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140: What Your Next Few Weeks Will Look Like (And What You Can Do About It) with David Bach


This week I sat down to talk with my good friend David Bach, author of multiple #1 NYT bestsellers, to talk about life under lockdown in Italy, where he moved with his family a couple years ago. David's expertise on financial wellness means he has the inside scoop on how to protect yourself and your family from unnecessary hardship during times of economic uncertainty. Also, since Italy is about two weeks ahead of the United States during this coronavirus outbreak. he can provide a look into the future, as well as six strategies you can use to change your situation RIGHT NOW.

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The presenting sponsor of rise, is zip recruiter, zip recruiter the smartest way too. Ere. He guys it's Rachel, Hollis and I'm here is my friend. Trent Shelton was a rigid I live in the dream: man, you tell listeners, why we're hanging out together right now we're going. Because we're launching my new package straight up and I'm supermax seller, add if you guys you're, not already familiar attract he, as millions and millions of fans all around the globe who come to him for a very unique style of coaching yeah really straight to the point is really I can put it from the heart and break into those negative mindsets breakin through of withholding you back in this area. People's lives for love that so
you guys want here, more you're, already listening on a podcast platform, go subscribe to straight up with Trent Shelton Short: let's go. Let's go hey all this week on the rise podcast, I am having a conversation with my brilliant friend best selling author and financial adviser, David Bach, David and his family have been living this season in ITALY. So he has a very unique perspective on the things that we are about to see here in the U S, we talk about mindset and how important it is to master your perspective during hard seasons and how to teach your kids to do the same. For any of you who are struggling with financial anxiety based on what is going on in the world right now, this is a compromise.
Send for you and make sure that you stick around until the end of the episode where I introduce a new segment for our next ninety days, challenge each week I'll be pre viewing a bit of my exclusive tee, Hang on the weeks topic this week is all about you guessed. It perspective why perspective is so important and why it something that we really need to get a hand on right now, if you want to sign up for next ninety days, you'll get access to the full class plus a bunch of other fun content and you'll join a community from around the world who are dedicated to coming out on the other side of things better than before, and as always, the content that we create inside of our challenge is one hundred percent free, so low
really: it's just an email and you get all the good stuff. I Rachel Hollis and I've built a multi million dollar media company with a high school diploma and the free information I found on the internet in the fifteen years that I've been building and scaling my company, I have become deeply passionate about helping other entrepreneurs to do the same so each week I'll be sharing tangible and technical advice and inspiring interviews with the same intention. These are the tools to change your life and your business. This is the rise. Podcast how're you do in a really. Well me, my gosh. All these considered yeoman fifteen day of this radical sabbatical called the quarantine O bananas. How media's regos
ok, so I guess I should start tracking it. So we started self quarantine. Eying were in our second week I guess who are met Those things were like the time is running together, so I dont actually know at this point has during its we're, we're yeah surreal talk it's very Israel So you know I mean all of you. Gonna teach shouting before we do the pasture, how much time you got an arsenal of how it? How are you guys, how's the family, how the kids holding a great their great I think that it It was a really interesting thing because it started when we were when we were. Was to be on spring break with them, so they were dissipating being out of school for weak anyhow, we're gonna go to Hawaii and then obviously were not able to, and so we stayed at home in time. Make it as far as we could at home, and that was our first week of work,
from home and which country did all the things at once. I feel it than through every you know. Ocean. You can imagine I'm sure you ve been through ten times that at this point, but yeah were guide. Where guide the amazing things that you guys were able to get the rise conference off right. For the sort of shot on the world right, even one week later unit Everyone has been able to do it, and what's so insane, is that that when we went into Toronto. It was still this like thing that was happening issue, but that we weren't super aware of This does not make sense, like the only ways of our us. We're of this law is when we talk about, is because I'm in ITALY, which is four weeks ahead of the world recently, unless I have been in China Theirs there's no way. You don't really know. What's going on right side here, starting in February, so
I remember talking Dave and the like. Are you gonna? Do your toories ivy? I wouldn't do that you're, nothing! Wonderful! Bilbil to actually, I said to him a couple days out: hey man. I really think we need to think about this and he was like no like your big bag. It s this is that whenever the next literally the next day, he was like think I'm going after countless owes a gap. I was like yeah I love you you're being negative and had the positive exactly why ray? out of his own. What exactly? But will you am? I sort of love? I guess it's just this like this real cumbersome Shan and I'd love to keep this in their if you're fine, with just sort of this kind of opener as us chatting great,
So then I want to ask for listeners who are not aware of your story. Will you talk about how you ended up in ITALY is that's probably the first big thing is like why're, you and your family in ITALY in the first place in sight of a quarantine, because, I may tell you the craziest ray because the craziest or is the true crazy stores, the way things happen in life. I was on a plane flight home from to peace. Kansas back to New York City. Where I live, eighteen years until I moved here and two years ago on that flight yeah. Sometimes girl plane? You don't really want to talk to the person next, you have you read that absolutely every five set out Norway, I have a routine run. I put my earphones, then I opened my laptop and I just I kind of like do my own thing or play in flights. While I sit down this plane is a morning play I'm coming back from where my company,
is based in Topeka Financial Service Company and the guy. Next to me, looks at me he orders and self a double scotch. It's like nine lock in the morning, and I go oh, my God, India, he along plate and- and he says any. He chose many says so what You do like that, and I am one of the fastest way is by the way, to shut down a conversation. Plain flighty tell somebody Urine retirement planning business, because because, if you do that, even though its true in my case, they they assume you're gonna terrain, seldom insurance or something right side literally turned this guy, and I go. You know what I'm the retirement planning business any goes, you are. Let me show you something, turns around any opens up his phone, and he shows me this retirement calculator and on that, calculator on this app. It says it should him retiring in fifty two days, he says
retiring he's got a certain Zalm retiring of fifty two days and it shows two days and like eighteen hours in three minutes. And I go while oh, do you guys I'm hungry and fifty five Go blue game. I don't really want to continue the conversation, because let me ask you a question: what are you? excited about in your future and proceed to have this conversation together and ultimately, worthies goes Rachel as I open up my computer, because I'm here journal or, like I know you are just I've. I've spent thirty years of my life journaling out my dreams and manifesting my destiny. In my life and writing out my fears, everything you can possibly due to journal I've done and I open up my laptop. From my online journal and I start asking myself a question which is What do I want to do in my life going for that could be fun, and I presume here too should show you this journal sometime Rachel. I prefer
need to ride out this entire long design of my life two years from this timeframe, in which I would take my family to live abroad, so that the family. Could have a transformational experience, specific quickly, so my senior minding my oldest son as my son Jack, whose now a sophomore we could of abroad is a family before he goes to college. I proceed to come home from that plane flight and in till my wife, hey Honey, have had this create. Have this crazy idea? but she's heard me say a million times, because all my God ways it now and I go. What do you think of the idea of us going to live abroad in two years when Jack's a sophomore and she just starts going through all the reasons why you, this probably can't work long story short. We work on the plan. And over two years we design our life so that we can go and move abroad for my son's sophomore year and
the process. I'm writing this book. The Lahti factor in Lahti factor. I'm designing this radical sabbatical for the main character, Zoe Daniels, whose millennium and she examining sabbatical, and and does that for a period of like six weeks and in in my life I was designing a one year sabbatical, so we move to Florence, ITALY back in July, and the planet to be here a year now. May I think now we're gonna stay longer, but that was the original plans we would come here for the school year, We lived this incredible radical sabbaticals, a family and we expose our family to living broad and living in Europe and seeing the world in getting out other out of the bubble that we ve been living in which spin men had so That was the idea. Its funding we ve made so many friends here and I just terrible- I florentine friends reach out to meet literally like two hours ago and say
So I'm sure that's! What's it been like for you being an American who picked up and moved in Florence, ITALY and now you're stuck in something in your house, and you can't leave right, but it's been incredible. Leave love living here. I love ITALY, It's been such an incredible experience and we're love of the people were in love with the place and the crazy thing is being here. The corn team has asked when you before we start recordings podcast We ve seen the corona virus unfold or, I guess Earlene away, like China obviously had a first in South Korea, but this was first country to be quarantine, so it's been like living a time machine because I see what's happening, states I've kind, Unable to like tell my friends, I guess this is what's coming right, because everything in the U S is going through. We ve gone through it forward, cigar or three weeks ago or two weeks ago,
it really is like a back the future move, because we're watching. What's going on the? U S, renounce like oh yeah. We saw that four weeks ago. Yes, that's part me wanted you, the podcast with you too, because we ve learned a lot going through this quarantine, and it has been helpful like I just but upon out of my own show and listen to park. Because I think people have, insight into what is coming super helpful to prepare for what you're about to experience yeah and I are the there's two really interesting. I mean all sorts of perspectives at you. To this, but one is that you are in ITALY and I think it important to say we're recording this on Wednesday. Twenty fish, because it fails to me like time, is so Last year we had we had a podcast that I recorded a couple weeks ago in this. Started happening talking about as a ceo. What were the steps that I was taking to make sure that you never want safe and Our company was healthy when this all of that stuff and by the time aired
days later, it already felt like old news, so in what I want people to hear is wine that your speaking a little bit from our future right? So you you locked through this a few weeks or four weeks ago, like you, said also you bring this decades and decades and DEC. Of work in the financial industry and what this means for us for say, which is why I really want to dig anti today, because so many people are so anxious about, what's happening, and we knew that you could bring really incredible perspective too, to what role thinking where's my pleasure and I think it is really thrilled him because, as with your husband, Dave Import Rico just a little over a month ago. We just like it's crazy. Even just for context when I came back from our mastermind there. From burning pressure put on those February. When I landed on February tenth, they were shocking at the airport ever
your person getting off the plane. So I got off the plane having no idea why they were even checking. I there are a few people who are chinese and are playing with masks on and ass a car. They must be there to check the Chinese will know they were checking every single person getting off the plane Savior temperature and there were a dozen people in full blown medical garb I came home to my wife. I said that's really weird, but the checking everybody coming off the plane, and that was February tenth and if you just go back like a little over a month ago, we still want thinking anything of it. I mean we went off and had our ski break with winter break, with all the other italian Van noise, and we were in altogether the Dolomites skiing, which ultimately became a hotbed of where a lot of people got sick boy. Let you know when we were there. Nobody was Believin, barely catching the corona. This is like about four weeks ago and the war was just getting out that there is a thousand people that were sick and it was in small towns in in the north. Of of
and I had even just been- and I've been invent. I've been events with my wife for Valentine's day, so I was beginning of carnival and then all sudden Dennis got close to MILAN got closed and always serve at towns. Are closed and then very quickly like in a period of a week, it went from Yo Ye You really shouldn't be going out too, no, no, no, we're shutting everything down in your staying home and that we prior to us being quarantine again. Just China give the context and give inside around this causes zone going back like three weeks ago, we were still going out. Three weeks ago we were going out to the are the tours at all laughed, but we are still going to restaurants in bars and things were still open, their becoming empty, but we're still open and then it
giddy though the rules were given like you know. This is Tuesday this like fifteen days ago. Ok, this is it guys, Tuesday, everybody's be home by six o clock every is going to be shut on Wednesday, except for grocery stores in pharmacies and we went home so that's fifteen days ago and then in like a day later, everything was shut down and- and still, though, I think there was like denial of you like, for there was denial leading up to that point Rachel and then Fourthly, I think even maybe or for the Americans and the Ex Pats than the Italians. Still a sense of people were still kind of going out. We were, we were out walking. We were allowed to exercise. People were getting together in going on walks and then the italian families were, like you, you're, not supposed to be doing that. The whole point of this is to stay home because you can still get each other sick and the different with ITALY's. What I've seen here is very much about a week. Culture, not a mere culture and
people are really worried about the parents getting sick, because so many families live with their parents, and so it's not just about. Can I get sick or will the economy go down about war parents die, So what I saw very quickly here in the last two weeks is that everyone started taking it really seriously, and then the gun it started, making it really clear. Like no you're, not those to be going out for walks with your friends: we're not supposed to be social housing with just what young people start and local just socialized with one family, No, no, no you're, not you're socializing with one family you're not supposed to be having somebody come over to cut your hair. Like all these things like, it's the cleaning. Lady can't come war like yeah deal. I just posed a picture of me and is to grant mopping my floors today, and I said you know: even two days ago, Rachel we were, we were still being done more like we started, we sort of person coming over our house eight days ago, cleaning
I turn to my wife and said you know we we just need to pay her no and take care, but we can't ever coming over here, like she's, been with her family. Also, we don't know where else she's been the whole point. Is nobody supposed to be over here? Yeah, it's funny I'll, be straight up with you. HU, I cleaned all the toilets in my house. So. First I've done that in a decade. I did that this we good cause. I was the first thing, we're like where same as you is just so, we hey. We have to be really conscious. We need to keep everybody safe, we're gonna cover expenses here, because we don't want anybody to be in trouble or hurting, but at the same time we can't have we're coming in another house. So am I at an end to be honest with you having to come, It has been a gift because I can't be social media right now. I can't it makes me feel anxious it. You know I have to be really thoughtful with what it consumes on my arm scrubbing toilets. I might
as as I am doing, I know a sound a little bit cheesy, but it actually has been a bit saving grace to have something to do with my hands and sort of to feel that sense of accomplishment in having done a good job. Even if it's not what my normal life looks like so yeah, just completely gig out with you and cleaning right now, because I swear I just clean these floors and are in our house there, the cleanest they have every right and the kids We're watching me do this and I was at an end- and I said had literally just said, my children as it You want to know how your dad knows how to lock these floor so well, my son Jack Cosy yet, do not a mob so well. I said because When I was your age and I wanted money for gas, my dad said you want money for gas and go job and the job that my first job? I was a janitor at a place called mere Mony gardens where I m
day mopped, the clubhouse and vacuumed. And so, unlike PA, who knew that that loaves go? Can we gonna come back he as totally, but it but it is good and I think it's you know and are making the kids or how do the stuff to their there now learning how to clean out the toilets. Yeah, but it's probably not what we thought we would talk about. A park has put its real life man. I think a big part of this too. Learning how to work through. This time versus worry, yeah and there's a lot of ways to work through the anxiety that we all have both personally and financially, and Oh, I know for me. No were human beings, but were also human doings, and so he knows staying home right now there's so much to so many positive things. So I have come out of the last two weeks and it's really fining fine for yourself I say the meaning and the message.
What can seem like a mass yeah cause. Let's be answers. Only people right now is for all as this is a mess to a certain degree him for for many people. This is just a brutal mass, especially financial yeah. I mean it as we have seen in ITALY, a lower everything's shut down and I We ve got to know a lot of people who are the businesses around us and many businesses around us in ITALY there like second third, fourth, fourth generation businesses right. I've, never like we're like, like the little put like restaurant coffee shop and extra next, your apartment area. It's a fourth generation business. That is, shouted stores and fifty three years now and we all people's businesses have to shut down. They have no income and that's how for millions of people all over the world right now, so the scary time. So I think you know what one is I don't want to do on the on this interview. Talk with you is also give people solutions on like what are things that you can do, because I do
can come out of this stronger and I really believe we can thrive through this time versus just survive through this time. Yes, so tell us some other things. What is if you're, seeing this right now, and you are saying oh Mamma or the ceo of your own company, like what are some things that we can do to Leave yea the financial anxiety that so many of us have there was a stir. The done at Harvard that showed that being super sleep deprived can slow down our reaction times by ten acts. That when we don't get enough, sleep are thought slow down and right now, and I need sleep more than ever. Why I keep talking to you guys about this new product called the or a ring it tracks key signals from your body, while you sleep, delivering critical insights, helping you to harness your bodies potential every single day,
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I can only give you I'm somebody when I listen to pocket ass, I like to taking notes myself. So let me give you like eight specific things and I can give their men hangs on. Do I gloves lit with. Let's give you guys specific things, so I actually did the first one, but let me explain what it was first thing you need to do. I think, through this time, is work versus worry you need to find the meaning in the mass and the message in the mess and so as I start to go through the next seven things which are like really about take. Action recognising that right This time, right now, when your hall, when you're quarantine with your family when you're, not working You just said it yourself, like you, can be a social media and on the news all day, long right now and you can just be right, drowning yourself in other people's fear and anxiety. Which which can make your own fear and anxiety, worse of coming up with your own plan to work versus work
through this time. So I'll just tell you what I've been doing and then watching our clients on the first thing I had to do- and this is really the second thing I would recommend you do- is either in the face we need a female face or fear right, so the worst vice I've heard people say during this time is: don't panic, which is very common devices Ashley with markets right, like the markets, have gone down? Thirty thirty five percent, depending on when you listen to this, maybe though, maybe we'll be back up a little bit, but it's very easy to say: don't panic and is very easy. Tell the people around you by the way. Don't panic. The problem is, when you say to someone: don't panic: what's the first I want to do panic prepared. What's the worst advice is yeah. It's almost like when you go and say to your partner honey, you need to calm down how how that work? For the last time, you tried that that now,
or works. If I ever tell you shit, she's, calm down, I've just done the exact opposite, so you know believe that you should tell yourself, don't panic, I think you need to face your fear and what I can tell you in this first hit Rachel anew like reality like ok, we're we're in a quarantine now and we can't leave ITALY. Our friends had already left. I had first day, I was really fearful. And so what I do when I have fear- and I basically work on this almost every day- if I'm having fear, is a journal and I know you're a huge believer in journaling and you you ve, been coach and people to journal for years and I've been growing, as I said earlier for three decades, and so what I do it due to night, because it helps me, sleep is I just right out everything, I'm afraid of so when this whole thing started happening in no one of them, I'm afraid I'm afraid of getting sick, I'm afraid of the market collapsing. I'm afraid of my business is being destroy all the different things I can be afraid of just right.
Them out long hand not on computer by actually in a physical journal that price, of riding on. My fears helps me reduce my fears. Access I strongly recommend that you right out your fears. They were. You write your fears out you actually just an aside the fact that you, I think you'll actually just physically, feel yourself in a better is a lot of what you write least for me have already, if I write it out in black and white paper we started to look either a looks Konrad it Europe does not usually not always true what I'm afraid of or be I can start to see an action plan on how I can fix the problem. Yes, right now, and that would be something I would say to if you're a first time journal or- and this is maybe not some they have done before- I would highly suggest you give yourself a time limit for journalists, mean not limit like a minimum so
I would say like half an hour and I have to sit here and I have to journal about my fears or my anxieties or my plans for at least half an hour what new journalists do is the right for about four minutes and feel like that, all the things they have inside them and stop and I think the magic happens when you forced herself to sit there and wait and wait and you are not allowed to get up until your time's up and after a few minutes, you start to unpack more and more and more, I just feel like you're you're sub cod, It starts to release things that wouldn't be there. If you didn't make yourself sit in that space for a certain period of time, I totally agree and I find usually it's page to page. Three where the real stuff comes out, but I
tell you doing out. Look for myself has radically helpful these last fifteen days in its even just interesting, to go back and see what what was I afraid of two weeks ago were soon, I'm afraid of now it's different stuff, so there s number to its face here, fears and turning it out the third it is the eu- and this is gonna, be when we talk about money and get really specific union survival capital. I my books always refer. This is emergency cash, but you basically to be thinking about this as, like You talk about survivor catch, you need it's like you, you need needs survivors You need to have money set aside in case of emergency purposes and we are already in the emergency that the time to have emerged the capital would have been before this happened, but for many people right now you ve gotta be building up your reserves both for your business and for your personal life. I did this is unlike eight we ever experienced this? Is this
beyond what we experience. If you around, for the recession, the mortgage down in two thousand seventy thousand eight. This is me. Beyond that. This is beyond the darkened boom. This is this. Is it This time we are going through is really in precedent in time and global history when it comes to finance and the economy and people are unfortunately so many of us just unprepared to mean going into this statistics in the? U S where that six out of ten people Rachel could get their hands on a thousand dollars in case of an emergency. And you- and I talked about this on ass podcast. We did when I wrote the book. The Lahti factor was getting people to start saving just ten dollars a day to prepare for any day and the rain he's here, so you really need to be focused on survivor capital for yourself in your business and in order to get this survivor capital because people
well, how do I get money now are not working right or or my business is down fifty percent already, which so many businesses are well. What do I do now and that's all I got a sort of step. Number four is that you to find your money so If and I again I've talked about this in books likes, not women, Finnish read your smart couples, finnish rush. When I talk about finding your money, I don't mean you're gonna go under needs. Your couch pillows look for change, I mean you literally gotta go find where it is every single dollar going out. Right now that this second like, if you were gonna, go, do anything off his paw gases over. Here is what I want you to go. Do I want you, go pull out your last to bank statements and every single credit card statement. You ve got Want you to go through these banks. Team is the last two months in every credit cards him in any way in which cash is going out of your pocket, both pursuing
for business, and now you're gonna go through those expenses And you need to do a money make over. On yourself, but you need to do like it's, not yourself so tat is it. You gotta look at where the money is going so that you can start to eliminate expenses and I'm from the old school way of doing this, like? I want you to take out the statements and why you look at your credit cards, I didn't want you old school go, take out a little yellow highlighter. A pen. I want you to highlight every single expense on checking and on your credit cards. That is not an absolute critical must have expense so rare outside. This is the emergency time you ve gotten into the lifeboat: you're not taking the lifeboat a blow job. Are you saying you're taking the lifeboat yourself in your children? That's what goes on life
When you look at your expenses, you expenses right now and you go. You know what what, if you are unable to work for the next six See then anything this evening or does not actually positively critical need to get caught. Here's the thing I people get to say whatever, but he goes and does this is currently do recession. Folks were ready. I were there where they may not have been. If you know it may not, officially categorized that yet but in a recession and we're going to know typically risk she's recovering two years. I have, I believe, look will recover from this, too, shall pass will come this, but you got gotta, prepare your family. Now you to work through the worry and insult to work, to the worry kind of takes me step number five, which is you gotta, go cut those expenses, you gotta, be pro active so you're taking notes cut your expenses. I just told you take the yellow highlight or in the pan, and you ve got the numbers in front of you without was the part about finding your money. Now you have to pick up the phone call and cancel things
So now I got actually pick up the phone. I would make a top ten list of things, you're gonna cut and I I'd sit down and I go through these things, with your family in your partner and I would say: ok, these views of expense. I think we need to get rid of, I'd call everyone those companies and on either side either neither ended. I cut a mud, random or I go back and I'd renegotiate and, for God's sake, You shouldn't be paying for things you're not using like people are paying for. Memberships, right now that there are not using. They can't go the gym. Yes, so anything that you're not using you should you should stop it and then, You need to also back in renegotiate everything so- businesses. You should be renegotiated terms on everything right now. We are including right and yachting rant on me. I've been coach. You, like my my much poorer classes, look landlords hate this and I hated of your landlord, but guess what landlords? rather keep me than lose. You sell you,
How can we negotiate your rent on your apartment? You, my pills, renegotiate you, rent on your home. If your renting you can renewed negotiate you rent on your LISA mean everything right now is basically up for renegotiation. And I would say to I really want to make sure that people heard this piece which was for the next six months. I think you know where we're behind your guy two or three weeks or whatever? It is, and I really think here in the U S like I'm here my family members talk about it or friends, talk about it and there like in a few weeks, and unlike oh, my gosh, this is not going. We're in a few weeks- and I dont say that too to scare people and I'm not trying to be negative. I'm trying to be realistic so plan on six months, because if you plan on six months, ended
it's three well praise the Lord, like we the great now we have that we didn't need right, but it's better. I keep saying is over and over and over to my team. We have to prepare for rain and packing Bela and if we don't end up needing it will great, but at least we are prepared and set up thinking that it's only going to be six weeks and then four months from now we're in trouble, as folks adapt to this changing world were going to be buying more stuff online than ever before, and if you're, an e commerce seller. You ready to meet the demands of our new delivery culture. I want you to think about ship station, station dot. Com is the fastest easier and most affordable way to manage and ship your orders. Just a few clicks and you'll be
managing our orders, printing out labels and getting your product too happy customers ship station makes it easy ships station with all of the major carriers, Including- U S, P S Fedex, you P S Amazon Fulfilment, so you can compare and she's the best shipping solutions for you and your customers and right now rise. Listeners can try ship station for free for sixty days you use offer code rise, there's salute no risk? You can start your free trial without even entering your credit card info, just visit ships Sean dot com, click on the microphone at the top of the homepage and type in rise that ship station dot com then enter offer code. Are I s e ships, station dot com make sure? happen. So
You and let let me talk to that for second to where I came up with the six months and because not completely just like a number on throwing out randomly sorts of Ro Ro recording this on March, twenty fifth I'll, just go back to like it what's going on ITALY, so the big thing is this whole flattened occur bright and and seeing the corona virus amount drop and we actually last rays to the last resort we ve seen the cases here drop, but it went back up yesterday. We were told originally that we would be on a quarantine until April. Third, and that's sad thing for the schools, what were hearing- and it hasn't changed, but were hearing that in this, as in ITALY, were hearing it's going to go into the middle of April or Lady April. But I have to be honest with you Rachel.
I also think that there is a really good chance that these schools could be closed for the rest school yeah and that's already happened in the: U S, we ve I've already got U S friend through the schools or are already saying they're gonna closed for the rest, the school year and the colleges of already closed, and so, even if the quarantine and again you guys were behind it. And the states right like it's just taking off in the states like what happened. New York being told like if you ve New York, they just made this big announcement. Pence did pig announcement if you left New York, you should solve forging meaning York city. If you love me, York City. This was announced yesterday, should solve quarantine for fourteen days hook you what? happening York City was completely predictable because its exact What happened here, and it happened in ITALY as a people got sick and MILAN and they are sickening Venice, and they start currently those areas and as soon as the word got out, that
guarantees are being put in place. Everybody laughed from MILAN in Venice and went south and ticket, and so that's why they quarantine. The whole country will all my friends in New York you they all did the moment started. They scattered. I have friends in Manhattan that have gone to Hawaii on to Florida Saint Thomas, the Hampton this scattered, and so this stuff is just as this does. Viruses scattered across the U S. So I think that we will all over country and all over the world be having quarantines corn teams that can go into late April may maybe June, and then here's the challenge when these weren't in the lights, which does from back on again overnight, exact right, like you just turn around start travelling the next day. You don't you turn around the Russia to a restaurant so for so many industries, the lights
returned on overnight. It will take a long time will take months to get the machineries back in place. And so I gonna be all again so positive about like life and- and I believe we all come through all this- I said to my family like their day. I said you guys a year from now. Life will be normal again. We give yes, it will be a new normal, but you'll be there in school will be travelling in life, hope return to normal, and this will not kill everybody all over the world like, but this is we got all this can be. A hot six months, so if I go back to like cutting your expenses, it's hard some. And to cut your own expenses unique? Pretend like you're doing this for a friend like look, your bills like they're, not your bills. Look at em, like you were looking at your friends, bills and you'd, say: oh, you really do that. Do you cause? You would treat your friend differently than you'll treat yourself you'll, get us judge mental, maybe you'll be more factual about it,
and then, when you negotiate act like you're in a good like if you're negotiating your rent down here, going to go, shooting your car lease, whatever you're negotiating acronym king for somebody else, so that Europe can cause when you dont you'll be less emotional about it. So I know I have covered a lot here, or can I just talk about looking for operating the number six yeah? So I think here's the thing about and an eye, and I say this from experience: I've been the investment business else, one. Ninety three, the Kind of horrible situations- even I told you this- is very. Unlike anything else, it's ever happened before the reality these texts things come about every every tenant many years in one way or another, there called the blacks one event: black one events, Things have come out of nowhere, they're not expected and they can pollute chairs a whole world economy, we're living road blocks, one event. If you're, not retiring, to Morrow the market being put on sale by thirty or thirty? Five percent is an incredibly good thing if
funding your foreign k plan, which hope you are now is the time to increase your foreign k plan now's the time you fund your irish account. They're going to push back acts returns until July fifteen. You now have an x. You now have extra time to fund, your retirement account for last year. This is a. Right time to fund college savings plans like five to knowing plans This is a great time to actually learning how to think about investing in times like this, they give a lot. Amanda listened your PA, Gaston Dad's and realise that this can be a chance for you to teach your children to see, are particularly in this time right now you, I would say that that's probably the question that we're getting most right now as people are asking us. Are you talking to your kids about this, and how are you talking to your kids
this and the the really interesting thing about that to me bless bus everyone who asked the question: if you have a child who is consuming any kind of media, your kids know this is happening so you have to be in conversation with them, because otherwise, there getting all of their information from the world or maybe they're, hearing about it from their friends. And so we have talked to our kids about this from the beginning in hey, we have to cancel our family What was really disappointing to little kids, who don't understand the wise and trying to explain it to them or not being able to have this stuff that they would like to have from the grocery store work right now, we're like were eaten. What ever the grocery store has we don't get to pick and choose without a really beautiful lesson for kids but they're they're more aware than ever of. What's have
running in the world, and we don't talk to them from a place of fear. We don't we're just as this is what's going on and let's look for the positive unless we get the hang out so much more we're doing so much more our family we're gonna, be and full of others like. We will find joy in the season, gazettes, a family value and accompany value for us, and so that's what we're doing. But of course you have to talk to your kids. Of course you do kids, you do, and I mean funny would never even occur to me to not talk to your kids. About this I mean our kids are living at, especially because we're here in ITALY, but to day there's no way you can shelter. Kids. From this experience, the question becomes, what message will they take away, and I think I've talked about fact. This is a time that you can have a connection with the people. You love, even if you're, not with them right, so we ve been doing these zoom Appetito Apple, people's was cocktail hour here like he and we ve been doing these. These
family zoom get togethers at night. Where we really have like appetizers in wine or or water whatever. It is, but we're just we're getting together with two or three families at night and we're just talking. Online like we're together and it first the kids Why are you guys doing that because really nice to have connection here and there were, and then we certainly like you guys- can be part of this too, but you got we doing this with you with your friends too. Will there already doing that right and and sometimes you're doing it through video games, and you know it like you like a James. Yes, I know you think over Andrews, but you can make a zoo day with Andrews and so we were really encouraging our kids to keep the connection going, and then inward and then again I I just think that kid's needy to learn the let the lesson in the gift that this too
shall pass like when I think about the greatest gift to think my dad's. Given me my dad's to live Flynn is eighty in the almost eighty dad and Marty Bach. I love you and I'm so sorry. I am not able to go back and be offers birthday because of of carbon will travel, and but my dad gave me the gift of. When the times got tough tea would say. No. This too shall pass and it really got gotten embedded into my soul, and he got that from. I think his father and teacher kiss this too shall pass that we're not going to be in these dark times forever and that there is a beauty in it. Like I keep, we do a positive focus at night and I ve always done this, but we do like. What's the highlight? What's the best part of your day, and now what we're doing a dinner is not just that was the best part of your day. But who is someone that we can give thanks to today and and specific like like today, looks like I liked lesson let's be thankful to all the nurses there are getting up and scan your life today, All over the world there moms and dad sisters, brothers, best friends
they are leaving their house dear, risking their life, going to work to save other people. So while we stay home and yeah, we can't go out how lucky or whether these incredible human beings are out there doing that, and that's a really important conversation to they could dinner versus just like, or can you please so, and so did this politically, because you can spend the whole time at dinner just being negative, and then your kids just get all that energy and that's what they take away from this, and I want that The thing that my kids leave, this quarantine experience from yeah I was last night. I was making dinner and I thought a big part of something that helping me right now when I feel any sort of negative emotion. Is visualizing. I want to visualize visualize. You know this about me, my listeners, no Hawaii is my favorite place in the whole world and it was. It was disappointing to not get to go, that's like,
the least of the problems in the world right now, but it was one of the things I had. You know. I'm sure you ve done those sprints with we're like ok, I'm in a J Hill it for three months, but then I get go way on this speech, and that was a lie at the end of the tunnel and it didn't get to happen, and so I visualizing. You know sitting on that beach and go into my favorite restaurant Ottawa, who and just doing these things that I really like. I just keep visualizing some day in the future. This will be what your life looks like and I was making their last night and I thought I meant sitting around with my kids ten years from now and for some reason the krona virus is gonna. Come up and I'm going to ask my kids what their memories were of our family during that time? and I want them to talk about family bike rides and so in the poor and that we aim to dinner as a family every night and we played board games and we did I I was
man! Is it possible for them to remember this time as like weird, but also that we closer as a family and that's their memory of this and how I choose to spend every. We'll day and how I show up as a parent and a leader in my family determines what my kids will talk about ten years from now completely. I mean you're giving me chills cause. I I so agree with you and This is our chance and our fertility, as parents in human beings to lean into each other right now, yes, to lean, not lean out I just started a family yo gum retreat. That can only it's an online to twenty one day. You of course, rights guys, wouldn't do this all together in our document seriously, can use like we're on day three right now, I'm still, unlike
Oh cheerleader, my house and I know I can be annoying at times, but I think it's Keno its good and I think you have to give as we walk around Florence right now. You're saying my kids and I keep thinking them to take pictures. Unlike guys, you will never ever and the rest of your life get to see. Floors. Italy, like it is today? There is nobody out you'll, never ever unrest, your like what works we live right outside upon a Vecchio were two hundred yards from the Centre of ITALY from the Centre of Florence like there's nobody out. So we even when you just walk the grocery store, like you, can see the line of the great store you can look around rise like you are, and what the most beautiful renaissance cities, indian, tire world, there's no people out your never get to experience this again and having them stop and taken the beauty of their surroundings. And notice. The air is cleaner, the war. Is cleaner and no the calmness, and here the birds like I just there's three theirs
an incredible amount of beauty and serenity. Oddly enough, in this quarantine time I don't think it was expected, but it's there if you'd, if you choose to see it absolutely David back. Thank you so much. Thank you for taking the time in doing this honour. I know you're far ahead of me over there post, literally with what's happening. The cord do had also in hours of the day- and I appreciate you make him time to to share your message and it makes me feel peaceful and may civil more peaceful, talking to you in it, and it always does. I feel like so many things seem on shore and as much there are answers we don't have in the season. We do have a history of situations like this, not the same circumstances, but things that have happened before And when it comes to what's going on at least financially there,
are markers in history. That will show us what to expect next and win at maybe not exactly the time that this all sorts to shift and change in the other direction. But history will show us Again- again and again that we will rise that it will come back day was tell me that you had sent by turnover was a social poster. If you had sent a text at you grocery store. I posted pictures of our grocery stores are completely full. Yeah and it was interesting because you know we ve heard about all these people, panicking the: U S and buying toilet paper in clearing up stores, and so I posted a grocery store, where it's just like a normal day and, interestingly enough, that the post on Instagram relic the most com, we ve had in like months, but then people started posting pictures of their group. Stores just in the U S, but the UK and Australia where people were panicking and my point with the post was to show people like
you don't have to go crazy right now, like in ITALY they the italian government said? Don't had taught me scared. You don't need to go russian all the stuff, we're gonna, keep stocking, stores, yeah and just by which you need, and so people have really done that, hasn't been this panic buying, and so the stores or normal but No I've gone back like what you just said. I just liked wheel every time there's been a downturn like this Rachel we ve always recovered. And and by the way, I will tell people who especially Americans cause, there's gonna, be so much there's so much political discourse in America right now, at the end, the day a miracle. Ways comes through these things stronger and as a world are going through, is now together we're going to come out of this stronger these markets. Will to me recover. They may not recover and thirty year, sixty or ninety days, but
three years from now five years from now ten years, you know, I would bet on the world to recover and the first place that will recover financially we'll be America, it always is so of your destiny. Good, solid american companies paying your sulphur. You're using a retirement account don't give up on these things, don't give up on like princess the dream of homeownership. It's one of the most important thing you could do is by a home paid off early. Play another one and they're going to be incredible opportunities to buy real estate going to Florida. Next, six to twelve months like there are millions and millions of millennials were this will be there opportunity to finally buy a home. It is ironic, but we started working on a programme of five months ago
online course on how to go from renting to buying your first home. We had no idea this was coming, but we're actually be launched. That course it's a free course we're going to launch that. I thinking about two weeks and the reason why it's such a unique time to go from renting to buying a home is rates for the laws we ve seen in just two years and they're gonna be less people are going to buy houses right now so sellers who need to sell. This can be a great time, negotiate for good prices and also people who own homes it's a great town to refinance and lawyer debt. Ah roasted shoulders in article recently, that said, the average American there are eleven, a half million people right now, experts report Morn other eleven, a half million people two weeks ago, Decker reef ass, her home can save us, Two hundred and sixty dollars a month on their mortgage payments that's a hundred thousand dollars nearly in the payments of the life of a mortgage siding
go into this week into another podcast later Rachel, but like it comes timed to renegotiate things. Your debt is one most importantly, renegotiate and with rage. Now being at an all time low in the said, Lauren these rates to zero all your debts, be renegotiated right now, you're more each day, you're do loan day your car dead credit card debt, everything right how can be renegotiated to a lower rate and that can help you go back to building up that survival capital. Talking about earlier that David, a peep want to find out about that course or learn more about you or get your wisdom working find you online and where should they follow you on social already? Thank you. Look come on over to David balked outcome and on the doktor comrade top the website, just like little opt in box that you can put in your email, and a couple things wrong. The website there, too, will give you the there's a forty page.
Book from smart women. Finnish rich you can download, but once you're in are often spot you'll get our newsletter when it goes out. That's where we announce our gas as world will now, of course, and then I'm on Instagram and I'm on Facebook. Those are the two primary spots but come on over and doubling come over to data balked outcome. We will, but we expect to launch that course, like I said it's probably next two to three weeks and it will be free, it's a five day programme and it's not just also about buying a home. It's about how to get the best deal on your side, accounts of the bank how to protect your credit score. I now cassettes be critical during this time? How to increase your credit score and to go from running to buying a home and to read. Finance your home of your already own. One said: all those things can help a whole lot of people are somehow Thank you. So much for taking the time are really really appreciate it, and we are continue
descends prayers and good vibes in the direction of you and your family and just hoping hoping that those numbers and start to go down and then not pop back up for you, because I know that that something everyone's praying for right now. Thank you, Will you to give that super sexy husband of years, a big for me I'll, tell my tongue I said, allow I loved during the interview with him, I'm so excited for him and his new book. I urge and promoting that to my community and get out of your own ways to such a great book, and I know you have in your time the soil assault by what is he super excited he is so excited He was very his eyes, a very sad that he had to cancel his tour by it. It has been like it's better, but it's also sweets a bitter sweet time to have launched a book and he is really enjoyed the response from the commission.
That's been great awesome will you guys are amazing, and I appreciate the relationship with you and it's been fun to catch up. I look forward to talking to you again. Thank you. So much will talk again soon. Yeah all we are doing a community wide challenge and it's totally free and I am challenging you to join us. It's called net. Ninety days as in how can we be intentional thought for leaders for the next ninety days, we're going to need our community we're going to need accountability more than ever? So I want you to head over to the Hollis code. Dot com, slash. Next. Ninety
House, co, dot com, slash N T, X, teed, nine, zero and join us every single week Dave and I will be teaching on a different topic, things like perspective or region for joy, or dealing with anxiety in these crazy times. We are going to give you so many free resources and surrounded with community. When we did this at the end of last year, we had sixteen fifty thousand people sign up and we feel like it can be bigger than ever come together in a community of like minded people unless learn how to choose our mindset, no matter what is happening in the world around us.
Hey guys, as promised, here's a sneak peek of this week's exclusive teaching all about perspective. This is from a forty five minute, video class that I gave away for free as part of our challenge. So, if you like what you hear, there's a link in the show notes of this episode, where you can sign up to get all access to all the things, absolutely free, as well as the fourteen weeks of content as part of our next ninety days challenge you can also visit the Hollis, CO, dot, com and click. Ninety days to find out. All information and join our community of hundreds of thousands of people who feel just like you feel an hour, We need to do the thing that is going to make them stronger.
On the other side of this remember no matter what happens. We are always stronger together. Now, here's the class on perspective, hey guys! Welcome too weak one of our next ninety days challenge I am ready to Hollis and I M gonna be tee, king on the topic that I feel It is most important for all of us right now, and that is perspective You are the one who gets to decide what this ease and will mean whether you're watching this and your single married data with your Mama with your daddy, whoever you are you get choose how you laid out in the seas. We're going to talk about it later on in our series, but I believe that every single one of you is a leader whether you own account you are a business leader or just a leader. Will you
Company are business leader or are a leader in your family or your community, or with your friends you weren't, leading right now and then. There are people who are influenced by you who are watching the way that you lead in the season and so Wanna teach you the question that changed my life and I want to teach you the perspective that I choose and that I had chosen every day for years and years and years all wrapped around this thought life happening to you all, life happening for you is life happening to you or is it happening for you Is there a way that even the hard things can be for us? Is there a way that this crisis can be for us and when I say this always took people off, people get really angry because nobody likes to think of the hard things as being for us. Because it falls into this idea that you ve heard pupils
you ve heard someone say everything happens for a reason I Naive, we used to say everything happens for a reason. Before my brother died, I used to say everything happens for a reason. And it was only because I had never walked through something horrific enough for that meant to be blown wide apart because think, there was a reason that my brother was born schizophrenia and There was a reason that I had to see what I saw that day. There's a reason. Some of you were hurting and I don't think that there's a reason that you lost your job and I don't think that there's a reason that people all over the globe are terrified and die and running out of resources. I dont think that there's a reason, but I think that there's meaning in what is happening to us, always Even if there is not a reason that these things happened, I do think that it is possible to find meaning even in them.
At times and so the proceedings. That I choose is. How is this for me? How this for me and how is this for my family. By choosing that as defining narrative in my life- and I believe that this is all for me somehow, it means that I forced myself to look for meaning even in the hard things go. I run a company, worse huge portion of our revenue is in the life of a space at the conferences. It's a big part of what we, as a company, and there are a lot of people on our team who count on us making money in the life of a space. In for us to still be in business. Likewise. I know there are people watching this right now who own coffee, shops and salons, and you were a dentist- you are, scientists and you are a chiropractor- an? U own businesses right now. They don't have the luxury of being virtual and
scrambling right now, trying to figure out how do have and of revenue. How do I haven't of cash to take care of these people? How do I keep the doors open when we're not allowed legally to keep the doors open, because everyone's in quarantine. Because I have the mindset of how can this be for me, I immediately asked myself immediately: how do we shift? How do we pivot What do we do to make sure that everyone's gonna be ok and I sat in my office. You know to release when I saw my office and paid my pants and wanted. Cry and had to pray a lie. And just started: brainstorming, ok, what what can do and and wells and white, let's think outside the box and, let's think bigger, and what does. How can we show up for our community, write this idea of next? Ninety days came from me sitting in my office going okay. What are they going to need? More than ever they're going to need accountability? Cuz, I'm going to need account. More than ever, they're gonna need weekly less
because I need those weekly lessons more than ever. They're gonna need someone pouring into them, because man, I need some importing into me. So ideas came out of that we came up with the idea of doing our first ever virtual conference, which we never in a million years. We never would have been able to do. That if we had had this situation, I would know called my friends guys. I need you to band together with me. These people need a good word and frankly are Company needs to still have some kind of revenue, and so we got a together. We gotta do these things like I got creative wouldn't have happened. If I wasn't thinking how is this for me and right now, you're sitting in a place of fear and uncertainty, you got to switch right now and start thinking. How can this before me look. I have for two years complain My friends in the plane to my husband and said that all all I want is to be a home with my family
All I want is to be able to be present at home and to make more dinners and sit around the table and play games and. I got my wish. I'm challenge you right now how many people are watching me right now and you can learning about the fact that you're home with your kids and Europe learning about the fact that you can't go anywhere and you are the same person who amount. The girl was complaining about hawk how all they wanted was rest. And how are they wanted was to be present and how all they wanted? What was his craving of not having to travel so much now you got it and you can focuses on is the fear of the unknown instead of appreciating what could be for you even in this mess right you get to choose how you view this time. You get to I hope that you find out helpful
I really hope that you will share it. I hope you will take a screenshot of yourself right now doing this or you will take a picture of it and you'll put it on social media. We are doing this completely for free, but our goal is that a million people do it with us cause. We feel like the ripple effects of one million people all around the globe. Choosing joy and choosing gratitude and choosing to own their perspective would help us globally. So that's all I ask out of this. Experience is, if you find it out, for you about your friends and family and make it a group thing? Maybe maybe like a book club and after you do this session, you connect with your friends and and you but what you learn I wrote a book. That's right gave you get out of your own way. Sceptics guide to growth in fulfilment it's a book, I wrote and it is out in the world, come on now the book
is a story of twenty lies that I once believed that in believing them kept me from being the best I myself had me stuck may not showing up as the husband Rachel deserves or the Father. I hope to be in covering the truth that made these lies unbelievable. I was able to get out of my own way I tried to in talking through what it took to see the truth in what I was believing do so really really honest storytelling, and in this retailing, hope that you will be able to see yourself in some of those stories and has You do maybe take some of the Perhaps I offer at the end of each chapter to help you on stock or keep you out of your own way. The book is reliable anywhere that books are sold if you like the sound of me reading. I guess I read the audio version for audible, but there are, so many great options that exist at retail. It is literally literally literally available every
get out of your own way. Sceptics guide to growth in fulfilment grab your copy today.
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