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213: RESILIENCE | Part 3: Destined For A Purpose


I honestly don't think I've ever had a reaction like I've had about this series about Resilience. This is the final part of this series, and I want to give a huge thank you to those who have listened so far and I hope you take away something super powerful from this episode.


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The past year has roots so wild right like hard and good and a lot of chaos, and, if you're like me the morning routine, that you have for your day is everything it's how we figure out? What comes next? It's how we practise gratitude and sinner ourselves, and it is how we lay our priorities and figure out where we're going. If you haven't yet built a morning routine. I want to make sure you know about the start today: brand. It is a collection of gorgeous journals and planners that help centre. You help you practice gratitude copy, set goals and stay focused in the midst of chaos and in the case of the planner, it helps you break apart those big gigantic dreams into achievable by size, p,
as you can find out more at start today, dotcom. So for the first time ever, I did a series here on the pod cast. I wanted to talk about the idea of resilience and how important it is and when I began to discuss it, I realize it was much longer than a typical forty minute episode, and so I turned it four series. I honestly don't think I have ever had a reaction from the audience. The way have about this series and number one I'm so appreciative. I love getting feedback. I love hearing, if you guys, are into it and what your liking and how I can better serve you as a pike S, immunity, and the Youtube community. So please comment below, and just let me know how I can continue to do. Work and topics that you love
but also it so helpful for me to know in real time where are you guys are at and how the content that we're making can help to lift up or inspire you give your ideas. So today is the conclusion of my three part series on resilience and if you are coming in right now, I really want to encourage you to go back and listen to episodes and to say really lay the groundwork for what I'm going to talk about today. I am Rachel Hollis, and this is my podcast. Spend so many hours of every single week reading and listened podcast and watching Youtube videos and try. to find out as much as I can about the world around me and that's what we do on their show. We talk about everything life and to be an entrepreneur. What happened dinosaurs? What's the best recipe for fried chicken? What's the best plan for intimate and faster
what's going on with our inner child house therapy working out. Whatever it is my guess, are into. I want to unpack it so that we can all understand these are come stations. This is enough. Nation for the curious. This is the Rachel Hollis I guess you know, I think it's interesting. I was just talking to the team today about what the last quarter of this year is gonna look like and for us that's really important, because we do this challenge every year called the last ninety days, and maybe some of you have been part of the challenge before and if you haven't, I really want to encourage you to get involved, here it starts on October first and will have more information about that later, but
Actually it's a challenge about how we can live out the last three months of the year, the last ninety days with intention, and it feels so important I remember doing it last June, twenty twenty and it almost felt like we set up screaming and the void, and I know some of you did challenge with us, but trying to talk to people about. Reaching for more or taking care of themselves or how to be intentional when the world still felt so scary, really just didn't land for a lot of people it was still such a time of worry and anxiety and just kind of China, survive. I think a lot of people were still reaching for coping mechanisms that would have then get through and they couldn't really see through where they were at two, something better, so as we go into the last part of
this year were in the last quarter of this year? I think that this is a cop station that is so relevant, not just how can we be resilient, but also? How can we take back control? You know when I was a conference one of the women. There said something to me that I just I never heard before, and I just love love love this idea. So thank you, Michel. If your listening, thank you for this line. She said. I think that your audience comes to you. When their at a crossroads. You know people typically aren't coming to my work. They don't come to podcast to read my books if their China level up on something that's great. They come in when they're, in the midst of a big life transition. Are big life change there trying to figure out what's next or how did they figure out what's next or how do they? I done to find their purpose or How do you even know what you want starkness on recently I will tell me what you want and I can tell you how to get there and he was like
I don't even know what I want. That's the problem, and I was a good great will, let's start with what you don't want, maybe you're. Coming into this episode right now. Maybe you want to hear about resilience, because what you don't? Why is to stay stock? What you don't? Why is to hold onto this bitterness what you don't want is for it to be this hard? Maybe that's the thing that you don't want and knowing what you don't want is as powerful as what you do. It gives, you, some direction it tells you aware to head. So if all you know today when you're listening, those Pont Castro you're watching on you too, is that you don't want it to keep feeling like this, that a really good place to start. So I started this series talking about the first piece was making peace through mindset and again go listen, that episode of you haven't gotten to get
and last time I talked about power, empowering your vision of your past so that you feel strong and capable, as well as understanding the power that you have over your own life today. I want to talk about purpose. I want to talk about purpose. I wondered what purpose I want to talk about change. I want to talk about the action you're gonna take next steps to get a bunch of stuff to dig into today. So, let's start with the idea of purpose you know. I have a friendly debate going on with my friend Tom Bill. You would you can totally listen to. I posted an interview with him a couple weeks back, but he doesn't believe that human beings have a particular purpose. He doesn't really by into the idea of like being destined for a specific purpose. I, on the other hand, do I believe that our creator
and, however, that manifest for you that our creator gives us potential that they give us sort of seed and our heart that there is something that we are meant to then too, and I dont believe that every human will events to their purpose. But I think that we have one and I think that one of the most important parts of life is figuring out. What yours is, but Tom's way of looking at purpose is also really inspiring, because he does not believe that you have one that's preordained, but he believes that you can make your own, which is really empowering as well, so whether you're sort of a hippie like me- and you believe that you know the stars aligned to make you exactly who you are and give you the purpose that you
I meant to live out, or you believe, like Tom, that you don't necessarily have one, but that you can create one in your life either way. It goes back to last week's idea that you are in control of what happens next. So here's how purpose was explained to me recently- and I love this. I was talking to a coach about how people could define it and what is it really look like because I know what I believe my purposes on this planet beyond being and credible mother and raising these humans that I have been lucky enough to get to know beyond that, which is a personal purpose. When it comes to my work, I believe that my purpose on this planet is to encourage and inspire and give tools to help women be the hero of their own story. That's what I do is what I've done.
for over a decade, and I was joking about the fact that when I was younger, the tool that I had to give you was how to make a casserole or how to make a throw pillow, and maybe that sounds silly cuz you're like well. How is that going to help you be the hero of your own story? Will freaking a man. Last night I got my kids to eat something for dinner, that they'd never eaten before, and I felt like the world's biggest hero back in the day. The tools that I had to offer my audience, my small audience was the only thing, that I knew right and, as I have grown, I have elevated as a woman, as I have learned more as I have been a student, I have been able to acquire better tools to offer to you. So that's my purpose but I didn't follow a road map I didn't use equation. I actually had never had anybody explain to me how to figure out your purpose until this coach told me this, and I love it,
oh, I want to give it to you guys if your listing and because I thought it was so wise- Penn State World Campus is pen states online, camp, where you can earn your college degree on your own time, right from the comfort of your home, get the full Wednesday experience online to fix your busy lifestyle thousands of students, work with the same faculty who teach on campus to advance. their careers change, their careers or finally earn their, Greece choose for more than a hundred and fifty programmes and certificates ranked in the top ten U S: news and world report and business, education, engineering and technology, your class I'm at home is just like every Penn state classroom, because it's getting you where you want to be learned: I'll Penn State World Campus can help you reach your educational goals by visiting
world campus dot p as you dot edi you to learn more, that world campus dot. P S, you dot edi you to learn for he said your purpose has to be three things number one it has to matter to you now. I feel that a really important place to start because often times, I think we get caught in the trap of believing that we have have a purpose that is inspiring to others, or we have to have a purpose that our mom is gonna like or we have to have a purpose. That's as impressive as our sisters purpose that is it has to matter to you. I have a friend who is deeply involved and activism for class
that change there really passionate about the subject they care about it deeply and they make other people passionate about it when they talk about how much they care. I have another friend who works with like five different pet rescues in her town, because she care so much about making sure that animal they're, taking care of and love. That is a huge passion project for her. Now I love the family dog. I love dogs, but it's not something that necessarily, I would devote a ton of extra time to and it doesn't take anything away from her passion and her purpose, that's what I want you guys to get, I think it matters to you for reason. In two years ago I used to like I get so frustrated with God and I'd be like. Why doesn't anybody
help women with this or why does in any one do anything in the foster care system a? Why doesn't like I've just had like this, a list that I go to God with a meal. A wire you doing anything and then one day I felt like this sort of divine, like club me up over the side of the head. Like brow, the Tsar God talks to me. She's got an attitude. I like her brow, if you're so upset about it. Why don't you do something? There's that old quote from Gandhi? as be the change that you want to see in the world. If something matters to you, there's a reason: there's a reason that you, so fired up about ocean trash, definite called something more Ellen that there's a reason that you care so much about literacy in Vienna city like there's a reason that its on your heart? I think that
in its on your heart is because you are supposed to be the change that you want to see in the world, but we get so fired up about our per is having to align with someone else's vision of what is important. Maybe your purpose is that you want to be the greatest stay at home, dad ever good for you, but your purpose is not supposed to make sense to everybody else. It's supposed to light your heart on fire. So that's the first thing your purpose has to matter to you. The second thing for your purposes, coach said is: it has to be bigger than you. It has to be bigger than you this dream. This is vision that you have has got to be something that takes your breath away. A little bit like has got to be something that feels like it is go
to require divine intervention. It's going to require some magic. It's going to require like things you don't even know where possible, in order to pull it off, it's gotta be bigger than you, believing that my purpose is to help women be the hero of their own story, that freaking bowl Statement because, even if I can do that with one woman, what any credible impact. I've been able to have what an incredible legacy I've been able to leave behind the vision that I have. This work is so much bigger than that. One person is bigger than me. It requires a team, it requires a community like you. It requires other people buying into the vision that you have if you just said like oh my purposes to you know, I mean it, I'm in a rescue, a dog, that's beautiful, but that's not something! That's going to sustain you over time and because we're talking about resilience this matter so much because you need to thing, that's gonna help you get back up when you feel
you ve been knocked down, you need the thing that is going to inspire you to keep going when you're exhausted resilience has to be bigger, because this girl, play a passion in your belly for something more, your purpose has to be bigger than you. It has to be something that you're not sure how in the hell, you were going to pull it off, but that's the excitement, that's what we get out of bed in the morning. That's why we get fired up to figure it out. You have a dream and a vision for your life, and it's up to you to have it be something that takes your breath away, okay. Lastly, your purpose has to be in the future. It has to be in the future. Cuz remember this is something bigger than you. So this is not something that necessarily you know how to pull off in the next week. this is really empowering as well, because, if you're feeling bogged down if you're feeling like you need to listen to a podcast on resilience, then it's important to remember that this is
I'm not gonna be solved tomorrow, Tony Robins has this quote that I love. He says people overestimate what they can accomplish in a year and underestimate what they can accomplish in a decade. Imagine what you could do in a decade, it's! Why start today journal and all of the meditations that I do about this, the rise in your future. It's always ten years in the future, because in ten years you could accomplish so much think of who you were ten years ago me at twenty eight hole. We crap- let's not even go there like now what I ve been able to do in the last ten years and what I think I'll be able to do in the next ten or the next twenty it overwhelmed me because it feels to big. But when something fills big, that's how we elevate- and maybe that seems funny cause we're talking about resilience right like,
Some of you might be thinking what you're talking all these big visions for your life reach. I'm listening to you to hear about resilience, cuz, I'm struggling to get out of bed but here's what you're not clicking in to get this Ruggles that you were inside of is the thing That is going to make you the person you wanna be. If you are meeting to listen to a conversation about how to be more resilient in your life. I want you to understand that you are in the seas. And that is going to make you a better version of yourself at this time to Amerika you guys, if may be seen me talk about it, a lot. It says embrace the suck embrace the suck. I got that tattoo because I realized that every seat Go beautiful, incredible. Good thing in my life came on me their side of something awful I wanted to.
Remember when I was in the midst of the hardest seasons that something good was on the horizon. That's what you need to get right now. You are being pulled back right like a slingshot. You're being pulled back, it felt like there's so much tension, there's so much going on around you and what you don't realize. What you don't realize is that you're about to be spring boarded you're about to be pushed forward so much further than you would have been if you hadn't gone through this trial, people go through hard times and they feel, like God or the universe, is punishing them, and I think, when you're going through those hard seasons, you are in the midst of the thing that is gonna make your strong enough to have the life you wanna have so, at least for me when I need the thing. That's gonna help me to keep going
have to align myself with a bigger vision. I have to have something bigger than me to look forward to to figure out to focus on, because it goes back to this idea. I talked about in the first episode of the series goes back to this idea of what we manifest in our lives, what you focus on you think about is what you create. You have heard so many people say you create your own reality, because it's true you your own reality. So what you are focusing on when you're, focusing on the chaos when you're, focusing on the pain when you're, focusing on how hard it is when you focusing on all the things that you're afraid of your just creating more of that energy in your life, your wife
your brain to focus only on that thing. So that's all it's able to see when you a line with purpose when something with something bigger with something that, in the future, with something that's out there you're giving your mind set something new to absorb, and every time you find yourself slipping back end, the negative thinking just reached just don't judge or sell, for it be graceful about the fact that your brain is wired in a certain way, but teach it something new. None up we're not going to focus on that. We're gonna focus on where we're going. We're going to focus on the people were serving we're gonna. Folks, on the impacts we want to have we're going to focus on how we want to show up as a wife or mother, or a sister or friend, we're going to focus on the woman that we want to become the man we want to become. We are not going to obsess
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the idea of knowing your purpose. It's not enough to know your purpose. You actually have to take action. So what I wrote down here was no your purpose and tie it to the action of change. I started this conversation by saying that, maybe you came here because you felt like you were tired of the tension or you were too
tired of feeling stock. You are tired of how hard it was, and so it's not enough to arm yourself with information here. That old quote that says knowledge is power, knowledge is not power. Applied. Knowledge is power. Taking action with the knowledge. You have that's power because plenty of people go around and just keep amassing information just keep piling all the information they read the book so by the products. They'll do the thing: they don't actually take action against the things that they know. So, let's talk about the idea of your purpose and how that can give you some action to take in order to make change in your life. In order for this life it you're going through to feel different. I think that you have to tie it to a vision. I think that's where purpose comes
and but purposes sort of these are the things that I'm going to do to live out. Who I meant to be. What I am talking about, is the vision literally. What does it look like when you have the life that you want to have or in real time? What does it look like for you to be the person that you want to be because that's what compels me to act right like it so easy when things are hard to get bogged down in what is it so freaking easy to only be able to see what's right in front of your face, so in order for me to make change, I have to have a vision of where going one of the Montrose that I say to myself all the time and feel free to steal. This is I am creating the life of my dreams, creating the life of my dreams, creating the life of my dreams. It reminds me number one that I am in control. It reminds me that I
create my own reality. and it reminds me that any point in my day is an opportunity for me to live this out in We, that is the woman that I want to be, but if I dont know what she looks like if I dont know how she acts, if I dont know how she loves, if I dont know things then, where are my aiming in like you can chew an arrow all day and if you have a target in front of you, maybe you don't hit the target, but I promise you held a lot closer than when you just shooting randomly into the air, there's something so beautiful about staying, present and being centered in this day and being grounded in this day. But I also think that you have to know where you want to be. tomorrow? Not just who you want to be. But how do you want to be How do you want to live out this life?
You can know right, like you can know what your purposes, but your purpose, that's gonna, take a lot of work. That's gonna! Take a lot of time that's bigger than you remember. We talked about this, but what you're gonna do today is where your vision comes into play. So you'll have me, say this ten, but Julian Times, but episode. Seventy two of the podcast. I do a guided meditation to visualize your future. If you want to go into that episode, you peanuts here, it's free go, go absolutely that. But essentially I just want you to be able to see a vision of your wife like you would see a movie, maybe it's making a Pinterest board. Maybe it's editing who you follow on social media, so that your only following things that aligned with the life you wanna have. Maybe it's making old school like cut it out a magazine, kind of vision, board and pin. On your wall or mere, but whatever you do, having a compelling vision is what
you stay in line with your purpose is two things have to be aligned together, so another trick that I talked about. Suddenly. Maybe you were in the class that I taught the sun and, if not, feel free to still, this idea is taking a piece of paper and at the top of the paper like folding it into three parts right, so that top part of the paper cast the vision say I want dotted like this is who I want to be as a woman. This is how I what I want my finances to be. This is what I want my business to be. This is what I want my faith to be. This is what I want my health to be like. Whatever matters to you cast the vision right and then in the center section on that page, you put so I have a piece of paper and if we listening to to the podcast go watch watch on Youtube, you can actually see me do
all of this, but I divided into three section. So the top section is where you cast your vision. The centre section is where you're going to write out all of the things that are stopping you. What is in the way like lay your excuses, fly right down all the things that you feel like our keeping you from that vision and then in the bottom of the page. I want you to write down what you are willing to do. What are you going to do every single day that is going to get
you closer to the vision you have on the top of the page. Okay. So what do I want? What's stopping me and what am I willing to do to have the things that I want and then this is where a single piece of paper becomes way more exciting. What I do top section center section bottom and then I just fold it like this. Basically, you gave yourself an opportunity to list out your grievances. You gave herself an opportunity to say your excuses to say what was stopping you, what was standing in your way and then you're not going to look at them we're not going to look at the excuses, we're not going to look at the Weis, we're not going to look at the hard stuff. Remember in your life, you manifest what you are not what you want. What you think about most is what you create, and so we're just going to focus on what we want top part of the page, wouldn't focus on what we want and what we're going to do
in order to have that in our life, and then I want you to take this paper. You all- and I want you to take your mere wants you to put it in your car. I want you to put it in your journal and I want you to commit to reading it every day. Here is what I want here is what I'm gonna do every day to get closer to it. Here is what I want here's. What I'm gonna do every day. Here is what I want: here's, what I'm gonna do every day. You are too meaning your brain to focus on what is possible you are training your brain to focus on where you are going. Not where you are resilience is about being able to see above the waves that are crashing down on you. Can you see the vision? Do you know your purpose and what are you willing to do to live that out in real time every single day? It's a really simple hack, it literally a piece of eight and a half by eleven paper, but there's something powerful about this. It's
it feels a bit like a miracle. I am not exaggerating. There are things in my life tat. I have to actively train myself because I'm prone to anxiety, I will obsess over the stuff. that's not working or that I worry about. What did I read today that I loved worry is using your imagination to create a world. You don't want. It was much more eloquent, but I thought that was so wise like when we are worrying about something has not happened. We are using our imagination, which is this powerful creative tool in our life were using it to create a world we dont want. So it's a simple hack but extra swear. It's a really powerful tool, I would say: good up somewhere. I would put it in your morning. Journal put it in your start today journal and read every day. I challenge you to do it for a month and see if things don't start to shift in your life, just the simple a focusing on where you want to go
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vision and being able to tie that into action and the steps it you're. Gonna take and the last piece of resilience. I think- and maybe this is a bit different than what you'd here from other people, but I really feel like it's important to touch on. It is rest, restoration, renewal. and if you listen to this and you're in any grand three you're an achiever, and you should have want the tactics in you're ready to bounce, because you're like anybody. Tell me about self care. No. This is probably actually for you must I finished up rise conference last week, and if you are on my Sunday email then you know I took three days and I went to the desert by myself and I use
that time to read to nap to pray to eat a cookie to look out at nature to go on hikes like I really just use the time for myself, because what I have learned over time is that if I don't fill my cup up, I have nothing to give to my kids. I have nothing to give to you guys My work starts to suffer, I'm not as creative. It feels like there's not passion in what I'm doing like everything falls off, and I think that way When are the worst it s, because we think we're just where, like Sunday right, some new and the kids are out of school. or oh, you know it's Sunday when spring Break or some day when the kids are in school or something when we have. have more time or someday someday someday. We keep thinking that we're gonna have the life or the rest or the replenishment that we need when some day comes,
and Sunday is such a dangerous myth. Someday isn't coming there's only today, but today is the only guarantee that you have so we have to learn to take care of ourselves in this day and whereas years ago I would have finished rise com friends and been like hot damn. We just thousands of women all over the world. This is so cool. We did this conference and it was awesome and it would have immediately like Monday morning, I would have been back at work doing the thing would have let the excitement of purpose keep me from what I need, which is to get grounded again, and I feel like if Europe season of struggle and your needing to listen to a conversation about resilience What you run the risk of is burn out. I think that so many women are and men are really hurting right now, because you ve been pushing herself so hard physically, mentally emotionally that you're not taking those breaks
Your mind rest till let your body rest to list into what you need to listen to divine guidance, to read a book, that's good for your soul or baby read a book that just makes you laugh. But I really want to make sure that that's something that we are as a community, very mindful of, in fact, in inner circle, which is my month coaching, it's the first time ever doing this, I haven't told them yet, but this month is all going to be about self care. That's what I'm teaching on really deep self care like what does it look like from three energy see degrees like emotionally physically mentally relational, like how do we really truly love arson loves and nurture ourselves, one because we need it and we deserve it as human beings, and you know children of God but too, because if you want to do the work you have
have the energy. If you want to do the work you have to have the creativity you have to have the sole you have to have the heart, and I just don't think those things are possible if you run into the ground so if you're in inner circle community, that is what I'm teaching on comes out next week super pumped and if you aren't yet I'll put Linkinbio. If you want to jump in if you still want to go to the next level, and you want that accountability, you don't just the info. But you also want a community of people who are doing it with you and, like we dig in with workbook in its couple hours a month. It's incredible group of people up with detail. below, but just now you don't have to do a class to know that this is true. If something is resonating in your being, when I am talking about the idea of rights
and I know that not everybody can afford to go. Take three days off of work. I get that. That is a massive blessing that I get to go take that time away, but we can find rest inside of every single day and this might sound counterintuitive, but often times myself, care and my rest came at five, a dot m or four a dot m before anybody else woke up like I was giving up, I would go to bed earlier and I was giving up more sleep so that I can have an hour by myself. Like I get the little kids, my two youngest kids, I get them up at six. Thirty two, I get up at five, so I can have ninety minutes to read to journal to drink my coffee to do my gratitude. Work like that is crucial for me, because if I can be intentional about the morning. The day goes beautifully and if the data was beautifully, the week goes beautifully and if week as beautifully, then I am living out. The vision of the woman I want to be
but when I am rushed, if I If I don't have that time to set myself and ground myself in the morning, I I just feel at all day and I feel all we can just to give you if you want it likes, speak in the yogi extradition or if you like, think through the idea of chalk rose, my route chakra is the one that I struggle with the most and if you don't know what I'm talking about, I'm gonna get someone on the shut. It we'll talk you I see this as I just fine, it's so fascinating, but imagine that different parts your body, are different energy centres, and each energy centre in your body represents something different, and so when we start well in certain areas. We usually feel that in our charter, so much. for those who know what I'm talking about right now, my dear like, hitting out with me the likes of heart and above those choppers alike, great right, but my lower specifically my route shocker, is where I struggle the most and my morning
meditation practice, and my morning intentionally is really about making sure that I'm grounded. So it's about aligning with that route getting to source and really sort of starting the day grounded, helps me so much and look. Maybe it's different for you, That's not what you're struggling with. Maybe you need more joy, maybe you need More love? Maybe you need more intuition, now, maybe you need more knowledge, like you're gonna know best what you need, but I do think that having a plan for self care and pulling into each and every day, not just a vacation, not just two hours on a Sunday but making sure that your renewed in your body and your spirit as you go into the next season. That is those are my ideas about resilience, and I hope that something I said resonated with you helpful. If you're watching this on you to comment below and
We know what you think remember this community is about positivity and being in life with each other. So if you're gonna comment make sure that you go love on some other people who commented in and get in conversation with them, and if you found this podcast helpful, I hope that you will take the time to send it to someone that you think could use it or take a screen shot. and posted on Social, let people know what's up, I have been in dams with with podcast. His nerves are over. This whole resilience journey. So, if something about this it's for. You man tag me so that I can comment and and hear what you guys are thinking but yeah. I hope that this was helpful and that you got a chance to listen to the whole series, and I will be back next week with more information, I'm really excited about next week's podcast cause it's something that, like I, was feel like suit of divine when something pops into my head like. I need to talk about that. So come back next week because
I'm going to talk about quarter life mid life crisis quarter, life crisis is a real thing. if you're not familiar or here in your twenties and you're feeling like what the hell? I had all these plans and I checked out the box Is now I dont like my life and frankly, if you feel like that at fifty five, not twenty five, we're just gonna get into life crisis when you find yourself in seasons, where are you know your blast? And you know? that a lot of other people would like what you have, but you don't like what you have and you're, not sure how to change it. That's or, and talk about, next week, so this is necessary to horse podcast. I'm excited. To be on this journey with you guys and Will I see you next week? Remember I love you and I'm reading for you, the Rachel Hollis podcast is hosted by me Rachel hollow
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