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193: How To Build a Roadmap to your Dreams


This podcast episode actually came from a coaching session I gave a few years ago. I wanted to share this with y'all, especially in this time, when kids are about to get out for summer. 2021 is a year of transition so even if you aren't a momma, I bet there is some kind of change happening in your life right now. So, this is how to create a plan, or a roadmap, to achieve your goals and dreams. What does the BEST version of you look like? If there were no limitations, what could you achieve this year? Let's get specific. Let me give you some actionable tips to help you create the life that you deserve.


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The past year has roots so wild right like hard and good and a lot of chaos, and if you're like me the morning routine, that you have for your day is everything it's how we figure out what comes next? It's how we practise gratitude and sinner ourselves, and it is how we lay our priorities and figure out where we're going
if you haven't yet built a morning routine, I want to make sure you know about the start today: brand. It is a collection of gorgeous journals and planners that help centre. You help you practice gratitude copy, set goals and safe vote cast in the midst of chaos and in the case of the planner it helps you break apart those big gigantic dreams in to achieve a bull bite size pieces. You can find out more at start today, Dhaka. Today on the podcast? I wanted to share teaching with you guys that I created a little while back, and I thought it would be really great for the world that were living inside of meaning if Europe give me, your kids are about to get out for summer which,
Feels like this sort of wild transitional time for us as a family, we want to be able to spend time together this summer and enjoy ourselves, but also I'm pregnant for my all this to go to high school, you guys are like gig out. Oh my god. I can't believe it there's all of these really big transitions in our lives. and so I thought it might be helpful, even if you're, not a Mamma, maybe your graduating college, in your looking for your first job or Maybe you have started a new relationship or maybe you ve ended one. Whatever transitional thing you're going through right now, I am going to share a class that I taught, which was all about how to create a road map to where you're going. So If you are in the midst of dreaming or planning, or maybe you know that you should be with the season that you're inside of this is, of course, that I want to share with you. That's just all about how you create a plan so
this is one of those podcast where you might want to grab your note book and a pen and take it just the same way than anybody else would would take an online course. I hope that this week's progresses really helpful to you and me, you're, getting a ton of great information and, if you like, this episode and you have someone in your life is also going to a transitional time. Oh my gosh, please, please show the Senate of attacks and just sailor. Kate is a free episode, something pew with what de right now. Are you guys hope you enjoy conversation on creating a road map. I I'm Rachel Hollis, and this is my podcast I spend so many hours of every single week, reading and listened podcast and watching Youtube videos and trying to find out as much as I can about the world around me and that what we do on their? Shall we
talk about everything life and how to be an entrepreneur? What happened dinosaurs? What's the best recipe for fried chicken? What's the best plan for intermittent fasting? What's going on with our inner child house therapy working out for you, whatever it is, my guess or into I want to unpack it so that we can all understand these. Our conversations. This is information for the curious. This is Rachel Hollis Podcast. I want you to close your eyes and want you to imagine what the best version of you looks like what does the best version your life look like this year,
I want you to imagine if, if there were no rules, if there were no limitations, if nothing held you back would you achieve this year? Who could you be if If money wasn't an issue if time within an issue, if you could do- anything you wanted to do and I dont mean be a princess, I dont mean go marriage to the royal family. Both those brothers are taken. I want you to imagine what the best version of your life looks like. Imagine this person in detail. and I want you to get specific. I what to watch it like a movie in your minds. What is the best version of you. Look like is is: is she? Is she healthy issue in shape? Does she take care of her Body does she loved her family? How does this version of you had a she speak to others. As the narrative in her mind, speak to herself and to keep talking over this and I joined
what you to keep this like, going to everything that you can think of these specific? When I am vision when I do this very for someone I envision, like I imagined you know, I wanted my arms to be strong. I imagine my hair was superseding. Nobody else is inside your head, so it doesn't matter what your version of you looks like you, gotta, be honest with yourself right now, but version of you what what what kind of food today, where did they go, fine, do they get a massage once a month didn't go on long runs this site? for a marathon did they join a local choir What is the bathroom do haven't in your minds? Can you see like a movie now that you ve got this idea, I want you to go bigger seat happens? A lot is that we will limit ourselves we will decide that if someone else solve this with we gotta play at small, we gotta play it safe. I want you got bigger. What does
bigger version of the bed, Stu version of you? There goes my music again. Can you see it. Do you know exactly what it looks like we're? Does this person live Who does this person hang out with? What do they do that take care of themselves that they healthy, Are they loving? Are they Strong, are they bold? What words would you used to describe the vest version of you now. You have that clear in your minds. open your eyes. And I want you. This is the first page of the work book. open, your eyes are ones opening her eyes. You right this in any note book that you have or if you want to write it on the thing that I gave you right here, it says the eye deal version of me is. what is the ideal version of you. I want you to write everything that you just saw in your mind.
Think about it. Don't question as fast as you can get it all is many details as much as you can possibly process get it down on this piece of paper. You have five minutes size. to write down all those details. It is so important that you take the time to do this dream big. Maybe the visualization thought words you and it will be easier to write it like a diary entry. The best version of me is my deal shows up like this all things. I want you to write them down. You have five minutes and they're gonna work through together,
Hagen some interested parties That's exactly right. I had to. sometime in here. I really wanted you to have the time to do some course. Work cuz. I know when I go to conferences a lot of time, someone's there talking so much, they don't give you time to process the things or they tie Can I tell you to process later, but I learn best when it's like teaching process teaching process. So I want two. I wanted you to have the time to really right down those dreams and the visions that you have for the year and now I want us to together talk about what do you see? What did? you see and let's have it Did you see it? I want to give it to me things at what time so tell me one of the things that you saw as you were, riding down that vision of the year. Did you see health? Did you see?
you're getting out dad. You saw financial freedom. I love all the reasons for why it was hard, but I want to hear the specifics loving. deeply losing weight. I'll, be happy. You saw a girl skin, I love you saw author, you confidants, even though we have people from all over the world, yours seeing a lot of the same words pop up over and over and over. It doesn't matter where you are where you come from or how you re. So many of us are struggling with the same things. We want confidence We want love we want joy, we want to have fun. We want to fill healthy. What energy we want to be productive. Those are such important things, but Please recognise right now. What you need to see is that you are not alone. You are struggling with the saying kinds of things that women all over the world is struggling with that credible we weigh more in common than we do. That's different.
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If you are writing that thing and you were like yes, this is warming to be. This is what I meant to do if you got excitement out of that exercise right. The word me so that can see everybody whose, like us, who felt excited yes, loving, this idea this is yes me me me me me pumped all the things. Yes, lots of people now, here's something intro. thing if you wrote that if you started to write this and the negative voice in your head was already at play. right. Did you already have that negative voice? If you start to hear The reasons why it's not gonna happen if you already heard that you're not enough if you We started to go. This is stupid. I want you to write yes, if, if you started to get shame out of that process, instead of joy I want you to write. Yes, because I want to make sure that we see that there is a difference, because people process that very different
some people look at their future and get excited and that awesome that energy is gonna. Take you so far, but there are a lot of people right now, you can see them coming through. There are a lot of people whose to write it down and they don't know I'm in there. Like I want to, could they know their like. This is crap. This is garbage I can envision the future. All I want, but I dont have the ability to get there. It's it look Look at all of these s is coming through right. Now, you guys so there different people that we're gonna. Talk to my excited friends you keep you gotta be those cheerleaders. You got it. You are already pumps out for yourself and in this community. I want you to keep that energy going, but right now I want to talk specifically to those the view who felt anxiety who got bum doubt who were starting to think of negative things about yourself? I want to talk to you specifically that posture will not serve.
you did the work to get here. You signed up for the class said. I believe that I made for more. I think that there is something more power. Simple in my life, you believe that about yourself enough to be here to find the time who in the world has two hours in the middle of a week? They you found the time you made the commitment you are here. That is the first step your mission this year, more than anything is to stop beating yours, Up the shame that you're carrying around about past decisions that you ve made or who you wish, you could be a what you think you wish you could have done. It's not, serving you I mean, I know it's more normal for a lot of us to choose. to believe in negative things about ourselves instead of the positive, but let's get real for a second What does that mean that music, We shall appear once a month
and you're going to go through the motion and you're never going to buy into any of it and you're going to help what you're helping is it, I'm going to say something to you. That's going to spark this going to turn around thirty six years of self recrimination, you're hoping you're holding out for a hero, you're, hoping that a teacher or a book or a podcast costs or somebody's gonna help. You love yourself and when I am to you is that you gotta make the decision to fight for it, because you can keep Looking at you can keep doing these things and I'm gonna get that most of you have Youtube. the gym membership, you read: book. You did the pod cast. Maybe you went to the conference, you tried the thing you keep hoping that something outside yourself. It's gonna change, who you are in here and the only one that's going to change. You aren't hears you and the first step to that that you have to believe it's possible and you're, not gonna, believe anything is possible. If you keep beating yourself up, So I want you to
the song by ludicrous. You find a radio edit version, because the original version has a lot of passwords in it. The songs as move blank get the way get the way. Blank get out the way. Ok, that's we're going. We were like amen, preach, ludicrous ain't were shut up in in this kind of church. So just go with me. Why, I start to have negative self talk. Personally. Yes, me, two. I get I having society I have this. Is none of the things that I do or say, or the life I'm living is the result, of our figured it all out, and none of this stuff bothers me anymore. That's crap! someone tells you that if anyone that you're learning from our is teaching, you tells you that they don't deal with such anymore there there you should runaway Khazar a wire. I still do with these things all the time. So my personal for this is a ludicrous song. called move, be word get out the way.
the totally inappropriate song but That is why and your own version, if that offend you, I'm sorry, but when I, feeling anxious I feel- and I hear that negative self tat I might first of all I gotta figure we move my body. That's why gee matters. If your watch the sitting down right now stand up. If you're dealing with the things, I think you need to set up. We need to move your body, but for me personally, I play ludicrous song move get out the way get up the wagon did up. That is me. came to my inner jerk that or radio- that in her voice? That tells me all the reasons I'm not gonna. Measuring up. Look, it's gonna keep popping up, voice. Your head is going to keep popping up. You need a physical q. And this is good for anybody for any of you who even the people who said yes, I'm excited, you are certainly going have moments of anxiety or not feel, like you're sure and you're gonna hear that voice, but come up with a name for that waste
Let's call that name, PAM. Ok, Pam is that annoying voice, your head, that says you're not enough. You can't do this. Let me tell you all the reasons that you failed before. Let me touch what Sarah gonna think of you when she finds us out of what What's more ISAF from eighth grade, when she sees that you're trying to do thing with your life: what she's gonna think about that voices, PAM, ok, pal I want you to assign. I want you to know now. Not only do I want pay, I don't want him to have a name that voice in your hair What do you imagine her PAM? You know PAM. Imagine the like most annoying. Imagine you this is the person you're you're working at the restaurant Panza one, that's gonna, she's asking to speak to your manager. Ok, that's who payment! payments, the wine who is asking if Europe Sure if you really love your children cause you work. That's who PAM is ok the older lady in your church, who says route
Things would like she gets to get away with it, cause she's old, that's pan, or she told basically imagine her she's, the worst she's a worse, hands the worst. If that voice was a real person standing in front of you saying those things I can imagine this with me. Imagine that lady she's got Number, John and Kate, plus eight anyone where archaic God no one can godly had that crazy hair cut back their cup ham has ok and, and its back here like like a Thanksgiving Turkey, okay, so that's whose coming out you right now that person is standing in front of you and she's like you're, not smart enough, you're, not strong enough. You're never gonna, do it you're, never gonna. Have it he's, never gonna love. You you're, never going to be good enough. If a real person carrying out you like that, you be like many and maybe you're gonna like me and you be, maybe maybe get rough? Ok maybe you're like
I met a crazy person today, The K Godwin Haircut, I met her today you go the other direction or I don't. I don't even know other ways to deal with that kind of person, but the one thing I know for a fact you would not do someone came out. You like that is stand there and take it down it's in your head is as real to you as a person saying those things, and yet you take it right. So you need physical q and for me, that's dancing, is always gonna, be dancing when you change your physical state listen to me and write it down when you change your physical state. You change our emotional state every single time. Every single time. So when you hear that negative talk in your head, man, PAM turn on your ludicrous move. It the way get out the way get out. The way you need to do something to give that thought out of your mind are right, you're never gonna get anywhere If you don't get out of this habit,
of not believing years in yourself and the first to believing in yourself is being strong enough to silence the voice in your the voice in your head is not going to go away. You're gonna, silence her and six may where they have to do it again and six, Fourthly, we have to do it again over and over and over and over and what will happen. Amazing thing happens next time, it'll take seven minutes, and then two weeks from now, You got a whole days without hearing that in your head shop against me, and you got to do it again and you got it but again the answer to everything Issue in your life is a habit that will help you navigate around it. Ok so, you and vision this life that you had right, you envisioned this listen that you want to be for some of us. That was really positive for some of us that was negative, but we're all gonna get to a state
a positivity about where you're going. We spend so much time and energy and money trying to how to feel better. We tree so terms instead of getting to the root cause of why we don't have the energy that we want or the right mood or maybe our memory or our creativity is suffering whatever it is instead of China. to take on those issues after the fact Have you ask yourself how you're sleeping good night. Rest helps boost immunity, improves recovery and absolutely increases energy And if you are looking for better quality sleep, then you need to know about sleep number, a quiet. Mattress effects your emotional well being, and some
are things you can think of two are? Are you having caffeine too late in the day? Are you drinking alcohol late in the day, which can sometimes have wake me up and made it harder for me to get a great night rest want to find out more information about improving your sleep and the quality of your mattress check out sleep number discover, proven quality sleep and because your a listener of my podcast, you can save a thousand dollars on the new sleep number. Three. Sixty special edition, smart bed during the memorial day sale only. at sleep number stores or sleep number, dotcom flash rise then? next thing, but I want you to do, and this is really important for me personally, you have this vision of Europe, we are future all right. You know where it is that you want to go you you ve written down, and I will
challenge you to if you did a few sentences, if that's not a crystal clear vision for you, I will you just spend sent afterward done together. I want you to write more. I want you to Philip all pages of what that future. Best version of you looks like this year. now there's a really powerful thing for me and I hope for you I want you to describe. That vision with the word so that some. I went to a personal growth conference that really stuck with me. The thai robins of her me talk about this time by and he. how to find where he said windows a dog become yours When does the dog become yours? I'm gonna give you the answer. It's when you give it a name, and you ask it to when you call so without for a second when you give it a name, and you ask it to come when you call and so when you imagine the few
it's your version of you. You need to have a word that you associate with that image Cosette it's you, but it's not you. It's an its version of you is a bigger version of you and you need to know what it is and so forth I'm sitting at that conference. was there and deal with their. We ought to choose our word, our power word and he is correct makes you jump over Daniel like scream. Your word you're like like I'm late. about whatever. When I had that moment, I envisioned but stick with me and trip out for a second I was a blogger at the time I was a blogger. I ran this lifestyle blog. I did advertisements for like with liquid bleeds like that was my job and ice. I stood there. and I did this exercise, I envision the future of myself and the first summit I didn't have a lot of courage. I'm kind of wrote down like stupid, like I want more money or whatever like generic, and then
it was like no do you're here, you're all an you promised yourself you'd, be here in this moment, nobody's going to see these notes. I just really crazy things. I was really in my heart what I really want to do, and what I really want to do is build a media company. I this vision, that I can build a media company that created content for women all around the world that spired them and gave them tools to change their life. Hello, years ago. This was a crazy idea, ironic, I wanna be it so, and so he was like you gotta, give it a name. Give it a name, and I will, but I need a word. I needed word that- symbolizes. What This vision looks like to me and in media that the high person and media like going back forever, is called a mobile, a mode and it's not a word- that you hear a lot of people leaving for themselves and stifling unaware that you here women claim and as I'm sitting this conference, I'm like that,
is a cool word When I m vision on mobile, A mobile, a mobile there's all sorts things that I can associate with that so suddenly choosing a word actually gave me more ideas gave me more things to envision, so I those who are mobile, I'm so inspired by and I was so inspired by. I gotta talk to wear I got the word mobile tattooed on my rest Dave I'd like a nervous breakdown and I'm not I am not exaggerating that first I got a tattoo which I and net neither one of us has had had two's. Secondly, it shows a word that was like the super powerful strong word whenever people in like women at church, would see the tattoo and maybe like. What's that fan I'd say mobile, never, like all the interesting because you know well, five to checks or not That was the claim. The word mobile for themselves, but it was my word. It was his word wasn't pam charge. It was my word and so you
to know. I love these vibrant powerhouse. Inspirational love Maria, like I didn't see this did the tattoo. It's their promise, inspiration empowered. All of these things that I'm not oh, my gosh, I'm not saying you need to go tattooed on your body by for me so powerful, because me calling my shot it was me in a moment of like strain and bravery, saying that's who I want to be That's who I want to be, and I don't care if it freaks you out. That's who I want to be so I know that a lot of you and time that we start to to step on our own personal growth journey and we start to grow euphoric audacious com, like looking all these things, powerful, spectacular, rider, embrace moxie focus freedom. These words are sowing ground what you guys, but the time that we start to step forward and our own power, we started
You work on ourselves. A lot of times will freak out the people in our lives. So that something that you have encountered like. Have you ever gone on a diet diet? was the easiest once I feel like most of us have at some point you start to do something less left a diet like the ever done that, where you get you really getting into something you really liking it and you family gives you a hard time. They're like oh, so. Where does not gonna go to tackle Tuesday anymore? Also, yours going to drink again, also where it like, we came and have fine didn't you ever had that in your life, for like people give you a hard time or maybe your husband is like a way I'm supposed to watch the kid. So you can go on IRAN or we I'm supposed to watch the kids that you can write this, book you want or right there are people so often when you try to make yourself better. That will freak out write your mom you're, an laws like yes, people like all yes, people, listen to me
any time that you began to step more fully into yourself any time that you start to do work on you you won't even mean too, but you doing work on you will challenge the people who are not working on themselves. Any time that you start to believe in yourself and fight for that self care and fight for the time. to go on IRAN to pray, to write a book to You know: do her hair dear make of whatever your friends your family, they will intentionally see it as an accusation about how their living their lives. So what happened? is that either out of love you doing something awesome, even if your Some thing is just like a you know. I went on a walk around the neighborhoods. I promised myself. I move more this year. You doing you're awesome thing challenges there. A lack of awesome right mediocre people, people that
ok with being mediocre, will contain to drag you back down to mediocrity? if you can be at their level than they don't have to question. What's going wrong in their life right, You are going to have people as you sat on this journey of personal development this year, you're on fire, we're in here together with all fired up. You're gonna have people in your life, you don't like it. Some people are going to be passiveaggressive about it. Some people are gonna be outright vocal about it. Some people gonna be like Dave, but it is possible to show up for yourself And your vision of your life, out, leaving them behind without shoving in their fate. without being live. Well, you know, we all know the people who. Besides, there's gonna be a marathon runner and everybody else needs to be a marathon runner or their get bigger begin and they love it and they ve. like everybody else needs to be big into. We know those people right and that the peace
home is not that they are chasing down. Dreams are doing good things. The problem that then they want to shove. Their dream in everybody else's face see the problem is not that you all don't know who you are the problem. that you have an inkling who you are or you use I know who you are, but so many people's opinions have got between you and the thing that you want. There you're afraid to claim it. You need to have the courage to live whatever life. you want to live, and I know that not all of us have the same ideals I went down the word mobile. someone on here. I guarantee wrote down the word mother, someone some Hiroshima word teacher. Someone on here, wrote down the word, love or care compassion, you're your car, tribunal to the world matters to you. How? Well you raising a baby matters, you? How are you going out for your partner matters to you? That is your word and that's powerful, and, what's so incredible about community like this one is there's no wrong way to be
there's no wrong vision that you have for your life, but you have to have the courage to admit it to yourself right so so have a word when you hear me on my firm in the morning- and I am talking about my word for the year- my work for the year is the is the vision that I have of the future. My word for this year, is warrior warrior so eyesight. two- I did this exercise those coming into the end of twenty eighteen and I started think about who I wanted to be in twenty nineteen and I think you know me well enough to understand that like twenty team was a raise the year. Bananas crazier right I had written this book and as much as that was my six book. I had no comparison for what happened with grow Usher face absolutely no comparison. In fact, nobody has a comparison for what
but with that, but I wrote it and I even remember it's hilarious now. I remember it came out February six and I remembered January last year. So, a year ago, our being afraid that people are going to get mad, because I have to help my sex like that was. That was my biggest or never my wildest dreams it. I think so many people would read it not even a tenth of the people, but I definitely like oil. Nobody gets offended about the stories I tell that's where it was a year ago and then what came out- and it was like the snowball that rolled down the hill and kept going and kept going and at first it was very over because anytime life changes, its very overwhelming for us, but as it so to grow and keep going and keep going. What began as this excitement big came a thing of anxiety. Imagine if you will that just doing your thing. You have this vision for your life. What you're doing your thing and it it exploits
so far beyond your control. That you're just like standing, I can watching it happen in front of you and that What a lot of two thousand eighteen felt like for me and as someone that are so like you guys I mean hello, you see, I might I plan on my life or have the vision from future like I'm taking you through what I do so in all this, until I had no control over what was happening. Freaked me out and I went through a lot of eighteen, try figure out how to get back control from that place from piece of anxiety started I sort having a posture of anxiety and worry and feeling out of control and from that place outside negative forces can attack. You, like you, won't believe listen to me because you have your own version of this in your life when tired when you're exhausted, when you're hormonal, when you're anxious when you're depress when you're already experiencing a hard season or a negative season, and you
continue to put yourself out there to absorb whatever the world's got coming you, you open yourself up to get wrecked So if you are right now in a place of any of this in Vienna Negative, a hard season you need, battened down the hatches in hard season in a hard, so then you need to take care of you and I season. You need to focus on your health. Your me family and the hand that you haven't a day to get you from here to there hard season Unita keep showing up on me like ok world. What do you have to say because in my hard season and twenty eighteen, that's what I did? I kept showing up saying: ok, world what you have to say what the world had to say. We're really hateful mean harsh ugly things, and I to talk about them on social, because I always want my social to be a place for positivity
And that we're all gonna get together. I want you to know that if you come to my instrument theatre, you go to my face with that. You're just gonna find positive things, but behind the scenes in this kind of work, the things that people say about me the articles that they ve written, the radio shows that have got the things that people are saying our guiding gut. and if you are seeing those things even when I didn't want to, I felt it things would be shoved in my face, or even when I didn't want to isolate the publish regular go just so you know such and such newspapers. Gonna run this article about why european crap or whatever it was so to facilitating for me and I felt like I had no control. What I didn't realize was that I kept exposing myself to the very the thing that was making me go through a negative season, So right now, if you're in a hard place and Geneva, are you
continuing to expose yourself to the people and the circumstances that are making at heart. investing in a new mattress, kind of a big deal if you're not based glee falling through a hole in your current one, at that that's how I was raised. I was raised that you slept on whatever you had an you slept on it from the time you like twelve, the time you are. I don't know twenty two. When I decided to get a sleep number bad. It was because I am a grown up now and sleep is essential to my life. I wanted to try and see better mattress would mean better quality sleep. Totally does choosing a new mattress, along with things like making sure that my room is nice and chile making.
everything is dark, making sure that I am off screens at least an hour before bad. Take. You bath. All of these are things you can do to get better. More rights, Full deeper sleep and if you at a place in your life? Where you want do what I did you want to try and improve the quality of the sleep forgetting getting, then you should definitely check out. Sleep number proven quality, sleep is a life changing sleep. Special offers for a limited time only at sleep number stores or sleep number dot, com, slash rise. summer for me, looks like getting outside travelling and, if you're like me, all birds has something that might help with that. The tree runner will help you tread lighter wherever there
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So I dont want other people to have control over the way that I feel who, the kind of people that don't let other don't don't let anyone else give them a hard time. What what does that look like? So I would imagine that in my mind I would imagine someone who was strong and for me this is a really important key for you guys, and this is why I believe so deeply that we need to. Work out every single day when you need to be emotionally strong can always get there, but, can always get to physically strong. every single day. You can do something that makes you physically stronger every. Single day, and I don't care who is washing our care that I don't care your age. I know that there are there. Are people are trying to her differently able all of us can do. Thing every single day that makes us physically stronger, and so when I imagine my twenty nineteen when I imagined like it's. My word, I was like warrior because
I can always control my emotions and I can always control with the world's gonna throw me, and I can always control my family, and I can always I can't control this, but I can control physically If I do one thing everyday for myself, that makes me feel physically strong. If I aim for like war satisfying emotionally stronger and physically stronger. That's my word. So that's my word for twenty nine I want you to have a word. I love you guys are saying the words that you're saying give that some thought too. We just we sort of through our words out there, but if you, you should have a word that when you hear it Europe, you have the vision of what that is. That should look like a person to use that should look like the most awesome version of yourself, so we have vision. Do you know First of all what your word I use myself as an example. So this is my word for twenty nineteen is warrior are right, you need to know what does that look like to you and you can
do the same exercise. You could say. If your word wasn't me, let me use my gloomy. You someone Jennifer's at her words, alchemy. That is awesome. I know he's a discipline Mackay last says her word is discipline so The word is: discipline Mikhail. You have to ask yourself what what does discipline look like shoes, one who was discipline. What do they do? What does somebody who is discipline do, and I want to choose one goal So I'll do have leaders start today, journal work with us and even if you don't have a journal, I know I'm, broken record and will make sure we send this in that notes about today, but episode seventy two of the rise, podcast me reading the opening chapter of the start today Journal so that, a single day. You can start your day with this practice and How should I ve gotten most often is how do you choose one goal when indeed together right now or I'm gonna, do it about. You know a business where everyone doing about your life, she's gonna, take look without finisher, compete, unafraid,
What does that mean to you and a white? Ask yourself right now with one big thing: you could do this year. One thing that would be something a warrior does that some of you said PETE, ok, what's one thing you could do this year, Canoe Senate for half an hour when you ve, never even write a five K. Someone says empower, so they power, other people. What one thing you can do this year. That would that you're like that something and it's gonna, be a challenge. You guys you can't. This is if you want to choose some man be pamby thing do for this month we talking about what the one thing you can do this year, because what I want for you is today. I must say that, maybe maybe only with me for just this month or maybe you're going to be with me. Maybe we'll do this every month, you'll be here and you're ready. What I want is for my crew, my twelve month crew, my all year, crew, we're going to get
December and you're gonna be like rage. said I was gonna half marathon, here's a picture of me crossing the finish line rate, I said that I was going to go back to school and I just finished my first year of college at forty five rage I said that I was gonna go, do this thing and I did a rage. I said I was gonna, be debt free and I paid off all my credit card bills. You find the one thing and I'm not talking about a habit. You guys not talking I am talking about, go with a big go there, here. Do no ok. So this is good we want to make sure that you guys to the distinction for some of your ten thousand steps. It's amazing losing way that's amazing, great goals, but I want you to have a tangible thing in order for goal to be effective. It's gotta be two things and then to have any red growth. Apologizing to note the two things are a goal.
ass, to be specific, specific, ok, let's start there, a goal has to be specific. I want to do better with my money is not specific. I want to say Five thousand dollars is a very specific goal. I want to hang out with my kids. More is not specific, I'm enjoying mother son being go and every Wednesday nine M and go to being go with. My kid is specific. Your goal has to be specific and it has to measurable you. have to be able to say like yes, and I would like to choose just one guess you choose one I could I can stand here- and I could spout person bout and suffer you all day and you can take. Bunch of notes in your journal, and you can feel great about our time together, and you had laugh of my stories that Amsterdam of my damn dog wants you to throw the ball. We had a fund together, that, does not serve you. What serves you is if you, if you do
something with the information that you have in front of you. It's like, if we're going to commit this time together, you guys you need to be able to walk away and be like. I sat with that chick for two hours- and cause of it. I signed up for this thing. I did this thing. I named a bit goal and I chased it and all for every one of you that struggles with feeling like you do, no who Are you don't know what you want? I promise you you'll does however, it on the way to something else. You know We have all heard the like life. Journey, not a destination. It's true. If not about the goal is about who you become along the way the
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