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180: Priyanka Chopra Jonas on How She Began Again


Actor and activist Priyanka Chopra Jonas drops by the podcast to chat about what it was like to go from the film industry in India to the one in America, the lessons she's learned in building her career, and what she's looking forward to after the pandemic.

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hello and welcome to another episode of the Rachel Hollis Podcast, today, I am sitting down with actress and now offer pre anchor copra weeds. about creative ritual and routine and what it has felt like to be a creative person, in the last ten months. How do you find your inspiration when you're inside of quarantine. We talk about her career, which was so inspiring because there were really unique fact about her that I didn't know before this interview and it I'm just still flabbergasted. We talked about all kinds of things and most especially Ankara's new book if you like this episode, make sure you take a screen shot tag me tag, polyantha and let us know what you thought this is. The Rachel less podcast hi, I'm right
hollis- and this is my podcast I spend so many hours of every single week reading and listened podcast and watching Youtube videos and trying to find out as much as I can about the world around me and that's what we do on their, shall we talk about everything life. And how to be an entrepreneur. What happened dinosaurs? What's the best recipe for fried chicken? What's the best plan for intermittent fasting? What's going on with our inner child house therapy working out for you, whatever it is, my guess or into I want to unpack it so that we can all understand these? Our conversations. This is information for the curious. This is the Rachel Hollis podcast. I guess my question that I've been asking everybody. This year's how'd you do in how's it going.
a flight known hanging in their babe. How you doing guy Twenty twenty was really freaking hard. I got my worst yeah a rough ear. But honestly I started this year. I felt like enemy in January, it was like the night before a new job like I just was like so excited fur. Possibility I know we're still not. words, and there is still so much pain and so much uncertainty, but I feel very hopeful, so I'm who in great I know- and you know I thought that to another one we ve known What is that Debbie worth its downer- that yes I was heartened reared speak American. Sometimes, but yes, I don't wanna. Tell me down with. I felt you know New Year's Eve. I'm in London. At the moment, though, I was at home with my family just like feeling super hopeful and feelingly cited and ice- and I said
feel a sense of hope, but I also do feel a sense of dreams a little bit, you know I'm going to work at this time. I started working as our filming back in October and people are consuming so much entertainment right now that someone's gonna make it wrecking frail phrase. You gotta, we gotta go to work and ages, It is now the vaccines come out, obviously, when we'll have access to it. Who knows, but I just do it going on the said and as an actor, I'm the only one who's like taking off my mass, even though its really safe environment, everyone is so far away especially from the actors, are very protected, but its soul scary, and I have to say, I still feel like the sound of the burden of what we went through in twenty twenty. Even now. Every time I go to set So interesting about this is that I feel like even once, like you said, once we do who have vaccines, and once I say, we ve moved through this I think the emotional at risk
like the emotional fall out of what we ve all gone through is thing: we won't even process for a while No doubt they were you're absolutely right. I don't even think people realise how this is going to affect us and quite specific, I you know, He has been at home and not being able to meet friend there be in school and even study. Actually so many kids have not been able to have access to online education because they have computers, you know and they don't have access to wifi around the world. So you know it's this An unprecedented amount of uncertainty at my my best friend just had a son during court dean, and she- and I were talking about how he's not seen anyone besides his parents I guess I was going to be one she's like whenever someone comes home and even if they are like outside and we need them, he starts crying and things strangers and I know it's like, and I felt like my heart went out to him, but it's
it. We don't even realise that the mental trauma think this year has probably had on people absolutely or even just though Ike holding those emotions right holding that fear holding that anxiety, Minos for your girlfriend and other women. I know who given birth in the last ten months, it's already so freaking hard and then you have this added element of for many of them there were moved from the community who would help them with this baby? Who would bring gas or all? Who would do the thing you know everybody I it doesn't matter who you are. I think everybody will walk out of this experience. Having carried some trauma through it carried hardship? And I'm curious? What have you done in the last? You know over the last ten months, other things that you ve done that have helped
you emotionally like moving your body or therapy, or is there anything that you ve done that you feel like tactically, really helped you, despite how stressful it was for two or three things that I did and have been so helpful to me one is randomly when we first quarantined in March, it was my husband and my cousin and her family, and it was a bunch of us. We were about six of us who had quarantine for about four months. Together, we do this. Thing where every night or whenever, through the day, its walk up to someone or call someone and say I tell me the five things your grateful for today. Just today tomorrow, not life? But what do you mean sulphur right now in this moment and adjust brings you back to saying right. I have this and there is some many people around the world that don't right now, and you know I kept myself very, very aware of the different
between the haves and the have nots, and that kept me A very grounded I've tried very much to help as much as I could. You know that kept me. very soon to know that you know a sense of privilege with having a home and you know a meal to eat and that You know something that really kept me in a very same place and give me a sense of purpose. Second, because I was very grateful for you know, my family being safe of being able to have a house and being able to quarantine. You know where I felt in care of, and maybe the problem was bore them. You know, I would like, in that world I also decide, to find a sense of purpose. So I really you know spun creative minds. Actually, I finish driving my memoirs during quarantine I developed a bunch of shows on zoo with flying negative for my first love deal with Amazon. I shot two movies and released two movies.
You know. So I really like put myself into whatever purpose I could find every day and those are too things which is really a couple of things which really helped me not feel traumatized. so interesting that you talk about creativity in this time, because I feel like I also fell incredibly creative, and I think it was because I am so used to like pre covered. I travelled constantly for, meat and greatly handling a luxury home and Yeah could not write my book before that ices look at the computer and relax I'll try tomorrow by this just having the luxury of hi you and not a schedule and not every minute being assigned to doing something are different plain That really is. It was Saviour of the soul. this year
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a K. A are a dot com, slash rise to get twenty percent off your first order soccer. A dot com. Flash rise Why are some of the things that you do that help with that creative process. You have any routines or rituals around I, whether it acting or writing or anything that your creating as there are things that help you get closer to that place where your inflow, I do think. Different for different things like when I was writing for me. I'm are released. Oh Tiber, like a type and keep up with my thoughts. Suddenly they have my pen and my journal with me sometimes are right and then, if I can't keep up with that- and I record my thoughts I have to have liked beverages. I have you no meals. I have to have my eyes so that my legs
to be outside and earn umbrella. If I can order place which keeps my feet are open. to be a sort of an environment, maybe some low five music playing in the background, but I mean to create an environment for me to write but when it comes even reading scripts, because when I'm but I'm working on credit, creating characters in a new radio script. Multiple times in your right, like notes about, seems to think about what that is even within that- I think we ve sometime I walked around ceiling need to have a space. I need to have a pen in my hands. I mean to like is always something to drink and something to eat. I had the same way I like it's a joke. If you look at my desk right now, I have I do the harmony I've, a bottle of water. I don't know what that is, but there's no Lang, Juno's pomegranate, although they re offer you anything, can happen. I might need a stack move. Gonna got so we
I you know I'm trying to learn more about adding ritual to sparking creativity, because I feel it. For a lot of years I am a high achiever. Unlike I will get the place, I will be the teachers pat. I will do I'll do all those things I'm really good at getting, the job done, but as a move into this new phase in my life, I'm excited to play and export and for me a lot of that comes in creative, writing and writing things that maybe are different than what people have seen from me before, because I tend to known for a very specific category, and so that's why I ask is I'm just curious about tools that help us kind of tap into that place, so that were more able to create. You touch them something so interesting that its also wanting to evolve and it sounds like you're, the kind of person who always one to grow, and you are always willing to learn. You know and I I
really believe in that that if you're a student of life and you're willing to every single day- like I don't know everything in l and now rest on our laurels and look for the night sing that introduces your excites you or I think that such a group is to ban because life is ever changing and changes almost constant thing in life and if we don't keep up, you're gonna be left behind absolute and evolution is such a large part of that. What has it been? like for you. I feel, like you have this there fluidity and that you have been part of so many cultures, you are a part of so many cultures. You have experienced bollywood even parents, Hollywood you're in London, now you're married to an American like what are you You, like your perspective, is on the world because you ve been able to sort of move through all of these culture as a kind of absorb or learn from them
consider myself like a global citizen? I'm an indian members. You know America's my adopted country, but I see myself like. I belong to the world because it suggests place. Now you know it's such a. We can go anywhere at the drop of a hat. Such enjoy and experiencing different people. I love the adventure of experiencing different cultures. I'm curious about cultures and people, especially ones one comes from a different country just because I ve traveled so much my whole life within India, within America and within the world. So I think you know I feel like The one thing that I really think about is that we become so did they say? Sir divisive as human. because we're so afraid. something. That's different. You know something different comes along. You dont offend anyone. You d want to see the wrong thing. You don't sound ignorant, so you kind of just like don't
anything at all, and then there are those people who just like different and don't think different should exist. So you know, I think, for those reasons we sort of created division than I think I was raised in a home in a family where there was Curiosity was encouraged to end eyes too. You know: walk the people and go to different cities, and do you know my dad used to just hylas all into a car and we go for a road trip for like ten days and sense of adventure in the sense of curiosity, especially about something that's different, will create much more unity and sort of love and kindness. I think- and I I'm floor, people whenever I mean meet them that unites it's all right. If you dont know everything about everything, no one can know everything about everything, but I came to America. Like you said, I married an American, I don't know what
it's giving was going, I'm supposed to be how exciting but an excited. You know, I don't even know what are the things you do when on Christmas, like celebrate Christmas, but I didn't know those like was the dinner and you know that the day when you open the gifts and like all the things you know- and I afraid to ask the questions, because to bring my best put forward, and I was okay with not knowing because suggest that you know I encourage people to ask questions and be curious, and no educate yourself is that such enjoyed a live in such a diverse world with so much so many and says: I'm gonna forget food cultures, languages, people, what a joy planet earth is, do you feel a certain amount of pressure in you are, I mean I think one of the most followed social media accounts that exists
not mistaken, to fly on Instagram a huge following and deep. feel a certain amount of pressure in that the sole people know you and that your representing that culture and how to is there I have nowhere near the number that you haven't. It feels like a lot of pressure, or is that something that you would have liked, but over here I feel I'm not I had a state. You know I just to have a lot of people that, like my work, so I'm just saying I hope you like rebellion that Belarus five. I just doesn't give myself that kind. Do you no import? I guess I do give importance to my job. I am as a girl and the pictures I put those, thereby opinions or whatever you know that a sight of me, which is very, might my own. You know no one's put me there, but when it comes my work. Everyone has the right to have an opinion on it because that's my job, I'm in a public job
I'm creating media creating entertainments. I've made peace with basic meeting the pressure. I should I definitely think pressure on my job. I went he's coming out, like my book is coming out of terrified. I've done it for the future. I got my movie came out. I'm terrifying, People are gonna. Think because it's my first big you know p job and my first like dramatic role or whatever in America, a lot of pressure and myself to excel at my job, but I don't know Excel at life right. You know, every human being cry I get hurt. I laugh, I feel pain, so don't take social media seriously. I take it as a way of connecting people directly. I've had so much support. My career well wishers and fans who have supported me in pushed me into all of it. Ethical choices that are taking decisions to permit career in different parts of the world start all over again but I've always had like rock solid fans
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slash rise right now to save twenty percent off your first order. That's farmer, Is best offer and it's only good for a limited time, so when you and this probably gonna sonic such a dumb question that I don't know the answer to coming. We just have to battle by re coming from Where are you started acting in Bali? What is that correct? Yes, we felt in the streets colloquially called boy? Would I usually don't prefer that term, but the Zaza me too of Hollywood, but yes, they leave of industry, and so in an it forget, if I'm wrong, but massively successful in that space. Is that correct? what kind of done our guy used every now and then coming to the! U S, like you just said,
this line where you said you know having to start all over again, I thought wow, that's wild and fascinating. Is that what it felt like two to try and make a transition into the? U S market did it feel like you have to start fresh? You have to let a whole new group of people know who you are you gotta do the pr I feel like kind of starting again absolutely I didn't come with the entitlement of the fact that you know the Hindi film Industries, the largest film industry in the world. We make a thousand movies a yours, you know. What's in every country, and I think that I was just looking at transitioning into english language, entertainment as well, because big in the English are both my first languages. I grew up in you know, speaking In the end, English, I grew up thinking in whom the English and I want to just evolve now suddenly my thirties, I was like we're gonna start goodwill your country attempt to complete new things. I didn't think
about sort of the repercussions of it, but I with music initially and the same is recording artist with inner scope and a transition from that I can do you know. Find my sound the way I wanted to and I'm pivoted from that into acting. It was such a hard place to come into being I wanted to be a part of mainstream entertainment. I didn't want to be a jack in the box, I didn't want to be a diversity higher and you know there was a lot of That sort of work coming to me, and I have to give credit to my first tv show, which was Quantico. We know one when I mention back Kelly Lee at the time the BP of Costly for ABC said to me that you know I said I don't wanna do ashore witches. My ethnicity and where I come from an explanation of the fact that I deserve a seat on the table, I'm an artist, am I have something to say as just being an actor
and I remember her saying that you know that's my promise to you and when I signed on Quantico and all the other speakers that they gave to me none of them. Put me in a box and I did Quantico and I was the first. You know of Asian, which is crazy to think about do. A network tv show and, like twenty fifteen, to lead a net, tv show It was mine, blowing that it was so late, but it was happening. So I have my own sort of in our doors to break down at that point, but because of the credibility that I had built, that's my work in India and the career that I've the privilege of having their you know my colleagues, what overtime eventually in in America was a sort of set of giving credence for that, and you know I have Amazon first look deal as a producer of a second deal with CBS Invite com is a producer and creating content now, which is all
Asian or you know female or minority centric, and I didn't have that when I started doing this, but I think credit given too, of really wonderful, not a lot of, but few amazing, wonderful, south asian leaders that we have in in Hollywood, I would say, like some of them are my friends, windy, killing Aziz and sorry hasn't menage commercial risk, you know who are demanding being a part of mainstream pop culture and you know creating content for themselves and pushing the bar and pushing the goalposts for I think presentation and it's a great time and I'm really happy the sort of be at the press of that, but it does not easy to. Don't do that honestly? I know. I know that you ve done so many things and you are so encamp accomplish, but I personally I
and think of anything more inspiring than the fact that you began again because people are afraid to leave their lives. Being a third grade teacher, mean, like people are afraid to leave lives that haven't achieved massive success and my gut as you could have stayed. You could have done that you could have had this. Glory is amazing career where you are beloved and your kill any you're, making all the money- and it's all but two like to have the guts to dream that you could open in a new market and only one that is so badly. That is social and desire. It was terrified. I remember, I think I told story, I think in the book, but I'll tell you which will give you an example of how failed, I remember when I first came to have started. Working in early and music and stuff, like that,
you know. A lot of magazines were uncovering me and I remember walking into this one magazine and I've been under Indian cover five times walked in and I was like hi guys. I've been on your indian version like five times, but this is land. This is the kind of work I'm looking for an and introduce myself in spite of the fact that you know that what I had done there and I remember I was invited to this big. music party ones that I was very excited about, it knows like, oh, my god, all the a listers are gonna, be there and I walked in his party- and I was like all you get into the party, but you don't get in at eleven because all the poor kids hair out bears very themselves and I was like- ok- and I remember my manager looked at me and she was like baby. You know. I know what you ve built and I know who you are, but I also know what you want, and you know it you used to you had down and walk into that
and I remember not knowing anyone and I was like don't anybody. You walk into back, but you know if you want thing: there's no free lunch in the world. You got a swallow that bitter pill and work in that direction. Nothing came out of that party at that point, as it does in all of these Hollywood parties uses me people and nothing what becomes of it, but you know I had a great time. It was great for my sense of confidence, because then you know nothing could determine if I could just swallow my pride and you know and understand that I'm starting at the beginning and be ok with action. Thing that I'm not entitled- and I dont come from thing on my laurels and I'm willing to put in the hard working now works out most times. Ok guys We all have goals for our health that we want attack all but with a pandemic stolen-
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was watching an interview recently was interviewing lady Gaga and she was talking about a star is born and the interviewer asked her. You know Oh, they made you audition, you would do audition for that raw like how did you feel about avenue audition and she was like, I loved it, because nothing's better than people doubting me. And it made me go like ok, you want to see what I can do now, I'm in a show you what I can do. This thing really magical about having to having to go through that when you haven't got through in a while. I'm quoting her. Do you like you had that sort of, like I'm gonna, prove you wrong, or did you have that, like I free you know what I am. capable of I know I can do this and I'm just going to keep falling that I didn't have it I'm going to prove you wrong, because then my whole life would have been about I've had naysayers my whole life, cause I've always from myself and decision. This means that I didn't know anything about when I ll
the pageants that I one I've come from high school, I've never been imagined girl, I've, never modeled in my life, don't even know how to walk in the meadows and sorry and gowns. Like I learned the job when I was thrown into the indian film industry. I didn't know how to run your marking You learn your lines and the things, but I learnt really quick eye. It was, I think you know when you pushed him the deep and you either sink or swim, and when you have that choice, you gotta just swim, and having I learned how to do that. a very young and live at a very young age, and I realise that you know it's only self that stops you it's your fear and that doesn't necessarily mean that I do feel. Like you know, I I didn't feel pressure and I didn't feelings the cure, and I didn't feel isolated or some sort of solitary in my desire and attempt to grow, but I think the way what I did was instead of taking the pressure an approval role,
What I did was, I know my job and I know if I am thrown on a film, said no, I can deliver because I come from ten years of that experience of having worked in so many different genres of moving laid. So many various kinds of roles which I haven't even started doing in America, early just played my first dramatic part in the: U S you know and after having, some fifty sixty movies there. I had faith in my ability had faith in what I bring The table- and that gave me confidence to sort of had my eye on the prize instead of the noise, but so get. I love that Tom. Tell us about the book because it feels like there's a lot of wisdom in the words that you ve, written down, that are gonna inspire listener. So can you tell us why you wanted to write it and what we find in the pages
we started writing and it was. I thought it would be the easiest way to write a book. I always wanted to write a book. I've written birds and I was always afraid of you're, driving like novel or like a screenplay so like I am. Approaching twenty years in the entertainment business. You know in twenty Twond unease that I'm gonna write a book and If I remember rightly be easy, because I know my life, so you know I didn't understand the gravity of what I was taking on when I sat down to write it. I was so overwhelmed with the fact that You know I didn't have any memories. I've been running so fast for such a long time since I was a child moving around. My parents were in the military every two years old, that I never had time to really remember things, so I really had to sit back right United made my milestones and sort of divine
around that. But I really started writing the book in quarantine. When I have the luxury of time and then became like a journal, I just so the flawed out of me and I realized I have given myself time to introspective realise how I've gotten where I have. There were so many things I hadn't dealt with emotionally. That made this book personal and if Fit was another time in my life. I don't think this book would have been what it is right now. Before I could stop the press as it was printed. So now is or already, but its it's very, surprisingly vulnerable and raw and personal and I've never spoken about a lot of these things in life passed, and I probably never will in the future. The boycott me at a very soft time in my life, but I'm proud of it. I'm proud of the girl that you know has been through all the same. I have mentioned in the book and when I finished reading
The first time I remember AL proud of my young yourselves, and you know I was for the four This time I wasn't hard on her, and I said you know good job, you navigated aloud and you got out of You know the other side, okay, and that certainly something and I want to acknowledge that for you, because having personally, in about a lot of vulnerable on hard things very few people understand what that feels like it's like cutting when a vein putting it on a page, is an and not only that, but then a world of people get to consumer and have an opinion on what it, what it is windows it. Amounts now I don't even think about that. I'm like wasted at combating them even more February, nine o clock. This is why I said that this way said this, because any time that we put words like that down,
Certainly, there are going to be people who have opinions that aren't great, but what you will find I promise is the people Who will be forever change because of a line that you rode on a page and I just think that books have this way of affecting people that very few mediums can because it just a lives forever and it truly was like your heart, honest age at a moment in history, five years from now or ten years from now you would have written a different book and there's somebody so beautiful about having the courage to put it out there, because I promise, You you! All! You will be blown away by the people who come back and say like this. Made me feel less alone. I thought I was the only one me to thank you sit like so just cling to the people who do get something out of it because I think when I'm writing, my prayer is always God give me just one
give me one person that gets anything out of this, even if it was just a laugh on a hard day, because then it will be worth it because, if you think of the millions, its too overwhelming interest. I want to honour you, because lots of people have stories and lots of people dream writing a book, and very few people have the courage to actually do it, especially with a platform as big as yours Thank you Rachel. Those are wise words from someone with experience. To hear that. Thank you. It's gonna be great. It's gonna, be it's gonna, be category. I probably you weren't, always gonna be out of what is the title of the book and where can people find it just cause? I know they're gonna wanna go grab after listening. The title of the book is called finished and you can find it on various platforms, online, Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, and it's called unfinished because That's what I feel I am. I feel
there's a lot I want to do and by gods grace. If I get the opportunity to, I would love to keep doing at fair, add. Ah my gosh. Thank you so much taking the time and talking to me all the things. I just think that there's something so special about the willing to be vulnerable. It kind of goes back to that, leaving this world that you knew leaving Moreover, you have answered of oh come and go back to the base of a mountain and start again and you're doing it again. You could have done had the Instagram baby imagine have and the willingness to speak. Your truth is just super inspiring. So thank you, the rate Hollis podcast is hosted by me. Rachel Hollis, our is produced by Chelsea Har fish and edited by Andrew Weller with additional. Direction: support by sterling coats, our exact
if producer is Cameron Bergmann the Rachel Hollis Podcast is a three percent chance. Production their Amy Porter filled here and I'm so excited to. Let you know that my brand new podcast talking body is Visually live this pod gases, in partnership with Rachel in her production company, three percent chance special because it's a limited time series in twelve episodes, I'm exploring the topic of body acceptance and what it looks like to love your body no matter what now I'm not the teacher here, the student so I'll be going on this body acceptance journey with you, as I talked to experts and other women who will share their experiences to, and specifically I'm exploring this one question: can you love and accept your body and still one
change it. I'd love for you to join me. So take a lesson, and let me know what you think the body is out now and you can listen wherever you get your pie cast
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