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Coming soon, a new podcast series from bestselling author Malcolm Gladwell.

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I think, we're bad historians. Something happens, we see a watch, it remember it followed away. Then, if you look back at what you filed away closely rediscover its all wrong, I was a baby when the leader of the opposition wait outside in the province of parliament, had stored next to a sign that safety. The weeks must sergeant sexism every day, These labour at the opposition, who came to see me if I'm wrong. Make a donation to the urgent fond of fifteen hundred hours Phil, What would you do with a hundred million Malcolm level? Also, the tipping point, blank.
How Myers David and Goliath, and now, a host of revisionist history from penitent The show is my attempt to correct a record shot the free furrow, guys stance, Gaza, a very big sis age should like that over the course of ten episode. I'll. Take you back to something that happened a hundred years ago pasture event, a person that idea something we all missed, something we all remembered but misunderstood, and the guy next Door- and I heard it vertical what do you make in front of him for he doesn't miss? I'll revisit a mysterious car crash asset of San Diego, where we ve happened, making gorge word, travel can't would have not by everyone, and you don't have the ability to like from the vehicle, offer anything parking lot,
All explore Why will Chamberlain made a choice he knew would diminish his greatness? Is a basketball player We should examine some sung nobody realize his brilliant, not either the guy who wrote it and sang until much much later, when we did the playback Umsuka, we are quite drunk and played it back really loud and clear. Freetown said it's a rubbish is: is this terrible, terrible we're fine with the future the future is in our imagination and we can be as up the works. Did or delusional as we want about it? But the past is with the truth, and so I left with more quickly, answers revisionist history? Sometimes the past deserves a second chance.
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