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175: Hacking Your Health with Dave Asprey


Bulletproof's own Dave Asprey is here to share some of his hard-earned wisdom about what we put into our bodies for fuel and wellness. You know I'm a fan of any self-made entrepreneur, and Dave has taken his obsession with his health and turned it into tangible action for all of us. During this conversation II guarantee you'll learn something new, as I did with almonds??? Who knew!

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about all the newest teams, features at Microsoft, DOT, com, slash teams. amount of time that I spend studying how the body works, how the brain works? How I can be more focus, how I can have more clarity, like its half of the things I read in a given weak and its new surprise that, in all of my study, I have come across books and articles from today's gas, many many times Dave Aspirin is considered the father of Bio hacking. He's worked with world renowned doctors, researchers, scientists and global mavericks to uncover the latest most innovative methods, techniques and products for enhancing mental. And physical performance, we talked about health and mental clarity and brain fog and what to eat and when to eat it. We talked about all the things
if you are not familiar with the title, father bio hacking you mean no Dave better as the inventor of bullet proof coffee. You know that coffee they put butter in many blended up then drink it huh. That guy listen to my conversation today with Dave asked hi I'm Rachel Hollis- and this is my podcast- I spend so many hours of every single week reading and listened podcast and watching Youtube videos and trying to find out as much as I can about the world around me and that's What we do on their shall we talk about everything life and how to be an entrepreneur? What happened dinosaurs? What's the best recipe for fried chicken? What's the best plan for intermittent fasting? What's going on with our inner child house, there p working out for you, whatever it is, my guess or into I want to unpack it so that we can all understand these.
Our conversations. This is information for the curious. This is Rachel, Hollis Podcast. I feel really excited for many reasons why I wanna just talk to you and be friends in real life and ask you ten thousand questions. and two because I actually have something real in my life that all week long I've been like. Who do? I know who could answer this for my uncle, who do I I've done the research, I'm watching Youtube videos. I can't find the answer and Today I was like oh my god, you're gonna talk to Dave and you can ask this question so selfishly. I would like to begin with what I'm wondering right now that you may or may not have an answer to what, if you like you, will I Have been training more than I ever have in my life span,
straining long distance running horseback. Writing. I doing this, because I am going through divorce and that feels like a better choice than vodka, which an old coping mechanism of mind, so I should have gone to physical movement as this thing that I choose for stress, relief, verses, something else. for the first time in my life, I feel like I'm feeling a lot more like I'm just not recovering, and I also don't know what supposed to be doing to recover, because I've never trained like this before. and I a lot of Youtube videos, but I'm very confused because it feels like a bunch body builders and I dont know the answer- is food, is it a supplement? Is it rest? Is it what do you know? They are there, because we can also give this question. Ok, let me tell you a little story that you might have pleased and one of my books or something
I used to wait three hundred pounds. I way about, or maybe two hundred turn ten pounds- oh my god now and along the way. I said: I'm gonna lose this wait, it's the most important thing ever. I don't! Wanna have another need surgery, because I'm too heavy to move around effectively so worked out six days a week, an hour and a half a day, half waits half cardio, and I did this for eighteen months straight on a low fallow, color diet. Now at the end Earl Item, forty six inch waste the same as I did before. I'm a thirty three inch now. what did I gained during the time? I could max out all but two of the machines at the gem, my sleep. and good my testosterone, even though at sea I measured by the year two waiter was lower than my mom's testosterone I know where she had her data from the same doctor problem and I
I was getting sick all the time before I started working out that didn't get any better. I've just get scientist infections all the time. And I learned that over training, is a thing, and I fast forward through the work I've done with bulletproof and I've coached women and men Oftentime very senior executives. People are doing big things in the world and its almost give if you're gonna go start accompany and you're gonna make it big. also going to run the Conan Iron mantra on and you're gonna work out for an hour now, lighted, Japan, we forgot there, I know, but you can do something, that's bad for your sleep in your security and rhythm, and I in just stop someone there and if it's a woman it usually hits a woman first and after or even if their say, I'm gonna go Kido raincoat down. I did that to and they burn myself out that way you can yep indicative citizens, very good for you and that's what my first book is about, how to do that in an effective way, and
my second, but my first book was on pregnancy, infertility, but the thing it's happening now, especially long distant running, which is really rough, is that it can affect. Your quarters all levels and that can affect the rest in your hormones. So when someone says aren't I many use exercise as a coping mechanism. You get an opiate rush from that, but then you gotta recover more and sometimes recovering more means exercising every other day. in the research on minimal, effective dose of exercise says that if you want your mitochondria these power plants in yourselves to be effective and to grow in twenty minutes of moving everyday there's going for a walk. and then one twice a week, you need to do something that makes you want to cry or throw up and do it for fifteen minutes now, that's not your action for you, because you want more than that, but that's the low end
the high end, where it starts not being good for you metallic. You might be hitting it said. The first thing you want to do it's no window exercise, so for me, After years of just intuitive Agnes, I became very quantitative, and for almost fifteen years I've wondered nicely body, Now I use a ring, it's called the Oura and disclosure not trying to sell it. I am an investor in the company because I was t of a competitor to them that we sold rounded millions. I noticed spatially well the reason like this Rachel's I wake up in the morning, and it gives me a readiness score. That's based on how my heart beats not how fast it beats, but little little variations in it. Does strong signal to say today is a day to go hard or today is a day to go to yoga. You can still exercise right, but if you know I'm strong today, then you push If you know today's a recovery day, then you do the rest full types of recovery in this too,
When I started a company called upgrade labs, which is meant to almost replace gems, although you can still go work over you want, but to recover faster than you're supposed to, and we ve got things like cry of therapy in red light there and stuff like that, because for me to run not I mean you you're. One of the few people understands what it's like a guy over two hundred million downloads on my part cast, and it's your top hundred an I write books so that the same schedules you do when you know how rare draining computer just get all that out of you. In other words right up- and I am also ceo of multiple companies in- and I was the of bulletproof for a long time before higher- to see you and that's a giant company Belize by my standards. Now, let's zeros aunt revenues. So I is over training, my brain and then I say, I'm gonna go exercise and I just realized look some days. I don't have it and it's ok in such an act of kindness to say today, even though
Part of me once exercising go hard because gonna, let that stress out. I know but if I do that, it's actually going to take away from my my mental state in for my happiness day- and I definitely have I'm very grateful with myself like there are days that I go out to the garage gym and I I'm going to stretch for thirty minutes or I'm in a dance to beyond, like I'm, do something very it is really important to me. It's a huge part of my routine to move like you said every day, but it doesn't always have to be something intense, but I you feel like it's just The first time in my life, I would say in the last six weeks where I was like. You know what I I gave myself a personal challenge, so this is probably part of it too is I gave myself a personal challenge of I'm going to eat insanely clean. No be ass. Like super clean
and I'm going to be really thoughtful about? What are the body parts and I'm working out how like I just wanted to be, instead of just kind of going out there in kind of like doing whenever I wanted to be really focused and I can tell such a difference in my energy. I can tell such a difference in my body, but I also a mixed bag, in saying this like, inflammation or what I m like? Will? What would I don't know what to do? I don't wanna, take I'd here's what probably going on taught me about I think I'm in a doctor's a point that I love hacking, especially for the way you I just I love this conversation, so thanks for letting me help when you so eating clean. What are you doing for carbohydrates, So I have sweet potatoes. It's kind of my go to our two, the nutritionist last year and the option I tend to focus only on whole foods. So
the option for carbs was like you could have a sweet potato, you could have a plane baked potato regular. You could have rice, but I really exley potatoes. That's that's me Am I basically I'm having here we go. Here's my diet. I do bulletproof coffee in the morning and we watch out because that yeah Gaza to intimate fasting and then I have a smoothie- that's, however, my fast. and then I as much hail and spanish spinach almond milk, hemp, cow nerves, because I recently heard that was good for brain power of do anything that anger makes you think better natural almond butter and then college and protein powder. I a theoretical and be amiss movie. Ok, yes, my God,
these find some loopholes necessary on the chapter. One in the bullet. Proof diet. Ok, I needed cocaine, read them, but I read your books are out of use your brain that will make us a Europe headstrong. You might you exactly? Should you should check out the boat for tat? It was the first book to talk about these four classes of plant toxins, your mom and a dad. We would do anything to protect our babies. While we have brains and arms and legs plants down So they generally cover their babies in chemicals to discourage us from eating them Every single thing, you're putting in your movie, contains one of the four classes of plant toxins, one he's got elections, and in the last few years I'm doctor countries done a lot of publicizing of worked in problem. And you don't have that many elections and my reading, but the second one which I actually I talked about on the airlines. It really say omens, yo, I am games, elements, I'm sorry bombing
I literally, if have my diet, part of going on in Spanish is the worst except for calles spanish and Hale are very high in something called oxalic acid. God or planning, is merely as a source of oxalates and could I was actually come. A superhero you're gonna clean up my diet, I'm about to become a super here. I run disparity. Ok, it's funny, like my head of training at forty years is then just went through this into the community clean yeah. I'm going to really work on this and so she'd been doing a bunch of raw spinach in hers, movies and some Yang. my joints, all started hurting. I don't understand what goes on you're getting too much. Oxalic acid. So did the Spanish. Hale came, spanish are really especially raw. Don't do that, yeah, you're grandma. We cream spinach, Ray reason she would do. Then we will all do. That is that when you put milk which has calcium into you,
in the calcium binds to this toxin and prevents it from causing the same types of problem. So we knew this. Otherwise, like a spanish side, was the dumbest thing ever when first invented and no one had been around for fifty years- would touch. It is only now young people like I know, dude, it's trendy, so you can clean up a little bit. You just maybe have some almonds, but just go down a little bit and if you were to take a little bit of baking soda when you eat but how soon? But it would be better. that will bind to those toxins. You can do it outside the body inside the body and that'll help to minimize this literally three days of just kind of beaten. One it's inside of some moments, thou be ok, I'm allergic to one let socks using, I know there is no good for your brain choice and macadamia. There also good. hey. All
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in Germany we have my diary. Gonna have to just to stop all immensity. I wanted you to manner but stop omens for a week and just see what happens, almonds and spend a cow has some in it, and if the council really good, but when I try to do when there's some empty break, a fast with a handful of accounts and wait. Twenty minutes If your joint heard your itchy or your brain gets foggy, you have a cow, that's not that clean origin working it's either. I really good or cows, a major source of mould. Toxins which are the other the other one of those four categories of mother nature, toxins and It's hard when you have that stuff food. It happens either in the field or during storage, but chocolate, coffee wine. Beer and grains are the high? as the risk ones and now you're gonna
me for saying this by the way I love sweet potatoes. I, when I arrived I way over oxalic acid. It myself see bananas are also highlights our gas it so hang it! I do remember. Reading your book- and I was like deal- gave one of those documents we potatoes for most people deserve grace wars and carbs, but if you're doing hands of all of these together, what you ve done is you ride up this one category of plant defence systems so you're getting so many of those other do others plants, and could you not you may babies Could he finds me right right what, oh, so in what, if you're making a smoothly? What would you put in it I too have something creamy as the base of this movie, so you can use cocoanut milk. and this will sound crazy, but it's really good. So ice cream is egg, yolks and cream and sugar if you take us moving in taken eg, you wash the egg first in case there is the one in forty five thousand chance that there's someone on the outside toss.
The right and put two eggs in your movie. and your brain will explode with goodness, because there are foster lipids in those eggs. Your hormones or get healthier your skin will glow your hair will glow and you won't tasted it just creamy. You gave him for that and key If you want to you'd splendid in because away, your boy my mind right now These are the things as it even more important for women, because when we eat fats especially undamaged fast, like you'd, find enough in a soft cooked or an uncooked egg yoke and you eat even the things are getting an almond butter what you're gonna get for a little while that's not heavily roasted you end up doing? It is you're telling your body here some building blocks that are not damaged by processing, When you can get those oil, then it changes things and women's hormones fluctuate, as we all know, so. Your ability to make hormones on a consistent basis as you need them is different than a man's. So I feel
the ratio of the types of stable and just helpful fats is more important for women than for men, but from both genders. If we have Oh, but not enough, saturated fat and a whole bunch of damage fat, and oxalic acid or elections are things like that over time. We feel in our joints. We feel it in a little bit of like brain fog and tiredness wow, but if this is I literally ass myself this last ago, This was all because of almonds. Rachel amounts I well. I just give up cause item healthy, I had to the rational our my almonds as well. I used to live off almonds. It was a big thing, especially when as a raw begin, but even before that woman's healthy, I found was very very moderate amounts of those things and by minimizing the ox allocated my diet. I saved that for things like chocolate quarters
I'd really like to Uclaf, so rare and irrational- and I don't live without constant joint pay- knows a major part of my life. When I was younger, You said something that I feel like. It's such a cool thing. To learn you king about facts that had been damaged. Can you explain how a fat gets damaged and if its damage, how that affects your body versus something that sort of like clean and ready to go ok! So when you take food, I'm even say advocate, has more likely, corn or soil or canola, which is also knows rape seed, which is what clause marking Canada oil. They those together, are things: were you couldn't really either much corn oil? You can eat a piece of corn on the or some popcorn and the corners negligible, but when you take it and you basically crush it, squeezed the oil out and then pour industrial solvents through it heat it,
get the it. You get something that looks like the whale the grocery store, but when you eat it, it's entirely, unlike the oils that your body is made out of and when you feel animals that corn in soil. Very fat becomes like it's made out of corn and saw him we have the same problems out fat cells are, posed to be about forty five percent. Saturated fat, They should be on damage These are mega six oils and then In a little bit of these fishes and was happened in the: U S, especially we have so much of his crappy seed oil that are heavily damage, and then you fry them with heat, air any reuse them at restaurants and things like that, what you end up with is so membranes that are so unstable that they get inflammation very quickly. there's a reason we're having such a problem with covered in the? U S right now and it's because for a lot. the ratio of these damaged omega six C Doyle's.
To the omega three oils is forty to one another, Healthy ratio if want to live a long time, is for two one. Wow. So the deal is you can have a raw piece of avocado, but don't deprive avocado, don't eat anything deprived and if you just did those two things, stop the defraying and which to Grass FED meet whenever you can, because the fat in that is natural fad. That's undamaged, that's made of the good stuff, and that's it If you take It- and you say: oh, this is grass FED, but I'm going to deep fry it I'm going to charge it I'm going to cook it at five hundred degrees for a while still damaging and so gently cooked hamburgers gently, cooked fed ribs. There can be any cut you like that for me, people, especially if they ve been v and like I was the first I need that the rate you know the feeling when your brain works.
union a food high, but not like a misty schreyer, coffee food. I write, but just like on my guard, like I got what I needed ray aggressive rabbi will do that for you in the most miraculous way in since you're working out a lot. I think, probably need more protein. So can- and I do yeah for sure how I got so excited to talk to you that I feel this is a very delayed thing. I'll do really good intro for you, but how did you come by this knowledge? We used to tell this story a little bit because I feel like it we're not doing the same thing at all, but it's a similar way that we work in that you are the guinea. when you are that the you started with yourself and you teaching what you learned over the course of your life in trying to to understand your body This was hard earned knowledge. I was obese as a kid. I was diagnosed with arthritis when I was fourteen years old and my knees.
By the time I was my? Maybe twenty side had three hundred pounds. I was diagnosed with chronic fatigue. Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, all kinds of things I tried every day it out there and I said his great I can lose fifty pounds on Kido out today, people calculation, but really dirty Keto or just eat anything. That's not a carbon you'll be fine, and called the Atkins Diet, way back in the day, the properly ass, the other DE pounds took me ten years to lose and everyone who goes on Kido and doesn't monitor the type of fat and the type of protein there eating ends up, in place of inflammation where they ve lost a bunch of way. They know it works. keep doing it more, but they never lose the other fifty pounds then maybe they do what I did. Oh I'll just be a vision or I'll be arrive again. and then it works really well for six weeks and then the ox Alec ass. It starts to build up. Then the nutrient deficiencies start to build up and then all of a sudden you equate, but my hormones aren't working right and
You say, but I know I felt so good on it I'll. Do it even more and you keep doubling down on something that you know works except it stopped working so for me, it was navigating those and then sitting down, thank God When I was in my mid twenties, I went an anti aging nonprofit research group. Every one in the room is seventy plus and there's enough that twenty six tonnes of near me and these people are getting younger and they had so much. Knowledge and wisdom is like hang out with the elders, and one of the board. Members was eighty eight years old and he had more energy than I did my house, possible as names MIKE and they every month near Stanford, university we'd have an expert come in and talk and all the sudden. I is everything that it was doing that I thought would work was not based on any real science and I was getting to know the experts and I learned how to interview them and I started reading all the papers and I sat down when my doctor told me, vitamin c would kill me
little, he said you have to stop you three grams of vitamin c a day. It could kill you and I and to settle what about Linus Pauling This is the guy who won two Nobel prizes took ninety grams of vitamin c a day and he didn't know he was a man with doctors and he's doing. I got pissed off your young angry engineer, computer hacker guy and for years. I spent as much money as I wanted to, because I was that accompany the committee held Google's. First servers. I've made six million dollars. Now is twenty six lost him? twenty eight. By the way you talk about stress the that I like all, spend everything I have in order to feel good again, and I spent three hundred thousand dollars, get him health back and I spent since then another? Only seven hundred thousand dollars on just realising can't believe my brain can do this on their open to neuroscience company that combines that personal development thing with hard nor electrodes on the head, showing you what's going on in there, and I became
expert in cognitive enhancement and smart drugs and Alex. I just wondered if I weren't I feel like. I see no need to think. There is a feeling if you're in a car- and you accelerator all the way to the floor and the card keep slowing down you going. can push any harder like I'm pushing as hard as I can there's nothing else to do, and you feel it's going to sense of panic going to hit me from behind. Like I don't know what to do, I was there that sense of desperation I don't ever want to feel like. I didn't have enough energy to handle what life brings my way. So I built this out, and I wrote my blog I was a vp at a big silicon valley. Company publicly trader had stock options, and am I I was called the bulletproof executive when I started and I literally said five People are going to read this and if they do that and can avoid what I went through. I will have done such an act of service that it
totally worth it and I didn't build a list. I didn't do anything you're supposed to do. I just shared it. Structured it put all that I learned is that as a teacher, the universe in California in my career intact. Just to me get accessible as if someone I just told me that no sixteen the amount of free energy that I would have had to do anything That's where I came from was just suffering in trying everything in meeting the experts, interviewing them, and now I've sometime this coming, I think across a thousand episodes of hope of radio. I've got to full years of audio and six books, just studying this because no one puts the emperor together in a way that who can do unless you ve studied? Do I haven't frankly, I would rather just read a couple books and gone about doing something else that the right where I came from. Four kids, it's never easy to find the right gift.
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there's so much frustration and there's so much pain and confusion inside of health and if industry, because people don't know what to do or even you, don't thinking of of the ah some opportunity to get to have this conversation with you and you goin hate. Try these three things is really easy, eliminate. This see how you feel eliminate that see. How, like that's direction for me, but I also em coming from a place where I am credibly healthy? I feel good but I know what it feels like to be fifty pounds over way and have no clue.
Where to star and then try try your hardest. Do it. You think you're supposed to do and seeing no results and feel so frustrated and so defeated, and you don't think it's because you don't have the answers. You think it's because you're an idiot use green Kherson or a failed. I do like my heart. I can't write yeah. Why don't? I try harder or, like my sister can you know her body looks so great and I dont know what to do like there's so much wrapped up in this there's so much, I'm sure there's like some term but like confused, food confusion about what is good and even their attack His truthfully, where I try, instead of take that deep dive where I want to learn, understand how plants are killing us all and like all you know where I am, but I get I get overwhelmed and I'm like. I don't know you know what I'm supposed to do. I'm curious, how you keep moving forward in an industry that holds that for
a better description is such a trigger for so many people riddle hundreds of things that really stands out last year I was in men's health magazine and they it wasn't just like in. It is an eight page, spreader some model pages anyway, and they showed to do that. The shoot and If you're gonna have your shirt off an immense magazine, there's a recipe for that and it involves taking I red, x and fasting for a couple days, Engel Hygiene in red jacket. I didn't do that and I'm not gonna take measured off cause, I'm not the shirt off kind of guy. There's lots yeah you that I'm the gap with your terms as I'm almost muscular and the great that's the people came out to me. That was an awesome commented. Am I think it was meant to be an egg, but now I'm on that and Anyhow, they like I, will take your shirt off
in your crowded around, like I'm, not gonna. Do this very stupid and dark now just try it. You know if you don't like we have to get so. I took my shirt off in their own. I have apps, ok they're just grow. Naturally I don't aim for adds. But you look closely. You can see my stretch marks and then tells magazine on the side of my abs and those are kind of like battle scars for why I do what I do and I still have people say, Dave you're such a liar. You didn't weigh three hundred pounds. Screw you and certain. I did way through new pounds, yeah right and you get these haters like you're lying when you're testing, that your diet and you ate forty five hundred calories a day and still less weight. That's not possible, therefore did happen and that those words I said, that's not possible. Therefore it isn't that's a story. We tell our I'll and science right it. You have to eat a certain way have to eat loaf. I have to do the things or it can't work. Well, I did what supposed to work, and I stayed fat
that rang out in our half a day six days a week for eighteen months and still weighing three hundred pounds that the thing is it you think I was a bad person it made me think I was a moral failure that I was eating too much lettuce and absurd, Carl's caused junior? My friends are eating double western bacon cheeseburgers and I'm having the chicken salad with no dressing and no chicken in its cause. I mean too much. Let us right so eventually. I ran into that and I just in one others through under the same thing in I'd up in all rachel- and this is probably more true for women than for men. If you just look at the data is theirs. A component of loneliness and eating. For me, I was afraid I know I was afraid, but I was afraid of being alone, and I knew that if I didn't eat six meals a day, I'd go into starvation mode and I get fatter cuz. Someone told me that and I believe the story so part of my path. Is whence
into the desert with a showman. She dropped me off in a cave, outside Sedona no one's around for ten miles and I've got no food, and I fasted for four days in a cave, so I could face loneliness and hunger. And see that I wouldn't die and I wrote a book called fast. This way it's just coming out fast. This way not come and eat the whole book is narrated. If this is what it's like, to decide to walk out in the desert, this is the emotional side of it. This is what happens when you don't need, what I have learned of over ten years of of putting intermittent fasting on the map. As a part of my work, I mean you, you do at key mention you doing. Bulletproof coffee, Norman Fasting there are haters- is that you can't drink coffee has found it and still be fasting make. While the evidence in the people vote, two million pounds on a diet might disagree with you right. What in the happening is you can
hey I'm going to fast, because it'll make me live longer and I'm going to do it with zero pain, because I use a little bit of fat or a little bit of a certain kind of prebiotic fiber. These are the hacks in the book to take away the pain if you're a busy, mom or busy dad you know, maybe you didn't want to feel the full the full weight of your fast, but you wanted to feel good, and then maybe you wait till the weaken and you do what I call a spiritual fast and the book which is weren't you and I'm gonna, just like feel the fear that in my body, news flash evil I've known you for sixty days, you'd feel like you're gonna die, that's real and it's all right. I wanted to unpack here's how to do a mindfulness fast. And here's how to do a daily practice, the doesn't cost you anything and gives you more than you put into it and then that's what I learned over the last ten years a fasting, but it started in a cave, so I could face that. It's ok! To be alone. It's ok to not have any food you're not gonna die, even though you think you will write
interesting is that I heard about interment interesting for ever and I was like I'm not being not interested just why down whatever wool it's because in my head I thought. Oh, this thing exists out. People lose way, and that's not that wasn't my aim. And then I read something that was like a bow: your ability, like that it who help with mental fog and that you could think better and whenever- and I was like- oh, why for sure I'm gonna try that then, because, like I told you all, I want in the world, are the hacks too, like have a better brighter, more energy in my thought process? During the day- and blew my mind like fully blew my mind. How fast I felt a difference again, this idea for so many people actually hesitate. I haven't really talked about fasting publicly, because
I worry with my audience that they're gonna hear it as like. Oh this is my hack to go, lose weight, that's not my intention behind it, but thank you. Everyone, listening speaking a former, very heavy person for a lot of my life, I'm who doesn't diet, I steep foods they make me feel good. Doesn't way myself on a regular basis because I dont need to. I can tell you I'm ten point: whenever percent body fat because I have all the high tech guided that do that. But I don't have it all the time, because I know that you feel a certain way. You for energy and to feel good and you ignored the scale and the fat will fall off. And you can do it a few pounds a week into one pound a week. But if you do specifically to cause yourself to lose weight off always what happen and there's a pathway there's a good to hunger hormones once called growling and once called the c c Kay
and see. K makes if your full and grow and makes you feel ravenous, and when you lose weight, the way most of us have learned to do, which is by eating lesson exercising more waste. ends happening. Is your body still has the hunger levels of when your fat You will eventually return to that end. Then some so I didn't really was a hundred pounds. I lie probably two or three inner bounce, because you lose twenty five gain. Thirty five was thirty. Five gain forty five and forty five gainful. I have yoyo everyone whose last meaningful amounts await has experienced this. But mute off all that stuff out, as they emanate have a lot of energy and you get enough of the right kind of fats in there all the sudden, although no power that we use it it doesn't it not supposed to be about willpower. If the hunger is Ireland off, because you tweet those two hormones by eating the right stuff at the right time, what you're doing with your practice Rachel and I love
that you're using bulletproof coffee knock as I started the company, you won't you now. I think you do or don't bring bulletproof right. Ok, it's for women in particular skipping break every day without any energy? Ten to be really stressful. If you do it all the time so I advise women in fast. This way, the whole chapter on fasting for women Maybe you wanted just have a morning. Were you doing interment passing every other morning, and that might be just enough for you, but that time when your body says I have no sugar. I have no protein. Even I can use all those systems to repair myself and I thinking and I'm not Can any of this ox Alec acid, or of corn serb artificial whatever's that are messing with you? It's time of regeneration and energy, not a time of lack time of hunger and cravings, and I the first time someone told me to give a meal I was like. Are you kidding I remembered varied,
distinctly in Silicon Valley. I was sometimes end a meeting at eleven forty five hundred, I can't focused anymore. I just need to go, eat need risk and in the meeting and we'll go to the cafeteria, because if I don't eat now, I'm the one of you water, because I felt like who's gonna die at, wasn't Oh, but I was having energy crash cause. I didn't know how to eat. In this year of how much time at home our houses have become something new, it's not just where you sleep or eat dinner. It's also. Work where your kids go to school and maybe, if your creative, it's your vacation spot to, if your business owner or people manager home my also be where you do your hiring. That's where zipper cruder comes in zipper, cruder makes hiring faster and easier because you can do it all from one convenient place.
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all you need is wifi to try it for free, just good, zip, recruiter, dot com, slash rise, zip recruiter, the smartest way to higher. Now there are more ways to be a team with Microsoft, teams bring Everyone together in one space, with a new virtual room collapse, live drawing sharing and building ideas with everyone. On the same page, Sure more of your team is seen and heard with up to forty nine people onscreen at once, learn more about all the newest teams features at Microsoft, DOT, com, slash teams. Can you to explain to people who might not be familiar. How many calories are burns by?
What is the relation, and it's like, there's so much relationship between your brain and your gut and what is required of your body and to digest food and because that was a big deal for me when I started to feel so much more energy. When I did this, that I was like what is going on and I would even feel a shift in when I would break my fast. I e felt like I like even that choice, to break my fast sort of took away the men clarity that I felt like I had so. Can you talk about how much how many calories your brain needs to be doubled their function and also what happens when you ie and sort of things being pulled into your gut your brain uses somewhere around twenty percent of energy and sometimes more sometimes less, but it's interesting, the neurons in your brain, the parts that do the thinking they are dead
bread for more energy. They have more of these power plants. The matter contravene them than almost any other cells, and the body accepts in women in your ovaries, you have a hundred thousand mitochondria or country and and otherwise your neurons in the brain have fifteen thousand mitochondria account for average and the rest of you has like a thousand. So this is like this, where that the good stuff happens in the bodies be equipped you to do that and their debt bread for energy and there are telling you could you give me some sugar unless you ve done but a fasting, and you ve train them to burn fat. And when they can burn fat. You go into this mild state of ghettos. S funny now when you drink that bulletproof coffee. That has the he D, oil emptied the oil turns into key. Even if you haven't been thing or you're, not doing Kyoto and all that kind of stuff. And then the neurons Ike wait a minute. If I bet,
a key town I get more electrons, then, if I burn sugar and they will actually burn fat even if their sugar present- and you feel this strip power boost that comes from that, but if The same time, of doing that in the morning you said I mean have even a bowl of healthy oatmeal, which is all carbs anyway. Then, ok here, we can burn the carbs. We just burn them with energy and you fast, and you don't have anything. All the energy, if it goes into digesting food, which is a huge amount of creating enzymes in the pancreas liver, all of that energy just have anywhere else to go so the body says. Maybe I should clean up some dead cells while I'm at it. Maybe I should grow new cells while I'm at it I'll fold some proteins over here and it Time of regeneration and because when it's doing that it raises, he towns. It increases that foreigners hormones easy game and it drops the hunger hormone called Grellman. So all of a sudden
if you do this right at ten, a m when you normally reach for the beggar, the muffin like got snack time. If One puts even a donut in front of you. You just look at me, I'm not hungry. They re no willpower required. So in those heavy I remember they would bring like a play of cookies in order. The things in meetings in in big companies and you're sitting. There are meeting just looking at it in a thick eat me no Amy no and pretty soon it's like a voice shouting in your head and eventually just like with a two year old Jack, ok I'll to half, and then, after the medium, like I told myself, I wasn't even cookie today and I have a cookie what's wrong with me. What nothing's wrong with me, because I ran out of electrons for willpower and my bodies is like eat, eat that, but if, u turn the signal Rachel. then the freedom comes because it's not even a choice like I dont want. It is there
telling yourself you dont want to on it there so different and is so liberating that was my route male diabetic- was to turn that on four people and when you're you're not having food in your stomach. All the the Kryptonite foods that foods that cause inflammation and cravings those aren't present. But then the boy You can actually get down to work on itself instead of working on melting. Whatever is in your stomach sway acting. Ireland are good for you I'm sure he snacking. What's that now, if you eat the right to food, you re a snack I'll, tell you if your hungry, don't need are saying. If you ate If, if you're smoothie worked for you, when you I asked you shouldn't want any more food until dinner. You just like you could but you don't want to wait wait tell me why you eat in a day cause you you're, going from your going from breaking her fast to dinner time. Sometimes, an ok,
In fact, this way I talk about the different styles of intimate fasting and longer fasts ends. It- turns out that for women, you probably don't wanna- do on a super, regular basis that just wait till dinner. Today I may wait till dinner that officials a twenty four hour fast. Some people call that an o matter, one meal a day, there can be that like kind like I'm, so tough I'm I'm fasting, look at me, but That's not what it's about for me today. I have of intense schedule exam ramping up for the launch of fast this way, and I just don't we have time for lunch, so I've had a bulletproof coffee for breakfast, which has the MCT oil to the butter special beans and opera have a black coffee in a little while and that's I want my energies up a minute. You can totally your yeah talking annual, I'm not holding back at the you know like I'm right, five vibrating with good energy and
I may around three or four o clock have something maybe I'll have some dark chocolate, maybe something like that, but probably not and then dinner of an early dinner around five five. Thirty, if you an earlier dinner. You sleep better if you can put three hours between your last by default, and when you go to sleep, your sleep pollio be much higher, So the early dinner works will sit down with the kids, with my wife on it and that is going to be something of grass fed something, probably something from our farm. It might be a piece of one of the like a piece of pork or it could be some lamb or some beef. Always your grasp better and I can eat it. There's going to be a ton of vegetables and get this is going to make some Kido people angry. I'm gonna have carbonate Rachel? I mean how watch out now so my rice, because it turns out that wild. Bet some carbs,
really well, but because I used this embassy to oil than the brain octane stuff that I make I put it in the morning this. What magic, if you bump your kiehtan levels, I'm just a little bit. All of your hunger goes away, which is why not hungry right now. Here's what raises those kiehtan just fasting, we'll! Do it eight hours a fasting at your teeny, tiny bump, but not enough, then black coffee. just the amount of caffeine in a couple more cups of coffee doubles your keys on and then in oil gives you about Fort times more and yet but from the butter so with the magic of bulletproof coffee. There is that it raised the levels for most people just enough to off the hunger hormone in turn on the full hormone and instead of your body going. I don't have any energy, oh my god. What am I gonna? Do your body as I got enough. Energy from this oil is empty, oil can be stored, is fat. It has to be burned, Now you, your brains like yeah, I got this and it does it better than if you just get breakfast and
This is why of coffee, I'm ok marketing, but I started out. Think business people need this, and so it was Silicon Valley. People did it then Wall Street people, then it head Hollywood and the recording industry and Rubens in the New York Times saying I drink, bulletproof, coffee and insurance on the red carpet. I didn't, I didn't know those guys I got to know rig, but, like I I didn't that up. It was organic because they, like we have fly everywhere and we have to sing and sharp and look a certain way and then- athletes and then it hit the world governments losing all this weight on it, That reason it turn if your hunger- such really going on I'm I'm sorry. think of listeners right now who are maybe hearing this for the first time who are like. Where do I even begin Right, so you have a new book coming out. You're talking about fasting, which I imagine for a lot of people have never done for feels very scary,
it really practical terms, like all other say, sort of mine in really practical terms, I'm eating on breaking my fast somewhere between eleven and twelve. I'm trying my my goal, then is to be done. I have eaten dinner by six. Thirty, that's usually my little healthy. but I am not at all. and for what it's worth. When I started, I wasn't at Vienna having a sou the at eleven thirty I was. It was much earlier for me because my body would like I know, what's happening, you rhinos alarm, aim or food right. It's ok to do right right, so I slowly should have got myself to this place, but it is exactly what you say like I'm now it's like today, I was in a meeting. I my meaning sergeant nine and I was like oh shoe. Ok, you know it was almost new. Oh my god. I need atmosphere because I gotta go. Do a thing. Can be the last chance to eat for a while. So
if someone's listening to this end there, like you, know what I'm just gonna, try it right like we're not saying you just testing yourself and see how you feel about it. Where do you suggest they even begin? If you took My Dave aspirin dot com blog. I have a lot written about this, including a copy of the bowl approved diet roadmap, but right now. I am putting together a two week, fasting challenge for our people that comes out went but comes out. You order copy the book. I will do it for for free I'll talk to you every day, and put in the others are how do you do it? We start really slow. How do you use the fasting hacks that turn off the hunger and the pain of fasting, so your body can get used to burning fat and we work, although it up until the last two days, is going to be a spiritual vast, where they're going too fast for a whole. twenty four hours, but
We won't use the hacks during that time, so you actually experienced on my god. Look at how strong the craving is, but you have already learned, oh, that creating It's a feeling, but it's not based on me, actually starving cause. I know I did it yesterday and I know I'm ok and some journaling aspects to it as well, so I just gotta faster our common, and I would love to have people sign up for that, and this is mostly about getting it to read the book and then teaching you as a teacher had it sperience. What's in the book, because if somebody just Tommy dinner men fast when I was like twenty years old, oh God. My life would have been so different because I wouldn't have been his heavy, but more Personally, I would have been such a jerk, because one side effect when you're bodies is making. formation and making fat instead of making thoughts and actions and feelings. Is there You don't have as much energy to regulate your emotions so
if your metabolism is off, your emotions will be off and then each day things you wish, you didn't say you do things you wish it and do and then you feel guilty about it, but it's biology, it'll, hardware, it it's not it's on a moral issue at all. It's that you didn't have the energy it took to pray. His kindness, so you defaulted to defensiveness, men from here. I look at all this stupid and mean things. I've done my life most the diamonds, because my brain and have the energy that it needs. In order to be nice. Oh my gosh, I you, like. I could nerd out and talk to you for ten hours, and I hope that some time when we're not inside of covered, we get to do that underlying mostly ASA. because I feel like I,
all I want in the world, is to know how to take care of myself so that my brain is as strong as it can be, and in five seconds you ve already did like in the first five minutes. You aren't, you go you're doing these four things that are probably causing this problem So I'm an attestation, a test of the theory you know, and then I will. I will report back and let you know I've I'm going to switch to coconut milk. That's what you're telling me to to go to screaming and delicious. Ok, all right, just feels like a has sugar, which I thought sugar was eliminating trade Ivan Sweden coconut. If it's an Sweden cut mercury are right. You the ear. First, you guys, I'm gonna give up omens my god, what am I gonna do are we to do if it works? You, oh yeah, now that's exactly right, hey I supervision at the time. I appreciate you letting me pick your brain if
people I know we're gonna head over to the website, we're gonna check out the new book. We're gonna do a fasting challenge, but if they follow you unsocial. If they want to listen to your podcast, will you tell them where they can find you? Yes, progress is called. prove radio to observe the week of a vacuum. Storm and deserve people who are on a path of becoming better humans and user people who ve done really meaningful things. Sometimes nerdy science types and sometimes people who are moving lots of hearts and minds, and it's always learning I've thought about lecturing and on it The grim I'm Dave, thought aspirin and I'm easier to find their dilemma lives and things like that. I'd love love to share some knowledge with you and if it works for you awesome my Golan, all this stuff is that you should get more value out of the time you invest with me, Then it cost you to do it. Otherwise you should not be should follow me. So it's all about remaining value right right,
am I I'm so excited. I village got anything to test. So, thank you for being here and guys if you enjoy this episode with David, I please take Screenshot, TAT, both of us on social. So we can see and hear what you thought. The way Hollis podcast is hosted by me, Rachel Hollis, our show is produced by Chelsea Har and edited by Andrew Weller with a dish. Production support by sterling coats. Our executive producer is Cameron Bergmann. The Rachel Hollis Podcast is a three percent chance production, So my next, it's called didn't see that coming.
It's all about how you put your life back together after your world falls. Apart, actually wrote this inside of current, because I wanted something that Yalta red eyes. You transition out of the crisis of a pandemic and men inside of writing it. My world fell apart, and this is a story of how you keep on going. This is a story of the tactics and the tools that I have used time and time again when I have gone through Greek or loss or trauma. The book comes out on September, twenty nine and you can find it today and I hope that you will check it out.
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