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Introducing Revisionist History Season Two


From bestselling author Malcolm Gladwell, season two of Revisionist History launches June 15th.

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If you listen to season, one provision is history. I think you that I have a weakness for the big idea, maybe even a fatal weakness. I my tombstone is going to say Malcolm Gladwell rest in peace is one big idea is that there was one big idea to explain everything. I began season two of revisionist history with the same obsession I think I know you'd thirty or forty people met a few dozen books camped out in the end, while you library. Paul in search of that little tingle? That moment when you realise that actually this is just weird enough. This is totally some history with revising Ladies and gentlemen, I give you more Cohen, philosopher, you can't step in the same river twice, because each time you second, the river, your stepping into different water, yeah
and then the professor starts talking about Heraclitus rivers and the ship, Theseus and light bulbs, light bulbs go off. The question is you could change if you have a ship and you change the sex of ancient greeting and your change one board at a time? Is yesterday's ship different guess what this is season coming up, I'm gonna take you there, Mcdonald's and the french fries. They had back in the day Textron, six thirty seven is shattered only crest, it's amazing, perfect French, fried action or I'm gonna. Take you a little tour of the golf courses of LOS Angeles, the dark secret behind a resistance, looks like couple of layers and barbed wire. This looks like the Berlin Wall is this issue. They want us to get in there and tell who story about a truly dysfunctional friendship. It was clearly deep
the person he ever loved in his life. There was no one else as possible possible that all of that but the river. That leads to the thought that no compound material objects. Last any time at all, constantly renewed and replaced by new projects or not always with revisionist history, Reasonable mines will probably disagree revision as history, because sometimes the past deserves second chance subscribe on Apple vodkas or what Ever you get your podcast. season. Two of revisionist history launches June fifteenth.
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