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We had an incredible Rise Conference just a few short weeks ago. It makes me emotional to think of the lives changing in living rooms all over the world. So, I wanted to bring you guys some of the joy, inspiration and empowerment that we as women can bring, when we're stepping into our identities together. This is the 'How She Built This' panel from Rise Conference, 2021.


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The past year has roots so wild right, like hard and good and a lot of chaos. And if you're like me, the morning routine, that you have for your day is everything its head. we figure out what comes next? It's how we practise gratitude and sinner ourselves, and it is how we lay our priorities and figure out where we're going You haven't yet built a morning routine. I want to make sure you know about the start today brand. It is election of gorgeous journals and planners that help centre. You help you practice gratitude we set goals and stay focused in the midst of chaos and in the case the planner. It helps you break apart. Those big gigantic dreams, to achievable bite, says pieces. You can find
more at start today- dot com. Hi, I'm here hollis- and this is my podcast I spend so many hours of every single week, reading and listened podcast and watching Youtube videos and trying to find out as much as I can about the world around me and that's what we do on their shall we talk about everything. Life and how to be an entrepreneur, what happened dinosaurs what's the best recipe for fried chicken? What's the best plan for intermittent fasting, what's going on with our inner child house therapy working out for you, whatever it is, my guess or into I want to unpack it so that we can all understand these our conversations. This is information for the curious. This is the Rachel Hollis
pod cast. It is three of rice competent. Is my favorite day arise conference? It is the high energy. It is the map out your dreams. It is doing better than you ever saw tat you could, but before jump in. We have to set our intention. Does anyone remember what the intention was on day one you, are in Control Day, one. You are in control of your path, of your response to the world around you. You are in Control day to you matter. Most. You cannot take care of everybody else. If you don't first take care of yourself, you matter most day three, it's up to you! No one is going to.
fix this. No one is going to make this better. If you have the greatest support system in the world, if you have no support system at all, it's up to you the end of the day. What happens in your life is yours to hold. And so what I want to show you again and again and again today are women, just like you, men, just like you who had an idea who had a vision who stepped into that vision who did not know what the hell they were doing and they just kept trying to figure it out yeah. Ok, so you you got you see. The greatest you got to meet my friend friend Sharif. If you have never seen her before, if you do not fall around social media, you're going to need to do that right now, because that energy and love and humor comes that you all the time she spoke on panel with us, I think in Minneapolis a couple of years ago we became social media friends and I think she's
an incredible representation and she told you a bit of her story there of just like I'm in a figure it out I'm gonna follow my god and I'm in a key China and I'm to keep moving and I to keep flowing and what I love is being community, like the people that you're seeing as speakers a guy, all the people that you seem so far are my friends, and these are friends I have made doing this work acting on social being in community, and certainly you will connect with people. Why you're here that sort of your life, the shoes, nice, but there's nothing like it's, not a soul connection, and then fully you make those memories, while you're in this space, with some that you're, like, oh damn, I'm gonna get to watch. You evolve for the rest of our lives, I'm gonna be in your life and hold you accountable. We're going to do this work together. So what I'm trying to show you are people who are just like you, because when we talk, babbling dreams and we think of big things were always like, oh yeah, but she had more
connections or she had money or she had resources or she is like so extroverted, I'm so introverted. We make up all of these excuses for why that can be her truth, but not our own, so today is all about get inspired, get pumped up and may be. As these women are talking or later, when I talk to Tom or later I talk to lose that you will pick up a little now get that was meant just for you and your dream. Ok I believe We welcome these amazing amazing gals guys. Will you come on? Let's have a chat. These women gave up their most precious resource to be here with you today, which is what their time. So, let's be gracious. I would love if we could just go down the row when I'm sorry, you earn, and you tell them who you are, what you do like, give us an overview and nervous. So very
my name's Erin. I make a bird seven a freelance make abarnis for twenty years, and just recently I started a beauty. Hartman add a store here in Austin called by George, and so I am there the beauty curator and make up artists at the store, also era news responsible for this. By the way you I've see me where I don't make upon. So you know that I do not look like this. Naturally, less all her Kimberly, hi Ladys. Thank you for let me be her Rachel, it's an honor. I am as well my inner child locally, but IONA Business CALL Dk stretching. So I get people out of pain physically and emotionally. Our motto is stretcher life span, and so I don't just stress physical, I also stress the spiritual, so I go along
and to end our child work and healing the ancestors. So You have heard me talk of the last few years. A bow chat, inner child staff, energy work. Energy healing is Kimberly that I'm referring to an actually another woman was supposed to be on panel and she got that last minute and when it that she got sick Kimberly was in the room with me, and I was like it's supposed to be. You re not here, and I thought it was like such a beautiful opportunity for We were in the room or watching at home who really want to weave the spiritual who want to leave that that ground in this into the work that you join, because I think Kimberly, does it so beautifully and are also Now that I would be in the place that I am after my divorce, it wasn't for you so Thank you re. Yes, man your day,
hi Wendy, Miss Jane and I run a tasty cocoa, which is an awesome base within travel blog and am very honoured to be on stage today and also be able to speak in front of everyone. so what I think is really ran about. The work that you have done is anyone in often you're familiar with a taste of cocoa right. I think you how so freaking smart, and I don't know if there were strategy behind this or do you just sort of naturally fell into an I'd love to hear when some And is looking to create in that space in the influence or space of Europe. Sort of building a blogger building a u two following. It is so Jeanne yes to take over a city. It's so smart. You are, you are the influence or in Austin. thank you and well enough and fairer. It was our intention always that, or were you just sort of like I'm in a follow this organically and see what it is? No and thank you for saying that very kind, no it
He was then, and I think I've been thinking- no law very inspire from all the panels and conversations that we ve had so far this morning, and you know I didn't I would now like coming Asha Wanna be a crater influence are going to take over this data was definitely not my little childhood dream, my little childhood to become the liberian. I hadn't that big big after since that is pan out. Unfortunately, no, I grew up in a really small town of ten thousand people, port Lubotshka, South taxes, anyone familiar thoughts, hike, physicists bickering saw area and growing up. I was always surrounded by every one that knew exactly what they want to do and they were always create at everything, and I just wasn't good at anything through grade school, even to call it. To the momentum to arson and being in such a big campus and big city. I just fall really lost Malone, something happen, in twenty ten, when I was like ok, I have to take charge of my life because from here are now it's going to be me, and I have to take care of me
And I was reading a couple of national blogs by women and I think this is so cool they buildings upsides. They write about things other interested in. I want to do that So I got on Google and googled how to build a website, and I don't may first outside I dreamed up the name, a taste the Coco has. My last name is tow, and I originally started the rest. We bogs, I loved baking, o something I love doing when I was little and I had no readership for two years. and I'm not sure why I kept going because it's quite discouraging to be writing to nobody. Cares, and I I think too Then I had a Russia that we shot me inside hey, you found your food would you be interested in coming, and I was like twenty one, and twenty two's, though get invited by Russia to come eat for free food is a really big d, all when you're living on ninety nine cent sickened neglected. Thank you. I was like yeah I'd love to come right about the food.
the food and on how to do that. This is not some vague. The bass situation never mind. I will one restaurant review and to start doing more more and now in the last seven years I've been to hundreds, restaurants and I take the cocoa cotta became this thing like it's over odds me when I'm out about early, I think ushered hasty Kilgore you're, that girl on Tik tok them right us. Made a cool on Tik Tok last couple of months, but no. This is not something I ever. I didn't have like a strategy or I don't think ever been like the smartest person in the room, but I think, along the way I've been very resourceful, often. Penn State World Campus is pen states on campus where you can earn your college degree on your own time, right from the comfort of your home, get the full and state experience online to fit you're busy lifestyle
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I decided I want to start my own business. I always had that within me and come from a very entrepreneur or families during their own businesses and went to college, was it like this? Is this? Is it for me? and I had this got failing prior to I do now. I was a personal trainer and the aid twenty two, like I'm gonna start this on my own summary on business. Do you know what I was getting into and when I was starting on business only had just a couple clients- and I remember I have, like ten dollars in my account and but I had this faith in this confidence and myself and I kept hearing from source. This is what you need to do, and I just their strong intuition- and I was like I'm not going- give this up, and so I kept pushing pushing forward and if it wasn't for the confidence. I deaf It would not be where I'm met today
Eventually, personal training led into the fashions stretch, therapy work, this body work that I do release, the the tissue within our body, so I got too bad luck and I started seeing the crazy within people just by stretching them people in pain for so long they did. Stent results people who shrunk over the years, the Skull YO says or because we age list digging their height back, and so I become so in tree with the fashion work so, started getting into that, and then I may that leap of Faith- and I was out in Arizona my own business built it up- the ground bottom. And my this my partner, long story short? I had this failing that, we needed to come out to Austin Nobody in Austin knew about fashion stretch therapy, the work that we were doing, and so I heard back
calling from source again and to make that leap of faith, and so we moved slowly breathing came to Austin no clients, but this new we needed to be here and when I got to us, then that's when the doors opened on the spiritual side. What am I Torres, who taught me with fashion french therapy he's like you need to go. Take this call called the Wola method, had no idea what it was about, but my feeling was you need to go. Take is on like ok, I'm gonna go to take this course had no idea what it was, and that what really open up the doors spiritually I was dealing with much health issues got issues, thyroid issues, acme chronic neck pain for years and years and years, so that I really got into their health industry, but not was really solving it. Until I started dry, seeing the emotions that my
our child was holding onto and are sub com just as I know the difference between time. So what happens to us in the past that was never healed, weather with ourselves or whether, as with our ancestors still be affecting us today, and so within year of two thousand eighteen, when I took the course I thought the no more got issues. My acne cleared, my chronic pain had for years to go to a chiropractor. Every two weeks was complete, We gone and I had no idea the power of our emotions and that's what got me here. Is really listening to that inner voice, cyber hearing that a lot today. Do you notice? I always find it fascinating, but, like so magical when keynote speakers who prerecorded something of last week, our saying something that then we're hearing this like. I always feel like we're getting sort of a unit,
so message, and maybe it's because one person in this room or may be many people or someone watching at home- need to remember where we all need to remember as women to trust that intuition that then inside of us that tells us to go in that direction. So Aaron. How did you get into this work? Well, grew up in LOS Angeles in the suburbs in the San Fernando Valley, and I, out of the house on my own at twenty. I always do I want to be in the industry, something in the industry, and I was working on Iraq the label and I was working. Seventy seven crazy ours, not making any money- and I was like one how to do something else. I hate being an office. I'm twenty years old, I was going to come but I didn't know what I wanted to do something I just you know: rambling along my parents they had worked in the film industry, they were did Kate ring and my dad was a pirate technician, and so
always you about sets, and I really want to be on sets cuz. I wanted to be outside and never going back to the same office, so really practical, I thought well, I'm gonna make a school but I never for make up, you know it and I never was the kid that was getting dolled up. It was a real practical choice and I was like oh I like it. and so I went to make up school when we make of school and wasn't again that I liked make up. I really like the connection with women, and that is kept in spite bring me to move along so I went to make of school and then I this was a long time ago. This is like seventeen years ago before social media, so I went to found an age see, and I got on their assistant lists for here and make up- and I just I fear, people really amazing talented people, and I learned how to develop a skill and that's what I Doing for the past seventeen years, and then I move to
then seven years ago, and I like what am I gonna do there's. No. stay here you know like a good pledges twitter, let my thumbs is really really really hard. I felt, like I didn't know my identity and I had worked so hard at this one career. Now, I'm in Austin, I'm just hang out it so then I was like what am I gonna do and I was travelling back and forth back and forth back and forth back to allay no end been here we just hang out. I wasn't doing anything like go to yoga, grossly shop, when I had my son, whose almost three I cited? Ok, I'm not going to travel anymore travelling is too much and I started thinking. What am I gonna do and you know start. You do see us people in your like. I could do that, so I thought I'd be a maker bars influence or do video is and is not.
it's not very body just because you can doesn't mean you should it so you know like did the video, and I would just like on which work much work and other cannot do that, and I would think in thinking thing can think. What am I gonna do when we're gonna do and it dawned on me that date there is nowhere in central Ostend that has a place for a super curated tight edit of make up and skin care products and hair products. I'm always going up to the domain and in a way we had Barneys. We hope cool places that you could go and you can get of your shopping done. So we have, if you guys, are familiar with by George, it's better for forty three years at the local institutions here. and luxury fashion for men and women, and
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what do I need to know, and I This was really lucky that aligned with them and now there is every department at by George, and I am there and do in people's make of in doing Really matters most is connecting with women that spend my focus, an inspiration. Day one very cool, and when I love you, I think, there's something really interesting. Having workers Sony, harem maker, let us over the years is as women often times, and we talk about this last night at dinner. We'll tell ourselves that someone else has already done it again This idea and had we have this dream and that oh, but somebody else is already doing that saying- and I have had her make on so many times. I've never had done the same way, even if I sort of give the same direction of what I want, everybody has their own artistic style. Like I love your work because I feel like us to look like myself, and then I have people who, like done very glamorous and like I, can see the artistry and what that is as well and so
your job. Specifically, I think is such a good reminder that there's a million ways to do the same profession and that there are people who absolutely are the make up, influence are, and they love it, but that you try to just wasn't your thing Kimberly. I'm really curious how you know you, job is such. That is easy to say. You start with like do this stretching thing, but anybody who made you know it is something way their friend trip. Everybody out everybody I've sent so many of you the Kimberley net had some one leave and not be like just happened and I'll tell you guys the first time that we work together. It was for stretching because when I go- and I do conferences like this, I always have fascia stretching after it's cuz. It's your muscles really tense up from being on stage so much and the first such came to my house in was during co bed, because he ran her hands.
like shoes stretching she'd like barely touched my neck, and I started choking and she was like words as happens oh no yeah anytime anyone gets so. I start to choke and she was like and she was very structure issues I can. I can I just work on you like I've got we're going to hell like we're goin I was raised. This is that I was like oh no Jesus and IRA because I think this is so fascinating outside the girls yesterday, oh your throat shock rose blocks like this has nothing to do with physical. This is, Europe and on the left side of your bodies. Your left side is feminine and your rights had his masculine and since she says oh, who's the woman in your life that you're not speaking truce to an hour, oh ok, Here we go and it was yesterday. She was working on me and she was like
letting me like a Gumby beyond my throat, and I was a kid you remember. We started you literally coming into touch me here. I chose to death I'm so how in the world? Do you hat hold space for this purpose. so you haven't life and this company that you ve created that most people Kenny wrap their minds around what you're doing great quest so when I work with an individual. What do as well you believe it and got universe source you're, so what I do is I get my ego and my persona out of the way, because that can block the healing with that individual so I gave the universe permission for me. I give God permission to work through me and, when I do that the door star opening and that's where the real healing starts happening because
the ego, will try to come in and try to control all look what I can do. I just help this person. No honestly, I helping anyone I'm guiding and where I get the Eagle eye the way that where the real beauty starts happening because I'm just honestly here I am, I still got myself. I gotta work on, as you can tell my throat genre inner, but I'm workin honor, but with our shock or that they are our energy centres, answer if there is an emotion, stagnant and energy centre, what happens? It's going to start manifesting into some kind of kind of physical symptom. To get our attention so Rachel, and since when I first met her, consciously like citizens, is not aware of what I really do. But her subconscious knows her. Soul knows
and so when I start stretching her and when I get to the neck, all sudden she's darts, choking in coughing because her stall knows that I can guide her and she had a lot of emotions blocked in her throat shock, and so that tell me. Ok, you need to guide her. You need to guide her Ah, that's all like salary to tell me about it. I have permission to go a little deeper. We are you because the visit were so much more than just this physical body we're so much Morse everyone's focusing on this physical body stretching yes M Assad all of its grey. Don't get me wrong, I love it, but if you want to get to the root cause of your pain, you need to go deeper. Little deeper majority of is emotional. I'm curious unthinking through the lens of when I started this day with Jane talking about this idea of can
in and so much of what you do is about building a community of people who you will never actually meet in person Can you- and I know that we have people in the room who are wanting to build digital communities in the same way that you have? Can you tell us a little bit about how you did that and how you continue to do that sort of grow into something greater. I think, has just been baby sounds like a kind of look at the last eleven years. Like every single day. I build a couple of bricks and I think in the last couple years a lot of people
and like oh, my gosh, you gonna overnight success and, unlike noses eleven year bright, loving years about ninety two hundred hours a week, I'm not kidding like, even when I saw published my book and on road like fulfilling orders on New year's Eve, like four hundred bucks hand, wrapping them, because the stores and ran out not like this is a well moments tat. We never give to this most fitting tat, our your worst word higher, for when I think about along the way. Like I said, I came from really small town, only child female family imaging here, like I never had a since a community, is very shy. Didn't have a lotta like self confidence or courage, re think for moving here from Austin. Unlike gradually like sharing one story of another and, like I started my brand of tasty cocoa in the kitchen of ease. Restaurants like I used to sit on the counter,
In the restaurant, with the chef and just watch them cook, and they would like, let me eat out the pan or just plain, not health department allowed. But that's how I started sharing stories and when I think about my brand, it's not necessarily, About me- and I was actually never meant to be about me- it was meant to be a platform for me to share other local businesses and other local restaurants and I think I don't know the strength of my own voice in my pot for my command. I think that applies for all of us until when you ask for help- and I think a lot of us have said- we don't know how to ask for help and I'm very much all sorry I don't like asking for home like I'll just do it I'll do it on the view that too, I am has worked with the moroccan bucks here with me, I'll drink to champagne scenario. down when all the restaurants and businesses are forced to close. And thousands of service industry workers were laid off. I had hundreds rush hour owners and service industry reach out to me that first week and said what do I do? I just lost me,
job, and I have three hats Or a the restaurant owner, I had a way of eighty percent, my staff and these people have employed with me for a five year. Now, how do I feed them? So they can. Their families, and so I rallied with another girl friend, and we launch hundred for hospitality, raised fourteen thousand dollars pride, four thousand meals to wait on service industry workers by purchasing means mules from local restaurants, the weak, it's our opening doors and that was like a little spark I felt like I have like. Oh if I like him, any some of em listened in there. so much beauty in that? And then in February, when us not here with the winter storm on Valentine's day, we can. I again tunnel heard the cry, the community. We just don't know how bad things were until things got really bad and I again rallied where an all women team, because for the crazy, though
two three I'm trying to put together Matt Massive Excel sheet: And I recently to under russian tat evening and son who will open for me in the morning. I will pay you and good as we didn't have any money. I like that I've got a couple. Russia utters, Jane is likely time when you didn't have money, but then you're, like you, have money back on you. I figured I'd like yeah, don't worry, find the money, money always comes, and I've always kind of public money is the least of the problem. Because it will come if you're doing some the authentically, and you can rally your audience yes and in the first While hours we raise twenty thousand dollars, ages came flooding and and in just a little over a week we raise a hundred and sixty thousand dollars in provided forty, a thousand meals to major hospitals, mass flown, come at low income housing and to the general community, and I will not
The credit for this because it was my community was city of arson. I think when you have the energy and though, and it comes from a good place for your committee- are for Sadly, people will stop and say I will. I will join you, unlike let's hope, do this together.
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Support for the Rachel Hollis podcast comes from three m committed to protecting health care workers globally, three m employed, press knows that healthcare workers, like his daughter, may need to get up close to provide patient care. He is working hard to direct high performing personal protective equipment to hospital and hot spots, so she and nurses like her, can be protected while caring for their patience here, their story at three m dot com, flash improving lives. Three m science applied to life- yeah. I love, love, love this because, yes, it absolutely was a community and it was a city of asked them, but it needs leader, and I will like be
a hundred years old and sort of like barely moving around I'll, still be trying to tell women like we are greatly begin. I needed some one to two: led out in that way, you will already spent so much time investing in these people one showing up for them, meaning online, that you had their trust. So when you raise your hand- and you say guys, let's do something people want, I believe deeply people want to help. They want they want to show up and they don't know how. So that is freaking awesome that you did that next time call me I'll I'll help and I I add some were familiar, as I think from after that event happened so people even City Council came to me and we're like would you consider joins unlike no no interest to undo City Council the much activists? Hopefully don't call me again when their natural disaster, by like at inflated and unpaid employed by the city, but I think what I want to say is there have like firm?
there? Have been many doors of enclosed like I again was not given all these things like. I have earned every single dollar that I have in my bank account and it starts my very very small amount. I started doing my block full time in twenty fifteen, and this is a story that most people do not know what I have always shared. It may be a handful times as I was working and actually at a company in twenty fourteen and two thousand and fifteen worth eighty dollars. The company love the company left the mission. However supertalk, environment, and when I think back to this, when I might, thank goodness this moment happened. So what happened? Was I sergeant recognition from organisations and brands from like hey, will you come and talk to our company about how you got your personal bran, one of those companies, this whole foods for the global teams? That was pretty big friggin deal for me at the age of twenty four hour, and when I went to back the the next day my boss asked me: come the conference room and you know you're expecting like
congratulations big deal. Instead, he was like I work too hard up this corporate ladder to get too. I am it's not fair that you have been granted all the success of such a young age in the city. Might consider the leader, but you will never be a leader. A much older white male right. Those yes and when I think back and I'm like thank you saying that, because I have worked so hard to prove not just him, but so many other people along the way that we're like you can't do this. Why doing less. You can't give us he can't be a leader like just proven wrong and keep on guy yeah all three of you have said some version of having a teacher having a mentor being
assistance I'm having a mentor sitting and kitchen and sort of learning, and I think in a world where we do see social media and we do see people sort of they haven't working on it for ten years or fifteen years or five years, we see that don't understand the part, that journey, where they were students- and I think that if you have in a student. You will always be a student and you always would have had that attitude of openness and wanting to receive. But do any of you have some thoughts on like if your want not if you're craving exile used in business comes and people will be like you need a mentor and I will be like you're. Damn right, explain to me how I find one because we grow on trees. As far as I know so, Do you all have ways that youth you found mentor shipper or leadership words, to me tremendously and then this is a very. The spiritual side is if work to control it is can be
really hard for that to be open. But what I do is, I guess Universe God permission to leave me that mentor open that everything in life is free, will write So will we give ourselves permission? It helps open up that door and that's what help tremendously within my business is that I like there's only so much. I can control the rat I'm putting this in your hands, God in the universe, is hands and it crazy. What has happened with my business? It's not right, you say you did that with your I'm. I'm changing for solar gave a case. Okay, you do that with your husband to write that that's how you like I not alone. It is universally garlic. Take control this painting. I did with my husband how I met him like obviously I cannot-
the right man in my life so one day I just prayed out loud and was a very first time. I prayed out loud of never paid out loud, and I like look God. I am not picking them man for me. so I'm putting this long story short. I'm putting this in your hands. I fully I still have confidence in you and then once I that I feel like a huge way which is lifted, offer me yeah a huge away and then week later in the writing me and I met him, but with the business aspect back to what I've noticed, how my business has grown so much as I God permission to be the sea. I am now this year, I'm just the vessel are you to work through and through, where's money. I gave my EL permission to be on gods, payroll, its infinite. That's
It is also there's something similar to what Jane said of this idea, which I love, and I don't think people talk about enough. The money is the least of your problems. It here the money will come. It is infinite is abundant. You cannot there's so at any given moment. If we talk about the idea of finances at any given moment right now in this room in the city. You are surrounded by so much money money at the bank, money credit card money, the tap and but we, ourselves. This idea that that's where it has to start- and it doesn't mean- I mean sure it is crazy and it works for her she's like I will I sold my car and then I yet? Oh I'm not saying that. That is the step that you need to take, but I do think that if you have the fate that it's going to work out in a certain way than it does,
but I also just not you guys- to know not one of them now. What then said? Well, I started working on this thing and two weeks later, now, one of them it is It is a lie. Long journey, to become the woman that you want to be and when we're building a personal banned, a business, a career, it takes time and you they start as they make a part, is and then evolving into something greater. You may start as an influence her and then that yellow book is in every cute little shop in town. I think I like it. I like there's a good right, keeps evolving. I hope that you caught that that none of them right now are doing the same business career that they started with. it's in the same world, but it has evolved as they have evolved as women. So thank you guys so
for being here, I hope y'all found founded inspiring. If you did on my need you to give a little love. the Rachel Hollis Podcast, is hosted by me. Rachel Hollis Our show is edited by Andrew Weller, with a dish Production support by sterling coats, our exact If producer is Cameron Bergmann, the Rachel Hollis Podcast is a three percent chance. Production.
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