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Malcolm Gladwell's 12 Rules for Life


Crucial life lessons from the end of hockey games, Idris Elba, and some Wall Street guys with a lot of time on their hands.

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So one one one thing that the chapter one is about is the fact that, if a lobsters defeated in dominance battle, you can give it essentially anti depressants and it will fight again, there's a canadian like me, my age almost exactly, The teaches my favourite subject cycle Jeanne at my alma mater the universe to Toronto. His name is Jordan. Peterson, If you want to understand the complex nervous system, it's a good idea to understand simple, one first and then sort of elaborated upwards and it turns out that Sarah and governs status, emotional regulation and posturing lobsters just like it doesn't human. Beings, so that would just blew me away very provocative self help book called twelve rules for life Remember one stand up straight with your shoulders back rule number two:
reach yourself, like someone, you are responsible for helping room number: twelve, Pat, a cat, when you encounter one on the street Peterson's book was sensation and soon all kinds of other people were doing. Twelve rules like the economist, how to count whose blood Marge revolution is the first thing I read every morning. I particularly liked islands. Rule number seven learn how to learn from those who offend you ever we turned a corner. Twelve rules. The columns, Megan. The cardinal rule number three always order one extra dish at a restaurant and familiar one you might like it, which would be splendid if you don't like it are. You lost, was a couple of bucks, the exercise of curiosity requires a risk, a sacrifice, a commitment of that also, but cartels will
we're twelve always make more dinner roles than you think you can eat for some reason, arose, loom much larger in our imaginations than in our stomachs. Well, Megan. The cardinal makes her own dinner roles. Everybody's doing twelve rules wait, I'm jealous My name is Malcolm Gladwell. You listening to revision is history. My podcast about things overlooked and misunderstood. This episode is about, Malcolm Gladwell, twelve rules for living, my guiding principles, my wisdom, distilled except thought about this for like a month- and I realise how have twelve rules I just don't- I mean I have rules like the fact that I only drink five liquids ever water.
T red wine, espresso and milk in some combination, but that's not a rule for living, is just pointless. Lee provocative self denial, the least attractive part of my personality. If you want a cocktail use, have a cocktail. I only have one rule: pull the Gulf What do you mean when you say Europe noxious? Ah, he more specific. I found something funny. Which is still disease. I have, I will say it even if its we had some trouble. I never thought I was quickly cruel, but I was a class cut up My one rule for living came to me from the work of two people cliff fastness and Erin Brown, both philosophers of a sword and friends. This is Clifford. Agnes is in his MID Fifty's bald goatee grub middle class, jewish long island
I was in the honors classes- and I was caught up in the onest class- enjoys a strange thing to be you, don't they those classes is having on, but we had. I wasn't always me do not perfectly well behind so a noxious. I was tolerable But I found myself extremely funny now. I should say that I didn't find cliff. Fastness obnoxious he's delightful company. Instead, I suspect he is what psychologists call agree. Agreeable short digression psychologist believe that human personality can be assessed along five dimensions: extra version, conscientiousness, garotters, ism, openness to experience and, finally, agreeableness my sense of faster, he's at the lower end of that last trade number five he's low, agreeable disagreeable, which is not the same as of noxious. It's rather. The quality
not being depended on or particularly interested in, the approval of others. When I went to interview Cliff Agnes in Manhattan, I turned on my digital recorder and discover that my memory Flash guard was full and after much fluster and fumbling, I realized I had no idea how to delete any of the existing data from the Flash guard to make room for and have you with us now there, National thing would have been for me to hand ass honestly, the digital recorder and ask him to figure it out because the vastness hasn't iq, I'm guessing two to three standard dvd Sean's higher than mine. He could have solved the problem in about thirty seconds, but I didn't hand in the quarter, because I was embarrassed because I worried that he would think I was pathetic, and that concern was more important to me than actually fixing my tape recorder issues. I am agreeable. I am interested in
approval of others. I am the opposite of cliff fastness, so I ended up running down forty second street to crosstown blocks to staples to get another flash, To replace the one, I was too embarrassed to ask for help figuring out. Here? Do you may include this? Is it this is that this is not a secret I don't work as hard as people think. I give off a lot. Quick fastness legs puzzles games. Problems that engage the imagination. I have been caught, several times playing internet chess in my office and people when I say cod And the senior guide the farm- I don't I don't. I don't quit over this people come in and on Monday I gotta be the sky held on four or lose what a great just where he doesn't play conventional chair he plays one minute chess known as bullet chess. If you curious, this is what a typical bullet match sounds like
it's like Einstein playing pingpong. By the way. When asked the says, I'm the senior guide, the firm he's, referring to the fact that he heads a company called a cue. Our capital applied to date of research, I hedge fund, with two hundred and twenty five, billion dollars under management, which brings me to philosopher number to the second architect of the Polar Gully Principle Cliff Ass, his friend s, brow. If we were to create a disagreeableness scale where zero is like a golden retriever and ten, as Mr Spock Cliff Ass, this would be a solid seven.
Erin Brown is an eight, maybe even an eight point. Five Brown, as a member of the tribe of mathematically minded finance, guys noticed, quotes the Wall Street once used to gather afterward the audio and restaurant downtown Manhattan talk about Gaussian, probability in the bond market gases. Different definitions, of course, remember quieted the insults invented in the mid nineties. That became it. That is a cry Ambrose. Is it big guy beard impassive, demeanour, When I met him, I was reminded of my favorite joke about engineers the Thomas sees the glass is half full. The pessimists The glass is half empty. The end your wonders why the glass is twice as large. That needs to be brown grew up in Seattle. His mom had a masters in chemistry. His dad had a Phd in physics
did a lot of unconventional work for the air force like the time he inherited a strange contraption, the air force, if even the sky, like two million dollars over ten years, to build some machine they didn't know. It was supposed to do with it, though he was really smart and then he killed himself. Enter the airforce that is there, anybody who wants this machine? You can figure out what it does and fix it in my dad said: she'll take it and he had in our basement. Tortured genius build the sinister contraption with millions of dollars of secret Pentagon money. The man mysteriously commit suicide. The air force says who wants the machine? Air Embrowns dad says overhear overhear. He puts it in his basement and says who is teenage son? Aaron, hey tick! Look if you want like it's a box of legumes. This is how you raise a child
to be an eight point. Five boat was didn't. She I was just as you suggest I stared at that thing. For hours and hours I could have tubes requires of us, and he turned it out of it. Did Kennedy alighted light up, do interesting things, but we never figured out what it was intended to do. His notes were indecipherable. Any burns so either he was the guy who invented like the universal. Wonder machine and whatever you do, some crazy guy like provided. Eddie was it was that with the paper that movie back, if you should a flat the flux capacity for vessels- and maybe you didn't, he tell accorded himself to some other civilization, something. When Erin Brown was a teenager. Seattle was in the midst of a deep recession. All around him. People are losing their jobs. He decides. He needs a marketable skill. He teaches himself poker and fines
big Money game in the basement of a local tavern ere. I figured out to really important sentence. I was much better than these guys. Easily, when let it consistently and they let me when it walk out with you. Now kid comes in place there. So that's like Epiphanes, that's! Ok! You hold forty but as a shack? Yet this took every ounce of courage. I possess to lock him there in other Who could have done this and it would have been a big deal, but for me it was like the most traumatic event in my life, but when what the hell is it? Ok, if you never have to worry about gettin me having a place to stay, because you ve always wanted to introduce you pay. You ain't, you hardly poker. Yes,. Erin Brown ends up on Wall Street then goes to work for clear fastness at a cure. Capital. Of course, a match me
in Heaven. Do you guys think the same way of differences knew you put problems while the massive difference and the reason he has billions of dollars and I have a comfortable living, he cares far more. He gets literally physically angry with me, don't work and in the lose money we rather interesting brought the profitable problem? Now? What are these to do ass? I pray making money. Of course they do thought experiments, write them up and post them online on something called assess, orient the Social Science research. In my opinion, the greatest website on the internet, its place where anyone anyone composed any kind of paper or research or argument and every article posted is then ranked according to its popularity
as I am writing this. There are seven hundred and ninety eight thousand seven hundred and forty five papers unnecessary. I dont know if you remember back at the beginning of this season, an episode called divide and conquer. I talked about my love of law review articles. Will. Where do you think I read LA review articles not enlarge views you kidding. Why would I wait two years for some dusty publication to put something out? I read them unnecessarily because that's where everyone posts articles the minute they finish in Manhattan. For years, the most important source of gossip was page six of the new post s. Our end is page six for dogs so not long ago I'm on ass, a poking around, and lo and behold what The number one ranked paper at the time pulling the gully hockey and investment implications by Clifford, Agnes and AIR in Britain
I thought I didn't have any rules for living. I was wrong. Gender down three really giving a bigger than the public. Why would possess and firmly establish here's? The issue you playing hockey What team is down by one goal laden again the code should the losing team typically removes his own golly and substitutes in an extra attack. So, instead of having five offensive, there's a girl regarding the net. He knows six up into players and no one guardians it's a trade off. Pulling your golly makes it easier for the team to score and put the game even for they're out of reach, but at the same time, your extra hacker increases your chances of scoring a goal and tying
now. If you watch hockey, you know that coaches Tippit, pull the gully with a minute or a minute and a half left in the game. But that's just hockey tradition is not based on data, when exactly sure You pull the gully. Tell me the genesis of this paper of so much will cliff, and I talk a lot about sir. Quite sports. And I have always been talking about decisions that coaches make There are mathematically indefensible, but I do know makes sense from the coaches motivation and its civically.
Darting about Seattle, Seahawks, two thousand fourteen Superbowl patriots who got the ball on what your lines twenty six seconds to go by the deep jeopardize, our ban from Father look: reserves will be agreed and it won't leave. Everybody king, why in the world wide margin in the back yard, while the boy one reason at this point, Brown goes and attention for maybe fifteen minutes about that particular play which has gone down insuperable lore as the worst coaching decisions in the history of football but bread convinced me that in fact it was the right course the rational call, and I would expect is logic to you except it. We have much bigger fish to fry anyway, top turns to pulling the gully unhappy and Cliff says to era
oh I've done some work on this already. Six seven years ago, when five six years ago, I read the small and accept out of pure. Personal interest. I thought I had a neat way to think about the problem. Essentially it was it's really hard to think about five minutes left, but with seconds after it's really easy to think about cliff shared his car relations with their brown air made them and build a beautiful computer model, and their conclusion was a team down by one goal: should pull it Scully with five minutes and forty seconds left in the game. The team down by two girls should pull it. Scully with eleven minutes and forty seconds left eleven minutes and forty seconds with an undefended go no one in all of hockey, Pulsar golly without much time left. If a coach did that in a play off game,
real stakes involved the entire arena with public go up in smoke in basketball and baseball. There's been a statistical revolution of the past generation, known as money by were advanced metrics had been applied to maximize every aspect of the game. Hockey is step behind. With the exception of my beloved Toronto. Maple Leafs Hoover genuine quantities, your leader. This is a sport where players pick fights with each other, in full knowledge of the fact that the penalty for their transgressions
cheerleading diminish their teams. Chances of winning baseball is quantum theory. Hockey is the grown up. Professional version of Red Rover Red Rover that win Gretzky come over hockey. Coaches are not looking for strategic tips, unnecessary ssrn, so what they do? They keep the gully in place until the very last minute defending the goal, and why do they keep doing that because anything else would be impossibly disagreeable. Imagine you're a coach evocative down three one with eleven minutes and forty seconds left in the game. You pull your gully, the other team scores to now. It's for one. With half of the final period left, and now your fans thing that you ve them of what might have been a reasonably interesting game, feel Hake and so your players, because it's an awful lot or humiliating to lose a lopsided game than a close one
the cliff an errand strategy may be again our geeky sense optimal, but it doesn't provide the optimal or the maximum amount of entertainment. It is very I probability cradle laffer, are worthy. Where did we get down by three down by foreign? Of course, if you follow up an errand cold, Vulcan model, you never put Golly back it you still infinitesimal chance, you will tie it and you lose fourteen to nothing and it's in there thing and maybe entertainment in a sideshow gone away, but it's not what they want. Who would try this or anything like it?. Not any one who is any normal human expectation of being liked and applauded, but do cliff in air and need to be liked and applauded. No, they don't ask this found at his firm with a couple about a Phd graduates from the finance Department of the University of Chicago, which is like the geek capital of the world and his basic hiring philosophy ever since has been to higher
more phds, disagreeable croissants, just like him he's now up to seventy three Phds for comparison purposes. The ECB, Ex faculty at MIT. Has forty one phds he's at one point: seven eight o acts mit and counting. Now does he need that many phds? I have no idea, but how much more fun his office life for insanely, smart, disagreeable people, if at all, times they are surrounded by dozens and dozens of other insanely, smart and disagreeable people. Circling each other's arguments like faltered You're gonna be one of the watershed days, inclination market history. It was a manic Monday in the financial markets. The DOW tumbled more than five hundred points after two pillars of the street tumbled over the weekend. Leave. Remember this: the financial crisis in two thousand and eight when no one knew what to do as stocks were falling in banks teetering on the brink.
One was running around screaming for the Secretary of the Treasury. To do something. Embrowned Brown told me that if he had been Treasury secretary, he would have done nothing. In fact, he would have gone on vacation. For a few months, because the truth was no one knew what to do and when no one knows what to do. Embrowned says the rational thing is to wait until you had the data you need before you start throwing her trillions of dollars and bail out money. This is exactly the kind of thing that someone with a disagreeable score of eight point. Five would say in time. The panic, the agreeable treasury secretary, would want to be a calming presence to projects, stability and wisdom to have others. At him and not approvingly and more there's something about the importance of a firm hand, the tiller, but not air and brown. He doesn't care about while streets feelings.
He cares about the trillion dollars. People would be calling for his head. He would be poolside in Boca browsing s our end on his blackberry Oh man, how great it good I'll be as disagreeable as cliff in Erin switch Let me give you a hypothetical scenario. You have a plucky on team and inexplicably you ended up any Stanley CUP finals and you're up against one of the great is prepared with teams couple of years would Consider for them, way to start again. Absolutely love love to do. I have to do the math. Do the math always weaponry back.
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Frank our listeners, this amazing deal three months have unlimited access for just thirty dollars. Take it now get all the details on three month, for thirty dollars. By going to the great courses plus dotcom, Slash Gladwell, that's the great courses plus dot com, Slash Gladwell,. A few years ago a movie came out called no good deed. Starring Turingi P Hansen as a woman named Terry and the ridiculously handsome Idris Elba as column no good deed is a home invasion movie. And home invasion movies are of a piece with pulling the gully there. Meditations on disagreeableness not to get pretentious, but both guy we pulling and the home invasion genre our version,
the Connecticut story of God commanding Abraham to kill his son Isaac. Soaring Kircher Guard wrote about it in fear and trembling. God commands Abraham to sacrifice his son Isaac to demonstrate his loyalty and the rational thing is for April him to obey guy, Because, if God is all powerful than Abrahams future and the future of his family, and on being in God's good graces. But how can I look his son in the eye and then kill him, it disagreeableness test. How much will you let the thought of what others think of you and what you, give yourself get in the way of doing what is right in the eyes of God on the one side is fear on the other trembling. This is exactly what goes on in home invasion movies. Absolutely that's! Amy logos, who wrote no good deed, to me that at the core of why these movies are interesting to people, why the humming
asian genre, ignorance and actual genre. At this point, you know why it is so. It persists called logos up after the revision. History, research team determined that no good deed was the most perfectly Kirkuk Guardian of all home invasion movies. What's? U in these? Incredibly morally ambiguous situations where the audience can see the direct path to success. So here's the premise of no good it's late on a Friday night raining are, carries at home with her two small child. Ok things, the door Bell rings its interests. Elba made a body of law stole a car wreck. Did he say he's been in an accident. He forgot his cell phone. Can you come in and use your phone? She let him
Of course he does he kind of ass to be insanely handsome. Yes, for that to work, she she's not let me in if I show up wet bedraggled at a hundred thirty pounds. She's now I hit I don't know we re very good evening. Maybe she would you think. Ultimately, yes, I think he's insane good looks, are huge part of and expand and another. You know another big part of her character. You know she sort of been primed for this moment in in her life, leading up to this moment right she's feeling.
Unseen she's, feeling unsatisfied in her marriage she's feeling neglected this handsome stranger shows up and compromises her her instincts. You know in on some level because he so handsome its awkward at first, but he super charming Beflour little waiting for the tow truck to come as a whole lot of sense. Thing in the air and then half we into the movie. She sees him for whom he really is a deeply evil. She runs to the kitchen to call the cops and sees that he's cut the phone line. She looks around terrified to see where he's gone, can't find him. Then, oh, my god runs upstairs. To find him playing with her daughter,
you do it all up, such as now, why? Maybe you gonna conveying ran- and I just haven't some fundamental. We now come to emulate. Go said she went to see no good deed on opening night at the theatre in Baldwin Hills in LOS Angeles. You know was, it was a really rousing mean there are lines out the door to get in and the place was packed and people were screaming and shouting at the screen, and it was with what point: do you remember what point their screen, I'm the entire after they get to back to the House where Collins acts is murdered. I dont think I could hear a word for that. The rest of the film from then on it was cheaper. People screaming at her. What she should do we or do they have what I mean? What, with
range of things. They were suggesting today say what I say to her run: Yegg kill me, you know is like it was. It was everything from like Ryan, get out of there to kill him to me. You know do like just every, everybody had their answer of what she should do next and they were a hundred percent sure, that's what you should do exactly. What should Terry do? She's a baby and a four year old, a psychopath is threatening her children. A one point. She grabs a fire extinguisher and hit some over the head and tumbled down the stairs, but he's Idris elbow. He gets back up later, Idris herds them all into her car and they drive to another house on the way they get pull over by a cop he suspicious, but Idris, reaches into the back seat and takes her baby into his arms. So Terry can't tell the officers he's in trouble. Can she which she do. I felt like I needed high level assistance, some one who can
put the home invasion dilemma into broader context, so I called up SAM hairs. Author pie, castor, Neuroscience just the kind of person who would publish his own twelve rules or, if pressed, maybe even twenty four. So if someone breaks into your house- and there are few things that are- are relevant to flag there. One is the time of day is relevant, when breaks in the middle of the night, and you are there when they are You're talking about somebody hasn't taken any care to show up when you're, not there and the kind of person who does this. Is the kind of person who either doesn't care to find a person in the house. He's breakin into or five in a person there is part of the fun Ryan, so this selects for this. Various kind of criminal that would be Idris Elba in no good deed,
you can't assume that this person has any ethics, that you can interact with profitably by By bargaining by pleading your case by This is just that's not whose come in through the window in all likelihood halfway through my enemy. Would SAM Harris and mentally calculating his score on the disagreeableness index. I'm thinking nine point five and I must admit this is highly counter intuitive and perhaps impossible to act on. But I'm just just think this through. Same here says you have only one option when it l but is upstairs playing with your kids. That's your operate Unity run. Everything in us recoil the idea of doing that. Accept it does she.
Change, the situation in a surprising way, one introduces significant uncertainty in the mind of of your attacker because Now he knows that the clock is ticking. You can You'll be summoning help in a matter of moments or or minutes at the longest. And then you know, will discover just what sort of attacker this person is we'll discovery just what sort of attacker Person is now. If your concern is that he school you couldn't going to kill your child because you didn't follow instructions. Well, then, likely. This is the sort of person who's going to kill your child anyway, and can and kill you as well. It's late in the third period Your turingi Hansen you're, losing down by a Do a psychopath now running away, carries a huge social cost,
and a real risk of an even more disastrous outcome. But at the same time it increases your chances of winning from zero to something slightly greater than zero pole. The gold That is a totally rational option and may in fact be the only rational option, but it's impossible. Isn't it got to be disagreeable level, eight or nine to pull that room. And how you will look to your child or to your wife or any one else whose terrified, And looking in your direction for help, if you just bolt from the house at that moment, it's it's only when you come the cavalry and rescue everyone that either the youth you seem like you were a wise and responsible, but in those moments it it's. Your seems like a total failure and may in fact feel like a failure. I know it sounds crazy. I thought he can't be right, but he is right, the job of apparent being held hostage by it,
This Elba is not too in a parental popularity contest. It is to maximize their trials chances of survival. I try to convince Amy logos of this Amy logos herself, the mother of two small children, wish me luck. She should run without her. Children like she should do well. This is what I wanna get Cistus Tony. When I talk about let's about this rationally. She, what's he gonna do to the kids when she's, not their right right is it. I mean you re really to mess with her kids is to get leverage over her well. Not necessarily should he does not know what his motivation is right and then oh Amy This could be just a cycle standard issue. Yes, the attic I mean I'm telling you if I'm in my house and
I realise that there is somebody there is a psychopath in my House, I'm not leaving my kids like you. Could you and the house down- and I would stay with the kids- no, no, no, the fact that he's a psychopath actually why you should leave at children behind its your only chance, the save the maybe run for the love of God. Rule number one for living Paul, the gully In common law there is a principle called duty to retreat which home. Is that a person being threatened has a duty to a treat to a place of safety to exhaust all avenue of escape before they can justifiably use force in self defence. In the past several years, though, about half of american states
pass stand your ground laws now. What's the stand, your ground law? It's a law that effectively repeals duty to retreat. It says you don't need to exhaust all avenues of escape to claim self defense in a court of law. You can stand your ground defend yourself and the law will support that choice. Duty to retreat is a legal principle that gives people license to act disagreeably. I am not a coward if I cut and run at the first opportunity. I am in fact acting Marley and responsibly stand your ground laws sanction the socially agreeable act. They say what matters is that you preserve your honor in front of family and community. I did not run. I stood my ground so what's happening in those states that now have stand.
Laws. Well, I refer you to stand your ground laws, homicides and injuries journal of human resources summer. Twenty! Seventy! I think. Overall, we found about seven a half seven point: six percent increase in overall, homicide right. That's Chandler! Mc Clellan adjunct professor at American University. First, author of the study in question states. Pass stand. Your ground laws saw their murder rates rise. Seven point: seven percent compared to states didn't Passos loss. Well, the fact that the homicide rate, increases in these cases suggests that does not occur, is that people are using these laws and standing their ground in cases where there are actually not being we fully threatened. They could dsl the situation they could get away, but instead there too turning to engage in self defence and use lethal force against this threat
and, as a result, you're seeing this com net increase and an homicide rights and who are all these extra people getting killed and stand our ground states white men. I think Erasmus kind of show about twenty percent and twenty five percent increase in homicides. Among white, males and actually that seems a little higher those little high it's a huge number? exactly. It is, but nevertheless thus Conaway. That's what fell out the model here. Yeah we speculate that because the white male population is the population. This most interested in the gun, culture more likely to be, members of organizations, in our aim, because why Males are so entrenched in this sort of culture. We think that These laws are most salient for them and, as a result them most
where of them in their most likely to act on them. So a certain kind of white guy, Who is really into guns and the end. Our aid gets super excited about stand your ground laws. Looking to avoid violence or run away grabs his gun and stands his ground? That is right before the other guy shoots him dead, tragic, sick. He is the most appropriate word, but the other word but here is ironic that, the inner raise has been pursuing, a policy agenda would stand your ground that has the effect Getting its own members killed? I This is a little ironic think. He'd have figuring out when to pull the gully or what to do and it Elbows shows up late at night. Seem like abstract intellectual exercises. They are not. They are rehearsals for real life
because being disagreeable when you need to be disagreeable is hard, especially because the world around us the crowd in the stands, the short sighted lawmakers. They encourage us to do the easy and agreeable thing which gets us killed: pull the gully. I I have an and she's australian who, once a year caused me to ask when she's convert her aussi dollars to work, he's going that year on vacation for Ten years I explained Cynthia you nor would we do have views on currencies, but their micro views there, fifty one some chance of being right, let alone on a given day asked. Like, I'm loath to give this to you and should always act like I do the answer I just refused to tell her year after year his australian aunt called and cliff refuse to help her. Then one day, catharsis realized he didn't have to always
disagreeable she take one. Should I convert my my aussi dollars to japanese yet- and I go not this but next Thursday, and Everyone was happy she I, lauded for giving her the truth. She was happy because you really feel she knows what he's doing She never checks before or after, and I did harm her one drop because nobody knows what data do it and she was always going to do it on some arbitrary day, I just picked the arbitrary, So there is a case of maybe it's a lot more, but I pick data a high eat. You have not IQ yes, absolutely you of protecting your reputation as opposed to you with her much is making my aunt not mad. At me he could be cliff fastness polar of gullies. He could also be Cliff Agnes, dutiful, nephew, Malcolm Glass, bells first rule for living pull. The gully
be wise enough to know that disagreeableness is not a matter of temperament. It is a choice. We take calls from your aid about currency and what did he say? No Anyone who successful won't take calls from their crazy answers is no friend of mine, Malcolm Gladwell. Second rule for living to down tend to go yeah. Revisionist history is a panoply production. The scene, Producer is meal about with Jacob Smith and Camille. Baptistin are editor is Julia Barton. Lawn Williams. Is our engineer fact checking by Beth Johnson. Original music by Luis Gara, special thanks to Andy Bowers and Jacob iceberg.
I'm mountain. What makes you a good poker player, two things. There's just the basic may have a theory which but while I was ready to work, but if you're quite but the real thing that sexual part is something I do you have to do fruit by traditional wisdom? We have to learn this in your teens, while your brain at the for me, and you have to do it under can't sleep deprivation, so we do these seventy two hours sessions with only a few power absent between and you pushing every cent you have in the world, sometimes more than every cent you have in the world in the middle, the pot. And develop certain mental abilities the way Think about it is, thank you managed to harness the process empowered unconscious brain so that you were not staring
people on the table and sort of female enumerating tells you that person Moody's jet unconsciously, is so much better that noticing where people can like Blake you just look at somebody and you don't you don't know he holds the ace and jack. You know just that, doesn't believe that, but it says sky is afraid of the war. This guy is afraid of being blocked, and you tells you but they're gonna do. If you do something so tells you when you can push all or you can draw the man and they're gonna go high. This I take goes on for a long time that bothers you. I don't care anymore, It is a curse. I wouldn't never recommended. Somebody do yes, you can make money from it. Stripped away all right? It's a lot more pleasant life to believe their things like love and friendship and honour.
What's your ruthlessly strip all that away, and just look very objectively have people act is probably something psychopath do the world's oblique. There's gonna dangerous road to go down you do like you were down that road, ineffectual, what it meant is a year bleak, guess Kader You don't really trust any bite you He says you trust him. You know what they're gonna do because you know what you're gonna do just that I guess it almost makes you treated like robots We can predict what they're going to do you another programme and therefore he can't really trust it. There's love infringing or anything like that. So Oh that's. One of the reasons to move to finance actually moved from poker to sports betting and then to finance on
Hence, twenty fifteen, a young woman named Sandra Bland, was stopped by a police officer on a high in rural Texas, then everything went wrong. Ivory book called talking to strangers. It starts with that encounter, but I didn't just right for the page, I recorded an audio book as well. New kind of audio book that allows you to hear the voices of the people I talked to and come with me to the places I go, because you shouldn't just listen to an audio book. You should experience it. Talking to strangers the audio experience available now, where ever audio books or sold.
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