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164: How to FINALLY Write That Book!


You guys!!! My latest book, Didn't See That Coming, is OUT TODAY! To celebrate, I'm talking about a subject I get asked about a lot for this podcast, which is how I tackle writing: writing when I'm tired, writing on a deadline, writing in different genres, all of it! If you want to know how to fill pages look no further than these inspiring secrets.


Look: we've all either been through it, are currently going through it, or will go through it. That's just how life is: once you think you've got it all figured out, it hits you with something you never saw coming. Grief? Check. Divorce? Check. Global pandemic? Uh, CHECK! That's why I wrote a new book all about conquering hard things and coming out the other side a better, stronger you. It's called Didn't See That Coming, and it's available for pre-order here: https://bit.ly/dstcrise

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So this week I announced my next book. It's called didn't see that coming it's all about how you put your life back together after your world falls. Apart, actually wrote this inside of quarantine, because I wanted something that Ya'Ll could red eyes. You transition out of the crisis of a pandemic, and then inside of writing it. My world fell apart, and this is a story of how you keep on going. This is a story of the tactics and the tools that I have used time and time again when I have gone through grief or loss or trauma. The book comes out on September, twenty nine and you can find it today. You can free order where ever books are sold, and, yes, I am narrating audio as always, but if you pray order, meaning if you buy any time before September, twenty ninth- if you go to didn't see that coming new book dot com, you can get my one our course on how to rebuild how'd. You rebuild your life free one, our course plus a workbook that you can print out and utilised to start the process, something that I thought I could give you to be helpful as you transition to whatever comes next didn't see. That coming is my new book and I hope that you will check it out.
hello. Everyone welcome to another episode of the router Hollis Podcast, I'm Rachel Hollis. This is my I'd cast and this week we're going to talk about how to write a book book that I'm reading right now said that five hundred five five: zero, zero authors. will ever so more than a hundred thousand copies of their books. So out of all the authors in the world, only five hundred of them will ever break six figures insane rules and not sound like a douche bag, but I have sold millions and millions of copies of books, so I say that not to pat myself on the back, but because I feel like I have some clout in this area, so if you who have ever thought about writing a book of something that should have
spit on your mind for a while or maybe you're like, I was four years and you have started and stopped like twenty books. Instead of finishing anything, this episode it is for you. I hope It gives you some courage to start working on a project you ve been thinking about. I hope it like- fire under, but to finish, but this. is my advice? for how to write and anything else Think of high I'm Rachel Hollis, and this is my podcast I spend so many hours of every single week, reading and listened podcast and watching Youtube videos and trying to find out as much as I can about the world around me and that what we do on their shall we,
talk about everything life and how to be an entrepreneur. What happened dinosaurs? What's the best recipe for fried chicken? What's the best plan for intermittent fasting? What's going on with our inner child house therapy working out for you, whatever it is, my guess or into I want to unpack it so that we can all understand. These. our conversations. This is information for the curious. This is Rachel Hollis Podcast, so I will start by saying I thought the trained profession I am someone who has achieved a great amount of success in this particular field, but I just want you to keep in mind that this is learned. This is like on the job learning. This is not something that I learned.
visually and school. So I'm not gonna, advise you on grammar punctuation or any of that he's gonna, give you nuts and bolts where to begin and where I suggest you began is with word counts. Now, Maybe right now you're like way, don't I start with a character? Don't I start with this? Yes, of course you do, but I can't help you figure out what you're supposed to write about for those password dreamers for those of us who want to be authors for those of us who are riders coming up with ideas was never the problem right like it. Our problem. What you want to say it's a problem trying to figure out how to get it down or how to. As much of it down as you need, so I am assuming that you already have a vision for What it is you want to write about Then your next very practical goal is. What is the word count now that
something. I never heard of until I actually started writing for real and What I will tell you if you're not familiar with this, is that every genre? So if you're right nonfiction if you're writing a cookbook if your writing a children's book or fiction. anything that you are writing has an industry standard for what the word count is so thing like my cookbooks have a pretty low word count would say that I don't know thirty five thousand words, because there so many pictures in it my fiction books word count was ninety thousand words my nonfiction at sixty five thousand, so The reason that you need to start with word cow is that you need to know what you are going to have to turn in to a publisher or a lit agent in order to be centred legit, so super practical piece of advice.
is understand what is the word count that you are aiming for and I can't tell you how many times acquaintances reach out because they want to. They want to write their first book. There excited the star and their alike. writing nonfiction and there, like I am so excited. I have written two hundred thousand words. I mean it is just Pouring out of me cannot wait for the world to see what this is about. I'm just like. Oh no I feel sure I'm not gonna, be the one to tell them that nobody wants to read a first time offer adding nonfiction turning two hundred thousand words. Nobody and right now, you're like no now, but no you get us. I'm that down my friend or some of you- are really excited- and you row a fiction book and its fifteen thousand.
where is nowhere near ninety and in the end since maybe your creating a novella or maybe your creating a short story and all This presupposes that you are wanting a book by traditional publishing means. I guess I should started there. If your plan is to self publish girl, you right. Whatever you want to write, you write a nonfiction booklets three hundred thousand words, you write a fiction bucks. That's a hundred words. You get to do you, but if you want to go traditional out, then you need to play by some of their rules, especially when you first starting now The question I often get next is ok. I know that I need to write ninety thousand words how on earth do I actually finnish and I will tell you that I, for sure know what that feels like. As I mentioned earlier, I have started and stopped twins
manuscripts in my life as a writer before I ever finished, my first one- and I Definitely convince myself that if I could just finish that was the key to publishing and that's not always the case, but dang it. If you want a chance you, got to have something completed, so now that you know your word count, let's forget how you get there for me. Personally, I take my word count. and I divided by the amount of time that I in giving myself to complete the work, so if you wanted to write ninety thousand words and your giving yourself six months. then you would need to aim to write five hundred words a day. Okay, so five hundred words might seem like a lot, you five hundred words might seem like nothing at all, but
whatever it is that you're trying to do. That's how you get it and you're like more like trying to sort of arguing what, if I know it's, if this is how you get it you take. Your word count you divided by the amount of time you have a daily word goal and you freaking right It is way better to write every single day consistently than to go in fits and starts. I Tell you that the works that I create, that I just sort of Doolittle, but here I'll go really hard and then work. busy and I gotta take a month off and then come back. They take so much longer than if I just made it a goal to write a consistent about every single day. Now that being said I do not like to draw out the writing process. What am I to tell you is what works for me. My their friends hyper ventilate when they hear this. So this is
just my opinion, you do not have to take it as gospel, but I, don't like six months. I like to give self, really tight deadlines with real. hi word count days so, I tend to set goals like three thousand words today or five thousand words a day. I've done ten thousand words day when, like I, was really in flow and really knocking stuff out, so totally depends on what works for you, but for me I ten to like I ll, I'm like a bull in a China shop and I am able to do that because I write absolute garbage in my first draft more on that in
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conventions which yes is a thing, and I may say so much- I miss it because quarantine. I miss it. Because there was a time in my life where I could go to something like that in security. You know, and I cannot the sounds kind of do she and I don't mean it to but back in the day, I would go to an author conference and nobody knew or cared who I was so I just like would go there and go to every class and take all the notes and meet my offer. and in the bar for cod later, and it was truly some of my favorite times of the year, and for my fellow authors who are listening to this. You know what I'm talking about, but I dont have the obscurity now to just sort of go, and you know take notes right. So I keep thinking. Then I'm gonna devise a plan Sunday when were allowed to go to conferences again and I go in full costs
do, and maybe nobody, although it's me, but that is completely besides the point: let's get back to it, how do you know, to write next so back. I used to go to conferences the very first time I went. I heard about this concept of plotters, verses, pincers and the idea is that there are two kinds of writers plotters, who lay out the entire plot before they ever start. Writing the first word and pincers who fly by the seat of their pants. Meaning they make up the story as they go along. I am a pimp, sir. So I have very dear friends who are Really celebrated incredible authors: who will research, a book for two years and draft out like figure out this. Ella ten of it, for literally years before the ever right. The first sentence I have now
or applauded anything and maybe right now, some of you are like air. We read your books, we know you don't plot, it's just not my style. I tend to just start and see where the characters want to take me or see where the words want to take me, and I can't tell you how many times in my career that I I've, been writing something, and I have no idea where I'm going and then I get to the end or some get to a chapter towards the end, and it also it all together again, and I think that's because Our subconscious knows where were headed, even if we don't know what the we're doing so. I feel it Subconscious is kind of in the background working things out for you and you just have to trust the process to get there. It's down to get the content down so that you know you're working with which
things need to literally the best advice I could ever give you as an author is to let your first draft be a dumpster. fire like let it be so awful. So what I tell people about my word count they'll, always like we're on me like I, you know about ten thousand words they'll be like how did you write ten thousand words in a day, and, unlike oh I said they were good words. You said they made sense. I just yet the words down. I truly believe that are work is not born in the first draft, a book born in a rewrite. It's boring. me edit, it really become something really starts to seeing win. You re, working and cause. I know that I'm going to rework gap I allow myself to have that
the temp be crappy I I pay attention often to what other creators are artists do with their work. I think about comedians, I'm fascinated by comedians and the fact that a comedian who has like a stand up special magnetic x or each be our whatever. When you see that our what I ve learned, enlisting pod, cast and reading their books is that they started developing that our long sat two years before so to you before they started going to like a crappy, comedy club and trying out three jokes too, which bond and one got a chuckle and then, though, like work with that one joke. Ok, that got a chuckle. How can I get you know half the room to laugh? Ok, how can I keep playing with it and the whole room to laugh, and that is how they build a set. It takes them some a year some two years, it's a fascinating process, and I gets very similar at
for me as an author, that I really allow that first thing to just big garbage, because nobody's gonna, read it but me and my editor, and they know that gonna be garbage. So nobody surprised by this process. There is a total freedom. an letting yourself say whatever you want to say I fine that when I go back and do a reread thereof, months that I'm like so embarrassed that I wrote cause they just don't even make sense. There gobbledygook and then there are moments that pleasantly surprised by like oh, that's, a cool thought. Let me let me expand on that. Are let me you know, explain it: a different way and I'm really proud of that now get was buried. Underneath this crap, while of bad or false did and terrible grammar, but I would have never gotten that now get if I hadn't allowed myself to do this,
being first of a hand, allow myself to be bad Oh you know is watching a documentary. This is like this has nothing to do with writing, but everybody should go out just documentary on Netflix. The social dilemma it's so and so terrifying, especially if you have kids it's about the effects of social media, and how they have changed the culture and how they have changed. The way that children and teenagers respond to the world around them and the part that I found so fascinating. is beyond the hurt, like horrifying statistics of the increase of ad teenage girls who harm themselves teenage girls who commit suicide like those things have grown by over a hundred percent. Since two thousand eleven, which was invention of social media as we know it, but what
found so fascinating is that this generation, the one who grew up with social media who got on social media and middle school, is weigh less likely to take a risk. their way less likely to make new friends to ask someone out on a day to like. Social media, has made kids today more. were terrified than ever of failure, because they, Only seeing polish results. and, while I dont think that most of the people listening to this podcast are you know. Teenagers, though if you are on your hey, I do We think that often times as creators, we come up against the same kind of fear. We have this. attitude about our own creation as a fifteen year old, he's afraid of putting a picture on Instagram. We have this idea that, if it's not perfect, it doesn't deserve to exist,
we are looking at other peoples middle, and comparing it to our beginning. We are looking the authors, the creators, the artists, the comedians that we admire and it keeps us for even trying right maybe wanna, have a pod cast an listen other people's podcast and you're like me, and I don't sound like that or I don't know how to tell that way or my interview, question sock like dude: go back, since my first podcast they are so bad go back and read my first book like when we first start out doing these things. Of course, they're going to be terrible that is how you start your neck we're gonna get to a place where you can create something good and then something grade and then something awesome. If you don't first allow yourself to sack.
Obviously I get so pissed off about this, unlike why do you think you're, the one who just Was gonna get it the first time out like you write something and then you re reading your like this is so terrible, why do you think you're, the one who's gonna miss this key beginnings that is the price of admission. You want to get into the party you want to be an author. You want your we're, a hold your book in your hand, grey have to let yourself suck We have to let yourself suck with with what gets published cause your first book. Who is no way? No, where no, how compared to your tenth book, but are never gonna get your tens book. If you don't get to your first book and you're never gonna get your first book. If you won't allow yourself to have that crappy first draft, so just
write it down, and when you sit down at a computer, or fear and murder. She wrote and you're sitting down at a typewriter, you huh. After just right where I was again a conference years ago, and I was in a class with the nor Roberts and I feel it Even if you don't read women's fiction, You have to know who nor Robert says she sold a bug Gillian books. She been around for ever she like, in terms of making a career as an author she's, I would guess top ten and One raise their hand and they said but how do I finish like I? How do I get like? What's the secret, how you get that first how'd, you get the draft and she said you set your, but in the chair and you right. the words there is no secret there is no magic trick. There is no pill. There is no class. There is nothing.
But you and the slog- that's not nor Roberts Just me telling you guys Writing is a really hard thing because it, doesn't matter how much support you have it's just you and the screen, it's just you in the paper? It's just you and a blank page. It's you against you. You really are gonna have to cling to why you want it in order to keep going back to, crappy first draft that you're gonna write. I want to give you a little nugget someone gave me that I still use today and is really helpful and that is leave yourself, some bread crumbs. So every single time that I sit down for a writings session. I stop While I still know what I'm going to write so I'll, be in the middle of a paragraph, and I know what the rest of the paragraph is, and I will literally stop I'll leave. You know three cents,
says that I know exactly what I wanted to say. I will leave that for the next day, so I'm giving myself some bread crumbs to start fresh. The next because if Don't do that. What can happen- and maybe you ve experienced this where you sit down and Europe cited and you got your coffee, and these are my two hours to right and you sit down you staring into screen. You're like I have no, making idea. What put here, because you finished up all your thoughts the day before so always we yourself, some bread crumbs see you can very quickly and easily jump right back in. I used a square for the first time a year. Go where I was setting up a card table and said weighing my self publish books on it at book, signings and conferences,
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individual work preferences do each prefer a different time of day or different apps to work in cloud or desktop Do you email or slack, comment in dark or chat over zoom. Does this cause tension? Well, Dropbox has one single, place too easily organise and fine both traditional and cloud content, you can work across any app file or cloud and even create new docks, decks and spreading without ever meaning to leave dropbox get a thirty day free trial and learn how dropbox business can help your business at dropbox, dot com, slash teams at work never piece of advice from me to you. I have told this to so many first time, authors over the years- and I stand by this, and I think this is the wisest thing you will ever here for me. Don't
reread your draft down. Reread your draft. So when I start writing for the day I'll go back and I read wondered who paragraphs before, like sorry fresh myself what the framework thought was and then I keep going with my bread crumbs and I D re, read anything else until I get done with the first draft, so essential I write an entire first draft, having no idea what I have already written here as well, this matters. This is like a controversial thing, because lots of authors totally disagree, but here Why? Because as for years I you know, you have kids, I have a full time job. I have all these responsibilities in my life, so I would get up at five a m to write and I had an hour and a half, maybe two hours to write. Before the day started, and I, sit down and
I wouldn't really know it too right, and so I go back and re read, and what I would find is that I had like the most bomb first chapter, any ever had in a book, nothing more than that first chapter, so I kept based we editing the beginning of the book over and over and over, but I never made traction. That's why twenty manuscripts that were unfinished because I was never actually getting more words on the page. So I so hard core about this. That until I have my word count, I'm not allowed to re, read anything and mean. If you look at me as an offer. I just finished my tenth book Oh I didn't see that coming comes out September. Twenty ninth, that is the tenth look I've written my ninth book to come up publishing actually wrote. a book that was meant to come out this year and then inside of quarantine, and covered. I would just like. We have to have a conversation about
world that we're all living in cause. Nobody's Talking about how to manage crisis and Philip, I know a lot about crisis, so let me see if I can write something about this time period didn't see. That coming is something I wrote in quarantine and it comes out number twenty ninth and then that other, about health will come out in twenty twenty one, but I have written ten books I have written ten books in six years. Twenty fourteen yeah, so I mean that feels pretty poor- I think that feels like? I have managed to accomplish our getting a lot of books out in the world, I've written in multiple genres. Now I've written fiction, I've, written cookbooks, I've, written Nonfiction unreal the excited to keep exploring what I can do and as long as I'm alive on this earth, I'm gonna keep writing books, but you
You're never gonna have anything out there. If you can't get something finished, I can't I can't encourage you enough, to really ask yourself if you're seeing the kind traction that you want to be seeing on your manuscript. if you're, not, then I really really really really want to ask you to consider this idea that you stop allowing yourself to reread until you get your first draft done enough, the thing that I tell people- and this also gets push back- is I dont believe in letting in me buddy Reed. Your manuscripts until you have a first draft period. Because what happens is you want two things number one you are struggling to finish, and so you want some one else to validate your work. You don't we you think of it like that, but you're, like all I'm going to let my sister imma, let my best friend I'm going to let my wife read this thing
and then they're gonna tell me that its good and if they tell me that it's good that'll give me the momentum to keep going. right you're like excited about it and you're like hey. Can I send you? You know the first three chapters cause? That's all you have when really like it, if you can't finish this thing without somebody else validating you for it, you never gonna finish straight up like, if you need them to tell you that it's good in order for you, to have the courage to keep going you screwed, because Let's go get it both ways, maybe they tell you. Oh my gosh is so good. This is so amazing. I promise you that will not give you the momentum that you need to keep going. You stalled out there second that you needed their feedback in order to drive yourself forward so either they tell you it's good, you can be the cow right cool, I'm so glad they like it it's not gonna, keep you going what's going on
yup you going is the willpower and the determination, no matter y know Have they love it? No matter if they hated, and so, if you send it, out into the world. If you let someone read it when it's not finished you setting yourself up to what, if I don't like it what do you like I'll get it now you're doubly discouraged Now someone has spoken in to be exact, fear that you had about this creation that didn't make sense that someone else done something like that feels weird or whatever they tell you. It's gone to justify use stopping and for most people It's gonna justify you quitting most people will allow friends and family and people who love them too. speak into the exact fear that they have about their dream or their goal, and it will stop them dead in their tracks. So
I don't let anybody read it. The first thing that I worry about cuz, I'm just going to be one more reason why you should not let anyone read it until it's fully baked is. Someone else my give you an opinion. My comment on something positive or negative: that change what you are creating an. I hate that for you does- it will change the content it change the creative think there is a fiction book which I still I'm gonna find some way to right there. I just for those of you who want to write fiction, you know we get these characters in our heads and they just don't go away right. I feel like the only way you can sort of put a character to rest is to tell their story. for me? I have a whole group of fiction characters that are swirling around in my mind and they keep tap him on the shoulder and some day I'll have the opportunity to bring them to life, but the ideas that I still love I was writing on an
told Dave the idea and this nothing against Dave. It's like my fault for telling em and he was like. Oh that's it's a lot like the x men and I vaguely know what the ex manner, because I really like you, Jack men and I know, he's the one that has like that: the knives coming out of his knuckles, but I've never seen the Ex man. I don't know like their superheroes or some. I dont know what they are, but it freaked me so bad that he said it was like something that I stopped, working on it because, like oh, no, it already exists or like oh no, it's like I'm creating something. That's like something else and my idea was my idea and when he said that from a place of love like you just was giving me. I was like hey. What do you think and that this feedback that I asked for it, acted the way that I was approaching it and I think
until you have a first draft Egon really look at and go oh no. This is what it is and further to this first draft- is nothing like the x men But I will never know what that adoration would have banned, because I stopped because I had his feedback so for what that's worth, I hope that I have said enough to keep you from anybody critique your work. I also really believe I talked about this in my book girls. apologizing, which is all about how to achieve a goal, and you can grab that, get that at a library, but it's all about how, whatever your goal as here's, how you Chiba here's a break it in parts, here's how you do it the things that I really love for riders, to create an environment that you can reproduce at any time anywhere you ago, I probably after grow. Wash your face
Then everybody wanted asked me about writing. I had an acquaintance who was like hey. I want to get your advice, I'm going to write a book, I'm really excited and I was like yeah cool. Let's chat it up and like thinking that I was gonna, give him ideas like this, and I started How come through, hey here's, how I do yours, but I suggest, needs like known and unknown now I went you tell me how to create a writers room, and I was like a what and he's like you know like an office in my house. That is like perfectly aesthetically. I deal for writing like what do I need? Where do I get the desk who's? The designer? How do I create the perfect lakes, I the perfect place so that I can write. I was like, oh no, you re a place. You just your computer, and you start writing and in our time and then your word count whatever is ignored and internal. I
I have to have her. I need a space. I need a look. It's like a vibe. I need the energy I have kids. I want to be able to get away from them. What do you say? as for my writers, room- and I was like oh my and I am not the person to talk to you about this because I believe that if you need a certain environment to create your screwed the rise at is finally here
I wanted to create something that would encourage you every single day that you can grab your phone and do a work out with me or hear some inspiration order, gratitude practice. So I called up some of my best friends and we have spent the last couple of years, yes years, creating something that we felt like was missing in the marketplace, something that saw health and fitness. Not as an ideal way to look but an ideal way to feel so, we have created in studio, workout, inspirational hikes, wits, Trent, Shelton and running or walking on treadmill with me. You can do out with Chris Chandler in studio, you can do a gratitude practice. You can do a ground to walk with Stacy flowers. You guys, I think, you're gonna love it
you progress to a challenge, check things off one at a time and get encouraged by some of your favorite inspirational teachers. You can grab the rise app on Android or Iphone, and I hope you'll try out the seventh day free trial, please check and on social, and let me know what you think and you and me let's get moving now. Let me back it up. I suppose that there are people who you know say, hypothetically, you have a trust fund. You don't have to work, you don't have any responsibilities, you have no children and you don't pay your own bills. Nothing is expected of you, but your creation. Therefore, yes, you can create an environment that you used to tap into your creative genius, but most of them people. I know are trying to fit in their passion. There try if it in their painting there for TAT
feed their writing their podcasting they're, trying to fit in their dreams into the responsibilities that they already have in their life and if look, Would its lovely. If you have a space in your house, that you can carve out to write and that's awesome, I'm just saying I attach the creation too, occasion. I love when things rhyme, don't attached? The creation too a location attack, the creation to a series of habits in yourself that you can recreate no matter where you are For me, this used to look like a shot of us, breast, so a certain kind of gum, and then I would put in my air pods and I would play the same song on RP in the background over and over and over, I listen to a lot of Kendrick Lamar. There's something about hit like his beads in the background on low that I I We could get into a flow and it would help me to write some people need total silence. Some people,
on green t. Some people have fuzzy slippers. It doesn't matter what it is, but I think it important that it's something that's portable cause. I can- we create the espresso gum situation on an airplane. I can read that at a hotel, I can recreate that on. Occasion at my house at my office, no matter where I am that's something I can easily recreate so give yourself a routine like something that signals to your brain. Oh it's time to write You know when I used to give people advice about this years ago. I don't think I had learned this peace yet, but I won T talk about it because I feel like So much of my life and my work now is about health, emotional and Physical and mental health, and I do think earlier my career as a writer, I really abused all of those in myself. In order to create. I think I thought that I had to be in a place of emotional distress.
My art and I was talking to a therapists- probably five years ago and she was like. Have you ever tried to create from a place of celebration? Have you ever tried to create from of love. Have you ever tried to make writing positive, for you instead of negative cause. I would I would give myself crazy anxiety. I would, I would like feel Vertigo like I would be so hard on myself. I also was calm pounding those feelings I didn't understand at the time, but I was Salute Lee coping. like reaching for really negative habits to cope like I would make my false self feel so crap be about what I was writing that then I wanted to go. Have a burrito o the size of my arm or I wanted to like. I'm gonna go drink wine and vodka, like that. I would reward myself with like
terrible things for my body as sort of like penance or this sort of like reward for me, it through a word count day and then, in the wake up tomorrow, a jack myself up on caffeine and I'm gonna go again, and it would just be this like awful cycle and having gotten a hold of my health and really learned so such a bow. Just taking better care myself drinking water. You know eating foods that bless my body, not abusing myself with loads of caffeine and all of that stuff. I honestly, I know you guys, don't roll your eyes is his not I'm not a broken record. I know I've been talking to you about it so much, but it's because I believe in it I have so much energy. I have some. better mental focus, because I don't abuse my health. When I write, I mean abuse my health ever but
because I've learned how important it is to be, healthy so that I can and create, like my focus, is while like, for instance, if I'm writing a book right now, I'm super clean, so like I'm in have protein or men have greens, I'm an have fruit like I'm in each so crazy, crazy, clean because. I can tell how much better I can focus when I'm doing those things, he's my as I have fish. I do I'm here for anything that is going to me think, with better clarity I write so much faster. My first draft is so much cleaner and so much better prepared than by can the day when I would have liked he's Berger and french fries and a milkshake for lunch, and then wonder why was too exhausted to finish off the day, so
something I didn't know back then, but I really understand now, is how you take care of your body absolutely determines your energy level and how clarity, you have, as you right here right one last thing, and that is you have to you- have to make the time you have to make. time. There is never going to be a magic like, all of a sudden. All of your responsibilities go away or, oh, you know what on the holiday break, I'm going or o on maybe kick no If you want this thing, you have got to fit it into your very real life. Life not slowing down life is not getting easier. It's not going to be easier to pursue this, creation Sunday it. Something that you have to suck it up and fight and away right now.
And I know it's hard. I freaking no cause here's the bad news, ten books in not one of them got easier to write It's not like your first book is hard and in the rest or a piece of cake they are all hard all our slog, they all feel impossible. We all that our work is garbage, no matter how many books you ve written like it? Just is for real, so if you are waiting for a magic. The situation to make this easier. You're out of luck, it's not going to be. there is then a trick If it was easy, everyone would have a book if you want a book, if you want a screen play, if you want to have those words, then going to have to do the work, that's it
I can give you my advice. I can tell you how to combat it. I can tell you to house in green juice and some salmon to make you think better, but it end of the day. This is U against you and it's like our dreams go away. Just because we stop working on them right this idea that you have the unwritten book the unfair screen play the unpaid. he's pod cas, like those aren't gonna, go away, they're gonna, haunt you right. Nobody talks about this, Our dreams don't die just because we stop focusing on than they still there still in our heart, there's still tapping on her shoulder going like hey, let's play have some fun. Let's try. This That's remember what it was like to be a little kid where we created just for the hell they look.
if you want to write a book right now, because you are hoping that it's gonna make you rich. You yeah. Definitely don't write that book. Want to create the podcast right. The scream player do Art or take pictures, because you think it's gonna make you famous. Hastened down the wrongful I think, we create, because as we have the ability to do so? I think that our creator gave us this potential gave us. The idea gave us that little buzz and our heart that little fire in our belly that tells that we are, we can create something more. I think that You create an idiot. A gift, and it is privilege to create and you are wasting the privilege of creation, because you're worried that other people won't like it. I'm keep riding I'm gonna keep in content out there and there's some stuff that I've written, that people have loved and there's lots
the things that I've written that people have hated, but I not creating for them I'm creating because something in spirit. Compels me. to put words down on paper, and as long as I am able to do so, I am going keep showing up in this way and I would hate for you to get to the end of your life and look back on. It I know that you miss the opportunity to create your thing because you are worried about how it would be received, write it down record the podcast paint. The painting take the picture, may the movie right. The song see put the video on Youtube whatever it is that you have been dreaming of doing. I hope they will find the courage to be yourself.
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