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Little Mermaid Part 3: Honestly Ever After

2021-08-02 | 🔗

Revisionist History presents: The Little Mermaid...our way. The grand finale of our three-part series. Featuring the voices of Jodie Foster, Glenn Close, Dax Shepard, Brit Marling, and many more.

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in process when you son of a zipper good, you'll, utilised, smarter matching technology than gesture average shop site zipper could will actively pig shoe to relevant employers, and when you find a good match, you can apply with just one click if the employ yeah like what they see. They can even invite you to apply for their job. There is a reasons a promoter is read it. The number job side. In the. U S, budget, to sign for free, zip, protruded outcome, Slash match today and put zip recruiter to work for you Exterior Ocean, the ship magic, our aerial grabs onto a portal window. She voice herself, out of this scales, the side of the ship towards the deck. A bar of cannon. Indeed flowed down from above, as aerial ascends
Do you Prince Eric take Ursula? to have and to hold in sickness ended health for as long as you Beauchamp LIVE area, one leg over the starboard railing against enraptured by the perfection of the bride and groom, don't even notice her arrival Eric looks deep, two Ursula's eyes, hypnotized adieu. My name is Malcolm Gladwin, you listening to me in its history, my podcast about things overlooked and misunderstood. This episode is a third and final part of our investigation into the Walt Disney companies. Nineteen, eighty nine princess blockbuster the little mermaid in parts one and two we told you what was wrong with me in this part three
China's history brings you our production of the little mermaid aversion finally fit for your children. Allow me to re: introduce you to the creative force behind our version of the little mermaid, the actor and screenwriter Grip Marlon. We met her in the previous pursued where I asked her to re. Imagine a better ending for the little mermaid to identify precisely where Disney went wrong and fix it look, there's something very true at the centre of the little mermaid and asked what makes it sticky both the HANS version and and the animated version that came from Disney and sticky at the centre. Is that way? men, do often lose their voices at around that age and so any myth that doesn't have
true at the center. You know, which is fades away, doesn't really last the test of time, but a method get something right, we'll stick around in both the original HANS, Jan Andersson version of the little mermaid and the Disney version, the little man made must surrender her voice to the sea which, in order to protect, paid in the real world today, to a true happy, ending, you have to acknowledge that the terror in the story is may be correct, right that it functions as a cautionary tale. Young women sometimes do lose their voices and that tear or that point no return promises and obligatory seen and the obligatory seen as well. How does she Her voice back does she got her voice back? What does say when she has her voice back and on those counts the the New version really fails to inspire a genuine happy ending about how a young woman might get her voice back and then what she might do with it.
when just randomly gives her voice back. Where did she go Lawson found who happened to be there. I mean this. Is it's it's a buzz, unsatisfying, sad. Back and we watched it Malcolm cause. I was like I can't be as bad as I think it is. But it's worse, She standing on the dark watch the wedding ship go out into the sunset, knowing that Work is about to marry this princess and when the sun sets shall be turned into this algae creature, that's a lost soul in like Ursula's garden of lost souls into the sea, so she's kind fallen and she standing there and then scuttle the seat. Comes to bring. and you ve got all my gosh. I looked through the portal window in its Ursula, whose marrying Prince Eric and Aerial flings yourself off the dock lands in the water, and she can't swim so then, like that, wages. Flounder have to drag the boat on the back of a barrel, but that was
gets appointed the deck she standing there. And it's got all the single the goes and gets the shell off. Ursula's net throws it the floor happens to land where she standing, as happens to reabsorb her her voice through, literally no agency of her own. Bread believed that the little maid could only be saved with a completely new kind of aerial, but who could player? I called up Av Kaufman, one of the top casting directors in Hollywood. I centre script- and I asked her to find someone to embody the spirit of a teenager- a mermaid nature, but one with a certain amount of moxie edge. So you know in thinking about child actors. Jody in and people we love, I think,
Jody could have done that Jody being Jody faster, Jody Foster. Who AMOS. They played an FBI agent inside so the lambs and long before that, a child prostitute, in Martin School says he's taxi driver. You want me back to my parents? May they hate me? What are you in the first place, there you can live like this grandchildren, you ever hear of women's lives? Yes, that jury faster. That's where we're going with this. We're thinking that the young Jody Foster ought to play a Disney princess. Yeah Jody could have done that probably but leave a bully and enjoy these kind of like that. She's got that tough. Inside that surrounded by the big heart.
And the intelligence you're talking intelligent, we would believe that she could make a leap, chaotic I think that the young Johnny Foster could not meanwhile, disease Aerial not a million years, better eyelashes and that someone else slavery are you kidding me like she ain't she wouldn't, making the role? Could she wouldn't have had a clue what to do with? You could have said. you sure you're, not looking for another J, faster, no shit, yeah yeah did we ask Jody faster to play our aerial to join, which can players? Did she say? Yes, let me answer there was another question: have we revisions history ever? Let you down As a child in England, I grew up hearing the BBC, program listened with mother, every episode of which opened with. Are you sitting comfortably? Then I begin
you ve all been patient. All of you. You have listened as we have taken swing after swing at the bloated pin yadda. That is the original little mermaid. It's time to raise the curtain sitting comfortably. Then, let's begin in the stories final act. Aerial had hoped to in the heart the handsome prince Eric marrying. Him was the only way she could still human, but the prince His chosen to marry another woman who is actually which Ursula in disguise the soon to be newlyweds, are on about your guests: music dancing. All manner of merriment and into this spectacle comes our badass area so with May I present the little mermaid to point no written and narrated by Brit Marlon
grab onto a portal window. She voice. Hers out of this scales the side of a ship towards the deck final by can and indeed floated down from above, as aerial assent. Do you Prince Eric take Ursula? to have and to hold in sickness, ended health for As long as you both shall live Ariel throws one leg over the starboard railing, the guess, enraptured by the press, action of the bride and groom, don't even notice her arrival Eric looks deep. Two Ursula's eyes, hypnotized adieu. Do you Ursula take Prince Eric Ariel soaking wet residency? we read in the face charges forward leaps onto the stage heads right for the couple too
you like of charging boom, the guests gas, but this invasion scorned to come to sabotage the wedding to throw ex fiance overboard aerial barrels. forward arms outstretched and just when it seems like arrow, might strike Ursula Schleicher, with her in an embrace full of feeling. The guests jaws drop guarded Ursula shocked, disgusted lets the mask of perfect brides slip, her true voice, laced with bitterness ask me you are so that tries to extricate herself from aerials arms aerial holds on with a strength of Harding possible to unravel Ursula Aerial. What are its duly? Everyone looks on shark truly bizarre, see one woman hugging another will be rigorous, squirms fights to this embrace, but cannot break it.
Seems to not really want to The force of areas, kindness gains, the power of actual magic and the shell around Ursula's neck that holds aerials voice begins to glow hum talk away from Ursula as if possessed a move towards aerial Stop stop stop. I say, but aerial doesn't stop by the heat of aerials love Ursula begins to transform back into her original form. Her slender limbs morphine barnacle covered tentacles, but wedding dress. First, that the themes to reveal foresee slick, octopus body a woman in the audience screams shrilling, God cursed. Where is she Children cower under their seats, grown men back away in horror, Eric stumbles and nearly falls over here I almost married and octopus,
Doesn't stop hugging this creature, this being that everyone else's so revolted by the force of Those feeling compels her own voice out of the shovel around Ursula's neck alight that voice slips its prison and offers in mid air. A moment millions gas, the priest, faint, the light, floats into aerials. Open mouth. Then she things in a voice as radiant as a son that breaks a summer store Eric realising it was in fact, aerial rescued in Russia's forward to her aerial. it was you it was you all along too little too late. Eric and honestly, Eric was not really the point and never has been aerials arm still rap Ursula, who in spite of herself
means into the embrace Earl turn! Back to Ursula and says softly into her ear, you hurt me but I understand why you hurt me What do you know you have you got it dewie teenager? I know that you are kicked out of the kingdom, my family. I know you are left dark part of the ocean to die alone? And I know You have suffered greatly. I know you made me and many others suffer greatly. All I have is the art of cruelty. All I have is your hate. Every odds fate. hey you Ursula Ursula's. After this, but I'll go wide with feeling. No one has a kind word to Ursula in years. And in time under standing you better and why You ve done the things you ve done
maybe even love you, cries out as bitten by those words for a moment in areas embrace? We see Ursula as the magic of aerials empathy allows aerial to see her Ursula at air, aged sixteen. The age before Ursula's heart was broken. She's open full of vigour and young magic, curious and alive. Like aerial is, I had been at this age, they might have been his friends they might even have been lovers- the two young women regard each other a moment. You ve taught me the power of my voice. I could Surely even thank you for that. Ursula weeps. Now, let's see nature, she is an aerial, unbidden, unstoppable, tears. I'm sorry I was so
two Ursula now still holding Ursula's hands? It's ok someone her you just Are you hurt me I think I know who it was.
Sky has darkened the sea swaths. Now in anger, waves rocks the crown the guests pulled on some sudden, fierce win Eric grabs, a sort of a near by garden, fear aerial, let's go Ursula's hands in surprise and Ursula becomes were true age again. Just ass, King Triton emerges from the ocean huge bearing his trident and writing an enormous wave toward the ship. An army of spear wielded merman behind him hear his voice booms like thunder, lightning cracks of guy from the force of his rage. Training of the ship. Now, like a giant frightened lives, his trident I it's clocks with electricity drawn from the sky. He aims that laser beam of death toward Ursula, who suffused with love as no ready counter attack aerial shouts power. She throws herself in harm's way to protect Ursula, you
me and my sister's prisoner in the castle. You exe, child Ursula, from family friends, safety cause she dared to practise magic, and you wanted to be the only one with such power but I have magic to Father we all have magic and then It begins to use the power of her voice, which is real magic to sing it so hypnotic and true. The sea begins to calm. Under her spell anger, surging in the bodies of the german soldiers begins to dissipate, Ursula looks Really wonder and joy: in her a lower note in perfect harmony as Ursula sings. The loss of her garden, shake free from the terrible purgatory for old spells, swim to the surface as more people once again and sing with the passion of the newly freed.
citizen, more people drawn to the sound of real freedom, break the surface of the sea and sing too Sebastian flounder thing. Even Scott. Things a little off keep but committed. altogether. They make the most beautiful music human years have ever heard Eric sound beautiful, so do many of his wedding guess, who have not allowed their hearts to become too hardened life, some of them, the brave ones begin to sing too The music travels so far and so wide that even townspeople on land begin unconsciously humming this malady they ve never heard before, but feel have known always the clouds part
setting sun is round and pink birds land, happily on the shoulder of trade and and this big, proud, vain old king cannot help but be moved by his young daughter and her magic to unite across genders across generations across species threatened, looks at aerial with tears of humiliation. Mixed with tears of on aerial stands on the edge of the balkan level within dad. You don't need to be the most powerful to be the most loved tritons eyes widened the wisdom of her youth, the terror to falls from his eyes, I'm sorry area. I have not been very good, miss cotton. We begin again area, lots and embraces her dad over the railing, and now the sun
Finally, sets Ursula's old spell wears off Ariel Sharon this forms into a mermaid once more, the guests have no reaction. At this point, freedoms in all areas. Access, relax north a powerful, been Eric drops down to her side. Her, I Thank you. You look saved my life, Ariel smiles at him, don't mention it. While she really wanted was a thank you, it may be all any of us ever really want era. Ernest Ursula, hey Shall we go home? Ursula knives, yes, let's go they take each other's hands and jump. have a drive and electric vehicle.
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magazine called twenty five, five, six nine. Seventy three eight seven learn more about away these symptoms and how mere Patrick may help at away be mad dot com and then talk with your doktor. That's o a b and c d dot com. Let's take a moment to discuss our revised and greatly improved, ending to the little murmured first of all to any executives of Walt Disney company who happened to be listening. Please feel free to use our ending in the remit of the little mermaid that I understand, you're working on go right ahead. Aerial in deserve a better fate than you have given them for the past thirty years. Speaking Ursula. Did you recognise that voice? Did you figure out who we got to play this? most critical of roles get off, but you fool. We couldn't use just anyone role because Ursula is not a two dimensional,
anymore. We're not murdering her off we're redeeming her Brits point was Why is she even the villain in the first place? It's just that who do young women lose their voices, do not reach We wise old women living on the edge of town re like? That's, not the culprit, her, who takes women's voices from them, and so I think that's the problem you're contending with at the end, which is like the vehicle but which is a kind of smoke screen that prevents us from thinking about. Where forces of antagonism against women, actually lie so at last. Played by someone who, do more than a garden variety which show how old is Ursula get off me? You know, I think you get off me what I think you could play
her older for sure. Is that sort of the truth, the older which, on the edge of town kind of thing? Ok, that's brick directing Glenn close, we got when close up course we did. It was only right to have Disney's now DE ninety six crew, Ella Deville return, as revisionist histories, twenty twenty one Ursula. Now what about Prince Eric, Britain. I had a long planning session on the Eric problem. He is a completely cardboard figure who only is allowed to have any kind of meaningful role where he kill somebody. Malcolm I love that. Yes, I love that we're doing a lot talking right now about the ways in which we need to liberate women through stories. But we should also do a lot of talking about the ways in which we need to liberate men, We didn't need a murderous vigilante anymore. We needed
Braided man I almost married or suppose. Did you recognise that voice the body meant a male liberation. The actor comedian podcasting extraordinary Dac shepherd here is during her taping taking direction from our producer, maiming, kissed him. Oh, I kind of wanted you to do it kind of like a clueless him, though you know what I mean. What a hymn boas and all I can do is male version exactly exactly well version of a what timber or bimbo Harry. What What are you doing out aerial? What are you doing? Oh, that was great. Thank you guys for King Triton, the king is played by Ethan Herschenfeld stand up, comic actor and former opera singer.
was a delight for our in House musical genius Luis. He, a more open feeling. You never mean that when I can kind of Ducas, I grew up in the Bronx, but of every day during the Riverdale it sounds awesome, so TAT Shepherd Jody Foster, Glenn, close Ethan Hirschfeld, I mean all star cast. Try and lives is tried and high its tax with electricity drawn from the sky. He aims that laser beam of death toward Ursula, who suffused with long as no ready counterattack, aerial shouts power, to me the most beautiful moment and in your new ending is when aerial throws body in the line of her fathers trident to save Ursula right He will sacrifice herself on the behalf of someone who was hitherto in the
I've been seen as irredeemable itself he would sacrifice somebody in good standing with sacrificed themselves for it. Someone who is conceived of irredeemable, the princess, the heir to the throne, the beautiful whatever would sacrifice everything for for the for the sick. but which have an outcast which feels so right, because the witch he's been Miss cast from the beginning. Right I mean I think cruelty was there Ursula and it made her cruel, and I believe either that or solar could actually be redeemed and that all it really takes is one person in an active tremendous bravery and kindness. I mean that's the thing that I keep thinking about these days is how can dramatized the strength of kindness, but we just don't really believe and kindness
as the culture anymore. We think it soft, we think its weak. We think it's not serious, but that just doesn't feel. write to me, and it feels like they're here, to be awaited dramatized. It has actually this incredibly sharp, pointed powerful thing. Disney's little mermaid instructs little girls to think about themselves. Brit modeling once little girls to think about someone other than themselves the outcast living at the bottom of the sea, who also deserve the chance had happiness. I think that, after months and months of house arrest during this pandemic, we could all use an escape. That's why thank you
I, like the ATLAS, obscure podcast, from witness dots every day the showed takes listeners on a naughty journey to the world's strange, incredible and wondrous place. think of these as many documentaries made by people whose mission is to inspire curiosity about the world deal shared David did. An episode with me recently about the provision is history, the mermaids series we talked about the imaginary world under the sea occupied by Ariel an slack thinking trade and listen to me. An ATLAS Obscura host Dylan tourists set what it means for all of us to be so tied to narratives about places real or not. In the meantime, here's a preview of the ATLAS Obscura podcast So, where are you right now? We got headphones on, maybe you're
big vegetables or walked in the dog or sitting on a park bench, but wherever you are come with us for a SEC indian ocean foggy it's hard to find a thirst. I there is no sign of it, but the strange place It's really quite a beautiful space, just flies away, stop of legend, give us fifteen minutes, and we will take you someplace incredible they're, all each in turn, didn't like never ending knocked a sound corny, but they just what kind of magical wonders around every corner here now where's bloom, forever wonders that are even hidden. In plain view wonders in your own backyard: it was pretty amazing. The whole area of caning-
life in terms of what it was originally many people It is thought to weep when they see the rolls on our way, to all these incredible places, will meet some incredible people, you ve got the content of life, not just the form, its wonderful to see you that next. Some guy came in. had a pair of white underwear on Dad content is multiplied best by Japan, gives Melis G and we'll get to hear some truly Amazing stories, a federal- and He comes in and says Gimme every monkey you got. Twenty six squirrel monkeys ironed out each running through the city, with a bottle of letters to Miss jacket. Whether bootless reply asked it right there. You were right about that.
a time bomb under my life, the ATLAS Obscura podcast, I'm dont trust, cofounder about sex, meet me in the rest of our team back here on March fifteen worth going to depart on an audio tour of the world's him wonders for days. A week Monday through Thursday you'll get a brand new episode no longer than fifteen minutes. I do wonder every day- and it sounds Nearly not human away, subscribers teacher apple pie, gas, Pandora, Spotify or wherever, Go out and closed the door. Conan o Brien needs a friend is a weekly podcast, were Conan, hangs out the people he enjoys most and try
to find some real friendship along the way I was actually guest on the show. Last her talk to Conan about Gardening tabloids the eye array, all kinds of things. The prince talk about. You should totally check out my upset. You also hear from guess, like Barack Obama, Tom Hanks Bruce Springs Dean, Michelle Obama, my Rudolf way way more episodes job every Monday and new many episodes of Conan O needs a fan. Cameron Thursday were Conan, meets fans and answers. Burning, fan questions, listen wherever you get your purchase. One last thing: the most amazing gift of all british Darling wrote a final scene. She said we didn't have to use it. I disagree. here. It is aerials coda, Exterior shipwreck kingdom under the sea,
real swims through a shipwreck joined by flounder. Another murder means a dark in and out of, the wreckage digging into old trunks rooting out human treasure so there, the story of the only wedding I ever crashed We'll go on land, but not for Eric next year. countryside day, aerial gallops across an open fields on the back of a horse. They leap offends together by day. I explored distant lands. Far kingdoms, ancient forests, I learned so much from the people I meet gazelles the trees, the sunflowers, the rainstorms, Ariel scales of five hundred year old tree with two other teenagers are laugh of a race to the top. By night
by my own magic? I returned to the sea area walks into the ocean under the light of a fool you alone in her legs morph into a finnish. She reaches the first big way she dives under fish, more people, crowds, octopi, all manner of sea life gather around a warm bubbling, see then aerial things to them of her travels while Sebastian conducts a small orchestra in accompaniment. I say stories of the places I've been the kindness I've encountered the danger I've defied the times? I've had to apologize the times. I've been apologize to and there was finally a wedding that went off without a hitch it just wasn't my wedding
Interior, Grateful Palace kingdom under the sea, all the more people decked out in their finest pearls and quarrels for a lavish wedding, but its Triton standing before the pulpit he lifts the veil of his bride to be its Ursula there's still a sharp looking Ursula's I but the sharp of wisdom not of cunning. She smiles shock to be met late in life by such happiness, aerial a bridesmaid amongst her sisters, beings. It turns out that much stuff, Ursula's bitter potions had come from an early heartbreak. My father,
Do you take gain Triton to have until now? I do I do I do I do King Triton and Queen Ursula KISS and Eric Erics married to and happily Eric walks down the palace steps arm, slung around his husband Tom, the town veterinarian, twelve enormous fluffy, sheep dogs erase around at their feet, like us, they don't get. It Eric says it's weird to eat fish after a fish woman saved his life and he almost married a giant octopus so the kingdom has gone vegetarian, carefully, break Why I'd rather die Eric and Tom, or encouraging other kingdoms to do the same. In the face of the climate emergency, we'll let you die and the plan I think he's gonna make a fine king one day,
Ariel sits around a table with Eric Tom and a bunch of other townspeople. It is not a push signed meal at a ridiculously long table for almost no one, a feast for many they pay Suppose a food and break off chunks of bread. with their hands and sometimes talk with their mouths, full the hallways filled with rowdy laughter and sometimes tears ass people tell each other. What's on their minds and in their hearts and what they hope for the future. And so we lived not always happen, but certainly more honest than we ever had before the end.
Visions, history is produced by meal about Lee Mangus, do Jacob Psmith with always Lynton, and an eye Dinner is Julia Barton, mastering Lifeline Williams and engineering by Martine consults fact, checking Amy gains, thanks to all those who lose their voice. The little man to point out our actors, Zob language, then close Jody Foster, Ethan person felt Modeling Kate, Parkinson, Morgan Dac Shepard and are singers Devon. Guthrie Greece Kara he again even Hirschfeld collapse so my a cigar and ginger Smith and and especially one thanks to two people. First or composer extraordinary, though Sierra LAW by himself matched and actually exceeded.
armies of sound people in multi million dollar, orchestral halls Disney headquarters, and second, my old friend, Britain, whose storm the walls of a Disney fortress and liberated Aerial and Ursula from thirty years of wrongful imprisonment. special thanks also to the push concrete benefits. colleague Liore, my caning Look on Maggie Taylor, Alexander, nickel, Murano, Jason, Gambro and, of course, I'll have it
young King Triton, Jacobite dont forget my latest book, the bomber mafia, which is an expansion of several episodes from the last season. The provision is history. You can find it wherever books were sold but by the audio book at bomber, mafia, dot, com and you'll get a bonus listeners guide and you can listen in the podcast happier using now. I So where are you right now headphones on, maybe you're chopping vegetables, or walking the dog or sitting on a park bench. but wherever you are come with us for a SEC,
and see the ocean foggy it's hard to find a first. I there is no sign it. Range place. It's really quite a beautiful space. Just flies away of London fifteen minutes, and we will take you someplace incredible. There these costs and turn it didn't like never ending knocked to some corny, but they just what kind of magical there are wonders around every corner. Here, flower where's balloon forever wonders that are maybe even hidden in plain view, wonders in your own backyard. It was Amazing. The whole area came to life in terms of what it was originally many people.
Really start to weep when they see the rolls on our way to all these incredible places will meet some incredible people. You have is the content of life, not just the form, its wonderful to feel the connection this guy came in and he had a pair of white underwear on dad. Content is multiplied best by Japan. You, the knell us, do and we'll get to hear truly amazing stories, a federal and He comes in and says Gimme every monkey got twenty six squirrel monkeys. the huge running through the city, with a bottle of letters which jacket whether for flight blasted. By that you were right, you have another problem of brain moment in MILAN, the ATLAS of School. I'd gassed, I'm doing thrusts co, founder
bouts. Obscura meet me in the rest of our team. Back here on March fifteen worth going to depart. On an audio tour of the world's hidden wonders for days a week Monday Thursday you'll get a brand new episode no longer than fifteen minutes. I knew wonder every day found it sounds merely not human in a way subscribe. Teacher apple pie, gas, Pandora, Spotify, poor wherever you listen go out and closed the door.
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