think about five g, it really brings unpressed then it speeds it's can introduce massive connectivity of devices and new form factors just outside the phones
and from a reliability and latency perspective. Its incredibly responsive and then when you bring all those things together, then allows you to take data insights off of them to do a very, very interesting things. Us of this is like its exponential experts, Actually different ice. Now I see what you mean when you said the jump from forty five dwarfs the jump from the other trivia. When this, Speed. Really it's the other ones that truly make it different in terms of how we will reach a society. What do you think about Wi Fi? Your every building now has a wi fi access pointed it can connect about two hundred and fifty things praxis point with 4g Lte that gets into the thousands per access
point if you will and with five g you get into the millions of connected things per access. Point remember when MO talked about the tooth brush, talking back to that's, what having a million connected dings per access point means means that virtually everything can join the Digital revolution. This concern with Pat boons legacy did not start with me or Dave Hill. It started with another friend of mine, Bruce had my oldest friend in the world we met on the first day of first grade, Bruce producer regrouping and I are now partners on the broken record- music podcast, another epic Pushkin industries, production, which you should be listening to Bruce always had a bee in his passionate about pepper, I went to the Rock Rural Hall of Fame in Cleveland, which had never been too and I went downstairs. We're ok,
Starts- and you see these, you see exhibits like the precursors to rock n roll and then you walk into what is probably biggest part of the Rock n Roll Hall of fame in those famous part, which is the eldest section, how Elvis, basically founded rock and roll. And I was kind of amazed. I went through rights. I looked at all these exhibits I can think of is where is pan boom? Now? Why would I be? Why would I think, whereas patent were pat boot at an amazing career before Elvis in fact pet did a lot of things Elvis did before Elvis did. It We just buy raw numbers alone. He was Pat Boone was on the top one hundred charge the hot one hundred. I guess it's called for. I think two hundred and twenty consecutive weeks that record stood for Think close to fifty years, the only people who have been on longer,
where little Wayne and drink domain, Drake, pepper and Pat. That's your that's our top three The nominating committee for the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame is made up of rock music insiders, serious music people. They meet every September and have a day, long debate about the ten or twenty names that should be on the ballot for the upcoming here. The whole thing is secret, intense this lobbying campaigning I asked Terry stood about the process. He ran the hall of Fame for fourteen years guide. Some people were very nice people argue against the wall in the corner. You, mother fucker, you know the sordid all that sort of stuff, so it would go a lot like you go. You can go dark, but now it's I understand that it meant a lot to these artist. I try to explain that it was very methodical process. So then, I asked him two things you ever get dark over. Pat there wasn't, lot of discussion about Pepoon Patsy. We said it has. He
ever even made the ballot is never made it out of that bow the comes out now, if you know anything about popular music. You know why Pat Boon is persona non Grata in Cleveland, its ass. He made his name during the nineteen fifties covering black arm, be song a handsome young white guy just graduate, from Columbia, University and his regime. Company has him doing these white washed versions of songs by people like Little Richard and fats. Domino. For music aficionados, the idea of pat as a serious musician is offensive, but it too it did took a lot of fun, puts footer eleven, bring it up because of that feeling that he had stolen this music. The majority of the people involved always felt very strongly day.
An appropriate to have pat, wounding horrifying, but that's wait I'll at why's. He never made the ballot. It was discussed but never mind the ballot, and that's that's just the nature of the beast. In other words, Pat boons, album in a metal mood is not some weird. One off it's what he does. He wonders into someone else's world and he takes their music and that does not pass the smell test at the Rock n Roll Hall of fame. But are they right? That's what Dave Hill and I were trying to figure out, which is why we sat in the studio together, deconstructing p boons cover of holy diver. Right away when deals things about the tiger like that Scary Tiger Boone I'm afraid I'm tired now get out of here, get tired of it. I mean so see doing here with this song.
I'd like a mediator I get here in your like what aid did she has anyone seen the guy with the chicken secures, I wanna get some others John. I mean like it's sort of earth with a cocktail party. Corporate fundraiser scenario. Pat Boon is the poster child for cultural appropriation, now. What is this makes me think of talk about, because talk is the same thing for food, the bell. And talk about it. Some reference to the Classic Bell towers in spanish colonial architecture. L Bulgaria, no the bell in talk about refers to Glenn Bow of the Iowa Bells, a white guy who, in the mid nineties, fifties decided to put a fast food restaurant in San Bernardino, California, Glenville, tacos Taco Bell became a chain. Whenever he opened a new restaurant blunder.
Would hire Moriarty banned on the cover of his biography. Taco tighten Glenville of the I were bells, is wearing a sombrero. Glenn Bell is Pat Boon to white guys in the mid nineties. Fifties appropriating someone else's culture. So if we have a pat boom, problem. We should also have a talk about problem, which I am not happy about by the way, because I love talk about that. Was my moral quandary ok, so liver, we'll start with Laverne Baker
I'm sitting around my dining room table with Bruce Jacob Smith, my producer, and just in Richmond that producer broken record. We decided to convene a cultural appropriation summit to figure out who is the appropriate appropriately Bruce a wasp from Rural Southwestern Ontario, Jacob, a half jewish half catholic millennial from Long Island just in a mixed race, hipster from Long Beach, California and me Jamaica, Canada, England, whatever I we needed to cover as many basis as we could when listening to Laverne Baker- and We are, in the legend, perform Tweedle deed in nineteen fifty four,
What's the other one Georgia which, by the way and if you do the search comes up right underneath it Georgie gives because his real name is Frida malicious, something like that you're lipsitz from my misgivings several years after Laverne Baker? Does the black version of Treaty Georgia, Slash freedom
Does the white version, as part of the deal was to compare the two versions? Joy like the first one? Better, yes, are they almost identical? Yes, did you live here arrangements yeah, of course second, was not so bad. Actually, I got here now, but it's it precisely like the first one is Laverne Baker actually famously had to take out flight insurance once she was onto her and she Georgia Gibbs as her beneficiary, because she said if the plane goes down, her career is over to a measure that is,
Guess what we agreed. That is, if you want a definition of cultural appropriation, that's it next. We turn to Elvis everyone loves. Right. Remember the last episode of season three of revisionist history, where I put us on the couch and everything ended in tears. I love Elvis well: early years, a lot of Elvis his songs were written by a man named Otis Blackwell use Black he was a song I, he wrote Bobby's most famous on his fever, which was a Peggy LISA later Madonna Song, but he rode dont be cruel. All Look up paralyzed returned descended, oh yeah, yeah yeah great balls of fire here, like the Repulse Massey Data got guts, Jimmy Otis, Blackwell rights. The songs then records a demo gives the demo to Elvis ready.
This is Elvis doing his version of don't be cruel. You know like, in spite of all the baby. Ok, that's Elvis now this is Blackwell doing his version, the version it came first he's performing it on an old episode of late night with let him about it. Same song as were listening just in puts his head in his hands. I'm sorry, that's brutal. I forget how
I forget about. It is every time I heard MRS dissolve is well, and if you do this is the king of Rock and Roll her with his own vast dedicated room at the Hall of Fame. Now imagine how Otis Blackwell or any of the other black songwriters of that era, felt about what Elvis did had been asked to write a song for some are much more famous than they were fine. What hurts is when a so called, India's takes the song that you wrote and they came out of Europe. Cultural community and doesn't change a lick of it. One broken heart for sale I hit song written by Otis Blackwell for Elvis in nineteen sixty two. Otis,
might be Elvis Demo in an odour scammer, that's Otis Blackwell. Did you guys think it was Elvis yeah. I think that's Elvis demo oh my god, it's always been weak. It is a perfect illustration of what we're talking about. We listen with song on Youtube, that's supposed to be by artists, Blackwell, We have no idea whether its Otis blackmailer, Elvis because Elvis his completely yeah he's completely stolen the sky. Sound Maybe this is why not everyone out their likes Elvis as much as Iraq, a row hall of fame does people just in a purist on some level. He feels like it's, his music that's being violated here. And immediately just in, brings up public enemy and their front man, Chuckie Satellite chuck these the reason of Cecil, aided and implement,
Elvis was a hero. Most will never make it makes you sweat. Our raises the circle of simple and play Motherfucker commend our way out of this was heard. Em out. This was a most benevolent. Shitting me proud. Wasn't here is an appeal on those their Elvis. Let's take a break and when we come back were gonna eat. Some more talk about. I'm back with low Canada, we ve been talking five g and how it can connect everything, but ass mo. But my bicycle since I like I'm, not hat five g world where millions of things can be connected. Your bike, we'll talk to these stoplight, will talk to the vehicle and they will
coordinated, using machine learning, an artificial intelligence on the hay that cars going sixty miles in our stop your bike, because I've done the calculations. Three set. Zog and you're gonna run into each other yeah yeah, I see so I have a kind of it gives me the I hadn't thought of the this: the notion of of of connectivity I just had an as I broke her. Yes, when all kinds of things there, but the potential for you know, because this is huge issue in the city were sitting and right now we ve had fourteen deaths on bicycles of others you're. All those accidents are all about, so version of
see you. I didn't anticipate what you were doing. I was paying attention. These are all things that can be released usefully addressed by this cut, this level of of of connectivity. Glenville was born in nineteen. Twenty three grew up in the depression: hobo for awhile riding the rails living by his wits during the war the steward for a marine corps general and when the war was over, he came. To San Bernardino, California, and decided to open a hamburger, stand at first Tacos we're just something very added to the menu had eaten them.
Next: can restaurants in southern California and thought they were the perfect, fast food easy to make an eat super cheap. Then he added we fried beans. Then he dropped the burghers in fries altogether and after a decade of stops and starts, he opened talk about tacos to start as free Hollis breeders offer nineteen cents each by the late nineteenth sixties. Taco bells are everywhere The standardized look slump, stone brick, which looks a bit like Adobe, red clay, tiles on the Roof Bell Tower mexican food in a building straight out of Mexico, talk Bell is as bad as Elvis except how do you ever been to talk about where other Cornelius they don't have Cornelius Jones El the barrier way way way off the menu soapy peak in MRS Our, and when I was in it,
S, kitchen Attaka bells headquarters? The question of Carnitas came up and they said that, for whatever reason shredded meet doesn't work for them or Mullay. If you are ripping off mexican food, if you wanted to be Elvis MAX can food you would have mullay, but there's no mullay talk about, whereas Basque inspired else, yes, not familiar enough, and it is not familiar enough yet again in thirty seconds, we can't make it familiar to me. This is when apes, shoddy, which is which is cat as much as we left with, hard about Molly sauce, for example, my less ass, myself so I think there's so many different times, and this is lose Matthews had chef, I Molly in general, especially and Molly its rich and earthy, and I dont think that something that people are familiar. Aware, are ready. Another thing were the soft corn tortillas, nothing is more quintessentially mexican than the traditional soft quantity there are.
No soft quantity is a talk about. They tried it once mexican street tacos. What happened we We will get a lot of calls from customers that they got a taco. But the shell was wrong, She was on cooked. They had no reference, Fer, a court tortilla that wasn't deep, fried like they had no idea what a soft fresh tortilla was all about. It was a crisis is recalls. From Indiana aiming I swear. Are they serve trim? Inanimate Goma got people are worried that were serving them on could food there was no prince for whatsoever? Now the talk about guys, weren't upset by that reaction, their attitude isn't o r customers have to get moist. Estimated no to them is just a reminder that they are in the business of making real mexican food. That's not why people go to talk about helping people want the authentic provisionally that's the eye they. Why.
The variations in different. I don't know that this is not us out there. We are Yeah we're inspired by it, but we're not that's not. What were driven by talk about is an interpretation of mexican food. A riff on Mexico food for people who don't necessarily think of themselves as people who eat mexican food, that's a very different game and a heart again by the way, because you have to find the familiar part of the unfamiliar and somehow make it seem knew if you were the Elvis of mexican food, you wouldn't need a test kitchen with you. If you stealing something. Why would you need to test it? You test what you invent case in point. The naked can chew loop. The inspiration came from talk bells, Heather motto: Shaw: what are the food scientists I was meeting with? I remember Heather's as they like state. What do you think if we made in our taco shall out of chicken something like
What are you talking about? It was sort of like we know like chicken Milanaise so in my mind, I'm thinking like literally chicken milanaise pounded out chicken brass math Profile like you're, crazy, are there but will really comes out. Is you know she's, probably onto something we probably? They ended up with a white meat, chicken breast deep, fried in batter moulded into the shape of a taco and filled with lettuce, cheese, tomatoes and avocado ranch sauce. Did you have difficulty kind of convincing people we couldn't even describe to each other at first. So how do you actually get that message across to consumers of their like? I want to go in and try that I mean that was a pretty a pretty big thought, but that, whilst pot, if the conundrum,
because we are rich in lay we're talking about this as the Crispy chicken taco on when you called it a crispy chicken taco people are expecting a taco, shall regular taco shouted the piece of crispy chicken inside, and this is either of naked Chicken she Loop of fame. They wasn't until we then converted and started cholera tool, which is only premium taco where consumers Ok, I got, but even here there, making things up in mexican causing a tulip is a deep bride, Masa dough pancake shape to resemble a flat fishing boat. That's why college a loop. Who was our basque willing, boats, small, wide bottom shallow cited, but in the talk labelling? of a toolbar is not a shallow boat anymore. It's a taco a high cited boat and its naked, calling it a naked. What's the meaning of the word
naked in that context that entry dinner didn't have the shouted unites our allies, So I was wondering like Regos Gully, with everything they do so was interesting about this. Is that it's it's really conceptually a step outside the traditional musketoon? This is this is where no longer this looks like a taco. It's not a talk. It's something else. This is not the same as ours and Otis Blackwell. Is it always apply raided, the song dont be cool. So everything else, voters, Blackwell style, vocal, ticks Elvis stole the song, so talk about appropriated the taco, but not the taco, so they turn it into something that is about as far from Attaka as humanly possible
by the way I haven't even mention the craziest thing. In the talk about lab its the indian market, but they cooked, went up for us. It's an indian space, Potato Latka in the shape of a taco filled with kinds of delicious flavors spicy. If yeah this the spice loaded of a delay. So you might take a few bucks by its banana funds by sea, and then we can only talk. I have many question: hurt spice yeah blue. Just in my view, do want me to Fiji Justin just enrichment from the cultural appropriation summit. Elvis doesn't mean shit me. I brought him along as my sound tech, but he was holding microphones with both hands, so he couldn't eat. And all this food was passing right under his nose and we were getting concerned about his state of mind, especially a talk about people. This was their professional responsibility and they felt they were failing him. She went to cutting wrapper
walk in August ashes. So we know what the microphone with India Earthquake and now a kind of have to take a foray into the to reduce, locus Tucker. Talk about taco, were the shell is made out of a directive which turns out to be this fantastically complicated engineering feet because you have to simultaneously please the universe of hard core Doritos fans and the universe of hard core talk about lovers. Did the law here is how to get involved in others, IP going on between don't lay and talk about it. I think I can tell the story, but I mean that the story really is: there was a handshake the ceo of Fredo lay and the ceo of talk about worked it out. One on one talk about
Born of San Bernardino meets Doritos inspired by authentic mexican tortilla chips, but actually created in its current form. As you may know, at a restaurant in Disneyland, a handshake because they knew if we got everybody involved. We would never get this idea out the door and you only we had this magical thing. We need that would not have music a summit. Did you like me some segregation like? What did you guys do? I mean Alviella golf course of spirits and maybe Talk about is not Elvis Elvis could never have pulled off the Doritos. Tucker.
I can't go on without one more moment from our cultural appropriation summit when we finally got to the matter at hand. What's the best Pat boon, but to refer this to the duty free regime. It will start with little riches to beauty, but the best Tutti fact I learned and he was at its originally tutti fruity good boudoir movie ass up up up patent comes along the boy wonder, and she would she do them not given what was a lie. Version of him. That's gonna lie version. Just for fun It's an old performance on canadian television from the nineteen fifties. Papua looks like he flew in straight from a boy scout January. The video begins with a title card, so the caution like pouring cream into coffee, so good, Pat Boon, lightened and sweet
are in b and he made a smoothie I'd- have Tutti fruity about Bob where better use, gown, which I truly wish you d fruity, isn't let me go go behind me even Really, that's all of them have done by all the white versions of simplified the be like the beat. It feels a little more danced a little more complex yet in the black versions, and the white version is like This is the one two three four: are you can't miss it that you know pattern did not copy to fruity He made a smoothing out of duty. Fruity years later little Richard did
interview with the music journalist, Joe Smith, he wasn't happy what he will do. He would take over the police stations and never kill me Casanova. Zero kill me Kosovo The EU will kill me because device, definitely him anyone. I may as well I can stop you. Can you confirm, but Little Richard says that later he changed his mind, but really when I look back over. There was less an adolescent because he open doors was he made. The white it's more aware of me, because this is what my version as what he says: the agonies of items of doors open a whole lot of those he's a beautiful person when it works cultural appropriation. Sir as the basis for something new, but it also widens the audience for the real thing. It's the way original authentic idea moves into the mainstream. That's what my friend Bruce has been trying to tell us the contrast years with Elvis blaming Elvis directly
but he did a version of hand. Dog big, Mama, Thornton didn't then crash the pop charts afterwards with her version of hand, dog or or because there was no room for it, because he'd already did it so well. There was no reason to go back to the original, yes and that's what I that's. Essentially the distinction of making, which is, if, if Elvis Presley is the club, this in a pattern, is the guy who landed in the new world and then went back to Europe and said we should make friends with these guys. They ve got great tobacco. He didn't show up and saying I'm taking over the colonies. Johnny he's John the Baptist, whereas Elvis pretends to be Jesus Alber says on the reason Lord dig Pat was not retained with terrorism. Lord he's, like I'm, just the guy preparing the way for the reason. Lord. He is John, the Baptist John about an taco bell that at the same time, Pat Boon John
Just his handsome wholesome he's really handsome he's a wholesome he's, a nice guy. There is running Bismarck right now. I think he's sky. Ladies and gentlemen, tat in ninety? Ninety seven, at the height of his metal period, Pat Boone, and on the Easter Seal telephone. Mutations, no rush by their very nature, really you're trying to tell me he doesn't belong in. All of fame
I used to be such a sweet sweet thing till they gotta. Let's make this happen, people let's get Pat Boone on the ballot info at Rock Hall, Org, that's info at Rock Hall then crank up a little in a metal mood on your phone order. A naked chicken The nearest talk about and ask yourself if the world is in a better place with the right kind of cultural programme NICE guy revision history is produced by meal about and Jacob Smith with, Camille Baptista ART editor is Julia Barton Flood. Williams. Is our engineer fact checking by Beth Johnson? gentle music by Luis Kara special thanks to
We make Liore headed Fain, Maggie Taylor, Maya caning, Listen, Gambro and Jacob Iceberg, and Joe enrichment, who turned down talk. Well in the service of his duty and Bruce Headlong is behind this particular operation. Revision History- is brought to you by Pushkin industries. I'm nothing. What I saw came back to Pat Boone, so he takes absolutely iconic song and he does this jazz lounge
yeah. Can you give us a? Can you try a little bit of a jazz lounging die even down to see. Now you know where, as I to attempt to do it, I'm also showing what scale up had borne cause. I can emulate Just the swagger, and you know that you can tell me, like he's, got a bit of a tan. You can hear it in his This year, the diver even down to long night, see what we can see. I've just got taken. It. You know now or at a coffee house. And some secret mine, so why this is interesting? What he's done is not it's not a trivial accomplishment. Now. There's some this. There is a degree of difficulty in what he's done here. Oh yeah, I know,
and you can walk in the street. Do pepper? No, no you'd, be a fool. You know, as well as much as you'd be afforded think you could do dia you'd best. As maybe a scotchman folding, a new pattern on July, tenth twenty fifteen, a young woman named Sandra Bland was stopped by a police officer on a highway in rural Texas. Then everything went wrong. I've written a book called talking to strangers? It starts with that encounter, but I didn't just right for the page I recorded an audio book as well. New kind of audio book that allows you to hear the voices of the people I talk to and come with me to the places I go because
you shouldn't just listen to an audio book. You should experience it talking to strangers the audio experience available now, where ever audio books or sold.
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