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212: Loving People, Life by Life - with Becca Stevens


This week I am sitting down with an incredible woman, Becca Stevens, who is doing some world changing work in this world. Becca Stevens is the visionary behind Thistle Farms, a nonprofit social enterprise dedicated to helping women survivors recover and heal from prostitution, trafficking, and addiction. We do this by providing a safe place to live, a meaningful job, and a lifelong sisterhood of support. After experiencing the death of her father and subsequent child abuse when she was 5, Becca Stevens longed to open a sanctuary for survivors offering a loving community. Her humility and mission is inspiring, and its a lesson for all of us to see that helping one person at a time can change the world around us.


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You can find out more at start today. Dotcom hey guys this week. In my interview, I am sitting down with an increased A woman who doesn't really lies. How incredible she actually is. This one is going to touch your heart and it's can inspire you, especially those of you who have thought about dreamed about prayed, a bow set your intentions for starting a nonprofit. I am talking with Becker Stevens, the founder of This'Ll farms and, if you're not familiar thistle farms. Yet it's going to be your new favour, not just because of the incredible products they make, but because the story behind how those products came to be. I had the chance to visit this farm several years ago and rarely in my lifetime have I been inside of a business that is so grounded in their per.
Guess who understands their. Why? Who knows what they are doing and why they are doing? And what so rad about Becca is the humility that she brings to. this work you will see in the interview. I have a hard time getting her to explain how she's done what she does, because she so humble about this world changing work that she has done, and I think that there is a lesson for us in I think this idea of making small moves intentionally, every day showing up for one person and seeing how that manifest into hundreds, if not thousands, story is incredible and I know you're gonna be inspired like I was. This is my interview with Beckett Evans, I I'm Rachel Hollis, and this is my podcast ice.
and so many hours of every single week reading and listened podcast and watching Youtube videos and trying to find out as much as I can about the world around me and that's what we do on their show. We talk about everything lie and how to be an entrepreneur. What happened dinosaurs? What's the best recipe for fried chicken? What's the best plan for intermittent Fasting going on with our inner child house therapy working out for you, However, it is my guess are into. I want to unpack it so that we can all understand the These are conversations this information for the curious. This is the Rachel Hollis I'd CAS synthetically, island start by asking you the whole story, and I do want to hear that, but I think I have this really beautiful member.
of getting to desert yeah on and on four gimmicks. I forget what it's called, but you do at that meeting once a week. The circle there so I was in town, I'm really coach of the team a table, and I was in town meeting with them and they said hey work were guarding the same. Would you like to come and I was like? Yes, I would, and I got to sit there and here the stories I'm just really get the presence of what you are doing something that was so much bigger than a candle about so much bigger than serving coffee. That was just too great a business in a way that really saw the women that you were serving with, dignity and with love in a way I ve never seen before. So I this one honour what you have created, because I've seen it and experienced at first hand and then I would love to hear how in the world you created this beautiful thing. Thank you, sir.
so much for having me and begging for coming to visit in our circle at this arms. That's a huge compliment to us. I mean it's an honor, I am grateful and I love you know we ve been doing that circle for decades and Think about all the people who have stopped into that circle and sat for a minute and of all those people, there's very few that get the largest beyond the programmes. That is the story of this fund. the story of journey from our hearts to the world from one in visual woman to really engineering, how healing might happen for women all over the world that carry those units. crucial issues on their backs, You know they just shame in fear and really That is how I came to this. farms and how I came to that circle. I wanted to create a place where women felt safe to make that journey
with other women supporting other women while they're doing their own work the mean I think community is the oldest entity for healing that we have ever known in this world story really, it really starts from that place where you're living in fear and shame, and all of that my dad was killed by drought. driver when I was a little girl and I went on to experience about three years of sexual trauma started. Is about the age of six and the gifts then I had, and all of that were this included. Like a really loving mom in some amazing women. That four gave me and left me through a lot of you know what the fall out of all that trauma Kid and I went on to you- know: graduate fibre
have a college or known to be Graduate Vanderbilt Divinity School and get her a vain and my heart a new really. What I wanted was to start a simple community where we could sit in a circle and figure out what love looks like four: wow, so we I am, that was one of my questions coming into today was or was it a business first or was it serving the community, so. It really started with that intention. where, where did it like before I get it? to how you have created this so wise structure like such a wise way to do this, tell me how do you pulled? gathered. The first meeting, like you know, cause I mean I'm thinking of listeners who have an idea in their heart. You know, maybe they feel. I got his calling them to something greater and they're supposed to give back in a different way, but their terrified of how to do that. How did you even began?
You know one of the women just said to me the other day, one of the women who live in the programme so began with a residential programme in the circle five women and they just growing and growing in about four years into it. We knew that sometimes it really is about the money yeah yeah, that war is probably the most vulnerable to violence. She can be or domestic what's your gender based violence or trafficking. You know all the systems that don't work so well in its way the money, sometimes in the idea of like we're just gonna, create jobs. If, on average, the women that were serving hit the streets around this, in your own they're, not gonna, forget added this. Unless we create this vision. Yes, that you know people can buy their self from us and find out that just this can be a way of life and we can do this in a battle
scary. So anyway, one of the women who lives in the programme is just getting ready. Graduate save me, as promised you just like two days ago: she works in manufacturing and she said just outweighing my options right now and I was like yes, That is what we do. We at our army think it freakin bash, yes, and you know, I think, the most pressing The goal and living thing to do is to do something, smile and do it with a big heart, where terrorism and not say? Why was not worthy? as its little doesn't change anything has its little cut out, and we keep getting caught up with this idea of a river. We have you do everything up forever and, as I know, you actually start where you are, and then slowly make your way up river with a whole bunch of other people, because if you're trying to block river by yourself, you know you know,
gonna get in my meaning the idea of up river. Do you mean said of understanding systemically how those problems are ring and then try to affect them at their root cause as opposed to treating the symptoms of of what is happening. So it's almost like margining or knowing the need that you want to serve and getting overwhelmed by how big it is. Yes, she didn't like human trafficking globally and it's like. Ok. So what's the point This is how we ever gonna get there, and then people stay in meetings for years. And they re right business plans and they can't seem to make any Headway, because it's a lie here instead, and saying what I was trying to say is that, in order to take that journey, you gather some friends and do some small things, a new start, making progress and pretty soon you get to talk to you about those issues to you know a hundred
The previous thousands of beer- and it's like that's the beauty of what I think- He says if we do this together, enamored true believer that justice is a non competitive sport that everything we do. I should be able to give it to somebody else and say this is exactly how we ve done it. You know Let's do all this together? I learned a heap creating how to make partnership. the. I love these sort of stories I think of the work you are doing, I think of homeboy industries. If you're familiar with what they're doing and allay, I love any time that someone should have found a way to you know Mary. The work with the enemy I think that this might read people the wrong way, but with the money, some mental- this years ago. They said the mission requires money. You can certainly serve people without money. You can do that with your hands. Her heart in your local community can shop, and you can do this, but to do something more expense
in the way that you have The genius of tying it to a business model, which not only gives money but also creates jobs, creates dignity, teaches skills. two people who maybe didn't have then like it's just such a beautiful way of doing business, and I'm not overstating this. I I really want to emphasize. If you are in Nashville, you're going to national and you haven't ever been to the soul like going. And have a latte by just be blessed by the women who are going to serve you. Robots like it is go by all the things, but also just go beyond that presents cause the door. The heart in that this is so beautiful. Well, one thing that you are saying that at this stage would ring true for people that the way I grew up, understanding at his errand. Some alarm was thirty, five years old, with five kids when the data so five kids, she was working in a daycare centers She used to pray. The tires wouldn't go far
memory of her praying that tire wasn't going plot and even the kid that seemed kind of beautiful and weird to me, like what I understood was at the tire goes flat: we're not going to work, and if you don't go to work, the lights are going to get shut off. That's basically it but she's praying for the tire. to go flat on really bald tyres, because the woman could not afford new tyres, and she was in a weird way, almost left with prayer like her economic resources or big enough for her to be able to pray for world peace. She just praying her. Marriage don't go there and I remember, thinking like if you could just fix the fact that she has borrowed tyres and she's riding around five kids trying to get work. If that could be fixed You know our whole lives would opener and are prey yours, and our hopes and all of that, and sometimes I'm glad You said it could. Sometimes it really is for women it's about the money. So I can get my kids school uniforms
so. I can draw with tyres that you know her whatever they have red thread, help in a panic has enough in an you know or healthcare. for you know, I'm gonna get my nails, then yeah whatever that three years that's reminds us were beautiful, inhuman and weaken, engage the world. That was important to me. But the other side of that is when women are coming together, create to create which we have always done we women have come together, they come sewing, be so women considered other and so or go down to the river. To wash close together means really old staff is what happens when we come together and create not only are we creating economic independence for ourselves were healing communities. I mean that's why three weeks the pandemic. They turned to women and girls. Can you make masks for us? You know, and women started the sir.
rules and started gathering materials and bringing that together. We know what we're doing an women do this work together. They share stories on its therapeutic yeah. It's revolutionary. All the data shows if you invest in women, making things you're, gonna he'll communities. The truth is If you re a woman, is an act of war, went away. tell a village, but if you invest in women and women businesses, especially for survivors you're, about healing the whole community, Penn state world campus is pen states online camp. where you can earn your college degree on your own time, right from the comfort of your home, get the full Wednesday experience online to fix your busy lifestyle, thousands of students work with the same faculty who teach on campus to advance careers change their careers or finally earn their Greece choose for
more than a hundred and fifty programmes and certificates, ranked in the top ten U S news and world report and business, education, engineering and technology, your class I'm at home is just like every Penn state classroom, because it's getting you where you want to be learned. I'll, Penn State World Campus can help you reach your educational goals by visiting world campus dot p. As you don t you to learn more that world campus dot p s, you don t you to learn or to take me back to you start with five women in the circle, and were you meeting that? Were you leading out on that conversation? How did that feeling? well what I remember this had. Finally, I mean it's been a long time since I thought about it, but one of the first things we did
So you know means like it's. No big deal to invite five women to come live together. If you say the word home in a prison or jail women cry, you know. If you say we want to take women who are survivors of trafficking who them prostituted, who are suffering with addiction who know gender based violence and then come live for two years: rent free as a community, no authority living in the house. Women we saw women came together and I'm really took a large piece of like that site there on paper. We all alone, I don't let craft paper like on a role. Yes, yes, a big well, they say you take a big roll of paper in Rome, around it out and we truly outline of a woman's body and the first gathering. We had, we said so. Whatever we want in this community will draw inside the ones body and would have we don't want in here. Let's drop outside the body and We all know what people put in there. You know you want respect, love so bright
whatever you want inside outside violence commodity buying and selling of body drugs use all those things we want outside the body, and so if we want these things inside the body in those things outside the body but think about it, we can create a structures. Those things are inside the body in the women developed most of the ritual. in how we lived and where did the house come from, so you and this idea like a why one that's what I'm trying to unpack like where in the world, as I feel like Becker like I think, you're like I just did this thing that I built this massive company and retreats all these laws and I know you do that right is humans. We sort of don't realize what a big deal it was to establish any of this, so you feel so courageous and it like in the re telling you were just sort of meaning in two phases:
intuition in any kind of what to do next and you know just because something feels new. It's usually if it's really powerful, really old, and so tried to lean on the really old things that we know in this world, like love and like community and that you can lead with love and its powerful. You know in love. We won Our original mission was, we want to be a witness to the truth. That indian love is the most powerful force for change in the world are gonna house from a friend you mean. They were running like something the transition home, which obviously does it work for women who have this history of trafficking, especially you know, I mean if you're asking somebody's been on the street to pay one hundred and twenty five dollars a week to live in a house. That's the recovery house. Many those women have to go out and hassle to get that money and they're not gonna stay
clean, live truthfully with that kind of lifestyle, choice or whatever you want to say, so it wasn't working when I say I just want to lease it from you, for I don't have any money, but just lease it for a dollar year and the house was close to the house. I was living, it was on the same street and I knew I wanted this to be a residential community, Noah Safehouse, no halfway house, no treatment no shelter, just a house just go live in a house and the way They moved in. We enjoy codes. We didn't do anything we just had a house in the women's David and they stayed so long. We had opened another one and another one, and you know it was the measures it was a group of women who changed my life. That was twenty three twenty four years ago now, and how did you find funding for that? My husband is a songwriter Nashville Tennessee, I mean he's a very Marcus Herman he's
the full songwriter in the hall of fame all that stuff and he had a tender friends, your music business and honest to God, those I will raise money for just about anything that meant that there was no writing community nationals, one, the nicest group of people you can be wrong and there's some churches that were willing to go with me on it and it wasn't that expensive. To start with, now. You know meaner budgets, whatever seven million dollars a year to run all the operations in our global partnerships and national network and all of it. But at the beginning you know we could do it. With a few fundraiser here and not have to charge the women appear, and so you, you have the first house, its successful you're, saying this change, your opening the next. When is the first time that you saw or maybe now said, the idea we should turn this into a business
We should add a business component. I guess is better in this area. I bet Almost every one of your listeners in sure you do. You have the safe places where ideas Germany like it could be in the words could be backed Arabic, be you know right for us all sleep, my dreams in my prayer time in the morning. Whatever that is an many many times in my life. For me it is the bathtub you know, I'm the man of three boys and you can get in a bath and shut the door. our care help me, I'm a horrible Patrick, pretty much. Second, nineteen forties bathroom, it is my space I can go in there and just really think in part of the way that I was finding healing in love, em on life and my own journey as mom and going through this. You know the scars. that our internal that you carry with you for ever is healing oils Europe. hearing essential oils in the bath, and I think that the first thought
creating healing rails and by bombs. That was like. Ok, how can I do this and enjoy these things and make it part of my work? Yes, you know: how can we do this in so everybody can have the staff. I don't wanna, be the one. That's like selfishly using these oils and not sharing with everybody So how do I do this? And that's when we start it, and I was a chaplain. I'm am still, but I don't do it very much, but I'm a chaplain at Vanderbilt, and we had you know a frame chapel we started mixing, doesn't mostly just the most Bay sick recipes and the whole world are with essential oils there. So basic uneasy and we start doing it and selling it to our friends and we one person there that we just there were three of us, the head, kids and we were just playing some. I watched the kids, we would stir lavender in the kitchen, and we want to call it This'Ll farms to represent
the allies in the streets and the poor. Is there really raft at that the sole grows and drives? And how so? has that beautiful purple centre and thence Solomon, all his glory is not arrayed like one of those and that's what that this wise and so and vessel farms and started selling into our compassionate friends grew into the largest justice enterprise. The United States has run by rapidly. And white and creates wavy what year was it when you were? you know in a frame stirring up the bureau. two thousand and one thousand and one and you tested out and then what it is Listen, it's not familiar with your work. They may not understand the scale like they may think. Oh you just have some now. This is a dead end. private. Then then we went to a bigger building and we heard like people, but actually
That is what I think, I think, if you do something, ok people will come in and then do it better than last year. which I love, I mean that's found The worst thing is: if they hang on the things that they think it's theirs, I think I think you have to keep stepping back and taking deep boughs of gratitude forever by that's done it better than you. but we went to a bigger building. We we had our first national contract with health foods. We start, really understanding that the most power, One thing we have with our story that we were in a company with a mission. We were a mission with a company in that changed game for a lot of people. we went to Rwanda and started sourcing oils directly from survivors and made a bug spray and then and about. Two thousand and ten, we ve gotten so big. We bought her first manufacturing facility. You know we needed forklifts eagerly. We do not leave things anymore, it's crazy
and we had to have a logistics department and we had to, higher people who were just gonna be working on branding unjust, working on whatever internet sales and adjust room, What I would say is it wasn't an overnight success, but it was a long walk that was as justice, miraculous where there are times in this process that you had those moments. How did I get here and how am I this is so much responsibility, and or did you always feel like if I just keep walking in safe, I'm gonna find a way through all of these big changes and evolutions. You know honest. Like when I read the story of the good Samaritan in the gospels. promise. You know that I'm the guy in the ditch Oh my gosh and I have never forgotten that that I was the better
and I needed as much as anybody to believe that could be in a community, and you could talk about love and people still taking seriously and they see you as faithful, even though you might, they might not agree with you that they would see you as capable, even though it sounds a fluffy. You know what I mean, and so I am so grateful that there still place. For me, I mean, I have sourced almost everything out. We have an amazing ceo now I think I may add Isn't it it's a man yeah? I got. I think I met him that day where I he happened to be there, but he is a great guy. And so I get to still focus like I just got back. I mean just two you should go back from a journey Botswana. In the midst of covert, I was still able to get their celebrate with good women who are starting a brand new enterprise there. So now I get to go still sit in a very small circle and here the first stories of women who are still dreaming. That's what
Heart is, and that's where I believe, ultimately, you know all of us have to go. Are again back to sometimes it's about the economics in war and refugees, action in human trafficking and the more we can keep creating with partners in others small community of powerful survivor leaders. You know for me at least changes world markets, it's better than anything called fair trade It's this idea that women artisans can be the backbone of what freedom might look like for big, the women everybody's reading in the news, especially these last few weeks about the fear for Afghanistan, women, and the fear of what it means to not have that free. To gather and tell your story and speak your truth and fear that being taken away, it's so powerful that it makes global news. There are small,
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starting to harm and move along where their setbacks, where their things, because of course there were, I know their work as this is life, and this is real life. But I think it's important for listeners to hear that, because your stuff he is wine, there's so much hope and faith in everything that you're sharing, but where there too that you encountered You know that you didn't know what you're gonna do or that it got hard or that you felt unsure, because they think that that's really important for women to here as well. Yes, that's how I feel. Today but I feel like oh my gosh there's so much going on in Hell. You navigate the waters? I still feel that like, and I think that so good for us. That's what makes it a faith. Turning right I mean it's I hear, return your path and I shall never real from it as well.
Luck with your work and with communities, especially your working with people and recovery. I tell you one story: is that ok, of course yeah, but So many like you said, there's somebody success stories in so many heroic way men who are Craster Stuart teachers who are researchers you're doing awesome work, but, truly about three or four. There's into the life of the company and community I met a woman named Peggy Sue So you know I'm not deigned episcopal priest and always go try to visit people even if they are able to come into the community if they're calling out you know you go visit, see people Peggy Sue were was in the local hospital here in Nashville Tennessee for indigent folks. She had a fee tube and she was chained to the bad chosen state custody and swayed about eighty five pounds and she was
an amazing conversationalist. She had grown up partly southern baptistin. She probably knew scripture better than I do. And she wanted me just come talk for days and you know she has a story that so many women have, which is the truth of what racism looks like and what poverty looks like, and what unjust systems like in many people's life. They almost look like all that broke Agnes, had just broken her like physically. She just was a wreck, and we she wanted to come this'll farms? You know it didn't happened. She died before. I guess three or four days later, she didn't get any better, and the state gave me of her box ashes. They wind there is nobody to claim her body and soul I took some uninvited again, a small circle, women to come together and
done many many services I buried my mom and dad my sister. A very friends, are buried. So many women. I will never been so nervous and I think it's because it felt like theirs so much sadness here, where's the hope and I just felt inadequate felt like this. We off held her. She failed yourself, it's all a failure, that's what it felt like anyway, we gather together and had two minutes and saying something. Someone has been to somewhere else and I started the service and you said, No the Lord be with you and then we all just started crying, and I couldn't speak another word it was like love was so thick and that space we were in words and even cut through it. I've never had a feeling like this, and I was just overcome with this presents. God like when there is nothing else. God just fill this bags, and you felt this presents a blood in our hearts, and I was I if that is the worst the world has to offer. Anyway.
dying alone in getting a cardboard box, and love can do that gladly do this work for the rest of my life in do knowing that I have felt this and good. Ass, a boy maybe someday, feel it again. I don't beautiful story. Is the it just keeps that kind of information is for all about has for all of us said like you, don't have to be Fraid, even in those worst days, love on your worst days, Lufkin Rush in and speak to. It can be surprised it can be more abundant than you think can be a whisper. It can be a flower that you see on the side of the road whatever it is. I tried remember that night anybody having a really hard day, if wherever you are hearing? This from love can speak into that powerful, yeah heavy
well, you know what I was thinking of when you are telling that story is. I was talking like they're fine right America's last week, and I was talking This idea of return about what do we want out of life or where do we think is the purpose of life, for why are we here and thing that I have attached onto Unalaska Bobby ours is, I want my why, and this is not my bigger purpose or why, thank God put me here, but should have what What, from my wife, is the simple idea- and I said this to him- I said to make as many beautiful memories as possible with the people. I love most. I just wanna We then let him just to make beautiful memories of the people. I love Mosen. I've thought that that's like such a guiding great guiding principle for kids and I keep that in mind all the times to make these beautiful memories, and he
then something which fell so divine and so profound and foot my entire world like this. He said what is your definition of beautiful, because I have thought Beautiful memories are laughing and dinners and vacations and plain in the backyard right and immediately I thought of my grandfather died. Maybe four weeks ago from coal and my grandma had it too, and she lived and my mom has been just. I mean doing literally the Lord's work taking care of her mom, whose very sick and train help her get better and managing health care, and my mom doesn't know this. Well, then she's very confused and she just keep showing. in this very hard season, and he said that to me- and I was like the heart is beautiful-
I don't know why I just like. If you like you, a lot of definition good life is beautiful. Memories than the beauty also has to be the hard stuff thought of my best friend whose mom died are the Sierra and our group of girlfriends were very close and we all need to travel to go to her mom's funeral and we sat with her when she cried and we have this beautiful words. of storing her first baby was born on Sunday, and so in this year we ve seen this law send this birth and it's all beautiful, and so then it's about. Can you hold space for Those things and I love your story because, if you're going to hold space for the date gets so big that you have to get a forklift, then you also have to hold space, for those moments where we find beauty in the loss and the grief and the pain and light for me, at least
the hall I mean, there's a whole theology around that there's the years the cracks where the light comes in. It's the imperfections that make us who we are it's you know the weakest part of the tree, the grows the most beautiful. Girls. You know that everybody wants for the show pieces, thumbing its It's a total little love your therapists already at the fact that that guy over Mary Mary Outfall perspective for they recognised as to how to get all the money in the world right. How come you look towards the future? What is next week. It sounds to me, I'm so inspired not just by what you ve created, but also what you continue to win and two and that it continues to evolve not just for the business but also for you and how you shop. In these community he's in small ways like in Botswana or in bigger ways, and you know, maybe your involvement in different organizations should be happy to so. You know
I did what I think, almost everybody didn't covered. I wrote a book but that that battle had. Why did you go? I wrote a book everyone road, a boy. What why would you not write a book? There are two hundred yards, so it's called practice divide, and it really is a midsummer, my mom's old sayings, it's the stories of the women in this of arms and its journey. and it ends with a vision of what's next, you know. What's what's the next piece of it, which is my favorite part, is not to do a lot of strategic planning. That makes me sad. But what makes me happy is the idea of freedom to dream, and so this book is offered some new spaces for me to thank and dream with lots of new communities which him really the about and to do some work, It's really around here, the practicality of life.
You are making your own oils open, your own rituals, like a tea party, things that bringing the divine into our daily life in practice. Real ways and also to think about what it means to integrate small thanks again. We can do now that make us feel better and more activated mission driven and all those things we want to be instead of thinking, oh, if a king, my job and leave my family. Then I'm not a good justice person. I do you know what a yeah totally, though that's what I'm excited about is engaging some new communities with new ideas, real practical things that we can be doing together- you know what my girls this year is that I want a relay start teaching people how to make sure that they are starting to make their own laundry detergent.
at home. We can change the world we quit by laundry detergent promised, shall I know so you don't think about last. It things. Does huge plastic jugs, therefore, a bright iraqi do online, it's so expensive and it's ridiculous No, it's borax, soap flags, it's very easy and you could but lavender in it. You do it four cents on the dollar. You know- and you can, use all your old everything all this stuff, We already have in your house in the old detergent, jugs make your own and be done. We write it be so fine if we like radical thing we did was made not so much because everybody has long yes, yes, everybody. Well has laundry instead of like you know, you have to go outsourced it. Anybody you, you could fix anyway, things like that in a big things like were Hacker Mexico and Lemme Peru in places that we have just started really new partnership,
we're gonna be travelling to the sheer and working with Sunday be really fun to do a pie cast when you were the microphones on one of the new women that were working with their sad for you, how their craft shiro in their own ways it because it's it's it's my favorite thing: the light in the basque country somewhere in all this. someone tells a story. She was sixteen and right in their family. Kick them out because they were. In the run for that and what that meant for their lives and how they're coming back around declining themselves. Again, get like a man. I mean it's church for guys. So freeing and you go you, you just want to say, like I've heard that story in twenty different language. it's an as long as we can keep sharing it with each other, and the other person says you are so beautiful. You got there you're, not alone, I'm so
Sorry that happened here on behalf of all humanity. Then there still hoped keep going Ok, guys we are in our third week back at school and I will you that my morning, routine is more important than ever. My mom routine matters because if I get up- and I practice my intention- I do my meditation- I get some movement and I do my journaling all the thing. If I can have an intentional morning routine than I am so a better mamma when I wake the kids up. But in order for me, have a great morning. Routine. I've got to get good sleep. It's why I invest in good sheets. It's why I care so much about my mattress I started using asleep number three sixty smart bed years ago and the sleep I q technology is really helpful.
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Support for the Rachel Hollis podcast comes from three m committed to protecting health care workers globally. Three m employ cress knows that healthcare workers, like his daughter, may need to get up close to provide patient care. He is working hard to direct high performing personal protective equipment to hospitals and hot spots, so she and nurses like her, can be protected while caring for their patience here, their story at three m dot, TK, slash, improving lives. Three m science applied to life here is my question, as you know is, were were having this conversation and there's so much inspiration here and there's like I'm inspired our knowest
Those are inspired here and you're gonna make launch irony in inverse shore up like I can probably get something important instagram to care about that with us back up. What is your hearing mess and you're like I want to get involved? to get involved in local community, and I always think that when we feel a calling on our heart that we should leave it to the things that like affect us oh, I am- and you are deeply devoted to women and working with one and how to empower women and left them up and all of those things. But somebody hearing this may have been deeply impassioned about climate change or saving animals or, as you know, the disparity in health care and just like all of these different things right, and I think that, whenever fires, I thought that's what we're supposed to mean into, but maybe or listening to this, and your very inspired and you're fired up about a cause.
You have no idea where to start to make your own launder, you get yours, engine oil from vessel farms. Order from this are you. You will help the environment, a thousand how'd. You will be in power, yourself. You'll be having prayer time, while you're stirring the back you'll be feeling power, like I'm independent, I'm taking care of myself with this. Now I'm saying that's how small I want to start people. I really want to say it's like bat basic instead of like you know finding out for something that you're not really gonna do at some point anyway, and I think the world is in such a state right now. It's really really hard just to go out and buy, and here I do not like it was so math I will give you may be top three one. Social media advocacy is the best we that's her
We ve gotten more referrals, more sales, the more people that share our story of hope, I'm Bacchus, Stevens, Uninstall room, that's very easy. If anybody dams me we'll get you hooked up with this arms, we have like a whatever called like a chair Linux or whatever. I think they're cheer layers and make sure that the official term- but people who are willing to repose some staff that we do that huge in it. you're, always stories of hope, always stories of great women who are doing great. Work and we need people on that. Freedom train with us, pray, pray, pray, pray, pray, pray, I think how we live, follows what our intentions are in, or tensions come out in our prayers. So if we begin with that, like and praying for you, you, I'm leaving you and thinking about you. That's the second most important thing The third thing really, He is it matters where he spend your money in your tongue, so be it
pensioners about where you're spending their money in your time. Don't think that you're like feel spare by ass and then go get yourself a target order from TAT. We not by the way plastic. Freer, that's one of our goals is to figure out how to continue be more friendly in how we shape our stuff, but we're not area, but that's how we keep going. That's how we are growing this and we need people here and I love it. You said that is worth mentioning two that it does making those choices really conscious. does require a lot of time inconvenient one of the things you know, I'm an author and super grateful for every partner who has helped me sell books, but I'm becoming way more intentional about driving into my driving to my local bookstore and getting books from them, because they are a local. bender. Now it is way more inconvenient, then having something ship. To my
How sober, nay! You know that I can just opening up and do the thing, but it's the same as only getting coffee from local coffee shops and supporting local business and being conscious of black on businesses and woman, own businesses and and you you have to be intent on request are slowing down and it is inconvenient sometimes because so Breakin easy right to do Amazon or target or whatever, but it is were used. your money is, is how you show what matters. I love that you said that, because it's worth saying too, when you make a choice in that way to start with one thing to start with one area. So I recently yesterday, learning about toxins in products than if you ever do that, where you can sort of skin a beauty product and then you see what's in it an basis just throw away everything you because it all back in doing that, one in four Sidney I got bury overwhelm because I was Ike everything's wrong
and I had to make myself slow down underscore one thing at a time like: ok, let's just start with skin care, let's just start figuring out your skin carotene and that really clean and then we're gonna move to the next thing, as opposed to deciding I'm only shopping local, I'm only that's a great goal, but give yourself steps to get to a bigger place. To start with one one thing that you can intentionally choose in your life So what did you do about this thing here? So there is. My doctor actually told me this there's an app called think Dirty were sounds funny about that. When your phone, so do I get my phone to show you but think dirty and its scans products based on the bar code and ill it rates among a scale of one to ten like how many toxins are in them so is zero. Three, it shows up, as greens are like. This is great for you and then four to six yellow and then above that, its red and you would be shocked
You would or maybe not cause what you do, that you can go to that. What you perceive to be like the cleanest stores. They call it clean beauty and your scanner and find out something and at its terrible for you. One thing that you can do. That's really easy is if you shop online with This'Ll farms, the bug spray is a hundred percent. Natural kids can use it, adults can use exit tested at ninety nine point: seven percent effective one. Pendant testing, FDA testing beat out all the other natural bug, spray half and why there you can get the soap she can get hey. I don't know why yet young handles you can here we have thirty global partners and we should all out from the same place. You can get everything. It means at least a lot of your home in bath and bought it your stuff at one time, because I agree It's I also don't have all day long to work on right right. There
totally green. You that's all tat. I love men. You have black satin would form the basis of inspiration and, given us some really practical cod so I just want to acknowledge the time back. I really appreciate it and I'm I'm great All that I got the chance to speak to you, because I mean I probably sat in that circle, two years ago or more, and then you know gotta connected some of your team that was there that day by having ever had the chance to meet you. So when you came across shit, I'm the guy. Yes, I one Doktor Simon, you are. A beautiful person, and you have had some much great influence and I'm really grateful that I got to sit meet you in Sunday. I'd really I'd love to hear you talk to one of the matters they re. Yes, I will do so We have only a year or so
Love that idea, I I keep hoping that I'm gonna get out to national about friends there. Some hope in when things calmed down a little bit to get out and visit, so maybe you'll be in town, and we can come back that have caused yet it would be sooner you no one knew no word report, you know I'll, buy you a basic on each day. He thought back there haven't often thank you. The Rachel Hollis podcast is hosted by me, Rachel Hollis. Our show- is edited by Andrew Weller with additional production support by sterling coats. Our executive producer is Cameron Bergmann. The Rachel Hollis Podcast is a three percent chance. Production.
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