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2019-12-02 | 🔗

Malcolm Gladwell debuts his first fireside chat, answering burning questions from Revisionist History listeners in this bonus episode. He lets us listen in on a conversation with Conan O’Brien and supplies tasty tidbits of new shows on the Pushkin Industries roster. Plus, hear what’s in the works with Michael Lewis, Laurie Santos and other Pushkin hosts. Join MC Malcolm for this new holiday tradition.

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Hello, my friends, Malcolm Gladwell. Here I'm taking a quick break from report during the next season of revision. Is history to tell you it's December Skull, Starck, your huddled around the fire, and what do you have entertain you just some easy person singing Dingle bells over over again Dingle bells jingle bows. Go all the way, jingle all the way who wrote that and the hundredth time you hear that son, you realize we don't want anyone to jingle away at most jingle, some small portion of the way best case scenario dont genuine about away. I group in Canada I have been on a one horse opens like oh, what fun
it's freezing here at Pushkin, we have such profound sympathy for all of you out there being slowly jingled to death that we decided to step, bring you a little descent. Cheer, ladies and gentlemen, the first annual Pushkin holiday special today I will answer some of your burning questions about revisions. History. You will hear a taste of my hilarious conversation with Conan O Brien for his podcast Conan, o Brien needs a friend and you'll. Hear excerpt from two new Pushkin industry shows. I am so proud of the work. Pushkin elves had been doing all year and I want to show it after you, so shake off your boots. Join me by the fire, the first new chauffeur pushkin that I want to tell you about. Is TIM Hartford cautionary tales, TIM rights for the actual times.
Is known as the undercover economist he's, a genius telling stir Is it illuminated our world and a cautionary tales? He takes stories of disasters and mistakes and asks what we can learn from them. Bringing those stories to life we brought in a whole cast of great actors, including Alan coming, who you're about to hear in the role of an authority figure who's, not what he seems. Here's to effort. There may be times and places where it's a good idea to talk back to a military officer. But Germany Nineteen o six isn't one of them, so the young corporal doesn't the corporal. Let's call him Corporal Mullah, has been leading his squad for privates down Silva Strasser in Berlin only to be challenged by captain. The captain is about fifty, in fellow with some can cheeks the outline of his skull
when, above a large white mustache truth be told he looks so usually down on his luck, but Corporal Mahler doesnt seem to take that in like any man in uniform. The captain looks tall in broader thanks to his boots, smart gray, overcoat Prussian Blue Offices, cap is white. Gloved hand rests casually on the hilt. Raking. Where are you taking those men back to the battered sir turn them around and follow me? I haven't urgent mission from the or ice command the highest. Everyone knows that means orders from the Kaiser, as the small group March towards Pullet Strasser Station, the charismatic captain, seas and other squad. You men, yes, Captain Golden behind the Kaiser himself has commanded it. Yes, captain.
The captain now commands a little army and all ten soldiers right. The train across Berlin towards cabinet, charming little town, just South EAST, at the capital. On arrival the adventure continues. Corporal line these men up for inspection line up men, hurry fix bandits It's already been an extraordinary day for Corporal Mueller and his men were just getting started. What they are about to do is going to be the talk of newspapers around the world. You listening to another
caution, retail ocean, retails stories about other people's mistakes and what we should learn from them. Less we make same mistakes. Ourselves, sometimes these mistakes, a tragic, sometimes that comic this time I present a comedy. At least I think it's a comedy and the captain of Carbonic is going to help me. He has a name by the way, a name. That will soon become famous. His name is Ville Helm Void Remember where we left him he's outside the town hall of company.
Snapping out orders to Corporal Miller and his men and lined up bayonets. Affixed now found is going to begin Captain Voice Little Army properly Town Hall into the office of a man, a man named guild. The hands you're under arrest. The Kaiser has decreed that you our Avanti man, he's in his mid thirties. Looking fellow with pause, nay, spectacles appointed goatee and a large well groomed mustache, he stands astonishment. This is illegal as your warrant, my warrants is the men. I command you. What does your role here? I am the Tom pleasure Don't open to save the cash reserve is to be confiscated for safe keeping, and we shall be examining the accounts for fraud, company
Municipal safe contains three thousand five hundred and fifty seven marks. Forty five pfennigs Captain Voit is punctilious about the count. Here is your receipt stamp it and keep if it's nearly a quarter of a million dollars in today's money you to find fraeulein, hands and the rest of you would be interrogated alongside him. Three turn his courtesy. Yes, it does. Captain void searches, the town Hall Office on his men keep the town officials under arrest, failing to what he seeks to decide, to wrap up the mission the officials are to be given to a police station, not far from where the days adventure began there detained telegram
Captain void himself walks to cover the railway station. He collects a package from the left luggage office. Instead, into a restaurant school. It or two later he stepped out again and he's almost recognizable having chain into shabby civilian clothes. He Amber was badly legged across the station concourse? This anonymous Fellow board, The train back to Berlin, with his uniform neatly folded under one arm and a bag of money under the other he looks over his shoulder ass. He stepped onto the train gazing out over the station. He smiles, then,
disappears into the carriage just like that. Captain of carbonic he's gone. What what happens next? Here the rest. You have to go and subscribe to cautionary tales, they're all good, because TIM Hartford legacy his genius hi, I'm TIM Hanford, the host of caution, region, first season of my show is out now It's been such from creating what the Pushkin team from all of us do. You wish you a very happy holiday season, stay with us, because next, I'm finally going to answer your burning.
Listener questions about revisionist history, happy holiday because it gives the rules to say merry Christmas. I'm, like a Louis hosted against the rules season. Two of against the rules will focus on why the role of coach has expanded so far beyond sports and american life, everybody hates the ref these days, but everybody seems to love the coach I'll be back next spring. To talk about now, come here again sitting by the fire, Pushkin H Q, recovering from a highly unpleasant riding Pushkin one
where's open sleigh. What mass guess, decided it had to be an open, slay December anyway get around as we settle in to read your burning lister questions about vision. Is history If you listen to the first two episodes of last season, a revisionist history you may contain you to be curious about my score on the law. School admissions test, nope, not telling you ok, question number one British, Malcolm Canadian, Malcolm and Jamaican Malcolm, would erase. Who would win interesting question? Ah,. Jamaican Malcolm wins. The spread, of course, English Malcolm, wins, the longer distances, Katy, Malcolm, doesn't, win all I M reminded of a telegram story, grand level, of course, being my my father when we first move to Canada from England, my father, an Englishman, was
in seeking Higgins were lazy and he decided to test this and we lived at the end of a long row of houses on a country like and those half a mile of houses, and so he had done party one night: he invited every one of our neighbours along this half now stretch not because he wanted its neighbours that because he, wanted to see a what point, would people drive as opposed to walk so clearly the first neighbour would walk right, it's twenty yards and maybe the second neighbour would work as it psych fifty yards away. But his boy was I'm point. Kragans are so lazy at some point: one's gonna drive, rather than were Huck half mile at most and he wants to know what was the cut off point. He was a mathematician. It was important for him to figure out what was the cut off point
We established the level of laziness in his neighbours that maybe a nutshell, sums up the quiet, dark genius of Grand Weber, who is greatly missed by the world next question. Sugar Kalkhi asks how much would with a woodchuck chuck if it would chuck could chuck. Would you know, my feeling on. This is what I've, as has always been sent, been consistent since the first time I heard that, which is why the area and putting so much pressure on the woodchuck, the Woodchuck This was to hang out and occasionally chug a little wood, and I will say no, no. You have to perform with the measure you there's a public standardize test for woodchuck performance. They were no let the woodchuck b enough already, unlike high stakes, woodchuck performance metrics next Leah asks do I have a favoured episode. Yes, I do well it's hard, I,
Elvis analysis per praxis. The last The episode in season three think I'll ever do on their good again. I think I peaked. I I'd say it You have to listen to it. And you want to know what's going on with a vision, history, that's public good! Well, don't start with that, because every other episode will be disappointing way. Until the very end revisions history when I'm ninety eight years old and I hang it up and then listen to it. So you don't have a big let down. When you go into my allowance. Gabriel asks about my mom. Why has Joyce Global not appeared on vicious history? A very good point Gabrielle I have been thinking long and hard about how to remedy this is my mom. In addition to her many other extraordinary traits has a lovely voice. She's dead the boys about time very low, very quiet, she's, like five
Does he leaned lean down to hear her? This is what happens. When you call every single time of called my for the last fifty years, this is what's happened. I call and she sees that I've called it Gus Malcolm how lovely to hear you doesn't matter it could be. I talked to her the day or haven't talked to her for two weeks same and then how she answer. Conversation chagos when she's had enough chagos good good right, a lot of questions about Jesuits, tick glory. Somebody asks about my son on that I may a Catholic Wanna be This came from my phone, the Jesuit up Those in season for revisions. History, You know, funnily enough. My friend, Jim Jim adaptation is imminent pastor, who I actually saw.
Yesterday we went for long, walk and Jim expressed, little bit of concern about my statement that I was a catholic wannabe. He thought I was amended. I want to be so everyone's mad at me out there in the world of pastors, but he did Jimmy concede and I'll get us to give your generous meant that judge. It's when you hang out with them, they're so impressive. That is kind of hard not to want to be one of them right. Last question from Obi Kenobi. He points out that Matt Damon was on bill. Simmonds to build them in Pakistan are dispersed, week and in it he references a revisionist history, podcast cause by name to talk about something that was said. Indeed, Toyota sudden acceleration podcast from season one and obey Kenobi wants to ask. How do you feel when Matt
and uses you as a reference, and the answer is amazing. I mean I remember where I was when I heard that I was in the Jim in the Hollywood economics on the treadmill and I'm listening the bill Simmons and there is like Matt Damon name. Checking me. How great is that? But I will say this is not the greatest. Holler route, history collared ever I'm sitting in a restaurant and my phone right and he d out. Sometimes it says unknown known collar or no idea. That's like coming from some stealth by swell there's a higher one, a more a more stealth which is like some gobbledygook thing, like Boola break I see blew my phone I'm about. What's this, I answer it a hollow and her voice says Malcolm Global and I go yes and the boy says Barack Obama, absolutely true. Broccoli,
call me I'm a cell to say how much you liked an episode of revisions. History, it does not get back That, ladies and gentlemen, I point about life, There were many, many more wonderful mister, nurse emails and next year? we will devote an entire up. So do this, I don't know friends what all my handlers, better say, but am it was her from all of you- and I hope I have enhanced your listing experience with this- steer questions like hey there. This is lorry centres- the host of the happiness lab. I had so much on creating the first season of his podcast, and I just wanted to thank you for being part of, for all you're amazing reviews and feedback. I've really enjoyed becoming part of Pushkin family this year, and I can't wait to see what else is in store So let me and my wishing you happy nope unintended holidays. I look forward to see
you and twenty twenty eight is just Richmond broken record wanting to wish all the Pushkin listeners a happy holiday season. Hope you ve had as much fun. In DARPA gases. We ve had making here's a twenty twenty. Let's get it I have a friend, I've been Hudson Newark tomorrow, Adler tomorrow, written some incredible books about food, including an everlasting meal, cooking with economy and grace she's been a cook at the famous Bernice in Berkeley, but more than any of that she's just hilarious and over the years of talking and eating with tomorrow? I've come to wish that everyone could meet tomorrow and now you can, in her new series from Pushkin called food. Actually, So a momentary and in this part session
We D tried georgian wines and that's not George. As in you know, Atlanta, that's Georgia, as in former Soviet Union Georgia, with it cool guy Stephen now, I'm looking at this time of night, I think I might be able to she wore designers Why so Isn't it by racial line suits my personal preferences area say you of wine is to me of why colors of natural wine, and if the georgian wine Stephen serving us, aren't binary, though not read or white. I mention this before these wines are all different shoes and that's considered a positive attribute, not a flop. Totally different from conventional wine, which, like other binary systems like male or female, black or white, has to be filtered to fit. It categories
Conventional wines, white wines, when you press the juice from the grapes you remove the skins, and you just do the fermentation with the grape juice. So you maintain. The Clare but when you allow that for me, patient to happen with the skins, then, The ten ends and the color the pigmentation will start to show up in the wine and so you see kind of on a spectrum of color the length of time that the skins have been in contact with the juice of the wine. And why would you not wonder why would you better take my skins out because but like purity, people like things at our sparkly in transparency, and so I think this is kind of like peep, like things that are really sanitized, and so idea of like these gains tat wines up until recently was really like a bit mark
Here you know it was not something that scene now commercially viable based on our own ideas. Wine and along the same lines, is demanding that wine be sparkly, impure, red or white demand that wine never change, which is Also, the antithesis of being accepting in flux, queer or at least open, natural wine most georgian wine, the kind that can be any color get stabilized to slow down the fermentation? If you want something to state exactly the same, oxygen is your enemy. Bacteria like us need oxygen to survive Well yeah me. I guess in the context of wine the biggest thing the biggest impediment is oxygen. It's just like fruit right. So if you cut an apple in half and you eat half in the morning and then you go to work. You come home and then the apples oxidized so Rembrandt, that's right.
So the same thing is true with these basic. We raw wines, I'm fine with when apples turned Brown, I don't throw that apple out. I a little brown or I save it till I have a lot of ground apples. Stressing me and late at night. At the last possible moment, I make applesauce, I Stephen S and he calls me a benevolent eater. Maybe I am actually buy that people so enjoy being stuck in pursuit of perfection. I think they're just told that's what they're supposed to do in wine and food, but the truth is perfection is just not that fun I think most of us would be happier feeling permitted to use brown apples and stale bread. I think embrace of imperfection might not be benevolent two ingredients but to ourselves. Jeer, sirs sizzling through now comes
just that the best route to embracing all the changes that come from leaving grapes with their skins is recasting it as a positive like stop calling it skin contact wine. You could call these this whole group. As opposed to a half grape line. But when you use the where we sounds says that he'd want the whole grapevine right see, Malcolm Gladwell, skin contact wine hope it points out so much better like a whole food, a whole grain whole milk who would want whole grape should exert now. Its exemplary written know that that feels a lot less sad. That feels a lot less unusual refusal alot more like the kind of white wine which I rarely drink present my five rules but see seems conventional law more conventional, not conventional, but more conventional man, the last wounded. That's perfect assessment! Congratulations! Eurozone anger!
that was me with tomorrow, Adler and former Somalia, Stephen Satterfield. I was the guinea pig in. Mars wine, tasty experiment, and let me tell you there are very few actual guinea pigs who get a gig that good get you self on luminary and subscribe to her, show food actually and you'll, hear just what I mean now: don't go because I'm not done with this cosy extravaganza. Yet. Little while we have a man who seems to think he has no friends He could not be more wrong. A little special excerpt from my forthcoming interview with the Great Conan o Brien stay too. I'm tomorrow had learned I'm host of the new show food actually that you just heard some of I'm so happy to have a seat at the Pushkin table.
And I want to wish you a calm and happy holiday. With this party advice straight from the Bible. It is better to eat a dry crust of bread and peace than to eat a feast in a house full of fighting, in other words, relax an email. Your happy at will be great hi, I'm no! If man, I'm a professor at Harvard LAW School and I'm a host of deep background, a show about the biggest stories in the news and what they really mean in historical, scientific, legal and cultural context. From the
background team to you. We want to wish you the happiest of holidays, but you know what I hate: the euphemism have a happy new year, have a merry Christmas and a happy Hanukkah have a terrific Kwanzaa, whatever holiday you like go for it and enjoy, however when I'm Bethany Maclean the host of making a killing, I have loved hosting my ipod cast a big thank you to all of the guy so have come on enchanted with me and a big thank you to all of you who have lessened I'm back it's very nice to be in the same studio where I recorded the audio version of my latest book talking to strangers. But the audio book isn't just my I wonder that book to sound more like a podcast for listening to hear the people. I interviewed even to imagine scenes from courtrooms or labs that I write about. So we pulled out all the stops: Pushkin industries to produce a three dimensional note for them,
shall audio book than I am so very proud of. Talking to strangers is on audible. Now I've done a lot of interviews for talking to strangers trust me a lot, but I dont think I laughed more than when I did the podcast Conan o Brien needs a friend. Here's a If our conversation, which will air December sixteenth, in which I set off on a little hobbyhorse of ninety, in person. Job interview should be abolished. My face to face so in the face to face and count What am I finding out of finding out whether their taller short with the hair is darker? You know not how well they dress None of this is a very relevant whatsoever right, not their bid to be my assistant, Mister, Durham. I don't work with them. They work at a coffee shops. The email me stuff. They have to be the after reply instantly. They had to be super, organise it be nice, good, honest,
People. I don't like you, brought up this topic because you were in the room where my assistant, ok and I hired my assistant ten years ago, and I, I'll tell you that I met her. She seemed responsible, prompt and occur. Yes, yes, I professional, and it affirms everything you said I was completely horn, swallowing a word. It's never used much dreading this, the second. You talked about hiring and those that have like, please don't say any, but I say I will say then, as I did you need, we do you work information. Did you gather from the face to face it? You know it's funny. I was completely duped by and it's not sound fault, but it was I needed to hire an assistant. I was coming here to LOS Angeles my New York Sis and did not want to move, should a family so as hiring a brand new assistant I met with. I think ten assistance. Candidates in one day in
opposite Burbank and the stuff that you'd think I could take away like is she tall is short? I even got that wrong because I was I forget what happened, but I think she came into the room and sat down on his couch and it's a very low couch with soft cushions and she sunk into it. So I had this conversation with you yeah. And I remembered, and your hair was like all puffed out. If humidity is something so I thought he was Panama, but seriously so at the end of the day you get my ended up. I ended up hiring her and people said well, what's she like any simple she's, this very short woman with a big massive bush of black hair her name's Sonia Mov Ceci in. I think I can't pronounce it in you. I am yeah nice. And the renewal of the ice you nice for Armenia buying, but with the Irish, yes, persecuted, people I mean I, I know his eyes have your own story, but it could tell them
no one ever gonna secured the Irish. However, you just reduced irish history to yeah. You guys have your own story. Can I tell my favorite, let us have a potato for eight hundred years later. We are you, are you? Are you when you're finished with this story? That's embarrassed, yours is yes we're, not I'm a dynamic saying they vanished, she's, not she's, very tall, and here I got the visual cues wrong as well as her character. Refinedly Ritalin IRAN, maybe we're gonna, go I having willing on out to tell my all time. Fair in our story is this: pressure of alleged did is yes. I was very well put my life into the troubles story, to guess yeah right and we call them the troubled the troubles in a footnote to a truly great book on you. I read the following story is told during the the end of the Second World WAR, there was a british informer who was very, very high up in the IRA, and he was found out. They discovered was so they
ITALY, spirited him away to cottage in the b, no often the countryside somewhere and they interrogated him and they wrong and in a confession, out of him And they asked him to ride out his confession. I should stop and say stories based on deep affection. I have for the irish people and for their extraordinary literary legacy. Is no it's some of the ways in which we were course. I guess he's asked her out his confession. He says you will you give me time this? Yes, absolutely and so he's they capture him. In, I think, may not accords going out when he is finally rescued by the British in November working on it, but it's a beautiful store. I took it. Imagine if you like a hard. I regard and you ve got this trader in Europe. Is too you busted, you every morning you like sits down with his pen and paper
working on another draft everyone's vying with. If you like, I do it right if a process that somebody must have been blocked at a very high standard, because even James Joy, sooner went through a difficult period are so they're all is I've spent ass, united support of literary community and it goes over six months. It's just I just. How could you not love the irish finance Minister. Exactly how indeed, thanks again Two Conan o Brien and team cocoa for having me on their show. I hope you ve all subscribe to his podcast and if you haven't put down your economic and do that right away our cosy, our is drawing to a close to get it back around the fire and if you look out into the night and see candles burning far off the distance. That's all of us, a Pushkin industries work. Late into the night to bring you even more entertainment in the new year, of course, season. Five revisionist history,
and a second season from lorries Santos at the happiness lab more broken record and produce. There are also working on a fantastic series about an undercover FBI agent who somehow helped bring down a dictator, not dimension. Second season, with MIKE Louis against the rules. And a new show from the historian jeweller poor plus another from the We must hurry country s just the beginning. If you want to find out. Wendy shows and more coming away sign up for our newsletter at Pushkin Dock. At an end, thanks to all of you for listing. None of this would have been possible without you and don't get into a one horse opens lay under any conditions. Matter what the song says? Oh what fun! to read it and when herself and slave, no friends don't
my friends ride in one horse, open slays, this special Pushkin variety, our was produced by Emily Rustic and how to feign with Julia. Jason, Gabriel and Carly Mig special thanks, The whole Pushkin team be holidays. Everyone I'm talking about.
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