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178: Amy Porterfield Wants to Talk to You About Body Image


My dear friend Amy Porterfield is here with the antidote to all of the body policing you might be seeing online right about now. You know, the ads that say NOW is the time to make a change, or get a bikini body by Spring break with these wild diet tips? Amy and I have been in conversation literally for years at this point about how to reframe our relationship with health and our bodies away from how we should look, and toward how we want to feel. I hope this conversation helps you escape some of that pressure even for a little while, and if you want to hear more, you can check out our limited series all about body image hosted by Amy called Talking Body, which premieres this week.

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one of our new S. Podcast Amy Porter Field is probably some one that you already know she has built a massive business inside the online space. She has spoken at many rise conferences, she's been on my podcast before and for the first time ever, Amy is doing something very different. She speaking on a topic that has nothing to do with business nay. I sat down to talk to her about her new podcast talking body, which is about the relationship that we, as women have with our body, and how it seems that, no matter how successful we are in any area of our lives, we still struggle with fuel like we're, not enough. If we don't think we look the right way, we talked about everything and this epoch, So to give you an idea of what to expect from the new pod, so less
Anne and if it speak to you and if some of the things that we are talking about sort of hit, you in the heart. Then I hope you will subscribe to our newest podcast, talking body, which day abuse this week I I'm Rachel Hollis, and this is my podcast. I spend so many hours of every single week reading and listened podcast and watching Youtube videos and trying to find out as much as I can about the world around me and that's what we do on this show. We talk about everything life and how to be an entrepreneur. What happened dinosaurs? What's the best recipe for fried chicken? What's the best plan for intermittent fasting? What's going on with our inner child house therapy working out for you, whatever it is, my guess or into I want to unpack it so that we can all understand these
our conversations. This is information for the curious. This is the Rachel Hollis I can assure you we apply them doing, divide gas, and, like always Rachel. This is always me. I'm nervous it only happens is, but I feel like it's good to be nervous me. The means are pushing yourself, a Cyber comfort Zone VIII true and MRS Way outline my comfort that right once called to me about This is, I feel, like we ve kind of Ben too talking about and marinating in it for a while, but we ve talked about this concept, onstage you time to talk about it on our girls, together, like I remember, sitting where we in two sides what wrinkling yeahs- and I was
it was like this. Is: u gotta talk about this? This is a thing which, just by because I'm trying to be better about when people are part of my gratitude telling them that their part of my gratitude sided gratitude every morning and I've instead of just sort of. Oh I'm grateful for this, which I still do I spend time every single day now kind of being present in past experiences, and I'm really grateful for one. I always that always comes up for me is that Mirabel trap it was I love that you say that I think about it, often because we had these ray legal conversations like we ve went deep yet, and it was only like twenty four hours. It was style, good, all young. There, though let wedding when you want to start with what what you're feeling, let you Thank you like learning. Again. We ve done. Ok, so, with the help of your team, I've done a lot of work around what this podcast is going to be,
bow and why its importance and in the first few episodes I share a lot about my own experience of dieting wanting to lose weight, and I keep coming back to this concept of work. I need to get to go away and now How long has it been since I was on the right rice stage, and we talked about this now, because a covert timey means nothing. It was like a year whether year was three years Idaho now may per year, maybe a year. Ok, so you call me out on this concept of wanting to hit my goal. Wait right and I am still in the same place like I would love to hit. Go away, and when we were on the right stage, I had asked a lot away in a really healthy way. I take that very seriously, but since then, this last year you covered I've gains pounds twenty pounds and one year. I've actually nevertheless has publicly total global pandemic link
who on earth knew how to handle this year. Do not like, I think it's I think that women are so hard on themselves for doing things that are very normal, Mary, normal good point, because I'm very very disappointed to myself around the whole thing come on, I like to think that not only was it more stressful, your husband's offer responder, you know. You had a son who is transitioning into college. Wasn't going on, we didn't know what was happening and unhelpful, that you own a business and all of us who, on businesses, whether though pandemic, really made it better or made it way worse. You are affected by what was happening to us all. MR most stressful, your business, or have you had others that were more stressful? Ok, that such a great As you know, I got out of a partnership that was really stressful thing when you, when I first met, I would say this year was definitely more. restful and you you make a great point that that might be
just because I'm in digital marketing it was able to do really well this year, but I watch my students suffer struggle more than I ever haven't, I think you had the same experience watch community just, really go through some hard thing and I took it like really hard in everyday. I worried about them and they ate billions. The array entire right well- and I think, so then I don't know you followed this, but I definitely felt and added. There is an added layer of this because. I know that there are tactics and tools and habits and rituals that would help with this process. I knew it just the same as you knew. If you do these six things or whatever it was, it will help your business, but being someone talking about what will help in a tight where everybody is stressed and anxious and scare and whatever then an ad intention of, should, I even say these things should we only.
Talk about how hard it is. Am I allowed to be positive here? Am I suppose it is because I kept coming add to this idea of look. No, he knows how to deal. With a global pandemic in twenty twenty, but there is so much information about how to build the side effects and invest. There's nobody knows how to deal with we'll pandemic in the business your end, but my four damn sure know what people can do if they build a list if they build a digital course, it they built these things that have helped so many but before them who have found themselves out of work I'm sure or whatever. So you know you had some answers, saying that you have answers like everything freak it's so true you're so right I have these answers.
I didn't necessarily follow through with them, and so then there's this added extra shame that comes with that, because, unlike Amy, you know what to do right. You, you ve done it before there be my body or with my work or anything like that sometimes it's just really hard to get out of your own way when I've never experienced no one as ever experienced Sunday language, in twenty twenty four. I was kind of. Let us too, today, where we are doing this I cast talking body all about you know what it looks like to love yourself and want to change or what it looks like to accept yourself. But so have all of these issues around it. I mean the conversation. I appreciate you inviting me to have this conversation on your platform, because I feel is
you have so many women in your audience that it's gonna resonate with. I re ass, to hit home with rain. The reason that we started talking about this is because I was I mean this- was it's gonna be a year and a half ago that we can really dig into this, and I just kept seeing? all of these women. I know an end in mind, since it was professionals who work leaving it like building incredible businesses had incredible careers were like killing it in their personal I'd, just ah son, but we sit down and we hog and then it would be like yes all of these things by. Why don't? I have six pack out all against things, but I should be a size for all of you, like they have done so many great things, but they couldn't even be present in the successes because they felt like they were a failure because something going on with the way they works and not to me, felt wild like. How can we possibly
This is not a standard that exists for men right like right through like what Gatt C, o the meters in the end you're. Just like. Ok, that's where you look like you're, also wildly successful and me only thing your owning is the success peace, but for women I know you have to have it all perfect and perfect, based on someone else's, narrative, maybe not even your own or you're, or your failing completely o a million per cent I have always had. This thought in the back of my had. Even the wife proved wrong. It doesn't even go away that I cannot be successful in my business overweight. I cannot be successful as a bigger girl. I cannot be. successful. If I dont look a certain way and then, in my hand, Rachel, this is where it is really scary, I'll, be successful. Like yeah, but I bet it would have done better. I bet it good. the bigger impact I bet people would have. Listen to me more really true
I stood me more if I didn't where my weakness so visible. oh my god, rights. These are thoughts aren't you my head. I came. This is the part that I guess I hate I hate telling you this I'm embarrassed that, are you don't want them, but I know I'm not allowing all that is so real. Just the idea like wearing your weakness, like just that word weak, because you wanted a glass of wine or a pancake like how business, so it is now, I'm not saying it's stupid like you should think that What I think is stupid is that we both grew up in a world and millions of women Group in a world that taught us this You didn't make this up in your own. Had this is learned behaviour and, of course, in times of stress like we ve had this year. Of course you're so they go back to copy mechanisms from the past because what you know and you a way more experience doing that. Then you have about making great choices
in times of saying so it's just as it is applied it really is it's not something. I think that anybody is going to figure out. You know I'm going to make a decision and suddenly my life is going to change. I feel like my health journey over the last decade It has been like two steps toward one step back to support one set back, but but I'm still moving forward does not quite as fast as I wish that I wise ends. I mean just the fact they are willing to number one go on this journey and number two you do it in a way where sharing it with other people feels like a huge he'll feels like a really big deal,
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true now be ass, what is your intention like? What do you want on the other side of this journey, because it can't you speed, that you want to help other people and you take them. It also has you what do you want for you? So if I have give me a wave, a magic wand and at the end of the twelve episodes like boom. This were to happen. This is grandiose. I don't actually think this is gonna happen, but I'm gonna go big. First them a back up a little bit. What I would love is. I would love to understand how to love myself except myself, be super confident in my body, as it is to day right now. Well, also, understanding, it's ok and healthy to want to make myself better to change my body in any way that fills write to me. Who cares what anyone else thinks I want a standing components of that as well
the reason why that fills very big to me as right now I want to lose weight. I wanna hit a Galway. I wanted look at in a bathing suit- and you know me I will never go publicly in a bathing suit like I want to have all those things. I don't understand if I here's where I get sat. If I love myself, if I accept myself, then why if I never change, because I'm I'm ok with you Oh, I don't know, there's even makes it does make sense to me, because I felt this before when it comes to my ambition or my drive like for the longest time. I thought, if I'm not this hard on myself, you know if I let myself feel successful. If I I myself have those things then I'll lose the thing that really makes me me, and I find that that it could not be further from the truth. took me a while to really understand this, that when I allow myself to be pro, when I allowed myself to rest when I allowed myself to slow down it
you charges me and re energizes the dream it gives, me what I need to actually go harder, and so I learned like oh, you can go out there and you can change the skull. you have to have sort of this place of rest. To come back to an eye I am talking about that. In terms of ambition, but even when you're talking about your health that place to come back to that sort of touchstone, is this love and celebration of your body because was the women are taught to live in opposition with their body nobody is our enemy, our body never does what we wanted to its always letting us down and five wool, what every thing in? You is wired to believe that like you're wrong, did I mean but there is something fundamentally wrong with you. Instead of accepting like look at this thing back, doing and not his interest, thing to like locate, isn't gonna sound
we'll just like go like every part of you. As you said, Pardon me your brain and your spirit and your energy in your ambition that made you successful and business that build this incredible life you have is the same part of you that rocks those exact guys that booty those birds, those arms there all connected, but its it feel. like and I'm sure there's that I know to talk to all sorts of different people, but I feel like what we most struggle with, as when it is the disconnection Is there I'm gonna love the parts of me that work in the way out. I think they should and disconnected dissociate from the parts that I think dough Oh one million per cent which Why, like in business? So many my photos, in videos, at least in many first ten years of my business, maybe not his most recently, except when working on this are like boobs, that I don't
dont show the rest of me, I'm in a kind of disconnect from that. I'm not going to think about how I feel about my body in all the different ways. So just don't take it Pictures of me below the ways candidate, that's the kind of staff, I think is really sad because. although there are some men that feel this way, the majority, because I've spoken to many of them about this, they have now her sad boobs up my windows or re, not even thing. India is a new thing. yeah it is it's a meeting interesting to is that I think like not that this, wouldn't matter and the grand scheme of life, but it does. Let's be honest when it comes, like you, said that sort of what mandate, nor what, when women think, like. Obviously, what women think is like yours, so stylish you always good. Your hair is always good. You got make up on your outfits to like what you're always pulled together and that I think what women notice
no, it's like the men are like yeah flaring. Look about ass, the girl, her hair, like oh yeah, that outfit that pencil skirt? Truly it's it's it's the prefecture that we have of ourselves absolute. Is it comes back to the perception we have of ourselves- and I think that's where we really want to get honest with in the series and talk about that here. You're too, really right when you already know the answer, but I'm just gonna ask when you are thinking about your business, Are you thinking in the past I think the present, or are you future oriented very future? in an absolutely and incidentally, you are very future oriented and your very successful right yeah. It comes to your body. You live in the past, ok crazy! You should say that this is not always get a girl, even if we haven't talked for a month or do you like boom, I got it decay
I was working. You know I have a coach and I was working with my coach and because I gained this, twenty pounds were working on that and she's not bear a diet. Coaches, like let's try Cato illiterate now, she's all about thoughts, feelings, emotions as what we do, and so I was telling your butt wait before when I was losing weight and and when I was doing that it actually stop living in the past, we cannot live in the past. I don't care what you did before you are here now in your right with my body. I am always in the past right, so there's a feminist then you this video that I have watched probably ten times, I've sent it to everybody. I'm shocked I haven't sent to you would, all about energy and manifestation and quantum physics, that's why I'm to watch it ten times because it was, so have you ever seen it we're going to spend their yes I've been awhile. Ok, so I'm gonna send you this thing. It's like ten minutes, but basically this idea that most people wake up in the morning
And immediately or in the past, because they wake up every single morning, and they start thinking about all their problems. They think about what's gone wrong, they think about what they need to do today. They think about all of these things and if you're thinking about problems, you thinking about things that have already happens, and you grab your phone, you such scrawling social media, and you look at whatever and your destructive. Adding to this. Things that have already happens you and this very the interesting shift into waking up in the morning and from the second, but you are conscious. Your thoughts are focused in future. In present and in future, in manifesting the life you want to have in reaching for who it is that you want to be, and it an EU tax burdens at its like such a trip, this video. Ok, let's just now, it's so good and it has been so powerful me this year. I have gone through this new
hard year because the anxiety of going through the worse for me was so hi like what's gonna, go my kid, the men he said this and then I said that man. This is what like all these and saw his waking up in the morning and instantly inside of an anxiety attack, nothing had happened right because our minds controlled away we feel, and for you I think like. If your way up in your thinking. I wish I hadn't game this way like. I can't believe I did this Bob. I you're living in past choices, your shaming yourself, for those and when we live in the past, we make that past our future because we just Ariane were recreating it right, like you telling yourself all these things, you're like screw it. I already did this already gins wait I may as well have
whenever I shall have the cupcakes I'll have young, because I'm already here, so we not on purpose, but we accident killing create the parts of our past that we do not want in our future as why. Are you doing this practice with, like? I was saying the gratitude thing I started doing that because I was I I need something to control my thought I have to ground myself and the energy in the morning and the best way to do that is to sit and gratitude is later. the most important thing I dont do it enough. I am I hate saying this I started in that. I know I'm not alone here and then I'm dont get into the practice of it, sir I'm sporadic, but it's that consistency around what you're doing with the gratitude that makes all the difference is? Not only is it truly life changing or my attitude and my energy, but it is changed like the move that I have made in business in the last two months,
which is one hundred percent right. Has I start my day going where we going where we going where I know something about this process, where I am focus so intensely on and always been future same as you. I think most entrepreneurs and dreamers are I've always been focusing on the future, but in doing this meditation work every morning I I just ok, this disagreements, very well, but I know you're here for it I am it, I'm almost a decreasing the distance between who I say, somebody be in be in the future. Am today like I've started. I'm not waiting for that future to act like that person, I'm not waiting for that circumstance to have the energy or joy or love, I'm not waiting for those, oh when these forth This happened, then I'm gonna make a bold move and reach out to this person, I'm just freaking, doing it and
reason that I think this is a powerful idea and I have not done research on how this relates to the body, but one. The things that I and my meditation online Ok, what do you want to go when you wanna be? I think I, like the health that I want to have howdy, the energy, the strength like I, what is it's gonna, be a likewise gonna look like whatever, and indeed we met, we're this thing has happened where sorry, I'm going really deep down a robber, I'll love with me hurrying it that way, you are doing when you're talking about doing meditation, undertook about manifestations manifesting life that you are manifestation is all about being thankful as if it has already happened to you So you are meditating and gratitude for the things like you believe. The universe of God has your back, and these
you will be taking care of? You will be so I'll, send you some, I blame all around all, but in instead of being thankful for the health- and I were and no wife that I want and energy that I why it's almost I was programming my mind to believe that already had those things then. I believe that I do so like lately I've been looking in Amerika. My current ended. I later they did. I do myself remain revised you're. So it s about time, twenty twenty and having all hands is cancelled. but I had a pressing side where romance I put him on, and I looked out of our way and here's the thing I'm not doing anything different.
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it doesn't look at my by does look any different today than it did three months ago, but I feel different about when I authorities attitude as work. You be doing yes, when you say you wake up in the morning. Where do I want to go and who do I want to be the last question? Last week though I do I'll send you the videos at a user you some guided meditations, I usually get up. I have my coffee and then the first thing that I'm doing is feeding my mind, was sort of some kind of information, so I would say no several months ago. I really ban focused a lot of my learning on focused energy, manifest How do all those things work and, if not, will it be like its? It is science, I'm watching sudanese d thought phobias, and sometimes you have to watch him five days in a row. We gotta go and share with their jack, but it's an old saying I like it, Gee flows where focused go yes as one of the right. So why are you focus on you create?
and my guy is that an again it's not about weight, but by talking about this time banana and killing frustrated mine, because I've been here many times is that you started making choices that felt like pass choices to you. when it came to your nutrition or maybe not moving around in the way that you wanted to end you started to focus on a crap. I'm doing it again. You should have had that whatever and then the next day, and you still stressed out and they're like. Oh you had it yesterday. Who cares what you may as well? You are right and I'm not saying that, because you shouldn't have. I am saying this because, think there's power and understanding. Why Why we do what we do and I do sutra youth focused on an accident. so we created something you didn't want to happen. So I think that this
just for me, is that I'm focusing on I'm imagining a future version of myself that jobs like has all these things when it comes to her health and feeling grateful for that thing, Maybe that who I am I I know that from other happy but Israel. No you you're making me think about, went what I said earlier about care. You love your body and still want to change it. There is a party, me through this journey through these, these twelve episodes that I wonder what if I loved my body and then I was just okay with how I looked and harassed pressure that would take off because when I think about how I I hear about living in the past, what I've done in the past. What happened in the past and how my eating and eating my emotions at all times that I think about the fact that I just did a virtual, that it was a two day virtual event for my audience, and I hate to say this, but a huge portion of
experience was me worried about getting up on that virtual stage. It can be a full body thing and my way Did they gonna think about the fact that I've gain weight, everyone's gonna, see me. I'm gonna be exposed all of these things. we're all around my way, but it was in the past like, but I've looked thinner, but when I was doing better before I wake up every morning. My first thought is, I gotta get on, average will say, try, and so frankly, Why bring this up is It literally is so sad that I was there to serve my audience and be present and do something amazing beyond this stage, teach, and all of that and my number one thought is I'm going to look over. Wait, I'm so embarrassed! Well, First thing in the gray. I know you know this, but nobody was thinking about you it's funny! It's I don't know this. I dont think that Rachel, I dont, think no one's going to think that. But then what? If
I got you a place that what is they did, think Lou thanks you gains and wait any my mind. I'd like to get grab one evening, then, why not delay on the whole gang Y know, average, I'm very far from that place right. Well, I you know I am my mom came to the maybe about a month ago, and I was talking to her about for health and I was saying the way that I pursue health- and I think this is the key to everything in in our view, absolutely roll their eyes and like you're insane if you live your life in a way that the only go you had was to have, the most energy and the most focus in order for you to pursue the dreams of your heart? If you, Truly live your life! If your nutrition and your work out now the only goal o the nieces what's crazy, is that
but not a business the intention, but that you, We have the results that you want. Yet how but you do it in a way that was loving and caring and that you don't even know who you are, because your energy is so fantastic and she was like that's like now it is oh yeah I have spared this year. really diving into one of the foods that are like great I'll get rid of mental fatigue, being an brain fog and allow me to have energy and all of those things and if that the only goal like even this morning, God. You know me, and you ve made fun of me for those that, were I hate the call I freaking you paid. I ate it and a couple every morning out of the ground so cold, thirty degrees you're in the morning, I got my like guinea on whenever an every morning of my life, I just want to stay in my house. And during my coffee, itemised nomad, mug and not have to be in a cold. But every morning
like I go out to the gym sometimes, and I'm like, let's kill it, we're about to loosen suffers drink a lot This morning I would like my eye all the college's energy now I have to go into this conversation with Amy I wanna be present. I wanna be focus. I want all those things I literally went out to maintain this worrying and just dance to Spotify. For thirty minutes, no one cabin down did some. You know I like it. it's not about my body. Looking assert way really is about the way I feel, but the thing was. I thirty minutes of cardio this morning I did you know I did stop. That was really good and will affect my body, but that wasn't the goal. Ok, I did waits this morning to lose weight and I hated every morning of it right hey, so I heard something recently, however, have not something about, and I think it so relevant for what you said about strength training it. He said
if you have your body is doing one thing and your emotions are doing the opposite. They cancel each other out. Oh hell than I've been cancelling things out for a very long time. How often arrive them is a million times do I gotta do work out an I freely hey there and I'm better- and I am just like barely animals like it, doesn't we're all these things, and I thought, oh, my that is so well. when you, when you're, when you're physically doing one thing and your emotions are doing another, it's like an atomic bomb ironing like where my mind just went without is like times in our lives, where the sort of energy or the bitterness. The feeling that come out of something like that are worth what it well
are not worth the orgasm at your partner that have made it so drew holy cow? I I mean so much. I always come from this player. I always have come from this place of you know, my dad had the same. That was so not supportive. God bless he didn't mean it, but he would say if it's not hard work. Your working hard enough, like Mimi like a bit, not gruelling you're, not if you don't feel I don't want to do it, but I should think you're not doing the hardest work. You should be doing so in everything. I feel that way, and so that's ok. everything I do Rachel when it has to go to my body is to lose weight. what, if I like it, You said, would if I wanted had the most energy, the most focus in order to live my very best life, and then
that's why I moved my body. That's why I ate foods that were healthy, that's a whole different ballgame. I am not anywhere close to that, but I would love it and I think, if it's about things that Jim Ray Energy in you than when you're thinking through the idea of moving your body. You have to choose stuff that feeds your spirit, not depleted. yeah like. I know you love going for walks with scout ethic. Ok! Well, how do I make that bigger? How do I make a bolder How do I scanner reading on a while and then the last you know, half mile I'm in towns myself to like or do I come all walk like I'm just gonna do something is an elevated, a little back like how to elevate the things that you enjoy instead of thinking, but you said of gotta. Take your medicine right like all this, as this is the price I pay for wanting
have those cockade fandango negotiator and punish myself through something that I pay versus like I really like this handful of things. That's that's what I'm alive! I really like younger. I really like a walk. I really like whatever and I'm gonna focus on. that give me energy, so I'm on it, I'm leaving, green vegetables and blue berries and broccoli, and all these things that are proven like make us feel better, I'm in a clean? And to that end I think then This is what I love about. The idea of energy. To is that the? If we could a figure this out in the world truly learning to eat. Intuitively, I think, is the answer to everything. much of their plans. You and I have different bodies with different genetics, and so does everybody else there's something it works really well for you, or maybe your sister, whenever might not work well for me, but if and comparing my
Stop what you're doing I'm always going to come up lacking as opposed to I'm going to eat from the things that give me energy. Oh, like I was talking to I'm going to start working with a new trainer and can I wanted a trainer. I was like I'm feeling a little board of my strength training, I kind of like someone to keep my body a little bit summoned adieu cinder to work out a guy side. No was very intentional. I mean I looked for a trainer like I've, looked for a date like I carried out because I think the end, gee that someone brings to that moment with you is everyone. It's it's gonna, throw you want. So I was. I was talking to your mother for initial call and uses ass. You like tell me about your nutrition. Whenever, and I said I and I do this and then prevalent to mills away, echoed this kind of matter some have whatever I'll eat, you know whatever, and I was kind of saying it truthfully, like that's my cheat meal
and I'm alive myself with my life, whatever any said just out of curiosity, how do you feel when you work out the next day. When you like, if you have achievement of you, do like spaghetti inroad bread with kids, whatever the next morning you get up Do you feel a garbage or and energy- and I was like- I have energy, actually like very intentionally planet. When I'm gonna do a long rank as I might go. This is great and he was like hey pay attention to that, because if yours about how you do it. This thing doesn't happen this negative experience in your life. It could be like. Oh I'm, in a cart load and tomorrow I'm gonna feel fire because I carved loaded and now I have this burst of energy. So anyway I am going off. I know I've actually guide. You wrap this up. One of the questions we ask in the Pied cast is: do you eat? everything that you want to eat again sets its a weird question.
you eat everything that you want to eat now, when ok. So when I ask you that question right, what do you say yeah? ok and then I I but the truth is I do wish there were something they didn't want to eat. Oh men to that, because there are certain things that I e, that in making me filling crap like Harry, but I love it. I love tee so much, and so once a week and my vote- and I you know, I have something and then am I a girl that maybe feel terrible. But I feel like an remember in this broadcast: I'm not the teacher! So I'm folk, like the student radio, I don't have all the answers, as we were talking to experts and people that have experienced things that I have it, but when you ask me: do I did everything I want it yeah I first initially, like I mean instinct, is no, not even wow yeah like not even close and then it.
Like what would you need not be like will out. I could eat like twelve cupcakes in a city and if I let myself or hoagie, my husband will eat a burger fries whenever we want- and I am never eating a burger fries with him by hearsay dollars neatness day I now, but here's the thing that I want to explore is that like you said you have passing garlic bread in the next day. You have energy right feel like why I'm eating this stuff has to be examined, meaning I want to staff my feelings down. I I feel Sunday, another one experience something so I'll eat the cupcakes or all all eat the Berger Emprise cause I'm having a bad day. I think that the very different expire Ryan's somebody intuitively eating in that region. Themselves apple really interesting, because here is my follow up question when you're eating a cupcakes or the Bergen tries are used, are you enjoying it. Are you savouring the Bible or you know, and so going back to that quote about
and you know doing something in a different emotions around it. What you were saying why cupcake and I dont twelve at one time- Quadra yesterday have a few cupcakes. I don't have one ichor whither. They do I mean cookies and I'm feeling very guilty, and am I run the whole day I go to bed with regrets. Like Come on? I'm! Ok. Do you mean tat? I this is I'm so excited you talk to like nutritionists. Yes, some people believe that is so interesting and I've never thought about it before, but that is if you hadn't prompts me. Whenever I enjoy everything I. I don't know, I'm sorry, I can't imagine we may be some days in cookies. Lifestyle even do in holiday. Baking would make these amazing cookies, so freaking good, like they looked at a share our great an I ate one, and I
say, were there and it was so good and it was, and the kids like me, I'm one why, unlike in Vienna whatever holidays- and I was like- I'm good cause- I enjoy every moment of it, and I can tell you that the time because I'm emotional eater alike were covering in this way. The time That is exactly what you said. I never thought about this disconnect before that. When I'm been Jane or when I'm emotionally eating? There is no emotional connection to the food that I am eating, I'm not president in not by zero, I'm just it's like I'm just trying to soothe myself or this sort of like. I think when I do it, there's there's like anger, do oh how angry, oh yeah, yeah like every emotion for man, but I can see the anger part right. It's just sort of like just may well need this all the eye you now would you so you're mad
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their refrigerated snacks at perfect sacks dot com. Slash! Are I s e? Do it too, and you get fifteen percent off your order. We want to be prepared for snack time so good, a perfect snacks dot com, slash rise to suck up and say: fifteen percent What are the others took action of food that interesting island, came forward to unpacking that one food as an I've never had a good relationship with food. Since I was really young, I talk about this in the Pied cast. I was in a way of meeting at eight years old, counting you know I back. Then it was a points, but it was something like it and so my relationship, Food has never been a good wine, but I'm also forty. four years old and I just turn forget it. I forty four, I think about it. Forty four years old,
I really do not want to keep doing there. I mean these covers. I wish I had to have this conversation. I wish I'd gas was unnecessary, Ray what it is. but as we all have our doubts, we simply have to unpack and deal with. I'm curious, though I feel like we talk about this before, but I forgot your answer. Remember that I so years ago, I was watching Bob Green on Oprah aghast at what is food to you, like fear dad. I dont like fill in the bank with the word back. What is food you? My first thought that came with love. Now. My comfort, minus food is fine, so firm now would always always wrapped in celebration like we always had big family parties, and it's the good memories I have a being. Let also food is fine which a lot of times in my family If your board you eat. Oh yeah food is fine, but I was the first time I have this conversation with a group of people.
woman. Next to me, who had known for years, you had struggled eating disorders for most of her life, and I said this question to the girl. And under her breath she said the enemy man. I have someone else that I've had this conversation with who grew up doing ballet and I said food is, and she said rules about me. and so, depending on. How you raise or what your parents taught your whenever food means something to us You get unpack what it means. You know it's funny usage asset question. I was recently. I can't remember if it had. Nor do, I think, is the any aground that I got some information. I'm too, I know your three. You know. I always want to be a three any true and there's something I think was about that about my my your biggest fear, as it too is that you won't be loved or you're, not enough, and so
in it funny, and that is very dear to me my biggest fears. I won't be love. Isn't it funny that food is loved me Nobody. I have issues with get when Guinea weighed in body issues and all of that food takes care of that one biggest fear. I have that. I won't be loved and I just told you that food slut, right, so gay and honestly Amy, and I feel like this broadcasters gonna help so many people, because so many people, not just women, are gonna, see their story, reflected in the work that you doing, and I wonder you knowledge it because it's not easy work. It's not easy work and so important, so important and it's not easy work for. You can do I grew up in a sudden bed in industry where it was like. I got to be polished. I got a present well, I've got to do all these things, that's how you came up in business, and so this is a freaking, bold, ass decision. To do this thing, and it's going to be,
awesome, it's going to be awesome and I think what I'm most excited about is obviously on the student. We're going to look to other people to teach us we're going to have women of different races, different sizes, different backgrounds, different experiences definitely not all about just me and what I think and feel I want to explore what other women are thinking and feeling. We have this great segment where you'll hear throughout the entire twelve episodes of were asking women sounds like women in your office, my office different around the world. You know what do you think of this or that to hear their answers? It's like, Oh my guys, we're all so simple even the were also different. Many ways so gonna be a journey for sure and I'm here for it. I can't wait well. The pine has called body Audio yap and it comes out this week
yeah January eleven tat were so excited their work on this project with you and if you are listening to this package in your like. Yes, I want to hear all the conversations I wanna join and it is a limited series. It's not something goes on forever. It's twelve parts, like you said you can subscribe to the show in the shone out soon go check it out really freaking important did I'm so honestly, I'm so proud of you. Can I also so ungrateful that you all had the idea to do this and you invited me to be a part of it. So it's gonna be a great thing and I really appreciate it. So let's do this it's. Your Hollis podcast is hosted by me. Rachel Hollis our show is produced by Chelsea Har fish and edited by Andrew Weller, with a dish production support by sterling coats, our executive, producer is Cameron Bergmann. The Rachel Hollis Podcast is
percent chance production so my next. It's called didn't see that coming. It's all
how you put your life back together after your world falls. Apart, actually wrote this inside of current, because I wanted something that Ya'Ll could red eyes. You transition out of the crisis of a pandemic and men inside of writing it. My world fell apart, and this is the story of how you keep on going. This is a story of the tactics and the tools that I have used time and time again when I have gone through Greece or loss or trauma. The book comes out on September, twenty nine and you can find it today and I hope that you will check it out,
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