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190: Take Action to Become the Person of your Dreams - with Luz Maria Doria


On this episode I interview the incredible Luz Maria Doria, the author of the book "La Mujer de Mis Sueños" and "Tu Momento Estelar", vice-president and executive producer of the morning show Despierta America on Univision. If you were able to join us for Rise in Minneapolis or Fort Meyers you got to hear a piece of her story - today we're talking about taking action to move yourself closer to your dream life and the person you truly want to be. Luzma shares how her life has changed through Covid and her new perspectives on time, dreams, and taking the opportunities that God or the Universe presents to us.


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The past year has roots so wild right like hard and good and a lot of chaos, and if your like me this morning. Routine that you have for your day is everything it's. How we figure out. What comes next, it's how we practise gratitude and sinner ourselves, and it is how we lay our priorities and figure out where we're going. If you have it yet a morning routine. I want to make sure you know about the start today brand. It is a collection of gorgeous. journals and planners that help centre. You help you practice gratitude copies goals and stay focused in the midst of chaos and in the case of the planner it helps you break apart. Those big gigantic dreams into achievable bite, say
pieces you can find out more at start today. Dot com. Today on the podcast I'm interviewing my dear friend loose loose, Yeah Doria is the author of several books, she's the executive producer of desperate America, which is if your familiar bigger than today show and its in Estonia, She has an incredibly important job and communications and is all So just this incredible shining light in the world's I, You have had the pleasure of interviewing loose on the rise stage twice and can't believe. It's the first time we ve been able to sit down and do the podcast together. But if you
we are working on your career. Loose has ink more insight and ideas for how to network. and how to grow, how to be a leader how to get. Mentor like we talked about it all today- and I know that you guys are going to glean so much from her wisdom like I always do when I get to hang out with her so enjoy Today's episode with lives- hi, I'm Rachel Hollis- and this is my podcast. I spend so many hours of every single week reading and listened podcast and watching Youtube videos and trying to find out as much as I can about the world around me and that's what we do on this show we talk about everything life,
and how to be an entrepreneur. What happened dinosaurs? What's the best recipe for fried chicken? What's the best plan for intermittent fasting? What's going on with our inner child house therapy working out for you, whatever it is, my guess or into I want to unpack it so that we can all understand these Our conversations? This is information for the curious. This is the Rachel Hollis I cast lead thirty getting cold. I love your story and I think it so inspiring and for people who have never heard it before we you talk to us about, your career, what you're doing today, but also the journey, how you got here, yeah, I'm columbian immigrant. I came here for
you several yesterday I was doing numbers all my got forty years ago. It seemed that yesterday's sitting alone, you're gonna, get outta here, I'm the only child and the only grant child, and I always dream about being a journalist, but I had a big problem I was very is. I was care of everything I was full of four years. I was very insecure. I've never done to the psychologist. I've never been in therapy. I don't know why.
Was like that, but I knew I dream about the lie that I have now and I knew was gonna, be difficult and then like when I was like thirty years old. There is that cosmopolitan version of the English magazine in Spanish and I have read in it- I and I found a mentor. The editor in chief, she rose things that make me feel empowered made me feel that I can make it. I came to study communication to Miami, and I have a friend was friend of her and when I finish when I graduated, I asked my friend I want, and I want an appointment with her and she gave me my first job. So it was it. It is like a noble, but it's true such he became laid. The hispanic Oprah, yes and then
have no magazine. I, when I was twenty. Four ice are working with here when I was twenty one. When I was twenty four, she gave me her magazine, I was the editor in chief. I always tell her. You were crazy I wouldn't even magazine with my name to go. She D actually became my purse past my mentor and Ten years later we had a fight. We separate- and I assume my career in television as a producer, Ten years later we make peace by the way we want. We were together last Friday and when I was fifty I when I looked and, I said yeah I became the woman on my dreams. We sat in a spider
my fear. She helped me alive. But when I, when I quit my job, I have to ask, I always says I graduated from that college that she was the best teacher and I have to apply everything she told me again and then, when I, when I got fifty when I was fifteen, is it I'm going to write a book trying to help all those few full of fears, women that leave alive than that? The things that Exocet this success is the privilege of someone else, and I knew the whole thing I was a bit said and my life's completely change because they saw a girl star had to start give conference. I was, I was even invite dear rise, monopolies.
The women that was crazy and am I like change completely after my first book now I have written three books and the president on an unarmed executive produce enough. I'm warning show me spending money, show so yeah, I'm a clear. ample dad. You have to take action here. Not just any morning show Uribe executive producer of a really big morning show you heard about further I'm very grateful. I inherited the. I always said that I've been there for nine years. I heard the number one hispanic morning show an unjust till the number one. So we have a great team and I am very proud of over a gap where immigrants, like our viewers, We know what they need, so we're we're always trying to to help to entertain. will we says that we are a joyful. We are helpful and- and we are hopeful that you are
joy, Falk, thy, that's how we first met was that I came to do the show and the energy this is pre cover. but the energy of being in the same room with you all. There is so much joy, there's so much life there, there's just so much I would remind you that you have all your books or her books are you admire her one day? He comes to your show you knowing its bombs and and and I remember when, were you my dear you're rise event that I said to myself. I can say no, and nobody will ever know because I was there to be. There was scared to everything in English, and I say you know what I'm going to say. Yes, and- and I went- and any was one of the best experience of my life Thank you again. You're, my god. It was such a blessing for everybody was an audience and I think that I I'd feel it did. You speak twice because I feel, like I
can I call you like last year one have been. There was another big lesson was on June and then january you and by my friend Eileen every Sunday night you'll be opened up to the world. And then I was so happy I was still relies. I wouldn't I was going to for my ears. You know like to have him we can then you tell me, are you dummy lose my wife. Why won't my penalties is? Can you come- and I said I guess I know, but the yes and I could have made all this uses- I'm a prepare these from from one day to another. Maybe bad happened ten years before my fear, or did they dictate might might bring tell no, because you don't have. You know ready to do too to be tat. Yes, and I had a blast, I mean I always have a last- that we get to hang out, but I think that that such important lesson,
for anybody who is listening to this too. pursuing a dream or has a goal personally profession, I really do think that God of the universe gives you opportunity. and you have to be ready to say yes and that moment, even if the circumstances don't feel right exactly, I think is equally important to know how to say yes you say no. I was also a people, please, sir, and I was scared to say yes, because people wasn't gonna love me we're gonna, none. I have to say yes and now with my love, my last book is about their them. Then the way we use our time- and I learn that that you have to do exactly what you want to do. Are you are you? Are you you don't have to be a scale say? No, because maybe your agenda has forty five things that you have to do, but at least
Twenty are not going to take you anywhere just yes, because you want to do to please so, and that is something that you ve learned over time or where their mistakes that happen, that that taught that lesson I knew. I knew that I was doing a lot of things that I didn't have to just a place here in the west. was right in the book. I use their right in doing the pandemic last year, because I was I had contact with a person was positive when we didn't even know that we could be a systematic, we didn't know much about the virus so out. My doctor told me you have to do to me. Confined for fourteen days and imagine you know me a very active. I have afford our daily show and I was like what am I going to do fourteen days without leaving my room, my husband, but that didn't you know the feeling.
we're like. I was not reasoner, my guy. I think you know about the use of that before. I always say why. We have to change your habits Cromwell they to another because of copied any so difficult to change it. To achieve it. James I start thinking about that that's dead and then I started thinking, How many times I have said, I'm sorry, I don't have time how very busy right now, all those. I don't have time party in front of me, tell me: lose man you're lying now. You have time. Where are you gonna do about that? So I said I'm going to write a book about
and I do a lot of research. I always had that from my three books, this, the one that I that I learned a lot. I I found out a book about the regrets of dying people. It was written by a nurse, and you know what the number one is that people who are dying regrets that they didn't have the life they they want to have, but the life of others want them to have they live, and your mom want you to do something or your husband or but is not the life that you want it none of that and I think you have to do to stop postponing happen. Is you have to make nature? So I realize many things that I was doing wrong and that that I was the first. You know the first person that that will help myself Hey guys if you're a fan of podcast
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can always try audible for free for thirty days, visit, audible, dot, com, Flash rise or text rise to five hundred five hundred. What Some of the changes that you made that you feel like I have made life more fulfilling for you, ok, the first being at now, I'm more fully present used to be overwhelmed thinking ahead, I have to do the text now now, I'm speaking to Rachel Hollis, I'm enjoying this moment, and after that I have a meeting and not that I will have another meeting. But this is my my photos.
interview, some people that I know they're very busy and ain't- reveal the marble precedent here, just a latin woman from Argentina. They centuries the most powerful women in Hollywood. Her name is Victoria alone searches and since then the one would be a dangerous and all those millionaire movies I see it tell me that you have to do the things you don't wanna. Do is the thing that you have to do first like on. Let's do less one that feels the hardest knock that out yeah, as you so tell me, you're not wearing a meeting. I you start speaking about things that doesn't any didn't do without meeting their meeting is over and that's not true. Now have their own, yes, sir,
and more cautious about time. I dont know you, but I dont have a testament to you. I always been so scared to have want to read their fine one. I asked when we have to have a testament If you don't know one and now that we have debt so close, because I have lost a lot of people because of Kuwait is like you start you more about life await, you don't have a do mean a will. I will yeah yeah yeah. I know I tried to make money. Yeah gather other of ideal of a well just because I have little kids and had to it was very hard to do twenty five year old and I didn't have a wheel because I was a scare- you know that that books mainly like more responsible night, more focus on time. More aware, I don't know, I am happy with the results.
that's great, what kind of feedback you gotten from your readers like? What are the pieces that you feel like they ve really latched onto? I remain one that told me lose my thank you for writing this book. Thanks to your book, I had the courage to talk to my boss about leaving the work earlier to our the area to be with my family. You, no woman, am, although she's working from home, she had the courage to negotiate her time, that's, because we are always I They were from ninety five or from eight to see. I don't know, but I like that I and the best thing is, I have received so many feedback about. I have to take action Rayner, not only in anything, yeah. That's all that's so that familiar that you hear the summer I'm going to do being. When my she'll, when my
RO. I am going to the thing when my child when my diary got married and he lives for all, she lived for a college, I'm going to do and you start postponing them postponing and nothing up in the air How is it felt for you in this last? You know twelve fourteen months of everything has shifted and change like one of those pieces but you ve learned in the law. Here that you know you're gonna, take with you forever. Definitely I'm going to be more aware of the US of how I use the time I think I mean I was that the biggest lesson and I think that more than since more than I knew everything that I think I like I knew it that, though those were lesson that I had light. Happened to you that during this time you starlike organise and things are you rescue pictures. I did happen with the lessons You later, then, in a biased
and suddenly we open eyes at all how important it is to be with the family, I didn't want to be with you. I don't want to be with you on that is almost the same is right, yeah! Those are, I think, this this pandemic teachers to love us more until people more. You know, too, were to appreciate happiness to appreciate company and none to appreciate that that here the most valuable treasure what I love the reminder of these are lessons we already knew. Yes, for. I think that the most important lessons are the ones that we already have heard before and I feel, like you know those things get put in front of us again and again, because we're so house to truly take them into our core, but we down, and I think that you have to keep learning lessons. Lesson until you get it so there's something
there's something really beautiful about. I love that you're talking about sort of this sort We doubt right like in this time period we slow down, and then that allowed us to see one of the things I have been missing or I've been passing by, but I also think that for me it was questioning What were you distracted from when you were moving so fast? you know when life is so busy and these kids and and workin scheme join Aigner. I think this was true for everybody that, when all of a sudden that destruction was removed, and then a lot of things that I should have process are dealt with. sooner came to light and that learning was so painful. The best lessons in life are often very painful, but an so thankful. Because I wouldn't be the person that I am more. I think the mom that I am of a human that I hope I'm becoming ever hadn't,
trail, the staff, so that time was a dead one. Guy I've always been very grateful but now I realize I wasn't grateful enough- remember my last vacation, we rent a house in the Bahamas and it was beautiful. I remember myself working at the beach. Nobody just me and my husband and- and I never thought that was that the last vacation I was gonna. Have you almost mostly use? I didn't know I was enjoying my last vacation right. So now, I'm like very grateful for everything, because I say I don't know if this is the last time that out there that I'm receiving these yes, yes, crazy, it's crazy! We worry so used to travel. We were you even you know how I mean going to target. I
I am and combine I haven't done to target, although I was buzzing eighty one month ago because, as you know, is still a very careful, but I say I I can't believe, target relax me. That might well. I was work through the aisles. Why is tat? I mean that for you I mean I took for granted at what I think is so beautiful in this experience. Is the relationship with my kids and the relationship with my best friends, because you know I would have told you. I was so close to my kids pre. Well then, in its enough in compared to where we are today, I have a very small family I haven't been on. The child is twenty five years and a child any more. You send a dull just your level with ass. She went to college and she gained by now she's doing a master from home. I am I
my mom, and I will leave together and we never before have talk about topics that we touch new, independent yeah. I was I and I thought I was open and I thought I was I a great relationship when my daughter and my husband, but we really you know open our hearts to independence what about the good yeah yeah yeah, and then I think that you know it's you he met target. Are these things that are removed? I never thought that there was a world where I wasn't gonna be able to see my my girlfriends, who are my close at its most important. I just and we were mindset. Months and months and months without seeing each other and the joy when we got to hug each other for the first time after so much, and I we ve talked about this a lot because think we're in this really interesting transitional time right now, where
so the world are opening up or eleven. You know I'm in Texas, you're in Florida. Those states are wild dupe in there. I already wars here, yeah yeah, that's it! People really, you know- and I understand, like we ve been it for so long theirs is desired, should have rush. They want to be to the next phase, but I just want to be so Conscious of not losing? the awareness or the gratitude of those lessons that we learned when we rushed back to regain weaken night. Yes, right because there has been such beauty, and really simple things really simple because you know when you remove acts as a good. The Sunday you really go, walk through targeted began yeah, and you will let me you're lying like so happy with the simplest thing that I just I work for us as a community that we're gonna kind of
two years ago by- and we forget that you know we use did not have access to this. I just hope that we hold onto it. Yes, yes- and I imagine you are used to these four thousand women events, rights and- and I was used to do you not to sign autographs to thirty people an and when I was going to lunch, that this book I asked my else- knows not these one. Only different now aren't you know now. try, variety, the eggs and and the EU is a big differences is easier, but is good because I think this is us, as we were talking this heart gray, lessons that we haven't it for with our next life.
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as as writers, I'm curious your perspective on this creating One thing that you knew would feel different, so you know I wrote a book and at last year, inside of the pandemic, and I knew when I was creating at that it would be my most popular work. I knew it because I knew that I was creating something that was hard and was sad at times and was kind of tackling heavier. topics and my audience tends to like more humor and lightness by you know why Rachel, I wasn't. No, I didn't think about that. If it does the book you're gonna help more people with yeah yeah and I honestly thought I wanted, there's I'm the tracking number who says it, but there is an offer that talks about this idea of writing for just one person, just one like creating work. That's just for one person and if you really help just one person with this work Then, if it doesnt matter that it wasn't, you know it normally would be, or that we didn't get a book tour. We didn't get to hug people, we didn't cause, it's like to be able to.
eight that work honestly and sort of push it out into space? You know I happened to me when I first wrote my first book. My dream was about to help five colombian women even put the national. With five. I said you find out five. I will be more than happy name, you know it nothing happening my sitting with this book. Yesterday they University of Carpet Hannah like the city. What I'm from invite me to talk for the communication, a student I yesterday we had I known with, ninety three students from gotta hang around from. You cannot believe how happy and grateful I was because my dream was came true. Because of this book, not because again, I'm not because of the second one there were in line with this one that is like that mutual book, so you now was gone. I was who you're gonna help and when I think the reason, divine
The universe always happened. The Annan plan you have to follow the air how how important has that specificity like, calling your shot being. That specific, when you say I wanna help five women or I'm gonna, be a journalist or I'm gonna work in tv. Like is that been a part of your how you, how you set goals, your whole life, or is that more recent? I know you know what is very is varies French, because I knew that I was gonna, be a journalist and I wanna have believed that I have now, but I I worked so hard, but
you didn't say authority, I'm going to be working on tv. My life has been like three or four turning points that change it and- and I think that now that I look back it was. It was a guts plan for me, but also I was so hard to have them you not now I can say maybe one and sixty I am fifty six I wanna be doing out. I'm going to be doing documentaries does something that I want. I never thought of of of being an executive producer. I wanted to have this life and to being control and to have her. You know like to be like the bridge between audience a news. And to tell a story from a storyteller, I didn't even say television or print, but by that somehow I landed there.
now I'm more focus on what I want. The I was. Do you feel like you have dreams again like your dreams are bigger or more daring than they were when you were younger. Yes, because now I seemed impossible. When I was young for me, it was like, for example, if you were gonna tell me that there was no be a bad thing author and I was gonna talk to her. I say no, no with me, you know maybe she's going to talk to another person, not with me, and I don't know why I was like that now. For me, everything is possible wrote something in my first book that I said the day I used are waking up thinking that something wonderful is going to happen. That dates. Wonderful things started happening to me.
Absolutely so now I didn't hear anything is possible everything. Yet he at last year I have the opportunity. Remember I'm up trigger from Colombia. I have the opportunity to produce an interview with President Barack Obama, any several I envy you know, weighs heavily and then the monk met the advantage author, when I was in the control room, Rachel some Obama there and again there. There and I was the producer and I could talk to them through the ivy I said I can- leave. I'm doing this. Everything is possible yeah. Oh, my god, you so documentaries weapon. This document is your life, for example. I will love you. It will lead to further. You entered to speak to people that you have changed their lives and I will love to do house a day in Rachel's live in and out
You feed your brain. I you sold. You know, I'm a storyteller, I loved yeah, yeah, yeah, island documentaries, Oh and I feel like it such a sort of already thing when you tell people that, but it's mostly what I watch me because I love you. I love getting to understand anything that fears. Outside my life, and I just feel like their such. We live such a richer existence when were getting information. And from all sorts of different sources and cultures and ideas and ways of thinking, so I I'm with you on that. I think the documentary, so no one I, when I did last year, and I never thought I was gonna. Do it I said doing is TAT ran labors with people that I that I want. Thirteen of Latin remit that I admire, because at that time I thought While we more need what, where were we It'd Mars was hope,
not you know that my name is yours. Lose lose me light, so I call them like you're talking like light light like talking, maybe like her. And then I did twenty five. I couldn't believe that without shoes and with me, phone and be shy because I wanted to be a journalist, but I know that I was very good right in the end I wrote for magazine than ever for my show, but I never you know Imagine that I could do interviews live interviews and I did it any with great, and now I said, maybe you know I started when I was fifty five. Maybe I should have started earlier and that that teach me every day that if you don't take it nothing happened. You know. Yes, you don't do. I did not been he's. Gonna happen right
when you I mean we're talking so much about set of ourselves and how we hope in the world. But I also know you are an incredible leader and you have such an incredible team at work and have been a leader for a very long time. What would you say to people who are listening? those who are working on their careers so maybe you don't want to write a book or, or you know, had their own company but their working their way up in career, what's really advice that you give to the young women on your staff. First follow you porpoise, you know I always wanted to do to be a journalist. I dont know if people that wanted to be your nose wanted to be a general because they want to be famous, you not does one, then the purpose is not clear and you have to have a purpose. You have to talk to You know. Why are you good act? Not because you are more money year, unease- and he saw I want a lot of money that best way back, but I yeah, I dont, be
should do something because I'm going to have more, nor is it your purpose. give you money, excellent by you ass. You feel that you are you're fulfilling now, you're helping that you are doing something that you really were in these life for and also you have to prepare yourself. You have to study every day. One of the things that I have done during this pandemic is to take courses. You know I haven't been you know, I graduated like forty years ago, and I always am always listen into two speakers. But I haven't went back to call it. A night did went back to ideas about to college online, but I did and I once again and I think and I even to get a speaker earth? You know he is like, because
I've been invited to you to your rise and and and I gave conference because I speak through my heart. I dont have hidden him now. I study I didn't have to prepare. You have to study. You have to to create your own connections. You know it is so important to to me, people who can help you I had you can help other people too. You know he hadn't mecca a network and networking is very important you and how you build your network because I've been with you at parties, and you know I literally everyone will act. I I've been working for in this industry for forty years. You know but you are clearly very well respected. very well loved and when, when I'm at a party with you, it's not oh, that's Joe, the ITALY. Such a genuine. You have genuine relationship which is not something that you eyes so how'd it.
You build that if you go back twenty years for us, How do you say you build that? An am very curious and I'm always listen to people. You know if I like. If I had my way, you do not mind Why you do I'm going to ask you how you do it tell me about your lies and that create abundant and people. People need to be listen. So high respect, my colleagues, I helped a lot because I help I laughed you know when, when people tell me, lose my? U it you're a great person. I have been surrounded by great person, all my life, so I learn how to be a good person, for example, with with my my friend that I was at least leave. I'm relieved that I that I met. You just borrow my book tribute to my guy, and I was just tat. You molly, you know
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To believe and love and think and hope, but commonality in us all- is that we want to become a better version of ourselves, come to rise conference to become someone new. You come to rise conference to take ownership of Life and to remember all of the things that may he so great in the first place, so I hope that you will head to rise live weekend. Dot com check out the video check out the things, that past attendees have said this is a life changing event and if you are feeling sluggish, or feeling on motivated. If you feel like you need a kick in the bud or chance to go hang out with a bunch of in red but women you need to come to rise. Women's conference is the only conferences here. All happening in person rise, live weekend, dot, com labor- they weaken Austin texas- me you about
of awesome, other people and a chance to be together in person for the first time in a year and a half and I think that that's the good advice here is. It is a genuine released because I think sometimes people just want that the next year or they judge you on and that work until the difference yeah, I can feel the difference. You have so many b. Well, that tell me lose my they love you because of your title. I don't wanna thing about it. I just got an and their people that obviously younger you know I'm fifty six. I am going to repeat the six. You can recognize what people one two approaches. I don't know how to say that an English to take to use. You have your news, the connection yeah yeah, that's good- didn't you
You know you you, you have heard you say this before like you became the woman of your dream, but how much did that jury? evolved over time because it shifted in check, As you grown as a woman, or do you feel like you are really living when you were younger. You should have said. This is what I want to happen and that's what your end today. May me when I was young. I was a little confused about success and I was more superficial and I wanna leave in Miami because I wanted to be a journal easier because everything was happening here now is more about. yeah. I me I have the opportunity to to be with great people, but now is like how how can these person hit? How can I be the reason for that person? Helped me someone. I love, I loved him.
In their work and in the show additional there are more ways. Thinking you listen into stories and telling people you know what your story has to be told, because rather of people who need it and Am I gonna get so I made. The purpose is, is more clear, when I can it's ever s, one. was there any and unless normal you know, maybe you just beings for they're not further re reason, but then, when you leave their land, your dreams. You know what what is it? The true about when you look into its shocking that were at the end of April twenty twenty one that feels wild. But when you look to the rest of your year, what're you excited about, I would you know my mom was boxing aid and last Saturday, and one month ago she was saying I'm not going to get the best
so I was very worried So now I have hope my husband doesn't want about seen either. So you don't I'm going to wait until December saw I always prayed for. We therefore of her family to be vaccinated and Does anyone I don't even want to travel. I want. I ran out a house at the beach. I'm gonna there without thinking I'm going to give them the buyers. friendlier final minders. Just call me and told me that her son was positive, like I don't wanna, I don't wanna have the feeling anymore. That's all I'm asking you like to be. There was, but the NATO was beautiful because it was the year after the pandemic was official meant when, when they back, they put their backs. The United States crying- and the nurse told me. I understand why, crime is your passport to freedom. I want that freedom again yeah
and then I know that I'm going to travel on and I I dream about buying an apartment at the bees that I was we need to do now. There are so many things that I want to do, but now that the first thing that I want to is like we I vaccinated the my family and and feel that freedom again and I think that's what so many people are craving right now, and I think, what I like about the idea of freedom and sort of that being the pursuit is that it still feels like your somehow retaining the good stuff of what was yes, because eight, what I sort of going back conversation earlier. I'm just so worried, I don't mean to hold the worry for the rest of the world that I'm so worried that everyone or just gonna rash back to rushing. No, I don't think you know Right that cannot be possible, there's just such a desire of like lead.
You know, go again about get out there and let me set out with you. You know my daughter is twenty. Five and the first month she was very o b. The answer you stay home now she goes. You know she has like certain friends that should be set. did you send me videos of brake alive when you hear and everybody's happy ass, yet that good, because I just drive from home to tonight, I presented time. My work is not is not that you were aware of the people in the street, but maybe those kind of people There are none learning their lesson here, but I think I will, I think, I'm going to my life the same, do you think you are gonna write more books? Oh yes, I wonder, you gonna write a novel, because I wanted to my first book. I thought he was gonna, be just one. I wanted by the novel, and I thought now I have the third one and I'm still right in the nobles. I wanna write them now. I love
a bad. I love. I didn't know you wanted to write fiction across ass years. There was now run, and I don't know I end up with three motivational books, but I learned that same while I am so grateful the time, I'm so grateful that we gotta I'm. So I'm not like to see your face. Yea love gathering on you all have many of you. I am very grateful for your friendship and I have the privilege of. of Norway, you before, and I remember as in my you're, really you books and now I said kissing my phone, you always layer, everything. Tat can happen where I really think you for being a manger for being is like. If she could do it
I can do it to write absolutely. You know what I love about you that you are real and then, when you make a mistake, you say: ok, that's what I want to say, and I am sorry but that's what I thought and that we cannot be perfect Rachel. right, right and an end, and what I remember when I was looking through the air to my corner. I saw you your cover. You were with me curious like it, because it she's she's real. I can I asked I one am I wanna be like her. You know and read, and- and I really thank you for that, because I first because I am a great emulation of why you do one and an assent as an international war and everything. Now you you, you had a bad time with your divorce. You know like you have you are leaving and pick experience, you realize you're helping us, so you thank you very much. I love you. I love you too, and I appreciate you saying that it's there
it is a really interesting work. Said navigate. You know, like My you know beans my best friend, and we are talking about that she's like in a rage. If the rest of us make a mistake, we made a mistake in front of three people and those. Do people hold us accountable and than we learn second Fortunately, when you make a mistake, it's in front of millions and that's a much harder lesson, but they're like the lesson that I need to learn and it's a lesson that is painful but necessary. So as Much as I owe you know me, and you know like how much it kills me to have Offended anybody or heard anybody- I I won't trade that for what came out of it, which is a deeper knowledge for me in and on much yeah there? There's goodness here so yeah,
Let me tell you and admire you. Are you have me here? Are you always have me you? Thank you. Thank you now. Just tell us row quick. So far, listeners want to grab the book or value on social rights They showed because you're just you really are a light. Where can I find you my my is the Grandma counties lost my body. I owe you see. I made the o r, I my ball sorrow in an enormous and perfect woke vacation, We want to have an awesome day and out I'll tell you you too will make. The one I guess not personally, some day we're gonna get me and you love Have a good week blow you away. The Rachel Hollis podcast is hosted by me, Rachel Hollis. Our show is produced by Chelsea Har fish and edited by Andrew Weller, with additional reduction, support by sterling coats, our executive produce is Cameron Bergmann, the Rachel Hollis,
podcast is a three percent chance production.
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