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136: Rachel Hollis LIVE from RISE Business - Four H's and an O


We're gearing up for our first-ever INTERNATIONAL women's conference, so we wanted to bring you some fire business strategy from our fearless leader herself. This keynote was delivered last fall at our RISE Business conference and was designed to help business leaders and entrepreneurs at any level reassess their progress and their strategies, as only Rachel can. This year we're bringing RISE Business back home to Austin! Learn more here: https://thehollisco.com/pages/rise-business-2020


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The presenting sponsor of rise is Zapruder, Zipper Cretur this artist way to higher. One of the cruellest things that I get to see as part of my job is the manifestation of the product or products that I dreamed out. And created and figured out how to do like. So many of you as a business owner, you get these ideas in your head and it is incredible to get to watch them come to fruition.
And I started dreaming about one of our most popular products. The start today journal. I start dreaming about this. A couple of years ago I had been doing this daily practice based on several different people. I had heard about several different things and I'm kind of put them together into one daily practice, which was every single day. I wrote down the dreams I had for my life, but I wrote them as if they had already happened there something really powerful about claiming a goal as if it's already done, and I rode down every day- and it was how I set my intentions and then I would post about it on social, and so many people are at what are you doing? What is that? Where do I get that journal? And I was like guys: it's not a journal, it's just a notebook, writing down the same thing every single day, but what I think is interesting
as business owners or creators, is often times in fact, most of the time, your audience will tell you what it wants from you and I kept pushing it off because I was like you guys. This is not a big deal, but it was, and people kept asking for, and I finally just thought what, if, turn this into a product, and I started to dream and plan, and I literally taped pictures wall of my office of what I dreamed that my journal would look like in the intention behind it. One of the covers to be really pretty, and I wanted it to be something that you could do once a quarter and then, as you. Complete at each journal. You'd have a stack of this evidence of how intentional you were about your life and we ve heard now- and I mean you knows- times? We messed up on the shipping, and sometimes we rest up on?
interior, but we failed our way to where we are today, which is the start today journal in the hands of hundreds of thousands of peace. Oh so incredible such a blessing for me to be able to go on Instagram and see. Hashtag start today journal and see people all over the world using this practice as away to aim in the direction of their dreams so If you are not familiar, and you want to check it out, you can go over to the Hollis code, dot com forward, slash shop and find All about my favorite practice turned my favorite product and, if you're, not anymore to buy. Remember that episode. Seventy two of this podcast gives you the exact step by step so that you can do it in whatever note book you have laying around for free, you dont have to buy a product, but you should be doing this daily practice. It will litter,
we literally change your life. I don't even have time to make you jump up and down into the damn thing says so much stuff to teach you so get your heart right. Get your energy up and then sit back down in your chair
I read your Hollis and I've built a multi million dollar media company with a high school diploma and the free information I found on the internet in the fifteen years that I've been building and scaling my company, I have become deeply passionate about helping other entrepreneurs to do the same so each week I'll be sharing tangible and technical advice and inspiring interviews with the same intention. Bees are the tools to change your life and your business. This is the rise podcast with half a minute. You understand that you can actually pay, meaning me for the speaker line of that we have A visa
early all of my friends who just deeply leave and adding value to your lives and teaching? They are not getting paid. They are just here to serve you. So, where you are my friends even happened, are you kidding? I'm sorry, I said: will you give it up Tom? Can you live in a free man? Did you ever go back? Ok, we're jumping in I think that this point you are here yes, you're here with my Texas, to accede
I have some internet access is the canadian tuxedo and I was like I beg to differ anyway, I hope that you already here are you taking notes with the with an actual writing implement right, so I you are, I'm Ipad laptops and on your phone and that's great when you are five times more likely to retain the things that you learn this weekend. If you write it down, Get out a notebook get out your work, but this is the time where we we switch. So I started the day I wanted to just fire you up. I wanted to empower you. I hope that you got some you're excited you're motivated you're, feeling it now you're going to be student. Okay, now we're going to teach now you going to learn, I going to write all the things. Remember what I told you earlier shake it like a Polaroid picture. You gotta keep your energy up, you guys! This is the end of the day. Why, and I know you want to go out and have that glass of Chablis or your spot
Clean water or your Marguerite or whatever you can earn it with some information, so. Things are going to do. Radio law assessment because over the net, Two days we are going to work and learn and give you tactics and advice on these specific. Thing, but right now we have to see how jacked up you are on these specific thing. Ok, so I want you to go to page twenty. Everyone have page twenty in your work, We're going to start, and these will make sense later, but for right now I just want you to go with me. The first thing we're need to start with. Is you because you are the problem. You're, the problem. You paid all this money and you got a babysitter and got a hotel room, and you came here so that I can tell you. You are problem cuz, here's the deal if you are the problem. What are you also thank you? Can I get away
So here is what I want you to do. I want you to grade yourself. One. It is so here it is you. How Are you developing yourself as an entrepreneur and a leader. If you feel, and by the way, if you're like Rachel, I watch Youtube every day. That's not enough. Sis, ok I'm talking about here is how do you feel like you're doing as the leader? How are you doing? Is a business owner? What is the knowledge that you need? you know right. You have an idea in your heart how you're doing on this. One is super I've got it. Really sad you're like that's, why I'm here I'm a one good for you. Thank you for your honesty. Ten is I M the ball. I'm the greatest leader the world has ever known, I cannot get in.
Better than I am, we had a whole other conference for you, so rope. Let go through under you on a scale of one to ten. One is here, the worst tenants you're the best give me a number. Little tat taking you think, I'm here, for I don't even know this com, but I like it That's product Serbia experience you one of those things or you don't because Smith. Why you are one of those things and eminent guy you later you're, actually more than one of those things. And great yourself again your product you
service. Your experience, one in my public service experience is the best. Ever I own apple or. Really need some more real need? Some work, I think, My idea is great, but the product there I have right heart, but I'm actually terrible at the service that I provide. So one is you sap ten? Is your off keep the party train rolling? customer. Various customer. Spirit scale of one to ten. How are you at offering your customers and that's all experience with your products, your service. How are you Laura just the tiniest, better sign, it's perfect you're at a ten. I need you like a seven.
Perfect. Thank you. That's why I love you given up for a sign. You guys. By the way, just so unclear clear on customer experience, this is not what you think you are. This is what your customers would say about your customers. Iran's because it doesn't matter what you think, that's one branding. Creating and consistently utilizing your branding through all aspects of your business how's, your brand? your brand during one is, nobody knows who I am or what I'm about ten is unchecked fillet how's your branding. One third ten nets, marketing.
How are you at marketing marketing is promoting your product service experience in a clear and compelling way said another way and will dig into this marketing. Is how good are you at getting attention and keeping it? Do you have their attention? Do you keep their I mention that usually says a lot about your marketing one. If I suck at this ten is I'm off some net Sales hills, We only care about one thing: your clothing, yourselves one is I've, never closer sell. My life- I don't even know you just said ten, I'm my girlfriend in the back and said she grew six hundred percent or above revenue or whatever she's here and she was needs vague K. Ok, she moved moved out y know I'm super intimidated by filled and not great at ten is I'm off them.
Fine answer. You know what I said about you at my lunch break bunch of liars in this room, so I said I was eating my oars though salad, Said they're not ready yet monotony To be honest, because no joking, when I ask your question to six thousand entrepreneurs about who knows their finances in now and only two hundred abuse sand, and say that you don't know your finances, your bullshitting me or yourself. It's real there is a zero percent chance that all six thousand people in this room, no right now what their cash flow is no right. Now what the balance sheet looks like no right now, what their piano and an I'm telling you it no matter how much money you can make. If you don't know how much money you have, if you don't know what you're overhead is it matters? So don't we
Yourself on the finance peace, because it is why I have the business I have today was I finally got past this point so. Finances one, is your Rachel Hollis Circa, two thousand and thirteen. No freakin idea. What's going on. Ten is your Rachel Hollis today with an incredible financial adviser and a bad ass. The foe, ok. Next day page twenty one keep on track in systems and rob that's that? One oh he's only really that creating systems and processes that improve business functionality and customer experience can you Kate, the thing that you are doing- the time every single time consistently forever
reset another way who came here at this conference and their businesses at us. And still until they get back yet you need some systems and processes. So I've been scrolling, the hashtag! That's what I do. I want to see what's going on with you guys in the amount of people who have used in scrap nothing wrong with this, but if using as the out of office. They're like I am, I will not be available until next Tuesday? because I am at rides conference, which is also a nothing wrong with that, but I'm telling you I make money twenty four today. The day we're making money, because we have systems and processes that make it possible that we have people that can replicate those that we can teach them. Two like Tom was talking about this earlier. If you
someone else can do a thing that you're doing you have a business. You have a really stressful job. We need to work today How are your systems that thing people Are you writing a world class team that our throat inside of their position. Where I saw of winners, you are mighty team of wine. Yet I see you. I was you for so long you haven't seen yet when we get to this part of the teaching on day. Three take all the notes dude all the notes, and you will be miles ahead of the rest of us who, after learning in real time last question leadership are you consistently improving as the leader so that your business and your team can grow? One is no
in other words you're talking about ten, is, I am actually Jesus of Nazareth, I'm the greatest leader right, How do you do it only their ship right? Do you guys know about nobbler numbers? Ok, you can kill the music now son here is the fun part. Here is where you get to see your life unfold. One of my favorite things to do as a teacher is to take something that can be very calm. Located like all the parts of your business and you not knowing their so many things to improve. You don't even know where to start who knows what I'm talking about yeah so was mine, my favorite things. If you take this, we beg nebulous thing and break it down and something that you can see So now I want you to know that we all those of you who have been conference before you know what to do, but for the rest of you you're going to go see. I've been wielding the bottom at the bottom of page. Twenty one now want you to go through a list and what was our first.
Thank you right on our less it's the one. That's like it's like at one o clock right, and you see how you pretend than I can draw its all these different these these bit. Look. They pay, showed you My dream, like you, don't need a job that ok, so
whatever number you gave yourself mark in your little pie, chart up to that point in your we'll. So this person gave themselves a seven on you and then for products in service inexperience. Maybe they gave themselves a three concerns movies, and so they gotta go here so that you can get that one should go through the wheel and whatever number you marked in that little spot, I want you to feel sorry and acts in just popped out. I want you to fill up until that point. I know a pie chart guide that get a thank you take do if you see that
hang on your paper, you have, it feel that you have. It filled out issue yeah. What if that was the tire on your car. Jacked up tire right. Who in fact tyre most but still and by the way it is because this is what helps you get to the next place, I'm going to take you through the foundations of our. Business and how we have done what we have done, but what is most important to me, I'm gonna, keep saying over and over is what do you do? On Monday, I saw one time like as a gift to myself. Thirty fifth birthday present I, by myself a ticket to a really fancy business comments. I always wanted to go to ten thousand dollars minimum to get the room I save up for years with huge deal. For me
I'm so excited. I got an I got. I got so much information, crazy information like I have not done one thing. I made out with my husband a lot for like four days. That was my gift that have not implemented one thing, because there are. So much information that I came. How can I was overwhelmed and then I just kept going orbiting get to that? I'm gonna get that would be my nightmare nightmare is that Get so much information, but you don't know what to do so. I'm gonna take you through the foundations of our business, but here's the easiest way to think of this. Best case scenario is your tire: just starts to even out. Ok, best case scenario is your tire just starts to even out. What's the what's the? What's, the smallest number that you have right now on your list, just shout out some of them: three fish. Okay, so let's say that this is the three right here,
what's the next number up, you have to shout it out of me, but look at your list, if your, if your smallest numbers three and your next number is let's say four then your goal is. I want to get all of these things to level, for does that make sense You can be so bomb marketing. This by the way, some people's business model so. Bomb at marketing and sales, but your products is garbage, which means you're not going to be, and in business a year from now who track that So if you could go ok Mark, cells are killing it. But if I get just get products to the next lowest level, it will start to even out the tire gap Does that make sense great, keep that in mind. Let's keep one truck in this. I am assuming. This is not an audience its freaked out matter,
talking about money right, yeah cuz, while you want to know, is how do you make more about? How do you retain more of it? So I'll be super real with you guys, so it's like we have to be able to tell them. Exactly how we do what we do and here's the deal you do not have to follow this map, but it's a good There are a lot of different like for sure Tom. Does business in a different way for sure Ramsay does business in a different way for sure people You admired do business in a different way, but this is I do it gives me one more time, a son. Not only is this how we do it, but this is the order of importance, the order of importance that we put it in okay. Now we're not come back to this, get your hearts ready when it
back. We have to start with the foundation of this moment. Whole damned thing there. We go. Ok. Actually this is the moment. I won't that it forgive me that I'm going on works but really excited, I ve never been able to teach us before on page forty. Six is a blank page, Everyone wanted to give this a fancy, nay, my team called it the foundations of six ass or some blah blah blah thing I wanted to call a business being dead. Because that's what this looks like to me, this Spain did. Ok. I didn't mean that like the seven layer times. You know what I'm talking about doesn't look like a delicious beat. You know It's gonna help you to remember. It's gonna help you to remember
An outlet explaining these thing, you're gonna, use page forty six to build your own version of this. So these are generic terms like products service experience right when you can feel that him with the thing that makes the most sent to you. If your light, hair salon, tax, accountant bakery you get, this you're gonna build your own being debt. Here's where we're starting we're, starting with you, we talked about this earlier today. Had everyone come in and speak on this idea, because you growing and learning matters first layer of your being did I liked is like Rome rose, Rita, refrain being here. You know we all have different opinions on what you layer, the bottom of a bean dip with right.
Who understands what I'm saying one thing: seven layer debt, this matters for this analogy. Thank you so this I want you to imagine this. You re fried beans and right about now is when someone in a button down shirt when This is what I paid for yeah. Recycling beans with me for a minute. Have you ever made a seven layer debt. Could you put I Let us, as the base of Europe Indeed, you would never fur you're, not a monster. I cannot support the situation you are trying to build. You need some, weighty suddenly that six together, you ray fright being you, other reef, rightly.
You do These are just my best friends of Uk Adele. Thank you now. Ok, you, let's talk about you, five thing. Five things that are going to help you be a better leader who be honest, don't play Who scored less than five on this when they, when they still thank you for your honesty that are so real Also, my gosh yeah, so much you're gonna be fine. You can do this, isn't in your work books, so just find the notes page and write them down. I call this. Wages and are now. That sounds like I got an idea.
Yes, daisy is always welcome for ages, and these are the five things that are going. Make the difference in you growing ever we whose therefore, These are also the things that I have learned over time. This is not did not like pop into the world this way, but I think that coming to terms and learning these items are what has made me successful, yeah the first aim. Hiring can be time consuming, ceo, Italian Goldstein needed to hire match for her personalize matchmaking company three day rule, so she turned to our presenting sponsor, zipper, cruder and now you can try it recruited for free at super cool calm, slash rise,
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number store or sleep number dot com, slash rise. humility, humility,. Being humble. Admitting that you don't know the answers to everything create see. I m the queen can ask any one of my team. You can talk to my husband about this. I am I will be sitting in the fanciest meetings. The most highfalutin big deal meanings.
I will be not even that important of a person there, the twenty people in the room in a talking so fast and I'm the one. That's like I'm. Sorry excuse me, what does that mean? I don't understand that word. What are you sitting out? Let me be really clear: if you were a client based business. If you want a client base business, you are not allowed to sit in the meeting and be like. I don't know that word tell me Google it under the table, like everybody else,. You ve done it, don't lie, you know, you ve done it Have you know you have to be a humble enough to admit that you do not know all the answers. This is especially important for those of you who are leaders who's ever worked for a boss or leader who was just knew everything there. They knew it all Dont, be them
I know that some somewhere along the way we ve been tricked into believing that we are supposed to know everything you are not supposed to know. Everything you are simple Delete well, you are supposed to leave with a servant's heart. You were supposed to have empathy. You were supposed to have vision. You were supposed to care about the people on your tv or not supposed to know. All of the answers, because if you right now think that you know everything you're in trouble, this world is moving too fast. Business is changing too much. You think that you know all the I know everything there is to know about the industry. Great go talk to taxi drivers nine years ago. Who knew everything that there was to know about the industry? Go to a hotel chains before Urban be happened, If you are not anticipating, what's gonna, put you out of business, don't worry, it will
That means that you wake up everyday, assuming that there is a better way, and it might not be your way, humility being humble. I literally wrote down the words. Stop fucking faking it. I wrote it down, I'm just say it: stop it stop gap, fake, fake confidence. Standing and not knowing where taken another step fake, that stuff dont think that you know this Me for so many years pretending a business and because I have been where you are. I know that there are people in this room who are pretending business and they feel shame because may know in their hearts. They're not where they need to be there too, worried that everyone else is going to figure it out, because everybody knows them as this thing Don't get more instagram followers and if I don't have the optics that everyone thinking I'm so great, it's gonna fall apart.
When the reality is, if you just stopped, It and you are. Humble enough to admit that you need some help. You wouldn't get the answers that would change your business so that you're not thinking anymore. You actually are that person do get that humility. The second thing you, oh well, that w went heart. Can you listen to music on and you don't move? That's on you y'all working hard, but let me be very clear, working hard on the right things. We're going to talk about this on Saturday.
If you have not read the book, the one thing by Gary Keller You need to write that one down in your book. You need to be working not on a to do list. You need to be working on the results that you are looking for, that Get that here, I'm minute just let you know right now, yet not the end of the day. Something funny starts to happen right about now. People start yawning. If you got a yawn, you better stop, drop and rolled in your chair like you, on fire? Do Let me see you yon. If I see you yon, I'm making everyone in this room to a five for three two one.
Be ready, they're actin, like they now, but someone's about doing on two seconds after I just said, and I will call you out, don't amber yourself. Working hard on the right things work heart hard on the right things, and you are going to hear some of the right things that you need to be working on while we're together. But I feel like we ve talked about this. What Tom talked about this and Trent talked about this, and I cannot stress enough. This is hard Who knows this is hard, this is hard and you gotta get high up on how hard it is. You got here, here's the thing that happens, so it's and when it's hard, you think that it's because there's something wrong with the way that you did it. You understand that
you think that when businesses hard your doing something wrong. And sometimes that's true, some of you we're doing some things wrong, but most Finally, this is just the price of admission. You didn't want an ordinary life. You want An extraordinary life you wanted something extra. You wanted something different. You are going to have to work for that and hears here's the south. I would literally, I should not talk Providum go into. I was at a conference recently and it was there who I am. Grateful for the opportunity to travel around the world and speak on all these stages. But you don't always know who's gonna be on stage with you right, feminist books, you, you don't know, could be anyway and as back sage and this person, what just kept saying over and over and over that. If you.
Gave them five thousand dollars. They would make you a millionaire the busy There are like back of the room right now: five thousand dollars. You know what I was only gonna take ten people, but now I'm a jig three hundred and eighty seven five thousand dollars- and backstage like in the feed or position like no, no, no, no, no! No! No! No! No! cause. People are falling for. It has been at a conference like that Right you were there, oh God was that the worse. It was so bad and I was so mortified so mortified, because I knew that I had fans who came to see me and I'm gonna. Do goodness. Please do not. Let them think that I need even heard of this person. I'm freaking backstage and just kept going on and on and then I'm saying our just myself.
And we're texted each other, like all give have legal texts in your friend or your husband or whenever you're like all right, that's we're doing accede and then all of a sudden, I thought this is a gift from God. This moment is a gift from this is Gift from God, I'm in this right now as a gift from God, so I can see what you usually have to put up with. I was sitting back there and I was like this is why this is happening so that I can understand that you gotta conferences in someone tells you that There's a quick fix or a magic pill or an amount of money. You can pay to skip the line. It's not true, Because, even if, even if you had a product that went crazy, you had a service that went crazy and you put to the head of wine in terms of revenue. You are behind the gay in terms of process or systems or hr. Who knows what I'm talking about? There's no way to skip the wine this
Hard work: you are looking at so many years of me trying to get this right, which is why I know how to tell you the things that have gone. Please don't make these mistakes. This is gonna, be hard. You guys gonna be worth it also going to be hard and here's the thing that you need to know. I used to think that if I could just get to a certain revenue stream or for Just get to a certain number of employees, or if I could just get to a certain number of social media followers that I. Have to work as part. I'm telling you I work fine, times as hard today as ever have in my entire life. I just drive the nicer car. I and I love it. I
Love it, I absolutely love it. I love having a company, I love, building, a team. I love figuring out marketing. I look who I'm just curious. Did anyone come to this event, because these. Social, an add on social media I thought that you, like that's, not true Europe, one on stage speaking for hours. I know it's crazy, but we didn't have any one on our team who knew how so I watch Youtube. Videos for three days and you're not do face were GAD. How to do a link then add, and how to ride like two months ago,. Dying? Are companies making so much money and we have all these employees- and I hope you by the books in watching me on sage, oh god,.
I hope it's not always like that. We have a new employees, she starts on my day. Her name's car lower, very excited. You know how I knew we needed a higher and employee. Goodbye. Guy. Do not get it. We do not think this is certainly going to be easy No joke and every More than five employs right, let me just for the rescue who don't know this. You think that having more employees is action and to make it easier Every day. New level, the devil. This game
get fired up in stock if you hate how hard this is for my prayers coming into this week, or my prayers was Lord. If there's someone in the audience who shouldn't be an entrepreneur, let them figure it out in this room. This is too hard not to love it. This too hard, not to love it, and maybe you're not meant to be an entrepreneur, maybe remains to be done. Most bomb second in command number to draw much money, the second in command at Google MAPS. We need none of this happened. None of the things that your thing seeing happen without. Team to make it happen. Goodman interaction, them right, like I'm doing this alone,. You might not be cut out for this, but if you're were tricking yourself and thinking that it's only hard because you don't have none at all, it's
we're gonna be hard and if the hard part doesn't make you fired up, you needed pray about that. Probably ok, third thing. so you'll know that living well is huge value of mine and to me living well, isn't just about moving. Body or eating the right things. It's also about sleep I of sassed with sleep like seriously no joke plan. So much of my life around making sure that I'm going to have the energy that I need to at the level that I want. So Interested in the or ring when I first heard about it, imagine it like one of those health tracker like bracelets or watches, except it's a ring sort of law.
Like a wedding ban that you were on your finger, so its super small and unobtrusive and a week of every single morning with all of my sleep tracked on an app on my phone. If you want a device that cares about your health and happiness, if you want to start being your best self head over to or a ring dot com, slash rise! That's oh yeah you are a ring doc. Slash are ass. He and get through be dollars off your new or ring for a limited time. That's ordering I'll sash rise. Health phases. Health, emotional, hell. Oh, he has one, What if you
now with us at all? You have a real good idea. How important health is in. I've swings out with us enough to know that health is big deal. I was there. I must. Finally, they challenge my two greatest passions in my life are the two things that fundamentally changed my life forever and that change where I came from my childhood to the world that I have now and that was getting healthy learning how to get healthy, physically and mentally and emotionally and financial freedom. Those are the two things that fundamentally changed my life forever and if I can give those, if that could be my legacy
what a blessing. If I could, I talk to you enough about how important it is to be healthy and how important it is to make some mother effing money so that you do not stress so that you are not fighting with your partners so that your kids are not growing up wondering where rent is coming from, so that you can. On a vacation so that you can pay off the many van like that matters it man And anyone who says that it does The matter is living in a fantasy, World or already wealthy right, I remember what it was like to work three jobs. I remember what it was like to only Edith. Ninety nine cent store. I remember listening to my parents scream and fight because we didn't know where money was coming from. I remember opening the refrigerator and there's no food inside. I remember that.
Well? Who don't like hearing a woman talking about chasing money? I guess you never have to worry we're dinner was coming from Ireland. Years ago. They said, if you ever been hungry, then you'll never be full. That's me, I don't I don't. I don't need the plant, the flashy things I don't need. I don't need you to know, I don't, but I will be and if my children ever grow up in a world where they have to worry about we're rent is coming from right, and, if you, if that is something you are experiencing your life, that is so freaking real been in your shoes Do not apologizing. Do don't apologize for wanting to change that I apologise for wanting to take ownership of what it looks like to live in your family yeah now
so even about health, but it matters health. Someone in this room needs to hear this. You can succeed, all you want in business and it won't matter if you're not here next week, won't matter. This has been on my heart a lot a lot in the last six weeks I was then I was in New York going to do Jimmy having dinner and Dave called while we're at dinner, and he says your sister came home from the grocery store and found Michael dead. Now, Michael is my sister's husband, and not only was he her husband, but they met when she was twelve years old to chocolate, sweethearts and when she was twelve years old. I was three so this man has been a part of my life since I was three years old and he was forty six and he had a day off and he was watching tv and best we can tell. While he was watching tv, he had a massive heart attack and died.
Sister, get brushes and came home and found her husband debt, and he was forty six and I keep thinking about this because they had all these plans. They have of these plans for what they were going to do and where they were going to go in the life if they were gonna live someday. And I have never and possibly will never meet someone who worked as hard as this man who provided for his family, who showed up his team, his funeral, was packed with people sobbing these men. He was a leader and heated Bible studies with them, and it was so amazing and he's gone. And they thought they had forever and he's gone you think that you have all the time in the world and you think that you can keep. Using your house in order to have your work.
You think that you can keep pushing you think that you can like me with my anxiety, attacks thinking, you know what the anxiety slowing you down and you down to seventy percent. I guess you're just going to have to give a hundred and thirty. You think that you- make up the difference or you think some day. As with all the love in my heart, someone had to ask a question today about what to do when their tired take a break Get a drink Some water, either turkey com. Now. You gonna be able to operate at the highest level, and I do I work out seven days a week. I, So clean, I am raising crazy, crazy about my food, my new tricks in my sleep, my water and the highest performers. I know most of the people that you see on the stage are the same way.
Why are we all crazy about it? because we know that if this doesn't work, none of the dreams do either. If this isn't healthy, all your dreams die with you. You do not do you know how many you guys you're the notes that we get from people who come. A conference every conference, we ve ever done everyone and tell us the two days later Their best friend that they were a conference with dining car accident or It was the last thing they got to do with your mama, while she was fighting cancer and that conference ended and she went home to be with Jesus like do you know how many notes we get, but this is some one. Last thing: and I'm not trying to be morbid or weird but ITALY. The technically none of your Megan half making another this alive
None of us get out of this world. The life and scientifically Someone in this room will not be here next year. What is it. If you're not gonna, be here next year. Are you proud of the way you lives this one? You want a chance to do all the things You think you're here to learn about marketing and social, and I swear. I will give you every tool. I have. But if you want to know the most important one is to take care of your body. This is a blessing. Whatever, whatever you are working with, whatever you got, I know we have some friends your differently, able, whatever you have, is a blessing. Yes, you with your anxiety, attacks, blessing.
Yes, you do things that you are not the right size and if only you were thinner than you would have the business that you want blessing. Yes, you with your yes, you, You need to like it got him fired up. I've been day three. Fourth. Fourth h, honesty,. Honesty, GMO sounds live like what we men and the audience like. I really should play level.
It's every other man, but you not you Chad, self awareness, so honesty, self awareness. Ya need to see your blind spots. She's really hard, because if you could see them they would it be your blind spots in a perfect world. We will have this amazing team around you wear this amazing partner who be like you, spend a junior teeth. I myself for north again. It's really hard to have someone who can see you're blind spots when you're celebre, nor it's real, Hard to have someone who can see or blind spot when you, leader and everyone else is lower down than you. But if you could pay attention to not what you think you were supposed to learn here, not what
the world tells you you are supposed to learn here, but what you actually need to learn here. I guarantee there are people who came in this room they would like. If I could just get to ten thousand Instagram followers that'll, be the answer right. You will give me the protests to get more like son, social. You need to be honest with yourself about the work. But you have to do and if you're like, what? How are we supposed to be our blind spots? I would be very dramatic for me to flip backward and too lazy. Go look at your wheel of death. Nobody here had a perfectly round tire if you are- what are the areas that you suck ass? You have a wheel of death apple and when the thing is spinning wheel of death, this is your version of that.
It tells you exactly what you need to work on the fifth thing, we shoot one working on honesty, the most important question that you can ask yourself when you have something that doesn't work when you have a failure when you hire someone and then have to fire them when you hire someone and they still money from you, which has happened to me, the most important question you can ask. Self is. Why did this happen, and I know I know you guys are like but how often argued doing what is it? We were called a post mortem half an hour. You do in a post, I'm on an event, a launch, a client who does that? Who knows what I'm talking about? Okay? So let me explain it real quick for those of you who don't when we finish this event.
We will go world fleet taken that have the cookie right and then will rally in our office will have a meeting that a couple of hours long and we will do a post mortem or we all say what awesome. What do we absolutely want to replicate in twenty? Twenty and then we're like what socked? How did we not show up what didn't work right? Who? What happened? What? What were the customer saying? What most p But will not do this very simple thing which would help them to level up in hundred different ways, because they don't like it. When people don't like that. Because they don't want to admit that they're wrong, because they don't want to admit that they don't know everything you wrap something big. You should just habit as part of your system, then processes to review
And ask yourself why and if you were working by yourself, you could just do that right, aged Open, a blank peace paper, W P S is the title right. Why this happen- and I dont mean why, like a will, the customers were mad because the lines were too long. That sounds like a why, but it's not really a why the why you're looking for is something that you have to dig deeper into the dig deeper into the. Why would be ok so do we need to set up? Do we need to put more money into this thing? Do we need to have food trucks do indeed like you to keep going.
I and the right of every six thousand people sometime, you guys guys selfishly refine side, but he and he still by the way that matters when you can't who psyche lessons person who has been who's been all the events. We never had right, yeah, yeah yeah. Thank you. Compared to the first one, not even in the same ballpark, great big different, not only just because the amount of people, but because every single time we're levelling up. When you come, if you decide to come to a business conference in twenty twenty, I want walk in and be like what the hell, what the hell is happening, what did they even
Oh, my god, what a bitch now they're, ballerinas and unicorns give us rides. Oh my word. We didn't get. It is a little bit later here. Here's a problem, this why most people try anything. As I said, always have food trucks which, by the way, we're not allowed here, we tried that. Couldn't get a permanent. We tried ya but decisive, and they never would like yes- and there are people in this room who, just like all moored, oh no, they gave her feet back. Are you freaking kitty your feedback is law. That is how I serve you better Europe. We listened to your feedback, and people sent us an email and said put a ribbon in the journal. Lord Jesus put a ribbon in the journal, give us that ribbon and we were like
at length. I literally torment whom they just put like a picture or I'd. Open the book in to see where they left it. Often there are like Rachel. I mean thousands of people. I'm kidding you. I'm kidding, look, let me, let me think ahead. Real fast. The success of my business is one hundred percent one hundred percent predicated on the fact that I am in community with you. Every single thing that we have is something you have asked us for, and so how would it be for me to create thing? You have asked us for and then not continue to listen to what you would like next time. Oh, I love you right back. The feedback from your customers asking why, literally asking them hey? How do we do this? Better and you're? Just gonna have crazy people. There's always a pan.
Our way. There's always like there's always a care when you now There is always someone who just want to have an opinion, probably for a whole host of emotional reasons, that we can't work through with her, and you have to take here. Stephen king said this seeming. King said: I give my book to reorganise manuscript ten people and if ten people give me ten different notes, I ignore all of them. If ten people give me the saying, no that's what I change. You need to ask why yeah last thing, which you honesty, aristocrats right now this is real. Are you ready.
Optimism optimism: optimism if you believe That tomorrow is going to be better than today. We believe that tomorrow is going to be better than today and you are in control of making it that way. Yeah. I am. I am so optimistic, even one, Crying even when I'm freaking out, even when I don't know how we're going to do what we're going to do right, I am optimistic that I am in control of making it better. And yes, I know that you hear me harp on this nonstop, but a gratitude practice will fundamentally change your life for the rest of your life. Every.
Single day. I write down minimum five things that I am grateful for minimum And those five things are not big things, those things are something that happened within the last twenty four hours. Just little moments of joy, little moments, just some kind of gift. I saw a sunset, I saw acute. We need We need dog, Real heroes, I mean wanna online, but I just really love other people's. Ok, you got great cup of coffee. Your kid told you a job that some of their sex, and they don't know what's funny, but you are the laugh, and even that was precious if you just in this thing, if you just wrote down five things every single day that you were grateful for, you would spend your day. Looking for
things to be grateful for and when you spend your day looking for blessing, you find then, and You find the blessings all throughout Europe day. All the thought in it changes your perspective about what is possible from a play. Of a blessing from of optimism. You could build anything, we could. To be more empowered as an entrepreneur, some. Who is watching, you know every new source and scorn on Facebook and seeing their ants fight with each, And the world of a dancer fire and it's hard and it's never been worse right, who is gonna Like how motivate you it's not, I am optimistic. You guys,
but who lived through literally anything hard and so here and you look you and you made it to this conference you're still here. So if you can make it through that hard thing, you don't think you that you can make it through Wednesday. You can't handle a bad yelp review. You'll need them. Put your lives in perspective. You are spiralling out overcrowding. That will not matter six months from now. It won't matter six months from now. It doesn't matter right now.
Optimism, removing on get your hearts ready. We still have more about the most important part. Dismay here is the magic about these five things. None of them can come at the expense of the other. It with it. So with it for a minute, because what'll happen is someone's like. Oh my gosh, I am killing it at hard work. Well, none of these can come the expense of the other, which means You are not allowed to work so hard that you threaten me or health. Who is guilty of that. Thank you. You are not allowed to be so optimistic that you honest about where you really are.
Latin dreamers in this room. Have a lot of big ideas about what where they're gonna go and who they're gonna be, and meanwhile there deeply in debt and it gets. Worse every day, and they keep borrowing from friends and family and their digging deeper hall, but there optimistic and it's gonna. Because I believe in myself you Believing in yourself isn't gonna do Jack, you have. To be aware of what is real. You guys, here's! I love you! I love you! Some of you have a really good idea. That's terrible business. Through its true, no one in your life loves you enough to tell you leave a really good idea. That's a terrible business model.
And I'm gonna save you sixty five thousand dollars of debt and two years of pain by just making. You ask yourself that question. Is this a beautiful Hobby for me, which, by the way, is a gift, you would have a beautiful hobby. People come up to me at the airport in their like Rachel Rachel. I have a business where I pair endangered species with senior citizens. And we do art therapy and it is amazing, on both sides. Don't know how to monetize it yet, but you know why God has been planned for my life. They can't come at me
Spencer, the other yeah. I why you sit with this later. Ask yourself some hard questions. The thing that you're doing could be an incredible hobby, but if you ve been working on something for the longest semi, you can't figure out how to monetize it or you can't find any customers. It might be because it's a terrible business. You know why I'm so freaking tired of speaking a business conferences where they blow smoke up your ass, I'm just so tired of sorry I'm sorry! I'm I'm tired of people selling you things that are real and telling you that you can everyone in this room can build an insane business that fundamentally changes their life and their family life, but it's gotta. Reality
You can go back to that kind of those. I'm pay that guy five thousand hours he can make you a millionaire. Get your heart ready! All! I am coming to your town, yep, coming in hot big guy, big feller, the Cyborg sent back from the future to lift your spirits. That's right! I am coming into your town for a book to her about my book. That's what bookstores are about their bad books, get out of your own way. A skeptics guide to growth and development hits bookshelves everywhere on March Tenth and to celebrate. I am hitting the roads head over the Hollis CO website or click the link in this episodes description to get your tickets. I want to see you in person
Look to her about like well, there's some story time, some laughing a little reading from the book pushed to get out of your own way, maybe a little karaoke it chanced to be in community with other humans. Maybe we'll take some pictures together I just wanna go meet every single one of you. I'm excited meet all of you had over the house, Godaddy com website and join me on the road Go down.
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