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105: Learning as You Grow with Jessica Herrin


When I discovered that founder and CEO of Stella&Dot, Jessica Herrin was staying at the same hotel as I was in Hawaii, I did what any good entrepreneur would do - I asked her to be on the podcast! Jessica shares her story; from the motivation to start her business, the mistakes she made on her path to success, and where she sees her future heading. If you are a woman in business, get ready to be inspired, this is an episode for the ages!

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Hey guys, it's Rita, Hollis, and I'm here is my friend Trent Shelton was a rigid. I'm live in the dream. Man. You tell listeners why we're hanging out together right now. We're going because we're launching my new package straight up and I'm supermax seller, add if you guys you're, not already familiar attract. He as millions and millions of fans all around the globe who come to him for a very unique style of coaching yeah. Are you straight to the point is really I can put it from the heart and break it. Do those native mindsets breakin through of withholding you back in Mostar. We have people's lives for love that so you guys, want here more you're, already listening on a podcast platform, go subscribe to straight up with Trent Shelton Short: let's go, let's go.
One of the cruellest things that I get to see as part of my job is the manifestation of the product or products that I dreamed up and created and figured out how to do like. So many of you as a business owner, you get these ideas in your head and it is incredible to get to watch them come to fruition and I started dreaming about one of our most popular products. The start today journal. I served dreaming about this a couple of years ago. I had been doing this daily practice based on several different people. I had heard about several different things in a kind of put them together into one daily practice, which was every single day. I wrote down the dreams I had for my life, but I wrote them as if they had already happened. There's something really powerful about claiming a goal as if it's already done, and I wrote down every day- and it was how I set my intentions and then I would post about it on social, and so many people are like what are you doing? What is that? Where do I get that journal and I was like eyes: it's not a journal, it's just a notebook, I'm just riding down the same thing every single day, but what I think is interesting, as business owners or creators is often times. In fact, most of the time your audience will tell you what it wants from you and I kept pushing it off because I was like you guys. This is not a big deal, but it was, and people kept asking for- and I finally just thought what if I turn this into a product and I started to dream and plan- and I literally taped pictures to the wall of my office, of what I dreamed that my journey
look like in the intention behind it, and I wanted the covers to be really pretty, and I wanted it to be something that you could do once a quarter and then, as you completed, each journal. You'd have a stack of this evidence of how intentional you were about your life and we figured it out, and I mean you know some times we messed up on the shipping and sometimes we rest up on the interior. But we failed our way to where we are today, which is the start today journal in the hands of hundreds of thousands of people. So incredible such a blessing for me to be able to go on Instagram and see hashtag start today journal and see people all over the world using this practice as a way to aim in the direction of their dreams. So if you are not familiar- and you want to check it out, you can go over to the Hollis code, dot com forward, slash shop and find out all about my favorite practice turned my favorite product and, if you're not in the market, to buy remember that episode. Seventy two of this podcast gives you the exact step by step, so that you can do it and whatever
look. You have laying around for free you not to buy a product, but you should be doing this daily practice. It will literally literally change your life funny enough he did not plan to interview Jessica, Heron founder of Stella and DOT ceo of stolen that I didn't plan on it. We actually We ended up in Hawaii at the same hotel. The same time and when We saw each other. The way you know I did, what any good entrepreneur does. I asked her to sit down on the podcast where She shares her story of how he founded this massive company and guess what it was the first time she did, it was actually the second time she built a huge company, her story, he is so incredible and so inspiring, and if you are women in business girl, get your heart ready this,
is an episode of the ages. I read your Hollis and I've built a multi million dollar media company with a high school diploma and the free information I found on the internet in the fifteen years that I've been building and scaling my company, I have become deeply passionate about helping other entrepreneurs to do the same so each week I'll be sharing tangible and technical advice and inspiring interviews with the same intention. Bees are the tools to change your life and your business. This is the rise podcast we see first for anybody listings. This is bananas, so we bow. I happened to be on vacation will issue you're on vacation a bit but you're with your team, David Kitchen in Hawaii
lo and behold, we're in the same hotel together and sore doing an impromptu sit down I love it. Life brought us together, the most beautiful fat honestly, and I have to call the vacation to, because I get to pinch me that this can be re under the bucket of work as dream live. Absolutely so for Listeners like tell who you are: what's your story, give us give us the dish, while I am Jessica mom working I've got two beautiful girls. I am the founder and ceo of the stolen, not family brands, which I think of as being sailor and a warrior for flexible work for women so that they can live, happy fun. Passions and just be in the world. He hasn't monsieur entrepreneur. Yeah an author of the book, find your extraordinary and podcast hosts for self made. So all those many things. I am just a m, a woman trying to figure out tat so
tell me about actually dont know the origin story of cell and I may have been a fan for the longest time. I've had some you naughty earlier. I have all car and I dont know the names of thing and actually have quite a bit of your the Algerian. You have the aesthetic that I'm into. I love you they love not to fussy and I love like statement peace and you should have you cover me both way, Sir- is things yarn bladder us and our design team, the attic, no credit for the part where we as all the greater our? How did it start like? Where did this come from? You know for me, the manifestation of being in what I More is a movement and emission than a business with all night came from ray mistake I previously made, which was I grew up with sounds of alma from a desire wanting to be secure, that I really fastened childhood of just trying be in a financial place of security, and
so I wanted to be an entrepreneur and I went night just worked hard in school and I started a company and technology. I did all the things that you're supposed to do in check. The box is to be successful, I became an explorer really young. I am cofounded commerce business that became wedding, channel dot com au out of college owes. You know, I feel so fortunate eyes on abroad. The age of twenty four were being a young entrepreneurs and, at the same time I kind of felt like This looks good on tv, but in life? It's a nightmare like all I do is my business runs me I don't run at and I am pleased and all the people all the time, except that over here is a shallow farmers. None who work all the time and I we were my husband, I'm looking at him, I in a we wanted to sort of family ones, get married. That's when we were gonna move to us and I thought to myself: how on earth am I gonna? Do in my narrative today successes happiness, yeah, nine, I profoundly deaf or what
you guys, are what other people think you're doing but, like I am actually happy. I wanted to be a more than anything yeah, how many a balance, those two things, because when women asked me for advice, I beg whatever you do, don't do this whatever you do, don't do what I do not like waited with. I took him up with a better answer from myself and I have to come up with a better answer that, think other women want yeah witches yeah. I wanna work, but I wanted to flexibly. I want to be but about balanced priorities, and I looked around the options I became obsessed with this concept. Like ok, love, entrepreneurship well the passion of the outside. But how do we? not be just behold him all the time, and I wanted to do it differently and I just became obsessed with it, and I started saying how do you reinvent work for women that takes out all the risks I have to have all the money I had to have all the time I have to have all the skills and make up form were more women would take the leap. Starting a business and from you so deeply personal, because I grew up by single dad, so my mom,
a lot of mental illness, a lotta decisions in our life magnanimity and all these things, because she was didn't feel like she could. Supporters of or western not to do that, and it just has such a ripple effect, and I just want more women to feel financially for some very yeah strong, and so that just became my mission like no. I want to do this, but I want to do it differently when, on my own terms, I want to build started it pregnant. I my living room. I want it increasing yeah, to do what I was doing here, but I wanted to reinvent a platform for women to have choice, and that is my biggest Bonaparte. Today we pick out over five. Zero million commissions the menotomy is not the big number individual stories that people may possibly be a they did it able to work at around earlier? What I love so much? I have the opportunity, I would say, like ninety percent of the stages, I speak on our direct cells and Emma Limbs, and what I ll so much? Is that much since those stories are not people who want to own their own jack they're, not gonna, be a millionaire they're trying to help their families that the audit,
his dream in their life is to be able to come to Hawaii on some are in line with their kids. It's a way to help there. Families and help themselves, but it's taking ownership of that in instead of you know, maybe partner will do this or it now This is a goal that I have for myself and I went to work towards it and I love the community found in in these kind of in these kind of businesses. How in the world did you even started, though? Did you have experienced in this kind of thing are. You are just like nor easy, I'm all right, but I have to say I love the message you give, because I think you not only tell people what they need to hear, but you tell it to them in a way that they can hear, and so I love that they aim. Thank you for being you yeah I so when I started this principle and the other thing about, like the whole people want yet the one of the things I thought when I was gonna get into this business is like. Oh, my gosh. This is. I had all these impressions like this. Is it get rich, quick scan
like this is all like. A pyramid scheme is molly things broken and others into certain. I thought, oh, my god. I can't get anywhere near that yeah and then I thought we'd a minute. That's not the reason why shouldn't do it? That's the reason why I have to do is make this like a ticket to finance the island would jet conversation, and this is what it takes to start a bit. A puzzle. You gotta, let yourself you get it PS. I always gotta you to do these things yeah. You deserve to have time for Europe to feel guilty yeah, and I didn't I wanted it to be really different at. I knew nothing about what I was doing and I think that is the comical part I want everyone to know every hustler out there that wants to go. Do something you do no things and thus it started yeah got started, you make a zillion mad eggs. I only reason you do it right is: does you figured out the thirteen it's not an earth throw away. So I was through this. I've never done anything in this business. If I convey sales, I wanted to ethically modernize at, but I had
an entrepreneur before so I did have the benefit of being super naive giants that is like the best less than I ever learned in my first on a business of d ever lose that sense of optimism that sense of like forget whatever but he is telling you yeah that, because the odds and obstacles and probabilities are not more relevant than your passion, your purpose and your potential. That's how you needed to ignore the fact that there's gonna be all these naysayers being like what on earth? Are you doing in this industry and have no idea what you're doing well because we're I can read yeah, I can lie in the does myself and get back up again yeah. I remembered moments where I remember many German, when I called you from this, convention. I went to try to learn about it, I'm pregnant and feeling police egg and somehow is like ten o clock in the morning and the elderly, and he was clearly intoxicated like
hitting on like this. I do not see. Why am I in this bizarre a world? What am I doing going to quit? I would go home there's a zillion times, yeah that I wanted to quitting the moment. I just it was the mission that got me through the air and when I find the press is a learning and businesses like kissing. A lot from the interest everybody yeah and even bigger it out? That is the definition of entrepreneurship figure it out I love the there sure you'll have the self made nature which you just touch my podcast, but I loved now and actually went on and bought like? I would like to thank you know you guys semi little stuff, but that was like I'm gonna go grab the shirt for myself. Because I love that idea that there is always a team like. I want to acknowledge that because I we therefore yeah there's a we. So it's not that you buy yourself made it alone, but it does take you as a leader to have that DR have that fire and rebellious stand back up and to keep going when you don't know what you're doing but is a way
here. What year did it start would do? Did you started Well, that is a great nation, and so I says parent. My first daughter she's fifteen out, ok, but I think this is the beautiful thing. My every overnight success story takes that seventy course at percolates per year, and then it comes to be when other people do. We not me they add, is totally so. I was doing my living room than I partnered with, Paris and she really help we renamed adapt our grandmothers, no and I and and and so that was two thousand and four. We are no. That was two thousand and seven. I started two thousand important and what not but think about what. Why did it? You know: take those early years and whenever I go, a business but which is comical. I really believe the basket was the school hard. I am actually anger about commander of the customer, neither of us our yeah, but when I go to school in it so funny, because people are thinking about business in theory yeah like did you have like access to capital or was it like? The market has
speed and that is about were saving? My behind my priority was like I'm a mom first and then the two days ago we already, with my husband and those are the reasons why it took that early Peoria yeah when do doesn't idea start, but in theory we ve been really additives to dozens of an ok well and how like? What was it? I mean it. I need the cells forced first, any the pie at first any melick. Where do you even start I was so committed to walking a million miles and being my own venture capitalist, because the first time around I went out, I raised venture capital me. We were in it. Come heyday. I think our business collectively raise two hundred twenty million dollars venture firms. We had this, which is predict That's because you know tat when you have a lot of money, don't think that light start this is a union money. In order to make it work honestly, you could make big lofty mistakes. Yeah has scale rail the mother of invention. So I was like I want that because it you're behold into all these people with all these different expectations, and it's not about the mission
like you in a bit. This would be. I do not think about it for six years yet where I did it because I wanted to did it, because I wanted to walk the mile of what I want to create, so I did Adam Oliver. I made the jury I and dead fails in homes. So I can learn everything so that I could iterate from knowing? Is it working isn't working? We do need a still do that today workings and not working. I always curious. I'm always questioning This is not static. Yeah have to change every day to be relevant, so I did that by just doing at figuring out every time it fail? There's not myself! Oh, I am so grateful. I got to for free yeah. You so I'll be back tomorrow and an eye iterated until bit by bit and to me the mission was the driver, not the product, so I wanted product. Of course, I think about this. Business is my first business out of my head. When I started with heart and had which is mission first. But then, if,
worse, the heads gonna come at a place which is where's the large market. How can we deliver something better consumer idea not and will not ever just market product and say get this I wanted to like ledge better yeah. If you have a great business, you're gonna have attract customers, but you're gonna get a repeat anymore for on, because what you are delivering is what yeah, and so that the hard part of like really making sure I felt that way. Yet it was slow in the beginning began. We just built it under those guiding principles, a better product, yeah tech innovation Toro Integrity and social responsibility in community yeah and people first yeah when you so? Did you sell your selling on like an e commerce pot from before, or you started initially with? No, we need salespeople in that For our mission was, how do you get sales people to have a your dollars per hour, because
they have a multi channel, smart business. I dont believe that any business can exist in one room. You gotta go where the customer wants to, and so how can that you serve the customer bass and how to she went ashore and then how do you make it super easy and superpower the people gathered in order to deliver that way? So today we have like mine, blowing amazing apps, where you can, create a style board and text it and somebody can get it on their found in check out so to meet always been about the grace and of the two Smyrna grading amazing product with a great the person can do their business whenever, where they want to- and we have in the past the tools and rewards the policeman so big he's been integrated. But yes, it was all about empowering. I just and they learn and earn on their own terms, yeah. They think the professional developments Billy important me too. I don't want them to just have a paycheck. I want them to grow and away that's gonna kill over to the family there to be a role model. I want them to get. The growing away that's gonna, kill over to the family there. A role model. I want them to get rid of guilt.
I want them to rise. I want you know, I am happy when people they may this for a little bit, but if they leave better oftener than they ve arrived and we ve done art, and I do so as we launched into this cause. It's always from you get tat with another entrepreneur. If someone doesn't know what stolen dot is that eighty eight of the embryo brands are currently still, and I will fashion, accessories and apparel and then keep collective, which is charged based, jewelry and ever skin care, which is a clinical and clean but effective beauty line ass. It were a platform where people can launch their own business and inflexible and the thing as we did these different brands so that no matter what your passion is, you can have the gentle paycheck authentic. Do you like an ever? We have a ton of doctors because it a clinical great product that really works and the amazing they they do that you're in a fashion to sound out. If you're into meaning and storytelling its key plucked at the idea, it's a business plan
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best employers are looking on zip recruiter. So the best employees need to be posting. Oliver, and for their so whether you are looking for a job or looking for a great employ right now, my listeners can try super cruder for free at this exclusive web. Address zipper, cruder, dot com, Slash Hollis, that zip recruiter, dot harm, slash, H, o L, L, I ass zip recruiter, dot com, Flash Hollis. and how big is your course, staff now like home office? How big as well, we have a happier for honey. People know about this, but we have over Three thousand independent business owners in in our global business over this ban, such In all honesty, I think about that and webpage myself, because I imagine
like being at my living room. Thinking I was singing thrive is gonna work ray. I ve no sense again, no reason why this should yeah, and so now I think back. I'm Icloud, that's also yeah. It is so exciting to think about and when you you're starting out- and you start to build and scale how important were like the people that use round herself with those key hires like when you every yeah. That's everything everything yes, but Sometimes I want to carry out that because it sounds grandiose and obviously, oh, you should go get the best partners. You gotta have the best people in our global phenomenon money and it can lead to a reality. Is you people are breathing here, because people solve problems yet and people help if you do something- and you have turned to somebody- you love next, you unlike
I've I've! What's the point yeah you're, not making an impact in another person like a very lonely hard to be an entrepreneurial, so many emotional ups and downs people are just everything yeah, you don't grow a business, you go people, you have yourself and vigorous yeah. So I'd say their everything. But that sad I mean I just getting it right with partnerships. That is evolution honestly, we I've been through so much like having every com of the a good match, a bad match. You know all this kind, they add up and you just work, threw it over himself here there in a play. Right, I'm alone, I hope it just keep going to get there overtime yeah, so those early years for you as your managing being a mom, and you have young children in trying to grow and scale, as do the all work together and even now, that question. My love that enable together- and yes, we did in the beginning and that I have outlined as outlined, our Lang Room,
Can the jewelry and like a honey, I need your help yeah and within, like twenty minutes. Remember you are cutting wire is we're beating, and here I was I an assembly line going into might like a small production facility and our living room No furniture and end we were in about twenty minutes in jobs, are going strike, strike strike it goes on strike any like wants a snack and I'm like. Ok, this is the end of upward. I love you we ve been married, have married for twenty years in Lisbon. That was the end of our working together. Anything the an you're always work. These thousand gurney there's a poor yeah, whether there actually doing your business with you and we went. Hard times like zags working out, because he knew he married an entrepreneur, I was doing my first. This is when I married, but only after we had kids yeah. We had these traditional our grounds. You know like just finally, where we are like. Ok, you who's on what the kitty not was hard. That was a struggle as figuring out how to be part There's an person,
in through that, and so it was really hard. I say your biggest hurdle for me. It is ass. It was not competition, you're, not production, it was my mom guilt, yeah, it was navigating marriage and partnership of two people working and not gonna lie like that. It's not easy as why. I want to be vulnerable, ensure that message with women like ok, here's every we made yeah here is where that can really sock eggs, and I wish I could go back to myself, because I did so many stupid things on that brought me. I thought that I could not be yeah good MA. Am There, ain't no harm. I was so conflicts it all the time. I don't get it all the time you have France yeah Val, unlike? Why did I do that without violating myself? Yes, so silly yeah and we share some of the things that you did, that you feel like where mistakes tuition. May. Yes, when I almost died alone- and I could do it all ion. Yes, I thought. Okay,
and the women like it is my job and I obviously, if you are going to pregnant. If you're gonna nurse you know or you it's like, you have to be done proportionately, like there's, no sharing equally at responsibility right and then, even if you, get a newborn, and you just our society. You still have this pressure and I I feel my neighbours are judging the everyone's down, I'm a bad mom. If I'm not doing, I felt that yeah. So I would basically try to be Superman and because I got up, I gotta proved everybody that I can do it off and that these children suffering in any way just because I'm a working mom, no twice as good a extra I'm an arm and a big that organic blended. They all I'm not gonna, buy that with the now I'm gonna get about three. I am yet the land that yeah tedious I'm glad you throw your birthday party and we're going to have a meeting startling asked who looked like Pinterest threw up here, yeah and I meet while I M, like depleting my anxiety when my husband gets home,
a greeting. He met that yeah yeah, like looking you yeah, we had our first baby, and you know I could kind of like Cuba together. Yeah would like no sleep. But I thought that was also great. I make winning because I'm suffering yeah that's the model of six, but I literally thought that, like oh, I'm tap and therefore I must be. Yeah, and then we had our second kid, and that is what I was like. Oh my gosh, like guys, So I thought I would add, after having a mental breakdown, lower level of service has been downgraded. Yeah here's what's happening, yeah good is the new great yeah, no more has no more organic, that no like well, ok, organic food, but like not that I made yeah, it is frozen and those of the Tridges yeah like weaken microwave yeah, and I just had yeah. Well reading. We honestly went to one session a maritime playing. We needed this, the Avonlea yeah and, after a very hard like realisation there like you need to be negotiated like yours, the hundred you
I've heard lot and end. She does everything they the deal. You strapped yeah, I'm like yeah a bad deal and valuing me yeah. Why do I say we? I mean I'd like wow you're yeah, it's so obvious. When someone else tells you but we're living that we did not see it and I was miserable yeah and I only have one Why not asking for help. I really think that we, India Total. I am, I kill tee, what an illegal. I also think this you know especially entrepreneurs, or even people who are listening, who are keen their way up in a career is their PETE. I'll that you admire who who have gone further than you have gone before you and I to remind myself like Richard Branson, is not running at all by himself like he has hundreds, if not thousands, of employees who are helping keep this thing afloat these on. Bernard? Is that you admire? They have said
much help. So why do you think, like you Rachel? Why do you think that you're going to be the one that magically does it all by using a historic, em and yeah and society. We society yeah, make us feel Baja, because what I feel like we're being generally and Therefore, we are suffering to animals, opinion last Y yeah and by the way which had rented. I love him yes, and he also seven hours night and he s fun, yet I feel guilty about where he goes on boy that acceded, whereas we're like, oh yeah, so I do think that's a little talk with tat with ourselves and I tried it shares. Because I'm not one that we will not change that the active here, and so I tried to do that. And then I was like in what is long as the core for is happy. I kinda please help me yeah, why do I have this woman unambiguously again how my list of you're trying to rest yeah? Why always think mom Gill has a lot more to do with like it's, about how we think we're doing it's, how we think other people think we're D amato. I d like one of the other moms at school. What is my mother in law? What are my warehouse, my
this Roma? Judging how I'm doing this, because my life looks different than hers and when you let go of that pressure, it's the most worrying thing in the world so they gotta know about you, but it's when my business started to explode was when I finally like let took off that way took off like stop trying to rule that bolder up the hill. When I was I know this is who I am. These are my values. This is what I meant a focus on, and anybody else's opinion of this doesn't matter cause you're, not in this with me and you're, a great mother yeah their supper. Yes, the lovely is just like it is, like everybody does it like my relations is banned? Have you ever yes, and I also think that we need there's two important things that I want moms to give up the and really think about ass one. If you think about John in the world. You want them to look and say I can do my own choice? I would be so happy if my children were having contributed the world. There were good humour yeah if they were gracious neighbour, kind
they are consuming the world and whether they are working full time in the home. Because nobody doesnt work, hang your mouth. You are working yet felt I am and create without bay, without barriers in your work at yes, it is Europe that is your choice in your contributing to your community. You that luxury that yet Riverledge being able to make that choice, aims and thank you and if you are gonna, go pay your tax dollars and could you be decided and thank you, and I am so grateful that you are putting these beautiful models of success, to show both boys and girls yeah, that this contribution and how tragic would it be if we were all these robots? the same choices that you're, not my wife works. There is diversity and beautiful and no matter your gender, you can make different choices, and that is what makes society where together, yes- and so I am glad that my children have different models and just ass glad as I'm having me working. They have menacing home. They have their moms doing different things. They have people leading social costs, been all these you're a beautiful fabric of society, and so
this point number one yeah need different role model all genders and then another thing is, I am obsess thing. I come from a family that really struggled with mental health. And the rates of inside and depression, that our growing with our children is something we need to be like Aurette alarm. Fireball yeah like there are things in the world. We need a black hole on yeah. That's right, ok of success. Yet if I die- and I chose an hour- are happy and good humans that I have done my job yet I have loved my line of made an I'm successful year. If, but I think that we need to be really concern that this model of super hunting helicopter parenting of snow parenting, us feeling guilty Yang like be it ever. That is good, yeah they're going off.
Higher rates of anxiety and depression and lack of coping skills, because we ve been trying yes to put to manhood offshore that one of them I am, and I'm yeah thoughts, often yeah. I thought even working fearing. Oh, it's not working out for adults or kids yeah. Can we just back up and everyone last less lower the bar yeah, letting let them get strong from struggle yeah, because that The only thing that's my nose entrepreneur yeah. I honestly think the reason I have been able to create success is, in some measure still struggle every day in that process, all works is beggars, from struggle early yeah. I learned how to have like hard thing: happened yet you I'm so life yeah and I think I had a singled out that worked all the time. I had no role model of perfection of hunting that men are left with strong yeah he's my hero, yeah he's the greatest human and oh yeah, along with us. My biases yet, but we all get to think that we all did you get on that front, but I just you know- and I think that more people,
really. You are now yeah. If your loving and you have been tension, there is no perfection, that's come in your way eyes just get. No. But that Army China make the world a better place. It's also important it's an important reminder, as it is, privilege to have me megawatts myself to probably like if you go, I had the opportunity several years ago to go to Ethiopia. If you could, my mom in Ethiopia. He can't even comprehend what mommy guilt is not like. We, wait by the way ass percentage. Riled. Yes, like women in your country, have Gill peak. They have jobs, which is like the greatest thing she can hope for is to have a job to be able to support her family. Wait. Women in your country have there and they feel guilty about it like this is. Privilege. We need a flip. The perception about a hundred percent like this is how how what a blessing for you that you get have a job that help support you
family that helps pay rent that puts food on the table and they're gonna, be, Oh they're, gonna hurt you gonna, be ok. Everyone take a breath, I guess, What I'm confused about to his most of the women than I now make carry guilt about this, didn't have moms who state like their parents worked you're, ok you know I give you up when I grew up like a vigorous in the backlog station wagon, then we're not girl, no sleep, no car seats like we're all okay, and obviously that is where did it? How did I don't know? It's crazy place, I couldn't with you more and I think expose it is such a first. Will problem gaseous fuels Jackie about these choices? Yes, that we are so privilege, yeah half as the amount of another just off the charts yeah, and we too had this experience. We are building a school in Nicaragua and you look around like their constructive, a family. First of all, all the men are up working to get a job and Ngos to Riga, yeah. The family unit is like moms with it's everywhere they come.
Haiti is raising the outer and no expectation, yes, isolate in doing this aware and they're laughing happy here, and they don't amateur of things and there can and yet they're happy, and so I just that experienced I came back and my kids have heard the story a zillion times right that they they, who are we was racing means every meal. That is something you and the house the excitement of the whole week that somewhere in the village, there was an egg it we never saw the egg was not real materialise. The Holy Oliver Like backed up systems. Yet, although, like Americans, like there's an egg there is an egg is digital. Get the egg and, We go on, there's no egg open my fridge and once their eggs doesn't it every day, there's pricking eggs in that French as it my kids complain about anything like we have ok, we have eggs and you you have to have this perspective of like you. I wouldn't
to apologize for working, I could it would have been promised us. Actually. One of your kids are crime when you got that door be like you are welcome, yeah well, you're welcome, yeah, the thing that we worked really hard to do. I mean I think, when you're an entrepreneur, its and even it's an even greater strain and can be a greater strain on the family than when you are working in out for some one else. And when we get grief, when the kids say at their inner were like aha and you know how are you going to summer camp? You know the Aarhus PET and not in a knot in like antagonistic way, but real. Making sure that they understand what the pay office so like. When we moved it were moved to Texas last year. They want to go to summer Camp Summer Camp in Texas, Soviets and oh eczema, very expensive to go to sleep boy camp, and I remember was when I was first really starting to travel, attend to speak and- my middle son, the middle child to the empty agree, was like
You know all you're too, and I said yeah and I will have to travel to speak six times ordered to pay for you, too, go to this summer camp. Do you understand what that's? What mommy's doing like we were extra hard so that you can have certain things that other people get to have, or even when we go on a family vacation explaining them, hey guys well we're here we're having a much fun. I just want you to like over member when mom had to go. Do this or when dad had to write that book that was because we were gonna, have an experience like this, but like bringing them along on the journey. So they understand the. Why I'm not Believe me, I'm not like rolling out of the house to go work because I dont want to hang out with you. I'm doing it because yeah like this is what we are building and they need to understand what what is involved in it and I think,
if what you are doing is not to be for the luxury vacation. Maybe what you're doing is just to make grand even more powerful like it takes good for you and as a child who grew up in a home with parents who never were having Otto many who really struggled financially, who fought all the time because they couldn't afford like I am so driven by the fact that my children will never worry about the fact that there's no food in the fridge with a view There are no ex, because that was my reality a lot of times and so everybody has the choices that we make? It goes back to like what you said like water. What are the values of your family? They may be devout values of mine, but that the power and knowing what matters to you guys is that you can go all in on what matters to you and let the rest follower
hey aren't next. Women's conference is only a few weeks away and if you have never attended before this is the events that will change your life rise is a three day: women's personal development conference, where we laugh until we pay our pans and we talked about how things are we cry and we find community and we create the road map to changing our lives or businesses or whatever it is that you're working on? If you want to find out more your curious, what it's all about, I highly recommend you go check out the instagram and see what our community says. You can hear it straight from them. It's at: let's rise, dot, co and, if you're looking for the next one, it's happening in Toronto. On March this through the seventh that's Toronto March, there, through the seventh check out all the details at the Hollis cold dot com. If you have been looking for a nudge, if you have been looking for something to kick start change, I promise this is the thing if you're living your life in accordance with your priorities and values,
yeah you're doing the right thing and an eye at what I think is an exciting time, because women can make choices today than there were you? Can you know you can't have it all can have what matters most men. I think what you're doing- and I see you doing it working on your home- is it rose you can during his. They put, you can still be, they are absolutely around them. I love this journey it the most. I've got to do with my hand, oh yeah and honestly, just we joke, because now our kids officially just turn teens yeah, so sad health, as I'm like a stalker mom. Now I've been there, I oh yeah out without yeah, and I go to night. We parallel play yeah hi to sit next to that, but that is how can I stop here economic timer away? I've been I as Albania, the beautiful things like. I can work side by side in just the togetherness and mean it fills me with joy totalling, and I love women being brave enough to question. Can I redefined my life. How do I be this brave entrepreneur How do I question? Do I want to do this for myself to one? Is that, because you cannot,
Therefore the moments and have your own thing and I feel bad about it, but still show up yeah in a way that important. I think that is more possible than ever before a hundred percent YAP, as you look forward to the next decade of your life for the business where, where he headed, I love being at this stage. I am in life right now, which is a change to just using the word wiser built at that, because I freely do you live in a moment and when I think about ten years I want to make impact. I wanna there's some things like all the things I my business, someone innovate and when we get back, I really believe we're just getting started. I really do envy team, We have on a business perspective. Oh my gosh, I'm so more fired up and excited than ever but I want to measure my life in the minutes of love. I want to think about. The trip that are v trip were taking the last. The family. I wanna think about every family tradition. We create my kids organ of the hour. I just want to live
I am with love. I wanna be kind and happy I want to stay Thea when amenity and I want to just be grateful to be alive every single day yeah. And you know that I love that. Couldn't Jane, I think I'm. You said something earlier that that made me think about this at something I've been into our lot in the last say nine months, because the business has exploded in a way that just was never yeah right away. I amazing radically. I owe you also it is, I don't know if you ve ever had a moment in your career where you ve had yeah you're gay yeah, I'm I'm I'm coming out the other side of it. I really, I would say at the end of twenty. Call me we better. We can. I wanna coming out the other night of your game yeah, I I'm I'm coming out the other side of it. I really, I would say at the end of twenty eight teen, what is one of the lowest
points in my life and was at that point the highest success. I had ever had, and you know how many people say that yeah you now yeah you're. All these, I may, I feel so lucky to be in this. This group yeah that, where you you have pure is that are seeing their running these giant companies yeah and if you knew the truth and every one another yeah who knew the truth, a struggle and pain. That is, hi that Mass Yeahs Diabetes normal, yet The reality is self. Work has to be a more important, less, so hear more important, yes, boundaries yet more important, yes, because otherwise, what was the point tat, thou and that Jackie, this value? That is exactly what it is is. Is I think that the ultimate failure and having this success and not enjoy at all and not at, and not only that, but just like you're you're on and then to day when I was walking this like, I feel it all I am is on and then
resting that it can be on again and you're. Just like. Feeding the machine keep driving the thing and it feels like Sometimes you like on a train is a runaway train and you can it once it picks up its own momentum. Now, you're just going, and it takes actively fighting against what everybody else thinks you should be doing in your life, because the second You start to have real success as an entrepreneur everybody wants in right, economics, peace. When once apiece and all of a sudden you're getting opportunities that you you can't even believe, we are coming away. I think you can't say no to them, and I use that hey right, yes, and that is just really getting crazy about nope. We won't like we, we no that going in, and we said yes to everything, so right now we are playing at the end of like for the rest of twenty nineteen, I M playing out the and of every yes that probably should have been. I know well, I'm so proud of you, for
I think that now the actors that is the big arrest them, what I did wrong. You remember that yeah. What I, It was the same problem, I repeat right like I look success. The outside, and yet here I am this huh the U S and whose getting the brunt of that year, my faintly yeah, because I would travel so much because I wanted to please people, and I wanted to be everywhere. It I'll get into everything. And then I come home yeah and it was like the marrow like accepted such that yes, the life out of me and then I live like that is in fact that is exactly right. I would lay like I didn't. I wanted to get the kids, but I didn't even have the energy to be with them so would literally lay next to them. Like hey guys, it's watch a movie and I would like lay never let him. Oh my gallant rule for like two death like a two days. I got Saturday and Sunday and then Monday morning, like I'm back again and it jack it's it's at. I feel like if I was here someone say this five year, the guy be like you're, not you're, not grateful. You know. I appreciate what you have it's one of those things like unless you ve been in it. You can't it's.
Marathon, others brand yeah. You are a mere more yes yeah. Have you seen the princess brain, of course, leather yeah? I would always Jochen my kids like mere I'm, unlike any miracle max, I'm not I'm, not mostly s mostly dead. Yet how do we get undressed, mostly dead, and am I play to stop living? My life mostly lies all we're gonna be up here so that I might go wait a minute. I'm gonna put me that I'm gonna put me out by being saying no and actually learn this item before so why my learning it again- and I did this with one in ten of my first business- ok, so I was single when we got married, the middle, I didn't have kids, and so you know what I thought I thought a woman's you all the things, because I can. I thought beings We would be giving all my time and that's how it please my investors, the Tobin show the world those entrepreneurs and I think that a huge trip, I'm I shall ask you. I was a young female amounted to take one for the team yeah, I'm them on our good, and I can do it. You don't you discount me out, and so I have this thought.
I had to do that every night every week, and so what that made me do is. Oh, my time is infinite because all do everything for this business yeah, that's what I did was already noted need to prioritize because I'll just get to that or at midnight yeah. Then, when I had kids and I had to get home because I had to be there and get the kids at five o clock as Ray I'm gonna. Do balls, I'm not gonna, do everything. So let figure out which ones are mission, critical and which ones are gonna matter a year from now three years ago, one of the big picture they are and it made me get strategic and the more you get to have infinite options. It give your creator This person and you are who will make our gap you'd die with things to do exactly, european way have more raw things that are out and then are gonna be action. Absolute all you do is get fears about being strategic example, now a right which you're the guy Supposin American, a drop in the rubber ones bounced, yet which ones are the things that really matter, and if you don't think those are just a few. Thank her and you're, not priorities in them. You're asking to be stressed too,
to me, that's when I got fears about my time, fears about big fat ass, an yeah. Oh yes, I will say just for listeners who have seen ES, manifestly can social but the two things that I once oh hard Koran. Once we hit the new year that have made the difference in my life is, I am in saying about my health like insane like, many things, probably at the nice nice what he said or got every single day of my life, I'm so intentional, with what I e I'm so intentional. With my sleep, how much water- and it's why I beat this drum every day- is not cause. I'm like a fitness whatever. It is because that has The most massive difference in my life right is because I'm starting every single day that to me a self care like I'm taking care of my body, so that my body reform at the level I need it to, and then I just say no to everything everything does a great quote. I remember who says it, but it's the
prince between successful people and really really successful. People is really really successful. People say no to almost everything it SAM Berkshire, Hathaway Itzhak. I warned us Warren Buffett. Gas is its success, is most is about what you dont do young and what you do yeah and just saying no to at all, and we will get through the end of nineteen finishing up. I have thirteen more keynotes for the year. I've I've given more speeches in the last year than any one you ve ever met your life will now Fort and so you are bringing out tomorrow and why I am now ended. As I love you sound like my gift, but this is, I have said no to every hour. I dont begun anyone else's stage after twenty nineteen. That's my commitment to my son from my family. So we will. We do our own conferences and if people want to hear me speak, though, can re that's right, but I well. I just can't my mentor always says rate what's good, for you is good for them, meaning the community
it's good for you. If it fails, you up, gives you energy and allows you to serve at a higher level to those people to your team to to your employees and in a way that you can't, if you're totally depleted and you're putting that beautiful parameter on loving your life. In recognising that, you need to be successful yeah, it's gonna elevate, your impact yeah, because where then gonna go create something so manage one beautiful, even beyond what you ve already done. Your greatness is ahead of you I refer to. You is like the world's New Oprah I do, and I think that when you are in that moment in your Huggins, someone that shaking that impact to women, Israel, operating throughout the world yeah, I know I had for you is gonna be scaling this and what the I need you to do is stay healthy and whole yeah, because that the method again lover and I went through the same process of saying Scotty
the allowable yeah, that's what the pie cast about. That's what reaching more people in a powerful way about doing here, and I love that you're doing so proud of your bank yo. If, if people are listening and they want to know more cause, they do if you, I am not. I really I'm not saying this. I am not Don't pay me. This is not an ad, I always say not an so. I know I really do where so much rejoice that I'd by myself. Just because I've always loved the brand, so and I know you have other things that they can go check out. But if they're like I actually have not heard of this before, I want to go see what you guys have or I'm really interested in being manner and checking out what this means. Where do they go to find out more information, so you can go to Jessica, hearing dot com and that will link you two Stella dot, dot com, yeah ever dot com, collective dot com? And, I wrote a book find your extraordinary and I have a pod cast called self made by just coherent and, I would say the product than I most proud of, and I think we and I have in common.
Is what I really want is confidence for women yeah. I want an endless belief in yourself, belief beyond reason, began and he'd be practical when it comes seeing what within yeah yeah and that's my greatest joy is knowing the proceeds of the book go to find it scholarships for women, because that's what somebody gave give me and I want to pay it forward, and I've made so many mistakes, and I want you to know that there is a way, there's a path and so well. It's? U want to launch a business. You want to learn more whether you want that community, that's where they can find it, then they find it within themselves, so cool. Thank you. So much for coming to hang on my hotel room data on food aid. You Rachel has been the best. Ladies and gentlemen, did I mentioned. I have a book coming out. Here's the thing: it's called get out of your own way, sceptics guide to growth and fulfilment and we're the priest cell window of windows. I am super excited about having written a book for both men and women about twenty lies that I once believed that were keeping me in my own way. I have written. This
the perspective of some one. That is, totally different from Rachel Hollis. Even if the format is somewhat similar to grow wash your face, I wrote it from the respect for someone, who's been skeptical of tools like this book or even Castro listening to for ever and ever its through at lands that I'm talking about the ways that I was getting in my own way and I, bank in uncovering the truth behind those lies. Not only help me get out of my own way. It I'll help you get out of Europe's. There are two ways I want to say thank you for preparing this book I've created in the course of course, yes and iii course, a sixty minutes each course called finding your. Why it's a phantom stick resource it's available absolutely for right now for having pure the book and if you go to get out of your own way, the book that calm right now and follow the problems not only we get as you can hear the first thirty minutes of the book again get out of
Conway comes out March. Tenth, I'm super super excited about it, get out of your own way. The book dot com hit that link follow the problems, and I appreciate your support.
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