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182: No Motivation? Here's How to Create Your Own!


This week on the podcast Rachel is delivering her best secrets for creating a firestorm of motivation inside a season where even a spark feels hard to find. Along the way we'll discuss why you might be feeling a lack of motivation, and ways to give yourself grace during and after burnout.

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hey guys that welcome to the Rachel Hollis Podcast, where my intention is always to give you advice or wisdom or ideas for how to improve differ. areas of your life. Honestly, I think that is a big part. what I spend a lot of my time. Doing is trying to figure out how to do everything a little bit better than by, like the tiniest little one percent improvement. I think that if you keep kind of chipping away at thing and finding ways that you can them better finding ways that as you pursue them, you feel better. I feel like you build this maize in life in small tiny degrees, instead of just massive crazy change. So
what I'm all about I'm all about. How do I improve by little tiny increments and to that end today I thought I would teach about how to get more aided by I'm, Joe Hollis, and this is my podcast. I spend so many hours of every single week reading and listened podcast and watching Youtube videos and trying to find out as much as I can about the world around me and that's what we do on their shall we talk about everything like and how to be an entrepreneur. What happened dinosaurs? What's the best recipe for fried chicken? What's the best plan for intermittent fasting? What's going on with our inner child house therapy working out for you, whatever it is, my guess or into I want to unpack it so that we can all understand these our conversations. This is information for the curious. This is the Rachel Hollis
I'd CAS now, let's just real quick star wicked this com, Station because I dont think that there is an account can I get more, DE I, in the voice mail here on the pied cast and emails to or customer service team, number one thing I get asked, is how to get motivated and I've talked about this extensively. I talked about a ton and girl. Stop appalled, I, if you guys wanna, go grab the book from your library or list two on audio but I believe, is that you establish rituals and teens, so that don't need motivation. Motivation is fleeting vision is temporary. Motivation is something external on Skype.
We even living your life in a way that you ve got these routines established. So you don't have to motivate yourselves to go. Work out. You'll have to motivate yourself to eat foods that buster you don't have to motivate yourselves to read or prey or spend time with your kids, like you have things in place to help you do that. That's what I believe in, but I still get the question Of course you all the time- and I understand that some times we- actually do need external motivation. Sometimes we're just fill in key or we know we have to perform today. We know we have to show up today, but we're just not feeling it, and so today's episode it is about what to do. If that's where your act, if you need a kick in the pants, if need to get some motivation. That's what we're talking about today before I jump
Can I just say if you listen to my pod cas every week and you get value out of this totally free experience? Will you just subscribe to the podcast? Any punkahs that you listen to subscribing is the best way to support the host. It means that you're gonna get a notification every single time. I put New episode? Also love it. When you share on social media and tell over people hey, motivated our girl it is over here talking about it today on the way to podcast. Ok, that being said, law jump in two as always got my serial killer notes. Here. Just I write all sorts of ideas down and we're gonna do something with them. When I think about Then we need to get motivated. I am thinking about myself on the days where I know that I've gotta show up and I'll have the right sort of energy or mindset to do that.
For me. I don't know if it's like this, for you guys, but for me I really work. Best buy batching my work, and I think I've talked about this pretty extensively on the pot ass but batching. My work, at least to me, looks like I put all the same kinds of things in my schedule. On the same day, let me explain: if I am going to record podcast episodes. I will batch all of my podcast recording on the same day, if I knew to write an email sequence. I'm gonna do my writing all on the same day. If I have to edit a book, that's on a different if I gotta do meetings with my internal team, that's all different day if I have to do meetings externally, that's on a different day, best case scenario, an endless real quick to give you some backstory on that
I, if you haven't ever studied flow, I would highly recommend you, Google, not the woman who sells you insurance, but actually getting into a flow stay and how much you can accomplish when you are in flow state, and for me I find that I can get into flow stay and stay there, and my productivity is through the freaking roof. If I can stay in the same mindset, I can stay working along the same theme that I men I can hundred percent. I can jump from one thing to another. I could edit a book in the morning then go into external meetings, then going to internal meanings than to oppress interview, but I don't feel like, that's me giving my best to myself to you guys to my kids, like I don't feel like. That's me at my back
And part of being an entrepreneur and having the ability to chart my own path in this world means, like I'm, gonna show up at the highest level. I am going to execute on all the things I am beast mode I will accomplish. I will do all of it but I'm going to do it in a way that number one feels really good and number two allows me to show up. The level that I want to show up. I think that for anybody who is trying to achieve something. Maybe a gram. Three like I am maybe you're an entrepreneur or small business owner. I think that we can sort of get bogged down. in two hours ability to be at such high capacity, so I can man I can function the highest levels and I can accomplish all sorts of things, and I found the past that man, if you like, people know what you can do, though, you to do it.
firstly when I was younger, career, and I wasn't the boss when people like oh you- can handle a hundred things, will great here's a hundred things, even though that's not your job and that's not what you're here to do so. I have to be really careful in my life too, do all the things just because that's what everybody would prefer that I do it's it's that simple because I'm going to achieve what I wanna achieve regardless and I've law this: the hard way that I can get to the top the mountain and have the entire journey have felt miserable or I can get to the top of the mouth, and have really enjoyed the process and I choose to enjoy the process so just a thought for my high achieving there. The reason that I bring up the idea of batch work is because I find that the days ice struggle to sort of get my head in the game, get you get you get to get you
in the game. Get ahead the game and If you don't get that high school musical reference, we will never before. and in real life? So I have found that the times that I struggle the most too my head and get my mind set right is when I'm sort of forced to jump from one thing to another and there totally different. They just required totally different, do totally different mindset for me and they This is when I use some of the hacks that I am going to talk you through today. So that's when I feel like I need momentary motivation is when I need to perform it's not the ideal circumstance for me and unlike suck up Sis we got work to do before I get into those hacks. Let's just real quick start with, why you might be filling a lack of motivation because I really want to be clear on this. There is a huge difference like it
coming to me right now, you're listening to this and your super burn out and you're, exhausted and you're, like I just need the hack. I just need to know. What do I do to get motivated? This is not a conversation for you. What I'm gonna say to you: is that be burn now is not sustainable. It's not healthy. It's not! Ok, this culture of law! go go, go, go it's! Never enough! Work harder, push more, get up early or stay up later. You only need for hours, sleep like it's bullshit and it is killing me but really literally killing people this. This belief, that we are meant to just right, and sprint constantly, and you'll, be able to rest and relax as soon as you get through this big launch. As soon as you get past, you know act season as soon as you get to your annual gone like we can all is come up with the justification. For why we keep pushing ourselves
though hard and its garbage? I am positive you're. An entrepreneur like I am or you're trying to achieve a goal, then, I am positive that you ve experienced this. Thing in your life for your like! Oh I I have to get through the holidays. I just have to get through the busy season. There's all he's gonna be something behind whatever it is you're telling yourself you have to get through. You have to be define rest and peace, this day in One right here. You want to perform at the highest level, then you need to take care of yourself, you wanna get, to the top of the mountain than you better treat yourself like an athlete, athletes take care of their bodies, they take care of their bodies. Take care of their mental and emotional energy, big. They can take care of their mind. They are so focus on all of this meeting be able to work together
harmony in order for them to get where they want to go there like this, this waiting for some day planning for some day. Oh I'm no it's it's wrap it, such an unhealthy culture that we have been fed for years and years and years and hear me out our seasons, where you're gonna have to spread. Now. Maybe your listening to this and your like one of my. be followers- and you you are not that kind of person and you're wearing right now, you're like wearing of flow. We outfit and you have like cool necklaces, and you are then- and that's ok, not you, but I think for the rest of us. Are seasons where you do have to spread their season. When I see spread, I mean You are having to push harder than in other seasons, and that could be like your new mom, you're a new dad
and so this is a season where you know what the energy and the outpouring and everything is for this child right or maybe started your first business, and this is the time to spread. Maybe you are working towards getting your masters, and this is the time to spread. I believe our seasons where we run and I believe there are seasons where we rest and to me kind of life I want to live is the kind of life where I am resting. regularly, not at like some preconceived destination, like oh it's summer, vacation and now I'm going to take two weeks in and chill out. So I just want to be careful with topic of motivation, because if you are feeling so, if you and weary. If you're feeling hired. If you're feeling unfulfilled that something to one
fuck, you need me to tell you motivation, hacks, you need to have your cup fell back up, you need to to, passionate again, you need the energy you need nourishment you need. sunshine and and rest. Maybe you need to chill the hell out. That's where you need. So, if that's you, please listen to that. Still small voice inside your heart. That tells you you need to take a breath right now. I need to find some peace in this day in everybody loves to talk about self care, and it's this like sexy thing you're supposed to do on a Sunday in a loose self care Sunday now you're supposed to take care of yourself every freaking day. When operate at the highest levels, you want the energy to take care people that you love. You want to live a vibrant, beautiful life. You gotta you to be rooted, and you have
be caring for yourself. Every single day right now now we're gonna talk about voting fiction acts. Now that I've, a huge prerequisite. Am I I'm just of imagining like me tenure ago would have been so burn out and still just been like. Go just give me the hack. So I did my best here yo, o k, What do I do personally when I don't feel motivated the first thing, start with is. Is this feeling mental or physical, is this mental energy or physical energy, because I really feel like motivation is often one or the other physical like? you're feeling physically is going to have your ability to sustain motivation and momentum, which is momentum,
way more important than motivation, because, like what I said at the top motivation is something that is like its m snappy. There's can see me, like its fleeting it comes and goes but momentum once you're inside of it. You can stay inside of an object and She stays in motion its incredibly powerful, so I would say the first thing want you to do- is to check and on how are things going physically Please read now, if you are like oh, I know already now. I know what you're I know about eating, and I know about sleep- and I know Oh you don't actually don't because if you were truly taking care of your body. If you were truly eating foods that bless your boss, taking your supplements drinking enough water, getting enough sleep. If you were doing those things you Well your eyes,
because you would know how essential they are for you to have the vitality that you want to have in life either you're doing them and you're totally in agreement with me that that is crucial or your do that thing that people do where you're like no already know, you don't know you ve done because if you truly knew what you were supposed to be doing, you'd freaking do it. So please don't row your eyes and please don't half listen to this man. Maybe you are hearing this again right now, because the EU Versus telling you to take care of yourself take care of yourself number one. What is your nutrition? What is nutrition and I'm not even in a start by telling you to cut things out because I always feel like that is overwhelming, but I do think that if you want to be motivate,
if you want to have energy it matters, what you are consuming, so just really easy stuff eat food in the form it came in. Roots, vegetables, nuts, I am a meat eater, so protein fish eggs like Whatever your nutritional plan is the closer and closer you can get to eating foods that are not process that like this is the way that they come fantastic, leafy, green vegetables. Are the jam right, so they're not All whole foods are created equally, and so the more that you can leave in the direction of things that are green and leafy that's bomb. That's awesome, pay attention to how food makes you feel. This means that you have to be thoughtful about what you're eating so
oh, some foods that are meant to be really good for you could make you feel terrible can make you feel sluggish can make. You feel tired, because you have food sensitivity to so pay attention to the way food makes. You feel supplements I my Lord, how many supplement so I take a day twenty pills baby and I don't typically say what my supplements just because I think it so dangerous for you to take medical advice from some chick here listening to on the internet. If you have the ability to meet with a nutrition, especially in this world, where things are virtual. I think that that is the best way. How I figured out what my supplement stack should be I have worked with, but for different nutritionists over the years to get the stacks that I have today I take a certain ones in the morning and certain once in the evening, and I am constantly like adjusted
and trying to figure out. What is gonna make me feel great water. Are you hydrated are you drinking half your body weight and ounces of water every single day, guys right now, Listen to this just chug, some water, like you're too frat part water is never gonna. Do you wrong? It's I just all. I always have a bottle of water with me. Wherever I go sleep Are you getting sleep guys? Are you getting sleep there are so there so much information. You don't need me to be the one to tells you that you need sleep, but you need them. Freaking, sleep and tons of information online for how you can get better sleep, how you can set yourself I'll pay, you make sure the rooms cool enough, how you don't look screens within our like. I don't need to do a whole thing on sleep. There's a ton of information, elbow for you online. I know but there are allegedly allegedly people in the world How only need like four hours sleep at night, congratulations good for,
I am not one of those people in order for me to function at my highest level I have to have sleep and, if you're feeling lack of motivation. It could just be that you need more energy in your system and that might look like you need to get some better sleep or some more sleep, of you are maybe get your like great, I'm getting into eight hours a night, but maybe realize that you're actually not really getting great ram sleep or your circadian rhythm, is off their just a time of resources available to you, sleep matters.
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I need some motivation now we're gonna talk. We started with. Are you burn out? We went into like tactical functional ideas for your health. If all of those things are checked off, then then here's some things I do so Do the first thing that I wrote down on my list feel A little feels a little weird, but I always want to know like really what people really do, not what they not would just like sounds Q. And cool, and this definitely doesn't maybe sound cool. But it's the truth, and if it helps you here we go. I sort of think of myself. Oh, this sounds crazy. I sort of think of different versions of me or different personalities, that kind of show up and
for moment. I've never tried to explain this before. So please bear with me, because this is not gonna sounds well thought out, because I I it's just something I know it's not something. I've ever tried to explain to others. So I kind of think of different parts of myself. So I Mama. I am a warrior. I am them go. I M the witch wow, This is sounding wild. Let me explain so different parts hoof. My life require different, energy. I it sounds really weird. I am hoping that this somehow make sense to people like. the Mama that's going to you know like cook dinner for my kids tonight. Spend an hour, Doing Noah's hair, that is, totally different person than the one who
get on stage and speed for four hours for three days straight ten thousand and it's a totally different person, then the one who's gonna do yoga and, like meditate, it's a totally different person than the one who it will run a marathon, their different personalities, not split personalities, but just so different versions of myself that led out, and I think, we all have that that we all have our version of like, ourselves, but maybe you don't give your yours nicknames like I did I give my nicknames like oh this is, I would call it the which, like I'm, I'm gonna, get some No it's about this. I don't want to do a history lesson on you, but I will just real quick.
Reason. I call it which is because, if you look at history the women who were burned at the stake, who are stoned drown as witches were typically the way men who were the healers who were in touch with their intuition, who are in touch with nature, and so I think that that it has been manipulated, and used to hurt so many women, and so when I say which what I mean is just this idea of trusting your intuition of being in touch with you quality of being president of being here, so I'm going to go. Do a yoga session. If I'm, ago do a manifesting session or if I'm gonna go meet with. Friends and we're gonna vision cast a future whatever. That's the version of me that I want to show up in that space, I dont want the person onstage. That's like. the super high energy, like all this stuff, like go
now, I want to be more present and centred here. I hope this makes sense. I apologize If it sounds crazy, I feel like there's. Maybe four of you hurting me like? Oh yeah girl, I got you, but if it helps you at all, it definitely helps me to think of the different versions of myself and then ask which first of me, needs to show up right now in this space. So When I need to get motivated, I am usually called hang on the mobile, oh, my gosh, I like that be right. So I think I'll have heard me talk about the mobile before it was the nickname that I gave myself years ago when I started doing person. development, and I wanted to stand in my power and I wanted to own the fact that I am Bishop S, and I have these big dreams for the company I want to build. Then it was I wanted to give that a nickname, and so I named it mobile and
tattoo. On my rest that says Mobile and yes, sir, Oh, when I need to get motivated, that's the version who needs to be called upon, but, like you're different persona say like the Mama version of you, the daddy version of you, the ceo version of you, there's a different physical Eddie you're, using a different voice. You speak differently, you think differently, like when you're in those zones, you're you're, you have different energy. So for me I'm like? Ok, even if I don't feel like Yet. I know the physicality I need, I know the outfit how to put on I know the way I'm going to talk. I know the way I'm going to show up like I can almost hack the system by sort of putting myself into that persona before I have the feeling and eyes shut its address. You start to do it and then you start to feel it. So if you ve never thought of versions of yourself before maybe it's time for you to come up
with. What is the motivated version of you, like I said earlier, I was humming the idea of the warrior so the warriors to me. Is I first of all I am positive if I could trace my lineage back, I'm like there is some scottish. Irish warrior blood running through my veins. I am, I am positive that that is up part of my lineage, even though I don't have any proof of that, and so I really do think of Basa version of me that has kind of mountains. That's the version of me that marathons. That's a version of me that pushed babies out of my body like the warrior- is. This is strength, is power or is knowing. You can do hard things physically and if say I wanted to get motivated to do a work out. Then the warrior is the version of myself that I'm gonna call upon and I I'll upon like do like us, the heart. I just mean that I'm like ok this,
HU. I need to be right now. This is how we need to show up I'll put on me, they. I feel like kind of fits into that persona, I have play less in by a private, but in my Spotify account like I've playlists that, sort of our songs that to me feel like that version of myself, so that sounded like little crazy, but I also feel like that is bomb advice that I just gave you guys right now. So if it's not too good for you, I highly suggest that you create the poorest Is that you need- and this could be like what's a persona that you need to be the parent you want to be with so that you need to be the lover that you wanna, be whatever. It looks like to you there either think, there's any sort of end to how you can shop in the world so also just real, quick if you're listening to this- and that was good where you do a screenshot and tag me on social, and let me know what you thought also, if you also have persona I've, never
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on the persona that you need doing, something is a call is this is like the the queen answer of fake it till you make it and I I feel like this is kind of an obvious thing, but I'm gonna say just in case. There are people who have never tried it. If you go. Do something vesicle you dance around. You do a strength, training work out you going around! You gonna walk! I for me personally that pull me out of my head. if you are feeling unmowed evaded you're in your head and you need to be your heart, and you need to be in your body like motives to me. It is a body feeling, it's not a might like it's not your mind, because If I'm feeling on motivated in my brain is telling me a hundred differ, reasons why, I don't need to do that thing, a million different ways that I could not show up. As my best self, like my brain, will never run out of ideas for like why
don't need to do a thing that I need to do so. If I push myself, to go to work out. I always always feel better about you, but I have never one time, never regretted working out. I have granted not working out nine times out of ten, but I've never regretted going and challenging my body and moving myself and sort of getting back into my the physicality of like that energy. So it's just it's the simplest hack in the world and if you're not filling motivated, you won't be like going in getting a work out in, but if you can challenge often go. Do just just do like six minutes, just go jog for six minutes or just go work out for six minutes. The truth is you're gonna get out we're not gonna do just six you're gonna get out there and we like ok, fine, were here. I heard recently that it takes about forty five minutes for runners high to kick in so
for those of you who are long distance runners like I am or want to be, that's you shall we, my challenge to myself. and- and I know if you're, not a runner you're like running for forty five minutes. What the hell! That's you? when I that, if I can get to forty five minutes than that king, me for another hour cause. I should have hit that high. So for what that's worth if you're not feeling motivated, go help. Someone else go help. Someone else increase we powerful. This is when you feel like you're. Not. play motivated kind Qana by anything. Right like this is not just kind fleeting thing, maybe you're in a week were you to sort of fellow like a year and a right and you dont fell passionate. You know energize eyes, go volunteer, go ask how you can help go show up for someone else I do this a lot in business or reach out to there's, probably like twenty different small
it says that I am aware of that. I follow that. I really like their product and they tend to be female owned companies, and I'll literally to reach out to people like. Is this my being spanned but return do. Ok, let's do assume. Let me let me give you an hour. Let me help you in whatever way. I can I'll talk to you about digital marketing, all but you all you know whatever it is that you need. Let me serve you and this time and really it it does something my spirit and my soul, because I love getting to people about business. It's one, my favorite things in the world and That time is me getting to live. One of core values which is being a servant leader and showing up rather people and it reignite the path in my belly, Iraq he ignites my heart for this work and what I am doing. So I really suggest it not
if you're feeling super burn out, then the answer is definitely not oh, I'm in ago, in a poor out more on others. But if you feel like you have, energy in your your miss me missing past you. Gonna wanna get passion, go serve, others doing now. Thing that you love to do. That's really powerful. I also think that it exists it's especially and women there's this study that women are terrible at negotiating. Our own salaries were not as it is man, there's a lot of research behind why, but that same studies add that when women negotiate for other people were actually stronger than any so women will fight more passionately for some one else than they will for themselves a bummer and all we need to do all the things to fix this
in our generation's, our daughters, don't have to deal with this, but knowing that that's a reality it a really motivating for you to use your passion to stand up for some else than that may ignite feelings of excitement and energy. In yourself again, my last thought on hacking, motivation- and this moment is to ask you, I'm going to ask you this question right now, and I want you to like an sir with the first thing that comes your mind. Do you think more about things that- happened in the past things that, happening in the present or things that you want to happen in the future. Are you a past present or future? or so, depending on what you sad. That may be a big factor and why you're not feeling motivated most people spend a ton of time thinking about the past and
be there thinking about good things, and maybe there thinking about bad things, but more often they're mine keeps going back to the past, because that's what we know right, so like oh, are you wake up and Tuesday morning you're like I know it Tuesday morning feels like in your brain, so goes and just processes the Tuesday morning that you ve had before and tells you. This is what this Tuesday morning is gonna feel like based on what has happened in the past. If you are letting your minds. about whatever it wants to. It will always go to past thoughts not only will it go to pass thought, but it will go to pass thoughts and then make you believe that that is destiny like that It is what is going to happen because that's what has happened with you are struggling with motivation. It's important to ask yourself: where are my thoughts right now? Are they in past present or future because
if I want to get motivated, I have to be in future thought I have to be thinking about what is future I want to create. Where do I want to go what the. Why? Behind this thing that I meant to do right now and I'm supposed to shop in this place, if I can put My thoughts into future focused thinking and I M suddenly manifesting in creating a life that I want to have, and I can really clearly see the parallels like oh yeah in the future this is the energy that I have, and this is what is happening in the world, and these are the things that I'm doing and at all to have that future right now in this present moment, this is the thing that I have to do. This is the task in front of me. This is how I have to show up as the best version of myself. I guess myself a why, because I am able to see where it takes me like people always hill
we, you have to know your way of doing your wife and you do it's important to know your. Why? But I feel like sometimes just saying: Oh, this is my. Why is now as is powerful as seeing the future that want to create an understanding that the task that you're about to take on the thing that you're not motivated to do is directly connected to that future. You want to hear and also, if your alike will Rachel, I think of my future and then task that I'm about to do has nothing to do with that will. Then you are ask a bigger question, so times there are tasks we have to do with me. You gotta go to the job that you know pays slightly above minimum wage, and you don't really like it and Is it directly you're, like that's not directly connected to my future? Where I want to be an offer, will know it is because that job that you have to go show up for right. Now, that's paying the bills for you to live your life so that you have this
you need so that you can work on your craft and work on writing and get the pages get the words down and like it is connected, it is connected. if you're doing a task that, seemingly like oh well, I you know running this business and that's gonna help lead me to this thing. And you realize I wait a minute. That's not actually this task in front of me. Is not actually getting me anywhere near the life that I want to live. My That's why you're not motivated, maybe not motivated, because on some level your spirit knows this is not the role were meant to be playing. This is not the thing. This is not the life that I want to live
that's a really powerful indicator to, but I think that we get to that answer. We get to that clarity when we push ourselves to imagine that vibrant beautiful future that we want to create for ourselves and asked how this task in front of us is helping us get closer to that goal. All my friend, those were a bunch of different thoughts. I had about hacking motivation, some of em, I think we're very straightforward. So then, where maybe hippy Wu Wu and thank you for staying, me even if vote, we were like girl. What are you talking bout if this episode was helpful to you? I hope that it was checking on social and let me know what you think be sure and subscribe to the shows. You get a new notification every time we post an episode and if you love it had and leave a review. You hate it. You just go ahead and keep it to yourself as well. We don't need to know how they ran. Dazzling
you guys. I love you, I'm rooting for you and I hope that you are finishing this. Said, filling motivated as all heck Rachel Hollis podcast is hosted by me, Rachel Hollis, our show is produced by Chelsea Har, fish and edited by Andrew Weller with a dish. production support by sterling coats, our exec, pretty producer is Cameron Bergmann. The Rachel Hollis Podcast is a three percent chance production. Microsoft teams is helping priority bicycles, reinvent the way they work. When the pandemic hat the bike shop had to close their New York City show room. They found a way to reopen by doing virtual visits on teens. Now the team can meet with two or three times the number of customers than they could before
And people from all over the world can visit their show room, learn more about their story and others at Microsoft, DOT, slash teams, hey. My name is Darren and I'm a visual designer at the Hollister and also write our monthly culture newsletter for a company called sway. Swain. You letter, is all about subtle of movements that adapt change. We all The ability to change things for the better off I'm gonna be introducing you to black artists, works and culture moment: to bring a little more celebration to your black history month. What am to show y'all now are things that have cut my than you do. Recognized and supported welcome back to sway digital
last week just case you missed it. We talked about rosy, Myers Vision and her brand resistance fashion. This week I want to focus on the importance on black women the neglect of respect they are receiving. from movement start about his strong leaders like women in literature and what the future holds I would start this conversation with a powerful movement that started back in twenty thirteen hashtag black grow magic turned back the shanty such was the movement that rally the hopes of counteracting negativity on black women? it started out as a hashtag online that was centred around the achievements and successes of black woman. It also focus on the power behind, where not only women can overcome, but also in black as well for them he's like beyond, say? Well, Psmith, analysed Hamburg and many many more or supporting the term hashtag black girl magic. In short, it was heard and use in a positive way for regular like women, you may
have encountered it as the rallying cough support behind some on biogas, as she dominated in the White saturated sport of gymnastics, I love hush and movement because it creates this platform for all women of color to come together against racism and stereotyping because, hope that my daughter can find peace in the future known that she is not alone I can only do so much as a single blind father, but the community of black women and girls, something as well need in this world my daughter, whenever she hears the words black girl magic makes her so happy and filled with hope that she can make a difference moving forward When we talk about black activism in history were usually. About men, Spotlight, usually on Doc, Martin Luther King Jr, Malcolm X, pressure Douglas and many more, now this isn't a bad thing is that we hardly hear about the movements that have risen from female activists. I believe there should be more black. His ring textbooks anyway, but the lack of
knowledge on blood women is bizarre black. and activists, have changed and shape the role in so many ways. Kelly Cole Grass, the Martin Luther King Jr, professor of history, at Wreckers University, taught me but the mass range and the different types of voices cross history from black women Ross toxin are birds about this one, civil rights activist, name, nanny, Helen Boroughs, bird was an educator and had applied to several public schools in Washington DC, which was turned down matters into her own hands by starting her own school, to educate and train poor working american women. She provided a chance for black women to have those equal opportunities when no one else would grasp point the importance of hearing different types of voices even shows that have been arrested is essential. Important, considering the disproportionate amount. Above Like men and women incarcerated is all is more to the story? For instance, from a to B wells to Patrice Con Colors founder of the black
lives, matter, movement and let us not forget the complex story of political activists bluster Angela Davis as private. Apples. She goes to talk about the racial biases and the judicial system, as well as the lack of resources available for black people I am fascinated with clinical, Russia's research and these movements and people I have even heard of before. There are ten of good activists ranging back four hundred years ago. It goes to show there's a ton of great like history out there that is kind of you swept under the rug She covered a lot of these great black female activists in her book called a black woman sis, of the United States. You should totally check it out because it is a must, read, it's impossible to understand the importance of black women in our history. It is still with women who fight for freedom and justice this for themselves. quality and access for future female dreamers. I was also looking up an author who touches a lot on inequality and education, YA, Jesse,
author, upon going energy release, transcendent kingdom talks about her ants grown up and the difference between her in schools based on their racial make up. She spoke the high school. She attended that since students, the Harvard Yell Brown, which was holly encouraging for students to excel she, pinpointed that the high school down the road in a rough part of the neighbourhood was gradually their students at an abysmal rate. She expresses. The fact, Educational access is not equal by a long shot and usually in these cases is because the neighbourhood and environment that people grow up in regional inequality is just one of those. Many issues stemming from systemic racism and it is a serious problem, just realized something that rings true to how I feel and I'm sure a lot of african Americans still as well. You have to be twice good, to get at par lobby and like the fact that we hustled rises, heart just be recognized as potential candidate. or person. Society is beyond my mind.
Question: behind closed doors, the reason we're working harder and there and those accomplishments. Do not save us I find such inspiration from the way Jesse speaks for young black women through her words and words ass. She states, right. It can be an act of love and justice. Now, speaking of have all seen the inaugural speech by Amanda Gorman. Yes, yes and yes, and his palm their writings arm rich with so much passion and drive, she is at the forefront the next generation of women and women of color to make a stand and make a change a true reminded that their voice is a superpower. Amandas Workfolk does on activism, around oppression, race, feminism and the african diaspora at such a young age. Her successes as a poet and as a writer as me, Romano for so many young black sisters. you re more and gain access to ratings. At her sight, they De Gorman dot com
Now I'm gonna in this week's appreciation on black women and their works. But this quote from one of my favorite artists, my moon. I use sometimes being a woman, is like being black twice now that is the most accurate quote I have ever heard, especially for me Haven't mother that I have seen struggle to make ends meet for children in the healthy educational system, to minimize the races environment ass, much ass, she could and anything that neglect and lack of acknowledgement of her hard work? beyond grateful for my mother, my sister, my blood she was out there that are keeping afloat increase the future. Not only for the youth to carry on
a change in the system and for equality I'm there, and this is where Digital hey there any porter filled here and I'm so excited to. Let you know that my brand new podcast talking body is officially live. This podcast is in partnership with Rachel and her production company. Three percent chance special, because it's a limited time series and in twelve episodes I'm exploring the topic of body acceptance and what it looks like To love your body, no matter what now? I'm not the teacher here? The student
so I'll be going on this body acceptance journey with you, as I talked to experts and other women who will share their experiences to, and specifically I'm exploring this one question: can you love and accept your body and still one change. It. I'd love for you to join me. So take a lesson, and let me know what you think talking body. is out now and you can listen wherever you get your pipe cast
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