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204: How To Start A Podcast


Have you ever wanted to start a podcast? Or do you need advice on how to grow your podcast? Well, I want to tell you about what has worked for me, I want to tell you everything I wish I had known before I started this show in 2017. Hopefully this is the nudge you need to start working on your dream!


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find out more at start today, dotcom welcome back to another podcast episode and my second attempt to put podcast on Youtube, as well as all the places the podcast go, and I ask Jack. If you could give me a chair cause, it fell a low, more friendly, then like the big table, so we'll see how this goes, though it is easier to hold my notebook on a table. This week's episode is, I think, we popular, I hope, gonna serve. You really well- and I did not do any research to how other people teach on this. So this is just straight up my perception of how to, start a podcast hi, I'm
it Hollis, and this is my podcast. I spent so many hours of every single week reading and listened podcast and watching Youtube videos and trying to find out as much as I can about the world around me and that's what we do on their. Shall we you talk about everything life. And how to be an entrepreneur. What happened dinosaurs? What's the best recipe for fried chicken? What's the best plan for intermittent fasting? What's going on with our inner child house therapy working out for you, whatever it is, my guess or into I want to unpack it so that we can all understand these our conversations. This is information for the curious. This is the Rachel Hollis. Hot gas, probably one of the most popular episodes of the show I've done in like for five years. However long I've had, it is the episode
I taught on how to write a book and it that dont know the number of that one big its call back and find it. If that something that your curious about doing, but I felt like I could teach them how to write a book cause. I have done that very successfully many times yes and I feel like I could give you some ideas some advice on how to have a podcast or how to grow your podcast, because I have had this one since twenty seventeen and oh gosh, I think, oh it has- sixty million downloads idle, I'm guessing at that number it somewhere around there. So it's you know it's legit and we ve had some really cool guess on the show
and if you listening to it, I have to assume that there's something about it that you like, and so I just thought I would talk to you guys about how it started, how I figure out what to talk about a country just made a list of everything I could Gov of that I wish I had known before. I started my podcast back in the day, and so I hope that you find this helpful and I breaking hope that you start the podcast about thing that, like you, keep talking about wanting to do or dreaming about do doing. I hope that this is the net that you need to get started. So here's a just up, you know a crap town of ideas on how start your own podcast? Ok, where to begin, I guess let's begin work, this intention don't Roy your eyes, it matters almost anything that I do in life. I set the intention. If I'm having a meeting, I ask you know haywire our goal in this meeting. If I M gonna have a com,
station with a friend or a family member that might be harder. I set the intention at the beginning, the conversation I do with my kids and I think that it really matters when you are putting content out into the world. In fact, I can tell you that the times I feel, like I've made mistakes with content or that I haven't showed up and lived into my values or shut up as the kind of person I want to be is when there wasn't an intention or maybe I was making a decision from emotion instead of from my values. So if I could go back in time to twenty seven seen when I started the show- I would have set the intention back- then it took me a wilder and that that was important and I actually learned how to do it, because I wanted guess to understand what they were doing
the show so back in the day, my only goal was to have episodes to go out and to be totally honest with you, I started a podcast because audience the community Yawl, if your back with me in those days had asked for it and basically thing. I do you wonder the secret of my success. It is that I am in community with my community and I listen when a lot of members of my community or asking for something the community were the ones who asked me to do a conference. For the first time, the community was the ones who asked me to write a book. They were the ones who suggested a podcast like y'all. Give me the best ideas and I dont chase after things like one person suggests, but when a lot of people are talking something insane like you should do this. You should do this if I, finally let get back together and do it so oh for me. I
I started I did the podcast because the community was asking and it was becoming more popular. This was Golly eighteen, nineteen, twenty twenty one for it years ago the only goal was to get content and back then I did understand how to produce a podcast. we well, which I will explain to you in a minute just how to make it as easy as possible for you to accomplish it and get it done by it, I just wanted episodes and in when he seventeen it was really common to have seasons. So oh I remember the very beginning of the show I was like. I just want a twelve episode season. That was my only and so then I needed to find twelve people who let me interview them and I did not have like any of the cap. Actions that I have now. I had no idea who to ask.
A really I mean, like I had like five followers. Nobody really cared about I was doing and like oh hi uh, you know over your tram started. can we let me interview? People are like no or they will respond at all, so I had to get really creative and I I'll tell you if you're starting from scratch, you can do what I did, which was. I made a dream list and my this was it like the rock, though He is definitely on my list today, Dwayne you're, listening. I would love to interview back. Then it was a dream less of people that I thought I might have a chance to actually get There are a lot of bloggers that I admired. There were authors. There were some women in business that I had met once or twice and allay at events, and I just wanted to talk to interesting p. Oh and I wanted to hopefully talk to some people who had a follow
because you really need people to listen to your podcast of it's gonna become a thing, and I thought well. Gosh you get some unlike Georgiou or if I could get Jan hat maker. That would mean a lot to my community and also maybe they're community would listen, and so that was really how it started. I just made this list and if I had twelve people that I was, and in our view there are probably fifty people my list, and I need to do that, because I've been an entrepreneur forever when you're in sales or when you're trying to salary China prospect people you always do way more people to prospect and you're actually going to get like. I knew I was going to get nose and I knew that I was going to get non responses, so I just cast a really wide neck and that first season, to be honest, like it's a bit of a miracle that people said yes, because I don't think that I really had earned the right to like asked I honestly think so much in life.
Is having the courage to try is having the audacity to just ass. because you really never know- and I just asked and just to give you a little insight there. I asked in a really concise and professional way, sir, oh, I would get contact information and that in those days it was an email, and I would say you know joy, I have this podcast and You know, here's what I'm doing and here's the why here's, how many followers I haven't social media I'll, make myself available to your schedule. Please let me know if you can do it and a handful of people said yes and I'll tell you guys to another time. There is that if you look I'm Ivy League, unlike brain dumping, so I hope that this all makes sense and if it doesn't like comment Let me know and I'll explain it and better explanation, but, like I think
The reason that a handful of people said yes is that I was concise. I was quick, I told them. I would make myself available to their schedules. People are always super busy and had some stats. So was like yours. many followers I have on Facebook or here's what I'm doing on Instagram. So I had something it was like. There's not like people will listen to this, because if you're trying to get a podcast guess, your most likely hoping for that situation is their hoping for press there, hoping for exposure and those handful people said yes, because they had something they needed to promote, so it also helps when your casting now, if you're going after people that you know halves something going on like either today. I just made a list. I now have some one that works with me that books, people on my ipod cast, but even today I make a dream list for her. I just did this and ass. I was making my dreamless. I looked for people have books coming out, people who have
albums coming out, because when your when you have it platform when you're hyper former when you're a celebrity or an artist or whatever, when you are in your off season or your rest season, you really aren't that interested in an interview. But if you are doing press there's a good chance that that's when you could get one that you might not normally be able to get so be strategic about, and then all there's one more thing about that, casting a I'd net for interviews is there were some people that I felt like were stretch goals for me, but that it acts we might have a chance at and I did ask them until I started getting some people on there.
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every order, ships free and arrives in beautiful packaging that will totally wow them. That's sugar wish dot. Com promo code rise. Send your sugar wish. Today I didn't start asking: eager names to be on my podcast until I had some medium sized names, Didn't ask medium sized names to be my progress until I had some small names like I was really strategic in way. and how I asked people, and I do think that's why I was able to get gas in the beginning. Even though I had no idea what I was doing for real, like abuse, callbacks living in part, you listen to those like God bless me. I I truly. made it up ass. I went along, but I will say that I love how I did those initial interviews, because it still very much my style today and how
I did those initial interviews and honesty. How I still handle an interview today is, I do not prep now I know the bats, like maybe a little controversial and there are lots of people who have a totally different style for since my friend Tom Bill, you does a type of trap for a guess. That's coming, and he's an incredible interviewer and I think it goes so well, but really what I want out of that time is, I want it to feel like me, and not guessed are having coffee or having drinks, and this is just the conversation that we would normally have, and I I wanted to just kind ebb and flow and kind of follow the rabbit trail wherever it may lead. I think that's why I've been will they have real beautiful and unexpected conversations with people. I think it's why some people have said things
my show that they may be wouldn't say in other places, and it's just because I think it is genuine choice, osity, and they might come on Talk about personal development or a new album that their dropping and we might end up talking about faith or politics or how hard it is to be a working, mom or whatever so I really do leave a ton of room opened to where it could go unnoticed. Not a heavier and say that I think that only works. If you're the kind of person in whose genuinely curious but give you who would go to dinner or drinks or coffee with a new friend, and there will be awkward. Silence is, and you don't know how to fill them. Probably not the interview sow for you, but if you're the kind of person that you never really run out of questions your like really present, you really want to know about whoever you're talking to then it's worth trying that style, so
so that's how I began, and I didn't know to set my intention back then, but I'll tell you today. I do set my intention before every single podcast interview. I do I say to every person. You don't hear it because we edit this part out, but every single person from you know pre anchor too, bite in two immigration to match. Mokanna hey or Chris Symbolic, it doesn't matter who it is every single time I get on a call with someone or I get to sit down with someone. I say my intention for the show is to offer people handle advice, tactical wisdom and give them some inspiration by hearing your story every single time, and I always set them up and I mean this ok, I'm just gonna tell you all the things you guys
when I'm doing an interview, I also want to make sure that they feel really comfortable, and this is a great piece of advice for you is after I set the intention with the guest. I also say, if you mess up in any way just take Again will edited out and make you sound great if you say something in that you want to say in a different way. Just take it again will edit it will make you some great. I think that's an important piece doing. An interview is letting the person know that our intention to go therein this moment is to serve the audience like. I think there, interviewers or show is where they set of want to catch the personnel. They should have wanna. Have the person make a mistake, able to show it and that's not that's not the energy that I'm putting out into the world. I think that this gas came on the show to help me hopefully put some inspirations and positivity, so
ideas, some tactics out into the world, and so I want to do that in a way that fills really good for them and I think, to beyond, this is why I get bigger, bigger guess is because it I'm creating a safe space for them to serve as well So it's just something to be mindful of is when you do get those guess, how can you set them up for success and make sure- or that their meeting be intention that you have for your show. Ok, that's interviews, and that was how I originally started out- was just exclusively doing interviews on the podcast and then at some point. To be honest, I can't I ran out a guess I told you- I did that first season of the pod cast and it became apparent pretty quickly that seasonality with podcast was kind of going away. Now there are certainly cereal pod cas and things that exist in small format
so there is a certain number of episodes and they know that at the beginning. But for my show it's a weekly show. So it's him. That every single week I have content and at some point back in the day I just I ran, I guess I didn't have anybody else that I could call unlike ask a favor of I had already interviewed. Like my therapist, my lit agent. Like I ass everybody, I knew and at some point just didn't have any more, and so I knew I needed content and I tried, for the first time doing a solo episode. So my show I do interviews and the night what I would call this, which is a solo episode. This is where I am doing my best to teach. for the entirety of the show and in the beginning I had no idea of this would be something that listeners were interested and or if they wanted to hear
I honestly don't know if there was a place for it like no lie a really just needed, an episode for that. We and I recorded wine, and I really don't even remember what it was about, but it did We well. In fact it did better than interviews, and I, stand. Why? Because I personally for the podcast that island do I really only listen to podcast that are gonna teach me something, and so do listen the interviews, but I almost us in interviews kind of like in the background I'm doing something else. I really like solo episodes were someone's teaching, because I want to learn like I love at my leg is teaching on a show or Brenda Bouchard or Tony Robins or MEL Robins or Oprah. I really like, when someone is kind of having a full commerce,
shame on their own, that's how I learn best, and so I started to weave those n and it worked. It works really well, and I think that having both serves the audience well because depending how you like to consume content, whether that's by hearing it the view or by learning, you know from me all by myself, I am able to serve both types of listeners. So today, whether guess looks like is I try and go one for one a triangle every other week, a solo episode and interview. A solo episode, an interview unless I just get really fine up about topic like last week. I really wanted to do an interview about feeling stuck and why the next twelve months or so important, if you haven't lesson that episode, please go check it out. It was a really good,
but sometimes I just get fired up about a subject that I want to talk about it and so you'll here more than once hollow episode in a row, but to be totally true for Hugh sallow episodes do better for me. Then the interviews and so that's why I'm here Interview Selo up sounds and then the last kind of content on podcast, at least for me, is sort of a group chat or a friend chat, theres, many too, times that I've brought on my best friend beans are brought on Sammy. beans or when I was married. I brought on my ex husband, like I've, brought on people in my life to talk through a specific thing and though in that being, I think, really fun and really interesting, because you're talking to a subject, with someone you know well and so, adjust ends up being a fun or, conversely, Like I love when I get to do podcast with my friends, you know when I get to our J shabbier. Tom Bill you or different people
you know me well and also have a show. I just think it such a finer conversation cause. You said of skit past all the light get to know you parts you just jump into the meat, so definitely something sir, if you are looking for different types of content, arrive the gulf my friend Hassan. He started a podcast with a friend so that, like they have that conversation all the time, so you don't have to do a podcast as a solo host you could totally mix it up? You can do it in a group. I think that if you are considering working with someone else, so you just want to make sure that that person has the same work ethic that you have because pod, Cassa, really fun and exciting to start, but the thing that will make them work and the thing that will make them grow is consistency
is the number one key to having a show get traction, become effective, be able to add revenue, it really matters So if you start with the host, and your haven't so much fun and people are really by it. But that person is in listen to it or they should have stopped, showing up or they're being flaky. It's really frustrating for you as the one who cares and is kind of trying to hold this thing together. So it may be more effective for you to be your own house and just bring people on his guess or do interviews going to mix it up Trybus different venues to see what works, rather than putting all of your eggs into someone else's basket.
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There is definitely narrative podcast, where people are storytelling. You'd see that in something like cereal, the the type of thing where someone is telling a story start to finish, and maybe that's what your bag is. Maybe you want to write something that's fiction and then be able to story tell Honour- or maybe you want to tell and actual news story like they did in cereal. whatever it is, I think there's a tonic content and its changing all the time. This medium continues to evolve and grow there. So many different ways that you can take this and you should look into it. I mean there's a bunch of different categories is a bunch of different topics. so figure out what works for you figure out a medium that makes sense and then try just try and here's the thing I can tell you without question your first podcast are probably gonna say.
For a while and that's totally normal. The good news is me: you know it's even lessening so her. Ah you get to this in obscurity and work on your craft and learn to get better before. When's actually paying attention. So that's great Maybe you do have a platform, and you want to start a podcast but you're nervous that you're gonna suck at it. You are, and I think that you have will that by having your first episode say guys I wanted forever I have some say my dear our sir or some jokes or some stories to tell you, and I think that it's gonna be helpful. Please bear with me a promise. I wanna get better like just Paula. I used to do that back in the day when I was first doing keynote speeches and I was so nervous to be onstage, and I my palms, woods be sweating and I feel like I was gonna throw up, and I can hear that my voice was shaking and honestly, what helped me the most was just say how
so? I literally literally like oh, my gosh, you so nervous. I promise I'm going get it together. Just saying that out loud really helped me. So much Maybe if you have a platform- and you know that if you want something puber gonna pay attention, just call it. Why would you we good it's something you ve never done before this, like the world that we live in and social media creates this like totally terrible idea, because you're, always looking at other people's like middle your, always looking other people at the top of their mountain, you don't see the fifteen years that it took them to get there. You don't see the a hundred and fifty episodes that it took for them to get to that place, so you're, seeing somebody else whose worked really hard to be great and thinking that when you start you're supposed to start at that level no beginner suck. That's what it is. I said this a million times before, but the ultimate question is not whether or not you're gonna sack, though
is: are you willing to suck? Are you willing to suck so that you can do the work so that you can become better because you can, honestly I this is not. I dont think that this is rocket science. I dont think that in viewing people and being interested and being curious and learning how to ask, but our questions and learning how to lead and guide them in learning how to fill space, and like all of that, our skills, you can learn. You learned by law, sing to other podcast. You learned by watching other interviewers, you learnt by reading books, the obvious formations out there. So you can get better, even if your not great in the beginning, but you're never going to better. If you don't start so once have a medium, and once you have an idea, you start and will say. I do think it important to have a sort of central theme to what it is your teaching about, or what it is you're telling jokes about, or just something that like make sick, cohesive, b
I was in the beginning your wanting to build a listener ship. You want to build an audience. An audience comes back when they know what to expect. So as much as Who could come here and I could be talking about how to start podcast or Could I read or something's going on in my life or raising kids or interviewing a celebrity or talking about music like no matter what I'm doing, if my intention is always to give you tactical it yes, if what I'm doing is always grounded like. If my why, if my purpose is always in trying to offer up things that have worked for me, hoping that Thou help, you too then I feel like I have the fluidity to kind of talk about anything right like I feel like. I can look at a bunch different subjects as long as I stay inside of that Y see. No, when I start I only did interviews with women that was sort of my thing was leg.
I was a female entrepreneurs and I interviewed other women who were also in business. I only talk to women and I think it was empty because I was setting up a brand saying like this- is what I'm for, if you're into this kind of thing, I'm the podcast they you listen, but as the audience grew and as my platform grew, I was able to tell, About more and more things and interview different kinds of people, because I just stuck with like that, that core value of what we're here to do. I mean I remember back in the day I was like. I know saw world where I would do a celebrity interview ever no idea how I foresaw, namely, really nervous, I wonder like throw up but I never could see a. where I would be interview and people like that, and I didn't because I didn't really want to talk about like their new. Movie, I didn't really want to do the press tour. You know often times when you're interviewing someone there going tour, the oppressed her and their Qana saying the same ten things, everybody they talked too, and that is what really boring to me and then
I thought oh wool, dang. If people are will to come on and talk about how they do life really well or their morning routine or how they showed his parents or those sort of core values or tactics that might be helpful to all. Then I could talk to anybody through that lens and I think it's this for you, but you do need to know like what is grounding your podcast and making it unique, because that's how you break through all the noise. That's out there. Ok, my next piece of advice- and this is so key for new bees in the podcast world- slash kind of my advice for everything in life, but for this for real, you have to be consistent. You have to u need to pick a day of the week and yeah. You need to release a podcast every week. I know there are people are like all once a month or honestly. I I know how you would build a listener ship from the ground up without a weekly show so setting
in your mind, right now, it's gonna, take a weekly show. You gonna pick a day of the week. For me, this podcast comes out on Tuesday but it really doesn't matter. I'm we haven't necessarily seemed better listener. Ship any day of the week it and we have several progress in our network. So really matters just that your audience knows that they can get you at the same time every week. So consistency matter, and I would tell you in I told you I was gonna talk to you about like how to produce in a way that easier for you. I batch my work. I do this for life. You guys I do this, in every area of my life, if I have to write a bunch US ass, I want to write all the things that could be marketing copy. That could be an email, I'm sending to you my Sunday email, that could be a book
but I'm working on or a movie script whatever. I'm writing, I'm I'll. Do it all at the same time, all batch. That kind of work, the same thing goes for podcast, like I did. A podcast interview in my office like jazz, before this, and then I left and came in here, because I'm still in this sort of find said, I'm in this sort of energy and when I'm done with the soul episode I'm going to do another interview. I batch my work, and that is the best piece of advice I could possibly give you for anyone who wants to start a podcast is to Bachat. I tell you this because when I started, I would record like an episode, a weak and that episode would go that weak and that is terrible because if you get sick or if you want to take a vacation or if their summer, You can't record that weak. It really messes everything up. So if I can batch my work
then. I know that I've got a ton of episodes in the can meaning, like my podcast or has a time that she can work with so that I make sure I'm showing up for you guys consistently every Tuesday, like you expect me to this matter, yours in the beginning, when you're building an audience and it all really matters once you start have advertisers. So when you have advertise on a podcast, you can't not Posten episode that, would be really bad as a partner, because it really is a partnership, and you want to make sure that your taking care of them as much as are taken care of you. So it's not an option to not post and the easiest way to do. That is just a batch everything as much as you can also say when it, was to production that there's lots of ways to get this done so like I am working with audio equipment here. Obviously, I've got a video camera in front of me, no one,
since in the office. I'm doing this by myself so is really possible to complete Lee knock out podcast all alone, but it does require a fair amount of youth videos that you can watch Google things when I first started that's how Jack and I figured it out- we literally just googled a crap on staff back in the day, and then we worked together till I figure what we need and how we would do it and in twenty seventeen it was way harder to get podcasts up. Then now. I'll also tell you that If you don't have the money for fancy audio equipment, I recorded so many episodes of the podcast on my phone and again back in the day. I just would like do a voice no or recording. No that's on the Iphone. Now I have a mike that I plug into like the little usb I'll put a link to it and, if you're watching us, you two boring show not I'll put a link to it. It's it's a shore MIKE which I think this year,
the same brand as I'm using here, but it like plugs into the same spot on your phone that the charging thingy plugs into. While I dont know technology at all. I have a MAC, the plugs into my phone, and I love that because oftentimes also really inspired to do podcast when I am travelling- and I always take that MIKE with me- that might be protein for your is, whenever you're going anywhere just like keep your MIKE in your purse, because maybe you get inside by a moment or your travelling or whatever like cars, make really great places to record podcast hotel rooms like I don't need to like be in this space to create content, and I honestly em a big believer that people don't need high production value. They need high quality content. So, even if your juggling in the beginning to have like great sound equipment or whatever. I think it matters most that your leading with your heart and Europe,
I now put goodness out in the world and you're trying to be helpful in your trying to add value, because that something that you can do even if you're just recording it on your phone
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True runner is the white on why? Because I honestly wear them when I'm on the go and I feel like they really complete and ensemble and their super comfy. This spring stay light and breezy with the all birds tree runner find your hair at all birds dot come today, that's a L B, I r d S dark com. now I thought I would About how to monetize podcast, because I think if I was starting- that's pro What I would want to know how to do- and I assume that it would be way easier today to monetize upon costs than it was back. When I started Gazelle just like we, we weren't rules, it felt like wild wild West, I did not know what I was doing. And I honestly never. ever thought. We'd even have adds because again
and I was doing the thing the people told me to do a fact I felt so weird about having, as I felt so guilty. I did not wanna put ads on the pod cause. I was like so against it so anti for the longest time I remember ice argue with the team about this forever, because the listener ship did start to grow. It started to become a really big podcast and I still have advertisers and I just felt like my intention was to offer this advice. sir value to your, and I was a boy I dont want to put ads in it and then I realize two things number one. I was paying people to produce the pod Cason Edit, the pod cast for me, but the pod case was not making any money and as a business person that felt pretty- stupid and the second thing I realise that I am a huge podcast nerd. I listen to a ton of shows and I don't care that they have advertisers,
I don't care if Joe Rogan talks about like the Box of meat that gets delivered to his house and I don't care if Oprah talks about China. well at the top of Super soul Sunday. I don't care, I I'm great full for whatever they're going to talk about our teach me and so and I'm use who were all used to ads, and so I sapping so weird about having ads and I started to get some, and I think truthfully at that point. The show is big enough that people are reaching out to me and that's a strategy that you can do and actually thing it's a great strategy is do some research and find out in the category that you want to work inside of so whether that's comedy or health or daily shower narrative show whatever it is: fine, DOW huh many downloads. How many listens you need, on your show to start earning revenue that exists on Google. You can look it up how much a show needs to have before you start to get advertisers
and then you can now have a goal. Now you ve sat tension and goal for yourself about listener ship and you can make every effort to get that number, and once you have that number you can take that information to podcast networks are a ton of, and you're like high fill in the blank network. I have a show it has. A hundred thousand downloads, I'm pretty sure is how many people listen every week, this somebody followers I have on Instagram I'd like to be a part of your network and the network then brings advertisers do you so they have an entire cells team that our figuring out, ok, which kind of advertisers, makes sense for this type of podcast and that this house will thou. So, for instance, I am really picky and I think I probably annoy my advertising salespeople alot cause I'm really picky about what I will allow on the show
and my rule is if it's not something I actually use or have actually use, then I don't want to talk about it, be as I am literally saying like to ya like all my gosh? I just add yesterday for many Cooper I used to have many Cooper. It was one of my favorite cars. I'm still sad, that I had to grow up and get a minivan so that my children will have a place to ride around in. But I love that car and I can talk to you about many Cooper all day with zero weirdness, because I love that brand and I used it, and so I am pretty strict about what I will allow and then there are we were alike, offer, can talk about anything. There's plenty of hosts out there who tell you about whatever product that they think is cool or set of crosses their path. And that's ok to everybody. Has the way, that they want to in the space. But again I think going back to intention setting and knowing what you will and well allow another waiting
advertisers. This is especially for. Those of you who have more like a local sort of show is that you can just start saying, like you can put add spots in your own podcast. In fact, I would suggest that to all of you from the very beginning that you put ads. In to your show, and what that means is you know fifteen minutes then, and a good part when your teaching, your like and now a word from our sponsor, or your like. Ok, guys I'm gonna get back to that in a second, but first I want to tell you, but this really cool thing, that I'm working on put some kind of add in your show from the beginning, so that your audience gets used to hearing those outbreaks, and so you get used to telling them and also be You probably have something in your life that you want to talk about. Maybe it's the book that Europe or maybe you're like hey vice
I just want you to know. My instagram is the most fun and you should only come be friends of me over there and here's the handle. It doesn't really matter what it is, but it matters that you start. Having that be part of it from the beginning, and this works really well if you have a local podcast. So in that add spot you could say hey guys, if your awoke all Vienna of your local here, it also- and you want to get on my odd CAS shoot an email to blah blah blah or if you want to run of add. This is how you contact or strategy. You could even reach out your favorite local businesses, you know if I was here in Austin, I was starting I'd call summer, moon, my favorite coffee shop, I'd call alive and well which, as you know where I get occupant, four massages. I call my favorites and I'd be like you guys. I would you out for you no charge? I just want to have add space here. What do you want me to say that
when your serving or community, which is great and then your also showing people an example of what it would be like to have an ad with you and then tell m. Have you I just not alive and well. But if you want to have your ad in my podcast sent an email to blah blah blah but, start. The way you want an set your intention up early. It might go while, but it is a business and it can be really great way to earn extra revenue or to actually just become your whole thing. But it's gonna take you from the very beginning having a plan for where you want to go. the last thing that I would tell you guys is just to be mindful Utilizing email, less utilizing your social media, making sure that their synergy, so that all of your platforms know that you have upon last even right. Now, look I've been doing this for ever and I'm just starting to put these videos on Youtube, because I want to make sure that
you. Two audience knows that the podcast exists. People listen upon CAS. All over the place and the way that you're gonna get the word out is again through consistency, so the best that I found to do. This is honestly to get a clip to get a video clip of an interesting part of the show that I think might be helpful to people, and then I put that up on my social with a link to go, listen to the full episode. That is the most like strategic, most effective. That I found to grow my listener ship. The other thing that you want to make sure and do is, if you do get guess on your show, is to make sure and them with social content as well. So time we have a podcast gas. We cut video clips for them and, honestly, yes, I have a team, but you could do this. You can cut a clip on your Iphone right now and say to the person and say: hey. Here's a clip from this. That we did. Here's my so
I'll handle here's the hashtag to use. I so would love it if you would consider sharing with your audience. That is the best way to get exposure to new people out in the world, and maybe they listen to the episode of the blogger that they love and end up following you forever a right. That is everything that I Think of on how to start podcast or what I wish I had known back in the day. I hope you guys it really helpful- and I hope that this gives you the courage to just try just freaking try it doesn't matter if it's not great, it's not supposed to be great. The first twenty episodes. Should you be figuring out, what the heck you're doing, finding your river getting the audio dial than finding a backdrop that you really like allow yourself to be creative and experiment and just see what comes up because honestly. That is the only way that you're going to get better, as if you'd just start to move forward
member nobody who has success in any thing started where their attitude. there were years and years of trial and error and working in obscure pretty, and nobody giving our crap before anybody started to pay attention to the fact that I was creating. So don't let the success be the thing that keeps you from trying anything at all. If you're still Listening to this episode, I feel like there's a chance. You been dreaming or thinking about a podcast or may be thinking about how to grow your podcast lean and we need more voices, we need more leaders, especially women. We need more women to step up and tell their stories and share their wisdom and offer that other women, so that we as a community can learn how to grow stronger and better and to learn. our light shine in the world, so use your voice. Ok, eyes. If you like this episode, I hope that you will subscribe to my ear
to Channel hit the the bell, get a notification every time, a post, new episode or if your upon guess nerd like I am make sure that you subscribe to the actual podcast. It's the Rachel Hawes podcast. You can find it anywhere that you get your episodes thanks so much for watching. The Rachel Hollis podcast is hosted by me, Rachel Hollis our oh- is edited by Andrew Weller with a dish production support by sterling coats, our exit, If producer is Cameron Bergmann the Rachel Hollow, Podcast is a three percent chance production.
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