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153: Feeling Stuck? Here are Five Lessons You Need to Hear Today


This week I thought it would be great if I could bring you not one lesson, but five! Think of it like a choose-your-own-adventure, only instead of a whodunit, it's a podcast that meets you where you're at. Are you four months into quarantine and feeling like your home is more of a prison than a respite? I've got a lesson for you on organization at home. Is social media burnout leading you to second-guess your goals? I've got a lesson on that as well. The reason I was able to bring so many ideas in this one episode is because the lessons I'm sharing with you come from my Quibi series, the Rachel Hollis Show. If you're wondering, "wait a minute Rach, how come I haven't seen this Rachel Hollis Show?" - well, it's because the show is exclusive to Quibi, and you're the first-ever audience outside of that platform to hear these lessons! If you like what you hear, and you want to see tons more content including some really fun stuff like DIY projects, cooking shows, and special guests, keep reading to learn how to access Quibi for free:

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The presenting sponsor of rice is the procurator, zip recruiter the smartest way to hire hey all, welcome to the rise podcast this week. I thought of it. We find to share with you something that I've been working on for GOSH has been a year a really long time like a beautiful in time. and that is my show. You know I have a show on quality. Could be is a new streaming platform that launched in April, and the Rachel Hollis Show is part of that If you have never watched in episode, eyewash to share some of what you're gonna get every single episode is a mix of teaching and fun because that sort of felt like the perfect representation of who I am as a person, so in the ending of each episode. I teach on that weeks topic and at the
end of each episode. I do anything I want it might be, cooking episode. It might be some advice. on parenting. It might be a d I why project or how to plant and herb Guard in or be joking, kind of lamenting about the hardship of motherhood, you name it I feel like I could every single topic in the show and here's the best part. No, episode is longer than ten minutes, because that's cool This thing they bring you entertainment, that is less than ten minutes. Quickie stands for quick bites, so you can consume really high level content in a lot of time so for TAT, episode. I thought it would be called to share some of those segments where I'm teaching, because that lends itself perfectly to podcast specific.
the ominous share sections with you from the week where I spoke on happiness, to reach for something real in your life, something that's not fleeting, I in a week where I talked about the habit loop. How we get stuck in negative habits. We he finding ourselves back in this washing machine cycle of repeating the same stuff over and over, I'm gonna share the episode I did on organization and how things in our life? Aren't just. expensive in terms of me, monetary value, but that the thing that we, by the the price, inside of our homes, those high an emotional expense attached to them too, which is why many of us struggle to get rid of the clutter. I'm gonna, share something from a week. I did on leadership and The reality that every single one of us is a leader in different ways, last
I am sharing a bit from the week that I talk about body image and more specifically, how danger social media can be to us as women and two the children that were raising believing that they have to look a certain way in order to be good enough. So this the collection of some of teaching segments from the Rachel Hollis Show on could
I Rachel Hollis and I've built a multi million dollar media company with a high school diploma and the free information I found on the internet in the fifteen years that I've been building and scaling my company, I have become deeply passionate about helping other entrepreneurs to do the same so each week I'll be sharing tangible and technical advice and inspiring interviews with the same intention. These are the tools to change your life and your business. This is the rise podcast today I am going to share with you the number one thing that has brought me happiness in my life and you might be surprised what it is. and I'm going to show you this superfine way- to set your goals and also drink champagne, which feels like the kind of life I want to live.
always long. We have been talking about this idea of pursuing happiness in our lives and tell you that one of the things I really believe when it comes to things that make us feel good if it is so important that we all have some kind of gold that we're working toward now? Listen when I say: go I don't mean that you want to be seo. I don't mean that you want to make a million dollars. Your goal could be that you wanna train your waning dog. To do that thing, where you like shoot at him with finger guns, and then he placed at I'm totally serious, your goal could be that you're gonna sign up for your first five K. Your goal could be that you want to get out of debt, will pay off those student low. whatever it is, doesn't matter if you never claimed Well, before had the courage to do that, come on in waters, fine become It's gonna be ok. Just start small. This feel scared. You start with something small,
and challenge herself to achieve it and the feeling of pride that you get You do even something. Little and beyond, cried the knowledge that you figured that thing out so powerful. I talk oh much about goals setting. I wrote an entire book about how to achieve a goal and I think people get it slipped because they I think that what I am saying is that you should wants the goal which, like there are a lot of things that I hope to have in the course of my life. We having a goal is not about the thing that you're about to achieve its about who you are going to become in the process. So what I would challenge you to do today is start to dream so To visualize, as if it was a movie playing in front of you, because if you can see it, then you can create some kind of plan for how to get.
for about ten years. I have kept bottles of champagne in my refrigerator all the time and I would take little tags and write a big goal on top of a right now at my house For data five bottles of champagne, they'll have big giant goals and win You finally achieve the goal you get to have the champagne. It's not even about that moment, though it's a bow, every single time you openly refrigerator door and see the tag and the champagne its work. Kind of where you're going there's something so powerful about calling a big shot. Naming a big go so create some pray. Now. My belief is that you have to the goal as if it has already happened. So I'm saying I'm on the cover of Forbes mice,
a great story about this process is a bottle of champagne that I had in my French. That said, I am a New York Times best seller I have been an author for years and years and I wrote five books that nobody cared about and when Russia Face came out, I thought okay. This is the best chance that I will ever have to make the list and it came out, and I did it make the list bake. Do your current best seller, but it is maybe this one word because you like the silly thing, because I know in my heart it doesn't matter, but it's
because it's something that I've thought about for so long, and it's like hard to let go of that that dream. I remember I was like crying in my bedroom of wait a minute. This is the opposite of what you teach people. This is the opposite of what you believe. ok, you don't make it this time. You'll stand back up you're gonna go again. Thirteen weeks into this book being out Grosch, her face may veneer at times less. I have had a bottle of champagne shilling for about a decade with the tag on it. This is New York Times by seller and I'm not a drink. The crap out of it tonight most women are afraid to call their shop Most women are afraid to claim something. Big, when you remind of every single day where you're going, I promise you you are going to get there so much faster
once you create the tag. I want you to let them in the refrigerator literally every day where you can see who it is your turn to be all right I have dreamed about having my own show, since I was a little girl. I live in fear of accidently shooting my own. I am you guys like shake this out beforehand: jesting Oh I'll, buy you a drink that someone else clean up this mass weakened looking all about finding joy and progress, so here's today's homework, I will I want you to think about it all and figure out how you are going to get there and be specific. I just think that something happens to us when we begin to make traction in our lives, have a fantastic
and I'll see. You then. with all the stress it's going on in the world quality sleep is more important than ever only is it a natural immunity boost your, but it also helps you with energy and recovery. You look better. You you'll, better you're, more motivated. You make better decisions If you need some tips for a great night sleep here, you go. Some of the things that I do to make sure that I can get a great night sleep is, I can not drink any caffeine in the afternoon. I'm gonna like a toddler by if I have espresso later in the day, I will be up all night long, I like to keep my temperature in my room, a little cold so that I feel kind of snugly and their scientific evidence that, if the room Chile, are you sleep better? You also? make sure I knowed people have different opinions on this, but there are no
lights in the room. There's nothing should have coming in through the window that can And there's something there's some sorry that says even like a pen prick of light can make. You have a word. Night, sleep then better, so just ideas. The other thing that you could look into is a better mattress and probably heard me talk about seat number here on the podcast before, while now as the time to discover proven quality sleep for your health and well being with this number three sixty smart bed. and for a limited time, you can save up to nine hundred dollars on select smart beds, shop, your way out asleep number store or online at sleep number dot com, slash rise that sleep number dot com. Slash are I s e? To be honest,
Have you ever had one of those nights where it like I'll have a cookie and then all- the sudden you eat everything in the kitchen. I have done that. a million times, because I am an emotional either, I want to explain, you why that happens and how it has everything to do with habits and nothing to do with willpower and They were wrong, rather my many van and I'm telling you how I became one of the most successful motivational speakers in the world, and today I want to get into. not the composition of a habit, but what a habit loop is and how it shows up in our life. For me. It showed up with cake, I'm ok I am an emotional eater, I that is how I was raised. If you were happy you if you're sorry, if her angry, eight twice
and I would find myself as an adult I go to the kitchen for, like oh there's, left over birthday cake that thing when you look at the birthday cake and your like all, just even out the line did anyone like. I was even out the end, then you like August and then like all big of to make now just like now make another like you make another line, sudden you beaten, half the cake. And what happens is that you would ass going in for a snack, Suddenly, now your emotions are involved in a different way. Now it's not just about having some cake now became shameful because you ve done something that you didn't intend to do is what it looks like for me. The q is, I want a snack, the have a snack the reward gay. I felt good for ten minutes because I got some sugar, but almost as soon as that, starts to wear off. I start to feel a negative emotion which choose me again.
We're done that where you live warranty the cake, so I guess we'll the chips are down the cake and the chips I have some wine and, if you get caught in this vicious cycle- and you just keep going that's because your reward is actually triggering you and it becomes this negative Luke that you stay inside of get out of this cycle. I promise there is an answer. I am living proof that. There is an answer to get out of this head space winner, mom. Sometimes the only time you get yourself is in your car after you drop off your kid somewhere else. That is a good time to think about what, Ben and where you're going it's time for many Van stories,. Today, I am remembering how I started as a motivational speaker and it's important
they like it was even my intent. I just wanted to be able to speak well in front of proud. I started out speaking business conferences. I was so bad. and I see that- and I think that is something that we should be celebrating. Instead of hiding behind of sarongs, I put on my speeches on we'll know, cards and my hands. shake and my voice would shake which is the worse when you're, like speaking in front of a crowd- and you know that day, that you're nervous, and it just makes everything worse. That was like every speech I gave for four years back then I was terrible and the only reason that I as good as I am today is because I was willing to be terrible. I Hence knowing embarrass myself every single time that I get on stage, because,
I want you to know I'm just like you like, I'm gross like you, I am baffled like you, I shaved, my toes like you. I struggle with these same things. Just like you do I not to speak for over this last weekend and I opened my keynote for her talking about how one time I lost Lhasa, tampon inside of my body for three weeks and you know why over did not that story she came on stage after I spoke and the first thing she said with a girl. I'm glad you found a point I was really nervous about tampon story and I was like A part of me died right as she's my hero, and, unlike all my guys, I you know, I don't want to think I'm being disrespectful, but in that being often because the last question she asked me, why do you think you ve been so successful? And I said because I stand on stage until the day One story, and in a world of everything's airbrush than perfect, I think that people
hungry for authenticity. hey. We started out this episode talking about negative habit loops and if you really want to change the name, it habits in your life. You are going to have to find something to replace them with. So I have a little homework for you today. I want you to make a list of five things, five actions that you can take instead of and these need to be a good thing- they need to have some kind of reward. On the other side, we will back tomorrow, I'm going to show you how to use them. It so crazy that we are in MID July because I remember when you went into quarantine as accompanied back in march- and I remember- Thinking like it would be so crazy if we were still in this place, come may the mountains, a lot like
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and right now rise. Podcast listeners can try ship station free for sixty days when you use the offer code rise, make sure you Business is ready to meet the demands of delivery. Culture get started at ship station dot com. Today, click on the microphone at the top of the homepage and type in rise. That's ship station dot com then enter offer code rise, ship station, dot, com make ship happen. How much do you spend on all this stuff, and Is it stuff that you really need today we're gonna dig into the idea that there our huge costs associated with all the things that are around you and I'm not just talking about financial, this we were too king about organization. First, we discuss the fact that there is a
huge emotional impact between you and your space. and then the idea that having a functional space is more important than having space that looks like it belongs in a catalogue. Today I want to talk about the cost of all things. just that you buy, but that you hold onto in my own life, I think the worse will they both are close? Sometimes I'm out. Anna, like, I see and a thing and I'd like know, if I'm the kind of person who wears like seven inch the letters, but I feel like right now right and I in mass in these shoes that our population buying and I'm never going to wear again, but staying at they made me feel so pretty. I literally have a pair of these in my closet. Right now. I bought them for my birthday. They sit on the top shelf. they have been sitting for the last six years. and I won't get rid of them, because I feel guilty that they so expensive. What?
time. I woke up, and I see these Jessica rabbit shoes. I feel like I wasted money and I am an impostor. It's a whole weird thing: you have to ask yourself what the emotional cost of seeing those shoes right, the emotional cause of seeing the treadmill that you're not using every single day right. It's right there so think about what this is cos. You what would it mean we're alive if you could just let go of the weight of those things? My best idea for this is give them to someone who can use them, give them to someone who will love them as much as you wish. You loved them. I closet recently. I took all the things in it to the girls in my office and one of the girls grab jacket that I literally about fifteen years ago and I ve never worn, and I saw her taking at her car and almost cried. I would like,
why it was not ever meant to me for me that was supposed to go home with her, and I feel so much lighter and I do not have to look at this. Aren't deco be dazzled situation anymore and judge myself all right have you ever decided that this is the weak you're gonna get super healthy food and be great, you're and eat. that bless your body or any all the green things and pretty well on Monday and Tuesday, it's kind of going, ok and then you get. really really hungry and turn into a monster anyway, everything inside you end up making bad decisions with your nutrition when your hungry, so the key for me in terms- Healthy eating is all about. How do you prepare in advance so that when you get hungry, you ve got a ton of great options and your literally removing the guesswork from of what
you are going to eat so today I want to show you how I meal prep. I do this every Sunday I pressed for the weak ahead to make sure that our French is filled with great things, not just for me, but also for my kids. This too We takes me about two hours, and that includes gross shopping time. The first thing that I want you to do is when you go to the grocery store, come back home and prep all of the food that you just bought, so that you don't have any excuses. So I got some how about some zucchini for sir FRY later in the week, and I'm gonna go ahead and get these back. I always command having vessels that you can eat as a snack and also having vegetables that are going to be great to throw into something you're staying making or putting on the girl. So you have no excuse for why you're not getting your greens are. Let me give you a little tour of what's going on.
bridge. We always always have hard boiled eggs to really easy grabbing. Go sacked. You can eat them by themselves. You can mix them into a salad, always fresh veggie protein, so grilled chicken size, you got some ground. Turkey me Ferris, is really easy: one to drizzle some olive oil on it, throw it into the oven. We ve got some respects the rice. We prepare our open anything I can re. He and my frame during the week and so be able to stay on. My plan is key to HANS of fresh fruits and vegetables. I always inner fridge, have chicken, salad and tuna salad, we don't do soda In our house we don't do juice and our house so always has sparkling water challenge yourself for a week to try this, even if it's just a few things and see if you don't feel bad, it has absolutely changed my life and my nutrition and has made it so much easier for me to feel like I'm giving my kids food. That is good for them, not just quick and easy. For me.
We talked all about how much your stuff is really costing you and he today's homework. I want it we'll find your version of might be. The jacket Why do you need to get rid of and give to someone who is going to love it? Yes, why you our leader, I dont care. If you are stay at home Mamma, I don't care. If you are a high school student, matter where you work or even if you work, you have influence over the people around you and this week we're talking Things: leadership and how you can grow into Iraq. We our talking about leadership and how that shows up in your life. Here's a bay most people don't tend to think of themselves as leaders. We usually reserve that name before CEO is and people in business and politicians, and for being honest, if your woman, a lot of times what you thought of as a leader was a man
but the reality is that leadership is really just about your influence over other, and your willingness to care about them enough to want to develop them and help them become something more. This is That is so near and dear to my heart, because I am really proud of being leader that I am I leader at my company, where I am the c o and have sixty employees I am a leader as a Mamma, a four little people, I'm a leader in my community, I'm a leader in my extended family, Emma leader. I hope for you guys, I think, being a great leader means that you can there more about the people you are leading in their growth than you are about your own applause and attention. How are they doing our they showing up. How are they being served? In fact, at my company, one of our core values is something that we call servant: leadership, meaning that
to be the very best leader that you can be. You are in service of other people this week. And dig into the idea that each and every one of us, no matter where we are in our life, is a leader. What would it mean for you and what would it mean for your family or your friends if you took a more active roll and how you can help others, and even of it scary and maybe makes you feel nervous about how that's gonna look understanding That you have influence and therefore you have responsibility. this week. We're talking about leadership. Why its import? and what it means for you and today's homework is this. I want you to make a list of your favorite leaders, the people that have been most info.
Central and your life then come back tomorrow and we're going to talk about how we begin to take the journey into meaningful leadership. I'll see you guys, then Do your friends and your perception of your own body have to do with each other everything all week long we have been talking about body image and how it mostly affects us in negative way. Today, I would love to refrain what you think about when you think about your body. Ok, here is the truth. It's one of the biggest reasons why you are beating yourself up about your body, image. Who are you hanging out with? We are the combination of the five people that we hang out with most and depends on who is in your life and how they feel about their bodies. It absolutely affects how you feel about yours. Maybe that's your friends. Maybe that's your partner. Maybe
that's your family or even the media that you can sue whatever you are seeing- is informing the way that you view the world. I was going through social media and I saw a woman like some celebrity right and I don't know her, I'm sure she's a lovely person, but I'm looking. this person's body and I'm like That's amazing, right I'll, just stopped eating everything, and then you know me in this model will hang out together on a beach somewhere. The next person- and I swear by- was this incredible beauty blogger who has the most slam in body you ve ever seen and by slam, and I mean all the curves all the time in this skins, height dress and she is feeling herself. She looks so guide and I thought look at the difference here. Look your response. Look at how body positive like look at
working lives out like here is my body whatever, depending on what you are consuming. It changes your perception, and so one of the easiest things that you can do right now. How is change up what you see every day that day. When I saw those two different pictures and I notice my reaction to both of them- I unfollow six hundred accounts. So if you are feeling this way about yourself right now, I want to ask you: who you were hanging out with or who you are, allowing to speak into your life, to get some confident friends to hang out with some people who love themselves and if you don't have that readily available in your community, will find it online go follow Laszlo. Ok guys. Today we talked about body image and how the people around you can affect the way that you perceive yourself and tears. These homework? I want you to clean up your media go into your social media accounts and mute or unfollow
anyone who triggers you'd negatively in the way that you perceive yourself your beauty and your body image, and while come back- and we are wrapping up this whole conversation on body image and sending you into the weekend. Appealing strong I'll, see you there So this is a collection of some of my Jeanne segments from the Rachel Hollis show on quibble and If you want to try it out, Kubi is free for the first week, so you just go download. The app an use by all the fun things that are there, but just a guy a little bit of an idea, I hope you are having a fantastic, weak and- Hope you enjoy. This collection of teaching from the Rachel Hollis show.