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179: How I Deal With My Anxiety in 2021


This has been a highly requested topic from you all, so I wanted to revisit how I work through my anxiety for this new year. These are the tools that work for me, and I am sharing them with you in the hopes that some of them may be helpful, or at least lead you to think about how you can approach your struggles from a different angle. Remember: I'm rooting for you.


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hey guys. It's real jaw and today, on the I cast we're talking about anxiety. More specifically how to deal with anxiety. What are some really tactical things that you can do in your life to help him navigate around it and here's to things you should know right up front number one. I have struggled with anxiety for most of my adult life, so the information that I'm going to share is not stuff. I've read in a book or did reach John mine? These are real things that really helped me. Second thing that you should know is that this pod cas was a request from your. I put a pole on my instagram and asked everyone there what they wanted to hear most on the podcast and over
well meaning many of you asked me to tackle this topic and something I've talked. the law about over the years and I have written a- in my books, but honestly, if you think it's helpful, I am happy to keep having this conversation for his law. as you need me to so that you get some ideas for how to deal with your stuff, that being so if you find today's episode help, for I would so appreciate if you would, a screenshot and share. On your social and tell people what it's about, because maybe it helps them to this episode just like every other is always free and what is great for any podcast that you listen to is if you're willing to With others and get the word out so here are all my thoughts about Anxiety I I'm here Hollis- and this is my podcast. I
spend so many hours of every single week, reading and listened podcast and watching Youtube videos and trying to find out as much as I can about the world around me and that's what we do. On their shall we talk about everything like and how to be an entrepreneur, what happened dinosaurs? What's the best recipe for fried chicken? What's the best plan for intermittent fasting? What's going on with our inner child house therapy working out for you, whatever it is, my guess or into I want to unpack it so that we can all understand these our conversations. This is information for the curious. This is the Rachel Hollis I'd CAS, let's go back and start with when anxiety began to short for me, because for some
people. They can't remember a time when they were anxious, but for me I really didn't began to feel- anxiety until I came a mom and more specifically, I was a mother of two, so I had to kids The time and Jackson and Sawyer were a little, can't remember the exact age, but they were, they were like in pre school and I was working at my company. I had four or five employee at the time I was running the blog. So back in those days, the Sheik site was my business and we would together blog ideas, like lifestyle photo shoots and we would part with brands, and that's how we made money, I was working MA am. I had these two little boys and I can look back in retrospect- and understand, with such clarity what was happening.
Why I started getting anxiety, but honestly, at the time I had no idea I would get through an entire day- and I don't know if you guys find nights almost like my body. Function because I knew I had to but the second that I wasn't running a hundred million miles an hour. The second point that I should have done the things I had to do. I got my work done. I got the guinea got through dinner. Got through bathroom got the kids in bad. Then I would art to have easy anxiety, and I remember I would be crying and self medicating. I self medicated with alcohol. Vodka wine. Some night would take a benadryl when I did not have any allergies, because I just wanted something to put me to sleep.
I was doing all sorts of things to now. I would try to make myself felt feel better by eating. I made all sorts of terrible choices, because I didn't know how to deal with that at the time. My husband also didn't know how to deal with it and so then I would have even more anxiety because my anxiety was making him feel bad because he did not a fix me and it was just so freaking crazy. And I knew that I was getting to the place where I who is going to have to be put on medication and defeat then I want to say right here is: take your fucking meds, yes, cause if you need to be on medication own it embrace it like take your medicine I am the biggest proponent of getting the help that you need and doing what you need to do so that you can feel better
You guys know this part of my story, but my own, brother had severe depression and he was paranoia, gets a frantic and he did not take his medicine, and he is not here today because he didn't take his so it is a serious as a heart attack Do you need to do to take care of you. I knew that I was getting into a place where I was going to have to be put on medicine, because I could not cope did not know how to cope with my life and I didn't want get there, I have had to take things in the past, I am, I at Times Roy I needed to take something like I think it was Xanax and it may, like. I am so I am so susceptible to anything. Like I don't know about you, I can't take cold medicine. I guess I it makes me I cannot function. I can't drive a car,
I want to sleep for a hundred hours and I just knew if it gets to that place, it's really going to impair the way that I was living my life at the time, and so I thought, okay before it gets there are there other things that I can do so can I reiterate this one more time? If you we are on medication. If you need medication, freaking embrace it, but the tips, I'm gonna, give you right now are the things that I did too. Have a gay around it and if I got to a place in my life where I needed to take something, I would take it back, I have successfully now, gay did my anxiety for the last ten years, and I've done it successfully, and so here are some things that you can do, and I hope that you will find them helpful.
But I also want to make sure that you understand that this is what worked for me and we are all different. What worked for me might not work for you, but I We hope that if I tell you guys how I got to a solution that, even if my solution doesn't work for you, we just hearing about the journey will encourage you to go on one of your own. This is in no particular order, just like a bunch of stuff that I can think of that. Helped me the first thing: please do not draw your eyes at this because it matters. I cannot tell you how many people I talk to about this tip and there, like that's, not a big deal. It is the first thing that you need to ask yourself is how much caffeine and sugar are you. Taking into your body for real. Like I was working so freaking hard. I was so hard
any around three almond achiever. I was trying to be all things to all people. I wanted to be the best mom ever I wanted to be the best leader ever I wanted to be the best blogger. Ever I was trying to do all the things I was getting myself to a false sense, of energy. With a lot of caffeine was a living off of coffee espresso. I remember, office was across the street from a Starbucks and I loved I was over there all the time they knew me when I walked in. I was too, speaking out on so much caffeine, and here is why that matters. If you are prone to anxiety, it means that you're nervous system is wired to that were spots. You go into a star four situation your experiencing something and you nervous systems like oh, I know how to do. with this anxiety. It's why, to have that response. So low it's how you really quickly my
anxiety felt like, like my skin, was crawling like butterflies my stomach, my palms or sweating. I feel like something bad is gonna happen. I'm jittery like right all of these things. that's what anxiety feels like to me in singly enough. If I have enough espresso, my palms or sweaty, I filled jittery. My skin feels like it's crawling. I have too much energy inside my body and I'm here were aware. I'm hyper alert a bunch of care. in a bunch of Sugar Beals, the same my body as anxiety and My nervous system is wired to feel that way. I would just, like. Oh, oh, my god, I'm having an anxiety attack, and then I would and it wasn't even a conscious thought it was just something that happened so be mindful of the fact
that you are maybe unintentionally taking in things that are making you feel this way. I Gill, literally, can not spress you enough how many people I know who have given up caffeine and it has Drastically changed the level of anxiety that they experience in a day so start there be mindful of it and I'll, tell you Still love coffee. I love it, but I'm really thoughtful about how it feels when I take it in all that stuff. It's I believe that new year, you guys, which is a perfect time to take your business to the now level by hiring the right people. Finding qualified candidates can be challenging, but zip recruiter, dot com slash rise makes it easy when you
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any time that you are struggling with something in your life, you guys. I want you to take a step back. I want you to look at it from fifty thousand feet like I want you to raise up above the problem above your life and see what's really going on. Often times we know not even often most the time people tree the symptom, big, don't treat the root cause they don't treat what's really going on there like. Oh I'm feeling this way. I'm having this sensation, I'm having this problem, I will numb out, for me, I was like I'm gonna, have a bunch of wine and that's gonna, make me at least less aware than I'm having an anxiety attack. So I was treating symptom. I wasn't treating what was really going on and it was incredibly powerful for me to teach myself to take a step back and look at what was really happy winning and how that manifested for me whippings,
the attacks was therapy? You have me say it a million times, but I am the biggest proponent of therapy you're ever gonna meet because the root causes of why I was having anxiety is not something that I was aware of, and it was something that I had to work through with a therapist I needed to talk to someone. who was an emotionally connected to my pain has been at the time like love me so much and so desperately wanted to fix me, but he had no idea how and so it would make my anxiety worse because now oh, I'm feeling anxious and now I'm feeling bad because he's also tripping out and so going to a therapist was so powerful. For me to talk to some Who is just solution? Oriented wanted to help
figure out what was really under their like. Ok, let's unpack this thing and figure out what is really going on so going to have their place your eye cannot recommended enough. I feel like it's bourbon easier than it is right now, virtual therapy is the thing like you have heard. We have parted that we talk about better help. They are not paid you to say that is just a long time partner here on the podcast, because I believe in therapy so much and for so many people. The idea of going somewhere was overwhelming, so I love and have been promoting virtual therapy. the long before there was a pandemic, so for what that's worth day, into a conversation about what's really going on here thing that I can look back and see now that going on that. I didn't understand then- and I talked about this at the beginning of girl- stop apologizing. If you haven't checked up that book
You don't have to buy a grab it from a library, but I discuss this a lot and a huge part. of my anxiety I can see in retrospect, was because I was trying to be something I wasn't. I was trying to who live into the ideals that my husband had for me that my Inlaws had for me that my parents had for me that other moms on social media had for me. I was desperate trying to please everybody. It had never even occurred to me to consider What do I or what are my values or how do I want to shop in the world? A good example of this was, I spent so much freedom, time and energy throwing the most in saying elaborate birthday parties for my kids, which may be seems so stupid, like I sounds all stupid to me as I talk to you about it now
because I wasn't doing it because I am wait at an hour wasn't doing it because my one year old and he didn't freaky now a one year old- has no idea what's happening on his birthday. Maybe he'll look back and see pictures but he doesn't know and here's the thing, if you're really into that, if you're really end to like deck ratings, I've girlfriends were so end birthday and they love it spent months doing Pinterest boards freaky live that life if you're into it, live it all power to you was, I wasn't into it, but I want ed people to think that I the good mom, and I got so much shit. I can say it now cause. I can say it now. I got so much shit from family
yeah we'll just leave it at that will to say family. I got so much shit from family about being or human. Like really harsh criticism about, having child care about working about why I wasn't gonna be a stay at home mom and it's not something I got once its feedback. I got for years and you know it's interesting now with the success that I've having my career and my business now everyone's very supportive, which is funny everybody is like: we always knew more so proud. Unlike did you. This is a completely different sag way here, but a lot of times. People ask me like how to you convince you, know your family or how did you convince other people that, like this dream, was right or what I wrote a best selling book? It sounds so do she
That is the God's honest truth. Nobody believed in me and tell it was successful and it was successful after a free, in decade of it not being successful and suddenly, when it worked, now, everybody like loves the idea and supportive of me and always knew and it like socks, but it's the truth you may never have the support of the people in your life until you prove yourself there. I wish there was a better way, but that's the truth. And so the question becomes. I know I'm goin off on a tender, but stick with me for a minute. The question becomes, Is it worth it to? You is the dream worth? It is the life that you want to have worth it is it is it powerful and is the why important enough to you to keep going, even without their support, because do you wanna know like that?
if you ve ever been with me at conference. You ve probably heard me do this before when women up in there, like I'm, I'm really struggling with anxiety. I like em, I always ask who are you trying to please tell me right now in your life that you're trying to live up to their expectations live up to the their ideals who work what woman are you trying to be? What what like You two Fold Madonna, like And I mean like the virgin mother, not like Madonna, the singer like what is the ideal that you're trying to live in two or convince people that you are worthy and enough of having the life that you won't have caused it's, where my anxiety stemmed from I was trying, so hard to, please other people and the thing is when people have a certain opinion of you, you can not per form your way to worth. You can perform your way to being enough. I know because I tried I did
We think that I could to please everyone around me, and it still wasn't enough and so found myself every day feeling like I was missing the mark, even though I was trying so freaking hard That's where the anxiety sent from- and I didn't understand it, because I couldn't unpack it and also frankly, it never occurred to me to question their right to question my life. Let me say that again, It never occurred to me to question their rights, question my life. I thought that my mother in law disliked my choices or my husband disliked my choices that made me a bad person and then I better just hustle harder and I better just work more and better, just throw a ball your party or host a larger thanksgiving or nail, you know
brining the turkey so that it looked great like its freaking, crazy But I didn't know better. And it's why I talk about this stuff now, because I know I am, The only person who deals with this. I know I am not the only person who had anxiety, because I was trying so hard to please everyone around me that it could not keep up. I feel like mice, here. It was literally at war with who I pretending to be. and every single day I would get up, and I would try so hard to fit myself. Off into the mould that some one else. Why for me- and I just couldn't get there and the breaking beauty. I'm! Third, seven years old and the beauty of getting older is that I I have learned to let go of what other people think even the p.
that love me the most because, still to this day I still get anxiety, it doesn't come. all the time, but it does pop up, and I will tell you one hundred percent of the time. If I'm having an anxiety attack, I can follow it down the rabbit whole. An unpack work came from, and it is always because on some level I feel, like other people are upset with me, always So that was really powerful for me to understand and it took a lot of time and therapy and a lot of self reflection to get to that place. So I'm not saying that that's where your anxiety comes from, but it is worth asking yourself if it could be that for you,
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we explain to me how you got that place, I want you to call seven seven, four hundred Hokosa, that's having three seven four hundred h, o c o hotlines. You can call and leave me a message anyway, so ask yourself how much caffeine or taking in sea affair pissed. Look your wife from forty thousand feet, the The thing that I want you to consider and this one's just for the Ladys, but also your dude and you are in a relationship with their lady. This could be a powerful thing for you to wonder about as well. What's goin on with your home Hence my anxiety is so much more likely to flare up when I m p amassing, always always always, and I haven't they'll get figured out how to navigate around not. But if I am mindful of wine that week is happening, of you guys ever do this? By, like I swear like a year I was like I ever
That would be like the world's ending everything's hard Why am I even trying, like you know, echoed freak out, and then I get my create a man be like all the world's? Not ending, you would just be amassing and so is really powerful for me. I made this seems so damn you guys you're like will obviously, but since I did, lies what was happening. I assume I'm not the only one, and I just recommend that you pay attention to your hormones. Also, my favorite book terrain need a bow. Anxiety is called feeling good by David De Burns. Feeling good is the name of the book and it talks about the idea. That all of our feelings are based on our thoughts. All of your happy sad, you know a we better anxious. It doesn't matter what the feeling, as it's all
is always a result of what you think and if you hand. Do the work to control and focus your mindset and your thoughts than you can control, her feelings and if it's not something you ve practice before that feels impossible but I swear to you. I have spent the last decade working on this and The person that I was ten years ago truly can even fathom the emotional and mental health that I experienced today, so I want you to hear me say that this is something that you can work on. This is something that you can a fact. Swear to you. I know I know that an anxiety attack often feels like you are out of control, but I swear to you. You can't a handle on your feelings so check out that book, feeling good by David, deeper, ants. Next thing:
if I had a dollar for every person that I have gotten onto the supplement, I would have like a million dollars, so here goes If you have anxiety, I want you to check out something called wholly basil: beef wholly basis if, like holier than light like wholly AOL. Why I first found out about this from a nutritionists maybe two years ago, wholly basically is an adapted in which the best we can explain. This is unfair. The supplements over the counter, you can get it anywhere. I get mine on Amazon, you can get at it like whole food, sir, he be. Has it like you get anywhere so adapted genes? The best way that I can explain this to you? Is it it makes your highs, not quite so high like it just sort of Melos you out, and please hear me- I am so already told you guys, like I can't take anything I get so groggy so for me
To use this so regularly and love it so much and swear. I swear by it. I swear by ETA Every single night, with my supplement, sacra just take one. It's literally, basal leaf, but there something about it. That Chas helps me so much. In fact, this Christmas recommended it to me a couple years ago, because I was on stage so much and I was like I'm really nervous that I'm frightened my adrenal glands because I am like if you guys see me on stage and jumping up and down I'm teaching for hours, I was flying all over the country and some some situate he's going to other parts of the world like it was insane, and I was really nervous about my adrenal glands so easily let's get you on an adapted Jan, and I just added it into my nightly sack and I didn't think about it, and then I ran out and I didn't even know I ran out. I had like
These go by and I was freaking out felt like I was regressive. I was having- crazy anxiety. I was so overwhelmed and I could not figure out what was going on and guys. Please hear me right now. Often times when we are feeling anxious, we accept that our bodies is doing whatever its doing. But if you, Our feeling away but you don't normally feel if it's worse, if something ass, yourself. What change always please get into the habit of this. If it if you're having insomnia, if you're feeling really sad. If you're really angry like, if you are having a negative, suffer emotion- and it's like you feel like it. Worse or even set up like ask yourself what happened just litter go back in time and go when did I start feeling this way. If you does identify when you started
a certain way. It can be so powerful and help we figure out why you started feeling that way. So for me, I was What is going on, when did? I start fills way, days ago, and I was like what happened three days ago and I just kept unpacking unpacking unpacking like what is it? What what change? No I'm, still sleeping like I'm eating, and then I finally realize oh, my gosh. I ran out of that supplement honestly I wasn't planning to buy it again. I was only taking it cuz. I was finishing up the bottle and I hadn't noticed any change, and so, That was the thing that made me realize how powerful it was for my moods, so I got back And I never ever go without a I like half. My staff is on my mom's on it, like my sister's, because everyone's like why this is so dont like a base. A leaf is gonna. Make me help. Lisbon with my anxiety, Yawl it
really truly swear to. It does, and I will tell you actually just have this happen. Super honest with you. I just this is probably five times in the last two years that I've taken a base, a leaf supplement in the morning and the evening, so you can take multiply usually only take one, but sometimes Five days were, unlike I'm, feeling I feel and anxiety tat coming on and am I know we're not gonna do this, and I'll just taken the morning, and it makes me feel a little bit a little bit groggy! That's why I take him at night, but I have suggested this year day coming into holiday shopping season and, inter talking of our products in doing all these lives in it so important. The work that we're doing is so important and our products are. the important, because that's what pays for my staff to have jobs, and so I knew that we needed to do our best and I'm navigating that air
navigating you know, conversations about like divorce, unjust, all this stuff, and I just felt myself having an anxiety attack and I didn't even I didn't even try and I didn't even like China, fight it out like up. I'm just gonna have won in the morning, so it really helps. I think I soldier enough. I all sorts of different brands. I dont have a brand that commander. They think they're all the same and obviously the base all leave. People are not paying for me to say this. I just I really truly believe in itself, That, if you don't get anything else on this conversation, I village that piece of advice will help you, but TAT to a nutritional or talk to a doctor. Don't take medical advice from some check. You are listening to on upon TK. Fast, and the only reason I'm telling you I feel great. Tom you that is its and over the counter supplement, but definite talks. Your doctor, if you have any questions.
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Ok, here's something else I want to make sure and address when it comes to anxiety, dont be discouraged if you still haven't society. My guy is that I am going to struggle with this and one way or another, my whole life and it's gonna pop up just it did the other day and I'm gonna handle it because I know how to handle it now, instead of drowning inside of it and feeling like I'm, stuck and am trapped in this body. That is work against me right. I just wanted to say that, because I think when I was younger and kept happening even after I was going to therapy or kept halfpenny even I cut down on caffeine and filter Courage because I was like. Why is this still here, but go back to that idea that you're nervous system is wired for the way that your killing. Your body knows too like go to that place so view. a lifetime of
body going to this place. Then you have to guess it it's gonna, take a while to rewire your thoughts and to rework you're nervous system and to come up with other solutions, so just encourage you to focus on what's good focus, on what's getting better look, the hard parts are always gonna be available, the self. That's not Working the stuff, it socks, the stuff that feels difficult will. always be available for you to focus on, but so is the good stuff. So if you had anxiety this week, but you were able to go on a walk and get a handle on it and it made you feel better or low. Word the anxiety a little bit frickin celebrate that that's a step in the right. Action literally and figuratively so be graceful with yourself and am also celebrate the fact that a lot of people want
try to circumnavigate around this a lot of people are overwhelmed and they can even be at the place that you're an inch. to get better. So please, honor yourself in the fact that you're trying so dont be discouraged if it keeps happening just ask yourself unpack. When did I start to feel this way. What set me off and water some tactical things that I could do right now to feel better. The next piece of advice hope you knew this already and maybe you just need your big sister rate, to remind you that this is real really really powerful when it comes to anxiety, move your boy we move your body move. Your body move your body go on a walk dance around in the kitchen play with your dog play with your kids. Do
who twenty pushups, even if you grow, only do push pushups. I swear if you're trying to twenty like it will help when we exercise and we get our heart rate up we lower the cortisol levels. Cortisol is the stress hormone in your body. You lower cortisol levels. You when you're exercising you now Naturally, we have to take deep breaths, which comes your heart rate, which makes you feel better. If you ever wondered like why on earth did Rachel Hollis start a fitness, like why on earth did I decide to do the rise up and do work shouts, which the Bible way is not my spiritual gifting. If you are rise up users, you know I'm up their acting like a freak in full I'm dancing around. I'm move in my body, I'm like hopefully trying to make you laugh during the work out, because I, like I,
we use a certified personal trainers. We make sure that we have the right movements and were doing it. they ve way, but at the same time I'm just up their acting like an idiot I am not trying to be the queen of the fitness community. I am not Gonna be I'm not. That is not my world and I was never interested in it. Though. He, then that I started a workout. App is because I get thousands upon thousands. Upon thousands of dams and emails from your asking me how to deal with anxiety. How do I do with postponing depression? How and I get so many questions as it pertains mental and emotional health There is no way that I can give one. Pollution for hundreds of thousands of people, especially without contacts and without a medical degree, So I years ago was like ok. What is advice that I can give people that I know for sure we'll help
everybody doesn't matter who they are, and the answer is exercise it just is. It is that's why I talk constantly about working hours and health and the pursuit of better health is not about how you look over crap, how you look. Working out an exercise, is about how you feel, do you the energy to keep up with the life that you want to live? Do you have the mental and emotional health to show for your dreams to shop for your kids, too short for yourself. I can give you the solution. to everything, but I know for a fact, listen to me If you challenged yourself to move, a body in whatever way feels good to you. For thirty minutes every single day, not two days, not five, days. Seven days a week, you said Polly of my life.
It's gonna be moving my body. If you did that, it would have the greatest effect on your anxiety and the way that you're feeling I promise you and look it doesn't have to be cross fit. You knocked a train for a marathon just has to be something that you like you like, because we don't like doing the movement you won't keep doing. It has to be something that you like and to be every day and it has to get your heart rate up if you're on the rise? App, You already know me and Chris and Dave and J and Diana and all IA and Brad, or All up in there were giving you work out. Ten twenty thirty minutes were doing meditations with you. You can do your five to thrive. Checklist
into a ninety day, challenge with us like there's so much content inside the app. But if that's not your sale of working out freakin do whatever just challenge yourself to move. One last thought is that often times I have to remind myself what is true. I I've had to do that. A lot in twenty slash. Twenty this year has been the hardest for me personally, and it's been the hardest for me professionally and is very very difficult. Run a company that specializes in live events when there is a pandemic, and I didn't even know that I could experience the kind of stress that I have experience for the last nine months and continued to move forward, and I am especially proud of that because of how much
me from a decade ago: word would not have been able to function. No freaking way would have pulled the covers over my head. What drank every day would have just absolutely checked out, and I'm proud of myself for the last nine months, but more for the ten years that before it, of teaching self how to deal with stuff. I talk constantly about the importance of health. Its constantly I'm sure you guys like we get her rage. We need habits, all the time and I talk. Bout habits not for when life is great. you establish habits when life is going well, so that when life go to Hell. You have a routine and a standard that you can stick to the habits. developed over the last ten years- are what made it possible for me to thrive Eve.
In the midst of the most brutal year of my life. Anxiety is something that you can manage now. Every single person listening to this has a different story. and different resources and different access and different level. was of pain that their walking through No, I'm not for one second saying that I know your particular story, and how to handle what you're going through, but no matter who you are or where you are in the world, there is just a wealth, of information online there are books. You can read their resources, for you too I hope that you need and You might have to try a bunch of different things. You you heard several ideas for me, pick one try. One thing that I told you about today tried out for three weeks and see if that helps gotta do something consistently to see if there's any traction and if it doesn't help lead
go try another one if it does help try another one anyway, because now you're stacking, your habit, stacking or your your pilot, these things on top of each other and creating a foundation for how you're going to navigate through this thing, you did not ask for these feelings. And you didn't do anything to deserve these feelings, but you have got to fight fight for a life where you can enjoy it and be peaceful and have contentment and have had in us and there's gonna be moments of stress. Of course, there are and there's gotta be moments where it pops back up again, but let's guess on trying to lower the amount of time that you feel anxious and more space between those moments of anxiousness, let's just start their ground. Some tools that
you can use the next time that your struggling, because, ultimately you are in control. Anxiety makes us feel out of control. Anxiety is a liar. It makes this feel like we are not in control of our own bodies, but we are. I promise You are strong enough to do the work to get yourself feeling better. I hope that this was helpful free all week. So many requests for on Instagram. So I felt like it was a good one, especially during the season. If you think this podcast is helpful, please consider taking a picture tat me so I can see and posted on social and let people know hey guys. This is applied Yes, it out anxiety and if you have anxiety, maybe it'll be helpful to you too. I love you guys and as always and forever I am route for you, the right
Hollis podcast is hosted by me, Rachel Hollis, our show is produced by Chelsea Har fish and edited by Andrew Weller with a dish. Production support by sterling coats. Our exec if producer is Cameron Bergmann. The Rachel Hollis Podcast is a three percent chance production their Amy Porter filled here and I'm so excited to. Let you know that my brand new podcast talking body is Visually live this pod gases in partnership with Rachel in her production company, three percent chance. It's- sure, because it's a limited time series in twelve episodes, I'm exploring the topic of body acceptance and what it looks like to love your body no matter what now I'm not the teacher here, the student
so I'll, be going on this body acceptance journey with you, as I talked to experts and other women who will share their experiences to, and specifically I'm exploring this one question: can you love and accept your body and still one change. It I'd love for you to join me. So take a lesson, and let me know what you think: The body is out now and you can listen wherever you get your pie cast.
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